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This Pride and Prejudice Variation begins between Darcy and Elizabeth's engagement and wedding. Suppose everything happened exactly as in the original until after the engagement. Then Mr.Darcy has an accident....or is it? He is taken away from Elizabeth and she must use whatever means she can to reach him before it's too late....

Title : Pride and Prejudice: Disdain and Deception
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ISBN : 25899940
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Pride and Prejudice: Disdain and Deception Reviews

  • Meredith (Austenesque Reviews)
    2019-02-04 14:22

    What if, while on his way to Longbourn to visit with his betrothed, Darcy’s horse threw him and he was gravely injured in a horrific accident?What if Lady Catherine saw Darcy’s extensive injuries and weakened state as an excuse to take control and separate him from Elizabeth?What if Elizabeth took desperate measures to see her fiancée and ensure herself of his well-being?Sounds like a pretty interesting premise, doesn’t it? In this Pride and Prejudice variation novella, Denise O’Hara derails these beloved characters from their traditional course a mere two days before their wedding. Poor Darcy and Lizzy! To be so close to their happy marriage! With Darcy unconscious and immobile, their wedding doesn’t take place as planned. And no one dares oppose Lady Catherine when she demands that Darcy be moved to Rosings and declares that no visitors, save Georgiana, will be permitted. But a despondent yet determined Lizzy doesn’t give up hope! She finds a way to be reunited with her beloved even if does involve a bit of disguise and deception…I found this premise to be a lot of fun to explore. Not many variations take such a dramatic twist so late in the novel. I loved the bit about assuming a disguise – felt very Shakespearean! My favorite aspect of the story was seeing the devotion between Darcy and Elizabeth. Their declarations of love and unyielding affection was moving to witness. I also greatly enjoyed the crossing of verbal swords between Darcy and Nurse Ainsworth. I thought the dialogue between them to be well-written and very true to character and style.This variation definitely asks the reader to suspend disbelief a little and enjoy the ride, which I was fine with and prepared to do for the most part. However, there were several instances that I thought didn’t sound or feel right. Like how no one attempted to stop Lady Catherine, or how there were no adverse effects from Darcy’s relocation to Rosings (he was unconscious after all!). I also thought Georgiana and Darcy appeared to be a little too complaisant and unsuspicious about being taken to Rosings. I would think Darcy upon waking would have so many questions and demand to know why he was removed from Netherfield, and that Georgiana would divulge to her brother the reason that his fiancée isn’t in attendance.In addition, grammar and editing isn’t usually something I comment on, but I’m afraid I found some of the typos and other errors to be a little bit distracting in this tale – such as Elizabeth forgetting that she is already betrothed “If they were spotted kissing before their betrothal…” (page 11) or how odd it felt for Elizabeth to constantly address her betrothed as Mr. Darcy (both publicly and privately) yet address his sister as Georgiana.Despite my quibbles, I found Pride and Prejudice: Disdain and Deception to be a diverting and unique read! It may not be my favorite Pride and Prejudice variation, but it is a fun novella that is great for readers looking for something lighthearted, entertaining, and quick to enjoy!

  • Charlene
    2019-02-14 18:43

    Actually 3 1/2 StarsIn this alternative story it starts out right before the double wedding. Darcy has a fall from a horse and is gravely injured, and this sets off a change of events. Of course there is a delay in Darcy and Elizabeth's wedding but what really changes the course of events is that Lady Catherine sweeps in and takes Darcy to Rosings. How are Darcy and Elizabeth to finally get there happily ever after? Will he be convinced to marry Anne? In the midst of this we find that maybe there is evil a foot. They need to solve this and find a way to get our to fav characters back together.This story was very interesting and diverting, though the writing is very modern and definitely not regency cannon and this is why I rated it 3 1/2 stars. Was well worth reading though it was free for me as I have Prime.

  • Carol Perrin
    2019-02-15 16:33

    Pride and Prejudice: Disdain and DeceptionI did not see the ending coming! Wow, I had the wrong member at fault for the problems facing Darcy. After a fall from his horse, Darcy is hurt while at Netherfield. Lizzy is there with Georgiana and Colonel Fitzwilliam to help care for him. Enter Lady Catherine. She removes him from Netherfield and takes him to Rosings. Everybody from Netherfield decides it in under lock and key, because nobody has gotten any news and no one is allowed to visit including Mr. Collins. Besides herself from worry about Darcy, Lizzy with the help of friends, find a unique way to thwart Lady Catherine's plans and infiltrates Lady Catherine's seclusion of Darcy. Oh, what lengths true love will go to see their betrothed!

