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My name is Nathan Stone, and I’m part owner of a BDSM club called The Onyx Room – and I’m not like any other man you’ve ever met.I own the club with my two best friends, Matthew and Brandon. I’m the dungeon Master who runs The Onyx Room. Matthew and Brandon support me. I’m also in love with my girl. Bianca and I have been together since the night she got in my car to sellMy name is Nathan Stone, and I’m part owner of a BDSM club called The Onyx Room – and I’m not like any other man you’ve ever met.I own the club with my two best friends, Matthew and Brandon. I’m the dungeon Master who runs The Onyx Room. Matthew and Brandon support me. I’m also in love with my girl. Bianca and I have been together since the night she got in my car to sell me her body. She thought I’d take her for an hour to sate my carnal desire, but what she didn’t know was that I’d seen her before and purposely bought her to save her from herself.Bianca needed more than a Dominant. She needed a Master. My name is Master Nathan Stone, and welcome to my world.*Possible triggers, coarse language, graphic sex and adult themes....

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Carnal Desire Reviews

  • Sebastian Ex
    2019-02-14 18:26


  • Erin Lewis
    2019-01-31 22:07

    5 Star Review of Carnal Desire (The Onyx Club # 3) by Sebastian Ex Having read both of the previous books in the series, Filthy Desires and Dangerous Desires I was excited to see how Sebastian Ex would develop this story. His writing has grown so much in the last year and I was eagerly anticipating reviewing this book. I was not disappointed in any way. This is his best book yet in my opinion Carnal Desire is Master Nathan and his slave Bianca’s story. Although this is the third book in the Onyx Club, I feel compelled to advise that in my opinion it is by far the darkest and most extreme to date and may not suit every reader. Nathan is deeply in love with Bianca (a feeling mutually returned) and wants nothing more than to help her escape the demons from her past, which are tragic and devastating to say the least.With the help of Matthew, Brandon and their women, Nathan does his best to get Bianca through the nightmares, depression and self-harming that she struggles with relentlessly.Nathan is a Master through and through, compassionate, caring and loyal. He loves Bianca and although their relationship is extreme, he knows with absolute certainty that it is what Bianca needs to survive. Bianca is a tortured soul; she loves Nathan but cannot continue to fight the demons within. I love BDSM and whilst Nathan and Bianca’s relations ship as Master and slave are more extreme than what I feel comfortable with it was so well written that you just wanted to see these two get through and make it successfully into the light.Carnal Desires is a raw, gritty and at times extremely emotional read. Sebastian Ex handles the subject matter well and I was impressed with the integrity of his writing. I was thrilled to see Bianca confront her past and in doing that begin her future. I know if I had Master Nathan in my corner I would feel safe.I know this series is ending soon and I have to admit I will miss these characters. Sebastian Ex’s writing has only gone from strength to strength which each new book and I can say with certainty that when I see his name, I will be reading.Congratulation Sebastian Ex, Carnal Desires is a fantastic addition to the Onyx Club series. I look forward to reading the novella he has planned in December which I believe concludes the series.

  • Diane Laferla
    2019-02-15 22:07

    Having read both books in the Onyx Club Series, I was anxiously waiting for the third, Carnal Desire. I must say Sebastian certainly blew me away, If I could rate this book more I would.This story is based around Master Nathan and his Slave Bianca. Sebastian digs deeper into the characters background to give us a better insight on their relationship....Yes it's darker then his previous two books and may not be for everyone but sometimes you need to read outside your comfort zone to appreciate such talent. I also felt as a reader that I didnt need to question certain scenes as everything was explained well.Previous characters Matthew, Brandon along with their girls do make appearance ( Course they do *Winks*) Brother's always stick together.I rarely think about books afterwards, not this time!!! Days has gone by and I'm still thinking about it..There were times that I felt like crying, crying for Bianca, at times I laughed between the guys banter and about those sexy hot scenes and Sebastian surely knows how to write them.Overall Sebastian Ex has grown immensly as an author and I will no doubt look forward to more future work...Thank you Sebastian and Congratulations.You surely marked us with your words...;)

