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American millionaire Hiram C. Hopgood will stop at nothing to make his daughter, Helen, happy even if it means buying her an ancient Scottish castle and shipping it back to Texas. Assembling the castle isn’t a problem for the oil tycoon... it’s the ghosts that worry him. Hopgood has made up his mind: the ghouls have got to go. But these spirits don’t spook so easily. InsteAmerican millionaire Hiram C. Hopgood will stop at nothing to make his daughter, Helen, happy even if it means buying her an ancient Scottish castle and shipping it back to Texas. Assembling the castle isn’t a problem for the oil tycoon... it’s the ghosts that worry him. Hopgood has made up his mind: the ghouls have got to go. But these spirits don’t spook so easily. Instead, they make their way to America, where they meet up with a magical severed hand and three fiendish, cross-dressing kidnappers for a Texas-sized adventure with a ghostly Scottish flair. ...

Title : The Haunting of Granite Falls
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The Haunting of Granite Falls Reviews

  • Kathryn
    2019-06-17 08:32

    Another charmer from Eva Ibbotson. This time, a very young Scottish laird must sell his family's castle and the new owner is a Texan millionaire who wants the castle transported to his hometown for his ailing daughter to enjoy. He wants the whole dark Scottish castle atmosphere--except NO GHOSTS; he doesn't think his delicate daughter can handle being frightened. But, through an odd happenstance, the ghosts to make their way to Granite Falls, Texas--along with some sinister flesh-and-blood villains with designs on the millionaire's fortune; and Alex, the young laird, who helps Helen, the young Texan lass, realize there is more to her than her physical lameness. Since I'd read The Great Ghost Rescue there were no real surprises here. The ghosts are all amusing and kind-hearted, with funny little quirks, and they get along well with the boy--so, nothing that "different" from GGR. Oh, but this time we have a Severed Hand, who features most prominently in some of the major plot twists, and I became surprisingly fond of him!!! What also I really enjoyed in this one is the friendship between Alex and Helen. Wonderful! And that the father was actually kind-hearted and very present in his daughter's life, even if he was a bit over-protective. The villains are quite awful, especially the lead villain who named herself Adolpha after Adolph Hitler. She keeps some of his hair (at least, the shopkeeper assured her it was actually Hitler's!) in a locket around her neck, and she likes to stroke it and meditate on it. CREEPY to the max!!! BLEH! A few of the things she and her henchmen do are just a little too yucky for my taste and I think sensitive children could be very bothered, although the overall tone of the story is so warm and humorous that many children will probably be fine with the occasional intrusion of evil and, of course, good does win in the end! All in all, a very fun read for Halloween--or any time you feel like spending time with some fun spooks!

  • Matti Karjalainen
    2019-06-08 08:26

    Skotlantilainen Carran linna on kuulunut kuusisataa vuotta McBuffien suvulle. Linnan ylläpitokustannukset ovat kuitenkin nousseet sille tasolle, että viimeisen lairdin, kaksitoistavuotiaan Alexin, on myytävä amerikkalaiselle miljonäärille Hiram C. Hopgoodille. Hopgood haluaa siirtää linnan Teksasiin, jotta voisi ilahduttaa sairaalloista tytärtään Helenia. Hän ei kuitenkaan halua, että mikään järkyttäisi tytön mielenrauhaa, ja niinpä kaupan ehtona on se, ettei linnassa saa olla lainkaan aaveita. Niinpä Alex joutuu kertomaan raskain mielin ystävilleen, että näiden on muutettava ja etsittävä uusi asunto. Näin ollen kummitteleva viikinki Krok Läskimaha, hampaaton vampyyri Tassu-setä, vettä tippuva aave neiti Spinks, räyhähenki pikku-Flossie ja helvetinkoira Cyril joutuvat pakkaamaan laukkunsa.Kummitukset päätyvät kuitenkin erinäisen vaiheiden jälkeen Yhdysvaltoihin, jossa he saavat kuulla, että ilkeä rikolliskolmikko suunnittelee miljonäärin tyttären kaappaamista...Eva Ibbotsonin "Aaveet muuttavat länteen" (Otava, 1992) on humoristinen, aidosti jännittävä ja sopivan mittainen lastenromaani, jossa ystävyyden merkitys korostuu mukavalla tavalla. Lähimpänä vertailukohtana voisivat toimia Roald Dahlin teokset, joissa on niin ikään mukana vähän mustanpuhuvaa huumoria.Loppupuolella seikkailu saa aika hurjia piirteitä, eikä lastenkirjallisuudessa tapaa yleensä yhtä pahoja hahmoja kuin rikolliskoplan naispuolinen johtaja. Huomasin miettiväni, mahtaisiko tämmöinen mennä läpi näinä poliittista korrektiutta korostavina aikoina:Janet Batters […] oli jotenkin pimeä alusta asti. Ja eräänä päivänä hän näki sitten aikakauslehdessä Adolf Hitlerin valokuvan huulipartoineen ja natsitervehdykseen kohotettuine käsivarsineen. Janetin mielestä mies oli lumoava. Hän piti diktaattorin nuollusta otsatukasta ja hänen hullun pyöreistä silmistään, ja kun hän oli lukenut tämän saavutuksista, maailmanvalloitushankkeista ja aikomuksesta hävittää rotu, josta ei pitänyt, hän ajatteli, että Hitler oli kuin jumala. Siitä syystä hän muutti nimensäkin Janetista Adolfaksi ja osti riipuksen, jonka kanteen oli kaiverrettu hakaristi.Nelosten ja viitosten vinkkaukseen.

