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Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and lady luck tucked into their back pocket. Then there’s people like me, who live to survive. Survive loss. Survive loneliness. Survive the black tar that swallows you whole, stealing everything and anything that could resemble a piece of happiness. They try and fail, try again and fail even harder. Starting life’sSome people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and lady luck tucked into their back pocket. Then there’s people like me, who live to survive. Survive loss. Survive loneliness. Survive the black tar that swallows you whole, stealing everything and anything that could resemble a piece of happiness. They try and fail, try again and fail even harder. Starting life’s never ending cycle of wash, rinse, and repeat. That’s me. Or it was. Ten years I wandered through life. Through ten towns. Through ten men. Then, I didn’t anymore. A hellacious storm came and ripped everything away, leaving me stripped bare for the most beautiful man. A man part of the Corrupt Chaos Motorcycle club, who not only saved my life but rescued my soul. Or so it may seem from the outside. On the inside, it’s not that simple. Life never is. It’s dirty. It’s ugly. And it’s painstakingly relentless. I’m Magdalene Murdock and this is my story. Warning: Contains adult sexual content, an arseload of profanity, and whatever the hell else that makes it unsuitable for folks under the age of 18. - Standalone Novel- Approx 130k Words...

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Beyond Her Words Reviews

  • ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆
    2018-07-28 21:06

    4 THIGHS-FOR-ARMS starsThis book is beautiful. Unlike the MC Chronicles, it isn’t focused on the MC life and business but rather on the two troubled souls struggling with their insecurities and learning to trust and love.The story is about a Corrupt Chaos MC treasurer/firefighter Lachlan with a road name Smoke, and Magdalene, a girl who’s lost everything and is running away. Lachlan is a broken and beautiful man. A mountain of a man. He’s kind, gentle, protective and thoughtful. His Scottish accent, God, it makes him so hot and cute. But he’s lost and troubled and so insecure. He’s a loner and doesn’t like wild parties and easy groupies. But make no mistake. He’s alpha alright, he’s scary, he growls, grunts, punches walls, breaks things, goes commando wearing a kilt to the club parties and does other important alpha stuff. Mags is funny and has a wonderful personality. I must confess I found her a bit annoying in the beginning. She was extremely shy which is understandable, she‘s heartbroken and has been alone and isolated for a long time. But her checking the invisible dirt under her nails, her constant picking of imaginary lint off her clothes and staring into the wall when talked to was irritating at times. But then she gathered up the courage and decided to be a real badass who stands up for herself. This book isn’t your typical MC raw and gritty read. You won’t get the usual amount of MC or bedroom action here. What you’ll get is an original, refreshing, emotional and heartwarming story. The writing is amazing and hilarious at times.Frankly, I didn’t love it as much as the MC Chronicles. It’s not my BC’s favorite but I still love the hell out of it!I think I know who the next book will be about. If I’m right then you better hurry up Bink Cummings! I need the next book like yesterday! Please?Overall rating: 4 starsWriting style: 5 starsStory: 4 starsFlow of the story: 4 starsCharacter development: 5 starsHero: 4 starsHeroine: 4 starsSecondary characters: 4 starsTone/mood of the book: 4 starsEmotion evoking: 4 starsOriginality: 5 starsEnjoyment: 4 starsEffect on me: 4 stars

  • Bink Cummings
    2018-07-17 17:01

    10/7/15: Finished! BHW it finished! All it needs now is to be sent to the editors! Final Word count of story itself 131k. 9/30/15 Update: 2 Scenes let to write- Hit 125k today.9/19/15 Update: It's counting down... Last couple chapters to go. hit 115k today. 9/13/15 Update: 108k has been reached. 9/8/15 Update: 97k has been hit. Long way to go. 8/29/15 Update: Have finally hit the 80k Threshold and there is a lot more to go. Expect a book to be over 110k. 8/13/15 Update: 60k into Writing. 6/23/15 Update:25k into Writing. It's comin' along.