  • Jackie Wright
    2019-01-23 19:07

    5 Star ReviewI was given this book for a honest reviewWhat can I say Sebastian Ex's books just keep getting better and better. I thought I would struggle with this one as it is darker than the other two in the series but I couldn't have been more wrong.Book 3 in The Onyx Club Series is about Master Nathan and his slave Bianca. Bianca has not had a easy life she is a victim of child sexual abuse and her way of coping is through pain and sometimes cutting. Nathan knows what to do to keep her grounded but he feels she is slipping away and he needs to find a way of getting her to let the past go and become the beautiful woman he knows she is.Sebastian wrote this book with such feeling and emotion, its a love story like no other and yes there is some very hot steamy sex but what you get with this book is a man protecting and doing what is needed to pull his lover out of the darkness and into the light without compromising there BDSM lifestyle.I'm sad that this is the end but what a way to end.Reviewed for MI Bookshelf

  • KFForever
    2019-01-30 22:32 by Tracey Lou ParkerA welcome return to Club Onyx. This is the third instalment of this series by Author Sebastian Ex. Carnal Desire gives us a look into the life of Nathan Stone, an ex policeman and now part owner of a BDSM club,The Onyx Room, as well as his love interest, Bianca. If you were to go visit the Onyx room, you would find Nathan either in the office with Bianca beside him in the slave position or out and about in the club as he has the title of "Dungeon Master", Master being the operative word.Bianca is Nathan's slave. The Master/slave (or owner/property) relationship is entered into on a consensual basis. Bianca's complex character comes with deep psychological issues and reading this book will tell you the reason why. She was born for a purpose; a purpose that would take your breath away. Her upbringing was not that of a carefree happy child in a loving family environment, it was totally the opposite.Nathan and Bianca had been in their relationship for quite a few years and it's worked for them both. Nathan was her safe haven. She was loved, cherished and cared for and that was something that she needed. She suffered from highs and lows and sometimes the lows would bring unimaginable consequences. Nathan had a sixth sense where Bianca's emotions were concerned and he was always aware when an episode would surface. Whenever that time came, Nathan would give Bianca the pain and pleasure that she so desperately craved.The reappearance of Bianca's parents brings together Matthew and Brandon (from book 1 and 2), and Nathan's brother, Jason. Together they unite and deal with a situation that finally needed to come to an end. I haven't given too much away but I highly recommend that you read this book so that all your questions are answered.My feelings about this book had me torn. I had become so engrossed with it that the characters, especially Bianca, became real to me. What she had to endure brought a tear to my eye. This was not a bad thing I can assure you. I love it when an author writes an incredible story that sucks me right in. What I don't like to do is cry! And this was conveyed to the author. *Wink*I would just like to mention the one sentence that totally grabbed at my heartstrings and made me shed a tear or two. The closure that Bianca needed was finally within sight and the five words she uttered... "Master, may I let go?", made my heart smile. At long last she had the chance to be completely free and happy as she so deserved to be. As we know, this is the third book in this series and I have been very fortunate to have read the first two. Each book was beautifully written and this one is no different. Carnal Desire takes you deeper into a world that maybe some have never experienced before. The relationship between a master and slave was certainly an eye-opener but who am I to judge! And judge, I did not.Sebastian Ex . You tackled scenes in your book with grace, dignity and understanding and for that, I applaud you. Bravo on an outstanding piece of writing. With each book your writing has grown as much as your characters. Thank you for yet another great addition to the Onyx club series. Five stars well deserved stars.

