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The ultimate guide to thinking like a stylist, with 1,000 design ideas for creating the most beautiful, personal, and livable roomsIt’s easy to find your own style confidence once you know this secret: While decorating can take months and tons of money, styling often takes just minutes. Even a few little tweaks can transform the way your room feels.      At the heart of StThe ultimate guide to thinking like a stylist, with 1,000 design ideas for creating the most beautiful, personal, and livable roomsIt’s easy to find your own style confidence once you know this secret: While decorating can take months and tons of money, styling often takes just minutes. Even a few little tweaks can transform the way your room feels.      At the heart of Styled are Emily Henderson’s ten easy steps to styling any space. From editing out what you don’t love to repurposing what you can’t live without to arranging the most eye-catching vignettes on any surface, you’ll learn how to make your own style magic. With Emily’s insider tips and more than 1,000 unique ideas from 75 envy-inducing rooms, you’ll soon be styling like you were born to do it....

Title : Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves
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ISBN : 9780804186278
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Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves Reviews

  • Allison
    2019-03-16 09:13

    This was kind of all over the place. "Styling" is generally something you do for photos, not for actually everyday living in your home, but the book seemed to want it both ways. But you CAN'T just like, leave a group of lemons (with leaves still on the stems!) sitting on your counters 100% of the time. They'll go bad, you guys, and if they're being used as decoration they're not being used in your drink. And how you style things for photos to put on Instagram is not the same as how you make your home a place that makes you happy and comfortable and functions well for the life you want to lead. Those aren't the same thing, and some tricks suggested here work for both, but not nearly all.I love Henderson's blog, and I like her tone, but it's one thing for a blog post and another for a book. The text and the jokes in this book are not going to age well, the references are very pinned to this specific moment in time. There's also a lot of frank discussion of how to stage things for "your social media followers," which, that's real, I get it, and yet it never fails to make me feel like an alien living on a planet I don't quite understand.All the photos were beautiful, every room was gorgeous, but all the rooms/homes THEMSELVES were beautiful, with great architectural details and real wood floors, and for me, that makes this strictly for admiring, not for implementing. Show what styling can do for someone in a builder basic apartment with textured walls they can't paint and terrible light fixtures they can't remove and popcorn ceilings and wall-to-wall uglyass carpet. Anyone can make a beautiful space look nice.

  • Minna
    2019-02-21 08:05

    I don't want to rate a book poorly just because I don't find it aesthetically pleasing, but that's where I am with Styled. And ultimately, I didn't think it was better than just ok (hence the 2 stars).I get what Henderson is going for, and I had high hopes when I looked over the pages of style examples in the beginning. Unfortunately, I didn't see many of those various styles represented more than once or twice total in the resultant book. The majority of the styles that were shown, I just didn't really care for. I think I liked two or three out of the whole book. That of itself is no reason to downgrade a book: it's not Henderson's fault I don't care for her style. Or my fault, really, as there's no fault at all in not liking the same things. I was just hoping for a more well-rounded set of style offerings, and I did not find it here. In case anyone cares, I would characterize Ms. Henderson's style (and these are my words, not hers) as Expensive And Ecclectic Flea Market Mish Mash with a dollop of Instagram-Worthy Lighting and Vignettes. If this is YOUR style, then this is definitely a book you should look into. If it's not, then move on.I'd like to add: another reviewer pointed out the (over)abundance of nudes in Ms. Henderson's decorating. Personally nudes aren't particularly to my taste, although I don't hate them. I just don't care for that aesthetic in decorating. In this book, there are a LOT of nudes. As in, practically every other page. Is decorating with paintings of nudes in style now? Huh. Guess I'm doomed to be off-trend, lol.

  • Katherine
    2019-02-21 09:02

    I've been eagerly awaiting this book since I discovered and became obsessed with the blog a month ago. It's more technical-feeling than the blog, in that the blog is full of whimsy and personality and such, while the book basically deconstructs the reasons for placing items a room where they are so that photos of it would look good in a magazine. There's enough practical information on how to approach decorating your own place that I'm satisfied, though I suppose ultimately what I really wanted was a book of just room makeovers. There's a good spread of styles, though, and I enjoyed doing the style quiz, even if the scoring system didn't seem to work well for me (and I remain a little peeved that for a question about which city you'd love to live in the most, "Thailand" was listed as an answer...I'm going to assume that was just an oversight). Anyway, still a good read if you've enjoyed looking at people's homes on design blogs and such but want someone to break down what "balance" is or how to pick a color palette more than just "do it by feel."

  • Rachel B
    2019-03-05 03:14

    I loved "Secrets from a Stylist" when it was on, and have enjoyed reading Emily's blog off and on, so I was really excited when I saw she had written a book. That excitement made the book's disappointment that much more disappointing.It's always frustrating when design "experts" say that there are no rules or that rules were made to be broken, and then proceed to give you a list of *their* rules. Sad to say, Henderson falls into this trap, as well.The "style diagnostic" was fun; who doesn't love quizzes? But all of the photos seemed to showcase very similar styles. Emily does tend toward a cluttered look, and though "minimalist" is one of the styles in her quiz, there weren't many (any?) good examples of it in the photos. There were a lot of nude paintings/sculptures within the designs, and that's just so not what I'm into. I'm not terribly annoyed by one here or there, but this book is filled with them. It was a bit much.As much as I normally enjoy her style, if only for inspiration, there wasn't one design in this book that I really, truly liked. In addition, all of the basic guidelines for design can be found in other design books or on the web.

