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The duke of Ashton sits at the Opera at Vauxhall Gardens, bored out of his mind, and plans murder.He curses the day that brought the little governess, destitute and sad, at his door eight months ago, to upset his careless if a bit meaningless existence. How could he have guessed the terrible, evil secrets she was hiding? And now that he knows all, the truth appears wilder,The duke of Ashton sits at the Opera at Vauxhall Gardens, bored out of his mind, and plans murder.He curses the day that brought the little governess, destitute and sad, at his door eight months ago, to upset his careless if a bit meaningless existence. How could he have guessed the terrible, evil secrets she was hiding? And now that he knows all, the truth appears wilder, even more despicable than even he could have imagined. He hadn’t counted on losing his heart to her, of course, but he did.What he doesn’t know is that a tendril of the shadows of madness and sin that followed Beatrice to his door is still out there, looking for something to devour.The only one who can save him from the darkness is the girl herself, but he knows he’ll never see her again. He who once prided himself on his indifference to other human beings, feels his chest constrict with pain every time he even thinks of her. Beatrice, smart, gentle, kind-hearted, lovely.Ruined. A perfect blend of darkness and light, this Regency retelling of Jane Eyre will break your heart as well as uplift it....

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Ruined Reviews

  • Mela
    2018-11-21 01:45

    What a romance! There were moments when I couldn't take my eyes off pages. I am pretty sure that once or twice even my breath quickened. Say what you want but I swoon when I think of Ashton ;-) I had a great time reading it. Passion, a little drama, pain from the past, love which shouldn't happen. Really, I can tell, M.C. Frank has a potential.Ok, I admit the book has flaws. The Regency world isn't bad but it could be better. Beatrice fainted and cried a little too often (view spoiler)[(even as a victim of harassment too often) (hide spoiler)]. A complete list with deficiencies and errors could be long if one would insist. But, who cares?! I don't.Once again, this story had so much tension and a few perfect scenes. And I can easily forgive imperfections of a young writer. I am repeating myself. ;-) Probably because I feel guilty how much I have enjoyed this book.Give me more such kind of stories! If you can recommend me similar - do it, I'm looking forward.

  • Izabella (pagesfullofstars)
    2018-11-28 00:49

    "It takes true courage, integrity and selflessness to turn yourself into a person that the world would be the wealthier for possessing."Ruined is a perfect book for all the lovers of Regency or historical romance!After his cousin's death, Dominic Halifax not only inherites the title of the duke of Ashton but is also obliged to take care of his young ward, Adelina. He's looking for a governess for her, however the spoiled girl scares off all candidates. Until Dominic decides to hire Beatrice Devon, who proves herself able to control careless Adelina. But Beatrice hides secrets of her past that will soon change all of their lives.First, I would like to make a small disclaimer. I haven't had a chance to read Jane Eyre yet, so I won't be judging how good a retelling Ruined is, but I believe that I can treat it as an individual novel, separate from the inspiration source.Once you start reading Ruined, you feel like you're immediately drawn into that era. The author managed to imitate the writing style perfectly, with all the flowery details and ornate vocabulary. It may take a short while to get used to it for readers, who like me are not native English speakers, but personally I was still quickly pulled into the story and got accustomed to the beautiful writing.The whole cast of the characters is interesting, but I grew to like Beatrice, Dominic, Lord Burnes and Lady Augusta the most. Beatrice is a very strong, smart and a genuinely good person. She hides a dark secret from her past, which is shown through the flashbacks and which helps us understand her and her behaviour better. I admit that the theme that the author touches upon is very difficult and it was hard to read about it at times, but at the same time it made me appreciate Beatrice more. Dominic on the other hand is your almost typical dark and brooding man, but I loved it that no matter how much he tried to deny it, he couldn't help but change for the better and grow under Beatrice's influence, and she always brought out the best out of him. Their relationship, however rocky and shifting, was really enjoyable. And I don't want to post any spoilers, but I just have to say that (view spoiler)[I loved the whole scene in the music room and how - at least in my point of view - he fell in love with her through the music :) (hide spoiler)]The plot was well paced and interesting and I liked it how the author managed to weave in light and humorous moments in between the darker ones. The story is written in dual perspective of our two main characters, which allows us to get into their minds and see the same events from different points of view. Apart from the romance, there were also bits of mystery that would kep the reader glued to the book. Even though there's a lot of dialogues and inner thoughts, I have to mention the descriptions and imagery. I absolutely loved the rich scenery of the story that made the Regency era come alive.The only problem that I had with it was the last few chapters, the big confrontation between the villain and the main characters. Maybe it was just me, but once the action picked up I got a little lost between alternating timelines. There was a moment where the plot suddenly jumped in time without much explanation and I was rather confused up until the ending.To sum up, if you're a fan of the Bronte sisters or Jane Austen, or maybe you like a good historical romance, Ruined is a book for you!I have kindly received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.The review also appeared on my blog.