  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)
    2019-05-25 14:25

    Young Alex, the laird of Carra, is forced to sell his ancient and dilapidated Scottish castle to an American millionaire. Poor Alex is heartbroken to be leaving his ancestral home, but worst of all is the parting with his ghostly friends who haunt the Castle of Carra. When the millionaire tears down the castle and transplants it in Texas where his ailing daughter, Helen, can enjoy it, the ghosts accompany the ancient stones of their home, and uncover an evil plot to kidnap Helen. The good ghosts befriend a mysterious phantom hand, and rely on Alex to help save poor Helen from her kidnappers!This has all the charm and silliness that I've come to love in Ibbotson's books! The writing is fresh with a whimsical story-telling style. I love how weird and wacky the characters are, and how every detail about them carries weight in the story. The plot is full of preposterous surprises and plenty of action. One of the best things about Ibbotson's writing is how she takes ordinary things and turns them upside down to the astonishment of the reader.

  • Fadhilatul
    2019-06-05 12:29

    Visit here for more review.This is the second book of Ibbotson I read after Dial a Ghost. I still like Ibbotson's work respect with children's literature (fantasy). Meaning I like The Hauntin of Hiram, but I like better Dial a Ghost. Actually both of the books have the same concept; an orphan -boy- who owns a castle and doesn't know what he should do to maintain it. Then the boy has many invisible friends (ghosts) to accompany him living in this cruel world. It seems I exaggerate everything, huh? Ok, let's continue.At the first time, readers just see simple and easy problem to overcome. But when they come and join the action of the book, they will see the problem is grower and more complicated than teaser has offered. So twist plays its role here. Readers won't believe that they'll catch many surprises.If you ask for moral value from this book, of course there are some you can think about after reading. Here I provide you some good quotes that you can consider with;"The braver man is - and Krok had been very brave - the less he will bully little creatures who cannot defend themselves." ~Ibbotson, The Haunting of Hiram, 24."When you are thinking of people, you seem to see them everywhere." ~Ibbotson, The Haunting of Hiram, 28."Alex was shocked. Mr. Hopgood worked so hard and looked so worried that it hadn't seemed particularly wrong that he should be so rich. But people labelling their tummy buttons to show which of them was which, or keeping the rubbish warm with mink when in other countries children were starving, just couldn't be right." ~Ibbotson, The Haunnting of Hiram, 89."What sort of life was it, being a millionaire? No sort of life at all. His stomach was full of acid, he never had a decent night's sleep and his daughter danger from every vile sort of crook." ~Ibbotson, The Haunting of Hiram, 156.This book is very interesting and good to be read by children aged 8-9. Moreover, it can be a good book to introduce ghost characters to children without scarring them.

  • Alysa H.
    2019-06-05 06:31

    This had some cute bits and is not at all badly written, but it's really the humor of another era. There are so many troubling and offensive things here (e.g., a villain who hides in plain sight by cross-dressing, age-inappropriate romantic elements, racist jokes about Native Americans being named "Big Knee Joint"). And as I was reading this aloud to my kid, I was definitely not expecting to find myself needing to gloss over one evil character's obsession with Adolf Hitler. She is a young kid and had never yet heard of Hitler -- why the heck should she do so in a children's book about Scottish castle ghosts?!This was recommended by a children's librarian when I asked about more books that could be enjoyed by a kid who liked Lemony Snicket, but perhaps with more progressive gender roles. I have a feeling that librarian hasn't read this book in many years and remembers it with rose-colored glasses, because it really missed the mark. My kid liked it alright in the end -- especially Flossie the child poltergeist -- but I did not. I'd be willing to check out some of Ibbotson's other books, but we won't be reading this one again.