  • Am Y
    2019-03-10 09:18

    Some good tips about balance, colour, and grouping, when styling vignettes. (A vignette in interior design terms is a small pleasant-looking arrangement of objects clustered together.)However, I still did find some items too small for the furniture they were placed on. And some of the colour palettes and wallpaper prints were just downright ugly. Which means the author wasn't following her own advice; or, just goes to show that balance, colour, etc is 100% a matter of personal taste and opinion. Handy to pick up at the library for some ideas and inspiration, but personally I wasn't too impressed with the sense of aesthetic conveyed.

  • CatherineMustread
    2019-03-20 10:23

    This book jumped out at me from a new book display at the library – probably the books displayed on the cover and the subtitle including the word "Bookshelves" caught my eye. I was surprised to find it mildly interesting since I have zero interest in style – my type usually being comfortable and cheap. There is a survey included at the beginning to find one's personal "style." My type turns out to be "Zen" which is one step above minimalist. Lots of other pictures of bookshelves and books as decorating props. My preference remains reading -- beats shopping any day.

  • Audrey
    2019-02-21 05:15

    Lots of eye candy here. Basic designing info -- I thought it would be a better look at how to create vignettes, since it is about styling, but there's a whole lot of "identifying your style" and other kinds of stuff going on too. Nothing that stands out from most of the other design books on the market. Great if you are an Emily Henderson fan, but most of what's pictured caters to a pretty specific design style.

  • Stephanie
    2019-02-26 02:02

    Trying to design rooms is really hard for me. I found this book useful because it helped me get a firmer grasp on the styles that I like, how I can combine them, and what that would really look like around my house. Most books have inspiration and specific items but don't help me figure out how to select items from what's available at a store, or how to improve a room when I can't invest in new things at the moment.

  • Nikki
    2019-02-23 05:25

    3.5 stars

  • Ariadna73
    2019-02-22 09:12

    "It is all about creating attractive vignettes" This is a beautiful book that would make a great coffee-table decoration. It has useful advice on how to organize your home in a way that looks chic, elegant and unique. It helps you find your own style by using some survey-like tools and showing you loads of photos that you can try in your mind to see if they ring any bells. Here are some of the photos in the book. There are many more, and all of them are beautiful vignettes. The author says that decorating a house is all about creating attractive vignettes.Here is the cover of the book I read. It is beautiful and elegant. I think it makes a great coffee-table decoration;Here is the information about the edition I read: Here is a vignette of a cozy couch. This is definitely my styleHere is a coffee table with marine themes (isn't it the cutest thing?)And here a lazy corner with a romantic view that you can only imagine. Great!And how about this elegant bedroom? I don't like the bench by the bed, but everything else looks so nice!Here is some decoration for the corner of a table. I don't know about using so many small things. I don't want to think about the amount of time that it takes to dust all of this.Another coffee table...A study place. I found it a little bit outdated (no computer, etc.)Here is some kind of office or dinning room. Not sure about the nudity by the wall though.Elegant bedroom. I would like to have one like this for myself...This is a sampling of different things in the book. Interesting to look at so you can get some ideas, especially the plants and flowers.I hope you liked this entry. If you feel like viewing more of the books I read, you are welcome to visit my blog:

  • Laura
    2019-02-25 09:18

    The photos in this book were beautiful and Henderson had good insights for styling a home. The quiz at the beginning was great, but many of the options referenced items/places/people known to readers living in NY (or other large cities) or really well versed in design-not necessarily your everyday reader. I do appreciate that many houses can be designed using objects the homeowner already has. If you're on a minimalist kick, there may be too much in a number of the photographs. As with other design books, there are many little takeaways.

  • Sharon Terry
    2019-02-21 02:02

    I was excited about this book at first: wow - I'm going to find out what my "style" really is and how to achieve the Look! But I'm afraid I was disappointed. I answered her quiz questions and came out "minimalist" (wrong!). I searched through the book - it's beautifully illustrated and presented - but I couldn't find rooms that illustrated how "minimalist" or anything else for that matter, could be realised. That said, however, just prowling through the pictures will probably give you some useful ideas and styling tips. I just kept feeling as if something was missing.

  • Emily
    2019-03-23 10:15

    Finally a decor book that helped narrow down my style. She breaks everything down for you, so you can understand everything going on in one photograph. There are lots of resources included to help you get started and find the pieces that will make your space all your own. I am impressed overall with what she managed to cram in this book.

  • Twila Bennett
    2019-02-21 07:18

    Loved this for how to style my home and then she flipped to using words that described how to style photos. Odd to include specific shoes for a vignette or to leave food out or hang a pair of jeans for your photo. Otherwise, great photos and ideas.

