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I vow. I crave. I give in.I used to be a nice, normal girl. I had dreams. Good, happy dreams of a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a fairytale love that lasts forever. Nobody ever warned me that sometimes, the prince dies three weeks before the wedding. Like any addict, I swear this time is the last…. Now, I go through my days, a shadow of my former self. I pretend I’m okI vow. I crave. I give in.I used to be a nice, normal girl. I had dreams. Good, happy dreams of a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a fairytale love that lasts forever. Nobody ever warned me that sometimes, the prince dies three weeks before the wedding. Like any addict, I swear this time is the last…. Now, I go through my days, a shadow of my former self. I pretend I’m okay, and the people in my life pretend to believe me. But, sometimes, when I can no longer stand the craving, I roam an underground sex club looking for my next hit. It’s dirty and wrong, but I can’t stop, and my only line of defense between them and me, is the rules I’ve designed to keep me safe. The men always abide by my rules. Until I meet him. And, like any addict, I’m wrong.I don’t question the instincts that tell me to run. One look at him, standing there, power radiating off him in waves, tells me all I need to know. He will make me crave those happy dreams I’ve left behind. And that is not an option....

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Crave Reviews

  • Sophie
    2019-01-19 06:28

    **4 Properly Marked stars** Layla Hunter is a lonely woman, hiding from every person in her life, isolating herself for the past 18 months, drowning in grief, since she lost her fiance two weeks before their wedding. Knowing that she won't be able to sleep because of her nightmares, she's visiting an underground club, suitable for her cravings. One night she meets him. The man who could give to her what she really needs. But she has rules and Michael is not the type to follow them. He's danger and she needs to stay away from him. Layla is also visiting a therapist, trying to overcome her situation and her depression. Her therapist is the only one who knows completely what happened that fatal night , her fears and the only one who knows Layla's secret sexual side."I need dominance. Need to be controlled and forced. But sitting at some guy's feet, serenely staring into space as I wait for my next order is never going to be my thing." Crave was a book that surprised me quite pleasantly. I was intrigued by the sexy cover and the blurb, but I wasn't prepared for the story within. I expected that it would be just a hot read, but it was so much more than that. I loved the characters, even though there were moments that I would roll my eyes or disagree with their actions, but bottom line, I really enjoyed it. Even though at first, I was bummed, thinking that it would be another insta-love story that would get on my nerves, I have to admit that the writing helped a lot and I loved how funny, sexy, deep and emotional this book was. I liked the character development our heroine went through, the slow, but steady steps towards healing her trauma. It wasn't easy and it was a rocky road for sure, but there was progress and I enjoyed the ride. Plus the ending was so beautiful. Arc kindly provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • NiCoLeTa E.
    2019-01-12 11:27

