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Through all their adventures, the bond of the Sisterhood has remained steadfast and unshakeable. But for the first time, the Sisterhood verges on falling apart when the ladies have to choose between two difficult assignments. The first job guarantees a huge paycheck; the second offers a presidential pardon — and a chance to finally emerge from hiding.For the sake of theirThrough all their adventures, the bond of the Sisterhood has remained steadfast and unshakeable. But for the first time, the Sisterhood verges on falling apart when the ladies have to choose between two difficult assignments. The first job guarantees a huge paycheck; the second offers a presidential pardon — and a chance to finally emerge from hiding.For the sake of their union, the gals put aside their differences and focus on a new mission. A mysterious Washington, D.C. political operative needs them to track down a computer hacker who has stolen a highly classified list of fundraisers’ names. With a presidential election looming, the girls soon realize the job is a lot more dangerous than they had anticipated. Will their client come through with his promise? And can the ladies stop fighting — and stay alive — long enough to see it happen?...

Title : Collateral Damage
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Collateral Damage Reviews

  • Kathy Davie
    2018-07-27 09:16

    Eleventh in the Sisterhood series; fourth in the Rules of the Game series. The story is, as usual, set in Washington D.C. and is another outside job contracted with the vigilantes.The StoryThe girls are getting bored. Again. Then Charles pops up with a "dicey" job. Seems both the Republicans and Democrats lost their donor lists with all their identities. The Republicans are promising a presidential pardon to the ladies but without guarantees.The ladies just ain't that stupid and they decide to gather as much intel on their cloaked contractors before they actually do anything. In the meantime, Elias Cummings, the FBI Director, is setting up a new task force. One headed up by Erin Powell, a former best friend of both Barbara Rutledge and Nikki's with Bert Navarro on board as well. Nothing feels right to any of them but the ladies go ahead and poke and prod their way through getting reactions. Erin certainly helps by insisting that her team members pick up Judge Easter, Ted Robinson, Maggie Spritzer, Jack Emery, and Harry Wong for starters. Even though her agents are issued strict orders to do it by the book, not all of them seem to have gotten that message and it whittles down task force members bit by bit. Physical force. Reminders of upcoming retirement. Bad publicity. Bert is suspected of being the mole. And each one of them hires Lizzie Fox as their lawyer. Further intel warns the ladies and their new back up plans consist of lots of kidnappings.The CharactersPretty much everyone from the last book including Justice Pearl Barnes. A new character was introduced: Chuck Dalton is a CIA operative and I suspect he's being set up as Alexis' love interest. We also learn of a horrible event in Lizzie's past while Annie finally gets her one-on-one with her own ghostly daughter.Ah, jeez, Michaels provides more of Paula Woodley's past history with her abusive's disgusting to hear what she's doing to him but then she relates a little "memory" to him of whether he remembers the time he held her hands to the stove top, or when he held her feet to the fire, or… Makes me want to stop by and help Paula with some more torture.My TakeFor all that the ladies pride themselves on how smart they are and how they don't need the men at all, they sure do rely on the men a lot to get their asses out of trouble. And they are constantly mouthing off to everyone they meet. What is with that!!!??? Jack, Harry, and Bert kidnap two highly, highly-powered men and don't leave their disguises on? One couple "helped" by the vigilantes has to be "moved" because of the bragging. An FBI agent is kidnapped out of her life and given another; admittedly, she wasn't being very happy with her life, but still. Sloppy, ladies. I sure would like to understand how this agent simply disappearing is enough to make her look like the mole. Unless they intend for Nellie's dinner with Elias to do the trick. Lazy. Sloppy. Lizzie's mouthing off to two of her friends and "converting" Ted Robinson. Yuh, uh-huh…Sure hope space travel becomes viable soon 'cause that's all that's gonna be left as a refuge for these idjits.The CoverThe cover is in shades of pink looking out from a mountaintop at a series of mountains in the near distance. A close-up of fence posts is in the forefront. The title is oh-so-true and most of the Collateral Damage wouldn't have been necessary if the sisters were as smart as they keep assuring themselves. In my view, methinks they doth protest too much. Street translation: dumb bunch of women.

  • Loretta
    2018-08-03 05:03

    This is the first book by fern Michaels I've read. Totally out order in the series but it was a good read. Do not have a good sense of who the individuals are in the vigilantes but it will likely get better as I read more books of the series.

    2018-08-04 06:05

    The sisters were brilliant The little troop keeps growing and the deeds are getting more dangerous! If you haven't started this series, I strongly suggest you read them in order. I somehow managed to get out of order and now am backtracking. Enjoy the ride!