  • Book Loving Fairy-Blog
    2019-02-16 15:13

    Four Stars! I received an ARC for an honest review of Carnal Desire (Onyx Club Series) by Sebastian ExThis book captured my attention from the first chapter! The Master/Slave scenario caught me off guard at the start. The chemistry between Nathan and Bianca is intense but so appealing. I enjoyed discovering the closeness between Nathan and his "brothers" Matthew, Brandon and Jason. These men are sexy and all in different ways, but their similarities are their love of women and the protection they provide for their family. The passion these men have with and for their women makes you green with envy. The best part? Once I finished the book I learned the author was a man, which made this read that much sexier!~ Jackie

  • Cat G.
    2019-02-14 22:21

    ***ARC given for honest review***Bianca and Nathan's story just blew me away. Each time Sebastian brings us a new book in this series, I just feel we get to dig deeper and deeper into the characters world and can feel their stories come to life as we read. They are not your everyday stories and you can't help but feel what they feel. Somehow Sebastian brings us something new and great with each book that is written. This one was very emotional with poor Biance and understanding why she is like she is. But even through everything that they will deal with, you feel the love and protection that Nathan has for Binaca. Then we have the twists and turns for the mystery behind what's going on. I just really loved this book and getting to see the past characters again. Great job!

  • CrazyDaisy
    2019-02-09 19:24

    5 Crazy Ass Stars!!!!!I love the series! Sebastian Ex has this certain je ne sais quoi to his writing that draws you in. Admittedly, this pushed my comfort level in parts but I just couldn't put my kindle down. I read it in one sitting. My heart broke for Bianca a lot through this book. My chest is tight just thinking about the horrors she fought. Nathan intrigued me in the previous installments. I was excited to learn more about Master Nathan.It has been a pleasure to witness Sebastian grow as an author. It is a testament to a great author when each book they release is better than the last. I can't wait to read more from him. Sebastian is on my stalker radar.

  • Sultry Steamy Reading
    2019-01-29 22:17

    I received an ARC of this book from Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book's release promotions.I read the first book in this series, Filthy Desire. When I read it, all I wanted to do then was check out debut and not-so-popular authors who wrote BDSM romances. I truly enjoyed that first book. However, when I read this book, it quickly became my favorite out of the three that's already been published in this series. I liked both main characters in this story. Their chemistry and bond was very sexy and sizzling. I liked that the heroine was the one with a dark past and that the hero was the one who saved her. I liked their relationship because it benefited both of them perfectly. I think that even if Sebastian Ex keeps on writing stories as hot as the books in this series, he will only get better and better. He is already a very good storyteller and I truly believed that the plot of each book kept getting better since Filthy Desire. He's one of those male erotic romance authors that I like and enjoy reading.

  • Lindsey Courtney
    2019-02-09 16:30

    Nathan and Bianca story is the third book in the Onyx Club Series. I fell in love with these two and had to read the book twice! Sebastian Ex is an extraordinary author that makes you feel the characters. Nathan an ex cop who runs the Onyx Room and Bianca a girl who is trying to overcome her past. Does Nathan bring that healing to her? The passions between these two are indescribable. I had a lot emotions reading this book and loved every second of it. This is a MUST READ! Mr. Ex has outdone himself with this one! Lindsey/ 3 Amigo Wicked Book Blog

  • Amo Thomson
    2019-02-08 18:33

    Another fabulous readI have loved reading this series, and each book grows the depth of the struggles have gotten darker. Nathan is the most dominant of the three of them but also I think he has got the biggest heart.Life situations start out horrendous for some people and for Bianca they started out the worst that you couldn't even imagine and with every darkness their can be light, but getting there isn't always easy.I have enjoyed following this series and cannot wait to read Desired. Amo x

  • Angela
    2019-02-20 21:26

    Received an advanced copy for Fallen for Books Another amazing book by Sebastian Ex. He is truly incredible. Not only are all of his books sexy but they go deeper than that. He goes into the psychology of why some people need the types of relationships he writes about. Yes what he writes may be considered taboo, but the way his words flow, he brings this into the forefront with the sex act being secondary. This book is nothing short of amazing. He shows the importance of making the women in his books feel loved and secure with not only themselves but with the men they are bound to.