  • Jess Swann
    2019-02-09 21:26

    Déjà je tiens à dire que j'ai emprunté ce livre via mon abonnement kindleJe l'ai pris en version française... enfin française... version "google traductor" serait plus juste ! Et là, je suis en rage, c'est juste une honte d'oser vendre un torchon pareil (3 euros 34 pour ceux qui l'achètent). Les phrases ne veulent le plus souvent rien dire et c'est pénible au delà de tout !Ceci étant dit, sur le scénario (parce que je me dis qu'en anglais c'est peut-être lisible) : Darcy a un accident de cheval à la veille de son mariage avec Elizabeth, Jane et Bingley se marient quand même et au final Lady Catherine vient chercher son neveu (qui souffre de fractures aux jambes) et l'emmène à Rosing. Du coup Elizabeth ne peut plus le voir... Bref, elle finit par se grimer en infirmière pour entrer dans la place. Sur l'histoire bah c'est très basique... J'ai trouvé original que Mrs Bennet apparaisse "sensible" et j'ai été surprise de découvrir l'identité de la personne responsable de l'accident de Darcy. Ca aurait pu être sympa, sans être transcendant, si la traduction avait été une vraie traduction...Ce que j'aime : Charlotte et Anne Ce que j'aime moins : la traduction qui est du foutage de gueuleEn bref : Une arnaque totale ! L'histoire aurait pu être sympathique mais le fait que l'auteure ose vendre une chose pareille ne me donne pas envie de découvrir Ma note 0/10

  • Sarah
    2019-01-27 18:47

    Take this review with a grain of salt as I did not get very far into the novel before giving up. However, the prose felt off/awkward and even the introductory plot was confusing. I did not get very far before ceasing my efforts. I suggest reviewing a sample before purchasing to insure the story is for you.

  • Beth
    2019-01-30 15:24

    DifferentDarcy has a riding accident a few days before the wedding and breaks both legs, along with a head injury. Lady Catherine shows up and removes him and Georgiana to Rosings, banning all visitors and not allowing mail in or out. Elizabeth rushes there, imitating a nurse who helps him recover. Turns out someone shot his horse.....

  • Madenna U
    2019-02-01 18:24

    Our very happy couple is just about to get married when tragedy separates them. A well planned deception by Elizabeth brings them together. A mystery is solved and the book ends almost immediately.

  • Sheila Majczan
    2019-02-22 17:34

    3.5 stars At 171 pages according to Amazon this was a very short read: I finished it within several hours. It captured and held my interest throughout although the language did not read smoothly to my ears.As others have mentioned this tale is set shortly before the planned wedding for both Bennet sisters. Then, with the ceremony only 2 days away, a traumatic event halts everything: Darcy has a very serious accident and is unconscious. Now the next question is: What do we do about the wedding(s)? In this tale, the rules of conduct are very strictly adhered to...not even a kiss before marriage. So is Elizabeth allowed at his bedside? And then he is whisked off to Rosings by his Aunt Catherine for recovery and she will not allow anyone, ANYONE, to visit there! Her motivation: well, if you know the story of P&P, I don't have to fill in that answer for you. (Here I questioned why Bingley didn’t intervene with the help of his men-servants and prevent this removal of a very broken man from his household.) How will Darcy react to her absence, if he regains conscious, and then, what is he told about her absence?So letters are written, Colonel Fitzwilliam is sent for and goes to Rosings...still, no one hears from that edifice. What is going on? What is happening to Darcy? Even Mr. Collins is excluded from visiting her ladyship. Read the very clever way in which Charlotte comes up with not one, but two ways of helping Elizabeth in her quest to not only gain information about her beloved but also to gain access to his person, to see for herself if he is near death or if he is recovering. And I do believe you will be surprised at the person behind this plot to separate our dear couple from each other.

