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Three London gentlemen return to Marisdùn Castle this fall for another haunted Samhain masquerade. Lord Quentin Post is still in pursuit of his angel. Mr. David Thorn is searching for his artist. And Mr. Sidney Garrick is still on a quest for more than just a little fun.But when a powerful entity is accidentally released inside the castle walls, all bets are off and the liThree London gentlemen return to Marisdùn Castle this fall for another haunted Samhain masquerade. Lord Quentin Post is still in pursuit of his angel. Mr. David Thorn is searching for his artist. And Mr. Sidney Garrick is still on a quest for more than just a little fun.But when a powerful entity is accidentally released inside the castle walls, all bets are off and the lives of the three gentlemen in question will never be the same again....

Title : One More Haunted Evening
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One More Haunted Evening Reviews

  • Janet Robel
    2018-10-20 17:51

    Yeah! This was so good. An unexpected, hauntingly good novel. Simply loved the way it was written with each chapter changing to focus on a different character in the book so you get small doses of what's going on as the story unfolds. Historical romance is one of my favorite genres, but throw in some ghostly action and you've got a winner. These authors did a fantastic job collaborating on this.

  • Kristi
    2018-10-12 19:05

    We return to the haunted Marisdùn with the next three romances of David Thorn, Sidney Garrick, and Lord Quentin Post. This time someone has let out a really bad spirit who's out to kill. All the characters are back to save everyone from this evil entity and somehow unite with their true love.This one was different than the one before it in that it was one long story instead of three. I think that made it seem to drag, but it wasn't bad. The stories of Quentin' triplet sisters, Patience, Hope, and Grace are found in other anthologies (with the Duke of Danby!) of which at least two are Christmas themed. But be aware that some of these can be found on their own so you don't end up buying them if you've already have them in an anthology.

  • Dee Deacon Foster
    2018-09-23 22:07

    One year ago at a masquerade held at Marisdύn Castle 3 of 6 best friends found true love. Well, they did after a harrowing night trying to bring a local woman back from the “other side” where she’d been banished by the ghost of the great grandmother of 2 of the owners.One year later, Lord Quentin Post, 1 of the remaining 3 bachelors, is determined to recreate that long ago night (without the harrowing experience of course) in hopes of finding the woman that he has been unable to forget. The only difference – his sisters, triplets Grace, Hope & Patience, are to attend in hopes of helping him find his mysterious lady. One of the other bachelors, David Thorn, is happy his friend has decided to hold the masquerade – it will give him the opportunity to find the lady artist who eluded him the year before.The Southward sisters, Lila & Tilly, and their cousin, Anna, are happy that people have returned to Marisdύn. After all, Lila & Anna have been unable to forget the gentlemen they met when they snuck out of their home to attend the masquerade. Plus it gives them the chance to catch up with good friends who happened to find love the prior year.Since the evil great grandmother had been banished the year before what could possibly go wrong? As it turns out plenty so fasten yourself into your seat & join the ride as told by Quentin, David, Sidney Garrick (the 3rd bachelor), Lila, Tilly, Anna, Grace, Hope & Patience.Leave it to the VERY talented Ava Stone, Jerrica Knight-Catania & Jane Charles to not write this book 1 story at a time but written by each character which is an awesome twist! This is not a book you’ll want to pass up!!!!(This book can definitely be read as a stand-alone. However, for more delightful reading from the talented trio, I highly recommend adding One Haunted Evening to your To Be Read list!)

  • Mary
    2018-10-01 21:20

    There's another Samhain masquerade ball in the works at Marisdun Castle. Lord Quentin Post has received the haunted castle from his brother Braden, and he is determined to recreate the guest list to last year's ball in hopes of finding his "angel." He's thought of little else over the past year other than the mysterious woman who kissed him and disappeared into the crowd. So now he's back to try to find her and to try to settle in to life in a castle known for its many restless spirits.Since the malevolent spirit of his great-grandmother was banished last year, the ghosts that remain are fairly friendly, if mischievous. However, after new discoveries in the castle, a presence more evil than anything they have experienced before comes to inhabit the castle. Not exactly the perfect backdrop for finding one's lady-love!Quentin's friends David Thorn and Sydney Garrick have also returned to help with the party and to find their own special someone. Thorn met a lovely artist who sketched his portrait and then quickly disappeared. Perhaps she'll be at the ball again. Garrick is looking to settle down after years as a rake hell. He hopes it's possible to have a family of his own someday.We also get to see the couples from the previous book, "One Haunted Evening," catch up with their lives, and see more of the village and countryside around Marisdun. The three authors have blended their stories into one continuous tale. The styles mesh well, and you really can't tell where one stops and another starts.There's plenty of action and sweet romance, while the danger from the otherworld mounts. This is a fun, spooky story to read for Halloween or any time of year.

