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Operation Dark Angel: The Rise of Nicolaitanes Reviews

  • Jonel Boyko
    2019-02-08 21:43

    I am always somewhat nervous when I pick up a work classified as Christian Fiction. I find that many authors of the genre get very “preachy” throughout their novels. This story does not preach at its audience. It is full of God, the Devil, and biblical quotes, but they serve to progress a gripping story. She had me captivated from the first chapter.Funke has an amazing grasp of the English language. She uses this to craft amazing descriptions and locales. Funke manages to jump from character to character and locale to locale without the story ever becoming confusing or difficult to follow. Based on the facts given, I found myself making assumptions only to realise that they did not mesh with the action of the story. This novel definitely kept me on my toes throughout. Everything seems so real that you feel like you are living an absolute nightmare. Ironically, this book also brought out a very selfish thought – I love being Canadian. Even the Devil won’t bother to blow us up. I love the fact that the historical and geographical facts contained in this novel are correct. The author bases this work of fiction in reality, and ensures that she does it correctly. Her grasp of bio-weaponry is also on par with reality. Funke does not just make up facts to fill her pages. That said, she also works some very unique concepts into this novel, such as the notion of a unified religion to end war. In this story large scale warfare becomes personal. Because Funke’s characters are so well developed you know all of those involved. It is no longer just a news broadcast that you can turn off and this tears your heart to pieces. Not only are the characters well developed and memorable, each in his or her own way, but they also have names that you can remember so that you are not constantly wondering who did what and where. My only issue with any of the characters is that at times the speech of some of the characters becomes slightly forced, but it still flows well. Miracles and catastrophes are at the forefront of this novel to an extent rarely seen. However, it is not a “fluffy” read that you just breeze through without thinking. This novel makes you think a lot and pulls you deep into the action. At the end, I was left wondering what symbol everyone kept seeing and when I could read the next installment to find out.

  • Jola
    2019-02-12 18:28

    Review also on www.jolasbookshelf.wordpress.comI love books and movies that deals with the world ending, so I was pretty entertained by this novel. The villain character was well written and got me interested. I don't usually read Christian fiction, as I'm not a religious person, but it doesn't feel like the author's trying to make believers from readers and the Biblical quotes are just for the plot's use.Thanks to Pam Funke for sending me an ebook in exchange for an honest review.

  • Adrienna
    2019-02-18 15:39

    Pam Funke graciously sent me a copy of Operation Dark Angel: Rise of Nicolaitanes because I agreed to review it through a Goodreads Group: Willing to Review Christian Books. She gives scripture references before the premises of the novel, which alerts the reader what to expect. After doing intensive research (Unleashing the Spirit, Vol. 1-3), I see that Mariel Balac is related to Nero, a Roman Emperor, who was noted for torturing Christians because of their beliefs. Therefore, Mariel was the perfect candidate to carry the seed of the enemy but she believes as a devout Catholic is hearing the voice of God and chosen to carry this prominent baby like Virgin Mary did with Jesus. Amazingly, Nicolaitanes descendant of centuries ago, happens to be a Roman and purely evil leader, which gives the reader a clue who they will be dealing with in the near future. Rosalind is the child's protector and keeper, but once the child grows up to the Italian president, Nicolaitanes shows his true devious side. There were numerous characters who were in a trance or brainwashed to do what was required of Operation Dark Angel commands, unaware of the voice and happenings. You have to decide if the voice is good or evil. Yet it is a well-crafted novel that divinely captures futuristic events based on the book of Revelation to be revealed to which the mind can visually grasp as if the scenes are playing like a cinematic film. This is an apocalyptic thriller with some slight similarities to "Left Behind" and "Omega Code" but definitely kept my interest to read each page and intrigued to read the next book in the apocalypse series. I also know that God has her on a similar path as myself to write "Miss the Mark Series" such a futuristic story yet seems so present and lifelike.You will not be disappointed since there will be a character that you can relate to, or feel, or been in their shoes. Moreover, I feel it has enough dose of the Word, or biblical insight in reference to the apocalypse and tribulation as well as suspense, touch of mystery, and definitely the thriller element. The scriptures line up to what is happening in the book, and the mystery is revealed for all to see. Then, you see greed versus need; those who live for selfish reasons will always watch their back, look over their shoulder nervously, or ready to knock down the next man in their way--but working for Nicolaitanes, seems like the next is ready to aim and fire after listening to the deceptive lies of Satan in the flesh (and by the voice of ambiguity). I am blessed to read this literature and anticipating to read the next one in the series soon: The World at War.My favorite character seems to be Halle but doesn't have much of an appearance as others. Just something about her, can't put my finger on it, but just do. She's that babe in Christ (new believer) that wants to get deeper in the Lord by asking her pastor numerous questions and connect the dots. But she does later hear from the Lord and follows the direction he's leading her. Ironically, seems like my life in the last year or so. Favorite secret code: "Jesus is the way and the life. None can come to the Father except through Him."The author provided a PDF file for review purposes, but may have to order my own copy on Kindle.*I will discuss about specific characters on August 24th virtual radio: Dream4More Radio on BlogTalkRadio.Adrienna Turnerwww.adriennaturner.webs.comDream4More Reviews:

