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Centuries ago, sibling rivalry tore Aramith apart. As punishment, the losers were stripped of their immortal birthright and banished to Earth. There, they wasted away from old age and diseases. However, there is hope… If a Shaw child, born on the 12th day of the 12th month offers her soul in a public sacrifice, then the exiles will be forgiven and welcomed home to Aramith.Centuries ago, sibling rivalry tore Aramith apart. As punishment, the losers were stripped of their immortal birthright and banished to Earth. There, they wasted away from old age and diseases. However, there is hope… If a Shaw child, born on the 12th day of the 12th month offers her soul in a public sacrifice, then the exiles will be forgiven and welcomed home to Aramith. Aubrey Shaw is that child, but dying for the exiles is not on her to-do list. Using her gift as a Jumper, Aubrey leaps between bodies to escape relentless shape-shifting hunters. Only, shedding her skin is not enough. Not when Joshua, her best-friend-turned-hunter, is hell-bent on dragging her to the altar. Will Aubrey’s love for Joshua change his mind? Or, will she have to trust the scarred stranger who shows up out of the blue cloaked in lies and secrets? Doing so means giving up on Joshua. But betting on Joshua's love could do more than break her heart. It could kill her....

Title : The Reluctant Sacrifice
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The Reluctant Sacrifice Reviews

  • Ben Alderson
    2019-05-27 02:24

    This book is 5 stars to me... because it made me cry.I have felt so attached to Aubrey, and crazily enough relate to her so much. She went through so much in the course of this novel yet still was strong. I commend her for being herself and sticking to her beliefs. Kerr Ann Dempster is a master of weaving magic into a story of love and family. Thank you Kerr, this book... it was just wonderful.The ending was so beautiful, gah I'm crying againSTOP MAKING ME CRY!

  • Amanda Minnock
    2019-06-06 06:47

    Thanks to Ink City Books & Kerr-Ann Dempster for my copy of the ARC in exchange for an honest review.Oh my god, I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! Seriously I couldn't put it down it was that good I read it in a few hours wanting to stay lost in it longer. When I noticed I was at 90% of the book I started taking heart palpitations as I didn't want it to end.Aubrey Shaw is a jumper, she jumps from body to body trying to escape from being hunted by our hawk shapeshifters for a ritual that has to be performed due to sibling rivalry that happened centuries ago tearing her home Aramith apart turning immortals into feeble humans. To break this curse a Shaw child who is born on the 12th day of the 12th month must be sacrificed for mercy, this child is Aubrey who is determined along with her mother that this will not happen. With Joshua, the love of her life being one of the hunters Aubrey is breaking inside but when Coy appears Aubrey doesn't know who to trust anymore, her broken heart or the hot stranger.The book was awesome seriously you do not expect anything that is happening, my jaw was hitting the floor that many times I thought I might swallow the book by mistake! My heart was in one place and my head was in another I didn't know who was friends or who was the enemy, all I knew is that I did not want to stop reading as the book kept my attention throughout.Aubrey is a great leading lady she doesn't try to act all hard or give it the whole "Why me I'm so hard done by, pity me you fools" act she just gets on with it which I absolutely loved! She was so vulnerable it made my heart ache for her she was like a deer in headlights, for your own family to want to pin you to an altar? Jeez, that's rough but the girl got on with it and kept pushing through. The whole Joshua thing had me screaming inside I actually wanted to strangle him, and just when I thought he was becoming someone better he would go ahead and ruin it again argh god damn you!My favourites were Croy & Tessa how could they not be?! Tessa is an awesome best friend, she had me giggling so much she is just like any young woman out there and I think that's why I could connect to her so much because she's like my best friend, boy blind crazy and I love it! Then you have Croy our dark handsome hawk who literally had me melting inside, I never knew if I should trust him or not but I know I was swooning over him every sentence that I read. Every time I thought of him and Joshua in their long black feathered cloaks I thought of Jon Snow (Game of Thrones if you have been living under a rock) and it actually made me giddy!!The story has a solid plot that I really enjoyed and I can't wait to get stuck into more books from Kerr-Ann Dempster if they can keep my attention like this one I'm pretty sure she could turn up on one my favourite author's list!Check out my blog! thanks :)"Your mother was right," she said. "It smells like love."I shook my head. "No, Aubrey, you smell like love."Her eyes fell to my lips. "I missed hearing you say my name.""Aubrey," I said smiling.

  • Monique
    2019-06-26 02:36

    I'm just going to leave these 5 stars here...I received this for free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis may be the best thing I have requested off NetGalley.There are so many things about this book that I want rave about but I can't contain my thoughts. This book starts right in the thick of it and sets the best tone for the rest of the book as everything is go-go-go from the beginning. I felt my heart skip a beat a few times when I thought shit was about to hit the fan because the writing is that captivating. Aubrey has such depth which makes her a great main character. Her relationship with Tessa is so sweet and their banter is reminiscent of relationships you have with friends you've known for a long time - I'm talking about witty comebacks and boy shaming. I also really respected Dempster including an out of the norm love triangle featuring Joshua and Coy since being caught up on your first love is so relatable.Even though Joshua and Morgan were basically the worst, I found that they really were great characters whose actions made the story all that more compelling. Special mention goes out to Coy who I fell in love with and is a character who is compassionate, smart, sexy and badass - I know I am not the only one who is praising him for being a boss. The paranormal overtones were really easy to follow and also just super cool. I was wondering how the ending was going to wrap up and whilst it didn't happen how I thought, I was not disappointed at all. Add this to your TBR now! You won't be disappointed.

  • Casey Ann Books
    2019-06-10 07:42

    The book kicked off mid action with this great pace that meant I then flew through the book and now want more!Aubrey was a great character (I actually really like that name too, so it was a great start) and her power of jumping (bodies) was great because of the way that it wasn't just a case of being able to do so, she lost a part of herself which made the magic here quite moralistic. Then you have the hunters with their shape-shifting abilities that for me were so visual and a great way to present it.Then you had the boys. Normally I have an issue with love triangles and how obvious they are but I really liked this plot line. There was something unconventional about it. It was all a bit broken and it was that perfect opposition with the bad nature of Joshua and the invitingness (officially a word now) of Coy... Oh was Coy the right name for him! But wow, he was one of those characters that was written hot and that you imagined him hotter because you could imagine him how you wanted and wanted was the right word because how could you not want him.This book had magic, romance, basically everything you'd want from this book and scones!

