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The engaging follow up to the urban fantasy series set in Charleston, South Carolina.BLOOD FEUD Someone very powerful is trying to destroy Sorren and everyone he cares about. That puts Cassidy, Teag and Trifles and Folly in the cross-hairs, against an unknown enemy with strong magic and significant resources. Sorren has spent centuries shutting down the plans of powerful iThe engaging follow up to the urban fantasy series set in Charleston, South Carolina.BLOOD FEUD Someone very powerful is trying to destroy Sorren and everyone he cares about. That puts Cassidy, Teag and Trifles and Folly in the cross-hairs, against an unknown enemy with strong magic and significant resources. Sorren has spent centuries shutting down the plans of powerful immortals, dark warlocks and supernatural creatures, and now he’s got to figure out which of those many enemies is out to get him before they pick off his friends one by one and come after him to finish an immortal vendetta. ‘Great characters, awesome magic, huge thrill ride!’ John Hartness (author of The Black Knight Chronicles) on Deadly Curiosities ‘One of the best starts to an urban fantasy series that I’ve read in the last year.’ The Book Bundle on Deadly Curiosities...

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Vendetta Reviews

  • Bookwraiths
    2019-01-05 10:01

    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths .Vendetta is the second book in Gail Z. Martin’s Deadly Curiosities series (though there are also several story stories and novellas as well). Set in Trifles & Folly, the antique shop of twenty-something Cassidy Kincaid, it chronicles our heroine’s urban fantasy adventures, as she uses her psychometry gift (knowing an objects history after touching it) to continue her family tradition of aiding the “Alliance.” This shadowy group led by a 600-year-old vampire named Sorren, whose goal is to safeguard the mortal world by acquiring and disposing of dangerous supernatural artifacts.As the tale begins, Cassidy along with her friend and assistant Teag Logan find themselves investigating an abnormal amount of spirit activity in Charleston. Not that ghostly visits are rare; in fact, they are fairly common in this haunted, southern city: some appearing regularly; others coming and going. But things are different now; the spirits themselves in an uproar, terrified by something in the otherworld.Normally, Sorren would lend help to Cassidy with a situation this large, but he has his own problems. Hundreds of years of undeath having caused him to acquire a lot of enemies; most of them forgotten (or almost forgotten) by Sorren. One of that shadowy multitude is now attacking Sorren’s other holdings, causing him to be absent when his help would have been very welcome in South Carolina.With her immortal mentor absent, Cassidy calls in some outside experts; several Root Workers lending a hand getting to the bottom of the escalating weirdness enwrapping Charleston. Their investigation leading the group to an ominous conclusion, one which threatens the entire population of Charleston!Because I have only experienced a handful of urban fantasy, I tend to compare every new novel I read to those which came before it, and because of its feel, I have to place Vendetta on the shelf next to Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden. Cassidy reminding me of Harry in many ways, especially how she is learning to deal with her powers and adapt on the run as supernatural crisis after supernatural crisis envelop her. Even the story itself is very Dresden-like, filled with non-stop action, focusing on Cassidy and her friends struggling to unravel mysteries, then avert imminent disaster. All of which really means this novel is a pulse-pounding adventure on par with (arguably) the best urban fantasy in the business.One of the stellar qualities of this novel is Gail Z. Martin’s portrayal of Charleston. Here the city is a huge part of the narrative. Much more than a mere name for the setting but an integral component of the story. Its history rendered in exquisite detail. Each character living with its embrace, exhibiting the intricacies of its unique culture. Ms. Martin succeeding in capturing the essence of this place, showing it in all its southern glory. Vendetta truly fulfilling the promise of urban fantasy by making the “urban” environment just as much a part of the tale as the “fantasy.”The characters are the only strength. Cassidy is a strong, skilled, and capable young woman; someone who is powerful but not overpowered, complex but not moody, approachable but mysterious, knowledgeable yet willing to take advice. Her friends are all unique, original, and more than willing to take turns lending aid to our heroine; they are never one dimensional in any way, but bursting at the seams with untapped potential and hidden history; all of it just waiting to be explored.The only criticism I would level at Vendetta is the pacing; at certain points in the narrative, it is very slow. For instance, there are many chapters devoted to investigating the current supernatural crisis: clues are uncovered, leads are followed, and revelations are made, but it doesn’t result in anything other than a few fights and another mystery to resolve. Nothing wrong with that, but Cassidy and Company’s new riddle is too similar to the last one, resulting in a feeling that you’ve read all this before. All of which results in this story feeling too long, too drawn out for the payoff at the end.Despite this one flaw, Vendetta succeeded in being an entertaining urban fantasy with an amazing setting, supernatural mysteries, compelling camaraderie, satisfying diversity, and raw emotions. Cassidy and Company braving the realistic haunting of the city, dealing with hurt, pain, and loss. Hints of romance do swirl around a bit, but it isn’t the true heart of the story. Rather, this is a tale about saving the world, or, at least, saving Charleston, South Carolina, which was a very fine read in my opinion; one all urban fantasy fans should give a try.The publisher provided this book to me for free in return for an honest review. The review above was not paid for or influenced in any way by any person, entity or organization, but is my own personal opinions.