  • Julia Clare
    2019-02-04 16:36

    The master/slave relationship is not fully understood by many who do not live the lifestyle. I was amazed at how sensual, loving and safe this is between Bianca and Nathan. I was sucked in and couldn't put it down until it was finished!This story pulls at you heart, makes you want to kick some ass and has you wanting more.Reviewed By a Digital Dirty Girl

  • Books Laid Bare
    2019-01-30 16:13

    This is book three in the series and I will say that so far it is my favourite, but I have a caveat to that statement, because while I am Ok with the whole BDSM scene in books, this might not be for everyone, because the author leaves absolutely nothing out in this story… it explores not only the Master/Slave relationship in detail but all that their relationship and lifestyle entails. This is Nathan and Bianca’s story and I have been hanging out for Nathan’s chance to tell his tale since the start of the series, this man his so enigmatic, I just want to hear what makes this Master tick.Now, while I don’t pertain to understand why Bianca is willing to live as Nathan’s slave, by the end of the book I accepted that it was most certainly her choice. Bianca formative years have done just that formed and moulded her into the woman that she is today and that is something that emotionally she has had no say in, she endured and survived her childhood and it is something that plagues her but Nathan understand the trauma that she has been through and as determined as he is to make sure that nothing and no-one ever hurts her again, will he allow her to be the woman that he needs in return?She had her reasons and I respected them, no-one knew her better that she did, or perhaps I have that wrong because Nathan certainly knew exactly what his woman both wanted and needed and he saw it as his life’s mission to make sure she got exactly that. Matthew and Brandon were by his side as he did everything in his power to save her from the demons that haunt her not only as she sleeps but through every waking hour.Nathan was not at all what I expected in some respects, he was devoted to Bianca, and while their relationship is far from normal, love is. Loving someone is as basis as it comes, it is the groundwork upon which they built everything else and no matter the delectations of their relationship – what they had was what worked for them… but could it last?The author took on some pretty tough subjects in this book but he gave them a dang good airing, the story was emotional, significantly more than I had considered it would be.

  • Theresa
    2019-02-06 14:29

    Carnal Desire is the story of the third best friend in this series. You get to know Nathan Stone in the previous two books, but that only scratched the surface. You are introduced to his family, and you can see how his family influenced the man he is today.Now, without giving any spoilers, this book was very tough for me to read. Please heed the trigger warning. Nathan and Bianca’s story deals with a very serious and emotional subject matter. Like the other couples in this series, Nathan and Bianca are in a loving and committed Dom/sub relationship, but theirs is taken further due to Bianca’s needs of her Dom. Nathan is a Master. Bianca had a very difficult childhood, and has a hard time dealing with her past. She’s prone to bouts of depression and sometimes self-harm, but Nathan has always been there to guide her away from her darkness. Circumstances force Nathan to realize that he isn’t enough to help Bianca deal with her past and move on. He’s such a strong protector, he will do anything to ensure her safety.Now, unlike the previous two books, Carnal Desire is a dark one. While I don’t particularly care to read dark books with certain subjects, I am glad I read this one. You can definitely see Sebastian stretching in his writing. He has such a great style about his writing.I could see this story going in a few different directions, but in keeping with the character and strength of Matthew and Brandon in the first two books, there is dignity and compassion shown in this gritty tale.This is the third book in the Onyx Club Series, and I can’t wait for the final installment. I received this ARC for an honest review, and I give it 4 stars.

  • Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog
    2019-02-12 18:16

    5 Stars!I really liked this book in a very bad and dirty way. This book is not for the weak and not for the prude. This book was hot, dirty, sexy, intense, passionate, and so very good that I devoured it in one sitting. And a crazy bonus!!?! The author is male and I LOVE finding male authors because their books are always grittier and definitely more real in the romance world. This book, while seriously hot, had a great story. It was one of love and triumph. It was one that spoke to my soul and made me kindle steam. It's about a woman learning to overcome the horrible life she endured and lean on the one man who gives unconditional love and strength through it all. Bianca and Nathan's story was brilliantly written and spoke deep in my soul.This is Nathan and Bianca's story. Bianca was brought up n filth and just barely escaped. But thanks to Nathan, she is now thriving somewhat but she still has dark days. Nathan loves Bianca. They are in a Master/Slave relationship because it is what keeps her going. She thrives from the pain. She needs to have someone control her life in that sense. And then her past comes back . . .Nathan knows he would do anything for Bianca so he does what he has to, to make sure her old life stays in the past. But sometimes we find that we need to face it in order to heal, find strength, and move on with our lives. And the other men and woman from this Onyx Club are back and life is changing. Get ready to smile, laugh, cringe, get angry, and definitely fall in love.I highly recommend this book and series.Review Post--->

  • Deb Carroll
    2019-02-07 19:08

    First let just say, I love the cover of this book! It's beautiful and sexy!Sebastian’s books just keep getting better and better.I loved the first 2 books in the Onyx Club Series and I have been anxiously waiting for this one, and I was not disappointed.Nathan and Bianca have been in a consensual master/slave relationship for years. Bianca has suffered severe trauma in her past and Nathan has been the one person she could count on. He is able to read her emotions and he just knows when she is headed to a very bad place and he is always there for.When Bianca’s past makes an appearance Nathan, Matthew, Brandon and Nathan’s brother Jason band together to stop the events of the past from ever happening again.I really enjoyed being able to get a deeper look into the Onyx Club. With each book we get to see into a world that we normally wouldn’t know anything about.I was completely entranced by Nathan. I have been waiting to find out just what kind of man he was going to be. He is hard and demanding and a Dominant in every sense of the word, but he loves Bianca and he would do anything to make sure she is happy and taken care of.Bianca should have never had to suffer the abuse that she did. I found myself emotionally broken into a thousand tiny pieces over what was done to her. I cried, and I am sure I am not the only one who will shed tears for her, but it wasn’t just her past that I cried over, I also cried when she finally found the peace and the happiness she deserved.This was an amazing read, it exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait for Sebastian’s next book in this series!*I was given an arc in exchange for an honest review*

  • Marina Skinner
    2019-02-15 14:22

    I have to start off by saying that Sebastian's writing has improved so much since his first book! I love the way he writes, his compelling words, his characters! The actual bottom line being that it's a real love story with such intense characters that have horrid pasts! I did struggle to read some of the more difficult parts in this story! What I thought was wonderful was the way Bianca was so cared for by Nathan, yes he's her Master, she's his slave, however he is there to protect and care for her anyway he can! The words that came off the pages, the explanation of why they have such a relationship and why Bianca needs this way of life is given often and in a dignified way! The banter between Nathan, Matthew and Brandon was fantastic, a real sense of mateship, if you will. Their devotion to their women is something to be admired! The lengths they will go to for them, as well, I wholeheartedly understand!! This book is rather dark and I really felt sad for Bianca and her past, but her ability to rise above and with Nathan's help, let go of her shocking past is really brave indeed. He grounded her!I loved the ending! To be totally immersed in a book that is dark but to come out of it lighter and with a better understanding of the characters, makes for a great book and an even greater series!I sincerely hope Sebastian keeps up with writing, he has a great writing style that I feel will only get better!I love reading books out of my comfort zone and this one was certainly one of them.Complimentary copy received for an honest review.

