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Nowhere to run!Gillian Foster is desperate. She received a very strange letter in the mail not long ago. Since then, she’s been seeing shadowy figures everywhere. Coming for her. Frantic to find a safe place, she leaves home with her daughter Meg, only to find there is no way to outrun her pursuers.Twenty years later, Gillian has been admitted to Hawthorne Psychiatric FaciNowhere to run!Gillian Foster is desperate. She received a very strange letter in the mail not long ago. Since then, she’s been seeing shadowy figures everywhere. Coming for her. Frantic to find a safe place, she leaves home with her daughter Meg, only to find there is no way to outrun her pursuers.Twenty years later, Gillian has been admitted to Hawthorne Psychiatric Facility. Meg receives a similar letter and is hunted by an unseen force. Is Meg also mentally ill, or are these creatures real? And if so, was her mother right all those years ago? Is there no place to hide?...

Title : A Debt to be Paid
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ISBN : 25736687
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A Debt to be Paid Reviews

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    2018-09-29 18:41

    There is a fine line between madness and sanity, and a very blurred one at that. And who is to say that someone we consider mad's reality is any less real than yours or mine?We are all at the mercy of our imaginations. Even as an adult, I will not sleep with the wardrobe door open. Logic tells us that the things that scare us most, can't hurt us; aren't real. Are they....Pursued by a faceless terror, Gillian Foster absconds from her marriage with her young daughter on a cross country road trip in an attempt to outrun the things she is terrified of. Twenty years later, diagnosed as schizophrenic, she is safely incarcerated in the Hawthorne Psychiatric Facility where she has never spoken a word. Until her daughter Meg comes to visit. Meg is also being pursued by the same horrors that shattered her mother's life. Is Gillian really insane - in which case so is Meg, or is there actually something out there?This is a good creepy read. 88 pages - I read it in one sitting and will be visiting with Mr Patrick Lacey again.Thank you to NetGalley and Samhain publishing for the gift of an ARC in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • Sheri
    2018-09-26 18:20

    I read this book early last year around the same time I read 'We Came Back'. After falling head over heels for that horrifying story- I wanted to devour all of Patrick Lacy's work ASAP! So, I read this creepy spook story. I loved it. Lacy's very cool writing style is present throughout the journey. At times I felt like I was in the car with mother & daughter as I could see events transpiring so clearly in my mind. It made me think of just how easy it can be to blur the thin line between fear induced paranoia & insanity. And how doing something so small can lead to disastrous results. I definitely recommend this story...because it's awesome & it's written extremely well!

  • Nev Murray
    2018-10-19 19:20

    I received an advance copy of A Debt to be Paid from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This is said review. This book is published by Samhain Publishing Ltd.The only thing I have ever read by Patrick Lacey was his short story The Lynnwood Vampires which appeared in the anthology, Widowmakers. I have always been looking for something else from him after enjoying that one so jumped at the chance to review A Debt to be Paid when it appeared on NetGalley. I certainly was not disappointed.Gillian Foster is on the run with her daughter. She thinks she is protecting her but everyone else thinks she is insane. She signed a letter and she has been stalked by dark shadows ever since. She can’t explain what they are or what they want but she knows she must run.Twenty years later and Gillian’s daughter, Meg is on the run. Her mother has been in a mental institute for years after being deemed to be insane. Meg has recently signed a letter. Now the shadows are chasing her. She must now visit her mother after years of not seeing her to see if she can help banish whatever evil is after her.This is a novella. You could probably read it in a few hours. I bet you don’t though. That was my intention but I couldn’t put it down and finished it in about two hours.This is scary stuff. Not monsters scary but mysterious shadows scary. Thoughts of being followed and watched scary. Knowing something is after you but not knowing why scary. Just in case you haven’t noticed, Patrick Lacey is good at writing scary stuff!The plot in this is pretty straightforward. Woman thinks someone is after her, everyone else thinks she is nuts, they win, she gets locked up, twenty years later it turns out she was probably right, people feel like fools. The thing that makes it scary and interesting is the way Mr Lacey has written it. He has infused it with an atmosphere that breeds cold, ice up your spine fear. It’s punchy instead of being long and drawn out. It’s to the point but at the same time leaving you totally in the dark as to what the evil is and what it wants. It’s headfeck in a story.Our characters are very well written. The anguish and terror that Gillian feels at the start of the story comes oozing off the page into your head. You feel sorry for her. You feel scared for her. You can smell her fear. Twenty years later and her daughter Meg is going through the same thing. Again you can feel everything. You are left in no doubt that she is terrified of what is stalking her. This in turn makes you terrified, again because you have no idea what is out there and why it is chasing them.Patrick Lacey has proven with this novella that he can tell a good story. His writing style is perfect for this sort of stuff. He gets inside your head and messes with your psyche and your emotions to the point you are sitting on the edge of your seat without even realising it, urging the characters on to run as fast as they can to get away and try and survive.He also throws a killer ending into this one. You know what’s happening but you aren’t sure who to and you are screaming at the page for them not to do what they are going to do and end up feeling exasperated and like you just lost the race.To summarise: psychological horror novella that packs it all into a short, extremely effective amount of pages that leave you tired out when you have finished it. This is proof, if it was ever needed, that Patrick Lacey, for me, is going to be a name to look out for in the future.General rating:★★★★★ Can't fault it.Horror rating:★★★★★ Super creepy.

