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Book 2 in the Unrivalled Regency Series. Anne and Giles’ story. Waiting for nearly two years hadn’t been easy. Every second under Anne’s emerald gaze had been pure torture while Giles waited out her mourning, but now it was over and with the county’s eligible, if aging bachelors already gathering at her gates, he hadn’t a moment to lose. With his heart in his mouth and hisBook 2 in the Unrivalled Regency Series. Anne and Giles’ story. Waiting for nearly two years hadn’t been easy. Every second under Anne’s emerald gaze had been pure torture while Giles waited out her mourning, but now it was over and with the county’s eligible, if aging bachelors already gathering at her gates, he hadn’t a moment to lose. With his heart in his mouth and his marriage proposal on his lips, it was unfortunate that Anne’s aristocratic father and overbearing brother chose that particular moment to visit. Lord Edward Ellesworth had never been keen on the lower classes. That his sister would even consider marrying someone as inferior as Giles Denvers, was beyond all reason. It wasn’t going to happen while he had breath in his body. There had to be a way to separate them. With Giles facing the hangman's noose, and Anne frantic to avoid marriage to one of her father's aging cronies, desperate measures are called for. Add to the delicious mix of romance and intrigue, a herd of hungry prize porkers, a beautiful young cousin, a very noble intention plus a diamond as big as a walnut and we have the makings of a ripping Regency yarn! This book is a stand-alone story but the series is best read in order to gain full enjoyment of all the previous characters and scenery involved. (Please see Silence of Scandal by Jackie Williams) A Murderous Masquerade is suitable for ages 16 and upwards due to sensual, sexual scenes. ...

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A Murderous Masquerade Reviews

  • Lynn Cooper
    2019-01-03 08:29

    I didn’t think it was possible for me to love A Murderous Masquerade as much as I loved Silence of Scandal, but guess what? I did! I love both of these regency romances equally. Lady Anne Chartris is a smart, strong and beautiful heroine who deserves all the love and happiness her hero Giles Denvers can give her. Only their budding romance is thwarted at every angle. Anne’s snobby, meddling brother Edward along with her well-titled, aristocratic father try to fix her up with men who are either far too old or far too young for her. They don’t really care about her happiness. They only want her to marry a man of means who holds a title and great wealth. But, Anne isn’t having any of that. Her heart belongs to Giles, and he is the man she means to marry. If all the familial interference isn’t enough, Anne and Giles are faced with the biggest obstacle of all—a bogus murder charge that could very well have Giles hanging from a short rope before the loving couple has a chance at a future together. Throw secret passage ways, a puzzle box, a priceless diamond and oriental potions into the mix and you have yourself the perfect novel. One filled with love, lust, romance, mystery and tons of intrigue. The twists and turns will keep you riveted from start to finish. This book was the complete package for me. The author wasted no time delving the reader straight into heart-stopping action. The love scenes quickly came into play as well and continued at a nice burn throughout. I loved seeing Lily and Alexander again. Anne and Giles story was nothing short of breathtaking. And, I had a fabulous time meeting Charlotte. She is a delightful heroine who has caught Geoffrey’s eye. I hope to see a lot more of these two in the near future.

  • Mary Yarde
    2019-01-14 12:17

    At last Giles Denvers is going the marry the woman of his dreams. He had fallen in love with Anne from the moment he had first set eyes on her, but she was in mourning, and he had to allow for the proper time to pass before he proposed.But there was no way that Anne's brother, Lord Edward Ellesworth, is going to allow a marriage between his sister and a nobody like Giles. And he will do anything to see that the marriage does not take place.Giles finds himself staring at a hangman's noose for a crime he did not commit. His dreams of a life with Anne are dashed to the ground, and he fears for her future and that of his cousin. Both women depend on him to secure their safety, but what can he do while he is behind bars?While Giles best friend, Alexander, Duke of Ormond, tries desperately to clear Giles name, Giles must come to terms with his own mortality as he tries to do everything possible to secure the future of the woman he loves.Oh, my giddy aunt! I loved Silence Of Scandal (Unrivalled Regency #1) by Jackie Williams, but A Murderous Masquerade (Unrivalled Regency #2) was simply brilliant. I was completely drawn into the story from page one, and I couldn't turn those pages fast enough. Full of drama, mystery, intrigue, as well as love, this is one of those books that I could easily read again and again.I loved the characterisation of Giles. He was a really lovable hero. His compassion for the women in his life, his fear of them, was very touching. Likewise, Anne is a very gentle soul who learns to stand up for herself. But I have to admit my favourite character was Giles cousin, Charlotte. Charlotte has such a brilliant mind and is so full of spirit that I could not help but like her. I think the next book in the series is about Charlotte and I cannot wait to read it!A Murderous Masquerade (Unrivalled Regency #2) is a great read. I cannot recommend this book enough. If you like great historical romance with a super-fast plot and believable characters, then this is the book for you.I Highly Recommend.

  • Ellie Midwood
    2018-12-30 07:20

    I love all of Jackie Williams’s books! She never fails to surprise me with her imaginative plots, unforgettable characters, intrigue and of course romance. “A Murderous Masquerade” is probably a new favorite of mine, as once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down, and particularly when Giles’s life was hanging by a thread. Giles is a wonderful central character. He’s noble, compassionate and showed true kindness when it came to taking care of his newly inherited estate and his only cousin Charlotte, who was nearly left destitute after her father’s passing and her brother, who drank or gambled away almost all of the family’s possessions. But it seems like Giles’s personal happiness in the face of beautiful Anne - a widow who also has the most tender feelings for him - is impossible despite his new title. Anne’s brother Edward, who always despised Giles for his “lowly origins,” will stop at nothing to prevent this union from happening, even though his cunning plan might turn into something far more sinister… If you enjoy riveting historical romances, you should definitely pick it up. A true five star read.

  • Bettye McKee
    2018-12-25 08:01

    An exciting romanceAnne has just come out of her two years of mourning and her father is anxious to marry her off to one of his wealthy cronies. Giles has been in love with her since the first moment he saw her. Before he has an opportunity to propose, he is notified of the death of his uncle.Then he learns that his cousin John is also dead and that he, Giles, has inherited the title and estate as well as the guardianship of his cousin, Charlotte.As mundane as this may sound, the story is actually very good. There is an incident at the ball which results in Giles being charged with murder. I kept turning pages to see what was going to happen.I hope the author will hire a competent proofreader. She is a good writer, but her talent is being crippled by the number of errors.114

  • Ann Gonzalez
    2019-01-02 09:12

    This book kept my attention. Less grammatical errors than book one and definitely more intriguing. The whole story was great, but the ending and epilogue was rushed.Loving all the characters from book one and two. Ready to read more about them in book three.

  • Louise Jackson
    2018-12-20 05:11

    I thought the first book in the series was an epic adventure, but this tale outstips that one by a mile.Great scene setting and wonderful tension building throughout the whole book. I actually cried at one point!It's clear that the author works hard on her research, but cleverly disguises it as part of the flow of the story. I love that the characters introduced in the previous book are still present in this one. Gives a nice rounded feel to it even though there is enough back story to be able to read this as a stand alone book.Already read the 3rd book as I just can't get enough of this brilliant series.

  • Jackie Williams
    2019-01-02 05:09