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Daphne Martin’s wedding to Ben Jacobs is only a couple of weeks away. An award-winning cake decorator, Daphne is busy designing their wedding cake. Her twin nephew and niece, Lucas and Leslie, are excited about being in the wedding party. And Daphne’s brother-in-law Jason is planning a bachelor party for Ben. Everything is going beautifully until Daphne’s ex-husband Todd sDaphne Martin’s wedding to Ben Jacobs is only a couple of weeks away. An award-winning cake decorator, Daphne is busy designing their wedding cake. Her twin nephew and niece, Lucas and Leslie, are excited about being in the wedding party. And Daphne’s brother-in-law Jason is planning a bachelor party for Ben. Everything is going beautifully until Daphne’s ex-husband Todd shows up. Just released from prison after serving a sentence based on his shooting a gun at Daphne, Todd comes to Brea Ridge to profess his undying love for her.Despite Daphne’s attempts to make Todd leave town, he insists on hanging around to reconnect with people he used to know. When he’s found murdered, Daphne finds herself at the center of the investigation. Now she must track down Todd’s killer before she becomes the next victim. Can she still make it to the church on time?...

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Killer Wedding Cake Reviews

    2018-08-13 14:40

    Daphne is eager to start a new life with Ben Jacobs, her fiance who she will soon be marrying. She wants to escape from a painful past and and even more painful previous marriage to Todd Martin,someone who has made her life a living Hell with his years of emotional abuse and attempting to shot Daphne to death.The future is looking bright for Daphne and her at home baking business, she is a baker and cake decorator with a steady business and she is also baking and decorating her own wedding cake. It all comes crumbling down, when Daphne's ex husband, Todd shows up at her door after being released or possibly escaping from a stint in prison for his attempt on Daphne's life claiming that he is still in love with Daphne and wants to try to make a life with her once again.Wondering how and why he is here and how he found her, Daphne is confused and horrified and scared, she along with Ben and their family and friends are wondering how and why he really came back after not contacting Daphne for years. Todd is soon found murdered along with a man who has a connection to the wedding and after identifing Todd's body and soon Daphne is in the midst of the investigation and wants to find their killer so Daphne and Ben can move on and have their happily ever after.I was never more frustrated with a character than Daphne's mother, she seemed like a cold, heartless, you know what, something that starts with a B and rhymes with witch toward her daughter. She make me so angry as I read. I could totally understand this mother and daughter relationship being much like my own relationship with my mother but I thought this was a little over the top. The way her mom treated her and how she felt about Daphne's ex husband was upsetting but in the end Daphne and her mom came to an understanding but this reader is still not very convinced but hope to see their relationship grow and become better in future books.It's a beautiful thing when baking helped Daphne deal with her life Killer wedding cake is a perfect sweet concoction of conflict, relationships, delicious cakes and a murder and perfect for a mystery fan with a killer sweet tooth.FTC Disclosure: Thank you to the publisher and/or author for the giveaway for providing me with a copy of this book for review.This did not influence our thoughts in any way. All the opinions of the book and review are our own and our reviews are honest.

  • Laura Thomas
    2018-08-04 22:04

    I’ve read several of The Embroidery Shop Mystery books under this author’s pseudonym of Amanda Lee and really enjoyed them. So I couldn’t pass up a chance to try this series too.I felt for Daphne. Her wedding to the man of her dreams is only weeks away. She’s an award-winning cake decorator and has lots of orders to fill. On top of that she has a lot of last minute issues to take care of before the big day.What she doesn’t need is a surprise visit from her ex-husband, Todd. After seven years in prison for shooting at her, he surprises her at her doorstep, professing his undying love and begging for a second chance. He hustles her inside her house and when she sees her chance, she rushes out and over to the neighbors to call the police.Upon their arrival, Todd is gone and the police do what they can, getting her a temporary restraining order and making sure she gets to a safe place for the night.Worried he might come back, she’s stunned when the police come to her door, telling her they found Todd dead in his hotel room.Why did Todd wait months after his release from prison to come to her door? Who wanted him dead? Was she next? Daphne needs answers quick or she just might be the next dead body found.This was a super fast read for me. The author gave me so many fun characters to love. I’d like to share something about all of them with you, but that would take a lot of words. Young and old. Friend, neighbor, or family. All of them don’t hesitate to jump in and help Daphne with her wedding and the investigation.There’s more than one murder and I had Todd’s figured out rather easily. What I didn’t see coming was who was behind all of it. The author was sparing with her clues and it came as a surprise.I wish I could say what hooked me the most, but not being a writer, I’m stumbling here. Everything worked to keep me reading one more page, one more chapter, until I reached the end.While this is the fifth book in the series, you don’t have to have read the other books to enjoy this one. It reads well as a stand alone.Make sure you check out the recipes too. Some delicious ones.I received this book for my honest review.