  • Page
    2018-08-01 20:57

    What the what? I don't think I've ever been so off the mark in the choosing of a book. This book was featured on my Kindle carousel, the reviews are incredible, and the author has made many readers very happy... so, even though I rarely venture away from the top shelf, release day books, I read the blurb and decided to check it out.Let's start with the blurb... Warning: Contains shameless adult sexual content, an arseload of profanity, and whatever the hell else that makes it unsuitable for folks under the age of 18.  Cool, this is SOP for the books I read. Next I see it's a Biker/MC book. Awesome, will more than likely explain the WARNING from the author. I'm in.What happened next can be described as Ellie Mae Clampett meets Lurch. I'm still's some reasons why. Arriving at the corner of the open barn door, I peek around the edge and quickly pull back, gluing my body to the wall. Oh. My. Jiminy Christmas! My heart thunders in my chest. I do it again, peeking. Oh. My. Pancakes and gravy! Dagnabbit! I promise I can’t help it. Crappy crackers, I really need to calm the heck down. My brain’s Frickity-flippin’If my heart hadn’t already been spoken for, I might be tempted. Fiddle sticks.Granted, I’m kind of lying, because I’m already going to tell Lachlan, and I know for sure he’ll kick Thor’s hiney for doing this.That's the h speaking, she's 35. (slow blink) Our H is an office holding MC member. Huge, scary, arms the size of thighs, knife carrying, kilt wearing Scot. He's bad news right? Nope. He's all but celibate. Thinks something's wrong with his dick, and spends the entire first 85% with some kind of PTSD over his 'deformed dick'. I can't even...ok yes I can.Next time ya want some lemonade, make sure you’re coverin yourself. Holy. Hot. Damn. Cheese and rice, how much did he see? All of it? A little? Did he watch the entire show? Or did he look away? How much did I expose? Without sparing a glance, I peck out a short message with trembling fingers. What’d you see? I gulp nervously and press send. My teeth move to saw my lip, gnawing at the inner corner. An instant response. You don’t wanna know. Yes. I. Do, Ya sure? Yes! All of your bottom. What the heck does that mean? All of what? My bottom, as in my butt? Or as in other parts, too. Your butt and. . .other. Oh. My. God. Take me out back and shoot me now!“You don’t want me to touch you?” I can’t hide the disappointment in my voice; it hurts that he doesn’t want my hands on him. “I do. Just not there.”“Then lay down beside me, so I can touch you and you can touch me.” I pat the mattress. “Na. I think it’s time ye get some sleep.” He's 45. Shit you not. (slow blink) I need to stop, because clearly this book wasn't for me, although I'm having fun remembering these quirky characters.

  • Michal Inbar
    2018-08-04 21:56

    disappointed.Up until 90% of the book they didn't do the deed. Sorry but I had stop because if I wanted to read a Jane Austen's book I know where to find them. I wanted to read Bink cumming's books. They about independent women, Bad ass MC alpha men and lots of sex. This book? tsk, tsk, tsk.. Most of the book she was scared of him (how can you get stupidly scared and still attract to a man? It can't happen in a woman mind. we don't build that way. If we scared from a man we stay away), the other times she felt shy and to add to all that she couldn't talk because of a storm accident. awesome. Mute heroine and a brooding silent scottish hero. No sex and alot of games of hot and cold.The End.

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    2018-07-25 14:59

    Uh-oh, she's awakened the scary Scot...sighI'm already a Bink Cummings fan. She won me over with her MC Chronicles. I dig the way she talks to me through the characters in her books. I laugh at her humorous observations, and when she asks questions, I answer. When she tells me to get my head out of the gutter, I roll my eyes, and keep it there.Magdalene is a very strong character. She's lived through some bad times and has closed her mind regarding relationships. That ship has sailed and she prefers to stay on dry land. She might dip her toes in the water, but just for a swim, never a cruise. If anyone tries to pull her under, she just shakes the sand off and moves to another beach. After her last dip she's ready to move on. Her and Viola are on the road to the next adventure. Not expecting much, surviving, but not really living.Smoke enters her life in the middle of a storm. The giant, tattooed, rusty-haired ginger pushed his way into her life and just took over. She didn't even know his name, just mentally referred to him as Thighs-for-arms. He crossed his arms over his chest and scowled at her with his striking teal eyes, rarely speaking, and frequently growling. It wasn't until later that she heard his beautiful accent.Okay, now I've introduced to two main characters. They are both beautifully broken with very painful pasts and excessive baggage they are still carrying around. They are loners who have given up on finding happiness, but they are still capable of caring for others. As the Corrupt Chaos MC family accepts her as one of their own in her time of need, she finds that her heart still has some love left in it. Too bad the one she wants to give it to the most...doesn't want to be her friend. Will she accept that? Will she change his mind? Or will she and Viola hit the road again?