  • Tea kalmakhelidze
    2018-12-06 04:45

    So, I'm a big fan of retellings, but I've only read about Cinderella and Ariel and other disney princesses. I was beyond excited when I first heard about M.C. Frank having written a retelling of Jane Eyre. Fast forward a few months and here I am reading it. I read it in two sittings and my God! Was it amazing! I can't even begin to explain how much I love Jane Eyre, but this book was not as much like the classic as I expected. The author kept all the good stuff in and made the book equal parts happy and sad. I immensely enjoyed myself, I cried, I laughed, I got scared shitless! I even had a dream about the book when I went to sleep for a few hours (which was a hard thing to do because who needs sleep? What I need is to finish this gorgeous book!). The language was pretty and easy to understand. It's honestly such an amazing book and everyone should read it! I'm so beyond happy that I got to!Overall, it's a great retelling and a joyful ride, also, because of this book I've fallen in love with the name Dominic, whoopsies!My favourite line from the book was: "Then, thinking better of it, he dropped his hand abruptly without having touched her, and took the stairs three at a time to his horses." Three at a time!If you need me, I'll be outside, trying to take the stairs three at a time without injuring myself.

  • Stephanie - Adventures Thru Wonderland
    2018-11-17 23:42

    Such a darkly beautiful retelling! While Miss Devon was a bit to emotional for the time period, I loved her character, and her relationship with both Ashton and Adelina. The writing style is fast paced, and works well with this story. I loved the tension and suspense every time Beatrice spoke with Ashton. And all the drama! So much happened before, and after they meet! I loved all the emotions going on in this story! *I received an ecopy from the author for review. This has no affect on my review.*

  • Alina
    2018-12-02 05:47

    A must-read for all the Jane Eyre fans!"Ruined" tells a story of miss Beatrice Devon, who, despite of her young age, starts working as a governess of the Duke of Ashton's young ward. The Duke's bad reputation is widely known, but is it possible that sweet, kind Beatrice hides her own dark secret? And is it true that love can conquer all?I love how the classic characters came to life in this story. They're really well-written, and thanks to the change of perspective, we can see inside both Beatrice and the Duke's minds, their feelings, motives. As a christian, I really liked how Beatrice was portrayed. Despite of her hard experiences and being in constant danger, she didn't blame God for what humans did to her, but she was able to keep her faith and find peace in His eternal love. The story is engrossing and from the first pages it keeps you wondering what happens next. (I went to sleep way too late because of this book. Twice :P) It also deals with some very serious issues, gradually revealing more details about Beatrice's past. It's painful to read at times, but it also makes you keep reading, to see how it all ends. "Jane Eyre" is one of my all-time favourites, so I'm really happy I got a chance to read "Ruined". I recommend it to all the historical romance fans!

  • S.E. Anderson
    2018-11-19 01:41

    Once again, I have dove into a genre I rarely read because of a book written by an author I admire, and once again I'm thoroughly impressed and glad I gave it a chance.  Ruined is a perfect book for all the lovers of Regency era, or historical romance, or romance in general - not usually my cup of tea but thanks to M.C. Frank, I think they're growing on me. After his cousin's death, Dominic Halifax suddenly inherits the title of the Duke of Ashton, and by a shocking move in the former's will, is now in charge of the man's daughter, Adelina. Headstrong and stubborn, she is impossible to control, and is ruining Dominic's bachelor lifestyle - he needs help. She has rejected every candidate he has found suitable to be her governess, until, that is, he finds Beatrice Devon. Only three years older than Adelina herself, Beatrice somehow manages to bring her under control.But Beatrice caries a heavy secret: a history of mental and physical abuse. But as Dominic begins falling in love with her, more is revealed about her past - can she ever move forward?I haven't read Jane Eyre in quite a long time so I might not be a good judge of how good of a retelling Ruined is, but the plot itself is very different from what I remember - this book is definitely not a linear retelling! The relationship between Dom and Beatrice seems to be the main similar element, and it's adorable how he uses the same imagery to describe her as what I remember from studying the book in high school - frequently calling her bewitching or accusing him of casting a spell on her, for example. Highly creative!We alternate between the points of view of Dominic and Beatrice, telling the story with secrets kept hidden. The plot was neither slow nor fast, a nice gentle evolution of the relationship with a handful of mystery thrown in. The author also carefully mimics the writing style of the era, while not losing the style her readers love. It's easy to see M.C. Frank in the pages, even while she's using a regency era turn of phrase. This might put off some readers, but I found it easy to get into and very fitting for the novel.Beatrice shows amazing growth through the novel: I love a strong female character who has her flaws. She's smart, persistent, and somehow hasn't lost a love for humanity through all she's been through. Now I must war some readers that the flashback scenes are troubling at times, and very unsettling, but how Beatrice deals with them is masterfully done. I did get a little tired of her crying/fainting, but it was a really minor qualm I had with the book. Dominic's evolution is a fantastic one. I loved his broodiness at the beginning, his real stubbornness he can't see in himself. But Beatrice brings the best out of him, and he out of her. I enjoyed watching their relationship grow and wishing that they end up together. Underneath that bachelor-life-loving exterior beats the heart of a true and caring gentleman. I found the ending a little confusing, somehow - a few jumps in time that weren't clear, moving forward and back but without any guidance. I'm not sure if this is just me, and it threw me off a little, but the action picked up and I was drawn right back in. All in all, this isn't your everyday retelling of Jane Eyre: it's a beautiful homage to the book, with a story about abuse and growth, love and strength. The author creates a beautiful story with so much to love. If you like historical romance, then you'll strike gold with Ruined!