    ***4,5 "Craving" stars from me***I was thinking to read this book for a long time, but something was holding me back...I don't know, in a way i was afraid that i won't like it!!!The blurb intrigued me and scared me at the same time...I'm liking romance novels, but i don't like to push my boundaries and i thought that this book would shock me!!!! But damn me!!! I was sooooo wrong!!!!I loved every single moment in it!!!! And i'm craving for more... and more... and more...Mrs Dawson, you are an amazing writer!!!The story crept upon my heart from the first moment and i don't think that it will ever get out of there!!!In a time that erotica genre is on the top, this book oozed sexuality and tension without being full with lots and lots of sex scenes and i loved it!!!This was a sexy and intriguing book without so many "sex" details and i think that was the secret for being such a great story!!!I also liked that we were having a story... A beautiful, intriguing, caprtivating and well written story...This was a story about salvation and second chances in life...It was a story about grief and loss and pain...It was a story about craving... Crave of pain... of love... of life... of death... of everything!!!It was a story about how love can pull you out of the torture of your own soul and to give you back pieces of yourself who were long last gone!!!!It was a story which always i will hold close to my heart!!!Layla had witnessed loss and pain and her life was seems far and distant...The only thing that could keep her sane was a trip to the club...There she would feel that her cravings could be fullfilled....She was seeking pain and punishment for bearing the empty life that she was living for the last eighteen months...But she had some rules about those nights....And when she saw him, she knew that he was different and that he would not follow her rules... So, she decided that he was dangerous and she just runs away from him...But she was craving him, she was craving what he only could give her...So she couldn't stay away from him!!!"I want him. Want what I know he can give me. No man, in the year I’ve been coming here, has ever come close, but somehow I know the man across the room is the one. The one I’ve been both desperately searching for, and terrified I’d find."Michael wanted all or nothing with Layla. He knew that he was the one that could give her what she was craving for and even more than that!!! So, he insisted... He was determined to have her and he never stop chasing her...Until to bring her when he wanted her to be and Layla submits to her cravings and admits her feelings..."I need to stay safe and he’s not safe. He’s dangerous. He’s already making me forget."The pull between them was strong and powerfull from the very first moment...They had so many things that they were standing between them and all of them were because of Layla... Because of what she lost and went through eighteen months before...They have a long road to cross by, so will they stick together until the end???Will Layla manage to overcome all the things that are keeping her behind???Will she open her heart for once again???And Michael will have the strength and patience to stay beside her until the very end????"I felt safe. Safe in a way I hadn’t for such a long time I’d forgotten it even existed. That he gave me even an hour of reprieve from the desperate, worried fear that plagued every moment of my life, let alone a day, made me so grateful I wanted to weep with it."I really can't tell you more because i don't want to ruin the story for you!!!But they were much more in this book that what i just told you!!!There were too many struggles with themselves, with each other, with the memories...I liked the dynamic between the couple...I liked this pull between them and i loved the way Michael was handling the things!!!"He hasn’t pushed. But I want him too...I want it. Crave it. And I’m scared.I suspect my fear, and the trauma I suffered, is what stops him from unleashing on me what I so desperately need...With Michael I want the cathartic release of it. Believe it will somehow cleanse me. But as much as he teased me, he’d yet to deliver.I know why. I’ve learned how he operates. He wants me to need it. Wants me to break free from the box I’ve created, to take back another piece of myself.He’s waiting for me to ask. But I don’t know how to say the words."I liked Layla, even though sometimes i couldn't understand her...She got through lots of ugly things and she was clinging so hard to them, that she didn't want her life... She didn't live anymore, she was just existing!!!She was trying so hard to ignore her feelings for Michael... Yep, i understand that she was feeling guilts about the past... but sometimes she was trying so hard to stay away from Michael without reason!!!"It makes me nervous. Wary. If I let him, Michael would slip effortlessly into my life. Staying with him again only makes it that much easier.I’m at a crossroads. Or, at least, that’s the way it feels.Even without looking at him I can feel his heat. His power. And I want it so damn bad I can taste it."And i adored Michael... If you haven't noticed it until now, i'm almost obsessed with him...He was from that kind of men that even though he wasn't in front of you in flesh and bones, his present was magnetic and made your knees go week....I think i fell in love with him!!! *Sigh*His character was so unconventional...He was a man with domestic needs and attitude and at the same time was so sweet and caring...A man that could bring you on the edge with just a look in his eyes!!!I liked his insistence and i liked the way he was handling Layla and her fears...He was bound to be her salvation from the first moment and that was what scared Layla!!!"His kiss. It’s like nothing I can even describe. Hot. Consuming. It obliterates all my worries and fears. It makes me forget everything and anyone but him.It’s all I want. He’s all I want. His control. Possession."Well, i don't know what else to say about them...My thoughts are a mess... I already told you the main facts, so if you're interested the rest is up to you to find them out!!!And now, i have to live without Michael...Okay, i will get over it!!!Thank God, that i still have Leo and Jillian's story and even though i already know where they are now, i'm dying to find out how they reached this point!!!!That's all from me, but i would like to finish this review with one of Dr. Sorenson's phrases to Layla:"Life is full of peril and risk. Safety is an illusion."

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2019-01-02 13:28

    THIS ONE SOUND PURRRFECT!Stand-alone book 1Purchase: | AMZ US | AMZ UK |Blurb: I vow. I crave. I give in.I used to be a nice, normal girl. I had dreams. Good, happy dreams of a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a fairytale love that lasts forever. Nobody ever warned me that sometimes, the prince dies three weeks before the wedding. Like any addict, I swear this time is the last…. Now, I go through my days, a shadow of my former self. I pretend I’m okay, and the people in my life pretend to believe me. But, sometimes, when I can no longer stand the craving, I roam an underground sex club looking for my next hit. It’s dirty and wrong, but I can’t stop, and my only line of defense between them and me, is the rules I’ve designed to keep me safe. The men always abide by my rules. Until I meet him. And, like any addict, I’m wrong.I don’t question the instincts that tell me to run. One look at him, standing there, power radiating off him in waves, tells me all I need to know. He will make me crave those happy dreams I’ve left behind. And that is not an option.

