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Seven days to go from lethal immortal assassin to Prince Charming? Not likely.Demigod Andrus Gray may look like every woman’s dream, but when it comes to charm, he sees no point pretending: He has none and makes no apologies for it. Behaving nicely hasn’t made him the deadly assassin he is today. But is that really the reason he’s still single?The Goddess Cimil—owner of ImSeven days to go from lethal immortal assassin to Prince Charming? Not likely.Demigod Andrus Gray may look like every woman’s dream, but when it comes to charm, he sees no point pretending: He has none and makes no apologies for it. Behaving nicely hasn’t made him the deadly assassin he is today. But is that really the reason he’s still single?The Goddess Cimil—owner of Immortal Matchmakers, Inc.—thinks yes. So when she foresees a mate in Andrus’s near future, she’s determined to make the match happen. That means hiring aspiring actress Sadie Townsend to help the barbarian “act” a little more civilized.But are seven days really enough? And why does the idea of seeing Sadie everyday excite him more than meeting his mate?...

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Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. Reviews

  • Dali
    2019-02-11 19:04

    Currently FREE (2.2018) #free exciting, crazy fun and scorching hot read. The Rock Star of cliffhangers is back along with the gods Cimil & Zac, who will take you on a funny, twisty, sexy and endearing ride about a callous immortal ex-assassin and the woman hired to help refine him.After three centuries of living in a constant state of battle has left Andrus Gray with a cold heart and uncaring of niceties or charm. And now that he’s no longer needed as Helena and little Matty’s bodyguard/nanny, he’s left single, unloved and without purpose. But Cimil, goddess of the underworld and owner of Immortal Matchmakers Inc., foresees a mate for Andrus. Getting her to accept the hardened, insensitive warrior though, won’t be easy even if he does look like every woman’s dream. Can Andrus get a second chance at love?Sadie Townsend is an almost broke, yet hopeful actress. But when she’s offered an almost too good to be true job, she should’ve know it would come with some fine print details. Her gig requires she teach an uncouth, crude, sexy brute to act like Prince Charming in seven days. But while she’s trying to coax his charm out, they’re also getting to know one another. She discovers a sweet, protective man who’s troubled by his past. Can she keep her heart safe from falling for a man that’s to be with another?As an Accidentally Yours and Mimi fan, I was eagerly waiting for this new series. I wanted more Cimil, Minky, more paranormal beings, snarky humor and wacky fun combined with steamy sexual tension and alluring romance. I was not disappointed.The amusement starts right off the bat with Zac, god of temptation and co-owner of Immortal Matchmakers, meets their first employee Tula. I was so absorbed with them that for a moment I forgot they weren’t the main characters in this book. I can already imagine many fun scenes between with these two. I also liked the way both Andrus and Sadie where introduced. We got a bit of Andrus and Sadies’ backgrounds before they met each other. Sadie was great. I liked that she was funny and strong and she didn’t let the big alpha male push her over, even if she did eventually find the barbarian sexy."I promise not judge you when you finally admit to wanting me, my fierce little rabbit."______________________________________"You do find me irresistible, but I am a man of my word and promised not judge you for lying about it earlier."There’s not a single thing I would change about Andrus. I met him in the Accidentally series and completely fell for the sexy manny. He has this cold and disinterested façade, but deep down he’s a caring guy who didn’t know where he fit anymore. I sympathized with, understood and wished he could truly find love and happiness. “He’s usually trying to hide his true nature: a big man with a big heart and huge soft spot for helping people. Especially loves kids. He’s also as loyal as they come.”There was never a dull moment between Sadie and Andrus. The heated chemistry between them was a constant simmer just waiting to boil over and intrigue that kept me turning page after page. I loved how brazen and fearless Sadie picked at Andrus’ walls and how she healed his battered heart. “Are you ready to start your lesson, or do you need another decade to finish your weenie yoga?”I really enjoy Mimi’s writing style which takes you in one direction and before you know it she’s changing all the rules and switching directions you never thought to choose. Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. is book 1 in the Immortal Matchmakers series. A spinoff series of Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s Accidentally Yours series. There are f-bombs, an invisible unicorn, leather pants and all sorts of sexy paranormal beings. This book can be read as a standalone. It’s written from multiple points of view, and has a happy ending with a teaser for the next book. First Chapter ->’s Pinterest board ->* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *More reviews * Stalk us on FaceBook * As well as Twitter * Pinterest Board for Book TeasersMy pic review. Cimil and Zac were very naughty godsThe sentence for their behavior was for them to be sent to L.A. to help the unlaid immortal masses. They started with the rough around the edges Andrus, who used to be Matty’s manny (bodyguard slash nanny)He bumped into Sadie at a "churrasqueria" but afterwards took her on a pretend date Where he showed off his mad dancing skills and the rest.... you're going to have to read about yourselves.