  • JuvariyyaYousuf
    2018-11-21 02:43

    I cannot express my gratitude for being among one of the lucky candidate who received an ARC from the renowned , generous author Ms Frank herself.Madam I'm quite indebted to you for this endowed pleasure and I hope my words in praise of your impeccable work will make up for it.Ruined as the name suggests ,has completely ruined my heart and mind. The story is a regency retelling of our classic Jane Eyre, mind you reader it may well have incorporated the basic idea from the age old classic but yin for an amazing, truly refreshing tale.* A heartthrob Hero, who needs to be saved from his conscience.* A heroine who thinks she is damaged beyond repair.* Balls and season debutantes. And off course an aunt who is good natured lady with a infectious sense of humor!Usually its not my thing to read classics because {please don't judge me } I feel the language to be a tad bit tough but with this book I had no such issue as the language was smooth and easy to graspIn the end it's a story of Love, Sacrifice and Redemption.please do check this out!

  • ananya (thefoodandbooklife)
    2018-11-21 03:53

    I received a free ARC PDF copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Ruined is a tale set in the period of Regency and is a retelling of Jane Eyre. The story revolves around Beatrice Devon, a down on her luck young lady of nineteen who sets out to seek employment in London. Lady luck smiles down on her and she is employed by His Grace, Dominic Edward Halifax, the 9th Duke of Ashton to be the Governess of his ward, the spoilt Adelina Halifax. How Beatrice deals with the disciplining of the child and manages to form new relationships despite her past is what makes up the entirety of the book.Although it was a re-telling of a classic, the book managed to hold its own. The language is believable, as are the scenes in the story which brings to notice the amount of research that the author must have done prior to writing the book.I am a sucker for a strong female character and Miss Devon impressed me with her presence of mind and unfaltering belief in herself. While in the beginning it felt like she was a little too prone to fainting and crying fits, as the story progresses, it became clear that she is entitled to her occasional frailties. I especially loved the way the past and the present were interwoven without confusing the reader. Each scene was analysed from the point of view of everyone that was involved in it without being repetitive.The strength and humor that Beatrice displays despite the horrors of her past are very inspiring. But I did not love the character of Dominic. He was far too detached in the beginning to have undergone such a transformation by the end of the book. I enjoyed the tantrums of Adelina and the way it was dealt with. It was refreshing to come across the childishness amidst the dark undercurrents that ran through the story.

  • Kim
    2018-12-04 05:07

    This book is exquisite! If you are a fan of Jane Eyre, Jane Austen or historical fiction in general, I highly recommend this book.