  • Sarah
    2019-01-01 13:11

    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Jennifer Dawson and NetGalley.)“I don’t want to obey. I want to fight.”This was a sexy erotic romance, and I really liked Michael!I felt quite sorry for Layla in this story, to lose her fiancée the way she did must have been awful, and I understood the way she didn’t want to reconnect with the world after all she had been through.“I am a total, fucked-up mess. Sometimes I barely make it through the day.”Michael was a great character! Strong, alpha-male, pulling Layla back from the brink and forcing her to feel again. I totally loved him!“The chemistry between us is so strong it crackles like electricity.”The storyline in this was pretty good, and I liked that we were keep on hold wondering what had really happened the night of Layla’s fiancée’s death, and why she felt so guilty about it. “This isn’t about sex. This is about surrender. To him. To myself. To the possibility of what we may become.”There was obviously a lot of romance in this book, and Michael and Layla made such a hot couple! The sex scenes were seriously steamy, and I liked that they weren’t normal vanilla sex, and were a little bit different.“I want him. More than I’ve wanted anyone in a long time.”The ending to this was pretty good, and we got a good twists thrown in towards the end as well. I was really glad we got a happy ending though.7 out of 10

  • Elfina Renee
    2019-01-14 05:21

    Jennifer Dawson was a first time read. I can't help but wonder, where the hell have I been for her to go unnoticed? I think what draws me in is this author spins a story so real you can feel. I mean actually feel, each and every descriptive scene of the leading character. So picture this, the sound of high heels grating along the paved asphalt. Bumping bass crackling over loud speakers in a pulsing rhythm. Nervous energy of lingering club goers loitering along the entrance, waiting their turn to go inside. You know something big is about to happen but you can't finger what, so you keep turning the pages going down the rabbit hole. And I swear I couldn't stop. One minute I'm craving what the heroine does, the next, bursting into big ugly snotty tears. Then the ending crescendos to a climatic finish. I can't say for a single minute I regretted reading because I didn't. If anything I wanted the story to continue, but that's the talents of a superb writer, leaving us readers craving more! Thank you Jennifer Dawson for a beautifully written story!

  • Pick a Book
    2019-01-16 10:28

    ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review: Thank you.4,5 "I want Michael" starsWOW!! I was super excited to read this and I was right: It was sooo good!!!The cover and the synopsis kinda mislead the reader, made us think is a book just about sex and crave. But is so much more than that. CRAVE is also about finding a way to live again after a tragedy, to regain strength and also to not forget but to learn how to live with the hole in the heart.Layla had a perfect life and a perfect fiancé; John. But when it was close to the wedding day John dies. After almost a year and a half she still hasn't moved on, still thinking she is curse and she does not deserve to be happy again. To fulfill her desires she kept going to the sex club she used to go with John. And then she meets Michael. The attraction is so strong even though she try to resist, she can't. Even I couldn't lol. I LOVED Michael. And I want him. :pI love books with drama like these. The ones that make you think if you are really living your life, if you are appreciating it. I was hooked since chapter one. It was so good. I loved the way Michael was with Layla. I confess I'm not that girl, I'm just way too stubborn to be like her. But I loved Michael. He's an alfa, in and out of bedroom. The author described him not being the usual handsome guy we normally read about, but the way he was... in my head he was the hottest guy in the world.I actually don't have anything bad to say about any of them. I loved them all. Oh! I really want to read a book about Layla's best friend!! Speaking of it....SINFUL is the next book in this series and will be about Jillian, Michael's sister. I was kinda expecting that. I loved Leo. This book will go back to the beginning of Leo e Jillian's relationship and show us how they got together. Can't wait!-----ARC fornecido pela Netgalley em troca de uma resenha honesta: Obrigada!4,5 estrelasUAU !! Eu estava super animada para ler esse livro e, no final, estava certa: Tão bom!!!A capa e a sinopse meio enganam o leitor, nos faz pensar que é um livro apenas sobre sexo e desejo. Mas é muito mais do que isso. CRAVE também é sobre encontrar uma forma de viver de novo depois de uma tragédia, recuperar a força e também para não esquecer, mas para aprender a conviver com o aquele buraco no coração.Layla tinha uma vida perfeita e um noivo perfeito; John. Mas quando estava perto do dia do casamento John morre. Depois de quase um ano e meio, ela ainda não seguiu em frente, ainda pensando que ela era maldiçoada que não merecia ser feliz novamente. Para preencher seus desejos ela continuou indo ao clube de sexo que ela costumava ir com John. E então lá conhece Michael. A atração é tão forte, embora ela tente resistir, ela não pode. Até eu não podia rs. Eu AMEI o Michael. E eu quero que ele pra mim. :pAmo livros com drama como este. Aqueles que fazem você pensar se você está realmente vivendo a sua vida, se está apreciando. Eu estava grudada desde o capítulo um. Tão bom. Adorei a forma como Michael era com Layla. Confesso que não sou aquela garota, sou muito teimosa para ser como ela. Mas eu amei Michael. Ele é um alfa, dentro e fora do quarto. A autora o descreveu como não sendo o cara bonito de costume que a gente normalmente lê, mas a maneira como ele era ... em minha imaginação ele era o cara mais gostoso do mundo. Na verdade, eu não tenho nada de ruim a dizer sobre qualquer um deles. Eu amei todos.Oh! Eu realmente queria ler um livro sobre a melhor amiga da Layla!! Falando nisso ....SINFUL é o próximo livro desta série e será sobre Jillian, a irmã de Michael. Eu estava meio que esperando isso já. Amei o Leo. Este livro vai voltar para o início do relacionamento de Leo e Jillian e nos mostrar como eles ficaram juntos. Mal posso esperar!