  • Sheila
    2019-01-24 14:32

    A powerfully Ameri-vangelical end-times novel, Pam Funke’s Operation Dark Angel tells of American Christians driven into hiding, the Roman Church eagerly following a deceiving “voice”, “true” Christians hearing God’s voice in their own language, while others are swayed to evil, even when they pray. Those other Christians might seek to save the world, but they’re soon caught up in a plot to destroy it as the anti-Christ rises to power, and structures of voting for and choosing new leaders are conveniently forgotten in the chaos.There’s lots of chaos in this novel, with corrupt politics joining force with corrupted military might. But there’s plenty of faith too, and various scenes depict detailed explanations of faith to others---why we believe, what we believe, how to be saved and more. Some of those others will be saved by well-used argument. The rest await their fate.“President of several clubs and valedictorian of his graduating class,” the ill-born Italian Nicolaitanes offers a unified world religion (much like Unitarianism), becomes President of Italy, and guides the path to World War III. Meanwhile a US pastor proclaims, “The crime rate is skyrocketing through the roof, the amount of natural disasters is increasing in amount and intensity, homosexuality is on the rise, our children are becoming desensitized to the world around them...” and the US media wonders whatever happened to freedom of religion.It’s a heady mix, offering a long slow read (only the first part of the tale), with a world-spanning plot well-crafted for those who share its end-times worldview. Disclosure: I was lucky enough to learn when this was free and I offer my honest review.

  • Melanie
    2019-02-10 21:43

    *e-book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest reviewOperation Dark Angel starts really strong : a voice prophesied the birth of a boy through immaculate conception. The boy, Nicolaitanes Balac, is now an adult in search of world domination. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. "Operation Dark Angel" is creating havoc all around the world. Terrorism attacks are wiping out thousands of the world's population. Nicolaitanes sits back and waits for his chance to be seen as the saviour of mankind. He may be more evil than it seems. In the meantime, good can still be found in the world. People are reuniting trying to fight Operation Dark Angel. What will become of the world? How evil is Nicolaitanes Balac? Will Operation Dark Angel be stopped before it's too late? Well, you will have to pick up the book to find out the answer to these questions and a lot more. Operation Dark Angel is the first book in the Four Horsemen Series. Pam Funke did an incredible job writing her debut novel. It is an exciting read that will keep you on the edge of your seat and dying to find out what will happen next. It can be terrifying at times to read about the evil going on throughout the world and how parts of the world are being destroyed in a blink of an eye. A few things kept me from giving this book a rating of five stars. First, Operation Dark Angel has a lot of characters. It was hard for me to keep up with all of them. I found the switch from one character to another quite confusing at times but I have to say I really enjoyed how some characters crossed each other's path. The Four Horsemen series is off to an amazing start. The series promises to be a thrilling read.

