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A newly edited release of the life of the wealthy American whose sacrifice touched Egypt and the world for Christ. A Men of Faith biography....

Title : Borden of Yale
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Borden of Yale Reviews

  • Josh Miller
    2018-12-16 02:29

    Never have I read a book of a life lived so few years who impacted the Kingdom of Christ to such a degree! This book was written in 1926, just thirteen years after William Borden died and saw his Saviour face to face. Here I am, having never really heard about this man until earlier this year, 103 years after his death.The fixed purpose upon which William set his focus upon was laser-like. The focus? The doing of the will of God for his life. At a time when many young men his age are only interested in girls, money, or partying, William wholeheartedly was pursuing God's will for his life - that of the preparation of the giving of his life to reach the Muslims in northwest China.What I find fascinating about this story and what speaks to the character of this young man, was the "realness" of his walk and Christian life while going through college. He wasn't just preparing for some future event. He believed in reaching everyone possible around him while going through college. He prayed for and attempted to reach the hardest to reach on the Yale college campus. He started the Yale Hope Mission, to reach those whose lives had been primarily wrecked and ruined by sin. Although of a loving disposition, he remained unwavering on the truth of the doctrines of the faith and unashamedly held to them in his personal belief and also towards faith organizations to which he invested the money his father had left him.It is so true what is on his tombstone - "Apart from faith in Christ, there is no explanation for such a life." From a human perspective, we do not understand why God allowed Borden to be on the field for such a short time. I like what Walter Erdman, missionary to Korea and contemporary of Borden's, said after finding out about the death of William Borden:"I have been thinking more and more, since the news came, that the length of time God permits us to stay here is not related to a certain amount of work He wants us to do, so much as to a certain closeness of relationship to Himself He wants us to attain."Borden's intimate relationship with God spurs us on today to pursue Christ with all of heart, soul, and mind! May it be so with every single one who names the name of Jesus Christ!

  • Taylor Lunsford
    2018-11-29 05:40

    Borden of Yale tells the story of a young man, William Borden who lived at the turn of the 20th century with a heart for God. The book is truly inspiring as it depicts William's life from childhood to college to seminary school then to the short time beyond. While William died at age 25, he impacted the world in such a way nobody could say he left anything unfinished. As a current college student William's story was so inspiring and impacted me in more ways than I expected. There are so many lessons to learn from him and his life - I fully recommend this book to anyone who is searching to follow God better. It would make an especially good gift/read for students. The only reason I gave the book 4/5 stars was the fact that the author did not share any faults of William, making him a little un-relatable to me. I'm not sure if maybe it was because he died so young and gave his life so fully to God that people did not want to share of weaknesses or struggles or because he didn't share those kinds of things with others... But you would think as a child he would do something stupid! Regardless, it's an awesome book and an inspiring story about a young man after God's own heart.

  • Kari
    2018-12-16 21:36

    This book is one I'll probably buy at some point, and read to my kids as preparation for their own missions. The comments by various people in this book illustrate things I always wondered about as a teen but never heard straight-forward enough answers to, to show what great work teenagers can do, without always having to be waiting and just preparing to be an adult. This book almost seems to show me that being a missionary is the work of very young people. Anyway, I also have distant cousins who lived in the same years, and did manage to get to China to be Protestant missionaries, and their kids were born there and grew up with this life. So it was also nice to read this book to understand them. And since in the last month and a half, I've really been working on my willingness to submit to God's plan for my life, since health challenges have suddenly come upon me when I thought I was supposed to be doing more active work, this book gave me more reflection too on how we should face new twists on our own plans. I hope I'm turning into a Bill Borden, and that if I were to die in one year from now, when I'm the age he was, I'd have done as appropriate work with my life as he did.

  • Will Lohnes
    2018-12-13 05:26

    I read an older library copy but the undeniable power of a totally surrendered life to God hit hard. Here is a young man of Borden fortune with all that the world has to offer at his fingertips and he gives it up and away. As he wrote in his Bible, "No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets." He died of cerebral meningitis at 25 in Egypt preparing to minister in China. On his Epitaph of William Whiting Borden (1887-1913)...A man in Christ He arose and forsook all and followed Him, Kindly affectioned with brotherly love, Fervent in spirit serving the Lord, Rejoicing in hope, Patient in tribulation, Instant in prayer, Communicating to the necessity of saints, In honour preferring others, Apart from faith in Christ, There is no explanation for such a life.Read it and consider.

  • Charis Flanders
    2018-12-10 04:34

    William Borden did not succumb to the enticements of wealth, privilege or academic success, though all could have defined and redirected his short life. To the end, "a life of real consecration to the work of God" was his aim. Samuel Zwemer, Borden's mentor and friend during his time in Cairo did not believe Borden's death was in vain: "Of course it will cost a life. It is not an expedition of ease nor a picnic excursion to which we are called... it is going to cost many a life, and not lives only, but prayers and tears and blood. Leadership in the movement has always been a leadership of suffering."

  • Jim
    2018-11-18 02:24

    Wow! What an amazing biography! I understand this book is out of print. I picked it up in my church library. William Borden was an unknown to me before reading it. It profoundly moved me! What a life! He was described as "a man with the frame of an athlete, the mind of a scholar, the grasp of a theologian as regards God’s truth, and the heart of a little child, full of faith and love.” Used of God in a mighty way. Hands down, the most moving book I've read in years. Since picking it up a week or so, I've shared exerpts with a multitude of people. The highest recommendation!

  • Dan
    2018-11-28 23:31

    Another Christian biography that is an outstanding story of an outstanding man. Unfortunately as with George Mueller, this book was not well written. In spite of that, working through it had value is seeing the result of his life, though presented very one-sided in this book. He was a very wealthy aristocrat who lived for ministry among the poor and lost, and is a worthy example for any era.

  • Jeff
    2018-11-22 23:33

    The life of William Borden is an inspiration. The use of his & his family's letters to paint his life was for the most part interesting. There were places though that seemed repetitious & dry at times. I'm sure that little is known about the last days of his life but it felt like the book suddenly came to a screeching stop. I did get more quotes to keep in the last 25% of the book.

  • Wayne
    2018-12-06 00:45

    A great book about a great life. Hard to read, mostly content was from his letters. If you love reading about some of Christianities forgotten heroes, this one is good.

  • Mathias Seiwert
    2018-11-20 00:24

    Another great young man of faith in Jesus.