  • Douglas Meeks
    2018-12-23 13:06

    WOW, where to start with this ... I read book 1 of this series and was bowled over since I was never expecting a book that good, the fact that this book took that 5 Star novel and stepped up the story and quality is amazing.First thing i guess I should mention is that this is pretty much 100% urban fantasy, no romance, no sex scenes, nothing but exceptional writing and story. I was already a fan of Gail Z. Martin's epic fantasy novels and all this has done is add her to a VERY short list of exceptional writers that are auto-buys for me.This novel is pretty much of an "end of the world" type plot and I can warn you right now that this is a bit more realistic than most paranormal urban fantasy novels in that people get hurt, people die, bad things happen on the way to a mind boggling conclusion.When I say no romance, it does not mean cold emotionless story/characters. There are friends close as lovers and regret and tragedy to choke you up, so you have been warned. If you only want to read rainbows and unicorns this ain't the book but it is done so exceptionally well it is NOT depressing but overall uplifting.Bottom line: Here at the end of 2015 I think I have read one of the Top 5 books of the year for this reviewer who reads 200+ books a year. I think that some of that might be attributed to the fact I always expect too little of her writing, I am going to blame horribly inadequate synopsis writing for it (I used the same excuse for book 1). If you have a friend who likes action, paranormal and exceptionally well written characters and hates erotica, this is the book. The fact is the depth of the characters and story should overcome all other emotions unless you are a jerk :)

  • Shelley
    2018-12-20 11:18

    **I received this book for free from (Publisher) via (NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*My Thoughts*Vendetta is the second installment in Gail Z. Martin's Deadly Curiosities series. Set in Charleston, South Carolina, the Deadly Curiosities series follows the adventures of 20-something Cassidy Kincaide. Cassidy owns Trifles & Folly, an antique/curio store and high-end pawn shop in Charleston, South Carolina. Kincaide continues the family tradition that began in 1670, in acquiring and neutralizing dangerous supernatural items. It’s the perfect job for Cassidy, whose psychometry gift lets her touch an object and know its history.*Full Review Posted 12/18/2015 via Gizmos Reviews* publication: December 29th 2015 by Solaris

  • Leona Wisoker
    2019-01-10 05:19

    Full Disclosure: I consider Gail Z Martin a friend at the business level; we've been to many a con together, spoken on panels, worked events, etc. She's a great lady. I refuse to speak up in favor of books I'm not really impressed by, so this review has nothing to do with personal affiliation. I also bought the book myself, it was not given to me, and I have no compensation for this review. (I dislike putting all that up front, but these days.... argh.)That being said. I LOVED THIS BOOK. The Deadly Curiosities series has everything I love: bad ass women kicking monster ass, vampires, secrets, mysteries, psychic abilities, original application of old notions. I especially like Teag's Weaver power and how flexible/adaptable it is! I keep wanting to compare this to Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series; it does have a similar feel in spots. But where Harry is a brooding jerk who routinely has to be slapped back to sense, Cassidy Kincaide, the protagonist of Vengeance (and the first in the series, Deadly Curiosities) is a smart, Southern-polite lady learning a new role from the ground up. She catches on to her mistakes quickly and adapts on the fly; she isn't too stubborn to ask for help when she really needs it.The supporting cast of characters give that help, mostly willingly, sometimes with a price tag attached; you get the sense this series will be going on for a while and there are Plans For Those Side Characters brewing in Martin's head. I could also, quite honestly, see this as an excellent film/tv show adaptation with the right director--maybe that's where the comparison to Dresden comes from. Martin's done her research and has taken care to reflect people, not stereotypes. The magic in the books is well-written and believable, with definite limits and shortcomings. There are very few authors and books that make me head for Amazon as soon as I have the funds to buy. This one did. I highly recommend seeking out the first one in the series (Deadly Curiosities) if you haven't already, and checking out the array of short e-stories--some are free!--that are set in this world as well.