  • Olivia-Savannah Roach
    2019-06-25 00:36

    I have quite a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to The Reluctant Sacrifice, so I'll try and discuss them as best I can. I'm going to break the book into stages - talking about the beginning, middle, end, and then lastly, the romance. So. The beginning. It took me quite a while to get into this book, and that was mostly because I wasn't really feeling it in the beginning. I liked the main character and the story itself wasn't too bad. It was a bit jumpy and because we were suddenly thrown into this world and the main character had abilities that I couldn't get my grips on, it left me a bit frazzled. And then we slowly started to understand the fantasy/paranormal kind of elements to the story. They were never fully explained, in my opinion, and they didn't entirely convince me. I know fantasy/paranormal can never really be realistic, but it was a little too far-fetched for me? It was beyond what I could really imagine and ground myself in. But then the middle happened, and the book quickly picked up for me! I was easily able to really like Aubrey again. She started to show that even though she wanted to be confident and not let life get to her, she was still scared. She still had moments of panic. And I found that to be incredibly realistic. I was able to connect with her through that, and I admired her resilience despite being worried nonetheless. In the middle we also get a lot of internal conflict. We start to see the grey area between the people who are supposed to be labelled as good, and as bad. Aubrey starts thinking - if she was in their position, would she do the same thing? We learn more and more about their motives and then we get to see them as true people as well. I started to question who was bad and who was good. I loved the moral dilemma and the way Aubrey was carefully thinking about this. It invested me in the plot and I wanted to know the outcome of things. That sort of ties into the romance story. There is a bit of a love triangle here, but then at the same time there isn't one. Josh was who Aubrey really loved since childhood, but now he wants her dead. Sort of a turn off, right? So she is trying to move on, but she can't help the way she feels sometimes. And all the time Coy is there, being patient. But she doesn't know if she can trust him yet. And that created quite a few issues! I liked that romance toss up.But at the same time, there was the part I didn't like which kind of involved Aubrey doing things because she just "wanted to forget her problems for a while." Yes, we all have our weak moments, but that just seemed a little cliche? I have seen countless girls do the same throughout YA and it's really annoying to have it keep jumping up. >.> So yeah, when I was reading that bit... I was a little annoyed that throughout my favourite section of the book this was included.And last but not least, the ending. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it, although it has been a while since I have finished the book. It tied up well, I guess, but it made me question if I was really satisfied with the way things worked out? I'm not sure. It was a little sudden with thrown in elements you won't be able to predict, but I'm not sure I entirely understand myself. Hm... I think if you read the book, you'll have to make up your own mind on this one!Overall a pretty decent read, but it left something to be desired in some areas.Gif summaryThis review and more can be found on Olivia's Catastrophe:

  • Lekeisha The Booknerd
    2019-06-09 23:28

    Aside from the love triangle, I really enjoyed this one. Aubrey isn't my favorite heroine, but she redeemed herself by the end. Excuse me whilst I fangirl over Coy. *Full review to come*UpdateOriginally posted HEREI really enjoyed this book! Aside from that pesky love triangle that seemed to not want to go anywhere, I didn’t want it to end. I dare I say that I have found, yet another, book boyfriend. Yes, yes, it happens. Sue me. Coy will have you swooning from the moment he enters the story until the very end. I just knew that Aubrey’s friendship, and obvious love, with Joshua would cause problems for me. I wanted to scream at her to let it go. He slept with your evil sister for crying out loud! In the end, everything fell into place as it should.So, if you read the synopsis, then I don’t need to explain what it’s about. Let’s talk about these characters. Aubrey: not my favorite heroine, obviously. She is a jumper. As in, her soul can jump from one body to the next. The only downside to jumping is that you can lose some of your self while jumping inside different bodies. You can also carry on a part of the previous body’s soul as you move on to the next one. As was the case with Aubrey’s mother. The woman was kind of “lost”, but she sacrificed herself for her daughter; at the hands of her other daughter. Yeah, that chick is so evil. Think of Morgan as the spoiled- fireball of a sister, and she wants Aubrey to burn. Err, die by stabbing.Another character that I liked, aside from Coy, is Tessa. She’s like the best friend that every girl wants. Hey, the chick likes Supernatural. How can you not love her. Anyhoo, her loyalty to Aubrey is what gets her into trouble. Joshua is/was Aubrey’s best friend when they were kids. She is still in love with him, even though he’s been sleeping with Morgan while she’s been on the run. He is now a “hunter” and is willing to put Aubrey up front and center for the sake of a messed up prophecy. I’d like to say he warmed my heart by the end, but no. I still see him as the enemy. Coy…. he’s hot, he’s a “cloaker”, and a hunter. He was team Aubrey from the jump, and I love how he tried to protect her through it all. I’ve not swooned this much in a while. There are other characters who play important roles, and are not as they seem. I was actually shocked by one such character. No spoilers.I definitely recommend this book to any and all who love paranormal/urban-fantasy/romance. I wish it was longer than it was, but I still loved it. I love the world that Kerr-Ann created and it’s characters.

  • Victoria Scott
    2019-05-31 03:29

    Holy moly this book! Honestly, I was not expecting to love it as much as I did. This book is full of fantastic world building, and amazing supernatual elements. It's written from the point of view of a Jumper - someone who can make her soul jump from body to body. That on it's own is a great idea! Then, she's being seen as the "sacrifice", someone who will save the world once she's killed. Funnily enough, she's not super keen on letting herself be caught. So, of course, she's being chased. Not by regular bad guys, of course. By bad guys who can turn into hawks, and have a whole variety of other powers. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Part of this gang includes her own sister, and a boy she once considered her best friend. Who she may or may not be in love with. Could it be any more cool? There was so much magic going on, but it was all really well explained. I felt like you could drop me in that world, and I would be able to fit in and understand it all. Straight away, we were thrown into action. I was concerned that I was missing the first book somehow, since there was so much going on on the first page. And not in a "I'm so confused, help!" way. In a "I need answers now" way. Which is a good thing! The action was what kept me hooked on this book. Every time you thought there was going to be a lull, we had a surprise bad guy pop up, or a fight between the already existing bad guys.There was one thing I really didn't like about this book - the romance. You know the ex-best-friend I mentione before? Well, we had a love triangle with him (Joshua) and Coy, another guy on Joshua's team. Neither of them were very appealing, and I think Aubrey can do a lot better. Unfortunately, she didn't agree, and her best friend Tessa was always there to remind her how very hot they both were. Without the romance, I could have really loved this book. Instead, I found myself skipping through those parts to get back to the action.I'm actually not sure if this is a series or not. To me, I felt like there were some unanswered questions. Yeah, the epilogue gave us a little happy ending. But not enough for me to be satisfied. I really want to get back into that world. For now, I guess I'll have to satisfy myself with reading her other book...

