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Aratya, a guy next door comes from the land of dreams, kota. his strong and righteous character made him unique from other teenagers of his age. but he does a mistake and falls in love with Rithima who reciprocates as well.It seems that life has become beautiful for them, but then life does not always go by our plans. and the two lovers get separated.but life has to move oAratya, a guy next door comes from the land of dreams, kota. his strong and righteous character made him unique from other teenagers of his age. but he does a mistake and falls in love with Rithima who reciprocates as well.It seems that life has become beautiful for them, but then life does not always go by our plans. and the two lovers get separated.but life has to move on, so Aratya tries to overcome his feelings by finding solace in friendship. Gaurav and Rohit become his best friends. he willingly takes every possible risk to help his friends in their time of distress. he had once read that friendship is a ship which never drowns, but life is not a fiction.meanwhile he met Riyankaa online and started liking her as a friend. though he was infatuated, the feeling of love was not on his mind. but riyankaa had sat her heart on him. She proposes to him but he rejects. later one day he gets to know that riyankaa has met with a car accident and asks his friends for help.will his friends help him?will he be able to meet Riyankaa?i will not regret losing you- the true saga of the dark and complex cobwebs of relationships in today's fake and treacherous world....

Title : I Will Not Regret Losing You
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ISBN : 9788192932484
Format Type : Paperback
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I Will Not Regret Losing You Reviews

  • Komal Priyani
    2019-02-18 19:08

    This book is a totally a masterpiece,It is basically for people like me who trust people easily n end up getting hurt despite of giving their 100% in every relation being friendship or love.. Author has taught me a positive lesson(give ur 100% in every field n dont expect anything in return) which I will remember throughout my Life, Author is straight forward and clear about his values n doings bcoz of which I can connect myself easily with the book...The social media is playing a crucial role in our lives today by providing an easy medium to communicate with the people around the globe but it's making distances where personal meetings and true feelings are concerned.. This book is a roller coaster ride of Emotions from blushing moments of Ridhi- Aryata love to their painful misunderstood breakup, From Aryata's self less love for his friends to his friends not reciprocating the same affection.Hence this book taught me a lesson for life "No matter wat relation u share give ur fullest n leave the rest to God..For all those friends /bf/gf who use their partners or buddies for selfish means this book is "scarastic slap" to them...P.S- I would recommend everyone to read this book once n value the relationships u have in ur life ..

  • Himani Gupta
    2019-01-30 19:00

    A beautiful and emotional tale which will teach you important lesson in life “Never trust people very easily and only make quality friends rather then have quantity of them. A wonderful tale for all those who believe in love and friendship…Full Review:

  • Mani Khanna
    2019-01-29 18:15

    I Will Not Regret Losing You-By Abhishek AgrawalPlot:This is Aratya's flashback story which he is reciting for his college friends at his home's terrace. Aratya is a fun loving guy and a person with principles and values. His life takes a sudden turn when he fall in love with a girl named Rithima. Both were serious about each other but a misunderstanding threw them apart.Time passes and he overcome her unfaithfulness with the help of his brother-like friends Gaurav and Rohit and start believing ' Love last for some-time but friendship lasts forever'. In between he met a girl online who eventually falls in love with him. Though he never loved her but always cared about her as a friend. She proposed him but he asked for some time.What is there for them in future?Will he ever fell in love with her?What lessons will he eventually learn from his beliefs about love and friendship?Read Aratya's teenage journey and the lessons he learnt about love, friendship and life.My Opinion:Positives:A nice speed is maintained from the very starting which doesn't bore you. The author has described some friendly moments in an effective manner and written all the dialogues between friends nicely. All the characters penned are justified properly. Language was kept simple. To add, title seemed a bit out of track in the beginning but as the book ended it suited well with the book (so it’s a plus point). Since this book is male-centric, young boys and teen agers will love reading it.Negatives:Targeting youngsters, the book will not be much admired by middle aged people. Spelling errors, typos and grammar errors were found and created a negative shadow on the book. Book cover was not at all attractive or content related. Also, absence of literature in the required areas could have been avoided.My Take on the story:Though the book is targeted at teenagers, it clearly highlights one aspect about youngsters which is "Friends at a stage in life become more important than parents". In an age it happens that we feel friends are most important, they are always right, but the biggest truth is that, no matter how good your friends are, your parents still are ‘your parents’. Moreover, misunderstandings are one of the major reasons behind broken relations. We should at least give one chance to people to explain themselves rather than creating false understanding about situations.Final Rating:Title / Cover: 2.75 /5Character justification: 3.5/5Story, Language, literature: 2.25/5Final Rating: 2.75