  • Linda Walters
    2018-07-21 06:47

    This series just keeps delivering. And this book did again. I so enjoyed the cast of characters and we get to catch up on how some of the people from past stories are doing. The "good guys" that is because the villains are pretty much living out their punishments. Plenty of twists, turns and surprises; just the way I like it. It's also been fun to see some romances for a few of the Sisters developing. Nikki and Jack. Harry and Yoko. Kathryn and Bert. They catch time together any way that they can. And unless I miss my guess Alexis might have just met her guy in this book. Not sure how they are going to meet up again but I'm sure the author already has that worked out. I hope. The part of the story that has to do with the "Post" newspaper was a stroke of genius and the mastermind, Charles wasn't even the one to think of it. I also liked getting to know more about the personal side of Lizzie Fox. She was a hoot to watch when she was in full professional mode. Another winner.

  • Rhonda
    2018-08-08 02:58

    Both political parties are stunned when their top secret fundraising lists of donors are stolen. The Democrats and the Republicans ask the Sisterhood to investigate the hacker who stole their lists. However, the Sisterhood is divided as to who to assist. The Dems offer a lot of cash while the GOP offer presidential pardon. One thing the team shares in common is not to trust either party. They have their extended operatives conduct some serendipitous investigations to see if this is a stunt to catch them. As they learn more of what is going on from their allies, the Sisterhood with its one for all and all for one attitude comes together as they always do. The latest Sisterhood saga is in some ways typical of the series as the magnificent seven deals with a new challenge. However, it is refreshed as they disagree on involvement and more so by previous tales secondary players playing much greater roles than ever before. Fans of the series will enjoy their latest thriller as they fear the risk of getting involved could cause them to become COLLATERAL DAMAGE, but the opportunity may be too great to ignore.

  • Heather
    2018-08-06 06:14

    Sisterhood #11I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you've read previous sisterhood novels then why not continue?Overall not as exciting as some of the others. However on a good note we do meet up with previous characters. Mrs. Paula Woodley and her husband come into contact with the Sisters again. The second string aka Nellie, Pearl, Lizze Fox, and Maggie all come back into the game.The Sisterhood gets an opportunity of a lifetime....a chance at a Presidental Pardon if they can discover who stole the classified list of fundraisers names for the upcoming elections. We get a new nemisis, though shortly lived, FBI Agent Erin Powell. A new FBI task force is set up to take down the sister and Powell is put in charge of it. Bert Navarro is also in the task force. Will Powell or Cummings discover he's a double agent and helps the Sisterhood?Ohh and there is an extremly short scene with Alexis and a certain CIA agent...possible a new love intrest?? While these books fall really really short on romance it does have plenty of action that keeps you reading.

  • Candy
    2018-08-05 06:07

    I am disappointed that the relationship between Myra and Charles has fallen by the wayside, I really enjoyed the sweetness of their talk and time together. I also am not sure about Annie yet, she doesn't really fill the void left by Julia. Annie is a lot on the goofy side. Trying to picture Charles doing a fist pump doesn't work for me. Otherwise the story is good and I did enjoy iam disappointed that the relationship between Myra and Charles has fallen by the wAyside I really enjoyed the sweetness of their talk and time together. I also not sure about Annie yet, she doesn't really fill the void left by Julia Annie is a lot on the goofy side. Trying to picture Charles doing a fist pump doesn't work for me. Otherwise the story is good and I did enjoy it.

  • Diane
    2018-07-19 03:58

    Another Sisterhood mystery (yes, it does stand alone too). This one is not to help a specific person but the sisterhood itself is on the line. The government or some specific person in the upper echelon's of the government is setting a trap for the group they call "The Vigilantes". An old friend of Nikki's is heading the FBI team to catch 'the vigilantes' and she is out to score. I found that Erin Powell had the biggest chip on her shoulder. Wow, what an attitude.As usual The Sisterhood members are fun, serious and well developed. Their bond is beyond belief and their tentacles are spreading to different individuals to help them in their missions.

  • Marty
    2018-07-29 10:47

    . One of the “Sisterhood” of Vigilantes novels that is difficult to understand if you don’t know who the Vigilantes are and why they are in existence. These women are bright, rich, and ruthless. They were all “done wrong” in the past and work together to “get even.” This time they are involved with a presidential campaign and hope to win pardons for their crimes. I didn’t like the book but part of this was that I hadn't read the previous ones and didn't understand what started the "vigilante movement".

  • Dolly
    2018-08-12 03:55

    I get frustrated at myself every time I read one of Fern Michaels' books. They are so schlocky, it's not even truly brain candy, since it's just sooo bad. Her characters are either very, very good or very, very bad and not much in between. I don't know why I go back to them, except that they come so highly recommended to me by a true fan. And of course, it's interesting to find out what's happening with her characters. I always swear that I won't read another, but I may change my mind if I want another quick read.

  • Jody
    2018-08-18 03:56

    Sisterhood series. Love this series!A presidential pardon was offered and tempting. I have read so many books in this series that it is like visiting old friends in each new book I read. This book had lots of intriguing moments and I enjoyed it. I especially loved seeing what happened to the man that abused his wife-my kind of justice!I have just started reading another book in this series (and have 2 more in line to be read-although I may have read those already).

