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Love Is Buzzing in the Good Old Summertime!  Spend the sunny days of summer relaxing with an ice cold glass of lemonade and revel in the dreams of twelve brides who are a bit surprised by how the men of their dreams come into their lives.  Journey to the Old West, stay on the prairie, and visit quaint small towns. . .without leaving the comfort of your own front porch!SummLove Is Buzzing in the Good Old Summertime!  Spend the sunny days of summer relaxing with an ice cold glass of lemonade and revel in the dreams of twelve brides who are a bit surprised by how the men of their dreams come into their lives.  Journey to the Old West, stay on the prairie, and visit quaint small towns. . .without leaving the comfort of your own front porch!Summer's winding down and the nights are getting cooler, but love still warms the heart in Novella Collection #4:The County Fair Bride by Vickie McDonough Having spent a year in St. Louis, Prudy Willard returns to Advent, Texas, and fills the new mayor’s desk with her ideas for improving the town. The only thing they can agree on is initiating the county’s first fair.The Honey Bride by Diana Brandmeyer Katie Detterman must overcome her fear of the bees her father left as her inheritance to run the family farm and her fear of those like Pete Dent who offer to help her. He’ll rebuild her barn, but is his friendship genuine?The Columbine Bride by Davalynn Spencer Lucy Powell is widowed with two children, but she is reluctant to accept Buck Huber’s help on her neglected farm. Can the old cowboy convince her his interest is more than charity? Don’t miss the four collections that inspirational romance readers will be swooning over: The 12 Brides of Summer Novella Collection #1 – Releases June 1 The 12 Brides of Summer Novella Collection #2 – Releases July 1 The 12 Brides of Summer Novella Collection #3 – Releases August 1 The 12 Brides of Summer Novella Collection #4 – Releases September 1...

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The 12 Brides of Summer - Novella Collection #4 Reviews

  • Karen
    2019-02-13 09:57

    An enjoyable set of short stories set in late 19th century America: faith, family and friendship in the warm summer sun!In the first story, The County Fair Bride, the main character Prudence (first mentioned in the Fruitcake Bride) returns home from an extended stay with her aunt to unhappily find another man sitting in her father's mayoral chair. Changed from her time away, and determined to be a better person, Prudy tries to help out, as the town coffers are very low. Thankfully the new Mr. Mayor is a patient man, and together they come up with a good solution to help the community. It was nice to see Prudy mature into a better natured person from her last episode. Adam was a generous and patient man to let her interfere as she did!The second novella, The Honey Bride, has a sad start, but ends on a sweet note as Katie Tucker gets help in unexpected ways from her neighbors to save her family's farm. The ranch hand, Pete who comes to her aid, is an all around great guy. I really liked how patient and considerate he was of shy Katie, and how he helped her younger brother be "the man of the family" working on ways to keep everything going. I felt for Katie as she tried to be brave and work outside her comfort zone, asking God to help her and to provide for her family. Good examples of trusting God to meet our needs, taking him at His promises, and working through fears.The third story, The Columbine Bride, my favorite of this set, centered on Lucy, a young widow trying to restore her farm with two small children in tow, and a lot of hard work ahead. Her neighbor shows up anticipating her needs, befriending her children and breaking down her wall of fear and bitterness. Will he succeed in helping or get shot in the process? Loved the character Buck and his quiet thoughtful ways of demonstrating kindness and love to this hurting little family. Trusting God for help and waiting on Him were uplifting themes in this story and the others also. All the stories have connections back to the authors' novellas in the Twelve Brides of Christmas collection, but are fine to read as standalones. I am going to go back and read the ones I missed, just to get their backstories. Recommend for anyone who enjoys inspirational fiction in a historical setting! 4.5 stars(Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the e-book provided in exchange for my honest, unsolicited review.)

