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Jasmine Nichols is a control freak.When she graduates from college as valedictorian with a degree in social services, her friend and mentor Jill Swanson offers her a job, but with one condition. She has to take two weeks off and just have fun. Taking the instructions to heart, Jasmine goes to a club called Debauchery and has a sizzling encounter with a sexy stranger.Ex-proJasmine Nichols is a control freak.When she graduates from college as valedictorian with a degree in social services, her friend and mentor Jill Swanson offers her a job, but with one condition. She has to take two weeks off and just have fun. Taking the instructions to heart, Jasmine goes to a club called Debauchery and has a sizzling encounter with a sexy stranger.Ex-pro football player Gabriel Johnson is done playing the field.Gabe is tired of meaningless relationships, but when he meets a mysterious, beautiful, blue-eyed blonde at Debauchery and the chemistry is undeniable, he knows he’s finally found the one. What he didn’t expect was for her to freak out and run off. Jasmine thought she made a clean getaway, so needless to say, she’s shocked when she finds herself face to face with the hot guy from the club once again. He’s Jill’s. Half. Brother.Gabe wants to pick up right where they left off and doesn’t waste any time convincing her. Jasmine’s blown away by the intensity of their relationship. How can she control something that makes her feel so wild and uninhibited?But Jasmine can’t handle the pressure.First, she’s confronted with old insecurities. Then suddenly, her brother has a secret he’ll only share with Gabe, the father who abandoned her shows up—at Gabe’s instigation—and a professional tragedy is the last straw. What happens when it all falls apart?Is being with Gabe more than she can handle?...

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Gabe Reviews

  • Carissa
    2019-04-18 04:35

    "No matter what life throws at you, never stop pursuing your dreams."At twenty-two, and through her own life experiences and family crisis. Jasmine Nichols has worked diligently in order to graduate with a master's degree in Social work. Her mentor Jill Swanson has been the rock, that kept her family intact and kept Jasmine focused. From the day they met, Jill has been the Nichols' family savior. The hope she instilled in Jasmine, gave her the push needed to aspire to greatness. With her master's under her belt, Jasmine is ready to start work as a social worker. But, she isn't allowed to start for a few weeks, and the only stipulation is that she lives life a little. She worked hard and she didn't have any recreational time. It's time to rest and relax.On her graduation night, she goes to a club called Debauchery. Debauchery is a hot and steamy club, where everything goes. Open fornication, lustful touches and not so subtle flirtation. As soon as she situates herself by the bar, all the hairs on her neck stand to attention. Slowly turning, she encounters a dark eyed stranger, that boils her blood and gets her juices flowing. The sexual attraction is off the charts. Soon enough whispered words, turn into heated touches and desperate kisses. When a fight breaks out, Jasmine's mystery man attempts to break up the altercation, while asking her to stay out of harms way. Breathless and confused, Jasmine leaves, without so much as a kiss goodbye.Days later, Jasmine encounters the dark eyed, sexy stranger, to be non other than Jill's brother, Gabe. Their initial meeting was saucy, but their second encounter was off the freaking charts, down and dirty. They were moaning, I was moaning. Sigh..Gabriel Johnson a.k.a Gabe, is a retired football player. After a knee injury affected his football career, Gabe sets his sights on real estate. Setting up his own business, at thirty-eight, Gabe is tired of meaningless relationships. He's more than ready to settle down, and when his blue eyed temptress saunters into his home, he knows she's the one.I loved Gabe's quiet intensity. He simply knew he wanted Jasmine, and the quiet and calculated way he went about it was scintillating and sexy as hell. Gabe, he was simply perfect to me. Soft and gentle, caressing and rough. A perfect gentleman with all the right alpha-male tendencies. I loved how devoted he was to Jasmine. He knew just when to play tough guy and when to soften it up a bit.As Jasmine and Gabe slow start getting to know each other, Jasmine starts to become scared and concerned about being heartbroken. Jasmine's emotions are all over the place when she's around Gabe. One part wants to run, as far and as fast as she can. Another part of her, wants to impale herself on his rigid cock and take all he has to offer. See...Hot!!! Swoon, moan, die. Panties are wet. Need new pair. Why even bother with undies. Going commando. LolAs Jasmine and Gabe's relationship starts becoming serious, Jasmine's insecurities and her past start catching up with her. Jasmine is afraid of being heartbroken, because she has daddy issues. Her father left her and her twin brother, Jordan, when they were babes. Leaving their grandparents to take care of them and their mother. Her mother suffered from a condition called Encephalitis, and the results of the developmental disability are irreversible. Growing up Jasmine always wondered about her father, into adulthood, she learned to cope and move on. When she saw her brother fall in love and had his heart broken, he became a man-whore. This only solidified her mind, by building walls around her heart.When her brother becomes the target of a hate crime, and withdraws from her physically and emotionally, along with her father re-entering her life. Coupled with the fatal ending of a person in one of her social cases, Jasmine is unable to cope with all these changes, and she runs. Jasmine has spent her entire life taking care of others. Now that the time has come for her to lean on someone else. It is difficult for this strong woman, to show weakness. Her inability to handle these feelings of sorrow and helplessness has her running. Hurting herself and all those around her. Those who love and want to protect her.Jasmine must now assess her own life, and bare herself to those around her. She must allow herself to accept the things she cannot change, and change the things she can. So, I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The differing dynamics at play had me fighting to finish. Perfect character development, wonderful secondary characters. Stunning portrayal of Marie, Jasmine's mother. Wonderful, strong and realistic themes, that were handled aptly. The emotions were heartfelt and even had me crying. I divided this book into two parts. The first being about Jasmine discovering her sexual prowess and allowing her barriers to slowly crack apart. Then part two, was where her insecurities shone through and started impacting her and the other characters. Thus making a fabulous story line.One of my fav! parts of any novel, is when a writer describes a heroine as being a size 12 or full and curvaceous. Nothing against slim women. However, the story, for me, tends to become less fictional and more realistic.Highly recommend this to everyone!!*ARC provided by Enticing Journey Book PR on behalf of the author for an honest review* Thanks!