  • Amber Jackson
    2019-02-17 14:17

    Sebastian Ex Amazes AgainI have fallen in love with this series. From book one I was hooked. I'm really wishing that my time with the characters is reaching its conclusion. Sebastian has an amazing ability to bring his characters to life. He is wonderfully descriptive and maintains a story line that is realistic and captivating. I love the attention and detail put into each character, building on their pasts and present to make a well rounded and realistic person. I've fallen a bit in love with each male character in all three books. They are Dominant men, but hold their women in such high respect and have a rigid sense of love and honor that they essentially are every girls fantasy. A man that puts his woman's needs forever above his own. A man that is fiercely loyal and protective. A man whose every thought and action stems from what would be best for his partner. Yes, they are considered "kinky" and controlling to a certain degree. Yes, the sex is definitely outside of what most consider "normal." But, you would be hard pressed to ever find a man who would love as unconditionally and unequivocally. This book, along with the others, show all aspects of a Dominant/Submissive relationship. Not just the amazing sex scenes, but the true relationship and intimacy between two partners who trust one another unconditionally. I can't wait to read more from Sebastian Ex, I have yet to be disappointed and always end up craving more!

  • Melissa Mendoza
    2019-02-20 21:22

    “‘I love you, slave.’ I lean down and whisper in her ear. Bianca looks up at me and smiles. That’s all I need. That one smile tells me everything I need to know.”5 carnal, needy stars!! So hot!! This series is beyond words and each one keeps getting better as I read!!Book three we meet Bianca, the slave and Nathan her Master. Bianca has a rough childhood, she’s survived sexual abuse, and now she deals with this pain by self harming herself. Nathan can feel her slipping through his hands and he is desperate to find a way to stop it! He wants to show her that she can be the beautiful woman on the inside that she is on the outside. He enlists the help of Matthew and Brandon, who we met in the previous books. Can they show Bianca what a beautiful woman she is and grab her out of the darkness before it’s too late???I’m a huge fan of Sebastian Ex and this series! This book was gritty and emotional. It takes you on such a journey of emotions, and the sex is off the charts hot!! If you haven’t read this series yet, you need to grab it now!! Each book can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend you read it from Book one, so you can get to know each character!ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Melissa from Alpha Book Club

  • Wendy Fisher
    2019-01-26 16:23

    Just when you thought it cannot get any better, you pick up Carnal Desire and get lost in a world of pure writing perfection. In the 3rd book of The Onyx Club Series we get the story of Master Nathan and his slave Bianca. Nathan is a former policeman who has taken over the Onyx Room...a BDSM club. Nathan has been with Bianca for some time now and is helping her as she goes through one of the major episodes she continually endures, fighting her demons and trying to deal with her past, a past you wouldn't wish on anyone.  For 16 years Bianca was abused in every conceivable fashion until Nathan saved her. Now they struggle to get her thru the nightmares that cause her to self harm and mentally implode. What happens when the past tries to come back to haunt her present and future? Can Bianca survive these threats, can Nathan provide the care and nurturing she requires? The boys (Matthew and Brandon) are back with their women (Ella and Penny) and proving yet again that family isn't about sharing blood. We meet some new characters that really could use a book or 3 themselves too (hint hint Sebastian).  Although this series is coming to an end, I must say each book had its own story. This isn't a case of cookie cutter writing. It is obvious Sebastian knows how to write a darn good book! Congrats on Carnal Desire ....the sky's the limit for your writing!

  • Beth Jones
    2019-02-01 22:23

    Carnal Desire by Sebastian Ex5-Amazingly Dark StarsCarnal Desire is the third of the Onyx Club series. It is the darkest and amazingly written. Sebastain does a great job explaining a Master/Slave dynamic true to BDSM.Bianca in need of a master to control her every move to survive her past. The brutal abuse she suffered is her continuous nightmare with little moments of happiness. Her story is a hard one to read but also a great one. Nathan knows Bianca’s past and has been able to help her out of the darkness but it seems the breaks in her darkness is becoming fewer and fewer. Knowing after many years he needs help and can no longer do it all on his own head asks for help for him and Bianca. The Onyx Club Series is a must read for BDSM fans with Carnal Desire being for the dark and BDSM fans. I absolutely flove Sebastian and his writing. Third book in and Sebastian still amazes me with his talent. I didn't think it was possible to get better but he does. Let's be honest sometimes the greatest books aren't always able to live up the author’s greatness of the previous but not with Sebastain he continues to reach a higher peak of excellent story creation. Reviewed for #Minxes Love Books