  • Kaisersoze
    2018-09-22 22:45

    Getting right down to it, as a reader I look for one thing when picking up a new author, and that's potential. I don't ever expect a first time author to blow me away, but I definitely want to see some potential for something bigger, better and bolder to come from the author in the relatively near future. That potential may be their way with words, or their ability to breathe some life into their character. Or it may be within the ideas on display.So here's the good news: Patrick Lacey oozes potential.His first novella from Samhain Publishing, A Debt to be Paid sets up an intriguing premise - that of a young woman being visited by the same dark shapes which plagued her mother into an asylum twenty years previously - and then gradually ratchets up the threat. Said daughter realises she must visit her mother to obtain answers to the burgeoning threat, and when the two women come together things quickly escalate from bad to worse ...And then it just kind of ... ends. In a completely unsatisfying manner.In other words, Lacey shows considerable potential. His writing is solid without being overly flashy or noteworthy, most of his characters behave like realistic people (which was refreshing), and the antagonistic threat builds nicely. But his ending felt rushed and not at all consistent with what came before. I won't go into details here, of course, but the ending dropped this a full star rating for me. Maybe I missed something? It's possible. But A Debt to be Paid is not an overly taxing read, nor one with particularly complex concepts.So as disappointing as the final five or so pages were, Lacey demonstrates more than enough potential for me to have him on my watchlist of authors, and I look forward to seeing what his next foray into the longer forms of horror writing yields.3 Dark Figures Gently Rapping, Rapping at My Chamber Door for A Debt to be Paid.The preceding was based on an electronic copy of the book provided in exchange for an honest review, which you have now read.

  • Angela
    2018-10-12 17:41

    Let me first start out by saying, I received an advance copy of this to review and I had no idea how I would feel about a book in this genre...a smut-free horror/thriller...which is WAY outside my speciality. But I am beyond pleased to say, that I am completely blown away. Even if it was not my cup of tea to being with, Patrick has a way of literally sucking you in and painting a picture so clear that you become part of it. I've read my fair share of books that either I can not quite picture and find myself filling in a lot of blanks, or books where there is so many useless adjectives and elaborate descriptions that you get bored before ever getting to the point.... this is not the case with, A Debt To Be Paid. I could feel myself in this characters shoes. I found myself in her bank teller station. I could hear the static on her phone. Taste the tepid beer in her mouth. Sense the fear in her gut. Feel the itch of her scar. Smell the sterile hospital. I could feel the paranoia, feel the crazy...It takes talent to paint a picture so clearly without all the useless fluff and to consume you into the world they have created. I found myself fully consumed. Like I stated, this is not my usual genre but I have no doubt I will give author Patrick Lacey another read...or two. I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this, which is a little odd seeing as where I do love this genre in movies. Big horror/sci-fi/thriller junkie. But for books, for me, it's always been more romance (ok ok, more smut) but PL may have changed my POV....I was swallowed up by this story, these characters and the thrill of the ride...and by the end all I wanted was more. TY Patrick Lacey for one helluva kick ass, eye opening read! It will not be my last in this genre, or by this author! And just for the record I will be throwing away and all "junk mail" and not saying yes to any unknowing thing...ever.

  • David Bernstein
    2018-09-19 18:41

    This was my first read by Patrick Lacey and it clearly shows he can write horror. Not just horror, but tell a good, creepy story. There's mystery involved, strange creatures and scares. The story unfolds at a nice pace, keeping the reader needing to keep turning the pages until there are no more.