  • Pippa DaCosta
    2019-01-09 11:17

    A solid urban fantasy romp. 3.5 stars.Something is stirring up Charlestown's ghosts and it's up to Cassidy, Teag and Trifles and Folly team to stop it/them before events spiral into apocalyptic territory. Vendetta refers to Sorren's past. Those who've read the first book in the series will know Sorren as the vampire and silent partner of Trifles & Folly's. I've loved him since the first book, so to see him feature front and center here was a real treat (I'd have been happy if he was on every page). He's had 600 years to collect enemies. Narrowing down exactly who's out to get him (and those associated with him) isn't going to be easy. Love Cassidy's wits, and Teag is just adorable, even if they did go looking for trouble and then seemed surprised to find themselves in the midst of it.Lots of ghostly action, fallen angels, leeches, and explosions.*I received an ARC. Some elements may change between my reading the ARC and publication.

  • Sarah
    2019-01-04 11:21

    4.75*s Vendetta was just as fun for me as the first book, Deadly Curiosities. My one little complaint is there was a lull in which it seemed to drag - though that was during a rough period overall for me, so it maybe more me than the book. I love the setting in this series, so close and familiar to me, and it only got stronger in this. Drawing on the haunts of Charleston our 'supernatural vigilantes' have to stop a huge and potentially devastating attack on the city fueled by a grudge.The cast in this particular book increased our pool of big name characters as well. This was really fun for me. The diversity in beliefs, peoples, and magics of our little squad is awesome (the voodoo magic is the best IMO, I love that because I haven't seen that in other urban fantasies). I adored this and can't wait for the next one. This is one series I really desperately hate waiting on - and I can't put the books off!

  • Jo(Mixed Book Bag)
    2018-12-24 08:24

    Deadly Curiosities Vendetta is a super story filled with great characters. This is book two in the series and Martin has added to the world building and the character development. The magic and the people in Charleston come more alive as the story progresses. An old enemy of Sorren’s is back and is trying to destroy all that Sorren loves. That includes people and Charleston, South Carolina. There is danger, loss, and tensions as the all of the characters come together to defeat evil. I enjoyed following Caassidy Teag and the gang as they fight off all of the attacks.Part of the fun for me is trying to decide what is really exists in Charleston and what Martin makes up to keep the story going. Charleston, South Carolina is a great setting for Deadly Curiosities Vendetta and Martin makes the most of the history and setting for this old southern city.

  • Darrell Grizzle
    2019-01-14 07:11

    Vendetta is the second novel in the series of Deadly Curiosities novels by Gail Z. Martin (although there are also a number of standalone short stories and novellas in the series). The novels are set in a Charlotte, North Carolina, shop called Trifles & Folly, which seems like an ordinary antique store but is actually a front for a shadowy Alliance dedicated to keeping dangerous magical and supernatural items away from mortals. The novels read like well-written “cozy” mysteries at times, and at other times they explode into action and even horror. Gail Z. Martin knows how to tell a good story and how to build a rapport between her characters and the reader. Vendetta is even better than Deadly Curiosities, the first novel in the series. Highly recommended.