  • Amber
    2018-08-13 16:44

    This is a standalone book with no cliffhangers which I found so refreshing, especially since it seems that most of the books being released lately are a “series” that leaves you biting at the bit and anxiously waiting for the next book so you can find out what happens. With this book you get Lachlan, a broody, red-headed, hot Scottish firefighter/mc club member with a super sexy accent and the heart of a true gentleman and the beautiful and caring Magdalene whose fear of loss prevents her from really opening up her heart again. This is a story about two damaged people who go through life, one whose in limbo and just “deals with it” and the other who runs from it. This book also touches on the subject of spousal abuse, but the author took a different angle with this topic which I found interesting and unusual. There’s also a bit of name dropping from this author’s MC Chronicles series which I thought was super clever. Overall I think that this is a beautifully written story about two damaged people learning to trust and love again who get their happily ever after!

  • Debbie
    2018-07-17 19:58

    I just LOVE Bink's writing style.

  • Amy
    2018-08-14 13:52

    Beyond Her WordsBink Cummings5 bull honky stars (in a good way)Magdalene Murdock has been through ten farming communities in the last ten years running through the men in those ten towns since she started wondering the world alone. She never stays puts more than a year or two at most. Her last man, Jonathan, knew her as Rebecca. It became a disaster, a treacherous storm, just like the one she is driving through now. Her beloved Viola, the two rings on her left hand and some garlic bulbs are her most prized possessions. At fourteen she collided with the sixteen year old Brian. Everything except those three prized possessions are now gone along with her Gram. At thirty two years old you would think a woman would want more but right now all Mags wants is to get the hell out of the storm she just drove straight into. Never did Mags imagine in one tornadic moment that lightening is about to strike as she seeks shelter in a single store with a flashing “Open” sign. Saying a silent prayer, Mags begs her Gram and Brian to keep her safe. The rust colored goateed and cropped hair colossal of a man has to be a dream. A silver dust mixes making his jaw and teal eyes through straight into her soul. He cant be real. Mags must have died and gone to heaven. Twelve days later Mags wakes to find a tiny red ringlet haired teenager snorting off to Doctor Dipsnot that she is her daughter and his rude comments annoy her. Not only is this angelic young lady standing by her bedside but soon Mags finds out the man she dreamed of was real, along with a whole lot of other brooding men that make up the Kentucky Chapter of the Corrupt Chaos MC. Lachlan “Smoke” MacAlister is not only real but he is also the man that saved her life. From here I can and will tell you the array of characters in brilliant story are fascinating to say the least. Thor, Sniper and his wife Whiskey, Cass, Bonez, and a dog named Pirate will open up your heart. Well there is one in that list that you will loathe along with the devil herself Meredith; Lachlan’s wife. Yes … his wife, you heard me. You also get the gift of the Sacred Sisters through Whiskey and her business; Whiskey’s Corrupt Confections. This is the whole pie, not a slice .. the entire pie pan. I have never read such a torturous and striking love story. It felt like my heart was being peeled apart a little at a time between Mags and Smoke’s pain. Pip (Bridget) is pure strength. The way this young lady’s character is written will make you feel like she is a fortress of acceptance and an angel put into her father and Mags life for one purpose only. The deep seeded verbal abuse and self torment on the pages of this book will turn you inside out. The realistic brutality of scraping and clawing to try and find your way out of the quicksand might just obliterate you. The hushed tears that ran down my face numerous times were my savior; allowing me to grieve for such devastation of two people’s purpose of existence. Don’t get me wrong there is also joy on the pages; lots of it but witnessing two characters piece themselves back together …… I cant even explain that. Layer by layer … yes … It’s a teeter totter of emotions; you wont ever want to let go. As I turned the last page I only wanted to know more. I willed more. I can tell you there is .. but that’s not my place to say when or how. I have already begged Bink for Pips story as one moment in the book had me looking to the stars thanking them that Pip …. Yeah no; not getting that from me. But its there. The last two pages (at least on the Kindle) … Yeah. Again .. not getting it here. Just know .. when you get there hold on to something because your going to need it. Exhaustion and fatigue will set in because its complete .. for now. I cannot tell you why you should read this book because there aren’t words for that. What I can say is that if you don’t then you have no one to blame but yourself. Bink Cummings shows us how radiant she really is in this one. She has exposed herself as a novelist holding zilch back. This woman can write her ass off and I was the propitious girl who got a dang ARC. Until the next one I will be repairing myself and holding on another day. Once again, I cannot thank Bink enough for honoring me a ARC of her work. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. Keep writing because if you quit, the world will lose a dazzling and luminous mind.

