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From an animal behaviorist and dog enthusiast comes an adorable and informative guide to understanding how our canine friends see the world based on the #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon, Inside of a Dog—now adapted for a younger audience!Have you ever wondered what your dogs are thinking? What they’re feeling? Now you finally can! The answers will surprise and deliFrom an animal behaviorist and dog enthusiast comes an adorable and informative guide to understanding how our canine friends see the world based on the #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon, Inside of a Dog—now adapted for a younger audience!Have you ever wondered what your dogs are thinking? What they’re feeling? Now you finally can! The answers will surprise and delight you as scientist and dog-owner Alexandra Horowitz explains how our four-legged friends perceive their daily worlds, each other, and that other quirky animal, the human....

Title : Inside of a Dog -- Young Readers Edition: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know
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ISBN : 9781481450935
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 256 Pages
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Inside of a Dog -- Young Readers Edition: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know Reviews

  • Jacqui Weber
    2018-08-01 03:56

    “Inside of a Dog” What dogs see, smell, and know, By : Alexandra Horowitz, is an amazing and creative book about dogs. This book shows everything the author knows about dogs, and her opinion about dogs too. I rate this for 5th grade and above, because there may be some literature that younger kids wouldn’t understand. Out of 5 stars I give this a 4 star rating because this book is just giving facts that we may or may not know. It doesn’t really have a story that much, but it does give interesting facts. The blurb is pulls you into this book as well. It says to forget everything you know about dogs, and to learn her way of seeing dogs.

  • Barbara
    2018-08-01 03:16

    Pitched to a younger audience than its predecessor for adults, this book offers much insight into the behavior, characteristics, and world of dogs. The author clearly loves canines, and the inserted bits about her beloved Pumpkin--seemingly taken from her field notes or journal--offer insight into her relationship with Pumpkin and what she learned from spending time with her dog. Although Pumpkin wasn't the subject of her research since she studied many other dogs, she certainly was able to connect her work and her play as well as the time she spent in the office and her daily walks with Pumpkin. Even though some of what the author shares will be familiar to dog lovers, other comments are intended to challenge some assumptions many readers hold about dogs. For instance, it may be that a dog senses how uncomfortable its human is around certain individuals and not so much that the dog feels as though that person cannot be trusted, a finding that seems to make sense. There are small sketches of dogs throughout the book that add to its appeal. If nothing else, readers will close the book with the goal of letting dogs be dogs and understanding a great deal about their body language. Someone looking for training tips for dogs won't find a lot here, but she does discuss ways that owners can find ways to keep their dogs entertained and amused. while learning basic commands such as "Heel," "Come" and "Stay" are important, the author even explains why it might be hard for some dogs to learn to heel. This would certainly be a good title to share with anyone planning to add a new dog to the family.

  • Sarah Ackerman
    2018-07-25 04:11

    Very interesting read. As Horowitz peppers the book with anecdotes about her dog Pump, my mind was full of similar stories about our beagle Jack and our current menagerie of dogs: Chloe, Jadzia and Liza. I feel like I know my dogs a little better, I have more empathy about their experiences having read this book.

  • Bella
    2018-08-12 03:07

    The book Inside of a Dog explains how dogs minds work. It talks about its umwelt and other senses. I felt that this book really connects with readers who have dogs. This book is a quick read. I learned so much about my dog and other dogs. Don't get mistaken by the tittle, at first I thought that the book really was about how the dogs heart and muscles work. But, as soon as I started reading I realized I was mistaken. The book is more geared towards the ages 10-14. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about dogs.

  • Keirra_preble
    2018-08-13 04:51

    its the best book i have ever read

  • San Diego Book Review
    2018-08-07 10:56

    Reviewed by Hannah Hom for San Diego Book ReviewHave you ever looked at a dog and wondered what they were thinking? Well, if you have, this book is for you. Alexandra Horowitz takes you on a journey through a dog’s world. From head to tail, from shoulders to paws, she helps you understand what dogs see, smell, and know.You can read this entirereview and others like it at San Diego Book Review.