  • Badseedgirl
    2019-01-08 08:04

    See my full review at

  • Chelsea
    2019-01-05 10:11

    Vendetta returns us to the Deadly Curiosities world. To Charleston, to Cassidy, Teag, their shop Trifles and Folly and their vampire contact, Sorren. I liked the way the first book integrated this idea of things having resonance, being connected to the past. I wanted more. And now I've had it...The past is very much a part of the present day story in this book. To start, Charleston is a key component of the story. I love the way that Martin weaves settings details into the plot. Each location is rendered in great detail, and together, with some history of Charleston, the setting becomes an incredibly intriguing component of Vendetta. Truly, Vendetta puts the urban back into urban fantasy, embracing the city fully.There's plenty of action to keep the book moving forward. Something always seems to be happening, whether Cassidy's heading out to a new site of paranormal activity or checking in with a friend. And the actual violence is very well narrated. Each actor in the scene is moved about carefully. The bad guys are constantly in motion, never lining up to be taken down one by one, but instead moving in to attack even while our narrator, Cassidy's focus is on someone else.I also love the cast of characters in this book. There's a ton, they're diverse, and they all have these really intriguing backstories. There's a series of short stories that Martin has written to accompany the novels, and I'll definitely be checking them out to see if some of these secondary characters feature.Unfortunately, the repetitive components that struck me about the first book are present in Vendetta as well. I especially found the gearing up/list of weapons on-hand to be a bit repetitive after the first couple times. I would have been happy to assume everyone had their usual weapons on hand, and have it noted only when they left them behind or had something extra. Another repeated element was the description used for some of the bad guys - who were 'romance cover worthy'. I would have loved to have edited out most of those references because after the point was made once or twice, I was good on it. I also questioned Cassidy's strategy for investigating the weirdness happening in Charleston. She had this habit of heading out to potentially dangerous sites (or even just to check in with her usual round of experts) with no clear plan outlined for what she was hoping to learn. There was a fair amount of recon work without follow-up or investigation (in my opinion). I also found Sorren's absences completely devoid of value. He went off to check-in with other sources or contacts, and I didn't think he ever came back with useful information. Instead, he was just conveniently/inconveniently absent for Cassidy's next dangerous move. While everything came together to give me a good sense of how confused everyone was about what was happening, I still wanted stronger action by these main players. I wanted to see them not traipsing around, hoping for clues, but instead actively and purposefully pursuing them.I felt Cassidy was a little isolated, and would have liked more intimate, friendly relationships. While Teag and Anthony are obviously important characters in her life, she felt really distant from everyone else. Maybe because of the secrets that she's keeping? Even Sorren, though, who does know her secrets, felt like... a boss' boss, instead of her partner or a friend or mentor or whatever. He popped in and out, and had his own thing going. I felt like their relationship is more about respect and tradition than it is about genuine caring and friendship. I found it hard to be too emotionally involved in the story because of my perception of Cassidy's isolation. Ultimately, I did enjoy Vendetta. The pacing is great. There's a really interesting plot happening here that fills in more details of the world. There's an awesome, expansive cast of characters, many of whom I want to get to know better. The setting is beautiful and integrated into the story in such significant ways. While I sometimes questioned choices made by the characters, had a hard time getting too emotionally involved even while I was entertained, and found some repetition of details really irritating, I still would recommend Vendetta to fans of the genre.Bottom line:If you liked Deadly Curiosities, pick up Vendetta to find out what happens next. I was left with a really clear sense of the importance of Cassidy and Teag's efforts on the 'protecting the world from supernatural threats' front, and I want to know what they'll get into next. 4 starsFor fans of urban fantasy, group efforts to save the world, ghost storiesReceived in exchange for an honest review.Review also available on To Each Their Own Reviews as of January 7th, 2016.

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2019-01-14 13:03

    Cassidy runs Trifles and Folly, an antique shop, with Teag while secretly using her psychometric powers to ensure dangerous magical items are quietly squirrelled away where they can cause no trouble. It also means she’s in a good place to see when the ghosts of Charleston are getting riled upAnd when it does it heralds a major new threat come to town – but this monsters and its terrifying, apocalyptic minions are not just a threat to the city, but a very personal threat to Sorren, her vampire protector and mentor as wellI find myself faced with the same issue I have with this author’s other books – because there’s a lot I like about this series. I really like the world setting. I love the whole concept of trying to control magical artefacts that may cause damage either inadvertently or purposefully by unscrupulous people.I really like how ghosts are such a large part of the book as well – it’s rare to see ghosts to be such a major emphasis in an Urban Fantasy novel and I do like the novelty of it. I also like how the ghosts are worked into the setting – Charleston – and history. And here we have another unique element – it isn’t sanitised. For whatever reason, a not-insignificant amount of Urban Fantasy is set in the south of the US, with lots of immortal beings all straining real hard to pretend slavery wasn’t a thing. This book doesn’t do that – the haunted streets of Charleston is populated by many of the horrors and scars of the city’s history. I like that, I like that a lot.I like the potential richness of this series with so many different magic systems, vampires, ghosts, demons and even hints of many more. I also really like how restrained the series is. Sometimes you have a book series that has taken the kitchen sink approach to the supernatural and they decide to include ALL THE THINGS. This book doesn’t – only what is relevant is present and most of that focuses on a few magic users, the ghosts that populate the city and the core characters. I appreciate the restraint.And I like the characters. I like Cassidy who, as I said in the last book, is skilled and capable, powerful without being super powered, with good relationships and good friends. I like Teague – an openly gay characters who manages to dodge a lot of stereotypes and have a very original (albeit rather convoluted) magic. We do have a number of very powerful, respected and capable Black characters who make regular appearances – but they are called on for their woo-woo. Yes, everyone has woo-woo in this book, but there’s more to Teague and Cassidy and Sorren than their magical nature – while the Mambos and Root workers are, well, Mambos and Root Workers. I don’t know much more about Mrs. Tiller than the fact she’s a root worker. I don’t know much more about Lucinda than the fact she practices voodoo. Yes, she’s a professor – in voodoo. It kind of defines her character. I think in book three I really need to see more of Lucinda: her past, her history, her hobbies, her work, her relationships. I want to see her do something that doesn’t involve a LoaNow the invocation of the Loa did seem to involve a decent amount of research. Perhaps not more than you can do on google, but more than just repeating the name “Baron Samedi” a few times and throwing rum and cigars about.So what’s my main issue with this book? Same as the other two books I’ve read by this author – flabbiness!Read More