  • Jessica
    2018-12-15 01:41

    4.5 Stars!Oh my lanta! This was a superb Regency romance story and I could not put it down once I picked it up. The story follows a duke, left to raise a young, spoiled girl after his cousin passes away, who finds a governess willing to help straighten out the girl’s manners and disposition into one of a lady in high-society. The duke finds that this young governess is different from the other women he has hired, or has ever met and slowly learns to understand why she is this way. The two have dark pasts and, in their combined efforts to get to know each other and raise his young ward, find that they care for one another deeply. This is a retelling of Jane Eyre, though I have yet to read this classic, I couldn’t compare the true in this general area. However, the story was very compelling right from the start and once again, couldn’t put it down.The duke, Dominic, is in his early thirties and develops well throughout the novel. He begins as a serious sort of fellow, never laughing nor feeling a need to do kind/good deeds for others. But once Beatrice walks in his life, you can easily follow the struggle within him as he fights his natural side and begins to become the man Beatrice desires him to be like. She fights for him and his soul as she shares her beliefs and hopes of a better future. Beatrice is selfless and kind no matter what happens and is always willing to give her life in exchange for others.The flow of this story is great and I became very impatient with it as I kept reading simply because I wanted certain events to transpire before they came. This is one detail that I absolutely love when I am reading and it shows me that this book was worth reading in the first place. How this book is written is a little different than most. Throughout the chapters, the POV changes between Dominic and Beatrice, not just one chapter being Dominic and the next, Beatrice. But they are divided in different parts. It was fun to look into each of their heads as these things transpired between them and understand each character more fully. I never was confused throughout these points as the transitions were fairly well constructed and the story kept going to the next POV. A minor drawback for me was every time Beatrice has an audience with the duke, she cried each time. Though I understood her background and somewhat the reason for this rain, I felt that this constant pattern displayed distracted me from the novel. These were the only times where I wanted to stop reading because I couldn’t take any more of her crying! Again, this is a very minor negativity of my reading experience with this book. I have realized that this might have been her only outlet after trying to discipline her difficult pupil, etc. Beatrice, after all, has gone through hell itself prior to coming into the duke’s employment and I loved everything about her and her incredible strength regardless of her circumstances.I had a lot of favorite pieces in this wonderful novel, but I think I loved the use of language the best. It transported me instantly into this time period. I’m a huge fan of Regency novels so the careful but wise use of this type of language was deeply appreciated and orchestrated with equal finesse. The romance was clean but there was still that tension you feel in love stories such as this and it made me want them to hurry it up, realize they’re meant to be, and confess their true feelings for one another. It was delicious to read and I had a lot of fun getting to know each of the characters. Overall, I adored this book and I wanted more! To anyone who loves Regency or historical fiction, this is the book for you. Oh, plus romance people!

  • Hope
    2018-12-06 03:59

    "A slip of a girl, ruined, but not broken, who brought light and love into the life of a dark and troubled duke".- I have deliberately not included a synopsis as I want to include as few spoilers as possible, however, there may be some below, so fair warning! -M.C. Frank has created a wonderful homage to the classic Jane Eyre, in her 'Regency retelling', Ruined. It's clear she is an avid fan, as she has chosen some beautiful aspects of the original story to incorporate; my favourite being the many times Dominic refers to Beatrice as "bewitching". It is this subtle, but passionate flirtation that I loved in Jane Eyre, which has had me fall hard, for Ruined. The blossoming romance between the protagonists is paced very well, such that nothing is rushed, and the reader is consequently swept along with the love story. From the first chapter, it is very clear that M.C. has a thorough and enviable knowledge of language, and in particular, the syntax used in classic British novels. It's rare to find an author who can pull off this genre of storytelling as naturally as M.C. has in Ruined.Furthermore, I have to commend M.C. for her choice of narrative technique; the change of narrator affords the reader the opportunity to get to know Beatrice and Dominic even more so, and in turn, we can appreciate the different perspectives of storytelling, whilst keeping the novel well-paced and interesting. M.C.'s decision to include descriptions of child abuse is somewhat of a risky one, however, she handles the subject appropriately; it adds elements to the story that bring about well-rounded characters and plot lines, without exploiting victims of abuse. The only negatives I have with this novel are that some scenes, typically those involving an argument between Beatrice, Dominic or Adelina, were a little rushed at times. This meant whoever hurried off in anger or acted out violently because of it, came across unjustified. However, this may reflect the authors desire to quicken the pace, and make the disputes more believable. Overall, Ruined is a wonderful homage to Jane Eyre, that adopts several classic details of the original story, and incorporates them in a new, beautiful plot. Dominic and Beatrice have a love that is passionate, and full of suspense. At it's heart, Ruined is a story of hope and redemption, set beautifully to a backdrop of 19th century England, that will sit fittingly on my shelves along with my other classics.- My Book And IIn lieu of writing this review, the author has kindly sent me a copy of Ruined.