  • Beth Hale
    2019-02-14 21:40

    The world is filled with evil, and each day brings new atrocities. People are looking for a savior. The birth of a child raises their hopes. Are those hopes destined to be crushed?Nicolaintes Balac is waiting to revered as the man who saved the world. With the help of Gen. Alexander Ludlow and The Group, he forms Operation Dark Angel, a military operation charged with bringing about world peace. Or is it?Operation Dark Angel was suspenseful and engrossing from the start. The dynamic plot and interesting characters kept me reading past my bedtime. Pam Funke did a great job of incorporating Christianity without being overbearing. I enjoyed the ending, as it paved the way for what promises to be a wonderful sequel. Pam Funke is an extremely talented author and Operation Dark Angel is a fantastic debut novel.

  • Ralph
    2019-02-24 19:24

    The Revelation of Jesus Christ is the most perplexing book of the New Testament. Except for some passages in the Gospels themselves, it is the only prophetic book in the Bible. It was written by the Apostle John in about A.D. 95, while in exile on the isle of Patmos, a very small (only about 13 sq. mi.) island in the Aegean Sea. It takes the form of a letter to the seven churches of Asia, addressing their problems, but it quickly segues into accounts of visions, prophecies and visitations by angels and Jesus. Despite being the most intensively studied book of the Bible, there is no true understanding of its message, except, perhaps, the certainty of Jesus' return and several events which precede that advent. However, just what those events are, what they mean, who will be involved, and when they will happen cannot be divined from the text of Revelation. Despite all the claims and and contentious agreements, the message remains enigmatic and undecipherable...but that does not stop brave and the inspired fiction writers from weaving all the various elements of the prophecy into exciting novels, which is what Pam Funke has done in Operation Dark Angel.As with most portentous events it begins with something small. This story begins with a girl who hears a voice. Although Mariel comes from a good family and has a strong Catholic education, she listens to what the voice tells her, that she is going to have a baby that was fathered by no man. At this point, and indeed at many points in this novel, the reader should snort in derision, for it's easy to say she should have known better, that she should have recognized the falsehoods, should have known just who was speaking. We could say the same thing about other characters in the book. The reader can sit safe in s smug world, knowing the framework behind the scenery, and archly claim "I would never be so gullible. I would never fall for such obvious whoppers. I would know immediately what is going on and turn my back on the evil." Really? Just as characters in a book never know the story of which they are a part, so we will not know when we find ourselves enmeshed in an end-time pyschodrama. Besides, it's not for nothing that the Devil is called the Father of Lies, and since we have enough trouble coping with evil on a daily basis, how can we truly think we would respond any more wisely than the characters in Funke's novel?The characters in Operation Dark Angel are portrayed with a deft knowledge of both the human condition and spiritual dilemmas. Funke has taken the elements of Revelation and interpreted them in such a way as to make them seem both plausible and immediate. The realism of the events unfolding on a worldwide basis is quite chilling. The plot is well thought out; despite the numerous plot-threads that involve dozens of characters, the author handles them all well, visiting one after another to advance the overall plot in an engaging and thrilling way. The scope of the story (and this is just the first book of a series) is in the tradition of the grand epic. If director Cecil B. DeMille were alive today and still in the business of bringing the Bible to the silver screen (Why let 5,000 years of publicity go to waste?), this is the sort of book he would choose -- epic story, villains and heroes bigger than life, and an eternal message.Christians might want to read this book because of its attempt to clothe Revelation in garments that are more familiar to us (and in our imaginations we might even see some familiar faces), but one need not be a Christian to read and enjoy the book. It can also be read as a paranormal adventure, or even as a rousing yarn in the pulp-fiction traditions of Robert Ludlum or Clive Cussler, but with a strong moral or spiritual component. No matter how you approach this book, however, you will likely get more from it than you expected.