  • Theresa Derwin
    2019-01-15 05:01

    Deadly Curiosities Book 2Author: Gail Z MartinPublisher: SolarisPage Count: 327ppRelease date: 29th Dec 2015Reviewer: Theresa DerwinTrifles and Folly isn't your average antique store. Cassidy Kincaide, the current owner of Trifles and Folly has had the store in her family for over three hundred years, in haunted Charleston South Carolina. In the first book she discovers the store's real purpose, and her destiny. It's her job to keep magical curios and antiques safe from the public. Sometimes a jewellery box is just that, and sometimes it houses a blood-sucking demon. Either way, it's a dangerous job, but someone has to do it, and it appears that someone is Cassidy and her employee Teag. She also works with her silent partner Sorren, a six hundred year old vampire with a few powers of his own. Think a quaint, old fashioned version of Warehouse 13.To help her with her job, Cassidy's talent is psychometry, the ability to read objects through touch.When Cassidy touches the latest acquisition, the emotions are rife. Martin is expert at filling in the gaps and creating the mystery to progress the story through Cassidy's visions; sights, sounds, feelings, atmosphere. It's all here. And each artefact is a little glimpse into history, and a case for the Trifles team to solve. Cassidy is literally plunged into the past as the person who owned the object narrates their death and the circumstances surrounding it; moving and engaging stuff.Emerging, shaking and upset from her vision, Cassidy tells Teag the bad news. There is a ghost attached to the jewellery box. But that's not the bad news. It's the wraith that eats ghosts, now in the most haunted city in North America that's the problem. And something even bigger is on its way.Cassidy has an interesting cast of characters to assist her in her endeavours. Teag himself is a Weaver, who can weave magic into fabric or find out anything by weaving information on the web. Lucinda is a Voudon mambo (root worker) who can offer protection through herbs and channel Baron Samedi. Valerie is a medium who runs the local ghost tour, Chuck, a retired Supernatural Black Ops Agent, Bo, the ghost of her dead dog and Father Anne, a tattooed and powerful priest who frees spirits helping them into the next world. Amidst the urban fantasy Fayre, the adventure, intrigue and humour, there is darkness galore and even a Lovecraftian vein. We also get to know Sorren a little better, and that knowledge is poignant.Martin doesn't shy away from the darker history of the South, being open and honest about slavery and the like. Her cast of characters is also wonderfully diverse including sexuality, race and colour. Martin is also adept at handling exposition and back story through conversation with other characters that feels natural.There's a lot of battles and blood in this novel and a few losses along the way, which makes the final showdown with the 'big bad' all the more dramatic and fraught with tension. Cassidy, Sorren, Teag and the rest of the team fight well together, but their adversary is strong. Will they survive intact? That's not for me to tell. What I will say though, is its one helluva finale and this book had me gripped from start to finish.Great characters, brilliant back story, emotional resonance, big bad monsters and a multitude of magic. This blockbuster of a book has it all. Highly recommended.

  • Arlene Arredondo
    2019-01-17 12:17

    I think I had high hopes for this title, since I really liked Deadly Curiosities, had a lot of frightening moments with things that trigger that feeling of chills (gave me a few nightmares about a mirror). I think what I loved most is that feeling of entering a haunted place and being enrapt in the spooky feeling of something watching you (this wasn’t achieved in this installment). This one was full of action and a bit of repetitiveness and over explaining. Vendetta is more about fighting really nasty supernatural beings which our main character is well prepared for. There where situations when things where obvious, but the characters where oblivious to it.The concept of the plot is good, but the developments are really slow paced and I didn’t find any twist in the story line. I absolutely would have liked to find this book amazing like its predecessor and recommend it, but from my point of view it was just ok.Note: I received a digital copy free from Netgalley for review purposes.

  • Sctechsorceress
    2018-12-28 08:16

    I really liked this book. It was the most exciting work yet in the Deadly Curiosities series. All of the characters we've met in modern day Charleston are there, even a few of the dead ones. Cassidy and Teag are getting more accustomed to using their powers, which is good. Even though we meet new friends and allies, there are also new enemies, who really challenge the characters we've come to know so well. In the end, they all work together as a team. Even Soren turns out to need some help. I have to say that Soren is my favorite character in the series, even though I dislike 'vampire fiction' in general. It was nice to see more of him, and learn more about him. I don't know what Gail Z. Martin has up her sleeve for these characters, but I am sure I will like it.