  • NMmomof4
    2019-03-30 06:11

    3 StarsOverall Opinion:This was ok. Their big relationship conflict ruined it for me tbh. I lost a lot of like for them both during that time, and I felt like it was really immature and stupid drama. Other than their obvious sexual chemistry, I didn't feel much of their connection. It was a lot of sex, not much storyline, and just...meh.Brief Summary of the Storyline:This is Jasmine and Gabe's story. They meet when Jasmine's brother takes her out to celebrate graduating college at a club. They have a hot encounter, but Jasmine takes off. They meet again when Jasmine tags along with her friend and colleague to meet her brother, who happens to be Gabe. They start a whirlwind relationship, and fall in love. There are a lot of sexy times and some family and other drama, but they get their HEA ending.POV: This alternated between Jasmine and Gabe's POV. Overall Pace of Story:Good. I never skimmed, and it flowed well. There are some time jumps of weeks at a time that I know some readers have issues with.Instalove: Not really. I think it took a while to develop stronger feelings, but other than sex I didn't get the connection.H rating: 3 stars. Gabe. He was ok. He was hot, but he would randomly throw out some derogatory words during sex that didn't seem to fit. I also felt like he acted immature at times (see cheating spoiler).h rating: 3 stars. Jasmine. I hated her freak-out close to the end and how she pushed the H away. I felt like she was pretty mature until that happened and then seemed really immature and kind of annoying.Sadness level: Low. No tissues needed.Heat level: Modern/high. There is a lot of sex. I feel like we could've gone without as much (*gasp* I know), but it was starting to become all that the story was and all their connection was based on.Descriptive sex: Yes Safe sex: Yes. Condoms are used, and then after a std status and birth control talk they stop using them at the end.OW/OM drama: Mild (view spoiler)[See cheating spoiler, and there are a few separate instances of OW and OM hitting on the H and h that makes the other jealous.(hide spoiler)]Sex scene with OW or OM: No.Cheating: No(view spoiler)[Closest is during their separation h sees H at a bar with OW hugging him. He did it to make her jealous, and didn't really do anything with the OW.(hide spoiler)]Possible Triggers: Mild(view spoiler)[ Suggestions that H used to be a manwhore previously (not too obvious though), h has body issues, big age difference - 16 years between h and H, absentee father for h, parent with developmental disability for h, and side character gets attacked in a hate crime. (hide spoiler)]Closure: This had some good closure with a cute jump ahead epilogue and a HEA ending.How I got it: It was part of my kindle unlimited subscription.Safety: Safe with exception (view spoiler)[- Does Not have cheating- Does Not have a descriptive sex scene with OW/OM-Does have the h pushing the H away-Does have a short separation between the h and H-Does Not have abuse-Does Not have OTT sad parts- Does have a HEA ending. (hide spoiler)]

  • Christine
    2019-03-21 10:30

    Jasmine has graduated from college to be a social worker and decides to blow off some steam one night with her brother Jordan and visits a new club. While at the club, she has a hot encounter with a guy, who she assumes she will never see again.Now that she has graduated, her good friend and mentor Jill, has gotten Jasmine a job as a social worker where she works. Jill has always been there for Jasmine and was instrumental in Jaz finding her way down this career path as well as in her personal life. While waiting to start her new job, Jaz gets invited by Jill to meet her older brother Gabe, an ex NFL football player.It should come as no surprise that when they meet, Gabe turns out to be the guy from the club who she got "naughty" with. Its at this point in the book that it got very predictable. While there is no real twist or major drama there is a LOT of sex. Every two seconds these two are getting it on. Now, I am all for sex and sex scenes in a book but in this one there are sooooo many that I actually found myself skimming over them. After the first 15 times, they lost the sizzle for me. While the storyline is good, it never got great. Its a nice love story but just never got to the hot factor for me. There are some little side stories that pop up but not very angsty or climactic. While this book kept my interest it was just ok for me. I am however, looking forward to reading about Nico, which is the next book. I am hoping his book ramps up the angst and the sex scenes are quality over quantity.