  • L.S.
    2019-02-21 14:20

    I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review.Summary:Much like the story of Jesus, a child is born to a young girl, he is expected to be the answer to all of the world’s problems. However, immediately after the birth, the mother is brutally killed and instantly we discover that this newborn child – Nicolaitanes Balac – has a much darker side. A prompt rise to power, becoming President of Italy and then the formation of a United World Religion sees the power-hungry Nicolaitanes at the helm of a mighty organisation, able to bring death and disease to millions at the push of a button.Social context:Set in a time when the world is beset with problems, terrorist activity is at the forefront of the world leaders’ discussions, famine is rife in other parts of the world, this story magnifies the bleak outlook of the modern world. People everywhere begin to question their faith and some turn to Christianity in the hope of salvation, whilst others them for the multiple missile attacks across the globe. Countries are turned against their allies as the omnipotent Nicolaitanes controls people’s actions, voices in their heads force them to obey his will, defy him at their peril.Writing style:The story is fast-moving, however at the outset there are a huge number of characters and the POV switches too quickly at times, becoming confusing. The general feeling is one of suspense and high tension as you fly through the pages, the characters are well-drawn and complex, and after a while you can cope with the large cast and the constant switching from one perspective to another. This is a tale based in Christian fiction, with a mood of impending doom unless you accept the ways of God. There are many biblical references and direct quotations, the overall tone was at times a little too preach-like, but the story is very good, well worth the time to read it, especially as it is quite a long story.My thoughts:I would not have picked this book up had I been left to my own devices, the genre itself would have deterred me. However, once I got past the preach-like tone, I was able to really enjoy the story. The character of Nicolaitanes is so inherently evil that you cannot foresee his next moves and I was constantly surprised at the depths to which he sank in order to have ‘his time’ in power. I am so glad that there is a sequel to this as there is so much more to unravel.

  • Tremayne Moore
    2019-02-01 14:20

    When I started reading Operation Dark Angel, I didn't know what I was in for. Now, I'm a little familiar with the Left Behind series but I'm definitely familiar with prophetic movies such as A Thief In The Night & A Distant Thunder (both from the 70s), Operation Dark Angel takes it up a notch. The prologue starts off with a shock (don't want to give this book away). Operation Dark Angel is in my opinion part fiction, but the prophecy is not. I found myself reading it and thinking one, this is a long book (and had to put it down a few times to absorb it), but on the other hand, it really grabbed my attention. One can only read this book and feeling like they're watching today's news broadcast. Pam Funke takes the book of Revelation and puts it right in front of you. Only a fool would miss what's staring right in front of them.The central theme of this book (again, not to give the plot away) is this: what profits a man to gain the world but lose his soul. And sadly, this is the plight for many people in this world today. I so look forward to reading the sequel to this book. Operation Dark Angel gave me a great reminder that this world is not my home and not put my trust in the things of this world. Great read!

  • Brian Taylor
    2019-02-03 14:40

    I liked the plot, the primary characters will likely be more focused as the series goes on. I found the Omen style villain character to be concurrent with many of the conspiracy theories in our era. That said I think the story is authentic enough to merit a read no matter what background the reader is coming from. I tried considering how different this book would have been with the characters coming from a different religious or philosophical background. I suppose it would be similar for most religions. The only detractor for me was that we weren't introduced to the characters as though they themselves had a more diverse spiritual background. I suspect that the book might still have a wider appeal if we preface these characters as religious rather than the entire scope of the book as being so. Meanwhile I think its target audience will be quite pleased and I will in fact recommend this book to at least ten people I know.

  • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    2019-02-17 20:32

    Review of Operation Dark Angel by Pam Funke4 starsIn a collapsing society, it is easy sometimes to look to a savior, or anyone who promises to be a savior. Those who don’t believe in a Deity will flock to the one who promises peace, a good economy, an easy government. Such is true in “Operation Dark Angel,” which draws from the Biblical Book of Revelation to present Nicolaitanes Balac, prophesied by a Voice, born in immaculate conception, at a young age President of Italy and determined on world domination. Simultaneously, there is a move toward a one-world religion (“United World Religion”) which is to avoid divergence and embrace any and all faiths; and the dreaded “Operation Dark Angel,” which revolves around deadly biological warfare. This is the first novel in “The Four Horsemen Series.”I reviewed an e-book copy received from the author in return for my fair and impartial review.