  • Marvin
    2018-09-30 15:32

    Gillian Foster has kidnapped her own daughter, Meg, and is running from something only she hears and sees. She appears to others as schizophrenic and paranoid. She returns home only after she begins fearing for the safety of her daughter and after she inadvertently hurts her. Gillian ends up in a psychiatric facility. Flash forward 20 years later. Meg is financially struggling and is at a dead-end job. She is receiving phone calls that asks for her but delivers silence. She is seeing human-like, faceless blurs, and, like her mother did, she receives a letter promising financial help if she just signs it and "say yes". She is now questioning her own sanity and is being pursued. The only one that might help her is her mother who is still in the facility.There's a nice mix of psychological fear, mainly that of becoming insane, and pure supernatural terror. It is no spoiler to say that something is indeed after Gillian and Meg yet the added-on trauma of being unable to know if it is real is played nicely here. A Debt to be Paid is a solid horror story that delivers solid scares and terror. There is also good interplay between mother and daughter as they struggle with their love but also feels betrayed by the other. An interesting social analogy appears in the story. Both mother and daughter are lured into danger by a letter promising financial help but delivering terror and uncertainty. Whom among us have not been lured into an offer too good to be true but ended up in a quagmire they regretted? The author just takes this dilemma one more step into the weird and supernatural. For a short novella, Patrick Lacey has a lot going here and proves he has the chops to scare in a way that stays with us.This story was first released as an ebook in 2015. But in this 2017 Kindle and paperback re-release, Lacey has added three short stories. They are all worth reading even though A Debt to be Paid remains the highlight. "In on It" suffers from being a bit too much like the title work. It features a man who, probably reading too much David Icke, sees the shape of a lizard inside a local politician. Again we have the theme of delusion vs reality except here the focus is on his friend Lisa who starts to believe he may be right. It is still a great story even if the ending left me a bit hanging. "The Lynnwood Vampires" is back with full steam ahead. A schoolteacher starts questioning his daughter's choice in boy friends amidst a surge of Goth-like teens at the school where he teach. Here again we have a nice mix of a fear many parents go through and a creepy horror ascending on the town. It becomes the fear of all parents tripled.Lastly, we have "The Barry Effect" which feels like a cross between The Twilight Zone and Harlan Ellison's "Shatterday". It is the second best story in the collection and the most quietly horrific of the bunch. John goes to his high school reunion to meet his old school bunch but is met by quizzical faces when he asks them why Barry isn't there. None of them remember Barry. From that simple premise the author kicks it up a notch into high anxiety. It's a nicely structured short story that holds onto you.All four stories are quite good and shows off Lacey's considerable storytelling skills. Yet it is the title novella that is the clincher and is most likely to make you nervous when your phone rings or when you get that quick and easy loan application in the mail. Good scares and quality reading.

  • Nick
    2018-10-05 14:50

    A creepy quick read with some haunting imagery! The short stories after the novella were great too. Especially The Lynwood Vampires. My first taste of Lacey and looking forward to more.

  • Ken McKinley
    2018-10-13 16:20

    Gillian receives an unusual and mysterious letter in the mail. Soon afterwords, she is stalked by nondescript shadowy figures that don't quite grab her. Feeling like she's losing her mind and her husband thinks she needs to be committed, Gillian takes their young daughter away to "escape" the shadowy figures. Twenty years later, her mother IS committed and Meg also receives a mysterious letter and is soon called at the bank where she works only to hear strange noises on the phone. She then also begins being stalked by the shadows.Oh boy. Where to begin with this one? A Debt to be Paid is a raw first effort from Lacey that probably should've been screened a little harder by the editor. The story telling is thin, the characters are wooden and not very interesting, the shadow people are never explained nor do we find out why they're stalking the characters. Even Meg's dad and boyfriend has the same name, Brian, for no apparent reason. There are only four main characters in the whole story. Why in the hell would you name two of them Brian unless there was a point to it? It makes the storytelling muddy at times. On top of that, the story isn't scary, realistic, break any new ground, have a point and not very interesting. Not much here folks. It feels like I killed an hour watching a bad Lifetime Channel movie. 2 unexplained shadow out of 5I was given a free digital copy of this story in exchange for an honest reviewYou can also follow my reviews at the following links:https://kenmckinley.wordpress.com

  • Glenn Rolfe
    2018-10-03 17:49

    "She could taste the harsh piss-like flavor more now but it didn't matter much. It was working its magic, going straight to her head and making the bar do short laps around her."A very solid debut novella from a promising new voice in horror. A Debt to Be Paid delivers sharp writing, frights that jump from the pages, and Lacey's flair for teasing you with what waits in the darkness. This is the start to a fun career. I'm now a fan. Bring on the next one, Mr. Lacey!

