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Dr. Peter Florin is the sexy bad boy of St Steven’s hospital. Despite his love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude, every woman still wants him – and nurse Jenny White is no exception. For one night she thought she saw the real Pete, but ever since then he’s kept his distance and so she has kept hers…Only Pete is a man haunted by a dark childhood and a tragic loss, and as she watchDr. Peter Florin is the sexy bad boy of St Steven’s hospital. Despite his love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude, every woman still wants him – and nurse Jenny White is no exception. For one night she thought she saw the real Pete, but ever since then he’s kept his distance and so she has kept hers…Only Pete is a man haunted by a dark childhood and a tragic loss, and as she watches him spiral down into despair, Jenny realises she might be the only one who can drag him back. So she does – at the risk of her own, already bruised and battered heart. For no matter what she tells herself, such a man is surely impossible to change – and even more impossible to resist…...

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The Summer We Loved Reviews

  • Jane Linfoot
    2019-06-21 04:56

    I loved reading Wendy Lou Jones’ book, By My Side, and I’ve been looking forward to her next, The Summer We Loved, ever since. The Summer We Loved is more of a companion book than a sequel to By My Side, and can easily be read and enjoyed with no prior knowledge of the other book. The lovely cover is just a small taste of what’s to come.Wendy Lou Jones has a unique style of writing which immediately draws me in. For me, reading her books is like curling up to watch a Sunday afternoon film in winter – I become totally engrossed, and as the afternoon light fades to dusk, it’s only at the end that I come back to reality, and realise I’m sitting in the dark. When I open one of Wendy Lou Jones’ books, it’s like sitting down to be told a story, and I’m unable to tear myself away until the last word is done.Compelling, powerful, emotional, and strong, The Summer We Loved is an intense read, which focuses on two main characters, nurse, Jenny, and junior consultant, Pete. The unrelenting grind of life working in hospital is brilliantly portrayed, and the medical detail and description, though not overdone, gives a perfect backdrop to the action. In fact the medical side acts as a great setting for a more complex storyline. Jenny and Pete are both facing demons from the past, which gives a satisfying depth to the multi-layered story. Occasionally the narrative flips backwards and forwards in time, and includes thoughts written in a journal, which is a device I enjoyed. My only tiny niggle with the book was that I’d have found it helpful to have the diary writing in italics.I loved the way that the chemistry between the characters built right from the start. Their motivations, and the way their attitudes towards their relationship changed and evolved, were understandable and believable throughout the book.For me the scenes at the lake district house were exceptionally evocative and moving. Jenny’s mother picking raspberries, and everything that followed, were perfectly handled by an author whose writing is becoming more accomplished with every successive book. In The Summer We Loved, alongside the emotion, Jones skillfully injects surprising twists and turns throughout, which take the story to another level.A fabulous book.

  • Kim
    2019-06-15 05:50

    What a stunning cover this book has- it instantly drew me in and led me to request a copy from Net Galley.I enjoyed Wendy Lou Jones writing style and I’m now keen to read more of her books.The characters are so well drawn you really feel like they could be friends of yours. It takes you on a real journey of charm and tears in turn.It is set in St Steven’s Hospital and Dr Peter Florin is very popular amongst the ladies but he still carries many dark secrets with him. Jenny is a nurse at the hospital and she’s drawn to him and trying to help him. Where will a relationship take them- are they strong enough to deal with their emotions?

  • Suze Lavender
    2019-06-13 00:58

    Jenny is in her early thirties and she's still single. She's secretly in love with Peter, but Peter only does one night stands and there's no room for love in his life. Jenny is a nurse and Peter is studying to become a consultant. Unfortunately after a horrible accident he can't cope with his emotions very well. When tragedy strikes again he's losing himself and Jenny is the only person who can reach him. She tries to get him back on track, but while doing that she's putting her own heart on the line. Will she be capable of dealing with the inevitable hurt and what will be the consequences?The Summer We Loved can be read as a standalone novel, but I would recommend to read By My Side first. It's one of my all time favorite novels and I highly recommend it. I'm a big fan of Wendy Lou Jones's writing. The Summer We Loved has the same beautiful style, it's distinctive and it's easy to recognize. She plays with time, with emotions and with words and she does that really well. I love how she makes her characters come to life. I could picture Jenny and Peter so well. Wendy Lou Jones doesn't make life any prettier than it is. Her stories are no fairytales, they're real and they're raw.While reading The Summer We Loved I felt quite a lot of emotions. Sometimes I had a smile on my face and I also shed a few tears. I always love it when a book makes me feel so many things. Jenny and Peter's story is gripping and I was intrigued from the start. They are both gorgeous people, but they are scarred and they've made mistakes. I liked the versatility and depth of their personalities. It's obvious that for both Jenny and Peter their job is important, they live for their patients. The story is set in a hospital and it's very realistic. I enjoyed learning some new things through the inside information and lingo. I can't praise The Summer We Loved enough, it's definitely as good as By My Side and I think Peter and Jenny's story is impressive, sometimes tragic, incredible and often absolutely wonderful.