  • Jilly
    2019-02-15 21:26

    "Hold your balls, Andrus. I'm not finished yet." He stared at her and she stared back. "No. I really mean it. I'd love to see you hold them...No? Not gonna drop leather trow for me?" She shrugged. "Okay, fine. Anyway, where was I?"This book is freaking hilarious! It's like epic madness that had me laughing every other page. Just a giant wacky burrito covered in awesomesauce. (Yes, I'm aware that I use burrito analogies a lot. What can I say, I like burritos.)This book is the first in a new spin-off series to the Accidentally Yours series.Accidentally in Love with...a God? . I think you can read it without having read the first series, but it helps if you know the world and are familiar with the characters.It all starts with two gods: Cimil - the craziest and funniest goddess ever; and Zac - the god of temptation, getting in trouble for the things they did that almost caused the Apocalypse. They have to pay penance by helping all of the other gods and immortals find their mates. It's like going to jail and being sentenced to run a dating service for the inmates who are considered dangerous psychopaths. Not exactly easy to set them up with their soulmate. Personally, I consider the burrito my soulmate.They have their first clients:So, we have Andrus, a demi-god and ex-manny to a half vampire baby; and Sadie, a struggling actor/waitress in L.A.. Andrus is going to meet his mate in just a week and Cimil has hired Sadie to help him behave in a more civilized manner towards females. He seriously needs this help!This is how he gets ready for his practice date:He did wear his lucky leather pants, but those smelled of victory. He had killed at least seven hundred evil vampires while wearing them. All right. I probably should've worn the pants without the bloodstains.At least he'd brushed his teeth at the airport. All right, he'd gargled with whisky. So what?And, even after being under Sadie's tutelage, when she asks him what is the first thing he should do when he meets his mate, his answer is:"Show her my sword."Almost as big a fail as this kid eating a burrito wrong! What the hell's wrong with you, kid? Are you a spawn of evil or something?The problem is that Sadie and Andrus are kind of digging on each other. They both know that he is going to meet his soul-mate in a few days, but they can't help feeling attracted to each other - much like my attraction to home-made guacamole. It can't be stopped.totally worth it!(And, yes, I realize that I said HOME-made. But, hey, if the restaurant makes it, it still counts as a home-made item. The food lives there. Along with my happiness.)So, we get to watch Sadie try to civilize Andrus, Zac-the god of temptation going crazy over the most wholesome girl on Earth, Cimil try and keep her four evil-children happy, and all of the gods at a singles mixer. It is one hell of a crazy burrito ride!You really need to read this book!

  • Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    2019-01-24 22:25

    3.5 StarsI have no idea what to make of this story. Well it wasn't so much the story, as it was the writing. One thing I can tell you though, is that this put me right off wanting a Unicorn. Yes I'm serious."Have you ever seen a unicorn?" Andrus snarled. The man shook his head stiffly. "Well, neither have I, but I hear that if they show themselves to you, one look will liquefy your innards and make you bleed from your eye sockets. Then they use that horn to impale you from the rectum and drink your insides, using their horn like a giant fucking straw, while you remain awake for the entire event, screaming in agony."I'm never wishing for a unicorn again!Anyway back to the writing. I read The King Trilogy by this author and really enjoyed it, then I tried Accidentally in Love with...a God, and thought it was stupid. My issue with that one was how silly it got. Now, I enjoy a bit of immature humour. I'll laugh at a fart joke and snicker when someone says anything even slightly willy related, but there is a line between silly and stupid, and that book crossed it for me. The same thing kept happening in this book (not as much, but still). These immortals are supposed to be 100's of years old, yet they act like prepubescent boysFor example - 'Weenie yoga'I mentioned this in one of my status updates and I'll say it again - It's certainly a new way to say have a wank /choke the chicken / beat the meat / spank the monkey / drain the monster or jerk the gherkin. But it makes me think of a tiny willy. I don't like it. There shall be no weenie yoga in this house, thank you very much. We'll stick to pumping the python or flicking the bean.Another example - 'man-sex-kitten-hair'This does not create a very masculine or sexy image to pop up in my head. So now not only am I picturing the main man with a tiny penis (even though it's me tioned A Lot how big it is), but also with some weird girly hair. Why not say like a lions mane or some such shit. Argh.If you can get past the ridiculous/stupid first chapter and ignore the recurring silliness that pops up throughout the book, then there's a decent, amusing story here. Granted most of the men are man-whores and everyone is bonkers, but this isn't intended to be a serious tale. It's a light-hearted 'romp' (whatever the fuck that means), with a deadly 10 inch hung 'hero' and a strong heroine."Calling him Percy Jackson was like calling the Terminator an Ewok."