  • Yvette
    2019-01-19 09:16

    The County Fair Bride by Vickie McDonoughThe Honey Bride by Diana BrandmeyerThe Columbine Bride by Davalynn SpencerThe fourth and final in this series of monthly Collections is another great choice for quick, satisfying summer “beach” reads for those of us who enjoy Christian historical fiction set in the American Old West.Each of the heroes is ready to embrace the desire for family, while each of the heroines is working to overcome a fault (including a reforming “mean girl”).These particular stories read as though they are related to an ongoing or upcoming series and I would gladly read each of them again if they were expanded and further developed. Short stories (I know they call them Novellas, but I do have a small quibble about the length) like these are often a bit rushed feeling, and these are no exception.4/5 stars for entertainment and integration of faith. I very much enjoyed having characters who turned to God, not just due to adversity, but as a matter of course. Diana Brandmeyer’s Katie in particular strikes me, in hindsight, as someone simply walking in her faith as best she can.This review refers to an ebook copy, read courtesy of the publisher through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. It’s publication date is set for September 1, 2015 and at approximately $1 per story is, I think, well worth the cost of the ebook if you are a fan of historical Christian romance. My full review can be read on my WordPress based blog:

  • Arlena
    2019-01-31 04:55

    Title: 12 Brides of Summer Novella Collection #4Authors: Vickie McDonough, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer & Davalynn SpencerPublisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.Series: The 12 Brides of Summer #4Reviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: FiveReview:"12 Brides of Summer Novella Collection #4" By: Vickie McDonough, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer & Davalynn SpencerMy Thoughts.....about: The County Fair Bride by Vickie McDonoughPurdy Willard is still one interesting character....she is not back in town...has she changed? What will happen when Purdy 'starts out to rescue her father's job that turns into an unexpected romance?' How will this county fair turn out? Well, to get this story you will have to pick up this good novella.about: The Honey Bride by Diana BrandmeyerWhat will happen when Katie gets a letter from a friend [her friend and neighbor] the Katie a loan...and Pete Dent is now at her place to help her [along with her grandmother[Oma] and Henry] to rebuild a barn. Now, what was up with those 'bee hives? Another interesting story...about: The Columbine Bride by Davalynn SpencerWill Lucky get another chance at love with Buck? To find out you will have to pick up this wonderful written story.I thought these were three wonderfully written story of true love that I would definitely recommend as a good Christian read.I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sally
    2019-01-23 12:16

    This collection has 3 stories by wonderful authors writing about the 1800s. Each one is a great read from times past. Pull up a chair and get lost in days gone by and be encouraged. The Country Fair Bride by Vickie McDonoughThe Honey Bride by Diana Lesire BrandmeyerThe Columbine Bride by Davalynn SpencerLucy Powell's husband was killed by lightning. She is left to raise her kids. She's doing the best she can, but Buck Reiter comes along and he can't just let her do the work alone. He lives on the ranch next to hers, but he is planning on leaving. When she moves back to her late husband's farm, Buck can't leave her to fend for herself. But, how long will he stay when he ends up on the business end of her rifle? She's ready to take on whatever she needs to in order to survive. Can they learn to trust each other and find the path God has for them? This story made me chuckle and root for the hero and heroine to find each other.