  • Shane Douglas Keene
    2018-09-23 17:47

    I don’t usually go in for the whole friend of a friend thing when it comes to book recommendations, but in this case the mutual friend–Glenn Rolfe–is a reliable source for good fiction so when he suggested I might be interested in Patrick Lacey’s debut novella, A DEBT TO BE PAID, I gladly accepted. Now I’m going to suggest the same thing to you and you should also gladly accept.A DEBT TO BE PAID is a quick but ultimately satisfying little read. It starts out–as all really good tales do–with fast paced action, dumping you head first into a mystery as a woman and a little girl race across the country, trying to escape… something. The darkness in this story is unrelenting. The shadow figures that stalk Meg and, by association, Brian are enigmatic and terrifying because of it.The pacing and the characters are what really make this story shine. Lacey manages to keep things moving fast at the same time as he’s building characters complex and three dimensional enough to care about. Meg and Brian and yes, Dwight are easy to empathize with and the speed of the story keeps you involved and concerned for them all the way. Make sure you have some time on your hands when you read it. It gets it’s claws into you and doesn’t want to let you go. And you won’t want it to.Since reading A DEBT TO BE PAID, I recently read Patrick’s story, “Late Fee”, in DARK MOON DIGEST #22 and I can attest to his consistency. That’s a badass story and A DEBT TO BE PAID is a badass book. If you haven’t read Patrick Lacey’s work follow those links below and fix that.

  • Catherine Cavendish
    2018-10-11 22:44

    With A Debt to be Paid, Patrick Lacey delivers a novella full of tension, scares, psychological twists and turns and a page-turner par excellence.The sins of the mother – or rather, her delusions - appear to be about to be visited on her daughter. Twenty years ago, Gillian Foster received a strange letter. From then on, her life was plagued with shadows. Featureless figures that pursued her, threatened her and ultimately tore her away from her child and sent her to a mental institution. Now, two decades on, that child, Meg, is working a job that leaves her barely able to feed herself. A loan, with manageable rates, would surely be the answer. She could pay her bills and ease her worries, at least a little. It seems like the perfect solution. But, you know the old saying, if it looks too good to be true…I devoured this novella at one, thrilling sitting. Now I’m hungry for more from this author. Great story! Perfect for all horror and suspense fans.

  • Sydney
    2018-09-27 14:41

    Loved it! Review forthcoming. Meanwhile, check out my interview with Patrick shortly before the novella was released here:

  • Tim Potter
    2018-10-14 19:29

    Patrick Lacey’s new novella A Debt To Be Paid is a compelling page-turner that manages to be be a thrilling horror story and interesting exploration of mental illness. The story follows Meg Foster, a woman who was kidnapped by her schizophrenic mother when she was young, and exposed to the terrifying effects of profound mental illness. As Meg ages out of her teens and college years she is forced to face the fact that she may have the same illness as her mother, or that there could be something even more sinister happening.Meg Foster is estranged from her mother and has a relationship that is distant at best with her father. She’s moved to a new town and taken a new job in an attempt to distance herself from the past, but can’t entirely forget it thanks to a scar on her forehead she always rubs in times of stress. It’s a stark reminder of the night her mother’s mental illness came to a terrifying climax and resulted in her unintentional wounding. As she nears the age her mother was when her mental illness became overwhelming, Meg begins to notice things that scare her. Things that remind her of what her mother believed she saw and heard as her health deteriorated.Meg is a complex character, balancing the demands of her average life as a bank teller with too many bills and impending student loan payments. In her attempt to forge a life of her own away from her parents she relocates to a small town where she has no history and doesn’t know anyone. A random night drinking cheap beer at a bar leads her to meet Brian Peterson, a life long local. Meg unloads on Brian and thinks she has alienated him, but when fear and fate drives her, coincidentally, to the door of his bookstore, she discovers that they have a connection.With Brian at her side, Meg must confront the possibility that she is following in her mother’s footsteps down the road of schizophrenia. She also must answer the seemingly impossible question of what she saw when she was a child, during her mother’s break from reality, and what it means if she’s seeing these things again. Is it possible that schizophrenia is not the root cause of the problems of mother and daughter.As someone who has experience of working with individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia I found Lacey’s depiction of the illness and those living with it and around it to be not only accurate, but sympathetic and humane. He does an admirable job of balancing the serious nature of the disease with the task of telling a great horror story. A Debt To Be Paid is a great work of fiction that leaves the reader with only one objection: that it had to end.