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2019-01-19 22:25

    Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. is book one in the Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. series by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. Cimil is back!!! And she is still up to her usual crazy antics. She and Zac are now running the Immortal Matchmakers agency as part of their punishment for their previous crimes. They must find mates for one hundred of their immortal friends. This is a difficult task but even more so when forced to depend on Cimil’s crazy visions to lead the way. Andrus Gray is a Demigod and also an immortal assassin. With no more evil beings to assassinate, Andrus has been playing manny to Helena and Niccolo’s darling daughter. After a disagreement that turned ugly between Andrus and Niccolo, Andrus finds himself with no where to live and nothing to do. Cimil wants Andrus to come to Los Angeles because she claims she has found Andrus’s destined mate. Sadie Townsend wants nothing more than to be an actress. She spends her days between running from audition to audition, and working as a waitress to try to keep from losing her apartment. So when she is hired to try to teach a sullen man how to properly romance a woman, she takes the gig. What she finds at their first meeting, though, is the most beautiful man she has ever seen with bright turquoise eyes, in leather pants. He is also the most sullen, rudest, most obnoxious, full of himself man she has ever met. So why can’t she stop fantasizing about him? Andrus does not want a romance teacher. He is fine just the way he is. But if Cimil really does know who his destined mate is, maybe he should give her a try. But one look at the delectable Sadie has his mind going in a whole different direction. This is a hilarious, sweet and sexy story. Sadie has just seven days to try to make a romantic, sensitive man out of Andrus. But the more she gets to know him, the more she falls for the man he already is. And Andrus is clearly smitten with her. But he is supposed to meet his mate in just a few days. So he is as good as taken already. Still, maybe it would be okay to just have one night with him so she will know what she is missing.At the same time, Sadie keeps experiencing lapses in memory, and waking up with bites and scratches all over her body. What is happening to her? Who or what is hurting her. Andrus is determined to find out who is hurting her and to keep Sadie safe. Even if she can’t be his, he wants to protect her. This is a fantastic, fun trip into the crazy world of the immortals we first met in the Accidentally Yours series. If you haven’t read that series, you will still enjoy this book but I do urge you to read that series as well. It is so much fun. I loved getting to know Andrus and Sadie in this book. And poor Zac, Cimil’s partner. He is tortured by their prim and proper office manager Tula. It is hilarious. I can’t wait for book two in this series, Tommaso which is due out soon. I can’t even imagine what fate (or Cimil) might have in store for him.

  • Stacie
    2019-02-16 17:11

    3 3/4 "Free will" Stars!This was very, very entertaining! Andrus was so sweet underneath his barbaric ways and Sadie was super sassy with a hidden twist. The story was very humorous, a tiny bit serious, and very sweet. This was the first in a spin-off of Mimi Jean Pamfiloff's ACCIDENTALLY series. So if you haven't read those books, you may feel a little lost- like I did- in the beginning. But you will quickly catch on. Seems like mostly what you missed was, gods behaving badly; and now it's clean up time.So anyway, I enjoyed this light hearted, mostly funny, sweet nothing heavy story. I am so very tempted to 1-clicked the next book, Tommaso because there was a very juicy teaser for that one at the of this one. But I have put myself on a very strict no random 1-clicking diet. I can't give in already. It's still January... but it is so tempting... must resist... Happy reading!!

  • Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽
    2019-01-28 22:19

    $0.99 on US Amazon: 24 MAY 2016.Okay, you twisted my arm, Amazon. (Well, it was really BookBub's fault.)

  • Steelwhisper
    2019-02-15 17:11

    This has to be the single most idiotic and childish book I ever tried reading. And no. Not funny.