  • Margaret
    2019-05-25 09:20

    American millionaire Hiram Hopgood buys the family castle of Alex MacBuff, the impoverished heir of the MacBuffs of Carra, but he doesn't want the castle in Scotland -- he wants to move it to his hometown of Granite Falls, Texas, where his ill daughter, Helen, can enjoy it. However, Mr. Hopgood insists that the castle be ghost-free, so Alex has to convince his five ghosts to move out. When Alex and the ghosts all end up in Granite Falls, the stage is set for a lively, scary tale of kidnapping and supernatural mayhem. I love how Ibbotson mixes humor and deft characterization with genuinely tense and spooky action, like a slightly less ghoulish Roald Dahl.

  • Sarah
    2019-06-03 08:30

    I can't remember the last time I encountered such great ghosts in literature. They steal every scene with their winning combination of naivety, bloodthirstiness and touching loyalty. For a book aimed at younger readers it has some seriously black comedy - the first page with its cheerful recount of horrific murders by the inhabitants of Carra castle preps the reader for the tone to expect. The plot is slight and very predictable towards the end, but redeemed by unexpected twists along the way and fantastic detail, like the villain who strokes a lock of Hitler's hair like a holy relic and the spot-on parodies in the films the ghosts watch in the cinema.

  • Elevetha
    2019-06-15 10:43

    2.5 stars.This lacked the charm and sense of atmosphere I usually find so prevalent in Ibbotson's MG books. The idea of a Scottish castle transported to America, Texas no less, and its ghosts following it there was a cute idea (and based off a true story, excepting the ghosts!), but I was having trouble mustering up energy to really care. It's cute, no doubt, but not among my favorite of Ibbotson's.

  • Isabella
    2019-05-26 13:30

    My dad read this book for me when I was a kid and I really loved it. I read it again as a grown up and still enjoyed it. A perfect book for children (and their parents) and not to scary even though it's about ghost.

  • Abigail H. Leskey
    2019-06-01 07:15

    It had ghosts. It had Scotland. It had Sleipnir. It had evil kidnappers (including Adolfa, in love with Hitler). It had a severed hand, who was lovely. PG.

  • Az
    2019-05-29 08:30

    .... I hate to see her waiting and waiting.'Then you're silly to wish it,' said Alex, 'because, waiting for things is lovely. The best part, perhaps.'

  • Ludmila Marton
    2019-05-27 07:43

    3,75 stars. Love Eva's humor and storytelling

  • Emily
    2019-05-20 12:25

    Overall Review: Alex MacBuff has no parents. He was raised by a group of ghosts that haunt his family’s castle in Scotland. When he is twelve, he finds he can’t keep his family home because he is broke. Enter Mr. Hopgood who wants to buy and pay top dollar. His only caveat: No ghosts! His daughter is sick and he’s afraid the shock would kill her. So, Alex has to ban his ghosts from the castle. The ghosts have to move to a relatives’ house, whose ghosts are far from friendly, so the Carra ghosts run away back to the castle only to find it in pieces! The castle is taken down and shipped to America—with the ghosts! On the way, they encounter some bad guys, discover America through a cinema, make a new friend (a severed hand), and eventually save the day! Each of the ghosts has such a funny personality. From Krok’s false bravado, to Miss Spinks who always has to drown herself (even if it’s just using the drinking fountain!), to Mr. Louse and his false teeth, there’s always something to laugh at! Of course, this story isn’t just about the ghosts. Alex is a sweet little boy and is a great influence for good on his new friend Helen Hopgood—who isn’t as sick as everyone thinks she is! All in all, this was a fun book with a lot of twists to keep you reading and dripping with droll humor to lighten the mood. Overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars.Content Review:PROFANITY: A few mild instancesVIOLENCE: Mild throughoutSEXUAL CONTENT: A few mild instancesMATURE THEMES: MildRECOMMENDED AGE GROUP: 12+Since this book is about a group of ghosts, already there are a few issues to deal with. The first is the ghosts themselves. They’re not scary at all, but violence does surround them. The instances of their deaths is described in vague detail and obviously includes death—in some cases a lot of death. All of this is described very ‘tongue-in-cheek’. There is a Viking who is cursed because he couldn’t manage to kill someone—and had to kill someone to be un-cursed, however, he’s been a spook now for well over a thousand years; he just doesn’t have the heart to kill. The others include a poltergeist, a wanna-be vampire, an ex-governess, and a large dog. The dog used to work in the underworld, and is referred to often using an interesting term, which some people may find offensive. There are a few other instances of profanity, but not more than five. There are some very vile characters who enjoy hurting and killing people. Many characters die. There are kidnappings, shootings, drowning, stabbings, bombings and death threats. The sexual content includes a man who dresses as a woman (his disguise)—a character sees him take off his ‘false bosoms’ through a window. This is referred to often throughout the story. A Valkyrie comes to take the Viking to Valhalla and she is described in a slightly uncomfortable way (an emphasis on thighs and chest). A character falls in love with a married man, and since he doesn’t return her love, she drowns herself. This story is meant to be very humorous. It usually is, but there are times when it tips a bit to the dark side. This is recommended as a Clean Read for ages 12+.This review was written by EmilyA Squeaky Clean Reads Book ReviewerTo see more fantastic books reviewed with content in mind, visit us at Squeaky Clean Reads!