  • Sarah (A French Girl)
    2019-06-14 02:30

    3.5*Copy provided by author*I love fantasy and I love to discover books written by black authors, so when Kerr-Ann Dempster contacted me to review her urban fantasy novel The Reluctant Sacrifice, I was overjoyed. However, the truth needs to be told: I was wary. Very wary. Books that I’ve received in this way have leaned toward the bad and disappointing. Therefore, I opened The Reluctant Sacrifice with high hopes but very little expectation.Thanks to Dempster’s writing skills, my worries faded within the first few pages. The Reluctant Sacrifice is crisp, entertaining and fast-paced. The book’s biggest strength is definitely the characters. There’s Aubrey with her quiet strength, stubborn Joshua, Coy with his surprising depth and feisty Tess. Aubrey was the kind of heroine I like. Strong but with moments of weakness and doubts which made her relatable. My only complaint about her is her love interest Joshua. Once upon a time her best friend and lover, now a hunter tasked to kill her. To call their relationship a whirlwind would be an understatement. Now, I have nothing against whirlwind romance. I’ve just read the first three books in The Black Mage series and boy, the romance in there isn’t just a whirlwind, it’s a roller coaster caught in the middle of a typhoon. So, you see, the road doesn’t have to be smooth for me to be engrossed by it. Things get a little more complicated if I regularly want to smack on the head one of the lovebird. In this case, the annoying bird is Joshua. I couldn’t quite understand what Aubrey found in him. Yeah, he got those dreamy eyes… And that killer body… but that’s it! Ok, ok, he can also manipulate the weather. But what are good looks and magical powers if one has a terrible personality? Stubborn and full of prejudice, that’s Joshua for you. He does love Aubrey and he’s a good guy deep down, I’ll give him that. I preferred Coy so much more . I guess as they say, the heart wants what it wants *sights*.Tess was my girl crush. I loved her! She’s the kind of girl you want as your bestfriend. She’s so funny, and boy crazy but at the same time, really supportive. I adored her friendship with Aubrey.The Reluctant Sacrifice has it all: interesting characters, action, romance and magic. I wish we would have learned more about the Aramith though . However, this flaw was a minor one and didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the story. There lacked that extra oomph that would have made me give it four stars or even five stars, but at the same time three stars seemed to low. This is why I settled for a 3.5. In any case, I really can’t wait to read more of Dempster!

  • Fabienne Gilbert
    2019-06-03 00:30

    This book was AMAZING!!! I loved every page, every character, all the tension and suspense. The only thing was the slight love triangle I felt it could have ended quicker and just been Aub and Coy instead of Josh tagging along. Anyway the part of the book that would have to be my favourite would actually have to be the epilogue, which is rare for me. However, in this case it was just what the book needed and just tugged on the heart strings. Then again Coy's character fullstop managed to achieve this. You can see how his character grows and develops throughout the book and see how he has his own mind, values and thoughts 7nlikes the others on the Hawks team. Now poor chosen Aubrey :( so young and to have so much taken away from her. I felt like I could really connect with her character with how the book was written. No one should have to go through and endure what she does, and then she meets Coy thinking that's it she's done for; only to find someone who wants to see her safe. As cheesy as it sounds there's is an eternal love, almost like Romeo and Juliet. Honestly I'm pretty sad this book is a stand alone because I loved the world and the characters so much. This will definitely be a book I will re-visit in the future.

  • Poulami
    2019-06-02 05:29

    Originally posted on Daydreaming Books.*I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*I'M IN LOVE. . . WITH COY! THIS BOOK WAS HELLISHLY FREAKISHLY AWSOOOOME! JUST LEARNED THAT TWO MORE BOOKS WILL COME OUT AND IT'S NOT GOING TO BE A STANDALONE!! I'M SOOOO EXITED! I REALLY, REALLY WANT MORE!! HANDS DOWN PEOPLE, YOU NEED TO PICK THIS UP RIGHT NOW, LIKE RIGHT NOW! LIKE SERIOUSLY, ONE OF THE BEST READS OF 2015 SO FAR.Yeah, that caps lock was really necessary guys, I needed to get that out. Nonetheless let me come back to my review starting with a short synopsis as always. Oh and I've been staring at the cover all the day, it's so beautiful!The story revolves around Aubrey who is a Jumper, i.e. she possessed the ability to jump into other people's body and live on. She’s also the girl from the prophecy whom everybody wants on the alter to be sacrificed. Long ago, in their realm known as Aramith there was a war between the two siblings Celo and Charr who created the place. Charr and his companions were defeated and they were stripped of their immortal birthright and now, only if Aubrey offers her soul willingly, the exiled will be forgiven and welcomed back in Aramith. But Aubrey doesn't want to die but she has nowhere to run anymore and her former best friend, Joshua is hell bend on finding her and giving her up for the sacrifice. But when a stranger offers help, will she take it or will her love for Joshua bring her to her ultimate doom?I fell in love with this book! From the very first page we are thrown in the chaotic life of Aubrey while she's on the run with her mother and hiding from the "hawk unit", a group of shape shifters whose only goal it is to drag Aubrey to the sacrifical altar. It's full of action and suspense, the suspense increases as we go on and I was dying to know what happened next. The plot was so fresh and unique, I absolutely loved it. Constantly, one thing or another was thrown into the way and I was glue to my e-reader and I didn't want to stop reading at any cost. The story also brings out interesting moral dilemmas. I loved the concept about the Jumpers who can leap from one body to another but not without consequences, they carry a part of the previous body’s soul as they move on to the next one, and also with each jump their soul rips apart and gets back together which results in slowly loosing their personality. The world building was perfect and the plot twist was really great! And the ending, God, it was bittersweet and perfect, I was nearly in tears.Now can we talk about Coy! How absolutely magnificent that guy is. I mean c'mon he went through something terrible but still he kept himself on the right path and did everything to help Aubrey although he was a hunter and a "cloaker". He is the perfect book boyfriend material. I liked Aubrey from the beginning, her character is shown as humanely as possible. Although she's not a kickass character and she just wants to live her life, I loved her more and more as I kept reading. I also liked the fact that for her jump she chose bodies of people who were already dying. I shipped these two sooo much! There was perfect amount of chemistry between them and I loved the romance.I really hated Joshua, while reading I found myself uttering every curse word possible when it came to him. I rarely do this kind of thing but he was intolerable! Aubrey had always loved him and I did feel bad for her because he didn't even reciprocate for once but she deserved so much better than this guy, c'mon for God's sake he slept with her evil sister, Morgan who wanted to torture and kill her. I equally hated her, she was simply pure evil, just like her father. I felt bad for Aubrey’s mother, she sacrificed her life for her and died in the hands of Morgan. Tessa, Aubrey’s best friend was an awsome character, you can't help but love her and she loves Supernatural! She was so loyal and caring, she's the the kind of friend I wish I had. The writing was stunningly beautiful and addictive. As I've already said it was really, really hard to stop reading this book. I had a busy day yesterday but whenever I was getting time I was reading this. The pace was fast, just the way I like it and I had to race through the book. There was not a single dull moment and I had a hell of an awsome experience. Overall, The Reluctant Sacrifice was an awsome read. This book is officially my new favourite. The plot was uniquely woven with lots with twists and turns full of action packed and it fast paced from the very beginning. The characterisation was really good, I loved Aubrey and Coy and I loved the romance between them. The writing was smooth and beautiful and I think I'll be reading everything this author writes! Specially, I can't wait to read the next book in this series! Really. Can't. Wait!Recommend it?Why are you still here, just go buy this EPIC book already!