  • Kelly
    2019-02-05 23:05

    I can not believe it took me this long to read a book by author Mimi Jean Pamfiloff! I have had one of her other god books in my kindle FOREVER. This one intrigued me to at least sample it, then I ended up buying it. I did not regret it. Sometimes the humor books just don't grab me like they seem to do for other people.Andrus Gray (the hero) I just fell in love with. He was so straight forward. He had such an innocent, stupid, arrogant, alpha, fuck it attitude that was so hard NOT to love him. Sadie (the heroine) was great. At least she didn't get on my last nerve like other female heroine characters. The only thing that had me bummed about the book was the mate.. Charlotte. I wish Cimil would of just said outright that it wasn't Charlotte, it was indeed Sadie all along. And if Cimil indeed really was telling the truth that Charlotte was Andrus mate then I will always feel it might come between him and Sadie. They (Audrus and Sadie) didn't feel 100 percent complete to me. But I still enjoyed the book and cant wait for the next in the series!Oh and I absolutely loved Zac!

  • Sana Zameer
    2019-02-11 16:30

    GET ON THE CIMI-TRAIN FOR THE RIDE TO EVERLASTING LOVEShe's back!! One of my favorite wacky Goddess (the other being Nix from Immortals After Dark Series). Cimil and Zac are now running the Immortal Matchmaker Agency as punishment for their deeds in the Accidently Yours series. They have to find hundred Immortals their potential mates before something very bad happens, like Zac flipping out and going on a killing spree. Their first victim client is the Demigod Andrus. Andrus was Helen's baby daughter Matty's manny. After Helena kicked him out Tommaso invited him to LA to meet his potential mate. Andrus first two dates were disasterous so Cimil hires a struggling actress Sadie Townsend to coach the obnoxious and insensitive warrior on being charming, so he can hit it off with his mate. But things didn't go according to plan. With Cimil's powers stripped off, she can't see the future precisely. What happens is a freaking hilarious ride with Cimil trademark antics. But the best moments, in my opinion were between Zac and Tula. The God of Temptation is very tempted by his plain and sweet employee who is engaged to someone else. Hope Zac will find his hea soon.

  • Leslie5373
    2019-01-21 20:12

    Hilarious!This was short, but had me laughing the whole time!! I'm glad I found it now I will be reading more from this author. How can I not ?

  • Rhea_sways
    2019-01-20 16:03

    Only the H is developed whereas the h was simply there as a shapeless character there to mold for just comfort.The story was mediocre and ok pass time. Don't really remember to say more or care to.

  • Ivana Nešić
    2019-01-26 21:11

    tako loše da je... loše!ljubavni vikend roman sa (polu)bogovima, (polu)vampirima i još (polu)koječime.verujem da neće biti preveliki spojler ako kažem da su se na kraju svi uzelie alinekako je očaravajuče pa sam pročitala i naredna dva dela. i tu su se svi uzeli. i finansijski obezbedili.

  • Ruckasaurus Rex
    2019-01-29 21:19

    The first book in the Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. series“No worries,” he said, with a slightly accented voice as deep as the ocean and as silky as her black panties. Panties? What panties? Hers had just melted off. – Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. (Book 1 – Andrus)Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a paranormal romance (PNR) author that never disappoints. She writes the type of PNR that has readers smiling and laughing one moment, and cursing and making stabby motions the next. I always enjoy the rollercoaster of emotion that her stories take me on, right up until the moment they end. I think all her fans have been especially excited about this newest series, which ties nicely into the fabulous Accidentally Yours series.Immortal Matchmakers (Book 1 – Andrus) focuses on former assassin Andrus Gray and waitress and aspiring actress Sadie Townsend. Fans will remember Andrus from the Accidentally Yours series, but newcomers need not be concerned – the tale stands alone quite well. Andrus is definitely not your typical dark and dangerous alpha male, but seems to have a little bit more of everything, including ego. Who reads fiction to experience the typical, anyway? We are looking for the abnormal, the unique, and the something different…and this author delivers.Sadie wanted to kick the man in his beautiful face, but it was way, way up there. The guy was like six six or something. – Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. (Book 1 – Andrus)Sadie is a waitress working hard to support herself while trying to get her break as an aspiring actress. When things start to sour and it looks like a return home might be in her very near future, an unexpected and strange offer comes from her agent. Coach someone on manners for major bank? Sign her up. Sadie realizes that she will have her hands full the moment Andrus answers his door.Throw in a bloodthirsty and invisible unicorn, insane gods and goddesses playing matchmaker, and paranormal entities intent on death and mayhem and you have a fantastic beginning to this new series.RuckieCheck out my full review here: https://romancereviewsbyruckie.wordpr...