  • Majanka
    2018-09-20 22:34

    Book Review originally published here: A Debt to be Paid, Gillian Foster has been seeing shadowy figures ever since receiving a strange letter in the mail. In an effort to save her daughter Meg and herself from what these figures have in store for them, she kidnaps her daughter and travels halfway across the country, only to find out shadows are not that easily outrun.Twenty years later, Gillian is in a psychiatric facility and hasn’t spoken in ages. Meanwhile, Meg is struggling to make a life for herself working in a bank. But when the same shadows turn up after all these years, intent on hurting her, she starts to wonder if her mother was suffering from psychosis all those years ago, or if the shadows were real all along.Although the story doesn’t sound that original – a woman seeing shadows, everyone thinks it’s mental illness but the shadows turn out to be real – it didn’t bother me that much, since the writing was great and managed to pull me into the story. The character dynamic worked well too, although I didn’t care much for the love interest. It read too much like insta-love and ultimately he didn’t add much to the story. It would’ve been better had the focus stayed on Meg and her relationship with her mother.The plot is fast-paced and the novella never slows down. It was over before I realized it. A solid read, not the most original story, but the writing and characters make it worthwhile.

  • Russell Coy
    2018-09-23 15:36

    This was a really good read. So good, in fact, that I was a little angry that it wasn't GREAT.Lacey is a gifted writer. His prose is sharp, he has a great eye for detail, and he made me share the affection he clearly has for his characters. That said, there are some big cracks in the story with regards to the shadow-people.SPOILERS AHEAD!1. Okay, so they can make phone calls to their victims, they can go right up to within arm's reach of them, they have the perfect opportunity to get Gillian at the rest stop but kill the other guy instead... what's holding them back? Gillian is locked up for twenty years, but they just hang around outside her window the whole time? Lacey seems aware of this issue, but hand-waves it with a single paragraph and a vague theory about opposing mental forces, which doesn't hold up against what's come before.2. Why is Boyfriend Brian able to see the shadows? Again, Lacey is aware of the anomaly but doesn't address it in a satisfactory way. The best I could come up with is that they are deliberately allowing it, but what advantage would that give them?Whew! So...yeah, these things kept ADtbP from being a home-run for me, but I'm not done with Patrick Lacey yet. He's just starting out, and the amount of skill he brought to this story, issues aside, tells me he's going places. Next book, please!

  • David Sharp
    2018-10-13 19:22

    Review from horrorunderground.orgWith A Debt to Be Paid we have another debut novel from a newcomer author. In this story, Gillian Foster receives a letter and soon becomes mentally ill. She sees all manner of creatures that are hunting her down. 20 years later, her daughter Meg receives the same letter and is soon embraced in the same dance of insanity that consumed her mother. A Debt to Be Paid is a supernatural psychological horror that is downright scary as hell. There is no gore or long winded writing. Lacey paces this novella to perfection and packs one nasty punch of chills. This is a true Lovecraftian homage. As Meg struggles with her sanity, so too will the reader. Having read it mostly at night, I kept pausing and surveying the shadows that surrounded me.Patrick Lacey has had several short stories published, to which I have not read. After reading this, I will be tracking down all of this authors work and looking forward to the next.

  • Russell James
    2018-10-20 21:25

    Meg just might be going crazy. She thinks that shadow creatures are trying to kill her. Her mother thought the same thing and ended up being committed.Patrick Lacey tells Meg’s story, from her childhood abduction by her unbalanced mother, through her harrowing journey down the same hallucinatory path. She and the readers have good cause to doubt her sanity until her boyfriend Brian sees the shadow creatures as well.What gives this story heart is how torn Meg is, scarred by her experience with her schizophrenic mother and living in constant fear that she is destined to follow that same path.This fast-paced novella has terror on every page and will keep you searching the shadows in your home far more often than needed.

  • Matthew McGhie
    2018-10-18 17:21

    Oh man! This book was AWESOME!! from the very beginning it hooked me right in. I recommend this one to everyone who likes horror. Such a fascinating concept with these shadowy entities. More Patrick Lacey, please.

