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A FLIGHT FROM DANGER LANDS LOREN IN GREATER PERILThe saga of the Nightblade continues across the nine kingdoms.Xain's madness has branded Loren and her friends, and even Jordel, fugitives from not only the king's law but Jordel's order of Mystics. Now their only hope lies in a hidden stronghold far to the north of the kingdom of Selvan. Now that their steps are hounded, thA FLIGHT FROM DANGER LANDS LOREN IN GREATER PERILThe saga of the Nightblade continues across the nine kingdoms.Xain's madness has branded Loren and her friends, and even Jordel, fugitives from not only the king's law but Jordel's order of Mystics. Now their only hope lies in a hidden stronghold far to the north of the kingdom of Selvan. Now that their steps are hounded, they must take an even more dangerous route through the Greatrock Mountains to the west. But more than Mystics and constables will pursue them, as dark creatures stalk them from the shadows of high peaks, and the presence of a mysterious foe known only as "The Lord" looms over them.JOIN THOUSANDS OF READERS IN AN EPIC ADVENTURE. GET IT NOW....

Title : Darkfire
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Darkfire Reviews

  • Ann Thomas
    2019-02-19 21:05

    This is one of the new-style books which emulates a TV series, with episodes which lead you on into the story. It works very well, but is infuriating when you find that there is no resolution at the end of a collection. It is intended to leave the reader on a cliff-hanger so they will buy the next book, but I'm used to normal books and expected some sort of ending, which I didn't get.As long as you're aware of this (I wasn't), the writing is good, the plots are intricate, and the characters believable. Several key characters change, now they're good, then they're bad, or vice versa. Nightblade changes too as she grows up and learns that her actions can have great consequences. She also learns that she has depths and skills she never imagined. It was great discovering along with her.Having pursued the cliff-hangers through three book, I finally balked and will not be buying the fourth - I don't like this style and will watch out for it in future. Each book should offer readers some sort of resolution.

  • Roger
    2019-02-02 22:30

    AMAZING book! OK, I used to read a lot of fantasy but have migrated to mystery & espionage as I've grown older. Garrett Robinson has hauled me back with his books! Well written with captivating characters and an ongoing story line that continues to grow as the story goes. If Nightblade can be compared to Tolkien's The Hobbit, then Robinson's subsequent books compare favorably to The Lord of the Rings, each better than the last. No spoilers here though, I highly recommend you to buy the book and prepare yourself for a journey into a well woven world!

  • Hari Krishnan Prasath
    2019-01-30 20:32

    It could have been written better. Jordel's death did not have that impact on me or the characters in the book. Xain's change of heart and allegiance towards the gang was so abrupt and should have had more drama too it. Other than that, the book was pretty neat. Loren's character development can be appreciated. Gem's loyalty to Jordel was the only thing that made his death meaningful. And ending it with Nightblade's sacred vow broken was a stroke of a genius mastermind.

  • Josef
    2019-02-18 19:22

    Great read!!Love love loved this book!! Great characters that you feel for through our the book. The storyline keeps keeps you wanting to read more and more. Looking forward to starting this next book, like right now!!

  • Jeffrey A. Dewey
    2019-02-12 22:07

    Ba-zinga!The twists and turns and not just in the mountains leaves one wondering where is this going? What is going to happen next and how will it be resolved. Only the next step into the saga will tell.

  • Troy
    2019-01-30 21:17

    Fun adventure to fall intoVery fun and enjoyable book. Garrett Robinson does an excellent job of getting you to feel something for the characters.

  • Daine Grey
    2019-02-11 22:31

    I cried

  • Jeff Cadoff
    2019-02-19 20:17

    Darkfire is an exciting read with several interesting twists and turns. Read and enjoy!

  • Jana Rawson
    2019-01-24 23:16

    Enjoyed his first two books more.. don't like when the authors feel the need to add adult themes. The story is a great, imaginative read. probably won't finish the series because of the adult themes.

  • Steve Woolsey
    2019-02-10 21:17

    Excellent storytellingI truly enjoy reading these books, and they are quickly rising among my favorite series of books. I highly recommend them.

  • Lucinda
    2019-02-23 18:34

    Book 3 in the Nightblade Epic.Not suitable for younger readers.This is where the story starts to get interesting. We sort of find out what the big bad Jordel has been on about is and Loren gets a big shock.Not wanting to post anything spoiler like so I'll just say I really enjoyed it, plenty more magic hijinks, good and dark. A good portrayal of withdrawal from what is essentially drugs on Xain's part which is a good portrayal. It's got to the point where you feel the characters have grown up a lot and so the story is getting darker with them. A great third book in the series.

  • Greg Garguilo
    2019-02-02 15:14

    Really, 3 1/4 stars, perhaps 3 1/2. Its YA stuff, no depth, no re-readability. But its a decent way to pass a few hours and better written, particularly the conversations, than most similar novels at the price.

  • Luana Reitan
    2019-02-04 20:28

    A wonderful adventure! You will truly care about these characters.