  • Peggy Lee (Reading Keeps Me Sane)
    2019-02-08 20:18

    Carnal Desire by far is my favorite of the series. The story is deeply routed in BSDM and the author does a great job explaining the differences in the types of BDSM relationships. In this story Nathan and Bianca have a Master/slave relationship that moves past sexual desire into carnal need.Bianca suffers from a abusive past. It's seriously beyond abusive, it's a past that not many would survive. Nathan has taken over as her Master to help her survive. She needs him to control her life so she can feel free. However soon Nathan realizes it's going to take more then just their relationship and some therapy for Bianca to truly begin to heal and move on with her life.The story is powerful. Bianca's struggle is painful and deep-seated. Nathan takes control and provides Bianca with structure. When it's not enough and Bianca is threatened, Nathan contacts his brother to assist with removing the threat but always taking Bianca's well-being into account first. I love Nathan, he's intelligent, Alpha and unaware that he's a stud. There is a happy ending and introductions to new characters. I'm hoping for a future book about Nathan's grizzly brother, Jason. If you enjoy reading BDSM stories then I recommend Carnal Desire.

  • Kat Loves
    2019-02-13 18:08

    At first this book was a little too intense for me and I wondered how I was going to get through it without having trigger issues, but I'm proud to say I push myself and kept reading. It wasn't that I didn't love the story, it was that some of the content set off something in my brain that caused me to panic a little.It is a very intense slave/master story that will rip your heart out. What this slave has endured in her life makes it hard for her to not be in the slave mindset at all times. Her master, Nathan, knows that for her own wellbeing, he must treat her like a slave otherwise she can't cope and tries to hurt herself.Reading about the intricate inner workings of this type of a relationship was a real eye opener for me and I highly recommend this book to anyone who doesn't understand why people choose to live this way or even those who are curious about different lifestyle choices.It does contain triggers and even though I myself am not easily triggered, it definitely effected me so please bare that in mind before starting this book.Over all I loved it and how devoted Nathan is to his slave. Everything he does is to ensure her safety and happiness.

  • Tanya Rae ~ TaSTy WordGasms
    2019-02-03 18:28

    I love Nathan and I loved the continuation of the Onyx Club Series. Nathan is the Dungeon Master and we have read a little bit about him and Bianca in the previous story Dangerous Desire. Sebastian went into more depth with Nathan & Bianca’s characters in Carnal Desire.I have to say that when I finished reading this book I was left with conflict within myself. I want to say that I absolutely loved this book. But, the subject matter was a tough one. Lord knows if I went through even half of the stuff that Bianca did I would have major troubles too. I am so happy that Bianca ended up with a man like Nathan. I can see he really cares & loves her. I think that Sebastian Ex did a wonderful job writing about an extremely hard subject. I think that this is a book that you need to read for yourself to decide whether you are absolutely in love with it or left with conflicted feelings like I have.Also, please read the WARNING: *Possible triggers, coarse language, graphic sex and adult themes.I received a complimentary copy of Carnal Desire for an honest review and I give it 4 stars.

  • Barbara
    2019-01-24 15:29

    I received a copy of Carnal Desire in return for an honest review! Having read the first two books in The Onyx Club series, I have been awaiting Nathan's story since the start! This character reached out to me in book one and never let go! I don't like or do spoilers so this review might seem a little lacking to some but I will say it's 100% worth the read and Sebastian Ex outdid himself in telling Nathan and Bianca's story! Nathan and Bianca live a Master/slave lifestyle. This is something I was not sure I was personally ready to deal with. But the book is written in such a way, that as a reader, I came to understand Bianca's need for this type of relationship and felt the love Nathan has for his girl in giving her what she needs.Bianca has a lot of issues stemming from her childhood. Issues that no one should have to endure. Nathan is determined to do whatever it takes to help and protect her. The problem is can he? Will Bianca's love and trust in Nathan be enough? Two thumbs up for the way Sebastian Ex masterfully addressed some very hard topics in what this reader feels is an absolutely phenomenal book!