  • Dee☾
    2019-06-25 02:31

    *I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review*Actural rating: 3.75 stars. First off, I will say I genuinely enjoyed reading this book. It was a light YA Paranormal novel and exactly what I was in the mood for. I quickly fell into the story with ease and couldn’t put it down. This wasn’t your typical Paranormal novel about vampires or werewolves. It is something unique and still so intriguing. After every chapter, I was craving more. Dempster’s writing flowed quite effortlessly and I loved the voice she gave to her main character, Aubrey Shaw. What I liked most was the witty dialogue between her characters. Aubrey has the right amount of snark that makes you love her because she’s just a normal girl in a not so normal situation.Now that I am talking about Aubrey, I’ll just get into the characters. Aubrey Shaw is the main character and the story is told her from her voice and I was so happy for it. She has spent majority of her life running from the Hawk Unit who want to sacrifice her to Celo in hopes that the exile Aramithians will be restored their immortal birthright and I have to say, I felt for this girl. To have so many people wanting to drain your blood on an altar so that they can live? Poor girl. Even her first love was ready to turn her in. However. I give her props for trying to make somewhat of a life for herself under the unfornatunate circumstances. She enrolls herself in school and finds herself a best friend in Tessa. I loved her friendship. I loved their witty comebacks and how deeply they really did care for each other. Tessa was one of my favorite characters because she was just a typical high school girl worrying about silly things any other normal teenage girl would worry about. I really enjoyed all the Supernatural talk and their sleep overs marathoning the show.In addition, I really enjoyed Aubrey’s constant love for Joshua even when he was a complete jerk. I liked that even though Joshua moved on and did the unforgiveable by being with Aubrey’s witch of a sister Morgan, that she still had love for him because he was her first love. This was realistic and it’s not always easy for girls to just see what’s in front of them and move on quickly. They hold onto hope and that’s what Aubrey was trying to deal with, letting go of her past and accepting that she couldn’t go back she could only go forward.On the other hand, Coy was my absolute favorite character! I thought it was so cute that his name was short for McCoy from Star Trek and he wanted to take Aubrey to a convention for the show. He was just adorable and I fell hard for him the second he showed up in the coffee shop. Aubrey and Coy had a slow and steady connection that grew over time. I am so glad it wasn’t instant love because this worked out much better. She had to let go of her love for Josh to really appreciate Coy and that her well-being was what Coy really cared about. I shipped these two!For the most part, I really enjoyed reading this book. It had a lot of action and was fast-paced. I wasn’t bored one second while reading it because I was so invested and wanted to know what happened next. However, I thought it was too short. I wished it would have been longer and had included more details about the exiles and the rebellion. I feel like we only scratched the surface and there is so much more to be said. I would have liked to see more world building. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and I am glad to have been given the chance!Review originally posted on TheBookishKhaleesi

  • Cassandra Curiel
    2019-06-01 05:42

    *Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*This was the first book I've read by Kerr-Ann and I was pleased for the most part. The chapters were short which made it easier to get through and something kept me flipping the pages even when I was supposed to stop for the day. I loved the premise of this story. I don't think I've read about about a character that can Jump into different bodies before which made me appreciate it. But that's where things go sour for me, they felt anticlimactic.In my opinion, Coy overshadowed every other character in this book. Including the main character. He was the only one I actually like but I was still indifferent to his pain. If this book was told from his perspective... I would have loved it ten times more. I did not like the main character one bit. She lacked the backbone I look for in a heroine and all of her actions were impulsive and just wrong. The reason why I didn't give this more than 3 stars was because I wasn't emotionally invested in the characters and I felt the story line dragged too much for my liking. I want action and badassery in every turn but this was... calm. For a book involving magic, it was rarely used and I wasn't satisfied with how the story was resolved or executed. I also did NOT like all the sexual talk. The sexual comments were incredibly necessary and didn't add anything to the plot line. If this were a contemporary or NA romance, I would've let it go but this is fantasy. There are far better topics to talk about, things to explain, and I just didn't like any of it. I felt the dialogue was too juvenile (even from the adults) and it kept rubbing me the wrong way. The love triangle also didn't cut it for me and that's saying a lot since I am enamored with love triangles. I didn't believe any of it and honestly, I could've done without it.All in all, I am glad to have given this book a chance and I loved discussing it with a group of wonderful people on Instagram!

  • Bookin' It Fairy
    2019-06-07 02:39

    This was bitter-sweet for me.The concept of this was great! I loved it! It was refreshing, new, different... I feel as though it almost stops there. I liked this one, I did, I wanted to like it a little bit more though.To me this was another story about survival and trust just with different twist and turns. Aubrey could not turn to anyone, she really didn't know who to trust at times. Her best friend turned against her, trying to bring her in for sacrifice, ok I get it. BUT should you really, completely trust someone that is willing to "jump" from body to body knowing that she will ultimately kill them in doing so. The story overall was great, I loved the premise, it flowed smoothly, and was a very fast read. When I could sit down I would blow through page after page. It felt good, and it kept me interested. I have this horrible tendency that when something exciting is about to happen I read really fast to get to the event, but when I arrived close to the end I felt the opposite. I felt as if the story was racing to a finish but I was not as excited to arrive at the end. It was almost rushed, or seemed as though Kerr-Ann began running out of steam and pushed to the finish.