  • ✿
    2019-04-06 07:36

    ☆ I received an ARC via Enticing Journey Book PR in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆3.25-.5 stars!!In general, I liked this read. I’m a huge sports romance fan and been binging on this reads lately, so imagine my excitement when I got my ARC for this story! *squeeeeeeee!!!~*Yes, there are some inconsistencies in the writing, plot, and characters, but as a whole it was a sweet and steamy first installment of the Heartbreaker series.For 22-year old recent college graduate Jasmine Nichols, life hasn’t been easy. Growing up without a father and having your mother develop a rare brain condition, has left her and twin brother, Jordan’s lives in tatters.On the brink of being put into a foster home, in comes future bestie and social worker, Jill Sanders, to the rescue and places Jasmine and her brother in the care of their grandmother.From then on, Jill is Jasmine’s center, her mentor, and motivation catalyst; and the only one she can truly rely on. Not even her spacey brother.She follows Jill’s footsteps and earns a degree in social work as well, and decides to pay it back forward if you will. No child should ever have to be put in a bad home situation or be potentially what she was obscured from.But, when her life is on the straight on narrow, in comes in smexy ex-pro football player who reads heartbreak and trouble, and pursues her mercilessly with no taking of no.Only catch is, is that he is Jill’s half- brother.How will this romance end?All in all, a great story with a lot of potential. I got Jasmine’s fear and insecurities and why she felt initially as if Gabe was going to let her down like many of the men in her life. Thus, her running away from his advances.As for Gabe, I really enjoyed his characterization. I’m used to playboy types of jocks, and while Gabe is very prime looking, he isn’t looking for a short lived fling. He’s looking to settle down. And now that he’s finally found the one, he isn’t about to let her go. *melts*Wonderful, start to this series!! Can't wait to see what's in store next!!

  • Lina's Reviews❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥ღೋBook Blogღೋ ❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥
    2019-03-27 07:12

    Nice romance story with a lot of characters. I could feel the chemistry between Jazz and Gabe and their scenes together were explosive. Unfortunately, I craved a little more plot-wise. I couldn't connect with the characters but I felt more sympathy towards Gabe. I wanted something more gripping to happen. The writing was simple but eloquent. If you are looking for something light and sizzling then this is for you. It did not work very well for me but it might work for you.I received a copy via Enticing Journey in exchange for my honest review

  • I.Heart.Romance
    2019-03-30 05:30

    ⭐️ 3 Stars⭐️~ ~ ~ S P O I L E R S ~ ~ ~♦️BOOK: #1 in the HEARTBREAKER series. Can be read as a standalone. Full length. Kindle loc: 3500♦️WRITING: good but on the simplistic side - 'I did this. He did that. I wore this.'♦️EDITING: good - very few errors found♦️POV: dual first person ♦️HERO: Gabriel "Gabe" Johnson, 38--Real estate flipper. Retired football player. 6'4 with dark chocolate eyes, beard, dark hair past his chin that he sometimes wears in a man-bun. Sweet yet very intense with a short temper. ♦️HEROINE: Jasmine Nichols, 22--Recent college graduate, newbie Social worker. Lingerie model. Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'10, curvy size 12/14. A bit of a pushover, needs to stand up for herself more, stop allowing others to bulldoze her. "Of course I’d like to tell him to fuck off, but I won’t because that’s just not my style."♦️PLOT: After working very hard to graduate with a master's degree in social work, Jasmine goes to a club to celebrate and 'live a little', where she has a very brief steamy encounter with a mystery man. Days later, her friend Jill introduces Jasmine to her brother, Gabe...the mystery man from the club. They begin dating, meet each other's families, fall in love. Jasmine begins her career as a social worker, but after a case ends in tragedy, her absentee father returns and her gay twin brother is beaten in a hate crime, she can't deal. Feeling lost, Jasmine quits her job and her relationships splinter.♦️WHAT WORKED: ➖sweet romance ➖Jasmine's mother was a wonderful character. Due to a brain infection after Jasmine's birth causing irreversible damage, her mother now suffers developmental disabilities. She has a sweet innocence about her but loves her children dearly. ➖great epilogue ➖realistic characters ♦️WHAT DID NOT WORK:➖inconsistencies. At the beginning, Jasmine has golden blonde hair and blue eyes, but a few pages later her eyes are mossy green and hair is platinum blond.➖everyone stutters in this book when they are upset or nervous ➖Jasmine feels like she needs to make things right with her dad, brother and Gabe, apologize, beg their forgiveness but she's the one that was wronged. She deserves some groveling, them begging for her forgiveness. He father bailed when she was a baby, her brother SLAPS her because she called him out on his whoring ways and in the middle of a tragedy, Gabe throws her out. This girl is 22 years old, she deserved a little understanding from him, instead he acts extremely immature, even going as far as trying to make her jealous by telling her he's going on a date. So what does Jasmine do? She goes to the club where he's gonna be on his date to say goodbye and to thank him...huh? Have some self respect, women!♦️STEAM LEVEL: hot, 3.5/5 - several quick, average sex scenes...except that Gabe likes to squeeze her throat and call her a slut.♦️ENDING: HEA, Epilogue - 4 years later, No cliffhanger ♦️WARNINGS, TAGS & STUFF: dominate H, oral sex, hair pulling, throat squeezing, clothes ripping, sex with food, sex in a public place, name calling, dirty talking, homosexuality, hate crime, weak h, marijuana use,