  • Emily
    2019-02-05 18:19

    Goddess Cimil is now the unproud owner of Immortal Matchmakers Inc, in order to get her powers back she needs to use her limited gifts to set up demigods, vamps and the like with their mates. First victim, Demigod Andrus Gray. An arrogant former vampire assassin who think women's jobs are to do cater to his every need when he wants it and how he wants it.Cimil knows he needs work so she pretends to be a Hollywood agent and hires Sadie to teach Andrus to be a gentleman. That lasts about a half a second as he has no problem strutting his nudity which he proudly taunts her with and when he opens his mouth, Sadie wants to muzzle it or wash it out with soap, whichever will do the job. However, Andrus becomes fascinated with human Sadie, but his true mate is already setup for a meet and he knows he can't act on his feelings, or can he?Very fun read. The end was a bit rushed I think and had me scratching my head a bit but overall I thought it was a hoot. Sadie is mouthy and has no problem telling Andrus off frequently. Andrus has quite the ego, he was hilarious. Several laugh out loud moments and the supporting characters were delightful. Definitely picking more up in this series.

  • K.K.
    2019-02-14 21:26

    The amount of laughing I made when reading this book was ridiculous! GOSH!! I missed the characters in this book so Damn much.. I remembered my extreme joy when I realised that the Immortal Matchmakers existed. I never wanted the Accidentally Yours Series to end!! All these characters just cracked me up and made me HOT! I loved them to tears.Spoilers!! (also Spoilers for the Accidentally Yours Series)Now that the world was saved from the apocalypse and Cimil's evil-but-also-not-evil plan, there was no more evil vampires or other major catastrophic events (well not yet anyway). Andrus Gray, the former demilord and a demigod (referred to Accidentally Married to...a Vampire?) was no longer needed as the assassin to save the world. He, however, was a manny to little Matty, the vampire daughter of Helena and Nicolo. Well, until they kicked him out. Andrus had nowhere else to go. As a more than 300-year-old immortal who used those times as an evil vampire assassin, Andrus had left his everything behind. His former mate was an evil vampire queen who f*cked him up real good. He was also in love with another man's wife. He was also being punished for his evil part in the former war. Andrus concluded himself as a demigod who didnot deserve happiness. So when Cimil demanded him to attend the matchmaking dates, he didnot give a sh*t!!Yes, now that Cimil was banished as the goddess of underworld, she had now opened the Immortal Matchmaking company. Together with Zac, the former god of temptation, they were striving to mate the immortals to spread happiness around... Okay, Zac was definitely forced into it. It was damn funny to see him like that!! Oh, and Cimil had now spawned a quadruplet. Roberto sure had it coming. He knew damn well not to spawn evil children with Cimil but since he did anyway, he deserved no sleep in taking care of his little monsters. (He obviously didn't need sleep.... you know... being the first ancient vampire and all but raising 4 hellions definitely made he want to... for eternity.) Our poor former Manny Andrus was apparently on the top list for the matchmaking. Lucky him!! Andrus was not feeling so lucky though. He refused to have a mate again especially when the last one was so evil and selfish and cruel and crazy and mad and.... Let just say she did not make a good wife and was definitely not winning girlfriend of the year award (if not ever!!) However, fate was really cruel or perhaps really generous (or was it Cimil), Andrus was given another mate again and if Andrus didnot mate and produce a son, there would be no mate for little Matty. According to the batshit crazy Cimil, Helena's daughter was destined to mate with his son. And even with his f*cked up life, he wanted Matty to find her happiness so he finally decided to go. The match-making session was not so successful though. Apparently, he was no gentleman. So Cimil decided to give him an actress to train him to be a good date for his next match-making session before he got the real deal. Andy met Sadie, Sadie met Andy... okay they did meet before during his first date with Samantha, the first date who ran away screaming murder. He didnot leave a great impression on his first date and definitely not on Sadie... like at all. He was hot but arrogant and HOT but uncivilized and HOT!! but Neanderthal and (did she mentioned he was HOT!!!!) got her fired from her job. Sadie was not impressed but she had no choice since she had no job and her dream of being actress was going down the drain. She was beautiful and definitely talented but she just couldn't seem to keep her jobs as an actress. Something always happened to jeopardize her chance at being the real actress. and Bob, her cunning manager, was not helping much. (view spoiler)[Cimil was Bob. She was damn funny as usual. (hide spoiler)]Andrus was attracted to Sadie, not instantly like a mate but the beautiful Sadie was getting under his skin... slowly and surely. He wanted her but could not have her. She was his 'coach' and he was to meet his destined new mate in a week. He needed to focus... but fate (or Cimil) was a fickle little bastard. He was definitely wanting her more and more as they were together. So was Sadie. After she learned more about him, his past, his reasons, his inner gentleman. Especially when he tried to protect her from the evil creature who was hunting and feeding on her. She wanted him too but he was destined to another...But of course we had a HEA... so all would kinda ended well... for this two of course, not yet much for the others.This book definitely had the same feel with the Accidentally Yours Series. the characters were HOT and funny. I really love the writing style of Ms. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff where she intertwined many main characters together. We actually had a glimpse of few potential couples right away in the book. Just like in the Accidentally Yours Series, some couple development probably was built in many books until they finally got their own book. it made me salivate for their books. The humor factor was still in played and there was definitely unexpected twist as usual... I really didn't see in coming for Sadie. (view spoiler)[She was a half succubus and thus, not the victim but the harmer. (hide spoiler)]Unlike in the Accidentally Yours Series, the theme in this series changed a bit. While the goal in the Accidentally Yours Series was to get rid of all if not most evil in the world to avoid apocalypse, in this series it was about balancing evil and good to avoid apocalypse. Because the world could not only be white and not black... there could be no good if there is no evil. So Now the ultimate goal for saving the world was balance... like Cimil implied that the good would turn batshit mad and crazy and destructive while the bad would turn fluffy and did charity... if they did not find their balance... in their mates!Once again her book left me hunger for more. She said she left no cliffhanger but her epilogue just killed me... KILLED ME!!! I needed the next and the next and the NEXT!!!5 waiting's-gonna-hurt stars!!!!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Terisa
    2019-01-20 18:20