  • Leona (Books Inside The Keep)
    2018-08-04 21:04

    Disclaimer: I received as an ARC courtesy of the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest reviewI think I have the same obsession with Scottish men as this author does, because I’ve been entertaining thoughts of wanting to jump in these pages and fight Maggie for Lachlan. I wanted to dog-hump this man’s leg (bad visual?), to lick his beard, and swim in a pool of his accent alone. While at the same time I seriously wanted to drive my cleat footed show into Smoke’s ex-wife’s face for the crap she pulled and said, as well as the Lachlan wannabe (can’t even think of his name, he irritated me so much).After reading The MC Chronicles, I truly didn’t know what to expect with this read, and reading the first few pages of this book I didn’t think that Beyond Her Words was going to cut it for me. It wasn’t until I hit chapter two that I started craving every page, paragraph, and word that was written. I honestly can’t explain the change of heart or mind, it kind of freaked me out too, but was I glad that I started enjoying the story.My kindle went everywhere with me, and I do mean everywhere, so that I could continually stay in the moment and mood that this book induced. But no amount of preparation or comfort food could’ve prepared me for the ending. Bink, I was so ready to virtually fight you if this story had’ve turned out in the direction it looked to be going. #IAintScaredThis was a truly memorable and excellent story, a great read for the holidays. I hope that they’re be a squeal, possibly with Pip and Casanova? Maybe? Hopefully?

  • Keitha Cook
    2018-07-31 14:05

    Beyond 5 Stars!!!I was graciously gifted this ARC in exchange for my honest review. We all have our favorite go to authors, you know the ones that we buy their books without even debating about it because we know that it will be good. Well, Bink is at the top of my list right up there with the great Kristin Ashley. She has set the bar extremely high for other authors with her fresh and unique writing style. I really liked that the main character was written as if she was speaking to the readers. I may or may not have answered Mags back a time or two. Beyond Her Works is about a young women named Magdalene who has survived so much loss in her lifetime that she only relies on herself and doesn't get attached to people anymore. One night, while fleeing from a bad relationship, she gets caught in a bad storm and stops at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Due to events from the storm, she then meets the hero Lachlan "Smoke". He is a Scottish firefighter/biker(um hello, I'm already sold). Their story is very captivating and enjoyable. The secondary characters were just as likable as the main characters. Bink has the ability to draw me into her stories with her amazing writing. She definitely has a special talent and I look forward to reading more of her books. I highly recommend this one, as I also have the MC Chronicles.

  • LynnLexie-shea
    2018-08-13 19:43

    What a completely opposite style of writing than we're use to from Bink. Such a touching and sweet journey of love for two characters who've been abused in their own separate ways. After a life threatening accident during a storm brings Lachlan racing into Mag's life to save her, he realizes she has no one to care for her during recovery. That is when Mag becomes part of a family whether she wants to or not! She has a chance to mend not only her battered body, but also her and Lachlan's battered souls.Lachlan, you stubborn arse, how I loved ye. Even when I wanted ta smack ye upside ye bloody head for not understanding Mags loved ye for yeself .... not seeing ye as some kinda freak that ye think ye are!!(Was that enough "ye's" for y'all?) But seriously now, I did like this book a lot. It was not like most books I read where everything happens fast and hot. It was a slow build up sorting through emotions, feelings, memories and friendship to crest the peak of true love.

  • Aliyeh
    2018-08-09 13:40

    Four Stars for Mags and LachlanWow! Going into this I did not expect such a deep and heartwarming story but that is what I got! "Beyond Her Words" caught me in the first few pages of the book! I was very intrigued by Magdalene and her life story. I also haven't read many books where the hero is full on Scottish so that was interesting! Let alone surprisingly hot!There is a lot of traumatic events and mental abuse in each of these characters past. If I was to describe Lachlan, think bad ass biker mixed with a light "Fifty Shades Of Grey" emotional self loathing. I loved him that much more anyways. There is so much potential here for a really good series! I want to read about Bonez, Cas and even want to see Thor turn himself around! Great first read for me from Bink Cummings.