  • Melissa
    2019-01-23 07:55

    The first story in the novella is, “The County Fair Bride” by Vickie McDonough. This is a short, sweet romance that begins with two characters that seem an unlikely match. But that old saying says that opposites attract, right?Prudence Willard is a woman who is of a strong, forceful personality. A year ago in the story, Prudence with her overwhelming attitude caused problems for the church pastor and his fiancée and had to leave town to live with her aunt. In that year, Prudence, under the tutelage of her Aunt Louise realized what kind of person she had become and how much trouble she had caused. Deciding that she had been more like her Mother than she cared for, Prudence vowed to change her ways. Prudence’s father, who is the town mayor, falls ill and Prudence travels home to be with him and to help where she can. She is nervous of course of facing the town, especially the pastor and his wife, after her behavior. Soon after arriving home, Prudence decides that the best way to help her father is to make sure that the man who has taken over the position is fully aware that he will not be keeping her father’s job. She is determined to dog his every step to make sure her father’s interests are secure.Adam Merrick has heard about Prudence Willard and her headstrong behavior, but he isn’t at all prepared for the whirlwind she creates in her wake. He finds her beautiful but rather difficult to deal with. No matter how much he tries to tell her he doesn’t need her help, she keeps showing up. Then to have her accuse him of ill managing the town funds is just ridiculous. When Prudence demands to know what his plans are for the town and building up the funds, he explains his idea of holding a county fair. Adam and Prudence are both excited over the county fair and they decide to work together to make it happen. By spending time together and slowly growing to admire each other, Adam and Prudence find they do feel more than friendship for the other. It isn’t until an accident occurs on the day of the fair that those feelings are admitted by Prudence. But is it too late to say what she feels to Adam? The County Fair Bride is a where to very opposite people are brought together through redemption and learning to overlook faults in favor of strengths. Vickie McDonough is a wonderful author of sweet western romances to enjoy.The second story is “The Honey Bride” by author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer. This is a story that has the underlining lesson that if our lives go up in flames, God will make something beautiful of the ashes.Katie Tucker loses her father in a fire leaving her to look after the farm, her brother and her grandmother. But she has a problem….her father called her delicate and said she will never marry for it. But Pete Dent sees her courage and her shyness and knows she is far from delicate and wants to marry her. When Katie finds that her father took a loan out on the farm she tries to find a job to pay the loan that is coming due soon. To add to her sorrow she will also feel guilty as she discovers that the loan was for the Queen bees she begged her father for in order to sell honey and the wax. Determined to save the farm as her brother’s legacy she prays for help from God knowing she can’t do it alone.Pete Dent has had a rough life. He lost his parents and then his younger brother was adopted separating them. Pete spent several years drifting trying to find his brother and never settling down which lead to be branded with suspicion. When Pete meets Katie he falls for her and decides he wants to stay. When Katie’s father dies in the fire, Pete wants to step in to help and enlists the aid of his friends to convince Katie to hire him to work the farm.When a drifter shows up at the farm saying that he was hired by Katie’s father she isn’t sure what to do but knows she isn’t comfortable with him. Pete shows up to help with the drunken, foul mouth drifter but still feels lead to help the man. W.D. as the drifter calls himself proves himself to be less than ideal to be around with his drinking and attitude. When God leads Pete to confront W.D. a discovery is made that may force Pete to leave Katie. Will Katie accept the news or is just too much after all that has happened?A very good and easy read to enjoy the afternoon with. Learn the lesson with Pete and Katie that God has planned for them and watch HIS work unfold.The third book is by author, Davalynn Spencer and is titled, “The Columbine Bride”; A beautiful story of personal strength and determination with God’s love leading the way.Buck Reiter gave up his life plans to help his widowed sister raise her so and care for the ranch. Now years later he feels it is his time to leave and find his own place. He wasn’t expecting God to place him in the mercantile at the same time widow Lucy Powell and her children would be. Believing his offer to help comes from the Lord’s command to help widows and orphans; Buck doesn’t expect to lose his heart to this family and wish to become a part of it. Over time, Buck comes to admire Lucy and must choose between her and his life dream.Lucy Powell cannot accept any more charity. She has had enough and is determined to support herself and her children. Her neighbor, Buck Reiter, comes to her aid but she is stubborn. His persistence soon wears her down and she finds she has come to depend on and care for Buck. Her children love Buck and ask her if he will be their Pa. Asking God daily for Him to show her the path to follow and placing her trust in His guidance, Lucy finally admits that she loves Buck and wants to marry him. Lucy informs her daughter that a lady must wait for the man to ask her for marriage… so she waits for Buck to do so.When Buck is late coming back from the range, Lucy is scared that she has lost him just as she had lost her husband. Placing her faith in God, Lucy waits and trusts that Buck will come home.This collection of summer brides was inspiring in that it shows we don’t know what God has planned for us, but if we allow him to take charge and follow the path he sets for us, then we may find ourselves surprised in ways we never imagined. I love collection such as these for their easy reading and loving messages. Each story had characters you will love. Inner strength shines in the women and the men show they admire, respect, support and love them just as they are.