  • Coco.V
    2019-01-10 10:21

    FREE on Amazon today (10/26/2017)! I read this book two years ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it as well as the rest of the series. :)

  • Aliana Milano
    2019-01-19 07:15

    Okay wow... I feel like I've just gone through a complete mind f***. I was so into that book that when I swiped my e-reader screen and it took me to my homepage declaring this book was over I was torn between sobbing and throwing it across the room.Anyway the book.... This book was AMAZING. I'm not gonna lie - at first I was like...So yeah ... Bored and confused to start with really which is to be expected. This book starts and finishes with a BANG that just leaves you aching to read more - literally. I couldn't put it down as soon as I started really getting into things. Michael was so HOT and Layla was so deserving and together they were just beautiful! Layla is a mess for most of the book and I just loved seeing her get herself together. I feel like if I was in her position there probably wouldn't be a thing I would've done differently.Throughout the whole book I was just like...It's sad and sweet and real and beautiful and sexy......and just everything that I love in a book!It was written so well and vividly and structured perfectly to the point that I felt like I was actually there watching the characters and in the scenes with them, watching them grow. That's probably why I was so shocked when there journey came to an end and I was snapped back to reality. This is my first Jennifer Dawson book but based on how amazing it was I can honestly say I will definitely be back for more :) I cannot wait for Jillian and Leo's book - That teaser at the end! <3If you're a romance fan or erotica fan or dark reads fan then please do yourself a favour and read this book! :DPlease note that this isn't a dark read but does cover some sensitive and serious issues/feelings. I wouldn't say it's BDSM because there's none actually in the book but it is mentioned briefly.Enjoy! :)*ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Christina
    2018-12-26 07:05

    Let my start by saying that this is not a BDSM book and thank God for that. I am so sick and tired of all the “Masters”, “Lords” and “Sirs”. This is a book about overcoming grief, fighting to live and laying your life to another person who will gratefully take responsibilities from your back. “All you need to worry about right now is dinner. That’s it. Nothing else. We’re going to eat and talk. I’m going to touch you. I’m going to kiss those lips that drive me crazy whenever I want. I’m going to play with you and make you wet. And I’m going to learn you. That’s all. It’s that simple. You can do that.”.Layla has lost her fiancé (John) three weeks before they get married. She is in pain not only because her life changed but because she feels responsible for his death. She spends some nights in a club where she meets random men and have night stands but they have to play by her own rules.She meets there Michael and they feel an instant connection, a chemistry that is off the charts and he takes her out from her comfort zone. “Because there’s something between us I can’t ignore and neither can you. And I’m not talking about lust, which is like a kick in the fucking gut every time I even think of you, I’m talking about something more. You sense it too and you’re terrified.”.We see their journey in finding love, Michael helping Layla overcoming her daemons as she fights to survive a love that she can’t explain. “I want you, Layla.” His voice is a husky whisper in my ear. “More than I have ever wanted anyone.” His tongue flicks across my pounding pulse and I bite back a moan as his teeth scrape over my skin. “Now is not the time to kiss you the way that I want, because I swear to god, if I do, you’ll end up fucked in whatever position is most convenient.”.What I most enjoyed in this book was the writing which kept me at my feet from the beginning through the end.