  • Erin Arkin
    2019-06-04 00:33

    I happened across The Reluctant Sacrifice while scrolling though NetGalley and thought it sounded interesting. It was a quick read and had a solidly built story to keep me flipping the pages.The story revolves around Aubrey Shaw who is linked to a prophecy that essentially requires her to sacrifice herself for her people. If you can’t tell from the title, Aubrey isn’t down with that and with her ability as a jumper, she has been able to evade the people who most want to find her…her father, her sister, and her best friend (former) Joshua. As far as characters go, I thought they were all well-developed. Aubrey was likable, caring and smart. The one thing I didn’t get was why she kept giving Joshua a pass. He, like the rest of their people, wanted her dead…no matter what he felt for her. And to add to my dislike, he hooked up with Aubrey’s sister. UGH…NO. I really liked Coy and he was definitely the better of the two guys. He did what he could to protect Aubrey and I thought his backstory was interesting. Definitely consider checking this one out. I’m glad I came across this one and will watch for more from this author.Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the review copy!

  • African Americans on the Move Book Club
    2019-06-08 06:26

    The fantasy novel is interesting, at best. The author creates a magic world shrouded in deceit and confusion. The details and word choices are beautiful and captivating. The characters are easy to relate to and the use of metaphors to draw the images of human connectivity are accurate. However, the build-up of the plot is awkward. The author jumps between chapters making it increasingly more difficult for the reader to follow the story line. Sometimes it felt like things were missing from the plot. In fact, I wasn't aware of the difference between Aramith and Earth, or the characters Charr and Celo. The death of the main character's mother wasn't easy to picture. Actually the whole market interaction and fight scene between Rose (who I didn’t know was the mother’s name until the end of the book) and the hell bent Morgan was a complete blur. The ending, where the main character gained the option to choose life or death was too quickly done. I understand that some of those choices may have been stylistic in nature; however, as a lay reader, it was confusing and spotty. Overall though, the book was a good read and most teenagers could get lost in the love triangle and multifaceted sexual tensions. Jerrel StillsAAMBC Reviewer

  • AVBooklovers
    2019-06-22 00:42

    Fun. Funny. Fantastic.The author used real life emotions to drive certain characters. Though frustrating at times, I did find myself unable to stop reading. The plot twist towards the end definitely pulls you in. The epilogue is marvelous. I would recommend it.

  • Elena ( The Queen Reads )
    2019-06-10 06:49

    Recieved copy from the author in exchange of an honest review. I loved it! push aside Aubrey then it is perfect. Full Booktalk + Interview in my blog. ☺

  • Jannin (The Booknerd Dragon)
    2019-06-25 01:43

    *I received an eBook copy from For Love of a Book in exchange for an honest review.*Now this book is such an amazing read! It has the action and thrill from the very first page of the book up to the last. It is so indulging and the story is quite unique. Though the beginning was a bit confusing because there was no discreet introduction of characters or the situation or anything, the story just flowed. But it’s not that hard to catch up on the story.Aubrey is a unique character. She’s brave but she doesn’t know it. And it seems to me that there a lot of good characters of Aubrey’s that she doesn’t see. For her, she’s a coward who is good at nothing but running away and jumping. For me, Aubrey is fearless. And I somehow understand why she doesn’t want to be caught by the Hawk Unit. Even though the reason sound heroic to other people but when you’re the one being the sacrifice, it’s hard not to escape.Let’s go to Joshua’s character. Right from the start of Joshua’s appearance to the book, I didn’t like him. Though they way Aubrey talk about him, it’s like you’re supposed to like him because he’s her love interest. But I just can’t. I hate him. And there’s something about him that I really don’t like.And then there goes, Coy. His name sounds so awkward in my head because I have a classmate whom I called Coy because it’s her nickname. And yes she’s a she so it’s a bit awkward to picture Coy as the tall-and-creepy without thinking my classmate. (LOL) I always have a thing for mysterious boys whenever I read books, the kind of boys who can’t be trusted but is actually the one that can be trusted. Also, Coy is tall and big and just so dreamy. Despite his scars, he sounds so handsome to me. And I knew from the start that Coy loves Aubrey. I can feel it. Though again, the mystery that’s wrapped around him seems to doubt you. Just follow Aubrey’s reminder to her, trust your instinct. Coy loves Aubrey.Now let’s head over to the story, one word: wow! I could say that the story is so inspired to the series Supernatural. Not to mention Aubrey’s best friend, Tessa, is so obsessed with the series. When Charr explained what happened between him and his twin brother Celo, I thought about the Season 11 of the Supernatural Series. If this book hadn’t been published last year, I would say that it really is based in that season of the series. However, it only made me amazed at the author because for some reason, she predicted or had an idea on what’s about to happen on the series and she based her book in it. Like seriously. Charr and Celo sounds like Chuck and Amara. The light and darkness who created a world and the darkness destroyed the world and blah blah blah. It’s so amazing.Then ending though, it didn’t have the action I was hoping. I had expected more fight, more something but it didn’t have it. The climax seems to happen five chapters before the end. And it wasn’t even that much of a climax. The epilogue is my favorite chapter. If you’re asking why, please read the book. (Haha!)And then their gifts! Out of all the gifts on the characters that were introduced, the one that I like is Joshua’s gift. (Yes, I know I said I hate him. I do hate the guy but I didn’t said I hate his gift too.) Joshua’s gift is hydrokinetic, the ability to control the weather. For me he sounds like Jason Grace the son of Zeus. Even Coy joked about Zeus in the book. When he’s mad, lightning bolts hit and thunder rumble. Though he can’t fly unless he folds himself into a hawk. But then, he’s gift is what I like the most.This book is so good even though there are parts that the transition is so fast and sometimes confusing. Like, one minute they are talking calmly and then the next minute they are on each other’s throat. It’s an amazing read. It has love, action, humor and pain all combined in one book.The ending is somehow satisfying but it will build the urge to read both the companion book (The Reluctant Huntress) and the epic conclusion (The Reluctant Kings).I seriously want to read the companion book. Is there a way to read the companion book? I really really want to read the rest of the book! Because, obviously, I still want more.