  • Sue
    2018-08-04 17:58

    The MC Chronicles books 1 to 3 were some of my favorite biker books from this past year and although I have many biker authors that I adore, read and follow, Bink Cummings is one of my favorite new writers hands down.She gets it...gets what makes men and women tick, gets what makes for a broken, wounded heart so believable and gets how to craft an epic story that will leave you laughing one minute and then sobbing uncontrollably the next…but always with a realistic approach and satisfying conclusion.Beyond Her Words is no exception. Lachlan and Magdalene’s journey starts off as a young woman is (yet again) running from a situation and heading off to places unknown, to start over with another new identity (this time her real one) and a few cherished mementos (especially her beloved car Viola). She finds herself in a small town, taking shelter from a storm and what happens next is as much a story of survival (both from the elements as well as from life itself) as it is a lesson in what it really means to be damaged and psychologically traumatized. Lachlan is a loyal, powerful and yet gentle giant who loves fiercely and protects everything and everyone that he cherishes with a strong fist and a tender heart. Mags is stronger than she looks and after fighting her way back from near death, she proves herself to be a perfect match to Lachlan’s stubborn and vulnerable ways.This book has so many interesting and emotionally complex characters who make up the supporting players in this epic biker “dramady” (I call it that because it is narrated with a bitingly sarcastic wit but at the same time deals with some serious issues so it is not all funny) that I feel many of them are quite deserving of having their own story in future novels. You will laugh at, you will love and you will hate some of these “family” members as they all fight for their rightful place in the lives of both Lachlan and Mags... but ultimately you will just become immersed in this beautiful and deeply passionate story of two very damaged souls who deserve much better than what life has thrown at them, and you will cheer them on as they make their way home.If you loved the MC Chronicles, although Beyond Her Words is very different, I think you will love this one as well, as it speaks with the author’s distinctive voice. Bravo on a job well done.I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.***** 5 ***** “love is a many splendored thing and follows no guidelines” stars

  • ThatTransylvanianChick
    2018-08-08 21:06

    *sigh* Lachlan <3No, seriously, HUGE SIGH! He's absolutely perfect! "Ye make everythin' better just by breathin'."How can you do this to me, Bink? You made me fall for this perfect man and he's fictional! Leaving the crazy aside, I loved this book. It's the first but not last that I'm reading by this author. I love the style, loved the dynamics between the characters. Sure, there was an MC in it but it was more of a background thing. At the forefront were two broken people that found each other and did their best to heal one another. And you know what? They're on the right track. Maggie is my kind of girl. She's sweet but she can be hard. She won't let anyone walk all over her and she protects what's hers. And Lachlan is hers. Yes, the story is long, no, there's no insta-love - thank God. And you know what? That makes it more real and that's something I love. I could totally imagine this playing out in real life. Everyone is broken, in one way or another, everyone has a story we know nothing about but when it's the right one, you get to help mend the broken pieces. And these two, slowly but surely, do exactly that.I love the ending. I love that's not a 100% HEA. It's more of a HFN - happily-for-now. Again, makes it feel more real. So I'm hoping to find a very own Lachlan, can you truly blame me? Ms. Cummings, bravo. Kudos for creating a character that has now a special place in my heart and a book that will be reread. I also think it may have given me a book hangover. Couldn't put it down. Now what?5 stars. P.S. I also want to thank one of my book friends for telling me about a book she 5-starred and I should try reading. I love you.

  • Michelle
    2018-08-04 21:54

    ARC ReviewWoW Bink Cummings blew me away with Beyond Her Words a 5* readBeyond Her Words is so very different from anything already written before. It will pull you in from the beginning and take you on an emotional rollercoaster until the very last page.Lachlan 'Smoke' is a big badass firefighter/biker but underneath he is a broken sweet, shy man dealing with his own personal demons. Lachlan has a very sexy Scottish Accent and is a true Scot's man which is proven when he wears his kilt :) Magdalene, Mags, starts off very quiet! but soon finds her voice. Life has dealt Magdalene a harsh deal so far and she is closed off but we soon get to see her caring, loving, sassy, funny sides.So many parts I loved about this story including the characters:~ Bonez, Whisky & Sniper horny perfect, Cas, Pip and of course Pirate the one eye dog. Will Lachlan & Magdalene find peace in each other or are their past demons to much to fight ?Hoping for more in the series soon ~ Highly recommended read for those looking for something gripping, raw, real and fresh.