  • Marlene
    2019-02-14 10:18

    The 12 Brides of Summer - Novella Collection #4 is the last of the four summer collections published by Barbour. This time the authors of the novellas are Vickie McDonough, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, and Davalynn Spencer.I give this collection 4 1/2 stars.#1: The County Fair Bride byVickie McDonoughSet in Bakerstown, Missouri in 18923 ½ StarsPrudence Willard is returning to her hometown because of the illness her father is facing. She’s never been close to her father, but “she hoped she might be able to cheer him during his remaining days on earth.” Prudy left town a while back “after her shameless pursuit of Clay Parsons, the town’s only pastor” and her attempts to “get Clay’s fiancee -- Karen Briggs, who was now his wife -- to leave town.” She has recently become a Christian while living with her aunt for a year and a half, and has been trying to change her ways. Adam Merrick is acting mayor in Prudy’s father’s stead and meets Prudy when she arrives at the train station.I like how Clay and Karen are kind to Prudy in this story, exemplifying Christian forgiveness. I didn’t love Prudy, unfortunately. Yes, she is trying to change, but not to my satisfaction as a reader. She pushes herself forward to monitor Adam in the mayor’s office with the misguided idea that she’s protecting her father’s interests. Some of her internal (and external) thoughts are illogical. And I cannot relate to why Adam finds her interesting. “This Prudy intrigued him -- interested him -- but what if she turned back into yesterday’s shrew?” Yes, indeed! The story skips ahead after several months of working together on a project, so I presume Prudy is more “interesting” and less shrewish in this timeframe. But the reader doesn’t get to see this. I feel compelled to note that I have previously read two of Ms. McDonough’s other stories, which I gave 4 and 5 star ratings. #2: The Honey Bride byDiane Lesire BrandmeyerSet in Trenton, Illinois in 18875 StarsKatie Tucker’s home is being bombarded by a storm. Lightning strikes her family’s barn and it catches fire. When Katie sends her brother Henry to look for help at their neighbor’s house, he finds the neighbor’s farm hand, Pete Dent. Pete, who wants to own his own farm someday, likes shy Katie and would like to get to know her better. He does come to help, but the fire ends in tragedy and it falls to Pete to explain to Katie that her father died of smoke inhalation. The farm now belongs to Henry, who is only ten years old, so Katie needs to share in the burden. Pete becomes a friend and protector for the siblings when he helps build a new barn. There are several layers to this story, and I really enjoyed it a lot. I will be looking to see if Diane Lesire Brandemeyer has any other offerings. #3: The Columbine Bride byDavalynn Spencer5 starsSet in Colorado in 1886Widowed Lucy Powell and her two children encounter a familiar-looking tall, bearded man at a mercantile. He kindly pulls a penny from each child’s ear so they can purchase some candy. Lucy has been the Spruce City schoolteacher all year, and now she and her children are returning to their ranch. Lucy’s husband died almost a year ago, and she wants to proceed with her husband’s dream of being a rancher. The bearded man is Buck Reiter, “the next rancher over the ridge who ran horses with his widowed sister” and who took twelve years to help raise his nephew. While at the mercantile, Buck offers Lucy some of his firewood, but she pridefully turns him down. When Buck recounts the tale to his sister Lilly, she asks him, “So when will you be taking the wood to her?” (That’s one of my favorite lines.) Buck continues to help Lucy and her children in many ways, and I loved watching him do it. Here’s another of my favorite lines: “Don’t you be ashamed of your tears. Even Jesus cried.” I enjoyed so many, many lines in this story. “Hot cakes. Cold cakes. Any kind of cake Lucy Powell offered, he’d take.” I’m keeping my eye on Davalynn Spencer.I’d recommend this collection to readers who enjoy Christian historical romances set in late 1800’s America. Thanks to Barbour and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC copy of all twelve stories for review.