  • Annelise Lestrange
    2019-05-31 05:23

    Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Let's go :DThe Story - Goodreads BlurbCenturies ago, sibling rivalry tore Aramith apart. As punishment, the losers were stripped of their immortal birthright and banished to Earth. There, they wasted away from old age and diseases. However, there is hope…If a Shaw child, born on the 12th day of the 12th month offers her soul in a public sacrifice, then the exiles will be forgiven and welcomed home to Aramith.Aubrey Shaw is that child, but dying for the exiles is not on her to-do list. Using her gift as a Jumper, Aubrey leaps between bodies to escape relentless shape-shifting hunters. Only, shedding her skin is not enough. Not when Joshua, her best-friend-turned-hunter, is hell-bent on dragging her to the altar.Will Aubrey’s love for Joshua change his mind?Or, will she have to trust the scarred stranger who shows up out of the blue cloaked in lies and secrets? Doing so means giving up on Joshua. But betting on Joshua's love could do more than break her heart.It could kill her.The AnalysisJust remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader :)The Reluctant Sacrifice started off a little slow for me and for three or four chapters I was seriously afraid that I wouldn’t like it. Thank Goddess the pace picked up after that and I found myself totally immersed on the book and desperate to know how it would end, haha! I loved the final twist and my body positively shivered with how the book ended <3 I only took off a star because that beginning was a bummer, so four stars!The narrative was first person styled from Aubrey’s point of view. She was an okay protagonist for me, I didn’t have any strong feelings towards her, for good or bad. While not hating the narrator really helps me to engage with the book, not liking her isn’t exactly ideal, as I couldn’t bring myself to care about Aubrey’s destiny through the book. As a person that loves to make new bookish friends in each page, I was a bit sad with myself, but oh well. Also, Dempster’s writing is very refreshing, simple and luring at the same time. You need to know what happens next, who will do what when and how. That is extremely satisfactory, haha!The plot is complex and full of surprises – did I mention the big twist?! I totally didn’t see it coming and it was great, haha! It had me biting my nails to know if things would be all right and I even tear up a bit on the bus as I metaphorically closed my ebook. Despite this being the start of a series, I felt like there was a pretty good closure to the book, so I’m genuinely curious to see what comes after :)The characters were one of the highest points of the book – right next to the supernatural aspect of it, but we will get there. Aubrey is very aware of her surroundings and people around her, something born from her survival routine. This is awesome for us readers, as each character has more personality than the other: Aubrey notices the little things that make them real, that make all of us real. That is magic, haha! Unfortunately none of the boys impressed me enough to be ranked in my bookish boyfriends list, but I assure you they are cool and hot :)Also, Dempster really deserves a high-five for the Jumping bodies deal. That was wicked awesome and I had never heard of it. Like, ever! So original and cool! *--*I wish I could jump bodies sometimes too, creepiness and all… Like, when I can’t make it to the train wagon because it’s too full and have to wait for the next train with several people pushing me around. I could simply jump into the body of someone that has gotten in there, haha!Overall, if you like fantasy, Young Adult, awesome twists and a badass super power, you need to add The Reluctant Sacrifice to your TBR!Thanks for reading my review and thanks again to the author for my review copy!

  • Melanie
    2019-06-15 03:43

    5*sReview posted here - am so glad that I took a chance on reviewing this book because it was fab!As the synopsis states; Aubrey Shaw is meant to sacrifice her life for her people so that they can become immortal once more and return to the place of their ancestors. Aubrey's mother knew that something was up and ran with her daughter, which they have been doing ever since. When Aubrey and her mother ran, they left behind a husband/father, a daughter/sister and Aubrey's best friend/love of her life – all of whom are hunting her with a passion especially when it's revealed that Aubrey and her mother are 'jumpers' who have the ability to jump between bodies and assume the identity of the person into whose body they have jumped into. This is a pretty cool power if you ask me – apart from the fact that you start to lose sense of who you really are the more times you jump, so I took that as a sort of insanity.It's quite close to the sacrifice date and the pursuit hots up for Aubrey with Joshua leading the way and when things seem dire, they receive help from an unexpected source but this particular time will have far reaching effects for Aubrey. It also introduces us to tall, dark and scarred hottie by the name of Coy – a hunter like Joshua – with his own agenda. I really liked the connection that Aubrey and Coy have, he helped her in her time of need and when he comes back.... there's some chemistry but Aubrey is still hung up on Joshua. I was always left feeling like I didnt know whether to trust Coy, I preffered him in the love triangle but it always seemed like he could turn on her whereas Joshua didnt hide what he was up to. Never the less, I liked how the relationships played out and as the story goes on it became clear where Aubrey's heart lay.As the wait to the sacrifice date grows nearer we follow all of the characters as they deal with what is on the horizon. Aubrey tries to remain as normal as possible but the guys start to branch out into doing their own thing which wont always be in Aubrey's best interests. There are a lot of secrets to uncover and things that Aubrey must deal with in the run up to her doom.....but there will be a plan – the questions is.... will it work?Another thing that I liked about this book is that it was different, this is the second book I have read by this author and both have been unique and unusual, they are also suspenseful, really get you thinking and also becoming so engrossed in the story that it's so hard to put it down. I thought it was well written, well thought out, flowed well and I thoroughly enjoyed it – give it a go!Thank you to Kerr-Ann Dempster for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Charlotte Jain
    2019-06-15 02:50

    The Reluctant Sacrifice is full of drama and action mixed with light-hearted and funny moments between the characters. Aubrey is part of a race of beings – who are usually immortal – called Aramithians who have been exiled to Earth and had their immortality stripped away. Even though they have been exiled from their home world, each Aramithian still exhibits varying kinds of powers. I thought it was really interesting that they didn’t all have the same powers, and that instead they could be described as a particular group within their people. For example, our main character, Aubrey, can switch bodies (!) and ‘Jump’ her soul from one body to another, so she’s called a Jumper. Coy can cloak himself and things around him in invisibility, or alter people’s perception of things, so he’s a Cloaker. There are a stack of intriguing individuals with fierce powers throughout this story, which made it exciting to read and really threw everything at Aubrey. I laughed when I read about the Aramithian concept of a “Dud”, which is their A-hole way of describing an Aramithian who never exhibits any kind of special powers. Also, there’s a cost to Aubrey’s Jumping between human bodies – her soul is gradually tearing itself apart! We first meet Aubrey during an action-packed battle with people hunting her. The Aramithians – led by her dad, her ex(?)-boyfriend, and her sister – are hunting her down because sacrificing Aubrey is their people’s ticket back to Aramith and immortality. After a huge tragedy and some suspicious assistance, Aubrey escapes, finds a new body (from a hospital. It looks like Aubrey chooses a person who is already near death and no longer going to wake up) and lives life in hiding for a while. A while, that is, until Coy – part of the group of hunters searching for her – shows up again. Each character was really well developed and they all had their own reasons for acting the way they did, which made for interesting dynamics between all of the characters. The story was exciting, and there were twists and turns aplenty. I really loved Tessa and Aubrey’s friendship, and just Tessa in general. I ship Aubrey and Coy like nobody’s business! Joshua, you’re great and all, but… you know. So glad for how his and Morgan’s relationship ends for the moment, though. I received a copy for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kerr-Ann!This review was originally published at