  • Lynne Rogerson
    2018-12-30 08:05

    I waited what seemed like forever for this book to be released. I wasn't disappointed. The story was full of action and history and loyalty and, of course, magic! Cassidy , Teag and Sorren are surrounded by a cast of supporting characters I can't wait to see again and again. I want to take a walk in Charleston, stop at the Honeysuckle Cafe, perhaps have a chat with Lucinda, visit the Archive and the Lowcountry Museum. Buy a basket from Mrs. Teller and Niella. Touch the Angel Oak. Maybe if I'm feeling brave, take a tour with Valerie. And definitely sit an a porch, drinking sweet tea and giving Baxter a pat. If a book can make me want all that, how can it be anything but great?!?

  • Bre
    2018-12-31 05:09

    I absolutely loved this book! I already want to reread it, even though I just finished it.

  • Deborah
    2019-01-09 05:20

    I love this series and I definitely want to see more full length novels, but this seemed a little heavy on fight scenes for my taste.

  • Terelyn Marks
    2018-12-31 05:10

    Love this series!

  • E.
    2019-01-18 08:56

    “Vendetta” by Gail Z. Martin is an action-filled and imaginative story that features many remarkable creatures who function in a world that the local humans are often oblivious to. The blend of pragmatic and arcane in Charleston, South Carolina provides an eerie backdrop to the struggle that threatens the lives and livelihoods of far more than just the inhabitants of this distinctive town. There are fascinating elements such as the protective ghost dog housed in Cassidy’s bracelet, the woven spells that her friend and assistant Teag is capable of weaving, and the ghosts woven into the history of the city that can be friend or foe. I enjoyed the way the story got right into the action and introduced multiple mystical elements but somehow it seemed to drag on much too long for me. I love exciting action scenes but it seemed that there were frequent intense fights with beings who got knocked down and then were back again with very little respite, until it was almost an endless loop that was repeating. There were odd elements for me, such as the lack of concern when a protective ward goes down and the lack of verification of the role or importance of various folks who could be friend or foe, something I think would be pretty important to determine before any major battle. Despite this, I was impressed by the creativity and adventure in this story and I think those who like exciting tales with a paranormal twist will enjoy it.This urban fantasy story is part of the ‘Deadly Curiosities’ series and centers around Cassidy Kincaide, who works in her family store that not only buys and sells antiques and curios but also serves as a clearinghouse for dealing with dangerous magical items. Her talent of psychometry allows her to detect the history of items by touching them, but the dangers that seem to be escalating may have other causes. Consulting with her allies reveals that their vampire patron, Sorren, may have enemies that neither he nor Cassidy’s allies may be able to overcome.© Night Owl Reviews I received a copy of this title in return for an honest review.

  • Karen
    2019-01-01 10:15

    This is the second novel-length book featuring of the characters from the short stories I was reading from the "Deadly Curiosities Adventures"The Deadly Curiosities stories are an enjoyable read. Not too heavy, not too light – just right.The main characters are well fleshed out and have a lot of personality with depth and very little angst. The Author has lots of spirited chatter and action to keep me thoroughly entertained.I liked that not everything works out perfect all the time. The team works very hard to fight the bad guys but, by the nature of their job, not all outcomes can be happy for everyone. Books/Short Stories/Novellas/Collections Oh My! Short Stories: “Deadly Curiosities Adventures” You can see the names on her website.Collections: “Trifles and Folly: A Deadly Curiosities Collection 1” & “2” (these two collections contain Deadly Curiosity Adventures # 4 to 20.)Novels: Deadly Curiosities and Vendetta

  • Cheryl Liacos-Halstead
    2018-12-22 11:07

    Excellent story! Cassidy, Teag and Sorren are about to battle a character who will unleash horrors upon Charleston if they and their friends do not succeed. An epic battle involving lots of friends and some will not survive. Have the kleenex ready as it is a bit of a tear jerker. I loved the book and want more!

  • Arenna Ariffin
    2019-01-13 06:56

    Good read, but doesn't really give me the umph.. but I'm looking forward to reading book 3. Btw, will Sorren and Cassidy ever be together?

