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Alien warmongers have cloned an ancient emperor to lead an unstoppable army. Gifted with superhuman powers and advanced technology, he sets his sights on his home planet, Earth, and then... the stars! However, countermeasures have already been set in place. A young Iowa farm boy, oblivious to his powers or destiny, is thrust into a battle that will decide the fate of humanAlien warmongers have cloned an ancient emperor to lead an unstoppable army. Gifted with superhuman powers and advanced technology, he sets his sights on his home planet, Earth, and then... the stars! However, countermeasures have already been set in place. A young Iowa farm boy, oblivious to his powers or destiny, is thrust into a battle that will decide the fate of humanity against the new and improved Genghis Khan!...

Title : Birthright: Book I of the Temujin Saga
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ISBN : 25174316
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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Birthright: Book I of the Temujin Saga Reviews

  • Kristen
    2018-12-23 07:15

    What a fun book this was. I'm not sure exactly what I thought it was going to be other than Sci-fi, but it was really good! Great story presented in a great way.The narrator totally nailed it. He made each character unique, and brought many of them to life for me. It's quite impressive how many ways he can make himself sound evil, or if not exactly that, shady as hell. Sam is a fantastic character, and I liked him immediately, so the story was kind of a roller coaster for me. I don't know if it was intentional that the narrator made Admiral Orb (I think it's Orb, but who knows, because audiobook, lol) sound like Admiral Akbar, but I was really rooting for him to shout 'It's a trap!' but, alas. I suppose that would have been a bit much (and, I did get the 'KHAAAN!' to even it out somewhat I guess, lol). The effects that were used throughout (for things like recordings, telepathy, transmissions and whatnot) were a great way of immersing me in the story. Someone eating chips while they're talking if that's what we're told is happening gives it some realism. So, that was nice. Anyways, in conclusion, Animaniacs reference equals win. That is all ;) I'll definitely continue listening to this series as more comes out!

  • Rene Averett
    2019-01-01 11:09

    This first book in Mr. Whitlatch's series is a straightforward, quick-moving book with a young adult, coming of age, science fiction plot. Set mostly on Earth, it has aliens, a genetically created teenage hero with linked alien guardians and an adversary who is just as genetically planned by the opposition in a war far bigger than the potential one about to happen on Earth. Whitlatch's writing carries the book through the story with little extra fat in the storyline. His characters are intriguing and the hinted backstories may be more developed in the next book. I recommend this for young adults through any=age adults, for anyone who enjoys a good soft sci-fi adventure story along the lines of "Star Wars" and Heinlein's young adult books.

  • Skjam!
    2018-12-31 10:20

    Temujin has always known he is special. He is, after all, the clone restoration of Genghis Khan, endowed with strange alien powers and destined to conquer the Earth. It is his birthright.BirthrightAlexander Walker has never even suspected he is special. He’s just a normal Iowa farm boy, getting up the nerve to ask the girl he has a crush on to watch fireworks with him. But he too has a birthright, and this Fourth of July will be unlike any other.Quintin MacLaren doesn’t really have a yardstick for “special”. Brought up by an alien scientist, he only met other humans a short while ago, and they’re all immortal bounty hunters. When the team gets a mission to the forbidden planet Earth, Quintin stows away on the ship. Perhaps it is there that he will find his birthright.These three young men are about to have a meeting that will change all their lives.This young adult science fiction action book mashes together several different concepts: aliens, immortals, psychic powers, all in the service of a coming of age story. Alex is our primary hero, the farm boy who is far more than he appears or ever imagined, soon joined by faithful (mostly) sidekicks and then extremely cool allies. Quintin is his twin brother, created when aliens tried to cram too much awesome into one human body.It takes a while to set up all the pieces, but the second half of the book is slam-bang action as Temujin tries to eliminate the one person (Alex) who can foil his plans for world conquest. Boys and boys at heart should enjoy this immensely.On the other hand, Temujin is literally a mustache-twirling villain, and the story pits our American(ized) band of heroes against the fanatical hordes of the East, a trope that raises some hackles. This is also very much a boys’ adventure book–female characters are girlfriends, mothers and rescuees, whatever their nominal job description is. Conservative parents might look askance at how intimate some of the rewards for rescuing are.One of the characters also uses “sister” as an insult for his male teammate. Repeatedly. There may be a story behind that, but as is, it came off unnecessarily sexist.The book’s plotline reaches a satisfactory conclusion, but Temujin is still around to try again (he’s in the series name, it’s not a spoiler.)Recommended for teenage boys who like this sort of thing, but parents may want to discuss the “Eastern Hordes” trope with them.