  • Y.I. Lee
    2019-01-27 18:26

    I was asked to read and review Operation Dark Angel by the author Pam Funke.This is an end time story, focusing on the rise of evil in the form of Nicolaitanes. His rise to power is swift and violent as he plunges the entire world into war, and then awaits his chance for world domination, and the opportunity to show himself as mankind’s saviour. From the way the story ends it’s obvious there will be sequels. I love this sort of end time apocalyptic story. However, sadly my enjoyment was marred by the lack of editing. There were grammar and spelling issues, and I became terribly confused by all the head hopping, and there were a lot of heads.The author Pam Funke was seriously let down by her editor. Which is a great shame as the story was basically very good, and certainly exciting.

  • Jenny Carr
    2019-02-03 17:19

    I was kindly given a copy of the book to review. I have thus included my honest review.This was a gripping story, which I found hard to put down. A few typos in places, but none detracted from the enjoyment of the book.I would of given it 5 stars, however the idea that anyone but God can read our thoughts was unbiblical, although she may of intended it within the storyline, as a fictional element. Also, only God can create life. At the start there was a baby born not of a father. I think the idea was that he was completely from the devil. Apart from that though, excellent, and I will look forward to reading the next part of this trilogy.

  • Reeda
    2019-01-31 19:41

    I got to 60% into this book and I just could not continue. I had high hopes because I love reading christian themed end times books, but although this book started out well, it quickly went downhill. The dialogue and actions of the characters were all over the place. It was as if they had schizophrenia or something. They couldn't decide on their actions or thoughts. The dialogue was very awkward and stilted. The author could have used an editor or proofreader.I finally had to give up. I had bought the sequel to this book, but unfortunately returned them both for a refund. Not recommended.

  • Sharon Gay
    2019-02-14 21:31

    very good bookVery good book. Could not put book down, very good. Very well written, could this be how it will end?

  • Beverly
    2019-02-12 21:44

    There are many apocalyptic tales, movies, television and book series in publication. After the previous decade's spectacular stories burst into the public eye, the remaining series and singles were left to struggle with creating fresh and new ideas to gain recognition. The trend seemed to include more graphic horror, crude language, a dark eerie atmosphere, and more violence. Others resorted to sex and sensationalism for their voice. Big budgets brought big graphic effects. Some story lines were overly complex and others overly simplistic. In my opinion, most suffered from a lack of good storytelling technique. Some of the elements of good storytelling I see in this book include a truly despicable villain the reader loves to hate, a major deception, people who were duped into the deception but who eventually change their viewpoint and are subsequently trapped, a main event that includes suspense and mystery, several points of view on the same event (in this case, global perspectives), easily identifiable characters we grow to care about, some conflict and resolution. Because this is a series, the main event does not have a resolution yet and the reader acknowledges that there is more to come in the next book of the series. But within some of the subplots, there are several instances of conflict and resolution so that the reader feels a sense of connection. There were a few things I did not like. The first and foremost is the name of the villain. I had a difficult time figuring out how it should be pronounced. Then my TSS reader slaughtered it every single time the name was mentioned (on nearly every other page!). Second, there may have been too many subplots. There was one major subplot that should have been given a bit more strength and some emphasis taken away from some of the minor subplots to establish a better balance and a means to keep the reader better focused. It takes a bit of work to get all the names straightened out in one's mind. There is no deficit of potential for empathy the reader may feel for some of the Christians in this novel. However, persecution of believers is not a well-developed sub-theme in this tale. Perhaps this is something that will get attention in the next books in the series. The World at War is the next book in the series and is available now for purchase. Overall, the story moves along at a fairly fast clip. It held my interest and when I finished I definitely wanted to keep reading to find out what happens next. I appreciate that this tale is labelled an apocalypse series rather than an End Times story. While there are several elements taken from the Bible, it is not strictly a biblical tome, which allows the author some breathing room for creativity, without the criticism usually found with stories that are biblical in nature. There seem to be quite a few books in this series, so I will withhold my opinion of the series until I read more of the books. My general opinion about the book is positive. There is no graphic horror, no crude language, no sexual diversions, but evil is definitely evil. The events are realistic enough to sound as if all the events could occur today. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary review copy of this book from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

  • Melba
    2019-02-04 15:33

    Wow!!This book was an awesome read. I will now read book 2 & 3. I will then purchase #4. Such a timely read for the world today. I believe that this is a must read book, especially for Christians, or for those seeking hope. I am so looking forward to the next books in this series, and I know they are based on biblical principles.