  • Kika
    2019-01-16 09:04

    Title: Crave Series: Undone, #1Author: Jennifer DawsonRelease Date: 1 June, 2015Rating: 4 starsCliffhanger: NoHEA: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]You know that saying "It's not the destination, it's the journey that matters"? Well, it's the first time in my entire life that i felt that this saying is total crap! I was craving (no pun intended) for the MC to be done with their journey already, reach their destination and finally get some peace! Wow, what a ride...I'm going to be honest here, when i first started reading the book i wasn't really into it. It felt like i had to deal once again with another frustrating, "broken" heroine and i have to admit I'm sick and tired of these fragile characters. But as i was getting further into my read i soon realized that I was reading a book written by a genius! The character development - or better yet metamorphosis - was outstanding. It was beautiful to witness Layla's growth and strenght throughout the whole book and how sometimes a painful path can lead to a beautiful destination. It was a slow process but very well written.The story is about Layla Hunter and the emptiness and sorrow she feels after the brutal death of her fiance, John, a death that she was there to witness and was accompanied with a brutal attack on her as well. So, we are dealing with a heroine who has suffered through two traumatic events on the same night. She's lost, lonely and miserable until she meets Michael...I won't say anything else because i'd like to leave this review as spoiler-free as i can. I've rated this book 4 stars and not 5 because i wasn't really feeling it in the beginning, but if you start reading it and find yourself feeling the same way as i did i urge you to keep reading because it gets so much better.*I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review*["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Paige
    2019-01-12 07:19

    4.5 "Craving" StarsWoah. Crave made me crave more. Made me crave answers. Made me crave resolution and healing and justice and a happily ever after. My first book by Ms. Dawson was like finding a diamond in my backyard. It's been there all the time, I just didn't know it. I loved this book.Crave follows Layla's journey through the aftermath of losing her fiancé three weeks before she was supposed to be married. Held captive by memories and guilt, Layla craves finding release in the taboo world of an underground sex club. For the last year and a half, Layla has used meaningless sex with strangers as a way to avoid the feelings she has in regards to life without her fiancé. One night at the club she meets Michael who blows right through all the the walls, rules, and defenses she has set up to guard her heart from forming attachments. This was an emotional journey of heartbreak and redemption. It had all the feels.There was so many gut-wrenchinly moving scenes that I could feel my stomach rise and fall right along with Layla. I was frustrated with Layla at the beginning. I just wanted to her let Michael help her but I did understand her hesitation once all the facts of her finace's death were revealed. The writing was flawless and perfectly paced so that I felt like I was going through this journey right along with Layla. Layla's emotions were my emotions. As much as she craved bring numb, I craved peace. Then she found Michael. Michael was perfect. Literally perfect. He knew what he wanted: Layla. He did everything for her benefit. He knew what she needed and how to give it to her. When she struggled, he led her to making the right choices. Michael loved Layla wholly: everything about her including her past. It was so refreshing to have a flipped script in which the hero wasn't broken and did everything he could to help the heroine move on. The second book in the Undone series will follow Michael's partner Leo and Michael's sister Jillian. In Crave these two are already married so it will be fun to see how they ended up in their happily ever after. Hopefully we'll get more Michael and Layla too. I can't wait. Arc provided by publisher via Netgalley for honest review.

  • Julie
    2018-12-20 10:10

    REVIEW TO Cum ;D

  • Nancy❤The❤Bookaholic
    2019-01-05 05:24

    ✰1/2~~1.5 HEARTS~~I felt like this was trying too hard to be something it's not. I had to stop around 50% because I felt myself losing interest really quick. So I put it on hold and after reading a few different kinds of book I decided to go back and give it another try. Though I did get to the end I struggled to finish it. Layla is suffering from the lose of her fiancee in a murder. Days before their wedding Layla witnesses her finance John die in her arms. Eighteen months later she's still a broken, grieving mess. She's just a shadow of her former self. Going through life like everything's ok, but in all actuality she's dying inside. She has an empty hole that she can't fill and on days when the cravings are too bad she goes to a underground sex club to get her fix and when scoping out her next companion she runs into Michael. Michael is an homicide detective and he's got his eyes locked on Layla. When he first saw her he knew she would be his one day. He knows exactly what Layla needs and wants. He wasn't taking no for an answer. He would do what was necessary to make Layla obey him. I had high hopes for this but it disappointingly I had problems with focusing on the true story. For me it felt like it focus too much on John and Layla's relationship that's unfortunately no more since John was murdered. I was not emotionally invested in the characters or the story. It never grabbed my full attention. Pros: Cover Cons: Trying to be something it wasn't

  • Samantha
    2018-12-21 10:28

    The best kinds of novels are those that touch your very soul and Crave does just that. I'm left raw! This story makes you pant and bleed. Layla is a survivor, struggling to deal with her own demons and the loss of her ex-fiance. Everyone tells you how strong you are and that you're a survivor, but none of them really understand just what you are going through or need. That is the place Layla has been sitting for about 18 months until she meets Michael. Michael is all dominant alpha male that makes you beg for it. He's confident, he's smooth, he's demanding, and he's exactly what Layla needs. The awareness of one another, the terrifying pull, and the way they work together is what makes their love story so interesting. Layla didn't realize all that she needed until Michael gave her it. The prelude to sex and sex between Layla and Michael is hot which leaves you panting. The personal hurdles Layla has to overcome make your heart bleed. There are points in this book where your eyes will sting with tears, where your thighs will clench together in need, and where you'll laugh out loud.