  • AudioBookReviewer
    2018-12-21 08:58

    My original Birthright audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Earth is the genetic soup created by aliens to produce super-soldiers for an upcoming battle for galactic dominance.  Their plan rests on the greatest military leader of all time, Genghis Khan or Temujin.  His body is located and he is resurrected to force the Earth into deadly conflict.  Those who remain will be deemed the strongest.  Hope lies with the young Alex and his twin brother Quintin, created with the same strengths and powers of Temujin.  They will try to stop the deadly plot before it destroys the Earth.Alex is guarded by three unique creatures of extreme strength and abilities.  They need to protect him as he grows in age and ability.  Temujin is years ahead, both in planning and in strength and will be a formidable foe.The action begins early and continues throughout.  There is a lighthearted feeling to the story and plenty of humor.  Alex’s three alien bodyguards often sound and act like the three stooges.  It is hard to say if this is because of the voice portrayal or the writing, but it is generally funny and they often steal the spotlight.  Alex is a typical teenager, full of self-doubt and insecurities.  He can move objects with his mind, but can’t ask the pretty girl out on a date.Birthright is a fun novel with plenty of action and light dialogue.  It feels like a much larger story, often alluding to events unfolding in other parts of the galaxy and with unknown aliens that don’t get fully revealed.  The first book does end with a conclusion of sorts, but clearly leads the listener onto the sequel(s).The novel is performed by Jeff Hays.  His voice has a certain style that creates a kind of mischievous mood to the story.  He does a good job with the character voices and they are easily discerned from each other.  The production value goes a little further than many novels with some minor sound effects that are subtle and gently placed.  Very good overall.Birthright is a lighthearted adventure, science fiction novel about flawed superheroes battling for the survival of Earth.  Not a new idea by any stretch, but humorous characters and bungling bodyguards make it an entertaining listen.  Worth a listen.Audiobook was provided for review by the author.

  • Dale Warren
    2018-12-20 11:18

    The book starts with a Superman like premise. A superhuman baby dropped off by aliens with a childless couple. The child, at 13 learns he has superpowers and is accompanied by 3 alien larvae who live inside him.. but emerge to help whoop@ss. At 16.. he comes into his own after heroically rescuing the prettiest girl in school.. who becomes his girlfriend... Then, surprise surprise... He learns his real father designed him to be the head of the Terran Defense Corps. A super secret organization that includes only him.. and is headquartered in a secret bunker in his water well.If you're picking up the awful storyline.. it gets worse. The story then escalates when he learns of his twin brother. And their enemy.. who attacks him at his school.. in front of all his classmates, and girlfriend.. necessitating him to show his superpowers by donning super cool body armor and single handedly leading his team to victory... Keep in mind, this is all with dialogue that's the epitome of all the worst bad comic books you've ever read..This was the worst book I've listened to in my life. To top it off, periodically , the performer will insert the most obnoxious sounds.. noisily chomping patato chips with the mic gain ramped up.. omfg... If you're one of those who goes batsh*t crazy at mouth sounds... This book will launch you into a psychotic rage. Please beware. I want to punch somebody just thinking about it.To be fair, I do think this book is written for children. Geared towards lonely nerd children.. they should make that clear.. so that unsuspecting adults don't have their time wasted listening to utter rubbish.

  • Jim Kratzok
    2019-01-20 04:57

    What a yarn! Quite entertaining!So, aliens are mucking around with humanity. Some aliens are well-meaning and others... not so much.Alex and Quentin are twins separated at birth. Because of some gene modification and splicing from alien genes, Alex has mental powers and also 3 imbedded alien guardians in his brain. Quentin can't be killed (at least not easily and he won't stay dead unless he's really had a rough time of it). They've never met. Until they are brought together in an attempt to stop a cloned copy of Genghis Khan, with all of Alex's mental powers, from taking over the world first and the universe next.With such a scenario, there is lots of room for action and downright silliness. Is the villain a cliché of your typical bad guy with world conquering desires? Yeah, pretty much. Is there lots of hormonal teenage angst? Sure, why wouldn't there be? Are the good guys a bunch of wise cracking geniuses with mondo fighting skills? If you guessed yes, you nailed it in one.These are not necessarily bad things. I'm planning to get started on the next book in the series asap! I can use a little entertainment.

  • Sidney
    2019-01-18 10:17

    This book was provided free of charge in expectation of a fair review.This could be considered a young adult book. Yet it had a lot of action throughout and kept you wondering how it would move next. There were many subtle twist to the plot.It also had almost a slapstick sense of humor that came out in the most unexpected places and made you smile.The premise of a young orphan from Iowa being the one to save the galaxy is a bit far fetched; but works well for this series. They stumble through their various adventures and seem to come out alive though all their classmates and population are not so lucky.The narrator does a superb job with the various voices and it is easy to distinguish the characters. He also puts a great deal of feeling into them as they undertake their adventures and seem to be on the verge of destruction.Even though I am not a young adult I enjoyed the book and look forward to listening to the remaining books in the series.

  • Nayari
    2019-01-17 06:55

    This is my first time reading Adam's books, and I gotta say I'm pretty damn hooked. I very much am excited for the second book in this series to come out. I had some reservations near the start of it that were swiftly overcome. Adam's breakneck pacing makes it very difficult to put the book down, and he still manages to keep his characters individual and interesting. He also doesn't drag out the fight sequences - this is a challenge for a lot of writers, especially in hand to hand combat. Adam manages to write with an almost cinematic view in mind: you can see what he's describing play out in your mind's eye. It's a heck of a lot of fun and I gotta admit, I hope someone decides to take a look at turning this story into a film.

  • Riyaz
    2019-01-09 04:56

    A solid 3.5er

  • Brenda Robinson Bailey
    2018-12-27 11:09

    While not my usual genre I enjoyed this book very much.