  • Liv
    2019-02-11 22:26

    Operation Dark Angel by Pam FunkeI was sent this book in exchange for an honest review.Description: Our current world is full of chaos, turmoil, hatred, wars, starvation, murders and strife. Every day the world spirals more and more out of control. The people of the world feel helpless and are looking for someone, anyone to save them. Who will save them and bring peace to the world? Can the birth of a single child be the answer to their prayers? Where is God in all of this? Is anyone even searching for Him or are they too caught up in the world to even bother looking?Nicolaitanes Balac, a man who is quickly gaining political power and reverence, has enlisted the help of General Alexander Ludlow and The Group in an attempt to bring about peace and serenity for the entire world. Hence, the birth of Operation Dark Angel, a military operation designed to bring about world peace. Or is it? Will the operation really bring an end to the turmoil, violence and hatred or will it make matters worse? What can the people of the world do to regain control of the world?Overall: I liked the book! The plot was totally unique and the different narratives was amazing! I really liked the suspense that the prologue created. I loved how simple the storyline was, but how complex it was within the different perspectives. It baffled me how the author tied all of them together at the end. My one problem was the Christianity aspect. I am 100% fine with Christianity, but I really don't like it in books. I was not familiar with the scripture at all, and I felt like it forced it one me a little too much. It wasn't as bad as most Christian Fiction, though, so that was alright. The characters were very well developed, too! The voice and the disappearing guy thing were a little too much for me. There were a few grammar mistakes and the word choice was slightly lacking, but it was a good book nonetheless. Characters: This is probably morbid, but I loved the complexity of Nicoanitanes. He was focused, evil, and perfect. I also loved the side characters, like Wei and Mei. It was the little details that I loved in this book.Quotes: None really stood out to me.Recommend?: I would really recommend if you are a strong christian or really want a unique story line. I give it 3/5. Salaam, Lived One Thousand Lives

  • Tracy
    2019-02-16 15:18

    Full disclosure: I was e-mailed a PDF of this book for an honest review. I have done the best that I can at being honest about my thoughts about this book.The book opens with the prophesied birth of Niclotaines who was born to a virgin like Jesus. Over twenty years later, he enters politics and runs an architecture company. The company builds many top secret military installations in the US and other countries. His people create a more powerful biological weapon and missiles that can evade radar. With this technology, NIclotaines begins a campaign to cause chaos in the world. General Ludlow was selected by Niclotaines to head Operation Dark Angel. The general thought the operation was an attempt to bring about world Peace. Over time, he comes to see that he was lied to. While Niclotaines seems to be controlling the chaos and destruction, God is intervening in every area of the operation.There are some things that I loved about the book while other things had me wanting to throw things. The best parts was the fast based battle between good and evil and the intriguing characters. Niclotaines seems to be able to communicate using a voice in the recipient's head. However, the voice is present even before Niclotaines' birth. A mysterious man appears at times with guidance for the Christians and disappears just as quickly. Also Niclotaines is a direct descendant of Nero Germanicus. (Emperor Nero is well known martyring Christians in the early years of the Christian church.) The main thing that frustrated me was the author's choice to ignore point of view writing rules. I know that other Christian fiction authors have chosen to ignore these rules because this genre involves internal conflict. I felt that the scenes involving a character witnessing to another character or Bishop Williams preaching or speaking with a new believer were too long. The other frustrations was more minor such as the Pope's succession had no conclave and a large amount of characters at the beginning. I managed to get the characters straight as I continued to read the book.