  • Jessica
    2018-07-22 04:03

    This book is about dogs and why they do what they do. It answers many questions owners might have like, can dogs see in the dark? I absolutely loved this book. This is a great book because it is all research based by this lady who has written an adult book about it. This is a more kid friendly version of her research and findings about dogs. I can use this in my class by showing how people report their research.

  • Diane Carrozzo
    2018-07-28 10:12

    This book is the young reader's edition of the original by the same name. I'm glad I read this one, because though it was filled with much insight and fun anecdotes, it got a little long-winded at times. So, I figured if this one was long-winded, imagine how much longer-winded the adult version is. However, it was fine to read. I got some insight that will help me understand my dog a bit better.

  • Irene Martinez
    2018-08-01 02:53

    This book is only for dog people and if your a cat person. Why are you looking at a dog book? Anyway this tells you answers to questions that you were asking about your furry friend. So much answers were answered.

  • Katie
    2018-07-28 06:02

    good book, you can learn a lot about dogs. great book if you have a dog or are going to get a dog and want to learn about there life. its all about understanding how dogs think and there life.

  • Dashiell
    2018-07-20 05:55

    I am really into dogs and animals in general, so I liked this book a lot. I learned tons about dogs!

  • April Suter
    2018-08-18 08:55

    Yes, a dog really does look at you and can read you like a book. A great book to read by a dog lover or a new young dog owner

  • Maggie
    2018-07-29 03:17

    I appreciate a YA/middle grade nonfiction that isn't a memoir or historical, but I preferred The Genius of Dogs to this one. I would definitely recommend to younger readers, but I think by the time they hit 8th grade, this would be a bit too young.

  • Jennww2ns
    2018-07-21 09:52

    I think this book was written in an effort to get people to treat their dogs as animals and not furry people; to get people to live in their dogs world rather than expect their dog to live in theirs.My opinion of this book is colored by the fact that a dog behaviourist recommended I read this book in order to help my dog deal with with anxiety issues. In that respect, the book was totally useless.There's not actually a lot of information in this book unless you've never, ever owned a dog and never known anyone else who did, either. Most of the book is in the following format:Question about whether dogs do ABC.Talk about what A means. Ditto for B. Ditto for C.Talk about an experiment done with wolves testing A & C. Talk about the same experiment done with human children. Ditto for dogs.Answer question CDE.

  • Jen Naughton
    2018-07-28 10:56

    I received a review copy from the publisher to review for the Cybils AwardsThis book is engaging and is written with warmth, intelligence, and great analogies to help the reader better understand their dog’s frame of reference. In full disclosure, it’s also the only book I’ve read about how dogs think. The explanation for why a dog wouldn’t like a particular person hit home. It’s not that the dog senses the person is untrustworthy, but the dog sensing his owner is uncomfortable with that person. That makes complete sense to me. We had a dog that didn’t like a particular extended family member at all. I bet he got that sense from me. :)Anyway, kids that are interested in how dogs think, interact with each other and interact with humans will enjoy this. Now I need to read a book like this about cats.

  • June Pecchia
    2018-07-31 04:03

    Looks like an outstanding book for young readers to learn some of the science behind the magic of our wonderful domestic dogs. The level is definitely for young readers, and I'm really interested in this topic, so I stopped reading after a few chapters and want to read the original version written for an adult readership.

  • Olivia
    2018-08-10 11:06

    I think inside of a dog what they see Smell and here is a great book. One of my favorite things about this book is that they tell you from the dogs prospective and the humans prospective. Like when the author said that dogs see a couch as a pile a of pillows and a human sees a couch as something to sit on.

  • Lauren Phelps
    2018-08-18 10:56

    If you love dogs, and want to learn more about them, I highly recommend this book! I like to read stories about dogs more than informational books, so I gave this 3 stars.

  • Leigh
    2018-08-03 05:15

    Meh, whatever. some of the explanations of dog behavior are interesting but I got sick of hearing about the authors dog.

  • Ava
    2018-08-13 08:16

    I thought it was great! All of the stuff the author told us about dogs in general was great!

  • PWRL
    2018-08-16 09:09