  • Vieira
    2018-07-24 18:50

    I could not put his down it was super good. I love the way this author writes. She gives you lovable characters and a great gritty storyline. Now even though this book had one sex scene and it literally happened at the last pages of the book. I know I know for my friends that know me know that I like lots of sexy times in my books. Usually this would not be my cuppa but I loved the story. Now they did mess around a couple of times but (view spoiler)[ Lachlan was so tramatized by his ex-wife's treatment of him he would puke after he would cum because of self loathing because he actually started to believe that bitch (hide spoiler)] I am really looking forward to where this series is going. Will the next book be a continuation of Mags and Lachlan? Who knows all I know it that I'm in!!!

  • Danielle
    2018-08-07 15:57

    Wowza! I was so lucky to get an early copy of Beyond Her words! Got the book late last night and am finished now because I COULD NOT STOP. I'm going to go back and re-read as I want to write a review that is deserving of the book. For now, let's just say I was hooked and if I didn't already think Scottish brogues were beyond sexy, then I would be out searching for random Scotsmen right now just to follow around and listen to them speak :) Bink Cummings has written a great start to a (hopefully) new series. Will write more on the weekend.

  • Hollie
    2018-08-07 19:56

    This was a pretty good MC romance. I liked that it wasn't overly detailed when it came to the motorcycle club. I do enjoy MC reads, but sometimes they are a bit much. I loved the hero in this book and his daughter Pip. I found the heroine to be a bit annoying and immature, but overall it was a fast paced and pleasant read.

  • Amanda
    2018-08-15 18:56

    I loved this book. Bink sure knows how to stop a bitches heart! Great story about two broken people who come together and help pull each other out of the darkness. Loved all the characters and can't wait to see what she does next in this series.

  • Becky Cox
    2018-07-21 21:41

    It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I am a Bink Cummings fan. Love the MC Chronicles. Love Bink's wit but mostly love her ability to see into the soul of people and put it on paper for us. When she spoke about Beyond Her Words, she said she was doing something different. Obviously, as a reader, you are concerned that it won't be as good. I can assure you there should be no such concern. Beyond Her Words is brilliant! Loved every page, every emotion and lordy did I love Lachlan.Magdalene has had a rough go of it since a young age and has been wondering aimlessly for 10 years. A bad storm and some worse luck puts her in a vulnerable situation. Magdalene is the mirror of so many woman. Strong in some aspects but very insecure in others. She isn't 20, she isn't skinny, she has huge tits and a crooked smile. She has survived some devastating events making her beautifully strong even if she doesn't know it.Lachlan is physically handsome, if that is even a strong enough word. He has some emotional issues that he hides deep. I love him hard. He is grumpy and growly and oh so sexy. Did I mention he has a Scottish accent and wears a kilt? No, well he does. Lachlan is a loving and caring father on top of all that hotness. Who wouldn't fall for all that, right!?I will be doing a reread soon as I love both these characters. The supporting characters were wonderful and I loved them all...well, except one. You hit a home run again Bink and thank you for sharing Mags and Lachlan with us.I received a copy for an honest review.Reviewed for Jo&IsaLoveBooks

  • Momma Hellmouth
    2018-07-26 20:54

    My Review of Beyond Her Words by Bink CummingsMy Rating 5 Beautifully Written StarsWhere do I start? First off I read the MC Chronicles Vol 1-3 and became a huge fan of Bink Cummings, and her finesse with which she writes. Beyond her words isn’t like anything she has written before. This book was written so beautifully and with perfection straight from the heart. This book is so much more than a biker book with hot alpha men and the women who love them. This is an incredible love story, one that will touch your heart, make you laugh and sometimes cry. You’ll get mad and want to throw your kindle. If there is an emotion out there when it comes to love you’re going to feel it in your soul when reading about Lachlan and Magdalene. These two people have battles they have fought through and came out the other side with more burdens that no two people should ever feel. These two people have a connection that will withstand the test of time. Anytime I have read a book from Bink Cummings her precision with words captivate me and suck me into the world she has created for me as a reader. You will live her characters and feel what they do as she takes us through their journey, and let me tell you it’s a journey that you won’t want to end.Beyond Her Words is a timeless read one that you will cherish and read again and again over time, at least I will.*I was priviledge to receive an ARC in exchange for an honest review***Reviewer for Hellmouth’s Bookblog & Reviews**

