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All I want to do is forget, pretend it never happened, scream at the top of my lungs, cry. Seventeen-year-old Jeanne Rowe used to love Life . . . until Life took a sharp turn and never straightened out.Haunted by memories she would rather forget, she tries to push forward, leaving those despised memories locked in a dark place. Four months after the life-altering incidentAll I want to do is forget, pretend it never happened, scream at the top of my lungs, cry.Seventeen-year-old Jeanne Rowe used to love Life . . . until Life took a sharp turn and never straightened out.Haunted by memories she would rather forget, she tries to push forward, leaving those despised memories locked in a dark place. Four months after the life-altering incident, all seems well, until an unforeseen figure reenters her life. Then she discovers that those memories weren't ever locked up. They had only been waiting for the right moment to take her down--beneath rock bottom.She's fine. She'll be okay... Or so she keeps telling herself.*deals with a heavy subject matter...

Title : Take Me Far Away
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ISBN : 9781943842773
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 320 Pages
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Take Me Far Away Reviews

  • Bookworm LLC
    2019-06-22 02:47

    Take me Far Away is a story about a high school girl who loses her mother to cancer and on the same night she faces something no one should ever have to face. It's a book about how rape and how she deals with everything that has happened in her life including having to interact with the person who raped her. It is about two young adults understanding each other because of what they have been trough in their lives and how they help each other regardless of what anyone else thinks.Kudos to you Kemdi Ik for writing a story and putting the emotion into it that people who have suffered this horrible crime feel and letting them know they are not alone.

  • Elizabeth Romaine
    2019-06-17 06:54

    Jeanne Rowe was the party girl, she was a cheerleader and loved life. This was all before her mum was diagnosed with cancer and given just a few short months to live. After her mums death she becomes insular and doesn’t get any enjoyment from her old life. Her friends slowly give up on her except one, who stands by her regardless and tries to encourage Jeanne to do things like she used to do. What no one else sees is that something else even more tragic happened to Jeanne, on the night of her mum’s funeral she was raped.Plagued by anxiety, Jeanne struggles to keep her life together, even with psychiatrists and pills to try and keep her sane. There is one person in Jeanne’s life who always watches her, Ryan and he sees more than what Jeanne is willing to share and desperately wants to make things better for her, but Ryan has his own secrets.Take Me Far Away is a touching story of how rape can ruin a persons life and how it spills over into their every being and how helpless those around can be if they don’t understand what the problem is.

  • Athena Stephenson
    2019-06-13 02:57

    * I received this book in exchange for an honest review *Wow, this book touched on some really serious issues that are still really prevalent in society right now. This story focuses on a teenage girl who after suffering through the loss of her mother, has an absolutely horrific act done to her. We then see the heartbreaking after effects that she has to live through. The author did a really good job making you feel the emotions of the character as she went through them. She also did an excellent job of showing how victim shaming is a real thing and a very strong reason why a lot of woman don’t report rapes, as well as how hard it is to actually get convictions in these types of situations. It was gripping, emotional and intriguing book and I really really enjoyed reading it.

  • Dede Janzen
    2019-06-20 01:45

    This was an amazing book. I LOVED it. It is about a young girl who loses her mom and on the night of the funeral as she was taking a walk was raped by an older gentleman. She never reports this rape and internalizes it and doesn't get back to her normal self. Her friends and family think it is because of her mom's death. She meets this guy who doesn't give up on her even thought she tries to push him away. She then comes across the rapist again in an unexpected place and the memories of that night come rushing back. This book caught my attention and kept it the entire book. I couldn't put it down. If you like young adult books this is a 5 star one to read.

  • Krystal
    2019-06-14 02:59

    This engaging novel boasts well developed characters, genuine emotions, and insightful commentary on how rape culture fails women, along with a meaningful teenage relationship.

  • Caitlyn
    2019-05-31 02:04

    Take Me Far Away Review*I received this book from We ♥ YA Books! and the author in exchange for an honest review.*This book will definitely be one of my favourites forever. First of all, I liked how the author Kemdi Ik incorporated the topic about rape, which is a very real and serious issue that can definitely have more awareness raised surrounding it. There is a lot of stigma and misconceptions surrounding the topic, and Kemdi really explained quite well how much a victim could suffer and how great the impact can be. I thought it was incredibly how the author was able to write such an amazing novel while still advocating for what she believed in. I loved how the book Take Me Far Away was so realistic. Throughout the book the main character, Jeanne Rowe, tries to deal with anxiety and depression as a result of her aftermath from being raped. As a teenager feeling insecure and having mental illnesses such as the ones in this book are highly relatable topics. I'm sure many readers have had to deal with their own negativities and tried to suppress and forget about it just as Jeanne did in the book. I just truly loved how Kemdi was able to build the story with all the layers of details, and allow the reader to really understand pain the main character was going through. The part where Jeanne was slowly building back her confidence, returning back to her original personality, and finally appreciating and having the wish to succeed in life again was extremely inspirational. In my opinion, I thought this book was absolutely perfect and clearly very original. The only thing I thought could have been better was how the ending was a bit rushed. I found that the part leading up to the ending was just a serious of events that sort of flew by. Otherwise, the book was fantastic. I might not have experienced exactly what the main character did, but I had a few difficult obstacles in my life and I felt a whole lot better after reading this book. Everyone has a breaking point and for those who have faced or are facing theirs, I definitely recommend you to read this book. Thank you so much Kemdi for everything in this book!

  • angelie
    2019-06-02 06:58

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.Take Me Far Away was definitely a great book. I love how the book shows the experiences faced by rape victims in speaking out and the rape culture in our society. The book displays the norm which is the victim blaming. The story was carried out perfectly. I've seen how sexual violence destroys the victims. It actually pains me while reading the story of Jeanne since I couldn't help but think of everything what's wrong in our society. Overall, I love the book! What I love most was how it speaks out for issues like rape, drug abuse and suicide. And I think that's what matters most.

  • Tania
    2019-06-03 06:40

    The book contains discussion of a sensitive topic. Be aware of this if you decide to read. I personally enjoyed the psychology side of the book and all the emotion. I think it was written well and with a good knowledge of the topics covered. Good story; characters you fall in love with. Would recommend it.

  • Michael Kutan
    2019-06-01 07:51

    Awesome book! Very intense. Would definitely read other works by author. I received the book for free in exchange for an honest review.

  • Carina Krantz
    2019-06-19 00:40

    I loved this book!!! I love that Jeanne becomes so strong after going through such a horrible and traumatic event. Ryan Is amazing through everything. He doesn't push Jeanne he let's her be who she is. I loved their story. I can't wait to read more by this author.I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.