  • Rae Sontheyon
    2019-03-25 10:38

    The Storyline Had Potential But The Sex Crowded Over Everything. . . Honestly if I hadn't given my word when I signed up to read and review this book for the blog tour I'd have stop after the first chapter. The main character was enjoyable to a point but her eagerness to please an overly dominant man who admits to using sex as a way of control, distraction and tempering her, ruins my last bit of appreciation for her as a female lead. The plot itself felt too forced and the final chapters, especially the epilogue ending seemed a different book, more like the story I'd hoped to have signed up for initially.Graduating as the valedictorian of her college class, 22 year old Jasmine Nichols, has always kept her life in order. Jasmine has grownup knowing she has only herself to rely on since her grandparents died when she and her twin brother Jordan were 17 yrs old. Her grandparents raised them when her mom became ill shortly after having them and their sperm donor "dad" walked out on them. So when Jill, Jasmine's best friend, offers her a job after graduation she tells her to take a couple weeks off and have fun, Jasmine doesn't know what to do with her free time. Taken to a club called Debauchery by her brother, Jasmine has a hot encounter with a man who awakes her every desire, which scares her to no end. That man is Gabe, Gabriel Johnson, and it's not until the next day at a family barbeque that Jill brings Jasmine to that she finds out the man she met at the club is Jill's half brother Gabe. Shocked to find the woman he can't stop thinking about, Gabe won't let her run away this time as he intends to make her his and show her they have something between them. Gabe has never felt this connection before and will fight to keep it, because he quickly realizes Jasmine is not like any other woman he has ever known before.Overall, completely disappointed with the story and characters. Jasmine was kinda funny and seemed to be on my level being around my age, but when she literally decided to change careers, forgive without a real change and let a man take over life, I was like "Oh Heeeck Nooo!" The fact Gabe was 38 and Jasmine was 22, was a bit off putting especially since Gabe seemed to be 20 years old by how much he talked about his d*ck, the guy is a man so act like it and not a guy from a fraternity. Here's an example of how irrational or immature Gabe thinks for being a savvy real estate guy, so basically Gabe hates any man staring at Jasmine like she's hot, so when she tells him that it happens and you can't knock out every guy with eyes, he purposefully makes her jealous by having girls, yes plural, flirt with him to prove jealousy stings, yeah that'll teach her. My other huge issue was the sex in this book was excessive, I understand they were hot for each other, but to do it even in the bathroom while out with friends or while Gabe's parents were in the house or nearby is just too much and downright gross. Now the middle of the book started to flow and progress well with character interactions and conversations, but then it all went down hill after a couple dramatic moments. The moments were forced and you could tell they were almost fabricated just to make Jasmines life hell so she could say the words Gabe wanted, which is that she needed him. In the end perhaps I couldn't understand the book because I have a certain hope and expectations of relationships in which the man basically forcing himself in your life is not okay, even if he is gorgeous. So if you are up for a book that has a dominant man who seems to love to have sex all the time whom everyone describes as intense while his woman basically has the midlife crisis he should be having at his age then all of a sudden its all good and a great HEA, then by all means this is for you but it wasn't for me, I wanted the romance story and got too much sex and not enough worth while plot to say this book is good. **I received a free copy in return for an honest review**------Read more of my reviews at:

  • The Romance Book Disciple (Samantha)
    2019-03-30 10:20

    Meh. Its not a bad story. Its written just fine. But, its nothing original. Its pretty graphic in terms of sex too. Normally that doesn't bother me, but the book's plot pretty much centers around the sex between Gabe and Jasmine. I mean, they grope each other in a club the first time they meet. They don't even know each others names. So, if your are looking for a steamy read, this is probably right up your alley. My issues with this book might be the exact reason you love it! However, if you are like me and you aren't a big fan of books that revolve around sex, this isn't for you. Heat: 5Rating: 2 (eventually just skimmed to see if anything besides sex happened)

  • Maureen Nicholson
    2019-03-20 09:38

    3.5 Stars.Great story, interesting characters, lot's of steamy sex usually makes an awesome read for me and this book held all three however, the writing was a little too simple, and sex fell along the line of quantity not quality. I really liked the hero and heroine was great for the most part but as usual acted up towards the ending and annoyed me.All in all, it was an okay read with lot's of potential.

  • Carra
    2019-04-15 06:12

    So, this is one of those reviews where I'm kind of torn. I liked most of the characters, but from time to time I got irritated with things certain ones would say or do. My favorite of the story is probably Gabe himself, he seems perfect in just about every way and the only thing that bugged me was his role in Jasmine's father returning. Other than that, he really is a keeper. I love that Jasmine is a larger-sized woman, and that Gabe is happy with her the way she is--this makes it easier for me to identify with her character. And even with the age gap between them, Gabe and Jasmine just go together quite well...and their chemistry is pretty darn explosive. There are a ton of sex scenes to go with this-so many that it actually becomes a bit gratuitous and really more than was needed to tell the story.When it comes to that story, there actually wasn't a lot of drama until about 70% in, then several things started happening one after the other. Once you get to this point, it's more of an attention grabber.There are some good supporting characters, and I'm interested to read more about Jill and Nico in the next book. Jasmine's mother is an interesting character, and adds some good depth to the story with her unique condition.Recommended for 18+ only due to adult language and explicit sexual scenes.