  • Mary B
    2018-08-11 18:41

    I was privileged to be given an ARC of this book. I say privileged because this story is a true gift to any real romance reader. Bink Cummings outdid herself with this one! It's more than an MC book. More than a hot Scottish fireman/biker with an accent that'll melt panties who falls for the curvy, quirky country girl who drives thru life in her '69 Camaro with garlic bulbs by her side. It's a story about two hearts. Both broken in their own way, who learn in time, that it takes the other to heal the hurt. Lachlan and Magdalene have issues and obstacles that block their way to healthy happiness. Will they find what they crave most? Will it be with each other? Or will their obstacles continue to keep them apart? I've always said a good book with throw you into a roller coaster of emotions. When you cry, laugh, squeal, scream and get mad, fall in love and have your heart ripped out, giggle, gasp and sigh while reading, then you've found something really special. That is this book. Bink is an amazing author! Her unique writing style puts her above the rest in my opinion. And while her MC Chronicles were brilliantly written, she has grown so much since Vol 1. This book shows that growth. You will be blown away. You will finish reading and will feel the characters inside you. Feel their story in your soul. And it's one that will stay with you for a long time to come.

  • April
    2018-08-16 17:59

    Was given an ARC for honest review.I'm not one to summarize a book in a review and try to keep anything that could spoil an event in the book. What do u get when u put 2 very broken people together? U have an epic journey that will break ur heart then build it back. Bink I'm speechless how amazing this book is and how much I LOVE IT. Words can't do it justice. I couldn't put it down. "Yippy Skippy" ;)Possible Deal Breakers Cheating: No Love Triangle: umm don't want to answer this one but if a love triangle is a deal breaker for u like it is for me I still recommend for u to read this book. Hopefully u'll understand why I say that. Naughty time: more of a romance vs erotica but there is panty melting naughtiness Yummmmmm Length: Novel not a novella standaloneCliffhanger: fn NO thank goodness.... I would have killed her lol jkHEA: YES Note: You do not have to read her previous books prior but they are kick ass so fn read them! There was only one con to this book and it can easily be corrected with another book if she makes this a series (a new couple COUGH I WANT ONE WITH BRIDGET... Pls love u!)so I can get an epilogue or update on these characters u can't help but fall in love with and even a some u hate with a passion. This book is one u can't help but have a book hangover when it's over and it pull ur heart strings.

  • Vickie
    2018-07-28 16:53

    Let me start by saying if you're expecting this to be like MC chronicles you're in for a surprise. This is completely different to that but it's just as good (if not better). Magdalene has suffered tragedies, losing loved ones has made her not only very independent but she cuts herself off from others. If she doesn't let people in then they can't hurt her. And she is surviving in her own way until she gets caught in a bad storm, waking up with a strange Scottish man at her bedside. Now I loved Lachlan. He is a really sweet, loyal, caring man battling his own insecurities and I just loved that about him. The characters in this book are all very likeable and it's easy to relate to them. The Scottish dialect wasn't a problem at all and I thought it added to the book, making Lachlans character that little bit more lovable. Throughly enjoyed this book and hope we get some of the other characters stories at some point. Highly recommend you try this.

  • She Hearts Books
    2018-07-27 17:04

    There's so much I loved about Mags and Smoke's story. Bink really rocked this one.Mags is floating through her life not really connecting with anyone when something happens that changes everything for her. She ends up hurt with the Corrupt Chaos MC taking care of her. Mainly Smoke taking care of her. This hot Scot is simple delish with his brogue and need for her. He has some issues which made me want to kick to woman's tush that messed him up. She was flat out evil especially when she went after Mags. I really loved Mags and Smoke together. They just fit and were scorching together. I so loved their story.I give Beyond Her Words 5 hearts!

