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After a narrow escape from the city of Impervious, Fran’s heart aches for the ones she left behind. Pete. Could he, along with the remaining Rebels, have survived the Council’s violent oppression? As Fran ponders the fate of her friends, an even more disturbing revelation drops into her world—the knowledge that she, along with anyone who had lived underground remains implaAfter a narrow escape from the city of Impervious, Fran’s heart aches for the ones she left behind. Pete. Could he, along with the remaining Rebels, have survived the Council’s violent oppression? As Fran ponders the fate of her friends, an even more disturbing revelation drops into her world—the knowledge that she, along with anyone who had lived underground remains implanted with the sinister presence of the Council. A fate rendering her powerless to save. Yet one with pure blood, untouched by the Council’s defiling, lives among them. Could he be the new lifeline of hope? Is salvation of the city worth risking the life of this one-and-only? ...

Title : Implanted
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Implanted Reviews

  • Tonja Drecker
    2019-02-02 19:59

    This is the second book in a series, but since I didn't read the first one, I started with the missing background information. And that did make a difference. The first pages rush through several names, and without the story up to that point, the importance of these characters was unclear. It wasn't too hard to get a general handle on what was going on, so in that respect, I could gain some footing. Still, I'd recommend hitting the first book before diving into this one.We find 'Wolf' (the young girl) one week after her escape from the underground, controlled society. She's getting to know her parents and adapting very well to her new found freedom in nature and the 'outside'. These first pages were slow, letting Wolf suck in the new world around her. If I had read the first book and taken this one up directly afterwards, I'm sure it would have had a different effect. On it's own, it was slow moving, but at soon as this first 'phase' is through, the book picks up pace and I really got caught up in the story.Wolf is an wonderfully driven character. She has a good sense of what's going on around her, and although impulsive, is often spot-on in her judgments and can take fairly good care of herself. It was easy to dive into her thoughts and cheer her on as she took on things when others failed to take action.The plot, once it gets going, is fast-paced and seasoned with just the right amount of action. There were several unexpected twists and turns, and I definitely couldn't wait to see what happened next. The danger hangs like a threatening fog and although tends not to really become vivid, keeps the tension high. There were moments, which I wondered how they were going to escape alive. There's also a tiny touch of romance, but this is tucked away nicely on the sidelines, keeping the plot on center stage.As to the scenes, the descriptions pull in and immerse the reader into this strange world. The forest is so clear, I could taste the vegetation and moist air around Wolf. And the darkness in the underground tunnels pushed in, bringing the claustrophobic feeling to life.Summed up, I can recommend this to YA Dystopian fans. It's a short read at 198 pages and shouldn't be attacked without hitting book one first. It's a little light on the visual action, offering more of a hanging tension (at least in book 2), but that didn't make it any less tense. I enjoyed it to the very last page.I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Michael Eitniear
    2019-02-08 16:59

    She's Out But Is She Free?First off, if you haven't read Impervious (book 1) go do it now. The author does a good job of giving you enough details to not be totally lost, but the story in book 2 is much better when following book 1. We catch up to Fran, not long after she escaped Impervious. She's adjusting to her new life and family, but she's still concerned for those left behind and trapped inside unknowingly. After learning that she may not be as free as she thought, her former mentor and her devise a plan to go back inside and save everyone from the dark grip of the Council.I really love the characters that Heather Letto has created in this series. Fran is everything you want in a main character. She has enough attitude to have a backbone and do what needs to be done, but not so much that she can't be vulnerable at times. She does a great job of creating secondary characters, also, that don't all feel like the same personality. Each one is a little different and their personalities shine through instead of blending together. There's some great description in the world around Fran and you can almost picture yourself there with our main character. I especially like how Heather weaves in traces of romance and Christianity without beating you over the head with it. The romance feels real and believable without painting an unrealistic fairy-tale experience. While this story points to the Christian story, it's not so overwhelming that I have no problems saying this book will be enjoyed by anyone.The whole series has just struck me as feeling real, which is nice for a change. I love dystopian future stories, but it's refreshing to read a story where you could actually see the events happening some day. The author does a great job of making the story feel believable, honest, and tangible. If there's any area that I would have to nitpick (and that's all this really is), it would be that I prefer a bit more action throughout the stories I read. I felt like this book starts a little slow while the groundwork is being laid, but then ramps up nicely about halfway through. I was left on the edge of my seat by the end wondering what was going to happen next, but the first half paces along at a slower pace while we get a grasp on where Fran is now. I debated taking off a star for this, but ultimately felt like I couldn't fault the author for my tastes in books. While I like a bit more action, others will be perfectly happy with the pace and the building tension without contact that this writing style offers. The Ascension series is ultimately a well crafted and suspenseful story even if it is light on the physical confrontations. I would definitely recommend this series to any fans of dystopian future stories. There's something for everyone here and I cannot wait to see how the author will wrap up this series.* I received this book in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and my opinions are my own. *