  • Sassy Southern
    2019-03-24 06:39

    I would give Gabe 4/ 4.5 stars! It was a really good book, I finished it in one day. I just had to know what happened. It actually touched on something that many people have not heard of but that my daughter had which is encephalitis. Which I loved,it brings awareness to something that many have never heard of. The only downfall to this book is I wanted more from Gabe's pov. When twins Jasmine and Jordan was born there mom got sick and there dad took off. Their grandparents took them in and raised them,until they passed away when the twins was 17. The state was going to put them in foster care but with help of Jill a social worker they were able to stay together. Jill and Jasmine grew very close. But Jasmine is a caretaker and doesn't let loose. So she goes out clubbing with her brother and meets Gabe. They have some moments but then she disappears. Little do they know Gabe is Jill's big brother. Gabe is tired of playing the field and is looking for something solid and finds it in Jasmine, if only he can keep her from running.I really did enjoy this book and can't wait to read more of this series. It's not a cliffhanger and it has an epilogue which I love. I would definitely recommend this book.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-29 09:39

    Hellooooo hotty!!! Gabe is totally LICKABLE!!!Jasmine has just graduated college and is ready to start her career with one of her closest friends. But first she is told to let loose for two weeks and enjoy life. So when her brother drags her out for the night she decides to make the best of it and boy does she EVER!!Gabe is ex-football player turned business man. He likes his woman but is ready to not have quite so many in his life. On a random night out he meets a sexy woman who more than blows his mind but before he can even find out who she is, she disappears,Jasmine can't forget about the sexy man she met that night but is ready to pull herself together and start her career, only one more day of relaxing and she be on to her next step in life. What she didn't expect was for that sexy man to be none other than her best friend's older half brother.I just love Jasmine and Gabe together!! Hot and steamy and the guy was the one for once that had to fight to prove to her they could work!! I can't wait for Jill's story!!

  • Christi
    2019-04-13 02:34

    Hot and steamy, Gabe is definitely a sexy read. If you aren't a fan of getting freaky then turn tail and run because any book that contains a club named Debauchery needs a warning label! Gabe, a 6'4" former NFL hottie that can pull off a man bun and Jasmine, a 5'10" curvy model college graduate turned social worker meet, and hotness ensues. Being a caretaker for her mother, her brother and subconsciously everyone she comes into contact with through social services, Jasmine has pushed pause on her love life but everyone is bound a determined to change that. Including Gabe. The mysterious man from the club who wants her. Who is Gabe do you ask? Read and find out!! As always no spoilers from me but I will say you should check this one out. There are a few twists and turns to make the plot of the book interesting and not predictable...and the story moves fast! Not exactly insta-love but insta-hotness!!This book was received in exchange for an honest review.

  • Amazeballs Book Addicts
    2019-04-04 03:31

    Hot football player..YES PLEASE!!!! First off let me say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Evan Grace's Starting Over series as in have read them multiple times and will read them multiple more times. So now onto this book, well this is another touchdown (hehe..referencing football, yes pun intended) because this is freaking amazing!! I love the main characters, Gabe and Jasmine. I felt like they were very real people and were very relatable. I was hooked from the very first page and didn't move until I got to the end. Another awesome thing about Evan Grace is she not just puts thought into the main characters but also the secondary ones as well. I can't wait to read more in this series. A little birdie told me Jill's book is next and I simply can not wait. Great job Ms. Grace!!! A copy was gifted in exchange for an honest review. I rate this book 5 AMAZEBALLS stars!! Review by Tabitha

  • Niccisbookblog higginson
    2019-04-04 05:16

    MY REVIEWThis story was an ok read, it was one of those books that the plot was good but not great. The blurb basically spells out the whole book from start to finish so no more explanation needed there. It was a nice love story and the book was crammed with sex scenes, this couple got it on all the time, but i feel its more quantity than quality. The side stories about Jill and Jordan were ok but not gripping enough for me to want to seek out there stories in other books.I have to say i liked Gabe as a character more than i did Jasmine and i cant put my finger on why?I found that for me there was at no point in this book did i have any sort of emotion evoked by the story, i didnt feel any angst or a connection with the characters.For me this was just a ok read to pass a few hours, it didnt leave much more of an impression than that.3 stars at most.

  • Raychel Faulkner
    2019-04-07 08:16

    I received this book for an honest review. Oh Gabe. *sigh* He is the perfect book boyfriend; sexy, understanding, compassionate, good in bed, giving, lovable and the list goes on. He makes my heart swoon (really.) Jasmine isn't all that bad either, just a little lost in her life in that she needs to make herself happy before everyone else. This is a great love story that keeps your emotions on high. Characters and storyline are nicely written and developed, I was hooked right from the first chapter. I look forward to Jill's and Nico's story.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-30 10:34

    What a unique story line of family with special needs and how they put each other first to stay together. Loved the characters and knew there had to be another book coming about some of the other characters in this book. And wow what an ending for the opening of book 2!!! Need that one ASAP!

  • Amy
    2019-04-18 02:10

    Really enjoyed it. Can't wait to read the next one!

  • Sarah
    2019-04-20 09:26

    Check out my review at Escape by Fiction!!

  • Danielle from Short and Sassy
    2019-03-24 10:23

    2.5 stars

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2019-03-28 03:09

    Achei boa a história e vou ficar de olho na autora!