  • Heather
    2019-01-19 13:14

    I had the chance to read a few of the 12 Brides of Christmas novella collection this past winter and I loved reading these little, short, sweet stories; so when I saw that there was a 12 Brides of Summer novella collection that was being released this summer by the same authors as the Christmas collection I was excited to give them a go. This time, instead of being released as individual stories, they have been bundled into 4 novella collections, each containing 3 short stories of about 50-60 pages in length. I’m going to speak to each short story as well as the collection as a whole.My favorite story of the three was The Columbine Bride by Davalynn Spencer. The storytelling here felt much longer than the 50ish page count that it actually was. Sometimes these romances can feel rushed to at least give you some result in the short page count, but this one did not feel that way at all. There was a very natural progression of gratitude becoming friendship, and then friendship turning into caring, and then without realizing that it has become something a little more. The four main characters, Lucy, Buck, and Lucy’s two young children, all had very defined personalities and I knew what made them tick pretty quickly. Buck is very much the horseman and uses a lot of horse terms to describe his family and Lucy’s family – the word choices of his thoughts provided even more definition to his character. The chapters alternate between being from Lucy’s and Buck’s perspectives and they flowed together seamlessly. I could certainly see this story becoming a full novel of the relationship and I would eat it up.My next favorite was The County Fair Bride by Vickie McDonough. The story arc here covers the time period of developing, planning, and carrying out of a county fair in a small town of Texas – pretty much the length of a summer. While the story covers more time period that The Columbine Bride, the narrative felt a little more like a compressed timeline. I think the author felt the need to provide more backstory to tell of Prudy’s evolution from former mean-girl to reformed “nice” girl, which took up a little more of the space and maybe contributed to the feeling of a compressed story. That being said, I did find the evolution of the romance to be believable. There was action throughout, right from the first scene that made the story pop.Finally, The Honey Bride by Diana Brandmeyer. While all three of these stories focus on women trying to find their way out of a hardship, Katie seems to be the one that had the most difficulty due to the nature of her personality as well as the event that takes place at the beginning. I think this is why I struggled to get to know her as well as the other two heroines. There was also a side focus on this periphery character, W.D., and I felt like it took away from Katie’s story some. I think that W.D. would possibly have an interesting spin-off story though.In terms of the collection as a whole, I thought it was quite enjoyable. All three stories are quick reads – took me about an hour a piece. It was a nice break in between some lengthier reads and was still satisfying. There is nothing that ties the three stories together in any way besides that they take place in the summertime – but I was ok with that. In terms of the amount of religion incorporated in each story, I felt like it was well balanced and integrated naturally into the characters. As in life, some are more tied to their faith convictions that others, but it never roamed into the preachy territory. I was very happy with this collection and look forward to reading the others. You do not need to read these collections in any certain order as each story is a standalone story.This review was previously posted at The Maiden's Court blog.

  • Kristina
    2019-02-12 09:56

    The Twelve Brides of Summer Novella Collection #4 by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, Vickie McDonough, and Davalynn Spencer. It is a collection of three romance stories set in late 1800’s. The County Fair Bride by Vickie McDonough takes place in Bakertown, Missouri in 1892. Prudence “Prudy” Willard has been gone from home for a year and half (after a scandal). She is returning home because her father is ill. Adam Merrick is the interim mayor while Mr. Willard is ill. Prudy wants to make sure that her father’s position is secure. Prudy ends up helping Adam raise funds for the town by holding a county fair. Diana Lesire Brandmeyer’s The Honey Bride takes place in Trenton, Illinois in 1887. Katie Tucker’s family barn catches fire and her father dies inside. Katie finds out that her father took out a loan (for bees for her) and now she has to find a way to raise money (or lose the farm). Pete Dent has been attracted to Katie since he met her. He has been looking for a farm to purchase. Pete ends up helping Katie as they try to save the farm along with the help of Katie’s young brother, Henry. The Columbine Bride by Davalynn Spencer is the third book in the novel. Mrs. Lucy Powell is a widow with two children. She is trying to keep her ranch after the death of her husband. Buck Reiter finds a way to help Lucy and, without her realizing it, saves Buck.To find out what happens with each couple, you will need to read The 12 Brides of Summer Novella Collection #4. The stories are quick and easy to read. All the stories are Christian romance (not preachy). I give The 12 Brides of Summer Novella Collection 4 out of 5 stars. They are all well-written and very enjoyable to read. A nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.I received a complimentary copy of The 12 Brides of Summer Novella Collection #4 from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The review and opinions expressed are my own.http://bibliophileandavidreader.blogs...