  • Jackie
    2019-02-23 16:09

    If possible, even better than the other two. Continuation of the story, great when there's no sex, just story that keeps you reading. Getting a little more intense, but that's what makes the story so great. Loved reviewing

  • Dave Higgins
    2019-02-19 16:34

    Continuing his careful mixture of epic fantasy background with character-driven detail, Robinson has produced another tale that will appeal to both fans of high fantasy and low.This novel is the third in the Nightblade Volumes. As such the review contains probably spoilers.Following Xain’s public use of darkfire to overcome a group of Mystics, Loren and her companions must flee from both the King’s law and Jordel’s former brothers. Jordel believes they can find sanctuary with allies far to the north, but first they must cross the kingdoms. And with Xain still deep in the madness of magestone withdrawal, they must do it carrying a wizard who will do anything to satisfy his addiction.As with the previous volumes, this is both a section of the broader arc and a self-contained narrative. And as before, Robinson skilfully balances both complete plots against continuing issues, and reminders of past events with keeping the focus on current events. Therefore, readers could start this immediately after Mystic or come to it after a break of many months with equal enjoyment; or even take this as their introduction to the world.Much like the previous volumes, this novel takes the form of a road trip. However, while Loren now has a better understanding of the world and who might be trustworthy, the forces ranged against her have grown both in breadth and power, making the tension – if anything – higher than when she was innocent.In addition to challenging her parochial view of the world, the journey forces Loren to face the true consequences of her vow not to kill. While Jordel continues to honour their agreement not to ask her to harm another, he – and others – kill to protect the group, leaving her questioning whether standing by while others do the killing is any better than killing yourself as a last resort.This newer, more weary, version of Loren marks a return to the skilled characterisation of the first volume; still naïve yet more careful in her allegiances, this Loren does not suddenly aid a potential foe without clear reasons in the way the Loren of Mystic did.Although the narrative remains focused on Loren, many of the major supporting cast undergo a parallel maturation: Gem, while still crowing like the greatest of heroes, begins to accept that a boy from the city might be more of a hindrance than a help in a wilderness filled with threats; and Xain, wracked by both the after-effects of magestone and the returning awareness of what he did while under its influence, must find a way to win back both sanity and trust.Overall, I enjoyed this novel greatly. I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the previous volumes.I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for a fair review.

  • Andrew
    2019-01-27 21:21

    Garrett's Robinson did a excellent job on putting in enough twist and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. I've more questions than answers. Got to get the next book Shadesborn to see what's next. Excellent writer, I hope the next book keeps just as fasinated as the first three. Thanks for the great reads and keep them coming

  • Lynn
    2019-02-04 23:07

    Totally loved it.. Liked the first two, this one is even better.. A few new characters added, some lost, it gets better, gritter and harder than the first two.. Still sex free, but fighting gets grittier and a bit more harsh.. I can't wait for the next one in this series. Wonderful..

  • Ann Zdunczyk
    2019-02-02 23:07

    Some many things happen Journey after journey they have to make. New fights await them! Harpies and satyrs appear! Shades are walking again and sadness abounds.

  • Roxane Lapa
    2019-02-12 19:26

    Book three of the Nightblade series. An epic fantasy.Jordel and Xain's backstories unfold a bit more clearly in this book and we find even more villains, as well as otherworldly creatures. This one, like the previous 2, is packed with action without sacrificing story line, witty and genuine dialogue, and descriptive prose. I initially got the first book in the series free on noisetrade and quickly took advantage of the bookbub special for what I thought was the trilogy. It turns out that this series has more than 3 books though because the story does not end with this one. In a way, I'm annoyed because it wasn't clear that there was a fourth book. Who has a special on 3 books when the series is made up of 4...or who knows...maybe more? On the other hand, I'm glad the story hasn't ended because I've grown attached to the characters. Looking forward to book 4 (Shadeborn).

  • Blaine Moore
    2019-02-11 17:27

    I read an early version of this book pre-publication.Darkfire picks up from the end of Mystic, with Loren and company being pursued from pretty much any organized group that they've come across. About the only people that aren't still out to get them are the den of thieves that they met earlier and left behind after leaving the city, with the King's Law, the Mystics and an unethical family of merchants all chasing them across the land. We begin to really see the glimmerings of the wider picture and threat to the land in this book, as our heroes find an abandoned fort that isn't as abandoned as they'd been led to believe and which is acting as a staging area for an invasion. The stakes are high, and not everybody is destined to survive.Looking forward to the 4th book in the series.

  • Clayj98
    2019-01-26 21:27

    Great readA good quick read. Like the others in this series it will grab you and take for a great ride

  • PJ Lea
    2019-02-23 16:31

    Part 3 of the Nightblade series is just as enthralling as the other books.Loren gains strength and determination as she continues her travels, Gem grows in spirit as well as bodily and Annis finds her resolve.The action is still gripping and often graphic, and there are some tremendous shocks to be found within the pages.An addictive series, that's for sure and, despite how long each book is, the time flies as as Loren, Jordel and Xain cross the nine lands.

  • Edward Antrobus
    2019-02-08 16:17

    Another epic adventure for Loren and her companyLoren has escaped Cabris and Welmont. But now their mountain path bars an enemy greater than any they've faced before. Darkfire is a very close second for favorite book in the series, although I was a little upset at the ending which I can't say more than saying that anything I could say about it would be a spoiler.

  • Susan Guignard Burr
    2019-02-22 18:24

    Garrett Robinson never fails to knock it out of the park.I start getting a little nervous as I near the end of Mr. Robinson's latest book! I stumbled across his books quite by accident. And I'm certainly glad that I did.

  • Jeremy Reppy
    2019-02-10 22:24

    True evil has found them The third book in the series is full of the twists, turns and surprises of the first two books. However, the reader now gets a glimpse of the great evil at which Jordel has been hinting. Another good book in the series.

  • Kathy
    2019-01-26 20:22

    Arc copy. This story just gets better. Can't wait for next episode!

  • Tanya Livingston
    2019-02-05 18:07

    Wow! Loving this saga and will be sad to finish it. Incredible story telling and character development.

  • Robin Pfender
    2019-02-15 18:24

    Loved how the story progressed from book one. Great Read!

  • Alex Pedro
    2019-02-24 21:15

    Oh my heart.

  • Mary
    2019-02-14 16:34

    The heroine is ...not very bright. She is, however, quite lucky and manages to live through the book.