  • Brenda Benoit
    2018-08-10 05:55

    For me this was probably the most boring book of the series. The description on the cover made it seem like there would be a lot of discord between the sisters and I really didn't find that at all. The mission itself was pretty ho-hum but it was nice to hear from the Woodley's again (or at least Paula Woodley). It was an okay book but not boring enough to turn me off from the series.

  • Linda Farrell
    2018-07-19 03:09

    #11 in the series is probably the best written in the series. The author isn't as stilted and old-fashioned in her language but there are still inconsistencies between the books. They aren't obvious, though, unless one is familiar with the back stories. The plot is a bit more conceivable, a bit more believable but still... If you haven't anything else to read, read it.

  • Jodi
    2018-07-25 05:06

    I liked this one better than the last few books, although it did bother me that they had the national security advisor be part of this book and it showed how much damage they had done to him and how much his wife enjoyed it. It was just a bit extreme for me. I did kind of like that they reviewed each case though.

  • Kelley
    2018-07-20 09:53

    I'm so glad my friend Sandi turned me on to this series. The first couple books I was iffy about. But the farther I get in the series, the more I like them, even in spite of the silliness they sometimes have and how totally unbeleivable they are. They ARE pure entertainment and that's why I read after all.

  • Truitti
    2018-08-06 08:56

    I like these books, but they get a little too violent for me sometimes. But still, I like the fact that these women take on injustice. I think we would all like to see the "wrongs" people do come back to bite them in the patoot. I know it isn't realistic AT ALL. But I like strong women, like Buffy TVS and even the Charmed ones. LOL Might not be "acceptable" to the very religious.

  • Karina
    2018-07-31 10:13

    I really liked these books when I started reading if you need something to read and don't mind the same story line over and over, then may I suggest one of these books from the sisterhood. I think this would be a good hangover book...

  • Helenk
    2018-07-27 08:46

    Enjoyable, but not as good as some of the others. I felt the storyline of this one left you hanging. However, I am already reading the next book in the series. That is the good thing about starting a series after numerous books have been written.

  • Kristi Faith
    2018-08-18 06:02

    This was the first book I've read by Fern Michaels-I always assumed she only wrote romance? The book covers threw me, I think....At any rate, this was a good read, though sometimes I would get confused due to the amount of characters. Good look at the other side of justice.

  • Grannyvango
    2018-08-06 03:00

    I have read Fren Michaels romance novels and enjoyed them very much.This is the first one about the sisterhood,I really enjyed it .It had adventure,romance,suspence.Do plan to read more of the adventuresof the sisterhood.

  • Kathi Kelley
    2018-08-03 10:49

    I stopped reading due getting hooked on Reading JT Ellison's Samantha Owens and Taylor Jackson series. Returned to the book, less than half way through when stopped, and finished it. Rated it 3.5, it was ok but lacked believability and pacing was slow.

  • Patricia Solla
    2018-08-06 04:53

    Interesting premise. Liked that several characters are back in full force. Felt sorry for the female character who is the fall guy in this story. Liked that we go back over some of why the women are together. Will be interesting to see where this storyline goes next.

  • Marnie
    2018-07-20 07:07

    Always enjoy the sisterhood series. I still think that the first 7 books were the best, but Fern you definitely know how to keep it going and interesting. Looking forward to catching up with the sisterhoods.

  • CarolMacInnis
    2018-07-20 08:55

    The Sisterhood have been offered two jobs - one with a great paycheck, the other a presidential pardon and come out of hiding. This was one of Fern Michaels at her best. Fast paced and a great read!

    2018-08-14 11:08

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  • Wen Labrum
    2018-08-03 07:48

    So far I have loved the series. This one was a little more difficult to follow. I liked the original setting of Myra's house with Charles and the girls. I still don't know why the guys didn't disguise themselves. It seemed a little sloppy. On to #12.

  • Kelly
    2018-07-29 09:00

    I liked this book. I didn't realize it was part of a series until I was done. It didn't make much sense along the way and I kept thinking there should be more to the story. I didn't like the ending. It was to short. I like it better when the ending ties everything together.

  • Renna
    2018-07-24 10:13

    I so love these books!!! This was another great one -- this explored the great Lizzie and her character is so wonderful!!! Myra and Annie are so funny!!! I will be very sad the day that the Sisterhood shuts down.... Enjoy these ladies!!!

  • Donna
    2018-07-20 11:15

    By number 4 of a series, the characters are familiar to the readers. Unfortunately, this book does not advance the characters. As usual, plot requires you to suspend belief, but it's still an easy and enjoyable quick read.

  • Donna
    2018-08-10 11:14

    Laural Merlington reads this series and is excellent. The Sisterhood story lines are about equalizing injustice for women. They are creative and funny in a gape-mouthed way with characters you grow to love.