  • Vanessa
    2019-01-17 08:04

    Cassidy has magic: the emotion and events in which items are involved give them a history she can see. Her friend and co-worker Teag uses his magic to weave power into fabric or other items. They are employed by the vampire Sorren and are part of a larger magical community of good guys called the Alliance. Cassidy and Teag’s job is to find magical items they encounter during their work as antiques dealers in the heart of Charleston and take care of the dangerous items. Of course the nature of their work means they sometimes go up against some nasty things.Sorren has been around for about 600 years and as a result of his work has made his share of enemies. And after a strange series of events where Charleston ghosts are acting strange and random people are disappearing, Cassidy and Teag begin to think that an old nemesis of Sorren’s may be the culprit.But figuring out this mystery isn’t so straightforward because the pieces don’t obviously connect. Cassidy does a lot of running around before the pieces start fitting together. We meet all the local paranormal experts, including Voodoo, witches, a necromancer, a medium, a Christian priest, and etc. Along the way we get to see more about Cassidy’s magic and what it can do because she runs into demons that want her out of the picture.Unfortunately, VENDETTA gets infodumpy about all the people we meet a long the way, as well as with the background to the different Charleston locales Cassidy visits. Even though it’s different people and places, Martin’s approach feels like a travelogue, like she’s filling out a template each time describing a person/place. Another problem is the repetition and circular events, which felt like added fluff until Cassidy could figure out what’s going on and come up with a game plan. Even the fight scenes were repetitive and basic. As a result it became a chore to get past all the stuff that felt like “duh, we’ve been over this before” before we finally got into the resolving action at the end of the novel.The redeeming factor in this book is Cassidy, herself, who loves her city and her friends. She understands the danger of her career path, but is willing to face its problems if it means protecting the people and city she loves–in fact a big part of the book are the people and their relationships with each other. She has gathered a cadre of friends whose skills all have their different strengths, which only makes them a stronger force as a result. She appreciates them all for who they are and it’s easy to see why they like Cassidy, as well. And it’s their different abilities that gives flavor to the magic of the series.The prose is straightforward, as the plot is pretty predictable, but the characters make the story worth reading poolside this summer.Recommended Age: 14+Language: Less than a dozen instancesViolence: Several battle scenes with some blood and gore, but actually relatively sterileSex: None**Find this and other reviews at***

  • Kristen
    2019-01-11 09:11

    I love the Deadly Curiosities series, and this book did not disappoint me. It had everything I love about the world Gail Z. Martin has built.The characters in this are complex but likable, conflicted but honourable, and they kick monster ass like nobody's business. In this book they are given plenty of opportunity to do just that. This book in particular has a fair amount of violence, and some of it is pretty aggressive and bloody. While everything that happens makes perfect sense in the context of the story, if you are squeamish about hard fighting this may be a problem for you. That said, if you are a regular reader of paranormal fiction there is nothing here you won't have seen before. It is neither gratuitous or excessive for the genre.I love that we get to know Sorren better in this book. Since the monsters seem to be trying to hurt him in this book, it becomes necessary for Sorren to share more of his past and his life with Cassidy and Teag as they try to help him battle the monsters. Sorren became more of a person here rather than a slightly removed enforcer which he kind of felt like to me in the first book. I like him a lot, and I really liked getting to know him better in this book and seeing the life he's lived and the people he's loved.We also got more involved in Teag's life in this book, which was nice too. Now I think of it, we get a more in depth dive with most of the characters in this second book. Cassidy was the focus in the first book, which was great, but this book felt more well-rounded in letting us know everyone in the Trifles and Folly world. I enjoyed that.The plot was, as always with Martin, well-conceived, thoughtful, exciting and engaging. Martin does a great job of balancing character development and plot with lots of drama, intrigue and excitement.Another thing I like about this book and this world is the variety of supernatural creatures and structures we are introduced to. That makes things more interesting than just giving us vampires [not that I mind vampires, because I don't, but it's also fun to learn about other entities].Overall a great second book in this series. I hope Martin has more planned for Cassidy Teag and Sorren. I look forward to future books.

  • Nayuleska
    2019-01-06 12:00

    My reaction to a certain part of this 2nd book would lower the grade dramatically but it was as awesome as the 1st so overall gets top marks. IThat may sound like a weird thing to say, but there's something that happens which is horrific, not something I expected Gail to do to her characters, but which made sense in its own awful way. That severely shocked me emotionally, and I was in tears over it. It shows just how much Gail has amped up the stakes for Cassidy and her friends. I'm glad there's going to be a good few months before/if book 3 comes out as I know I need time to deal with the traumatic events.Ordinarily I may have stopped reading at that disaster and some of the paranormal happenings which were on the edge of my comfort zone, but I adore the banter and clear friendship Cassidy has with those she cares about and their view on life. Cassidy is strong willed, can defend herself, has both human and paranormal ways of protecting herself too, which is useful considering her profession. I adore both her dogs, one living, one a spirit who can be summoned to help protect her which is bittersweet because it's obvious the love she still has for Bo: I wished he could stay forever. She needs all the help and protection she can get with the super powerful and unrelenting villians. There are so many tense moments, with a fast paced scenes which with humour and some random elements make it another brilliant tale from Gail. I received a copy on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review on my blog Nayu's Reading Corner