  • Paula Ratcliffe
    2018-07-28 18:03

    This book follows Daphne Martin as she is getting ready to get married to Ben Jacob's right now her biggest decision is the type of cake she wants at her wedding. As Daphne set's about making brownies and cookies she realizes her oven has died and has to borrow her neighbor's when she goes home she realizes her ex is at her house and is trying to win her back, even though she put him in jail for trying to kill her.It doesn't take long for her ex to wind up dead and she is connected to his death but the how and why is she being dragged into this is enough to make you wonder what is up? Did Daphne kill him? And if she didn't who did? What motive did they have to kill Todd?This book was fast moving and definitely kept you on your feet trying to figure who killed the evil ex known as Todd? I loved how Daphne and her mother were able to work out some of their relationship issues when it came to Todd Martin and how he was with his wife. And why he came back for Daphne? This was definitely a great book to read I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to see what Ms. Trent comes up with next!

  • Kathy
    2018-08-02 18:51

    Killer Wedding Cake is the fifth book in the Daphne Martin Cake Decorating Mystery series by author Gayle Trent. I have not read the earlier books in the series but I found that Killer Wedding Cake can be read as a stand alone novel.I always enjoy reading culinary cozy mysteries when I am looking for a fast good read. Killer Wedding Cake definitely fits that criteria. I enjoyed the plot and appreciated the interesting characters in the novel. Daphne's wedding to Ben is far from being under control when Daphne's ex-husband is released from prison. That is the last thing Daphne needs when she is already dealing with controlling family members. Then the ex turns up dead....who else would want to kill him?Great culinary cozy!

  • Emilie Davis
    2018-08-01 13:51

    A delicious addition to the series.Who would have thought that a second marriage could cause such mayhem? I guess Daphne thought she was coasting to the finish line with Ben when pow! Up jumped the devil in the form of her ex-husband! The quiet wedding went out the window and trouble with a capital T began. Join the group and read all about her trip to the altar with a great cast of one of a kind friends and enemies! It was a delightful read and I can't wait to see what is in store for her married life! Gayle Trent has written another winner about life in a small town and the characters inhabiting it.

  • Shannon
    2018-07-24 17:47

    Not your average bridzellaDrama for poor Daphne and Ben before their wedding which may not be happening since Daphne was taken in by a con man setup by her ex husband who was just released from prison. What I liked ability about the book was the closer with her mom and her ex husband even though he was murdered for her to get that closer it's works. What I didn't like was how gullible Daphne was in this book concerning the wedding planner and her ex and the strange repair man. All in all it was an okay read not my favorite Daphne mystery but I do hope this series will continue for awhile longer

  • Linda Roberti
    2018-08-06 18:49

    Enjoy author's demonstration of how vulnerable we humans can be at different times of our lives and how important family and friends are in general, especially during those difficult times. Author also shows how our failure to communicate hurts ourselves and others. Keep writing Ms. Trent.

  • Lynn
    2018-07-24 18:51

    Fun and entertaining!Entertaining read. Hard to put down because of many twists and surprises. Keeps the reader guessing! Yummy cake descriptions. Great characters.

  • Chelsea Trujillo
    2018-07-16 15:56

    I am in love with this story! I seriously just can't wait for the next book. I love everything about it. It's a mystery, it's a feel good book, it has suspense, it's hilarious, it's small town quirky, it's a little love story, and it's squeaky clean! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the story without the sex and profanity most people feel the need to add to 'adult' books.So my favorite laugh was picturing China, sitting in the driveway with her loaded shotgun pulling security detail! This would make a great movie. Very sweet home Alabama feel good to it. You can't help but love these people.The only thing I didn't like is I skipped the first two books and now I feel like I should have gone in order because skipping down the story a bit will give me informed I wouldn't have had before.I have to add that the mother daughter (and daughter) relationship was great, and I was pleased with the way things ended between everyone. I thought it was first class to add the contact information for anyone who is in an abusive relationship.The characters were very real. Daphne grows, and it's not easy or in one shot. It was good to see the imperfections in her character, and how she was able to overcome some demons.I honestly wasn't sure who the killer was. It was left open to several people in my opinion, all of which had motive. I was worried about it being one character in particular, so I was relieved it wasn't that person.So small recap without too much spoiler : Daphne's ex husband shows up just under two weeks from her wedding. Someone kills him, and of course she is a suspect. She and her quirky friends and family try to figure out who the killer is without alerting too much attention from the police, as they were told to stay out of the investigation. What follows is a Roller coaster of emotions and craziness to stay under the radar and prove Daphne's innocence.Seriously, it was a pleasure to read!I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Linda Diaz
    2018-07-20 15:06

    Daphne’s life in small town Virginia is about to become perilous. It’s a shame because she has other matters on her mind, such as baking a special wedding cake. However, she is also in charge of baking cakes, cookies, and brownies for the “Save-A-Buck” grocery store. All the while, danger is looming in Brea Ridge. Daphne is about to find herself in the middle of all this mayhem leading to police investigations.China and Myra are hilarious! China is witty and a fierce warrior. Myra is dramatic and loves to gossip. Both are true friends to Daphne, especially during her time in need of their protection. I also enjoyed how Ben always sticks by Daphne’s side. Trust and loyalty from all these characters surround Daphne. At the end of the book, is the added touch of some savory killer recipes. Daphne is a woman who discovers her inner strength with the support of family and friends. As human beings, we can all use a little of that each day with a slice of cake, of course.I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Mave
    2018-07-18 16:09