  • Leslie
    2019-02-08 16:37

    This is an interesting premise, albeit a depressing one, that mere days before his wedding to Elizabeth Bennet Darcy is severely injured in a riding accident, their wedding is postponed and Lizzy worries it will never go forward.The plot is much more convoluted than that meager description and the story; the story or writing style, has an undefinable quality that I can't truly explain. There are stories that you can immerse yourself in and get lost; this isn't one of them. Every few paragraphs or pages there would be something, either a Regency, History, austenesque or common sense error that would kick you out of the storyThe author is all over the place with propriety; Aunt Gardiner is called Mrs. Gardiner by Lizzy, servants are rarely in use, Bingley is just as spineless as Mr. Bennet predicted, Charlotte is friends with an actress. There are parts of the book that are good and parts that are just flat out dumbfounding.In Kindle Loc. 307 "It was three days before the wedding when Fitzwilliam Darcy entered the parlor at Longbourn,...." He and Lizzy go for a walk. The details of that take to loc. 333 when Lizzy asks, "Do you intend(I originally typed intent) to stay at Netherfield with Mr. Bingley until the wedding?" "I do," Darcy Replied. "With it being only a fortnight away, it seems prudent to do so rather than travel back to Pemberley..." So here are my options. Going outside Longbourn puts you into a time warp. The author doesn't know that a fortnight is 2 weeks. OR there was no proofreading.

  • KateMaxwell
    2019-02-15 15:31

    This short novel was a fun re-imagining of P&P. Darcy is thrown from his horse days before the wedding of the Bennet sisters, and is unconscious with several serious injuries. Before he is able to regain consciousness, Lady Catherine whisks her nephew away and bans all visitors to Rosings Park. What is a bride-to-be to do? Her dear friend Charlotte happens to live next to Rosings Park. Might she gain access to the estate and find out how her beloved is doing?I quite enjoyed Charlotte's character in this story - I think that she was my favorite. While it was fun to see a different spin on the near nuptials of Lizzie and Darcy, the ending was a bit rushed and a little far-fetched. However, it was a quick read that was rather entertaining.I won this book in a giveaway from the author and am providing an honest opinion.

  • Katherine
    2019-01-29 17:26

    A bit far fetched but a fun read!Darcy falls off his horse before his wedding to Elizabeth and is whisked away to Rosings when unconscious by LDY catherine in an attempt to end his engagement. Elizabeth cannot get through to Georgiana in letters and is worried about Darcy. Even the Collins are not privy to the activity at Rosings besides Colonel Fitzwilliams arrival and that of a nurse. Elizabeth goes to Hunsford to get close to Darcy but finds the only way to do so is under disguise.mi thought it was hilarious and reminded me of Mrs Doubtfire but it worked (the far fetched part)! I love how Darcy sees something in his new "nurse" that is recognizable but can't put his finger on it.moh what fun!

  • Tom
    2019-02-16 20:46

    Denise O’Hara never disappoints. This novel has all the features I like. Excellent Pride and Prejudice variation. The story has the perfect amount of description, so you get to picture all the scenes. I encourage her to keep writing more with character like these ones. I enjoyed this reading a lot. Great book.

  • Garlyn
    2019-02-24 20:22

    Once again Denise O'Hara has made the characters of Pride and Prejudice come alive! I thought I loved her Life After the Wedding series, but this is my new favorite. I can picture the scenes in my mind as if I'm watching it happen. The writing is superb.

  • Rebekah M.
    2019-02-13 14:28

    First of all, some people are so mean with their disclaimers and they didn't even read the book! Give me a break! This was a fantastic story line. Very clever and different. I thoroughly enjoyed this variation.

  • Keisha
    2019-01-24 18:42

    I really enjoyed this variation! Clever and engaging! Could not put it down!

  • Dee Fergerson
    2019-02-12 22:49

    I really liked this variation with the unexpected twist. It kept me interested throughout the entire book.

  • Vaarin
    2019-01-24 18:22

    I am not thrilled though the story has a lot of angst. The first half is a bit dry but it picks up near the end. The end should have been longer, a bit of happiness would have given me a better perception of the novel.As it is I rather regret buying it...The plot is Darcy is severely injured by a fall off the horse two days before the wedding.Lady C moves him to Rosings denying anybody to see him and prevents any letters from going in or out. Lizzy disguise her self as a nurse to get access to Darcy.I just don't find a lot of the actions in the novel believable... Like Darcy not recognize Lizzy for weeks as his nurse.I did look forward to read a novel about their engagement period since that is rather unusual of all the P&P variations I have read but I am rather disappointed.