  • Kamal Paneru
    2019-02-04 15:51

    Review Point: 2.75 out 5Author: Abhishek AgrawalPublishers: Red InkGenre: Fiction/RomanceISBN: 9788192932484Pages: 207Target Audience: Teen AgersPlatform:Aratya narrates his life to friends Vikas and Ankit while sitting on the terrace of his home. He recalls his past and presents it with the stitches of happy and sad moments. In his past, he has two best friends Rohit and Gaurav. One day in the marriage function, he finds Rithimaa and feels attraction for her. Soon he falls in love but time makes them apart. He tries to move on, keeps himself busy with his friends and catastrophe of life. After couple of years, he finds another girl named Riyankaa and puts effort to make life smooth with her. Meanwhile, he helps Gaurav to get his love and pushes himself in lot of trouble. Will he be able to make Gaurav to get his love? Will Riyankaa be with him for ever? What problem he faces and what factors centralize the story? To know more, go through the "I Will Not Regret Losing You"Strength Of The Book:Book is maintained with the same pace from beginning to end. Multiple twisting points, happiest and saddest moments are fabricated with the story. Character justification is done. Starting is really good. Dialogue writing is good. Book follows the theories about love and friendship and scattered beautifully on both pillars. It arises curiosity of readers and make them smile and laugh too in regular interval.Weakness Of The Book:Story plot is weak and very common. Narration is not done properly. Way of presentation is some childish type and not matured enough. After half of completion, story diverts from the theme and runs on the behalf of other characters i.e. Gaurav. Some of moments are not written properly which make story a fake look.Conclusion:Starting with the words of Sudeep Nagarkar (author of many best selling novels) this book targets to the teenagers only. Those who are fond of love story and seeking for a new spice, this book doesn't stand on their expectation. But if you wanna memorise your teen age with your candid nature and originality, this book is best spice. Depicting the survival of friendship and the pros and cons of love with the time, this story is a perfect collection of different memories of life in teen time. Book completely suits with the title but cover page is not impressive.Reviewing Point:2.75 out of 5Review By:- Kamal Paneru

  • Enakshi Johri
    2019-02-19 17:53

    It is not important how many friends you have but the quality of people you spend your time with is more important. “I will not regret losing you” is one such book that is a blend of friendship, betrayal, love and trust. The author has done justice with the characters of the story and the star feature of the story is the well-paced and focused storyline. There is no diversion, unlike other stories where love is explained in terms of physical intimacy.The narration is lucid. However, the dialogs are incomplete at times, leaving the readers confused about what is being said. The cover of the book seems gloomy but interesting. At first, after reading the blurb, I felt like I was going through the summary of the plot, but the last few lines forced me to unveil what secrets the story held. The plot takes the readers through a roller coaster ride, where they can feel every emotion, as felt by the characters of the story. The author has also successfully pointed out the clichéd phrase- “Friendship lasts lifelong” and exposed the dark reality behind the facade of trust and honesty.Overall, a good job done by the author. Best wishes!

  • Nehali Lalwani
    2019-02-21 13:55

    This book can’t be tagged as the best, but it doesn’t deserve to be called as worst. Author’s imagination could be seen through his work. The only thing that didn’t work here is his narration. Proper editing, proof reading and re writing could have made this book a wonderful piece of art.If you can ignore grammatical errors while reading and it doesn’t affect your mood, you can surely pick this book. This book has several emotions entangled which will make you ponder over your thoughts. Few of them like, mother’s care, Parent’s trust, betrayal of your loved ones etc.This story teaches you some important lessons like:Life doesn’t stop for anyone. One must learn to move on.No matter how good you are, people around you are going to treat you according to their needs and convenience.No matter what, nobody can love you more than your parents.Don’t ever regret losing them when they didn’t care about your emotions and feelings. If they hurt you intentionally, please note they never deserved you in first place.Read the full review at -

  • Surbhi Sareen
    2019-02-13 13:50

    A strong and a weak novel.. The technique and the plot takes away the heart of the reader.. It is a simple nov el with extraordinary twists and turns.. The poetry in between the chapters add life to the novel.. Aratya is the mouthpiece of the Author.. and what author wants to show clearly reach us.. As we know every coin has a different side.. this novel is an unedited piece which might disturb you but the artistic work of the author will make you ignore this major part..