  • Andreea Daniela
    2018-11-17 02:06

    I have stumbled across this book by pure accident. I haven’t read Jane Eyre, so I didn’t really know what to expect from it, but I had high hopes.The book tells the story of Beatrice and Dominic, both of them complex characters, fighting with their demons. After his cousin’s death, Dominic inherits the title of Duke of Ashton, but it is also obliged to take care of Adelina. With Ashton looking for a governess for Adelina and Beatrice looking for a place to hide, she accepts the job and carries on, being the only one capable of putting up with the stubborn and spoiled Adelina. The story takes a dark twist as you read more into it, Beatrice holding dark and terrible secrets. The book drew me from the very first pages, the author portraying perfectly the atmosphere of the era; the abundance of descriptions and meticulous details creating a perfect setting. I just adore the way she writes and describes all the aspects during the entire book. The emotions are raw and powerful, described in a certain way to make them feel extremely real. It tells the story of pain and lost innocence, of healing and finding love in the most unexpected places and people. The characters are strong, complex, alive and real, flawed and struggling with their own demons.I simply loved the relationship between Beatrice and Dominic, as bumpy and as complicated as it was. Both of them have faults, not being portrayed as perfect characters willing to save the world, but rather themselves, embracing the fact that they’re both "ruined". They accept and fight for one another against all odds, reflecting a more realistic and complicated relationship. Beatrice is not the damsel in distress and Dominic is clearly not the price to come at rescue and they rather save themselves in the end, not beg others to do it or pity themselves.I truly recommend this book to everybody. I am not a big fan of regency and historical fiction, but this book is really good.

  • Kelsey
    2018-12-03 04:06

    This is the perfect book for people who love historical/regency romance! It was like reading a tale by Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte. M.C. Frank does a brilliant job of (reverse) retelling the story of Jane Eyre, with beautifully written characters! The story was much darker than I was expecting, but I liked the twist that Frank gave to the classic gothic romance.The story follows the Duke of Ashton as he meets and hires the tiny, demure governess, Beatrice and falls in love with her. But what he doesn't know is her dark past that follows her around where ever she goes. I loved how this story developed and I could quite easily pick this up again and read their story over and over.My one complaint: I thought the Duke of Ashton was a bit to bipolar at first. He would seem to go from one extreme to the other in his dealings with Beatrice. I wish that had been toned down a bit.

  • Tracy Thomas
    2018-11-25 23:00

    That last retelling of Jane Eyre I tried to read, was terrible. I could not find one redeeming quality about it, other than the cover was gorgeous.This book however does not suffer from that same fate. There are some strong triggers in this book about sexual abuse. It's told through flashbacks, and not overly graphic. But worthy of a mention. This was my first M.C. Frank book, I came across her on Instagram and luckily she was searching for book bloggers to read and review her book. It's beautiful and lyrical, and so creatively written. Very reminiscent of The Bronte sisters, and Jane Austen, that the author should be extremely proud if herself.I loved Beatrice. She was strong, classy, sassy, and tenacious. She was a fighter, and I admired th at about her. I want to get the physical copies of this series because the covers are so gorgeous, I feel they need to be owned and displayed. Read this guys, you won't be disappointed.

  • Pao
    2018-12-10 00:59

    Loved it, loved it, loved it!First M.C. Frank book I've read and it was a wonderful experience.

  • OneMamaReads
    2018-11-27 05:10

    This book ruined me, in the best way.Ruined is a regency retelling of Jane Eyre. Jane is now known as Beatrice and Rochester is now Lord Ashton (Dominic). Dominic is a scoundrel, a rascal, the talk of the ton, who has inherited his cousin's daughter. So, he places an add for a Governess to care for the spoiled, uncultured, teenage girl. Beatrice is in hiding from a terrible past and eagerly jumps at the position.The two are headstrong, passionate, and prone to hiding from their feelings. From start to finish you can feel their desire for each other, the heat building, their restrained electricity. There were many things about this novel that touched the heart. Gut-wrenching emotion and horrific back stories. This is no straight retelling, be surprised by cunning changes and new plot twists. Ashton may be a scoundrel, but it is Beatrice who holds the darkest secret. One that threatens to destroy them both.At first, Ashton comes across as arrogant and cold hearted; however, as we begin to learn more about him, the reader can see that he has a caring, loving soul, which has been trapped in heartache, bitterness and loneliness. He is indifferent towards his charge, Adelina, but begins to soften as he sees his own neglect and tries to be a better man (mostly through knowing Beatrice).Beatrice is fierce, determined, a broken soul trying to find a better life for herself. After all of her hardships, she is still selfless, loving, and kind. She is smart and will do anything to protect those she comes to care for, even at the expense of her own life.Fantastically written, with rich descriptions that pull the reader into the past; as though we have become a character in the novel, watching the story unfold, in the ballrooms of the ton, at the Opera, or event at the country estate of Lord Burns. The prose are often imbued with poetry, filling the readers heart with the romance of that era. An example, and my favourite line: "Ashton's laughter, muffled though it was, rang all around them, following the night to the star-studded heavens."I could not put this book down, which meant passing out with my ereader falling on my face, but it was worth the sudden jolt. The pace was quick, even when I wanted the romance to bloom faster, and at the end I was sad there was not more to read. However, the conclusion perfectly suited the story.So, if you are a fan of classic love stories, a Bronte fan, a fan of Gothic romance, or just a romance fan in general, I suggest picking up this beautiful book. You will be engrossed until the very end, be intrigued by the fashion, the history, the magic of another time. You will feel the passion between Beatrice and Dominic, and feel a surge of hate and disgust towards one character. You will also come to love the wonderful secondary characters, who work to lighten the mood, fill the book with laughter, and create drama of their own. Fantastically done, M. C. Frank!