  • ☕ Kimberly
    2018-12-20 06:14

    Five reasons to curl up with CraveThis is the fourth book I have read by Jennifer Dawson and I love how developed her stories are. Regardless of the trope, through her characters and creative writing style she allows you to slip in and become involved. Crave is first in the Undone series and I am anxious to learn about all of the characters we met. Layla and Michael's story was bittersweet and I quickly consumed Crave.Layla is a successful business women who once had it all but things fell apart by an unexpected tragedy. In her darkest hours, she craves what she once held dear. Michael is attracted to Layla and knows exactly what she craves. I love how he takes control but allows Layla to feel as if she is taking the lead. The man is hot and his sensitive side is so sweet. Layla’s reaction to him felt genuine.This explores the early stages of  a dom/sub relationship and it was beautiful, tender and fresh. I would hate to classify this as BDSM, since this just dabbles on the fridges and takes a more realistic approach. If you liked the vibe of Bare It All by Lori Foster, you will enjoy Crave. Even though it touches on the subject, the tale is low on heat and details. Instead the author focuses more on the emotional aspect as Layla heals and finds herself.Dawson gives us a full romance, allowing the characters to become friends, trust and find something meaningful. The slow development and delicious tension created as these two tangoed captivate me. Their story felt genuine allowing me to connect. We also meet secondary characters that tickle our interest and whose stories we hope to soon hear.Dawson’s grasp of human emotion brings this story unexpected depth. While she brings heat, she also gives us a couple whose passion, pain, love, and emotions we experience first hand.If you love Foster, Kaye and Dawson's Something New series you'll love Crave and the Undone series. Each book will work as a standalone and feature characters we have met along the way. These are my favorite types of series as each book gives you a couple and their experiences.Copy provided by author. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  • Kj
    2019-01-09 12:19

    4 punish-me-please starsCrave by Jennifer Dawson is the first book in the new Undone series. This book really surprised and intrigued me in the best of ways. Layla lost her fiance 3 weeks before their wedding.Their story is heartbreaking and painful. Layla is definitely a damaged girl and goes to an underground sex club for her "punishments". She has also left any hope of falling in love again behind. That is until she meets Michael. I had a hard time grasping the fact that she met Michael at the sex club considering what he does for a living. That aside I loved Michael! He was a hot, possessive, super alpha male and he definitely had no problem fulfilling Layla's bedroom needs. At times their sex scenes were so rough I was kind of waiting for her to get hurt or scared in some way but this girl liked it rough. Do not go into this book expecting some sappy, mushified, love making because that is definitely not Layla and Michael's style. This is a great read especially if you are looking for an intense alpha male that won't take no for an answer. This book was provided by Netgalley and it's publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • Doris
    2019-01-06 12:11

    I really like this one. The story had a great plot to it and I really liked the characters. Recommend this one to all.

  • Allyson Morris
    2018-12-24 10:05

    I loved this book.. I felt so bad for Layla and what she has gone through. Michael was an awesome friend/dom that pulled Layla back from the hell she was in. This book was filled with sadness, friendship and love!!

  • Trish at Between My Lines
    2018-12-26 11:07

    I haven't reviewed a lot of Adult Romances here but I do enjoy reading them now and again. So when I saw that Kim, the Caffeinated Virtual Assistant was organising a blog tour for this one, I decided I was craving a scorching hot read and jumped on board.My Thoughts on Crave by Jennifer Dawson:The main reason that I haven’t reviewed a lot of erotica books on here is because I somehow feel a little shy about putting my thoughts on them into words. But when well written, I enjoy them and a spicy read can sometimes be just what's called for. However my one proviso is that there has to be a proper story arc and not just sex scene after sex scene as that to me gets boring very quickly.And Crave gets the balance between lust filled scenes and a meaningful plot just right. Neither takes from the other and together they just add up to a very satisfying and emotional read. Layla’s fiancée died 18 months ago and she is struggling to move on with her life especially as the circumstances that he died in were very traumatic.She numbs her pain in clubs, seeks relief with strangers, throws herself into her career as a distraction and keeps contact with family and friends to a bare minimum. Basically she doesn’t allow herself to feel and she uses the clubs to punish herself even further. My heart ached for Kayla, she is a torrent of turbulent emotions and I felt every one of them as I read.And then she met Michael and despite her reservations about letting him into her life, the feeling that he is exactly what she needs, drives all other emotions away. Physically and emotionally, they are just so suited and their chemistry was sizzling. I love that they didn’t go back and forth with a push/pull relationship but that they were brave enough to talk about the deeper issues right from the get go.Not that they didn’t have issues, they did but communication was a strong point between them. I loved also that Layla wasn’t naive as it felt like she was making well-informed decisions about the lifestyle that she chooses to live. And as her character was so ably developed, I really got that this was a perfect choice for her.Overall if you are looking for a cocktail of steamy and poignant, then I’d recommend Crave to you. Not all erotica books can do tender but this one does to perfection.