  • thecostaricanreader
    2019-06-01 00:51

    Below, my book review of The Reluctant Sacrifice: The Aramithians (Book 1) by Kerr-Ann Dempster. I would like to thank my fellow Booklover, Instagrammer and Blogger Sandra of sandrathebookworm for organizing the read along in which we read The Reluctant Sacrifice. Also Author Kerr-Ann for being there answering our questions and sharing her experience writing the book and all the other readers that took part on the read along. I had so much fun and Im glad I got to read this book, to know about Aubrey's and Coy's world. When it comes to reading I pretty much have certain genres that I read the most. However from time to time I find myself reading something totally out of my comfort zone. This was the case of The Reluctant Sacrifice. This was a very different and refreshing. I'm glad I got to meet Aubrey, Coy and Joshua's world. The first few chapters went a little slow for me, maybe I was just trying to hard to figured out right away what was going on and dont miss a thing but once I let the characters to to speak to me, to show me their world and enjoy it the reading experience was a lot better. After that point it was fast paced, I just wanted to keep reading it.I like how the Author did not try to hide the character's weaknesses or strengths, we can see them as they are, with their good things and their imperfections. I also like the relationships in the book, not only the one between Aubrey and Coy but also the friendship Aubrey and Tessa built. I see Tessa as that girl best friend we all wan to have and Coy, well Coy, who cannot like Coy, I know I did and a lot. There were times when I did not like they way he talks to Aubrey but I could feel deep inside he truly cared and wanted to help her. Aubrey in the other hand, a difficult character to understand, not sure still how I feel about her. Joshua and Morgan, I have to say, I did not like it them but tried to understand their motives.I like how all the elements on this book are connected and make it an interesting story. Love, magic, action, romance, friendship. I like the the Author's writing style and the dialogue how simple but yet powerful.Overall, I great story. One that I recommend. I will definitely be reading book two. I cannot wait to see what is in store for all the characters.

  • Sandra
    2019-06-22 23:47

    Original review @ author was kind enough to send my a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.This amazing book left me craving for a sequel, please tell me the story continues! I need more Aubrey and Coy in my life as well as Joshua and Tessa! Aubrey has been on the run from her father since she was named the sacrifice that is going to save her people and restore their immortality, but Aubrey is not ready to die. Aubrey is able to jump her soul through bodies and has been using that power to evade her father’s shape-shifting hunters, but her best-friend Joshua has become their leader and knows exactly how she thinks and they have finally found her.I loved this novel the paranormal aspect was perfect and Kerr-Ann’s writing kept me up to the wee hours of the night, I just wanted to finish the book and know what happened; I could not get enough of her book, like I said above I'm really hoping for a sequel. The way the characters were writtem made them so likable and easy to connect with; I loved the way our heroin Aubrey could jump bodies, but when she did she lost a part of herself, it made her power seem all that more real; I really liked how brave Aubrey was she did doubt herself at times, but it just made her character that more relatable and made her seem more human. Aubrey's best-friend was so well written she was always there for her and you could tell she really cared for her and I freaking loved her sassiness. Now for the boys Joshua I really wanted to hate him at times, but I just couldn't; I knew he cared for Aubrey, but the love he had for Aubrey's sister and his hope that she would change for the better clouded his judgement and his power was to die for. Oh, Coy what can I say he's the guy that all the girls swoon for, I loved his protectiveness over Aubrey it didn't go over board and he always respected her and her feelings even though he was dying to have her in his arms, he was a true gentleman. This book was very enjoyable, I loved everything about it the characters, the paranormal aspects and the way Kerr-Ann describes the shape-shifting of the hunters and when Aubrey jumps bodies it was so well described I could see it happening right in front of me. If you have not picked this book up yet, you definitely should!-SandraTheBookWorm

  • Natalie
    2019-05-30 06:36

    I received this book through net-galley in exchange for an honest review....I went into this book unsure I had heard good things but still was a bit wary. It started off quite slow took me a good while til I got hooked into the story. This book literally starts off in the middle of the action with Aubrey on the run with her mum. Catch is they can both jump bodies and the shape shifting hunters are after them. There is a lot of mythology that unfolds as you read along so I won't go too much into it but the story is pretty original.Yes there is a sorta love triangle but not like the traditional ones. Personally I thought there was no need for it but that's YA for you. I liked Aubrey a lot as a main character she pretty normal and not invincible like most heroines. Also Coy was another good character plus her best friend was surprisely quite fleshed out as a character. This book is a good little adventure with a touch of romance read. I enjoyed reading this once I got hooked I will be looking forward to the next books.Thanks again for allowing me to read this...

  • Ruby
    2019-06-05 07:28

    First of all, I really enjoyed the concept of this book. It was different from the books I have read and reviewed lately so it held my interest. Immortals forced to be mortal all because of the rivalry that dates back to forever and stuck in the mess is Aubrey, a Jumper who can possess any body she desires. The hunters are shape shifters, which come after her as well as the entire world itself are vividly explained. The author did a fantastic job drawing one into the world and I will definitely keep my eye on Kerr-Ann in the future.

  • Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    2019-06-26 06:22

    Well who knows where my original review went so forgive me if this makes little sense as it's hard to remember all the details from it now.3.5 StarsThis turned out to be a lot better than i had expected. The world building drew me in and it was quite an original idea. Apart from the needless 'love triangle' the storyline kept me interested and Oh boy who doesn't love Coy. *Swoons* Aubrey could be a bit wishy washy for me, which is why my rating isn't higher.