  • Wayne
    2018-12-26 12:22

    this was a free book....first one I have read by Gail Z. Martin.. there will be more of her books entering into my READ section on goodreads... well written keeps you turning pages .. enjoyed the haunted artifacts reminded me of the old TV series Friday the 13TH Someone very powerful is trying to destroy Sorren and everyone he cares about. That puts Cassidy, Teag and Trifles and Folly in the cross-hairs,and now he’s got to figure out which of those many enemies is out to get him before they pick off his friends one by one to finish an immortal vendetta. ....‘Great characters, awesome magic

  • Ami
    2018-12-24 10:10

    Again, I am a little baffled with the blurb (or even the cover). No offense to Sorren, the whole threats to Charleston's own ghosts and people are indeed a vendetta against the vampire, but the story itself is written from Cassidy's POV (first person); she, Teag, and other characters have quite visibility in the story compared to Sorren. So why?!?Anyway, I highly enjoyed this -- I thought the part with the ghosts were very well written. I could actually felt the chill whenever Cassidy and the gang tried to check out what happened with the ghosts. This book also had one of the most heartbreaking casualties ever in an urban fantasy series ((view spoiler)[imagine all those old people in the retirement house, burned to death *oh gosh, sniff* (hide spoiler)]).It did felt a bit repetitive with the Nephilims keep coming back (because they couldn't really be banished until the nephilmancer is killed) but all in all it provided great fights. That final confrontation was awesome! I loved how Cassidy's power seemed to improve greatly too. In the first book, I thought it was a little too 'passive', but not here!!I hope book #3 is coming. I know that Martin writes many Deadly Curiosities short stories, but I prefer the full length novels.

  • Charlotte Chavous
    2018-12-26 06:11

    In Vendetta, Cassidy, Teague, and Sorren find themselves fighting an evil that has a vendetta against Sorren. This evil wants to make sure Sorren watches everyone he cares for die before it kills Sorren. And, I stop there because as I have said before, I don't like to spoil the thrill of the read for someone else.I truly loved this book as much as I loved the first one. In this story, Miss Martin drops little tidbits about Cassidy, Teague, and Sorren that helps the reader understand what each character brings to the story. She also introduces a few more characters. And I love how each new character is colorful and dedicated. Miss Martin introduces the reader to the world of spirits and how they are honored by their followers. It is like having a lesson inside of a story.Miss Martin knows how to balance the amount of excitement to backstory. She doesn't bog the story down with a bunch of boring inane information. Every word she writes has an impact on the flow of the narrative. And the narrative flows like lava from a, erupting volcano! There is never a dull moment. Miss Martin takes you on the supernatural ride of your life!I consider this story as a MUST READ!

  • Christian
    2019-01-08 09:58

    I'm a fan of Mrs. Martin's previous books and I quite enjoyed Deadly Curiosities, but I'm afraid its sequel fell a bit flat for me. Don't get me wrong, I did not hate the book. It thought it was OK, and even appreciated some portions, but I don't think it is as successful as Mrs. Martin hoped.For one thing, the characters did not feel quite as real, or as alive, in this story. It might be that adding so many "story episodes" detracted from character development... I also have to wonder if the combination of so many different magical influences in a single book was a good idea, as it seems to me none were really explored with any depth.Finally, something that almost annoys me is how a new weapon is always at hand for Cassidy. It feels too easy. The characters' struggles, locally or in other cities for Sorren, did not come across with the strength and effect I believe the author meant to convey.I do not regret reading the book, but I am somewhat disappointed.

  • Glennis
    2019-01-19 11:57

    As the title implies there is a vendetta being waged against Sorren. Charleston is in the stage of a bit of revenge for from a magic user that Sorren though he took care of over a hundred years ago. Cassidy and Teag deal with it in their usual talented way with help from other people in the city with gifts. Of course with almost no one believing in magic, Cassidy has to deal with the attention of the police as she seems to be ground zero for lots of things. In the end good triumphs over evil and Cassidy and Teag gain a few more people to their side to help them fight the bad stuff happening all around them. A good solid read and looking forward to the next one in the series. Digital review copy provided by the publisher through NetGalley