  • Tonyalee
    2019-01-16 09:21

    You can find this review and more on my blog, After Hours at Lilybloombooks4.5 starsTHIS.BOOK. *fans self*Crave, is a book I like to consider a rare find. It's not one that I would have easily stumbled upon, but I am so glad I did. There is so much Crave has to offer, and not the intense sexual tension and eventually, hot scenes. This book is about guilt, grief and moving on. Discovering yourself and living your life, second chances.. And, love.Since losing her fiance weeks before their wedding, Layla has been barely living. She has pushed everyone out of her life - including her family - and visits a popular underground club for her own punishment and desires. That is, until Michael.Let's talk about Layla. She is swimming in guilt and grief. Not only for the loss of her fiance, but the loss of herself. There was a lot more depth to her pain than we are initially introduced to and the build up of her character and growth was just one of the beautiful things about Crave. There was a lot she had to overcome - but before she could do that, she had to open up to it. Part of this, I do believe was due to the lifestyle that her and John lived, but not all of it.Michael, is one of those extremely arrogant characters you want to punch in the face at times. But what some might find offensive, sparks something in Layla. Although he IS arrogant; he is also kind, sweet and actually willing to help Layla overcome her pain and help her live again. I also appreciate that Michael wanted to know more about John, because he was such a huge part of Layla and her life before him. He wasn't jealous, but understanding, and accepted who John was. He has a soft side that is displayed in a different way, and I loved every bit about their romance.Their relationship, physical aspects a side, is a low build up of trust and love. It's quite obvious from their first encounter that the sexual attraction is there (hello, intense & hot tension) but as I mentioned before; Layla had a lot to overcome. Michael held a lot of himself back too, to show Layla that she COULD trust him. Their life style isn't hard-core BDSM, but there are some aspects that are there. Layla likes the domination but it isn't wholly submissive. She is spunky, fierce and loves a good challenge.I also quite loved the secondary characters. Layla's best friend, her sister and Michael's family too. Although there are not many scenes, it was enough to show us the deep love of family and friendship.Overall - I loved Crave. It's intense, emotionally sweet and hot as hell. I highly recommend it!

  • Kristin
    2019-01-16 09:05

      Completely different than any romance I've ever read before... How many times have you read those words in a book review?  Probably quite a bit.  But I have no other way to say it - Crave had an intense, emotional story I wasn't expecting.What do you do when the love of your life is violently ripped from your world in front of your eyes?  How do you recover from that?  Layla has no idea.This is a story about healing the loss of your soul mate and how you move on.  And what do you do when you find another - is he a replacement?  Do you forget your first love?  Ahhhh!!!  So much romance and goodness to this story!!  ∗head explodes∗Okay, I'm calm now.Layla is in an impossible situation that broke my heart from page one.  She's punishing herself (IMHO) for her fiance's death by seeking out meaningless hookups at an underground sex club.  But she's caught the eye of Michael and he's been watching her for a while.  When he finally takes a chance and approaches Layla, Michael is in complete control and Layla has no idea how to deal with him.  He is completely unexpected.Looking at this cover, you're probably thinking erotic romance, am I right?  You'd be slightly disappointed if you went into this story looking for lots of sex scenes.  I don't think anything really happens until the book is about halfway through.  It's amazing what an author can convey with only words.Besides Layla and Michael trying to figure out how to deal with each other, there are so many other facets to the story and characters that I thought were so well done.  Layla's relationship with her sister was one such side story.  And then there was Layla's therapist Dr. Sorenson.  All I will say about her is that she is portrayed extremely accurately and she really came through in the end.  Oh, I can't forget Chad!  I'm actually a fan of his and hope he gets a story all his own ;)There are so many great things I can say about this story but I don't want to spoil all the page-turning goodness.  If you like your romances intense and story driven, I think you will really enjoy reading Crave.  Review appears on

  • Adriana
    2019-01-19 10:27

    Arc Provided via NetGalley.You first meet Layla and she is a shell of her former self, she is empty and barely recognises her own self, everyone wants the old Layla back the Layla before John died and she wants that Layla back to but she is long gone. She spends nights at clubs and finds men to take home for the night, she isnt looking for anything series. Then she meets Michael is who is a typical Alpha male, there pull is instant, the chemistry is sizzling. Michael helps Layla in her journey of getting back to herself, in getting over her heartbreak and overcoming her many demons. They slowly fall in love and its a great journey, as you watch Layla slowly begin to heal and open her heart to someone else, and to finally relies what she has been missing . Its a great ride.. Its the first book ive read of this author and it will not be the last.