    Andrus Gray’s life has gone downhill quick. His life as of late has revolved around taking care of Helena and Niccolo’s baby girl named Matty. Yes that’s right the Demigod once assassin was a Manny but not anymore, he’s been fired which is why his life is now in the crapper. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Camil the Goddess of the underworld has said that she has found his mate and if he doesn’t come to LA right away to meet her she will be gone. This would mean that little Matty will be forever unhappy because she has had a vision and in saw that her mate will be his son. Yes I know pretty unbelievable right but that’s what makes Mimi Jean’s book so freaking fantastic!!!!! This is the first book of the Mortal Matchmaker series and let me tell you, it’s a real doozy! Cimil is now a MOM to not one, not two, not even three but FOUR babies and if juggling the lives of four little ones isn’t enough she and Zac must pay their penance by matching up one hundred immortals. Until that time they are banished from their realm and must live on Earth. There first victim, I mean client hasn’t even signed up for a match but Cimil has already found his mate, or has she? You never know when dealing with Camil and now that her powers have been taken away her visions aren’t always correct but then again, when were they ever?If this is your first book by Mimi Jean, boy are you in for a treat. It’s a spin off from the Accidental Series which features Gods and Goddess’ finding love after thousands of years and trying to save the world from the apocalypse. It’s does end on a somewhat cliff hanger but not really. Andrus’ story actually does have a HEA but the “cliff hanger” is actually part of the next story because Mimi Jean is evil and likes to give you a tiny little glimpse of what’s to come but then make you suffer for months and months on end for her next story to come out, in this case it will not be until May of 2016! UGH!!! Even though she is obviously evil, I’ve loved each and every one of her stories and hopefully you will as well. Happy reading!!!

  • Shasta Mosley Swoon Worthy Books
    2019-02-02 21:27

    First, Mimi gave us her Accidently Yours Series, which gave everyone a look into some pretty crazy Gods and Goddess and the mortals and immortals that fell in love with them. Now she has given us Immortal Matchmakers Inc. This is the spin-off from the series and gives us two of my favorite bat-shit crazy Goddess Cimil and her God Brother Zac. Now due to their wicked ways, Cimil and Zac must help find mates for the other immortals. And who better to start off with than Demilord Andrus Gray!Andrus Gray is a lethal ex-assassin/manny(man who is a nanny). The universe gave him a pretty rotten mate in the form of now dead ex-vampire queen Reyna and now Cimil tells him he is getting a new mate! But the catch is he needs to polish up on his charismatic skills and become a real prince charming or order to get his second chance mate. Sadie Townsend has had a run of bad luck lately. Being an aspiring actress who can’t land a role. Now she has no other option but to take on a acting coach job in order to help a brute of a man who is about the sexiest thing she has ever seen land a role as a prince charming. Will Sadie be able to help Andrus land this prince charming role or will everything crash and burn around her when she finds out all the details. This is for you to find out. Note- be prepared to laugh A LOT and fall in love with a great series!