  • Amy
    2018-10-20 17:53

    A fantastic job was done with this follow up. Admittedly, I haven't read the first book and it reads quite well as a stand alone. I was concerned about it being written by three different authors. I like each of them individually, but when collaborations of this type are made, it isn't uncommon to be able to tell which author wrote what. I was grateful to realize this was not the case. The stories and voices blended so beautifully and I couldn't tell that it hadn't been written by one very talented author alone. I enjoy a good historical romance. I enjoy a good ghost story. This was excellent in both regards. I won't give any spoilers here except to say that if you are looking for something to get you in the Halloween spirit, this is a must read. I also must admit that I find myself incredibly interested in Roman history and if it crosses with Celtic history. It appears I've inadvertently found a new research to find the time to indulge it.

  • Tracy Emro
    2018-09-24 18:52

    4.5 stars I thought the writing in this book was incredible and considering it was a collaboration of three authors, that makes it even more amazing. The story flowed seamlessly - if I didn't know it was written by three different authors, I would have never have guessed it from the writing. This story could be totally stand alone - but if you read the first book, you will be delighted to catch up with those characters. This story features three couples that we met in the last book. This story also has a paranormal twist - but it doesn't feature as heavily as it did in the last book. The love scenes in this book were very mild and totally appropriate for the tone of the book (not as steamy as I like - but it worked in this book).I would highly recommend this book and hope for future collaborations from these authors!

  • Leiza McArter
    2018-10-07 16:09

    This is the first book I ever read of the regency trio, Ava Stone, Jerrica Knight-Catania, and Jane Charles, and it didn't disappoint! This book has all kinds of things going on, which I really like: romance, adventure, mystery, supernatural beings, and, of course, in my favorite regency setting. I couldn't put the book down, I even read this at work just to try to finish it. ;)I loved how the story switched from the different characters' perspectives. This gave me a feel of their personalities and I felt like I was right there with them, experiencing their emotions and actions.Now I need to read the first book, One Haunted Evening, so I can learn about the other characters in this book.

  • Julia David
    2018-10-14 21:14

    You have 3 men who are ready to have one more haunted evening at the Marisdun castle. Two of them are trying to find their love from the year before. There are 3 young ladies who have a very stern and sometimes mean father/uncle. They have to sneak out of the house to have any fun. Lord Quentin's sisters, triplets, are thrown into the mix along with several other couples. There is an irate parent, a haunted castle, a couple of deaths, a possessed man, a run to Scotland to find a priest to set things to right and an elopement. In the middle of it all, a baby was born. Craziness all around. The characters are fun and likeable. Enjoyed this story.

  • Cass
    2018-10-21 15:05

    I loved coming back to Marisdun Castle for one more haunted evening. Another year and another haunting with the remaining bachelor gentlemen, from the previous book, returning to host another Halloween party while fighting against other worldly spirits and finding love in the midst of all the crazy. Written by 3 talented authors, that blended all stories together seamlessly, but could all be read as a stand alone too. Thoroughly enjoyed!

  • Shelley
    2018-09-22 19:00

    A must readI love the way it all flowed. Anna and David had a rough start as did Lila and Quentin and the poor vicar being possessed. Then there was Tilly and Sidney. Tilly really was to young. I could believe she had hurt Sidney but was glad he didn't give up on her. Great story.

  • Bev Ross
    2018-10-17 23:14

    One more hit!!!I loved it! Omg! It was better than the first one! What a dilemma I love the haunted castle! I hope there will be more haunted evenings!! I would love them to have couplers Sakhalin masquerade parties!! This one deserved 10stars!#

  • Elaine
    2018-10-15 15:02


  • Nancy
    2018-10-20 19:18

    Such fun.

  • hatty burrow
    2018-09-22 16:54

    Very jollyFun and exciting....enjoyed it very much. I got half confused about some characters that i have met in other books......I need a timeline list to help me!!!!