  • Aida Syahirah
    2019-04-16 04:33

    This was good and all but damn...that Jill's preview got me antsy fr the next one

  • Books Laid Bare
    2019-04-20 04:18

    Jasmine has life figured out or so she thinks. How mistaken she was!Her younger years were blighted by loss, her father left, leaving not only her but her twin brother in the care of their mother, a woman that was far from capable of looking after then. Luckily her grandparents stepped in and took over the parental role in their lives but once they had passed on, they were left alone and in the system.I was overwhelmed for both Jasmine and Jordan and the sense of loss that they must have felt at that point, how frightened must they have been thrust into such a volatile environment.But luck had a final twist for the two of them, and their got their own guardian angel when Jill took them under her wing.Jasmine flourished and although he had her issues, she graduated college with flying colours and was all set to blaze a trail in the field that she held so close to her heart, social services.With a new job secured, she has two weeks to fill before starting the role and with her best friend not taking no for an answer, she has the opportunity to try something new – cutting loose and just having some fun!So out on the town with Jordan one night, her celebrations take an unexpected turn when she catches the eye of a very handsome stranger, who seems to be completely captivated by her. But when he vanishes into the night she can’t help but feel a relief because in her heart she knows that the connection- the instant pull that’s he had to him would only result in more heartache.Little did she know that he would return and when he did, he was ready to rock her world to the core!Gabriel, used to play football but now he is looking for another challenge in life, someone to settle down with. He is ready to have that in his life and when he sees Jasmine in the bar that night, he knew he had found his happy ever after … even if she didn’t know that he existed.So with an instant connection between the two of them, both unknown to the other I was hoping that this would be an easy fix, more fool me because as much as Gabe was willing to dive headfirst into a relationship, the speed and intensity of it all had Jasmine running in the opposite direction. Can this super sexy man win the woman that has him so enamoured or will she slip through his fingers?Will Jasmine, be able to push her past hurt and insecurities to the side and give herself a shot at getting her happy ever after?As much as they have the odd hiccup or two along the way, when Gabe and Jasmine eventually find their middle ground, they were destined for greatness.The story was superb, it was descriptive and eloquent. The situations were realistic and engaging and the characters were both likeable and intense.Gabe was a strong man with an even stronger sense of purpose, Jasmine was no wall flower but she kept her heart well protected, it was always going to take a man with the determination of Gabe to break her down, to show her what it meant to be loved and to finally let someone in to her life.A life lesson that was worth learning, Jasmine learnt that her strength was because of her past and that was not something she should hide behind, she was too strong to be so defensive, taking a chance on love meant that she could finally give herself the opportunity to breathe.Life is what you live when you open your heart to others, I was just relieved that she afforded herself that opportunity.Very well written book with great characters and a strong moral.

  • Lustful Literature
    2019-03-25 04:35

    **JOSIE'S REVIEW**I am huge fan of sports, football to be exact so I was sold after reading the blurb. Gabe was a fast read and told in multiple POV’s, but mostly that of Jasmine. I am not an instant love fan and I like that the author avoided that. What we did get was instant lust. I am talking about some yummy moments and how their feelings over time developed between the main characters. There are some conflicts in the plot and some with the character development but it did not interfere with my enjoyment of the book. What really made me fall in love with this book were the real life issues that the characters faced. This book touches on issues such as, abandonment, insecurities, developmental disabilities and hate crimes.Jasmine has graduated from college, which is a huge accomplishment for her. Jasmine and her twin brother have not had it easy, but they had one another. So to celebrate her graduation and her new job as a social worker, her brother and her friend Jill take her to club Debauchery to celebrate (did you catch the name). Of course she meets a stranger and the two share a hot and sizzling encounter. One that Jasmine in not ashamed to run away from. What Jasmine never expected was to come face to face with her sexy stranger. It just happens Gabe is Jill’s brother. Cue the extinguishers ladies because your kindles are about to combust.Gabe and Jasmine have a strong connection. At first it just physical but over time they really get to know one another and deep feelings emerge. Jasmine’s character is one that many readers will relate to. At a very young age her father abandoned her and their family. She never thought she was good enough. When she sees her brother destroyed by someone he fell in love with that only helped to harden her heart to love. She was picked on and told she was fat and she believed it. The more she becomes attached to Gabe the more scared and troubled she becomes. She fights her constant need to run from him because she does not understand how he could see her as a beautiful and sexy woman. But with Gabe, she becomes stronger and more certain of herself.Gabe is a retired football player and a self-made business man. After his career ended due to his knee injury he becomes a real estate mogul. He has enjoyed his life style and all the women he has had. But at the age of 28 he is tired of these meaningless encounters. When he meets Jasmine something inside her calls out to him. I loved Gabe because he sets out to get Jasmine the only way he knows how. Through all her insecurities and struggles he was gentle, caring and reassuring. When he knew she needed his dominant side he was not afraid to go rough and hard. Gabe is the epiphany of an alpha male and I can’t tell you how much I love that.I loved seeing the changes that emerge from Jasmine’s character. She grows to accept her sexual desires and opens her heart to Gabe. Throughout this book we see her become a woman that is proud of her own skin but when personal things come to light it becomes too much for her. Jasmine will have to find it in herself to let go of her insecurities or face her life without Gabe. Will Gabe stand by Jasmine or continue to let her run? Is Gabe’s love enough for Jasmine to let him fully in?