  • Jenn Sut
    2019-02-07 19:10

    I was given an ARC book for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book.Fran is reunited with her family, which she never thought would happen. After her time in the city of Impervious, she is having a hard time adjusting to quiet life. She and Chan have their secrets and want to go back to rescue the others. They both have to go through detox. A process to rid their bodies of tracking devices that are used in the city to track and control everyone. Fran (wolf) is made aware that Ritter does not have any tracking devises. He is off the grid. Fran, Chan, and Doc soon make a plan for Rit to enter the city through the air duct system and try to rescue those rebels who were left behind. Fran goes step by step with Rit how to enter and what to expect as Rit will be in complete darkness for quite a bit of his journey.Will Rit be able to recover the rebels? Will He survive? Will Fran and Pete be united?Heather Letto presents a fascinating world of Council control and tracking. She creates three dimensional characters with strengths and flaws. You can’t help but root for Fran (Wolf) even though she is sometimes quick to act before she has all the facts. This book was paced well , balancing information and action. I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next one in this series. It is a very entertaining dystopian novel.

  • Amy Shelton
    2019-02-14 20:59

    Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian4/5 (Very Good)*I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review*This story is intriguing to say the least. It's full of incredible detail, even better plot twists, and sit on the edge of your seat suspense. I think it's incredible important to say that you should definitely read book one and then book two. I think the story is much more enjoyable reading both stories back to back, instead of putting time between the two.The second book I think makes up for any details lacking in book one and picks up the suspense and plot twists even more so. It's not a book that I could put or wanted to put down. Although it might have kept me up at night when I should have been sleeping, I am SO glad I read it. It's the type of book that keeps you kind of guessing what's going to really happen and will keep that theory changing. This makes the story fun to me!Definitely pick up your copy of book 1 and book 2 today!

  • Doris
    2019-02-12 15:04

    *I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.Holy cheese on a cracker!Everything I missed in Book One was made up for in Book Two. This... This is 100% a 5 star read!From page one till the end there are twists and turns, and I don't mean just with the ventilation shafts!Wolf made it out and she is getting to know what the outside is like, as well as her new tribe.She misses and longs for her friends back inside and she is determined to help get them out. I can't believe the things that Wolf endures for love. She is a true rebel leader! Wolf has to make some hard choices and she doesn't really do so with a clear head in this one. But can she really just allow someone else to fight that battle? This installment has everything you could want! a budding love story with a triangle of emotion, drama, intrigue... everything! Including the dreaded cliffhanger! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!?!? I can't wait to read book 3!!~Dowie

  • Nancy (The Avid Reader)
    2019-01-26 21:58

    I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Well Fran did it! She found the way out. Go Fran! She has learned that everything that she has been taught her whole life about the outside was totally wrong. She has found her parents and other mid-lifers and they are still alive and well. Her old mentor Chan is there and she is so glad to see him again. Fran is so happy to be out and being free of that place and the people who are in control. After everything settles down and Fran has gone through her detoxing she starts exploring her new world and learning all about life on the outside and how different it is than living underground. The water and the food taste so different and better than the food and water underground. Fran loves her freedom but she is so bored with nothing to do since she is still learning how everything is done in her new world. Even though Fran loves being on the outside and having her parents back she misses all her friends and brother back in Impervious. She also feels guilty because she is out and free and they are still stuck in there. So Fran, Chan and some of the other folks make a plan to that will hopefully get all the others out too. Their one and only way of saving the others comes in the form of this very hot guy called Retter or Ret. Ret was born on the outside and has never been underground in the city of Impervious. So therefor is not on their radar. Can Ret make it into Impervious without getting caught? Can he save the Rebels or the unaccountable? Or will Ret get caught by the Superiors? I loved reading both Impervious & Implanted and can’t wait for the next book to find out more about Fran, Pete, Ret and all of the other characters too. I loved the world that the author created in the Ascension series and can’t wait to get my hands on more of it.If you love a good dystopian book then you are going to fall in love with both Impervious & Implanted. But I warn you that you just might need to get out that box of Kleenex because you are going to need them. The author makes you feel what Fran, Pete and Ret are all feeling and sometimes you will need those tissues because you are hurting for Fran and sometimes you may need them because you are laughing your head off because sometimes Fran can be very witty. Either way you are going to love this series. Fran is one strong young lady with a great big heart.