  • Char Jorgenson
    2019-02-14 21:16

    Absolutely fantastic spin-off from the "Accidently..." series. We get to know the various secondary characters from the original series who are now featured in their own story. This was the first one, and it was great..spent the whole night reading..couldn't put it down..had to see how the relationship between a "former demi-god" and "mortal" worked out...and DID NOT see that plot twist thrown in at the end. WOW! But it is somewhat expected in Mimi Jean Pamfiloff's books..plot surprises, hot males, strong females, and the craziness that is Cimil. If you need an escape from your hectic, everyday reality, this book is guaranteed to pull you into a different world so far from your own.I love a story where initially a jerk of a hot male character comes to a wonderful self-realization..crumbling walls and all. That the strong female heroine plays a part in this is even better. While this book didn't move me to tears like Mimi's had it's tender moments..right after some frustrating ones! You will be smiling more than wiping tears with this story, which is why it's such a great escape book from what may be burdening you for the moment. No cliffhangers (well...because of the small peek into the subject of Book #2, there sort of is...) Cannot wait for the next in the series. Well done and thank you, Mimi! (And as usual...available ahead of published availability date!).

  • K.M. Montemayor
    2019-02-07 19:21

    4/5 StarA goddess and her brother got into some trouble, had their powers stripped, and are currently on earth doing penance. As part of their punishment, they have to open a match-making company for all manner of immortal beings to find their mates. It’s not easy.In the first book we meet Andrus. He’s a demigod who was mated long ago. His mate died, but managed to make his life hell before she did so. He was a nanny for a vampire’s daughter until he lost that job. Now he finds out that Goddess Cimil wants to set him up to meet his second-chance mate. He is less than thrilled.Sadie is a down-on-her-luck actress. She stumbles upon Andrus at the restaurant she works out. The Goddess promises to pay her one hundred thousand dollars if she can make Andrus charming and a good catch for his true mate in a week’s time.This book made me laugh. Although the story line is fairly predictable, I can honestly say, I’ve never read anything quite like it. It’s got gods, goddesses, demigods, vampires, ubchen, evil children, and even a mean, invisible pet unicorn. If you don’t mind crude humor with a lot of innuendo, you’d probably enjoy this book.

  • Toni Galligan
    2019-02-10 23:22

    I started this book and could not put it down. I felt so vested in the characters and could not wait to see the outcome. I really enjoyed trying to figure out what would happen next. Mimi makes the story fun and exciting and of course leaves you wanting the next book in the series. I don't want to spoil the story for others but I will say it was a great read and I loved every minute of it.

  • Chanelle
    2019-02-19 16:10

    This book is amazing!! I love Mimi's work and this is definitely one of my favorites!! the laughs are great and the story keeps you interested. I couldn't put it down until it was finished. A must read!!! If you can't handle sexiness and man "package" talk then this book isn't for you!!

  • Chanelle
    2019-02-12 16:26

    This book is awesome!! Sexy men, good laughs, seriously Cimil and her craziness that's all I can say!! I love the Accidentally Yours series so of course I absolutely love this one!! I can't wait for the rest!! Mimi sure knows how to keep you guessing!!

  • Galina Sulaiman
    2019-01-26 00:27

    Immortal Matchmakers4 1/2 🌟 I really liked this book, I think if I read other books this author has written connected to this series it would be a five. A funny, smart mouthed book. Am thinking this will be new series for me as I enjoyed it so much.

  • Traci Odom
    2019-02-13 18:05

    !!!!!Sooooo good. So very very good. Great writing, great surprises, so interesting and unique. I am really looking forward to the next in the series, and beyond.

  • Sergey Lenkevich
    2019-01-24 00:08

    I won this book through Goodreads First ReadsThank You, Mimi, for sending me the free signed copy of the book and the bookmarks to bootI know this book is a spin-off of the series "Accidentally Yours", but I didn't have any difficulties reading it as a standaloneThere is a little glossary and descriptions of characters INCLUDED at the end of the book, and I found it quite useful to peruse them before the book properI couldn't help chuckling while reading the book, as it abounded with funny moments and phrasesThough there were too many "kolbas" (The plural form of the "kolbasa" word) for my heterotasteOn other hand there was an entire exhibiton to satisfy the ying-yang proportions, so, therefore, this book is full of cosmic balance and harmonyI like to find out new things while reading.The things to learn I found in this book are as follows:Jackalope and the tree octopus,A bunch of old Mesoamerican gods.A few new words to cater to my non-native English. Especially useful were those expressing displeasure.I really enjoyed the final chapters: So, Sadie was spoiler-spoiler-spoiler-spoiler-spoiler-spoilerWow, That was an unexpected twist!And I'm a fan of unusual twists!The quiz provided in the book was unfair though. I was trying hard to answer the question concerning clowns, but it always ended in a fit of coulrophobia and I couldn't understand which one of the threesome: A, B or C was the scariest. The keys at the end of book did little to clarify thingsThe book prompts one to awaken one's creativity. The spotlessly white pages at the end of book mesmerized me, and I couldn't help, but try and make my contribution to the author's collection of unicorns.MEET MINKY THE UNICORNBut, jokes aside: this was a very funny and nice read