  • Josef Hernandez
    2018-10-14 14:20

    A very scary novellaFor a full review, please go to and follow me on Twitter @josenher

  • Kimberly
    2018-09-19 20:43

    Review featured on www.books-n-kisses.comThis is a short novella and a quick read. If you enjoy a good thriller then this is a good book to pick up. I have never read this author before so I wasn’t sure if this would be good but I was pleasantly surprised. It kept me on the edge of my seat. This book has a creepy feel to it that really makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. This book needs to be made into a made-for-tv movie. It would be a ratings blockbuster!Disclaimer:I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Rakib_khan
    2018-09-20 19:29

    First things first, I got this book from NetGalley, so thank you netgalley and Samhain Publishing, Ltd. for this opportunity.What would you do when faced with a horror that no one else can see? How far will you go to save your loved ones? And what if the hallucinations that defined your past turns out to be no hallucinations at all? These are some of the questions that the characters must ask themselves in this book. We get a fast paced ride as the main character tries to escape from an unimaginable horror while confronting some disturbing truth from the past.Meg had her mother kidnap her when she was a little girl. Her mother Gillian was suffering from schizophrenia and running from some shadowy figures that only she could see after receiving a strange letter and signing on a dotted line. Twenty years later, Gillian has been admitted to Hawthorne Psychiatric Facility. Meg receives a similar letter and is hunted by an unseen force. Is Meg also mentally ill, or are these creatures real? And if so, was her mother right all those years ago? Is there no place to hide?'A Debt to be Paid' is a short yet enjoyable thrilling read with a breakneck pace that gives almost no respite and keeps the reader wondering on the nature of the antagonists. Although the horror element is not focused on that much, the sense of desperation and helplessness of the main characters keeps the show running. Readers are kept wondering what is gonna happen next and how might Meg and her family escape from the danger. The romance aspect was a bit forced and underdeveloped to be honest but the overall short length makes the gesture understandable.As for characters, this novel does feature only a few of them. Meg is fleshed quite nicely and we get to appreciate her troubled past, her attempt to escape it and her desperation as it does catch up again. Gillian, her mother is also portrayed quite nicely. Brian, the main male lead is one character that seems a bit too generic and should have been given a bit more attention, in my opinion.This was a fun read but did suffer due to its short length at times. Meg's thrilling struggle to escape from her past and shadowy horrors was a read that can be finished in one sitting. Hopefully future works by this author will be improvements regarding the negatives.This gets 3.5 out of 5 stars.For more reviews and stuff check out my blog -

  • Mommacat
    2018-09-25 15:35

    This was a very fast moving novella with a title that won't help the reader until they finish the book; then the lightbulb will click on. Mom suffers from schizophrenia and sees people who aren't there. She takes off with her daughter in an attempt to save her from these dark figures. She winds up in a mental hospital and her daughter is now fully grown.Problem is insanity IS hereditary. And you get it from your parents. Now what? And just what does that title mean? I'll leave you to your reading to find out. I thought it was just fantastic. Enjoy!Samhain provided me with an advance copy of this e-book in exchange for my review.

  • Donald
    2018-10-18 22:48

    Recieved in exchange for an honest review:An enjoyable quick read, however i felt the story should have been fleshed out a bit more. I enjoyed the premise and the characters, but the events are set in motion in a way where it seemed information was missing that was needed to establish the logic of the story. That being said I enjoyed how mental illness was used to explain why certain people are doubted, without making the skeptical person look like a jerk for not believing an outlandish story. I hate that cliché.

  • Jordan
    2018-09-28 19:45

    Mediocre HorrorRather than do anything exciting with the genre, the author taps into clichés and drawn out scenarios - is the protagonist crazy or does she actually see something? The problem isn't so much that the premise is boring and overdone, though it is that, but that nothing surprising or compelling happens after. The climax, what little climax there is, falls flat without explanation, and the ensuing denouement is cringe-worthy in its trying-too-hard-to-wrap-everything-together-ness.

  • Sara Koelsch
    2018-09-27 17:44

    This book really had the makings of something great but it was lacking! I had to go back and make sure this was the whxle book and not just a sample. There were so many unanswered sections in this book.

  • Lisa
    2018-09-21 19:48

    Great read! Very impressed with Lacey's debut, A Debt to be Paid. I will definitely be reading more of his work.