  • Tori
    2019-01-31 10:00

    The County Fair Bride by Vickie McDonough -3.5 starsThis is a fun novella. Basically it's an "opposites attract" story. Prudy Willard returns to town to find a new mayor, Adam. Prudy has lots of ideas to improve the town, and Adam tries his best to keep his patience. It's a cute, quick read and made me laugh. :)The Honey Bride by Diana Brandmeyer - 4 starsAfter her father dies, Katie is left to try to save the family farm. Pete, a ranch hand from a nearby farm, has been pining for Katie for a long time. Now is his chance to help her out and hopefully win her heart. I just adored Pete. He was protective, patient, and kind. Katie was a cutie, with her shyness, and her determination to save the farm. Sweet story!The Columbine Bride by Davalynn Spencer -4 starsLucy Powell's husband died, and she is left with their 2 children and a neglected farm. She is sad and bitter, yet determined to save her farm. Buck, her cowboy neighbor, comes to help. Lucy isn't having it at first, but slowly Buck earns her trust, and the trust and friendship of her children. I loved Buck. He was thoughtful and quietly determined. It was refreshing to see Lucy's walls come down. <3

  • Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff)
    2019-01-30 07:02

    The 12 Brides of Summer by Vickie McDonough, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, Davalynn Spencer contains three novellas by three different authors. Soulful, heartfelt and beautifully written, I loved all the stories in this book.Three strong women get their dream man and a happily-ever-after that had me sighing and feeling happy.The writing is expressive and all three authors are new to me and I know I am going to checkout their other books too.This is the fourth collection in The 12 Brides of Summer series but can be read as a standalone. I will be checking out the other books in this series too.All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this collection and could visualize the settings which took me to days gone by and had me hooked till the end. 4.5 out of 5 to The 12 Brides of Summer and recommended to everyone.I received the book from the publishers via Netgalley and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.Read this review and others on:

  • Marie Pinkham
    2019-02-04 13:13

    I was recently asked to read and review "The 12 Brides of Summer" Novella Collection #4. Since Diana Brandmeyer, one of the authors, has recently joined my “favorite authors” list, I was happy to do so. And I was not disappointed. Diana, Vickie McDonough and Davalynn Spencer, have all written lovely historical romances. The good thing about novellas is that the stories can be read in one sitting if you wish. The downside is that there’s not time for development of characters. But these authors succeeded in capturing my attention with rich settings, and characters who quickly endeared themselves to me. These, to me, are marks of a good novella. The quality of writing in this book has convinced me to purchase the rest in the series. If you like good, quick reads with characters finding love in unexpected places, this book definitely won’t disappoint. Thank you, Diana, Vickie, and Davalynn. I look forward to reading more from all of you.

  • Katlynn Parsons
    2019-01-28 07:05

    I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.All three novellas are by different authors, but are all similar, while still being unique stories. However, I am slightly torn for the rating of this book. Part of me loves these quaint stories about love in the late nineteenth century, but part of me strongly dislikes the multitude of God references.I finally decided on five stars, primarily because when I selected this book it was clearly stated that it was a Christian romance, but also because I shouldn't be judging a book by it's character's religion. Much to the same way I can read book with characters of a different sexual orientation than myself--I can read books, and not take offence to, with different religious beliefs.

  • Bhriv
    2019-02-13 10:53

    The 12 Brides of Summer - Novella Collection#4This Collection includes The County Fair Bride by Vickie McDonough; The Honey Bride by Diana Brandmeyer; The Columbine Bride by Davalynn Spencer. I don't think I can pick a specific one that I liked the most. I loved how each author was able to develop each of the characters even though it was a novella length book. Each bride learned something that was inspiring from changing from being a nasty person, to getting over fear and learning to deal with grief...we are able to get a glimpse of each of them and fall in love with them as we read each page. I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest review. I recommend this wonderful set of novellas!

  • Kathryn Steffen
    2019-02-06 04:53

    I really enjoyed this novewlla collection. While I don't believe it was my favorite of the summer series it was definitely worth the read! I think The County Fair Bride was the best and the most well paced and thought out. The other 2 jumped a bit too fast for my taste.I relaly loved Prudy discovering there is more to the world than things and social standing.I loved that Katie found her voice and found her strength (something I struggle with!)I thought the stories were beautiful and was a nice end to the Brides of Summer collection.I recieved a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for a review.