  • Janella
    2018-11-29 01:07

    So let me tell this first. I haven't even read Jane Erye...yet. But what piqued my interest was this is a Historical Romance book.I am fond of anything in the New Adult or Adult Fiction category  (as long as it's under the Romance Genre ). I have read M.C. Franks YA series titled No Ordinary Star series. I fell in love with it and her style of writing which has the right amount of fluff. So I took the opportunity to apply to read and review this book.So this book is a retelling of Jane Erye though I haven't read that but after reading this book I might just read it soon. The story is about a young girl named Beatrice who applied for a job as governess for the ward of Dominic, the Duke of Ashton.Dominic as I see is the typical Rake or Bachelor, but he is discreet on his liaisons. And I can relate to him. He doesn't like the parties of the ton where you gossip about but he has to go out of duty since well he is a Duke. Beatrice was hired by the Duke to be the governess of his spoiled brat of a ward. Well the girl is definitely a spoiled miss.What I like about this book...I haven't read a good historical romance book in months and I am very particular on the books I read in the genre of Romance but again M.C. Frank didn't disappoint!This book ticked every box of what I am looking for in a historical romance. (But if the setting is in Scotland then that is different category ). I just love how the story was beautifully written. Like in the authors other works that I have read this has the right amount of fluff and tension between the characters.I was expecting something beyond canoodling between the characters, like in some (or maybe all) of the historical reads I have encountered but nope! The author spectacularly written the book without the explicit bed scenes and other heated canoodling.You can still feel the emotions of the characters as you read throughout the book.Overall impression 5/5 stars!Yep this book got me back to the historical genre hype again. This will be add to my list of Historical Romance books that are worthy to be reread over and over, I am like that. If I so love a book I will get back to reading it again. Fans of historical romance should definitely give this book a try. It's just beautiful.

  • Ioana Maria
    2018-11-25 02:11

    I received a copy from the author for an honest review and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart, because it was the most beautiful book I’ve read. The most beautiful retelling of Jane Eyre.The writing was lovely and very accurate and it really felt like reading something that was written a very long time ago. I was engrossed in the story from the very beginning. It was really accurate in descriptions and the vocabulary used and I loved that the blossoming romance between the protagonists is paced very well and nothing feels rushed.The book tells the tale of Dominic, duke of Ashton and Beatrice Devon and their journey in battling their demons and finding true love along the way. Another thing I really liked was that we got to experience both Dominic’s and Beatrice’s perspectives. This helped me better understand them and their decisions. It helped with understanding their view of the world and of each other and most importantly of themselves. Because in understanding their characters we understand how they consider themselved to be „ruined”.The story was well-paced and the flashbacks were placed in the right places to provide information on the characters and still keep the mystery going. The mystery is the darkest secret of Beatrice and it deals with some very serious issues and it was sometimes hard to read about, but it made me empathize and appreciate Beatrice more. It made her into a strong person able to withstand everything.The romance between Dominic and Beatrice was a slow burning romance, the reader is consequently swept along with. They start by almost despising one another and slowly as their characters interact more, their love starts blossoming into a fire that they cannot contain. Their romance gave me chills and melted me at the same time!This wonderful historical romance tells a story of pain and of innocence lost, of healing and love found and I truly recommend it to everyone that loves regency, retelling and historial stories. It will exceed your expectations!!

  • Ellie
    2018-11-30 07:03

    Okay, so I have to collect myself for a second as I am still recovering from this read... It absolutely, ruthlessly crushed my heart! And to be honest, this is exactly what makes it such a fantastic book! For once it is not some lovey-dovey romance novel with a deus ex machina ending where everything and everyone turn out to be perfectly well. All mistakes are forgiven and forgotten and everyone loves each other... No, people, this is real. And that means that you will feel uncomfortable, desperate, frustrated and brokenhearted, squirming under the firm grip of pain and nightmare experiences that some of the characters have to live through. It is called a dark and mysterious tale for a reason. Now here comes the big BUT: There is also a lot of humour, laughter, warmth, care, kindness, stubbornness, protection, love, light and forgiveness in between, which makes it bearable. Does it have our so much desired happy ending? Well, sorry but to find out you have to read it yourself. I was satisfied with the ending :) I loved it from the first page to the last and couldn't put it down in between. It is definitely a page-turner and I think it is also pretty incredible how M.C. Frank is so talented that she can just adapt to any kind of genre. Once again I bow to you! I cannot wait for what is to come, be sure there are some really exciting and awesome things that will soon enough be revealed!