  • Namratha
    2019-05-25 08:16

    Alex MacBuff is 12 years old. He is also the sole surviving owner of the ancient castle of Carra. While Alex does his best in the upkeep of the crumbling castle, he soon realizes that there’s never going to be enough money to meet with the ever-increasing expenses. The only solution is to sell the castle and hope for the best. And luckily, an American millionaire Hiram C.Hopgood is willing to buy the castle…crumbling turrets, underground passages, blood-stained drawbridge et al. But he has one condition……there should be "no ghosts". Not a single scary spook haunting any nook or cranny of the castle.And Alex has a new task at hand. Finding a suitable new home for his resident ghosts. There’s Krok Fullbelly, the six-foot four enormous Viking, whose body was thrown off Carra rock. Miss.Spinks, the Victorian governess…..who suffers from Water Madness and spends her time flinging herself into the well or any other available waterbody. Mr.Louse, the ancient vampire who’s lost his false teeth when he drove his wheelchair over it. Wrecking good-natured havoc like any self-respecting poltergeist is the youngest ghost of Carra…Flossie. And then of course, the excitable little hell-hound Cyril who has an over-exaggerated body of a dachshund and follows Alex around like a dutiful pup.Alex adores his ghostly family and the thought of being separated from them fills him with dread. But a castle owner's (and a penniless one, at that) got to do what a castle owner's got to do!! And thus begins a crazy adventure. An unlikely group of heroes and a truly nasty bunch of villians....."The Haunting of Hiram" is enjoyable and filled with drama, mayhem and a lot of nonsensical good fun!

  • Audry
    2019-06-07 09:39

    Set in Scottland. Teenaged Alex is the heir and the laird of Carra, but there is no money for upkeep. He sells it, but the buyer, who has a frail teenaged daughter named Helen, has a condition on the sale. There can be no ghosts. Alex has a talk with the ghosts and they agree to go away. The castle is sold and the ghosts go to live at a relative's of Alex's. The resident ghosts there don't like the new ones, and make things so bad the Carra ghosts leave. They return to Carra, but find it is being removed stone by stone and being shipped to Texas, where the new owner, Mr. Hopgood, lives. They stay with the stones, cross the sea, and end up in Texas, where the castle is being rebuilt. In the meantime, Alex has found out that the castle is being shipped to America by a letter from Mr. Hopgood, and ends up going to Texas to oversee the reconstruction.There are unsavory characters planning bad things to get to Mr. Hopgoods money. They have sailed with the stones to Texas, and plan to get on the construction crew. Can Alex find out about them in time to stop them? Will the ghosts help after being sent away? Will Helen be saved unharmed? What happens to the ghosts?Find the answers to these and more questions in the book!