  • Jane Hunt
    2019-06-04 03:05

    Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+'The Summer We Loved' is medical romance with a twist, which makes it uniquely memorable and poignant. A chance meeting between Jenny and Pete sets the scene and from the first chapter you realise Jenny is telling this story for a purpose but what is it?The characters are deep and realistic. Jenny is dedicated to everything she undertakes, almost driven and as her story unfolds it's easy to understand why. Drawn to Pete, the antithesis of everything she believes in, yet too reticent to do anything about it; until she realises he needs her, even if he doesn't realise it yet. Pete is complex and dark. He hides his demons and plays the fool and because of this is hard to empathise with until Jenny unpicks his barriers and reveals the frightened little boy hiding behind them. The plot takes many turns but is so interesting you can't stop reading. The emotion is raw and sometimes painful to witness but there is nothing gratuitous in this story, every tear counts and adds to the rich fabric of the tale Jenny recounts. The ending is full of angst, maintains the emotional pressure and completes the story beautifully.I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.Wendy Lou Jones

  • Alison
    2019-06-16 05:06

    I received a copy of this book for review via Netgalley.I had never read any of Wendy Lou Jones' books before, but with lots of my friends recommending her and an intriguing premise, I decided to try this one.I was really glad I did, and enjoyed the heightened emotions throughout the book, though I'm not sure I always expected them. As I read this book over several days I also got a little confused over the two stories, past and present that were entwined together. This was simple enough to reread and sort out though.The hero and heroine, Pete and Jenny are both likeable in their ways, despite their life challenges and I was always rooting for them. They both have quite tragic pasts, and together are a really great couple to read about. Both medical people, they try and help people like they could not in their own lives.There was some incredible depth in the moments with Pete especially as he finally crumbled under the stress of the accident in his past as well as family issues. A bereavement that also affects Jenny twofold. Her love and support brings him through and allows Jenny to heal her own past.I almost found it a shame that there were such challenges facing Jenny at the beginning and end of the story. Although this was clever, I wanted them to be untouched by tragedy in the future - and I hope that it is so.I would definitely be interested in reading more of Wendy Lou Jones's books.

  • Ann Cooper
    2019-05-30 04:56

    This is a sequel to By My Side but can be read equally well as a stand alone. I really enjoyed getting to know Peter Florin more and finding all about his troubled past. The start of the book is a bit of a shock, followed by another one a little way in. But then it continues in a warm and loving vein all the way through. Definitely a tale of how our pasts and minds can affect our behaviour and our memories.Jenny is a lovely character - and I was rooting for her all the way through. Very down to earth but with her own troubles. Enjoyed the whole book and hope that Flis gets a book of her own as well!

  • Elsa Winckler
    2019-06-20 05:50

    I'm crying! What a beautiful story about hurt and second chances and the battle to find a way to move foreward - I'm so glad Pete's Jenny Wren found her way back!

  • Melanie
    2019-05-28 23:40

    Jenny has a thing for Peter, Peter has a thing for Jenny. This is their story and while it is sweet and touching at times, it's sort of annoying mostly cause it just drags out the inevitable. There is a little twist at the end that feels like it's more tacked on but there are a few clues here & there that hint to it. This is a sequel to By My Side but can be read as a stand alone. Peter plays a part in By My Side and this book gives more of his story and why he's as messed up as he is. We meet Jenny for the first time but we find out here exactly what her demons are and how she works through them as she also tries to avoid loving Peter, fails at loving Peter, and then succeeds at loving Peter. We also see Peter, with the help of Jenny, defeat what haunts him and get what he ultimately wants out of life. I didn't like the drawn out story of them getting together so much and wish there would have been more focus on the story of their lives once they both finally gave in to their love for one another. As I mentioned before, the ending felt tacked on and rushed through.I was provided with an ARC, from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

  • Katlynn Parsons
    2019-06-16 02:58

    I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The Summer We Loved is about two emotionally traumatized thirty-somethings who each feel strong connections, but act like teenagers about their feelings and spend the whole book pretending not to like each other. Their backgrounds are developed pretty well, the supporting characters help tremendously and, for the most part, I actually like the main characters.I just couldn't put the immature actions out of my head. That coupled with the short, choppy sentences and jumping from timeline to timeline, made this an almost did-not-finish for me.

  • Bonnie
    2019-06-10 01:02

    This is an emotionally charged and well-crafted read. Wendy Lou Jones draws the reader deep into the lives of her two main characters, Jenny and Peter, who are portrayed in such a realistic and tangible way, that it's hard not to get totally caught up in their world. The plot takes many twists and turns and it's never obvious how things are going to turn out, making it hard to put down. Yet another well-written and mature novel from an author who isn't scared to deal with difficult themes and who leaves you unashamedly reaching for the tissues. Excellent.

  • Bec - Book Magic: Under a spell with every page
    2019-06-01 23:48

    Review on HarlequinJunkie.comPeter Florin is a man that doesn’t do relationships. Yet, every time he’s around Jenny, she tempts him to change that policy. Unfortunately, before their friendship can become more, tragedy strikes, making him determined to isolate himself from everyone that loves him. And it seems Jenny might be the only person that can bring him back, if he’s willing to accept her help. Read More

  • Wendy Jones
    2019-05-26 02:49