  • Divya Agrawal
    2018-11-17 00:49

    Ruined is a retelling of Jane Eyre as mentioned but let me tell you all and don't exaggerate, I haven't read that book. Ever. So I'm not going to compare it to the original book. Ans well, I don't think there is a need for that too. This book is again a masterpiece from the author. I've read most of her books and I'm seriously a fan of her writing. Her writing is so humble and polished. I will be lying if I say I liked the plot all together. The plot-line was a little predictable and well, known for me as soon as I learn Beatrice's secret. How? Well, we have a lot of books with that concept now-a-days. The characters were communicable and understanding. I liked Beatrice's character the most. I liked how mature and forgiving she was for her age and for a girl who went through so much. Dominic's character didn't attract me that much. One thing I didn't understand or I should say I don't know in particular if it's alright to call someone 'child' when you've feelings for them in a different way? It was so awkward to read again and again Dominic calling Beatrice child. I was literary gagging whenever he used that word. Now, I don't know if this is natural way of saying among English people. All the holes in the book were covered by author's writing. That made me read till the end and well, little amount of mystery and the bulk of romance it had. I would surely recommend this book if you're a historical romance genre fan.

  • Linda Lou
    2018-11-22 22:52

    Rating 4I was drawn to Ruined because I expected a story in the same vein as Jane Erye by Jane Austen and I was not disappointed. Retellings can be a double-edged sword...most times they do not live up to expectations. However, I thoroughly enjoyed Ruined as it took me back to a time when I first discovered the likes of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters. I time when I closed my Nancy Drew books and opened the classics and stepped into a whole new world. Reading Ruined brought that world alive for me again. The book actually begins at almost the end of the story and then we are transported back to when Beatrice first knocks on the door of the Duke. I loved Beatrice right away...there was an element of intrigue, mystery and the unknown when Beatrice first appears before the Duke of Ashton to apply for a governess position for his young ward. The callous facade of the Duke made it difficult to get to know the him; but the hardened exterior chips that encased the Duke slowly begin to fall away. That is the story...the tearing down, the exposure and the building up again of two people. I loved the setting and time period and the author brought it all so lividly alive for me. The places, the dress, deportment, speech and way of life were so descriptive that I could easily envision what I read. It made me breathless. I was reading my first love story again...

  • Jenny
    2018-12-02 23:52

    ***I am leaving this review in good faith after being provided with a PDF copy of the story for this purpose.***This regency retelling by author M.C. Frank was absolutely riveting. I love the regency era, like so many of the bookish ilk I have spent many hours reading, listening to, and watching these stories as they come to life. This particular tale takes on the story of Jane Eyre with full force. We are settled with our protagonist, Beatrice, as she joins the house of the Duke of Ashton. Her task is to turn his youthful, giggling charge into a proper lady. It is quite the job but if anyone is up for it, this girl is! It doesn't take long to learn that there is more to Beatrice than meets the eye, and that her story started long before we met her.This novel has all the romance and thrill of the original, with plot varied enough to keep the reader guessing until the end. Mystery, intrigue, blackmail, the eerie feeling you're being watched with every word...Beatrice is a victim of trauma in no small way, and her own journey of coming to terms with her experiences and mastering her past to allow herself joy in the future is a victory story. I will mention a slight trigger warning for some, but this story goes beyond the call of entertainment to deal with an incredibly difficult topic in a healthy and necessary way. This is a very brave girl!The well-researched writing is a welcome addition to any regency era story, with all the pomp and prettiness I wanted from my temporary friends, the characters. I felt as they felt and was easily drawn in to the world and much of the dialogue. My only consternation came with Lord Ashton being a little too much the lech here and there, but it did accomplish a point to show his character growth well and thus fit the story in a manner quite ideal.Like all good tales there is plenty to entertain amid the drama, balls and gowns and music and romance in the night. A little bit of everything I like.

  • Sarah
    2018-12-14 02:03

    A re-imagining of Jane Eyre, set in the Regency and with roles reversed (i.e. the Jane character has the secret past, not the Rochester). I found Beatrice's motivations difficult to follow - sometimes it was clear that her past and everything she had been told during it was breaking her down; other times it seems as though you were supposed to assume that her strength of character always let her rise above it. The jumps in time in the plot were also confusing to follow; I genuinely thought I had skipped ahead too far at one point and missed a scene or chapter that explained what was going on. The religious overtones of Jane Eyre were undertones here instead, but to make it so misses an essential component of Jane Eyre (both the book and the character). There were also some errors related to the Regency period. The book just needs a good edit. When Frank hits the beats of Jane Eyre well, it's great, but the whole needs to hold together better.