  • Gregory Booker
    2019-02-01 21:41

    Pam Funke sent me a copy of Operation Dark Angel: Rise of Nicolaitanes in exchange for review of my book it through a Goodreads Group: Willing to Review Christian Books. The book was sent to me as a free pdf copy and has over 300 pages. Unfortunately, I have decided to publish my comment without finishing the book due primarily of having to sit at my desktop computer to read it. This is my least preferred method for reading and is the only reason I've decided to post my review after taking 2 months to read a third of it. Please do not consider this to be a fault of the author's work. The book is about endtimes prophecy centered around the character of the Antichrist from a biblical perspective. It reminds me of the Left Behind series but is fresh and clearly brings out her own style of writing and storytelling abilities. I found the book to be well written in presenting characters and giving the reader clarity of their individuality. The author gives scripture references before the premises of the novel, which alerts the reader what to expect. She is able to cover various areas of the lifestyles of her characters such as Nicolataines, the cunning and powerful evil one taking over the lives of others from Italy and in the Americas. While also showing the gentle nature and concerns as viewed from a christian family namely, Halle. I consider it to be a goodread and feel she will end her story with a sense of adequate completion for the reader. I say this despite, not finishing it. If you have not read the book Left Behind certainly this work will be a fine alternative. As it stays true to scripture as a fictional work and can provide some insight into the scripture's perspective. I will continue to finish reading the book and update the review upon my completion.

  • Sallyann Cole
    2019-02-20 19:34

    I was gifted this book for an honest review. This is not a genre I would normally read, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the reasons I think I enjoyed it was the style of Ms Funke's writing, she writes very clearly and makes you believe that you are actually in the book. Her style of writing makes it easy to read a complicated plot. It took me a little while to get into the book but once I did I couldn't put it down. I will definitely be reading the second book. The characters were very rounded and the plot was exciting. I don't like to spoil the books for others, but I will say this is a five star book and I recommend that you read it.

  • Joyce Wetherbee
    2019-02-01 17:30

    This book is not a genre that I typically read which may go a very long way toward explaining why I had such a difficult time getting into the story. The story revolves around the birth, life and goals of Nicolaitanes Balac and his desire to rule the world. Peripheral characters are brought into his "camp" to accomplish this goal and become major players in Nicolaitanes' plans.From a miraculous conception in Italy to his rise to power, the lead male character is quietly ruthless and most of the time, careful to hide the evil within from the people surrounding him.He claims to be working for world peace, but is he really? Why is he bringing together such a disparate collection of individuals? Who is the voice that is talking to people, commanding them?Once again, I tried to expand my reading "boundaries." Unfortunately, I was not successful this time. The story is well written, and also seemed to be well edited. Without a doubt, the author was meticulous in her research and knowledgeable of her subject as she wove her story. Her characters were believable as was the plot. I was simply unable to connect to either the story or the characters. I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book is available from Amazon and Smashwords.

  • Jim Hughes
    2019-02-07 21:41

    Operation Dark Angel: The Rise of Nicolaitanes is a book that will grab your attention and not let it go if you are interested at all in what is yet to come in the future of our world. What will it be like when the world is overcome and overpowered by evil? Will life be worth the living? What impact will it have on the church? What happens to the soul of man when it is overcome by evil? Just what will man do to satisfy the greed of his heart? What goes on in the mind of those who are caught up in the outpouring of evil and don’t know what is going on around them? Author Pam Funke tackles these questions and more in this story of the “end of time” as we know it. While no one knows the details of just what will happen when evil overtakes the world, we are given much to think about in the unfolding of “Operation Dark Angel.” While no one knows when these things will begin to unfold, there is enough anticipation in the air to make this series a very fascinating and fruitful reading. I am very pleased to recommend this book to you and the other books soon to come in this series.

  • Erik Nelson
    2019-02-02 19:18

    We all want world peace. The question is; how can we get it? Most people think that the answer is more war. Now how can more war bring us world peace when it really creates more terrorism? In Pam Funke's "Operation Dark Angel", she explains how people believe in this myth by providing us with an entertaining story. Nicolaitanes Balac who is gaining a huge following in the field of politics has brought General Alexander Ludlow to his side to help bring world peace. This becomes the birth of their operation called; "Operation Dark Angel" which is basically the myth of more war equals world peace. After the operation becomes official, not only do the soldiers suffer the consequences but many countries do as well. When I read Funke's book, I was entertained yet at the same time, I was sick to my stomach because it was a reminder of how war is misunderstood in the media. It's not fully misunderstood but it seems like many people in the media believe that war should be a first option to solving problems when it fact it should be a last option. Pam Funke's book is highly recommended in my opinion not just for the entertainment but also for the harsh truth about war.