  • Jill
    2019-04-07 03:11

    4.5 stars for book one in the Heartbreaker series by Evan Grace. Jasmine Nichols is twenty - two years old and just graduated with her masters degree in social work. Gabe Johnson is a thirty-eight year old ex-pro football player turned real estate developer. One would think these two wouldn't have much in come but boy would they ever be wrong.Jasmine has never had what you would call an easy life. After losing both her parents then her grandparents to unfortunate circumstances both Jasmine and her twin brother Jordan were going to end up in foster care until a social worker - Jill stepped in to fight for them. Not only did this social worker help them in their time of need she also became one of Jasmine's closest friends and biggest supporters. Now that Jasmine is done with school she is being offered a job in the same office that her dear friend works for. This office is one that services much of St.Louis but there is a catch...Jasmine must take a few weeks off and have a little fun/relax. Deciding to take Jill's advice she goes out with her brother to a club called Debauchery and meets a man that makes her feel and do things she wouldn't dream but you only live once.Gabe lost his NFL career due to one bad hit to the knee but he was smart with his money so he never suffered like some of the other players. While Gabe is successful in business he decides to move closer to family and live in St. Louis. In the past Gabe has been the ultimate heartbreaker but now Gabe is so tired of meeting women who are interested in him for his money or his looks. Why is there no one out there he can have an intelligent conversation with and still be fiercely attracted to at the same time? Too bad the beautiful woman from the club the other night took off before he got her number. Moving from California to St.Louis is proving rather interesting especially when my little sister comes to visit and brings her best friend with her and she just so happens to be the curvy beauty that melted in my arms at Debauchery. Gabe and Jasmine together was unbelievably hot and completely loving. The age gap between these two did not make any difference at all to me cause as it was said Jasmine almost seemed like an old soul due to her caring nature. The only reason this is not a five star review is because it almost felt like there was a bit too much emphasis on Jasmine's body/running issues. Otherwise the message of not all perfect families have a mom/dad/2.5 kids and a white picket fence was priceless. Sometimes dysfunctional is perfect too. Nico and Jill's story looks to be a tearjerker and I can't wait!!!

  • Bella
    2019-04-16 08:25

    DNF @ 50% (More like a PAUSE than a GIVING UP FOREVER. I may finish it someday, but I'd rather not waste my time on this right now)This is not the book I thought it was going to be. It reminded me of something Jordan Silver might write - Smut, with a lot of the words 'pussy', 'cock', 'clit', and the occasional 'MINE' being thrown around. Now I wouldn't have minded that, if it weren't for the fact I'd found this in the 'Contemporary Romance' New Releases. I thought this would be sexy, but not sex-driven. I felt zero connection to any of the characters, which is a shame because it had started out well. But as soon as the main character - the straight-laced, valedictorian, who was forever being told to let loose - started rubbing up on a (sixteen years older than her) stranger in a club, literally getting off in front of anyone wanting to look, my eye-rolls could not be contained. Also, the Hero did NOTHING for me. I found him to be more like a weirdo freak, than an alpha-male caveman. The few sex scenes I actually read (I skipped a few), were basically.. rub her nub, suck, pound, repeat. There was no build-up, therefore, I lost interest fast. He'd pretty much conquered her (literally) and she'd changed her ways of thinking, within the first few chapters. With nothing to anticipate, as far as their relationship was concerned, I struggled to get into whatever else this story is about. It was clear where they were headed, and falling in love was happening too fast. Also, I don't care if you're twins and one of you is gay, it's still fuckin weird to me to be so open with one's brother about your sex life. I'm glad my brother and I aren't like that! I wouldn't want my gay brother asking me how big my guys cock is - WT-actual-F?! And I fail to see why Jill was getting bloods done to figure out why she was sick, when I'm almost 100% positive a pregnancy test would have told her what the problem was. This was way more of a rant than I had intended... oops. (That PAUSE may be a GIVING UP FOREVER, after all)In regards to the next book - I've just read the sneak peek, and surprise, sur-fuckin-prise, Jill's knocked up. Going by what I read in the preview of that book, I will not be reading it. Fuck. That. I already hate Nico, and there's no coming back from being caught in the act, banging some crack-head bitch, while you're wasted. Unless he's not the love interest... doubt it though.

  • Allison
    2019-04-15 07:32

    My 4 star review of GabeI really enjoyed this story from Evan Grace. It was rather refreshing to read a new to me author, I love when I find a good author I have never read before. It makes me want to read all the other books they have written. This story from Evan was well thought out, and took enough twists and turns for me to be happy.Jasmine Nichols is the heroine. She is such a strong woman, with a good head on her shoulders. She graduated from college with a degree in social services. Her friend, and mentor- the one who made her want to be a social worker- Jill, offers her a job. But the only stipulation Jill has, is that Jasmine take off, live a little and have some fun in her life. Jasmine is not like that at all. But she ends up going to a club, and has a smoking hot run in with a stranger, that changes her course in life forever.Gabriel Johnson is the hero. And he is done. Gabe is an ex-pro football player and is so sick of the dumb one night stands, and meaningless relationships he could puke. He doesn’t have time for it and doesn’t welcome it into his life. After mulling over his life, he decides to go out to a club, the same one where Jasmine is, and you can see where this is going. They collide, and Gabe knows that without a doubt, he has found the one- the steam heat bursting off the both of them, is enough to ignite a fire. But after the night is over Jasmine bolts! Only what Jasmine doesn’t know, is that Gabe is her mentor’s half brother!! So she will be seeing more of him!!I loved Gabe's quiet passion, he knows what he wants, and he gets it. He was totally the perfect guy- even had that touch of alpha to him. He just had to calm the beast that was inside Jasmine, wake her up for her to realize she needs him. And I was uber happy to know, the heroine wasn’t perfect. She had a crazy life at some points; she was also described as a size 12, which isn’t model stick thin! Love that.I enjoyed all the elements of this story, and can’t wait for more in this series. I think some of the secondary characters have a story there- hint, JILL!! I was granted an ARC for an honest review!