  • Michelle
    2018-11-19 00:00

    I enjoyed this book for the most part. The writing was excellent. However, there were a few things that brought down the rating for me (bear in mind, just my own personal prejudices and opinions!). Beatrice, when she wasn't crying, she was running away. This girl cried more than any one person I've ever read! Second, this is one of my pet peeves - there are 26 letters in the alphabet, yet we have Ashton and Adelina and a good guy's name starting with B and a bad guy's name starting with B. It got confusing to me when they were both written in the same scenario.It was a nicely dark story, however. Very difficult to read at times (in this case, that's a good thing!) due to the subject matter.

  • Aimee
    2018-12-16 01:08

    This book was excellent. I enjoy historical fiction and particularly historical romance. I liked both Dominic and Beatrice. I enjoyed how the author gave us glimpses into their pasts and showed us slowly how their personalities developed. At times, Dominic gave me a more rakish Mr. Darcy feel and I quite liked that. Beatrice was more of an enigma and reading about her backstory gave a lot of insight into who she is. I think that she is a character many abused children could see themselves in. The book is edited well and was easy to read. I am looking forward to reading more stories from M.C Frank.

  • Sarina
    2018-11-30 03:58

    I wanted so much to like it. Starting was good, though stiffling, then felt off at times. The writing... tried bery hard to capture the gothicness and the romance of Jane Eyre. And sadly, it failed on a massive scale. Such poor writing... I am struggling to read on and haven’t even reached the second half! Wasting my time, but cannot dnf it either. Sigh.UPDATE:Well, the ending chapters were slightly more tolerable, and redeemed the story a bit in my eyes. For that, I am going to change my initial rating of 1 star to 2 stars.

  • Caitlin
    2018-12-08 04:42

    It’s been a few years since I last read a Regency romance, but as a fan of Jane Eyre, I was intrigued by the premise of this story. And, while the novel was not perfect, I did enjoy reading it, and I commend the author for writing such a lovely story. I plan on writing a more thorough review when I have a spare moment!*A free copy of this book was sent to me by the author for review consideration. This in no way influences the honesty of my review!

  • Anupama C K(b0rn_2_read)
    2018-12-02 00:42

    First of all thanks to the author for the review copy This book is a regency retelling of Jane Eyre. As I haven't finished Jane Eyre, I can only that the characters are similar. I enjoyed the banter between Dominic & Beatrice. The narrative which is interspersed with Beatrice's past adds a level of mystery to the story.Recommended for romance readers

  • Kelsey Wheeler
    2018-11-30 02:57

    Freakin Amazing! Full Review Coming Soon!

  • Cara
    2018-12-07 05:09

    Jane Eyre is probably my favorite classic, so when I saw this on Tumblr I picked up a Kindle copy, interested to see where it would go.The writing starts off a little jumbled – Beatrice says she’s 19 and two pages later says she just had her 18th birthday, for example. But it improves very quickly as the story progresses and by the end I was so enthralled that I barely took notice of the style. There’s an incredible amount of fainting. And it feels weird to have the love interest refer to her as “child” and “little” on almost every page. I would’ve liked to see more conversations between them – more growing together than instant attraction because the person is “different from everyone else I know”. I know I’m making it sound like I didn’t enjoy this book, but just wait.The supporting characters were excellent when they got any page time. Beatrice and Dominic are both focused extremely inward and on each other, but Lord Burns and Lady Augusta were downright charming and supportive in the best ways. Adelina was… more like a plot device.M.C. Frank has a really good handle on this style of writing. I guess the style would be called regency? It was really well balanced - obviously inspired by Austen and Bronte, but modern enough that it was easy to understand without spending an extra minute reading long, convoluted sentences (like this one!). (Spoilers and triggering things discussed next.)(view spoiler)[Can I just say, I’ve never read a book like this? One that has an abused hero who got herself out and isn’t immediately fixed? She still struggles with flashbacks, wonders whether it was her fault, blames herself. She comes to terms with her rape and the fact that she can still be attracted to someone else; she can still want physical affection. Even with her very important realizations (and the scene with Lady Augusta saying over and over again “it’s not your fault” – which was SO GOOD), she’s not over it just because she fell in love and got married. She’s still recovering from a lifetime of abuse and neglect.I’m very proud of them for being good people and saving Brook’s life and even taking care of him after the whole carriage incident but I definitely would’ve left him there. It definitely shows Dominic’s and Beatrice’s growth from the beginning of the book but as a somewhat bloodthirsty reader (I’m realizing this about myself. It may just be in regards to child rapists), it would’ve been infinitely more satisfactory for him to die horribly. Oh well. (hide spoiler)]