  • Loren Lockner
    2019-02-18 19:39

    Nicolaitanes is one nasty anti-Christ!While the style and short choppy sentences definitely need improvement, the book is just right for the apocalyptic Christian crowd who are the likely target audience of this novel. Any reader of another faith would not have much patience past the 2nd chapter. Still the story was intriguing and I enjoy reading about ‘people’ who are totally without scruples. Nicolaitanes is the ‘deceiver’ and his goal is to rule the world. Many recent events interlaced with scripture are incorporated within the novel which places a nice time stamp upon it. However, free will may stand in his way to world domination amidst the ensuing chaos. If you enjoy Operation Dark Angel, the sequel is already written. While I enjoyed many parts of the novel, the poor editing and word choice detracted from what could be a compelling story.

  • Cindy
    2019-02-05 21:20

    The book has a decent story line, although much doesn't line up with scripture, unless you believe in a post tribute rapture. (That isn't why I gave it a low rating though.) Regardless of that, the story is interesting. The problem is with the writing itself. When the characters are thinking or speaking, it's very stilted and unlike how anyone would really think or speak. It made me wonder if English was the authors native language. There are also some errors in the copy of the last portion of the book. That wouldn't be so bad except you miss the end of chapter 148, unable to be sure what it is. I love to read, and do so constantly, but had to force myself to read this book. I've never given a book this bad of a review, and hate doing so, but it wouldn't be honest if I didn't. I think the author has talent, but just needs more time, polish and work.

  • Ron Byrd
    2019-02-14 21:25

    Operation Dark Angel begins slowly,but picks up speed as the storyprogresses. The end of days is fast approaching, and Nicolaitanes, the anti-Christ,has appeared on the earth, to set the wheels in motion. Through deception,and strong arm tactics,he will cause thenations to war with one another,and bring about the end of the world.Operation Dark Angel will appeal to a cross section of readers,and can best be classified as Christian adventure. While the book does paint a negative picture of mankind , it is interwoven, with a message of hope,and salvation. Pamela Funke is a writer who isn't afraid to lay iton the line. Her deep belief in God,and core values,shine throughout.I highly recommend Operation Dark Angel,to Christian, and Non-Christian readers alike.

  • Allison Kohn
    2019-02-17 16:30

    This is a breathtaking thriller taken from the book of the Revelation of John and the theory that the ultimate anti-Christ will come from the Catholic church. It is a very exciting read. I am amazed at the work and study that Pam put into this book to make it the winner that it is. You don't have to agree with her theology or even be a christian to find yourself engrossed in this excellent work of fiction. And if you do agree with her theology, you're sure to get a blessing reading this book. The many quotes from the book of Revelation are a good addition, giving the reader more insight to what is going on. A good exercise would be to give the story of the annunciation and birth of Christ an in depth perusal and compare it to the birth of "The Dark angel" as depicted by Pam.

  • A.E. Albert
    2019-02-06 16:39

    The story is fast paced and kept my interest throughout the read. It is also filled with a vast array of characters; all who have diverse cultural and sometimes religious backgrounds. The book begins slow due to their introduction into the story. The characters also add a complexity to a complex plotline. The theme is basic; good versus evil. But it has you rooting for the many heroes in a story filled with excitement. Overall, I enjoyed the book. I recommend it to anyone who likes apocalyptic thrillers.

  • Diana
    2019-02-01 20:30

    This was an interesting story though very long. I enjoyed the idea of what could be done to create world chaos with technology- very real and very scary. Though the book seemed long and I had a little trouble keeping all the people straight, it held my interest to see how this was all going to play out. I was disappointed that it didn't really wrap it up at the end, but instead led you into the next book in the series. I was given a copy of this book for my honest review.