  • Lisa
    2019-01-20 07:19

    ok that was intense. Jillian and Leo's book next plsUpdated, 12/10/15: up my rating from the original 3 to 4 stars because I keep coming back to this one. I've probably reread it 3 times since I finished it the first time. I have a penchant for miserable and angsty stories yassss gimme twentyAnyway, Crave is about this girl Layla who's pretty damn miserable at the start of the story (just the way I like it). She's been through a horrible ordeal in which she lost her fiance, and she's been existing ever since.Until she met Michael.He is the most dangerous kind of man—one that can make me forget. It’s for the best he’s gone.yeah girl you wish. Michael's one persistent son of a lady. Speaking of, just give me a moment to let out a incoherent shout about Michael Banks: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASDJNVSJFNKFSMVKSLFMVKLFSMVL(I'm in love with him, obviously)Crave is definitely different from Jen Dawson's lighthearted Something New series; it's darker, for one, and heaps more intense. Layla is so precious to me I just want to hug her and bake her cookies (or buy them since I can't bake for shit; I'm not Gracie). Michael at times does seem kind of too perfect, but heck I'm in love with him, did I mention?I adore Layla and Michael together; Layla has like 99 issues but she's trying oh she's trying so hard and Michael's so patient with her, and he helps her break out of the misery bubble she's in ever since her fiance died. I'm glad that we get to read Jillian (Michael's sister) and Leo (Michael's BFF)'s story next (I've read the ARC and it's GREAT too---tho I still love Crave more), and I'm still holding out for a Chad book. Maybe I'll tweet to Jennifer about it. CHAD NEEDS A BOOK OK.Reread: April 2017I miss these characters.

  • Juletta Gilge
    2019-01-02 09:25

    **ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**When I first checked out this book, I was a bit dubious. But it was so much better than I anticipated. I mean...really, really good. The entire thing took me by surprise.Layla was a phenomenal character. I loved that she had flaws, but didn't apologize for them. She was afraid of many things, including going after what she really wanted. And then Michael came in. Michael was possessive, controlling, and perfect for Layla. He helped her get through everything, and brought her back to life.Overall this was a great read. The story didn't jump all over the place, backstory was introduced at the proper place. And the characters complimented each other extremely well.Check out the full review at Bookaholic Raves

  • Susan (susayq ~)
    2019-01-12 05:28

    If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would! If I had the money, I'd also go buy a copy for all of my friends! Yes, I thought it was that good.Layla has been through a most horrible tragedy...she lost her fiance 3 weeks before the wedding. And she feels responsible. She's lived the following 18 months barely getting by because her guilt is slowing killing her. Then, one night she meets Michael. The pull is instant and she knows that he will make her forget her dead fiance. Michael knows there's something between them and he's strong and patient and caring and he helps Layla come back to the land of the living.Quite honestly, I want Michael for myself. He's so dominant. I LOVED HIM! The way he takes charge of Layla is just what she needed. And Layla? I loved her too. The way she changes in here. Amazing. Watching her struggle and feel guilty and realize she was still alive and didn't have to let go of John, was beautiful. I cried several times reading her story.ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley

  • Heather andrews
    2018-12-23 06:26

    Layla and Michael's relationship is interesting and I liked that Layla surprised Michael from time to time: I decide on the truth. With him I always decide on the truth. “It would have been great if I hadn’t met you first.” He laughs and shakes his head. “You never fail to surprise me, sugar."I liked that Michael was understanding it was a strange way but he was a good guy, "his fingers skim down my throat. “You’re mine, but being mine doesn’t mean you weren’t his." I liked this book it was different and interesting.

  • Leigh
    2019-01-15 10:17

    When I first started Crave I found myself bored and confused. The story picks up a little when Michael enters the picture but unfortunately it was short lived. This book was an almost DNF several times but I did finish it and I wasn't impressed. I felt no connection with the characters and felt there was something missing with the story.**Copy provided by NetGalley**

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**
    2019-01-16 13:30

    **ARC courtesy of author, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review**

  • Tash
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    Review to be posted on June 9th

  • Talltree
    2019-01-19 10:30

    4.5 stars!!