  • Wilani Wahl
    2019-01-30 11:12

    This is a delightful collection of three novellasThe first was The County Fair Bride by Vicki McDonough. This is a story that talks of the changes in a life that come when one puts their faith and trust in the Lord. I fell in love with the characters and will want to read this again.In the middle was The Honey Bride by Diana Brandmeyer. This is a sweet and tender novella that I will want to read again. In addition to being well written I loved the Inspirational thread running through it.Finally is The Columbine Bride by Davalyn Spencer. This is a very enjoyable story which I found difficult to put down. I will want to read this one again since I fell in love with the characters.

  • Cammie Klaskin
    2019-02-14 12:06

    12 Brides of Summer #4 is an entertaining book with three wonderful stories of trusting God to lead you to the right place. The first bride has to overcome her own stubborn and obstinate traits to trust God and her man. The second bride has to trust God to overcome her fear of everything. The third bride has to let go of her grief and thinking she has to do everything herself. They are all wonderful love stories and I highly recommend this book.I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Now I am going to buy the first three in the set because I enjoyed it so much

  • Deborah
    2019-02-15 05:17

    This is a selection of Christian novellas set in America in the 1900s. Most of the stories are not over the top about the Christian aspect although the first story quotes several Scriptures. After that it does ease off to only mentioning prayer if that. My own particular favourite was The Columbine Bride by Davalynn Spencer, although I did enjoy all the stories this novella just struck the right chord with me and I will be interested in any more writing by her that I can come across.ARC from NetGalley

  • Rebekah
    2019-01-25 08:09

    I really love these Christian historical short stories. The 12 brides of summer are divided into 4 collections, with each 3 stories at about 50 pages each and with each collection costing a mere $2.99, it works out to $1 a story. Highly worth it! I think the length was just right to know the characters and their romance, without dragging on with too many details or requiring too much time to read them. The historical details, time period mannerisms/customs and richly described characters really made this series enjoyable! I do recommend!

  • Cas H.
    2019-02-16 05:11

    I really hope this is not the last of the Novella Collections for the 12 brides of summer. I absolutely loved this series and I look forward to reading more by these authors. I am very happy with the novellas that were written and I am looking forward to re-reading these novellas many times. This is a good way to get to know authors. If you find a story you like, then you should look up that author and read more by them.

  • Ann
    2019-02-12 10:21

    This collection is a wonderful trio of novellas that I thoroughly enjoyed. Each of the authors has captured the feel and spirit of the late 1800's and has written stories that were a delight to read. It is the perfect read to sit with a glass of lemonade and let your mind wander back to love in an earlier and simpler time. I was given a copy of this set in return for an honest review, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys good historical romance.

  • Amy
    2019-01-21 06:07

    I really enjoyed fourth installment to the 12 Brides of Summer Collection. This collection includes:The County Fair Bride by Vickie McDonoughThe Honey Bride by Diana BrandmeyerThe Columbine Bride by Davalynn SpencerMy favorite was Vickie McDonough's The County Fair Bride.This is yet another don't miss book of this series.Highly recommended.5 stars.

  • Cindy Nipper
    2019-02-04 12:19

    Another wonderful set of perfectly sweet historical western romances! This whole 12 book series is amazing and filled with favorite authors and a few new to me authors! I highly recommend this entire series!!

  • Alaina
    2019-01-21 08:07

    Loved this series. My full review is at http://bookreviewsandwallpapers.blogs...I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review.

  • Kimberley Mcclintock
    2019-02-03 10:04

    The 12 Brides of Summer Novella Series are fantastic stories. With a wide variety of authors, characters and settings there is a story for everyone. I loved reading these short stories and escaping to another time and place for a quick read. I would definitely recommend these books to others.

  • Pam Graber
    2019-01-26 13:20

    I enjoyed all three of these stories. Their short length lent themselves to reading them while I folded our church bulletins. :) I especially liked the last one, The Columbine Bride. I would definitely recommend this!

  • June
    2019-01-19 07:17

    The final Brides of Summer book was as wonderful as the other three. Enjoy all three of these authors and their other works I've read. Such talented ladies. These novellas were the perfect length for a quick read.