    This is a good and fun quircky mystery, with much humor and some twists.Daphne is going to marry Ben: after so many cakes prepared for her customers, can now realize her wedding cake. Just two weeks before the wedding is back to spoil the party her ex-husband Todd. He just finished serving seven years in prison for trying to kill Daphne. He claims to be changed and still love her. Fortunately she does not believe him. Unfortunately he is found dead shortly after and Daphne is the prime suspect. This time she must investigate to save herself. Will she find the culprit before the wedding? Who have killed him?The story was well written and captivating, well constructed the dialogue and the characters were colorful and fun. Daphne is a great character That is smart and brave and I enjoy each time that I get to spend with her.I did enjoy this book and I look forward to reading the others in the series.If you love culinary cozy mystery it is a book not to be missed.

  • Jennifer Brown
    2018-07-27 17:01

    I really love this series! There were a couple times where I thought something really wouldn't happen, but otherwise think this author writes wonderfully! I really should try her other series!I feel like this is the end to this series. Daphne's ex-husband comes back into the picture and causes a bunch of drama. It puts Daphne's life in danger and those around her. I love how the small group of family/friends stick together to solve things. There were a couple disputes that proves we aren't all perfect (even fictional families), and that made it more likable. I recommend this series to all cozy lovers!!

  • Babs
    2018-07-19 14:58

    Killer Wedding Cake is the fifth book in the Daphne Martin Cake Decorating Mystery series by author Gayle Trent. I have read the first and second in this series and skipped to this one but each book you can read as a stand alone. Todd returns after being released from prison but waits a bit to come around to see her.This puts a kink in her wedding plans with Ben. When Todd is found dead in his hotel room things start to unravel. Who would want him dead? Will they want her next?A great read. I adore this series and need to go back and get the ones I have missed.

  • Barbara Hackel
    2018-07-17 22:06

    KILLER WEDDING CAKE was another fun read in the series. Daphne's ex-husband turns up two weeks before her wedding to Ben, and one thing after another goes wrong. I like the way Gayle has developed her main and supporting characters throughout the series, and this book really gets into her mother's character. I was getting pretty angry at both the mom and sister (Violet) for the way they treated Daphne! It was a fast and fun mystery with several twists and turns! I recommend it to all ages-nothing but good mysteries and some wonderful cake recipes at the end!

  • Karen Wright
    2018-07-31 14:40

    Daphne and the regular characters are back again as Daphne is getting ready for her wedding to Ben. of course nothing goes smoothly like an unexpected visit from her abusive ex husband that has just been released from prison. As Daphne stuggles with her mom and getting the wedding together things end well with her lovable neighbors and friends to help. I love this series and hope the next one comes out soon.

  • Rachel
    2018-07-26 14:01

    I love all of Gayle Trent's cozy cake mysteries and this was no exception. Daphne Martin seems to always be discovering a body and then working with neighbors and the police to solve it. The characters are quirky and the mystery keeps you in suspense. I hope there is another Daphne Martin cozy in the works. Loved this book.

  • Shelley Giusti
    2018-07-25 20:54

    This was a fun read. Daphne is in the process of planning her wedding as well as making her cake for it. Her life is busy and about to get busier when a murder takes place and puts a twist in her plans. This fast- paced mystery will have you on the edge of your seat guessing until the end. I enjoyed this read and am looking forward to the next one.

  • Shannon Binegar-Foster
    2018-07-22 15:55

    What a thrillerThis one really kept me turning this pages at lightening speed. I just love this series. I decorated wedding cakes for 15 years so Daphne is a kindred spirit. The recipes sound divine. I hope there are many more adventures in Daphne's future.

  • Suzanne
    2018-08-06 20:56

    One of the things I really enjoyed about this book is the way the supporting characters actually SUPPORTED the main character. The decisions made were not too silly either. It was a good cozy and I'll certainly look for more from this author.

  • Sherry
    2018-08-09 18:07

    A Killer Story!Killer Wedding Cake captured my interest from the first page. It's a well-plotted page turner with engaging characters that kept me guessing until the end. I thoroughly enjoyed it & recommend it to all mystery fans!

  • Mary
    2018-07-18 14:54

    Another fun cozyThis is a light and easy to read cozy mystery series. I've enjoyed all the stories and the characters .

  • Caryn Zdan
    2018-08-16 17:07

    Absolutely love this series!!! I hope she continues this series so we can learn how Ben and Daphne's new life goes!!!

  • Tori
    2018-07-31 14:52

    While better than the other baked - goods related mysteries that I just read, the plot isn't that complicated. It was an OK read.

  • Gillian
    2018-08-11 15:39

    I really enjoyed the twists and the conclusion.