  • Nicola
    2019-06-05 14:22

    I can't seem to get enough of Eva Ibbotson's children's books! This one begins in Scotland where Alex MacBuff, the 12 year old Laird of Carra, can't afford to keep his ancient Scottish castle and has to sell. He agrees to sell it to Hiram C Hopgood, an American millionare who wants to move it to Texas for his ill daughter, Helen (I don't like the thought of that but it's not real :P). He gives one condition, however, and that's that there are no ghosts in the castle. So something has to be done about the resident ghosts!I enjoyed this just as much as the other Eva Ibbotson fantasy stories I've read. The story was fun and I liked the characters. The baddies were definately bad, especially the leader - a woman who names herself after Hitler and carries some of his hair (or at least she was told it's his hair) in a locket round her neck. Because of that she was creepier and more real feeling than I'd expected in this sort of book.Overall I really liked it and am going straight onto my next Ibbotson - One Dog and His Boy.

  • Helen
    2019-05-18 09:31

    Offbeat, quirky children's ghost story that manages to please despite a bit of heavy-handed omniscient narration. Basically a story about odd cast-offs, both human and ghost, who become a family and try their best to stay together despite the uprooting of their castle from Scotland to Texas. Throw in some human villains, a kidnapping, and some nasty, upper-crust ghosts, and you have a story with enough twists and turns to charm.

  • Lisa Wolf
    2019-06-06 08:21

    I read this one out loud as a bed-time story for my 10-year-old -- this was one book that we both could enjoy. It worked well as a read-aloud, but a kid who’s comfortable reading chapter books solo should be able to handle this one just fine. We both found The Haunting of Granite Falls to have just the right combination of funny elements (a Viking ghost named Krok Fullbelly is good for all sorts of laughs) and dramatic action. 12-year-old Alex makes a fine hero as well, a nice mix of sensitivity and loyalty, with a dash of Scottish laird in him as well. I was a bit uncomfortable with the bad guys, who were more seriously threatening than I typically expect in a book aimed toward ages 8 – 12; in particular, the ringleader, a woman with many awful traits, among them a fondness for souvenirs of Hitler, was especially distasteful. Still, the book overall was a success. Author Eva Ibbotson has a delightful writing style, humorous and exciting, that really appeals to my son and keeps me entertained as well. We both give this one high marks.

  • Eugenia
    2019-06-16 07:33

    Para hantu dan anak yatim piatu selalu menjadi kombinasi cerita Eva Ibbotson. Oh, ditambah lagi ruang-ruang mengerikan dalam kastil, para penjahat, dan seorang sahabat. Kali ini lewat sosok Alex yang tegar hati, Helen yang pesimis dan selalu rendah diri, dan para hantu yang baik hati. Hihi!Suka sekali scene dimana Alex dan para hantu saling menguatkan diri demi kebahagiaan satu sama lain. Atau bagaimana Alex selalu memotivasi Helen- dengan gaya khas anak laki-laki yang cuek namun logis- menjadikan Helen gadis yang optimis. Suka rangkaian sebab-akibat yang terjalin rapi, dimana akhir cerita terasa memuaskan. Karena bukan saja harapan bersama yang terpenuhi, namun juga harapan dari masing-masing tokoh. Meski ini cerita untuk anak-anak, saya justru mendapat banyak pelajaran di dalamnya. Asyiknya, pelajaran-pelajaran tersebut dikemas dalam sebuah petualangan misteri yang menghangatkan hati.

  • Laina SpareTime
    2019-06-17 12:24

    (Probably more like 2.5.)I love Eva Ibbotson, but this is not my favourite of her books. She writes ghosts wonderfully. There's so much colour in them, and they are so very British. They're really fun, and she's not afraid to, like, flat-out murder the bad guys which can be very satisfying when you're young, and I think a lot of kids would enjoy this. This is a type of book where you need to go in expecting the silliness of it - ghosts exist, they live in castle, that castle is gonna be moved. You go in expecting something realistic, you're not going to be in the right mind frame. Read the rest on my blog.

  • Honya
    2019-06-04 08:43

    As with most of Ibboston’s books, it’s difficult to explain the appeal of The Haunting of Granite Falls, even to myself. The characters are so nice that they really ought to be disgusting (like Little Lord Fauntleroy or Elsie Dinsmore), yet they are impossible to dislike. Similarly, despite containing some interesting twists, the plotline has a distinct inevitability, a certainty that “good will prevail” and all that. Yet Ibbotson somehow transforms what would usually be an insipid plotline into one that is comforting, rather. Actually, that is the one word that I feel best describes Ibbotson’s work: comfortable. This is the sort of book that I would recommend reading on a rainy day while savoring a good cup of hot English tea.