  • Judy Miracle
    2019-01-20 15:22

    Sebastian's books just keep getting better and better!! I loved Nathan and Bianca's story!! Nathan and Bianca have been together for a few years. He is a former cop who now runs The Onyx Room along side his best friends Mathew & Brandon. Nathan is what Bianca needs to help her fight her demons and deal with her past. But there will come a time when Bianca feels that she cannot be all Nathan needs thinking he can do better than a broken girl like her. All Bianca has ever known is abuse in every shape and form. My heart hurt hearing Bianca's story and what all she endured and what she is mentally dealing with now. What happens with Bianca's past filters into her present with Nathan? Will it all be to much for her to handle? Will Nathan stand by her side and help her fight? Can Nathan get her through all of this and make her see that she is all he needs and wants? Find out today when you get your copy of a brilliantly written book by Sebastian Ex. I hope we get Jason's story in the future. **Kindly provided an advanced copy for an honest review **

  • Katrina
    2019-01-29 22:35

    CARNAL DESIRE is book 3 in the Onyx Club series and focuses on Nathan, the third owner of the BDSM club. Nathan is not an ordinary Dominant. He's also a Master and refers to his submissive as slave. Firstly I want to say that I LOVE this series and Sebastian Ex is such a gifted writer. This book is very dark and graphic and there were some scenes that I found hard to read. That being said, Sebastian has a way of informing the reader, through the characters, just why the M/S relationship is so important. Especially in the case of Nathan and Bianca's relationship. Bianca has suffered atrocities in the past, and the only way she can function is to have someone take control of her. That someone is Nathan, who is caring and stern and will do anything to protect her. I really enjoy the close bond Nathan and Bianca have with the other Doms and Subs, and they really are like a family. There is a novella in development which will see us say goodbye to this series. I will be sad to say goodbye, but I trust in Sebastian's judgement and how he wants to end it

  • Nardia Barnes
    2019-01-28 15:22

    I received this ARC for an honest review on behalf of A Kiss Down Under Book BlogBefore I begin this book touches on very horrific sceneries, which sadly happen in true life. Personally I don't mind these issues been brought to life in fiction or not because it allows a subject matter like this not to be swept under the carpet. Without giving too much away this book takes us on the healing journey for "Bianca" from a past that would destroy most and give her a life that she deserves. Helping her get this is her trusted "Master", Nathan.I loved both characters in this book, Nathan more, but I believe it to be because this story is read in his POV so we are able to get a real insight into his thoughts and actions. BDSM is not for everyone, but when you get past this and the journey you are on, you finish this book feeling a lot more empowered.Well done SE, I look forward to reading more of your work.

  • Kalpas Blog
    2019-02-19 17:27

    I received a ARC of Carnal Desires in exchange for a honest review. And warn that this has some pretty graphic sex and very adult themes. I will also warn that this book can be to much for some people.To start I will say Carnal Desires was not at all what I was expecting . This was my first read by Sebastian Ex, and he did not disappoint. I am still really conflicted as to how I feel about this book. Don't get me wrong, it was an amazing read it was just a lot darker and took me down a different path than I expected. I loved the characters and the dynamic between all of them. I loved how I could feel Bianca and her love for Nathan. The only thing that I wasn’t in love with in this book is the fact that I felt like the author spent a little to much time defending the BDSM life style instead of just telling a story about it. I gave Canal Desires 4 stars. I highly recommend this book and cannot wait to read more by Sebastian EX.