  • Melissa Mendoza
    2019-04-07 05:39

    Received a copy in exchange for an honest review“My heart beats rapidly after his declaration. I want to scream that I love him too, but I just deepen the kiss to distract him.”4 stars!! The story is so well written and the characters were fun to read!! And well who doesn’t love a sexy football player?? I know this girl does!!!Jasmine Nichols is a control freak.When she graduates from college as valedictorian with a degree in social services, her friend and mentor Jill Swanson offers her a job, but with one condition. She has to take two weeks off and just have fun. Taking the instructions to heart, Jasmine goes to a club called Debauchery and has a sizzling encounter with a sexy stranger.Ex-pro football player Gabriel Johnson is done playing the field.Gabe is tired of meaningless relationships, but when he meets a mysterious, beautiful, blue-eyed blonde at Debauchery and the chemistry is undeniable, he knows he’s finally found the one. What he didn’t expect was for her to freak out and run off. Jasmine thought she made a clean getaway, so needless to say, she’s shocked when she finds herself face to face with the hot guy from the club once again. He’s Jill’s. Half. Brother.Gabe wants to pick up right where they left off and doesn’t waste any time convincing her. Jasmine’s blown away by the intensity of their relationship. How can she control something that makes her feel so wild and uninhibited?But Jasmine can’t handle the pressure.First, she’s confronted with old insecurities. Then suddenly, her brother has a secret he’ll only share with Gabe, the father who abandoned her shows up—at Gabe’s instigation—and a professional tragedy is the last straw. What happens when it all falls apart?Is being with Gabe more than she can handle?This book was so much fun to read!!! It was romantic and hot/sexy in all the right places!! I loved Jasmine and Gabe’s story, they were so much fun to read about and they sex was pretty hot!! I don’t want to give too much away with my review, but this is a great book!!**Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. Read and reviewed by Melissa for Alpha Book Club**

  • Renee W. Tyler,Battery Operated Book Blog
    2019-04-15 03:14

    Sometimes just when you think you have everything figured out and under control, fate, that evil little thing can throw you small twist and changed everything you thought you knew.Jazzy as everyone calls her, has been pulled out for a night of celebration by her twin brother, Jordan. When she sees an incredible and sexy looking man standing just a few feet away from where she is at the bar she is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. When he disappears she feels it is for the best, because she knows that he would be anything but safe for her. But then, the stranger reappears, and pulls her in for a moment in time that will forever change her life. But, for as quick as things heat up, that stop just as fast and Jasmine takes the chance to escape trying to keep herself intact.Gabe gets the surprise of his life when the one woman who twisted everything up inside of him walks through his door with his sister. When he sees her he knows that he must find more out about her and refuses to let her get away from him this time.This book will keep you on anything but an even emotional level that is for sure. The way that life allows all outside obstacles to jump in the way of Jazzy and Gabe just adds to the suspense of whether or not they will really be able to make it as a couple. Add into the fact of all the other drama that Jazz seems to have falling around her in her life outside of Gabe just makes the day to day stress for her even more unbearable. The way that Evan Grace writes Gabe makes him that dreamy hunk that we all wish we could find. That is what makes him such a wonderful and studly book boyfriend. The one thing that will drive you crazy is the fact that even though Jazzy has had to somewhat grow up quick, she allows her age and insecurities consume her and that is what seemed to aggravate me the most about this book. That and Jordan's selfishness, but in reality most gay men are that way.Overall this was a good book to read and review. It is recommendable to your friends, and it will also leave you wanting to continue this series into the next book to see what will happen with Jill.

  • Margaret
    2019-03-28 09:27

    3.5 StarsThis was a nice romance with a bit of angst and a lot of steam. Overall the characters were interesting and I loved the family dynamics.I liked Gabe and Jasmine together but sometimes Jasmine could be frustrating. There is an age difference between the two – Jasmine is just graduating college and Evan has already retired from his professional football career (I’m guessing the age difference was about 15 years) – and I think that caused some of the angst and drama that got me frustrated. Jasmine has had a tough life, so I totally understood where some of her issues came from, but it seemed that she was a bit hard on Gabe at times.There was definitely chemistry between Gabe and Jasmine. From their initial encounter at the bar where they have a “moment” but never even get each other’s name, you can feel the attraction between the two. When it turns out that the guy from the bar is her friend Jill’s half-brother, things get real interesting. Gabe really wants to pursue a relationship with Jasmine, but because of her past she has a hard time with commitment. Her father walked out on the family when she was young, and she definitely has some abandonment issues that she hasn’t come to terms with. I loved how supportive Gabe always was, but again, at times it became frustrating watching Jasmine keep him at arm’s length or shut him out.I really enjoyed the other characters in the book and they added a nice layer to the story. Jasmine’s brother and mother had their own problems which had an impact on Jasmine and ultimately on Jasmine and Gabe’s relationship. I liked Gabe’s sister Jill and am curious to see where her story is going to lead her – her relationship with Gabe’s best friend seems so destructive I’m looking forward to finding out if and how she makes her way to a happy ever after.All in all this was quick, fun read that wasn’t too deep or emotional, but had some interesting twists and turns that kept me turning the pages. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.