  • Molly
    2019-06-07 07:17

    I gave this book 3 stars because it’s not the best book but it’s good enough for 3 stars. This book was detailed but I thought it could be a little more detailed because it talks about how Alex is selling the Laird of Carra to a millionaire, Mr. Hopgood. But there is one problem; he has to get rid of the ghosts that raised him in the Laird of Carra. So Alex talked to them to tell them they have to leave. The ghosts had a hard time finding a new home especially when Mr. Hopgood moved the Laird of Carra to Texas where he was originally from. When they were done moving it he decided to rebuild the Laird of Carra. A girl named Helen, Mr. Hopgoods befriend, gets kidnapped and held for ransom.

  • Josh
    2019-05-20 09:37

    I really oscillated a lot on this one between 3 and 4 stars. I finally decided, that judged on what it tries to be, it deserves 4 stars. What this book tries to be is a light, fun romp that will bring a smile to your face on several occasions. That's what it does. Don't look here for deep meaning or surprise plotting. The characters are fun, not particularly deep. Who hasn't ever wanted their own castle full of nice ghosts that are practically part of the family? As long as you too are puzzled by anyone who would deny such a deep seated desire, you will enjoy this book.

  • Kitvaria Sarene
    2019-06-08 09:20

    This was one of my favourite books as a kid.It's the absolutely hilarious story of a rich American, who buys a haunted castle. He hires people to dissemble it stone for stone and transport it to his home. BUT: The ghosts have to stay and find a new home.I really love the (for a childrens book sometimes a bit dark) humor in tis one. One of the ghosts tries to drown itself on a regular basis for example, which will never work, as she is already dead of course.So for the readers ages ten and up, who aren't squeamish or faint of heart, this a fabulous, funny, fast story!

  • Camille Stanford
    2019-05-18 13:18

    When a rich American buys a castle in Scotland for his daughter and rebuilds it near his home, he is assured there will be no ghosts. In other words, the resident ghosts lose their home, and eventually end up in a theater nearby the castle. It is a good thing they stay close, too, when a trio of criminals tries to kidnap the daughter!After reading Dial-a-Ghost I picked up this book, and I found that I rather like this author. This book is cute, and I will keep an eye out for Eva Ibbotson's other books.

  • Adam Z
    2019-06-16 10:16

    I liked this book because it was very exciting and you really couldn't guess on what was going to happen next. What I didn't like about this book was that it was really confusing on all of the different names that all of the characters had. I gave this book five stars because at first I really didn't think that I would like it, but when I started reading it I couldn't put it down. I would recomend this book to everyone.

  • Linda C
    2019-06-01 07:32

    Alex MacBuff, 12, laird of Carra, is forced to sell his castle in Scotland. He sells to a Texas tycoon who takes it apart and moves it to Texas. This fantasy tells of the 5 ghosts who are displaced and their attempts to find a new home, an attempted kidnapping of the tycoon's handicapped daughter, a meeting with a new ghost in Texas and Alex's attempts to figure out how to live without his ghosts. Engaging story great for fans of Harry Potter.

  • Guguk
    2019-05-30 09:34

    Buku Ms. Ibbotson yang pertama kubaca~ yaa sampe sekarang baru baca 3 sih (^ ^;)> aku ketinggalan...Waktu membaca buku ini, timbul perasaan gembira yang muncul seperti biasanya kalau aku baca buku anak-anak yang bener-2 aku suka (^,,^)Tokoh antagonis yang keji, anak yang memiliki kastil tapi miskin, dan, favoritku, hantu-hantu yang unik (^-^)Suka sekali ending-nya yang ditutup dengan pernikahan itu~ (>,,^)

  • Jenny
    2019-05-26 09:23

    Jag gillade Spökena från Carra. Det var en gullig barnbok om spöken. Men det är just det. Det är en lättsam barnbok om en pojke som tvingas sälja sitt slott och vad ska nu alla husspöken ta vägen? Den var gullig but that’s it. Jag älskar Ibbotson och tyckte att boken skulle passa bra efter två missfires. Den var lättsam, gullig och rolig.

  • Ilana Waters
    2019-06-09 08:39

    Another delightful, endearing cast of characters from Ibbotson. Although I found some parts a bit dark for younger readers (the female villain based on Hitler was especially chilling), it's balanced with laugh-out-loud humor. Finally, the fast-paced and high-stakes plot will leave you on the edge of your seat--providing you don't fall off giggling first. ;-)