  • Sandy Kam
    2019-01-29 00:31

    Loved, loved, LOVED this book! It happened to pop up in my Facebook newsfeed the other day. I'd never heard, or read, anything by this author before, but the synopsis caught my attention enough that I checked out the reviews here on goodreads, which led me to the decision to read it. In particular, this quote:And read it I did, in less than 24 hours. For me that's the mark of a good book. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the next book doesn't come out till May of next year!! :( However, I will definitely be reading the Accidentally Yours series to help tie me over.My only 'con/issue' with the book is both, a lot of information is thrown at you, and everything is tied up way too quickly, in the last quarter. I feel the author could have easily added another at least fifty pages and given the reader a chance to digest it all a little better. But other than that, the book sinceriously made me literally laugh out loud more times than I can count. Absolutely loved Andrus and Sadie, their verbal sparring, and their internal dialogues. Also loved Cimil and Zac. FYI - the way Zac reacts to a pair of granny panties will give all granny panty wearing women hope! Lol Overall, it was a quick, fun, laugh out loud, at times granny panty wetting inducing, easy read. As an added bonus, I thought is was an awesome idea to post readers/fans submissions for a music playlist at the end of the book. I'd not seen that before and enjoyed it as well.

  • Hannah
    2019-02-11 20:26

    A spin off of the Accidentally...Yours series this one follows Cimil and Zac in their punishment for almost ending the world. First up is the immortal demi God former assassin and manny, Andrus. Andrus had been mated before and really wasn't looking forward to the again but Cimil's promise that his unborn son will grow up to mate Mattie is the only plus in his opinion. he has one week before he meets his mate and in the mean time he must learn how to be a gentle man.Sadie is an actress looking for her break, but when she gets an eviction notice the opportunity to coach an up and comer after is a Gods send, literally Cimil set it up. Cimils only warning to them both don't fall in love! Which of course they do in a humorous, snarky, and deliciously dirty fashion.Thus first book in the spin-off is everything I love about Mimi Jean Pamfiloff's paranormal. Sarcasm, snark, smartassness, and big sexy alphas in leather pant. Getting down and dirty no holds barred romance. Overall this is another winner from Mrs. Pamfiloff.

  • A little birdie told me... Gardner
    2019-01-29 18:08

    Why did I read this? My only excuse is that it was free. I liked Fugly by this author, so I guess when I saw this, I thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm not opposed to PNR, as long as it's finessed to not be ridiculous or silly. This lacked such finesse. However, I feel that the author did that on purpose. There were parts I liked, especially the romance between the two main characters. Other parts were just plain dumb and rather hard to swallow. At least it was an easy and quick read. Had it been more drawn out and dense, I would have abandoned it pretty early. I can't fathom reading any more of them. I know this genre has a huge following, so I am not the one to base your desires to read the silly paranormal romance this is. If some of the side characters and been less ridiculously portrayed for what I think was an attempt at comic relief, it might have solidified this as a better read.

  • Llaph | No Frill | No Shill
    2019-01-28 21:33

    The "Accidentally" series is a favorite of mine and I was sad when the last book came out. I didn't know about a spin-off series or I would've read this book a lot sooner. It is the perfect mix, at least for me, of goofy, sexy, imaginative and enthralling characters and it hits the spot when I’m in the right mood for something like it.Somehow Cimil and Zac’s punishment fits so nicely and I look forward to seeing them work through it. One of the things I liked most about the series was how everyone was redeemable in one way or another, but they had to go through some heavy stuff to get to their happy ending.I don’t know how I did this, but I almost forgot about Andrus and his story. The fact that he is an arrogant jerkface at first is lol worthy and I liked reading how Sadie put him in his place. The twist at the end about Sadie was a nice touch.

  • Bridget Clark
    2019-01-26 21:10

    If I could give this book more than 5 stars I definitely would! This is the Mimi we all know and love from The Accidental series. This book has got to be one of my favorites. It has everything you could possibly look for in a Paranormal Romance story. The hot guy, the shy girl, the Gods, CIMIL, this book is missing nothing and I promise you will not want to put it down. I can honestly say this is a must read for any PR fan! Mimi rocks!