  • Rikki
    2019-03-21 06:05

    I ate this delightful, full-of-personality and informative book up, my eyes feasting on each bit of delicious design.

  • Sabina Colleran
    2019-02-24 07:03

    I am obsessed with this gem of a book. Expect an adoring blog post soon

  • Sandy Taggard
    2019-02-24 05:09

    Enjoyable read, visually appealing and challenging as not always my style. I liked seeing how another's mind works when putting together a room vs. how I would approach it.

  • Anya Tymoshenko
    2019-03-18 08:57

    Esthetically beautiful and with handy practical advice.

  • Tina
    2019-03-24 04:18

    Visually pleasing, with sound practical advice, creativity and good ideas.

  • AnnaG
    2019-03-12 03:56

    Whilst the style tips here are rather American, the quiz on your style is useful as are the many example pictures of what works and what doesn't.

  • Purva Brown
    2019-02-27 08:26

    Loved it. Loved everything about this book, but the most useful was trying to figure out exactly what my style is.

  • Donna
    2019-03-18 04:10

    This book has lots of practical decorating tips. I certainly plan to refer to it again.

  • Kaitlin Whitt Nygren
    2019-03-19 06:04

    This book was by far one of the best design books I've ever read. Great tips for finding what style you have and how to work within that style.

  • Dee Maselle
    2019-03-05 04:06

    A relaxing, inspiring browse. I liked the diversity of styles, hobbies, and flexible, breathable palettes represented in the photos. All of the ideas were feasible, no matter your budget. You can try these suggestions with pieces you already have, or for a few dollars more at thrift shops, hardware stores, and flea markets. If you're in the market for bigger purchases, you'll find tips for spending wisely on pieces true to your personality and available space.The occasional emphasis on setting up good photos of room stylings for social media didn't bother me. I read the book always with the eye-as-camera in mind. I look at my spaces that way, too. What will make this room/corner/shelf a better composition?Almost all of the balance, energy, texture, and tone advice applies to making real rooms more welcoming and expressive for real guests--or for your own real residents. I might indeed lay out a beautiful bowl of oranges and arrange a throw just *so* if something a little special is about to happen--even just an afternoon off to read in my better-arranged-now recliner beneath my better-arranged-now lamp. Not only would there be a pop of color and a dynamic diagonal in a photograph, but it's in my room for my living enjoyment.I think this sort of change is Henderson's goal. Your rooms will look better and feel better. The social media photo tips are an on-trend nod to today's culture of sharing how we live, and the photo setup advice itself is helpful toward developing a designer's eye.

  • Julia
    2019-03-13 02:14

    This wasn't quite what I was expecting because I was looking for more tips on room decorating and the focus of this book was more on how to style a room for photographs and to get a certain vibe (but that didn't carry over to long-term vibes). If you're interested in being a stylist or curating your social media in a certain way there are great tips in here.I did grab a few ideas and it's always helpful to see different setups when you're looking for design inspiration, but I didn't think it brought enough to the table if you're wanting more of an interior design book.I'll definitely be utilizing her Shopping and Reading Guides, though.

  • Hayley
    2019-03-08 02:13

    Loved this and bought a copy for myself. Em Henderson is one of my favorite stylists and this book is great because she gives you a lot of tips to help you figure out your own style and then bring that style to life in your home by placing things just so. Drawbacks: not enough emphasis on functionality or practicality of design and too much emphasis on style photography.

  • Heather
    2019-03-01 09:03

    Birthday gift from my sister. This book fills a great niche with fun, young tips.

  • Kayla Hollatz
    2019-02-21 03:19

    After reading through this book during a slow Saturday morning and afternoon, I've become a mega-fan of Emily Henderson. Not only are the interiors and photography, but the text is fun to read and helpful too. I came away with a few more ideas than I came in with and it inspired me to do more with Instagram styling too. Really high quality interior design / styling book!

  • Jen
    2019-03-20 08:17

    Emily Henderson must be well known, but I had never heard of her. I wanted to photocopy so many cute ideas from this book.

  • Kelsey
    2019-03-07 08:20

    As others have mentioned, this book often seems targeted towards styling spaces for photographs. While I'm not styling for that reason, I did appreciate the other practical tips and ideas that I could immediately put to use in my own house. Her various thoughts on organizing bookshelves seemed most practical and were my favorites, and all of the photographs were beautiful to look at.While the quiz was fun, I didn't get results that matched my style (thought I could easily have flipped through the photos and told you which I tended towards) and I found myself annoyed at her categories... she separates "Seventies" and "Eighties" into separate style categories, for example, but doesn't delve into the great variety of "Traditional." (Obvious disclaimer: I love "Traditional" styles.) That being said, I enjoyed taking the quiz and negotiating with her various categories. I would have enjoyed this more if there had been more ideas for practical styling (i.e. Where do I put my glasses and my phone if my bedside table is full of flowers?), but I really enjoyed her thoughts at the back of the book on whether to complete a home improvement (laying tile, painting cabinets, etc.) yourself or to hire a professional. Overall, it was fun and easy to read and I appreciated how quickly I was able to apply her basic styling rules.