  • Melissa (#JustALittleCrazy) Rutherford
    2018-07-17 20:06

    Wow…wow…wow! What can I say? Bink Cummings is simply an amazing author with a gift for sucking your right into the heart of her stories. I was blessed to receive this ARC and read it with gusto right away! This story is SO different from her first few books, it had a unique underlying topic of male insecurity that I don’t think you see in many books and it was truly amazing! Bink really helps you get a sense for what each character is feeling and makes them so relatable and she just blew this out of the water! It was HOT HOT HOT and SO SWEET… I seriously LOVE Lachlan and can’t wait to hear what else happens in this amazing storyline. Bravo Bink!!!

  • VictoriaRuelas Romero
    2018-08-12 17:06

    omg seriously she did it again I am in love with this book mags and smokes have melted my heart truly a wonderful book I laughed with mags crazy mouth and melted with smokes manliness I can't wait to see qhat she writes next, it would be so awesome to read a story on Cas and pip looked like they had something there and bonez omg really he made me all jelly inside with his soft and hard side anyways I'll stop before I can't this book made me laugh and cry yes I cried but most of all I fell in love hope to read more of your books bink thanks for once again writing an amazing book

  • Sweet Daisey
    2018-08-10 15:44

    This was the oddest, weirdly charming little romance I have ever read. The characters were strangely endearing. The hero, Lachlan, has some serious hang ups, a thick Scottish accent and a crazy ass wife. The heroine, Magdalene, stops for gas during a storm and ends having a roof collapse on her and being rescued by Lachlan. Even though I spent a lot of time shaking my head at the issues and antics of both Lachlan and Magdalene, I have to admit it turns out to be a sweet love story.

  • Randi
    2018-08-03 18:49

    This book had different feel to it than the others, which I loved... Same quirky writing style in which she writes what we all think day in and day out.... Great story that was different in a good way. And just to throw this in..... as someone who has always worked on her own muscle cars & bikes, that Nova has to be resurrected and included in a future book !!!!!! Please....... And as always, can't wait for the next one in this series.

  • Mandie Foxylutely
    2018-08-09 16:03

    Review to follow on the blog tourREVIEW *ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewHaving loved the MC Chronicles I was interested to see what this book would bring. Hence to say it is something entirely different to Big and co even though it is an MC story it is something that stands out on its own originality.The main characters, Lachlan (Smoke) and Magdalene are both tortured souls. Both have gone through severe tough times and are both extremely lonely, hiding from their fears but both putting on a tough outer shell which nobody can penetrate. However on that fateful stormy evening when their paths cross is it time for them to finally come to terms with their past and let go to move on. This is the angst driven plot that takes the reader on an emotive journey that kept me intrigued and inspired for a joyful outcome. Yes, there is a happy ending but it took a lot to get there. Lachlan was born in the US but spent his youth in Scotland so that when he returned it was with a deep Scottish accent that others found hard to understand. As such he found himself a loner and watching from the side lines. His saviour came in the guise of the brotherhood of the MC and also the firefighters in his unit. When a rare fling lead to him becoming a father at a young age, his strength of fight for his daughter meant he would do anything for her, even remain in a loveless marriage for near on twenty years. His wife’s constant belittling of him leaves Lachlan insecure with his self-esteem. Yes this tough, strong alpha man has a weakness that he will not let anyone in to discover. But then Magdalene entered his life and he finds himself with a deep and intense yearning for this woman. Magdalene has an intense fear of loss and as such she has kept herself to herself over the last decade, moving from man to man and town to town. She doesn’t plant roots and keeps moving to keep safe but then when she looks into those soulful eyes she finds a part of herself wants to stay and get lost in this beautiful fascinating brooding Scotsman. I found this book difficult to, at first, get into. I think it’s because I am so used to the alpha men stories of the MC that to then come across one with a weakness that was hard to understand that I held off getting attached to him. However the deeper the story of the past evolves then there was a ‘click’ of understanding taking place. The ex-wife played a great part of the evil wench causing havoc around her and I felt so much for their daughter. I loved the growling, the kilt wearing and the hot as hades passion which was worth waiting for (yes it took a while). Loved the one-eyed dog, the car naming and the banter of the men of the MC. Wasn’t so struck on the sister and her inability to keep her sex out of her bakery shop (oooh health and safety would be on it if that happened in RL, surely?) Overall though I did like this very different, very emotional storyline. I think it is one that needs to be re-read which I will do so and maybe need to then re-evaluate my rating but for now this is a solid four star read for me.