  • Aly
    2019-05-30 04:35

    I enjoyed this book very much. Yes, in a way it was another vampire book, but it too has a little bit of a different spin on things. I love to read what all these authors come up with to change things up a bit. The main character, Aubrey, in a way reminded me of Kate Daniels in the Ilona Andrews series. If you like the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, you should try this book. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

  • Nikki (Book Allure)
    2019-06-06 23:25

    UPDATE 1/5/2016I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Read it here

  • R.M.
    2019-06-06 03:30

    Thank you very much to the author for offering me a free copy of her lovely book to review. This hidden YA gem gets 3.5 stars from me (and 4 stars on websites that don’t allow half-stars).The PlotI have to say the concept was really interesting and the author’s approach reminded me a bit of the book I am currently reading: Wild Seed (nothing more awesome than being compared to Octavia E. Butler, right?). Of course, these are completely different concepts and stories, but they both deal with a) multicultural and multiracial environments; b) physical bodies as mere vessels; and c) If I may risk saying so, there’s deeper meaning underneath the Fantasy ‘cloak’ (pun intended – you will only understand after reading the book, so go ahead and grab your copy).Considering this book is YA, it should have been a challenge for the author to give a sense of all those teenage shallow’s desires VS the main’s character limitation to be even allowed to feel such. I think this was well done, though.Yes, there are tropes, which help the story fit into the ‘YA scene’, and I will use’s nomenclature to give examples of these: ‘More Hero Than Thou’, ‘Two Guys and A Girl’, ‘Betty and Veronica’, ‘It’s Not You, It’s My Enemies’, ‘Target Human Sacrifice’, ‘The Prophecy’, ‘Loved I Not Honor More’ (feel free to research if they are not explicit enough, I won’t explain in detail how they relate to the story to avoid spoilers). As always, the secret is not about being original but finding original ways to approach common and relatable topics.Ok, I have to admit: There’s a LOT of romance in this book, more than I’d probably have wanted. There are passages that are very girly/ teenage, but the tone was adequate. The best part is that there are many twists and surprises, and nothing is what it seems. At 80%, I couldn’t put the book down. Now, that’s probably my main issue. I think the action and twists should have started before, more in the middle, the core, at around 60% into the book, I’d say, and keep a steady pace from there until the climax of tension. This could have avoided that sense of rush in the end too. The beginning was a bit tricky as well. We do jump straight into the action, which is great: action first, questions later. But, at the same time, there’s too much going on with characters we know nothing of. So while the approach was smart, I am not sure it fully worked. What it definitely worked for me was the Epilogue, a good use of the ‘New Equilibrium’ technique, preventing any possibility of getting frustrated over unanswered questions.Characters & Points of ViewWe have a very solid first person POV, and it’s the same one from the beginning until the end – this is how I like my first-person narratives, so thanks for that. The main character is not the typical YA overpowered heroine. Instead, we have a girl with a power that she really doesn’t want, and who doesn’t hide the fear within her heart (fear of confrontation, fear of dying, fear of losing the ones she loves). Can you get more human and real than this? Aubrey is flawed, and this is refreshing. She doesn’t want to be the heroine, she doesn’t want to sacrifice herself for others. The fact her flaws and fears are so real makes her easily relatable.The author did a great job creating a flawed main character and a good cast of other controversial characters. Not only that, but even amongst humans, we have different cultures, different races, and different languages. Maria, as a secondary character, is a breath of fresh air!This doesn’t mean you won’t have your typical drool-worthy male characters too – great news to those who like to fangirl. Joshua is probably one of the most complex and controversial characters in the book and a classic case of Loved I Not Honor More as I mentioned above. It’s difficult to understand his true feelings or if his love interests are only driven by his duty and the sense of “what is right”. Coy’s character was very well done, he has the right amount of imperfection that makes him likeable and potential crush material.Writing StyleOverall, I was pleased with Kerr-Ann’s writing style and the good pacing throughout the book. There are a few of those said ‘bookisms’ that could be avoided in my opinion. Emotions are portrayed using both “show” and “tell”, by using metaphors associated with emotions. “Hope curdled inside me like sour milk.” ; “Fury unraveled inside me like a snake uncoiling.”; Ok these are interesting, and it works for the most part, but it feels a bit overwhelming in a few instances. While it’s nice to have a variant of the typical cliche of describing the ’emotion in their eyes’, there are so many better ways to convey the emotions that the characters are going through.Additional Considerations:I just want to say that overall, this was a very pleasant read and a good example of a good quality self-published book! The team involved should be congratulated because everything, from the beautiful cover to the well-formatted interior page layout, looks professional.

  • Melyssa Winchester
    2019-06-24 07:47

    Title: The Reluctant SacrificeAuthor: Kerr-Ann DempsterGenre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, SuspenseSeries or Standalone: StandaloneRating: ★★★★★ReviewThis book took me by surprise. As a fan of paranormal and fantasy reads, I figured that I would enjoy this story, but I also know that with those genres comes a lot of description, something that demands that you spend the time on it so that you can fully follow along. This book had that element but was told in such a way that it read very easily. It may have something to do with being a young-adult read, but I think it was also based around the author’s ability to bring this world, these characters and their story to life. It speaks very highly to her ability as a writer but also to her writing style. This was an avenue of fantasy and paranormal that I haven’t really encountered on my travels, which was another easy selling point for me. It was like experiencing a particular thing for the first time and I enjoyed it immensely. Where most books these days are running rampant in the werewolf/vampire arena, this one stands out at something quite a bit different and unique. Having the book start off from an action standpoint was another aspect that I enjoyed reading this. Where the author and even the characters could have started us out in a way where there was more information dropping than action (fight sequences etc.) it went with the latter and gripped me right away. It’s one of the things I love most about reading these genres. They draw you right in off the jump and with me, kept me firmly planted in their world until the final resolution came. When you strip away the fantasy/paranormal elements, this book at its core is also a romance and not just your standard boy meets girl and falls in love. It’s a love that by all rights shouldn’t even happen, yet even as chaos is raining down on them all, it does. Enter Aubrey, Joshua and Coy. Coy being named after a Star Trek character, which made the nerd in me very happy when the character himself wasn’t making me (an adult woman) swoon. This isn’t your conventional romance. Aubrey had always believed that her and Joshua were meant to be and maybe for a time they were meant to be, but family obligations and loyalty to them and their people comes between them until they’re standing on opposite sides. Joshua seemingly moving on rather easily where Aubrey didn’t. I thought the way that was portrayed was also very realistic in the young adult sense. It’s how teen girls operate. Not all of course, but some, same with the guys. What neither expects or plans for is Coy and the mark he would leave not only on Aubrey but on everyone involved in this story by the time it reaches its conclusion. He was a strong character from the start and one that you just can’t help rooting for. Sure, he might have started out against Aubrey, but you find out very early on that the way he is supposed to be and the way he actually is are two different things and in the end, his caring for Aubrey, even knowing what it would cost him shines through and in the end it bonded me to him and the two of them moving forward. All of that being said, this means there’s somewhat of a love triangle going on here, but for me personally, it was more that it was a one sided thing going one way, and reciprocal going the other way and by the time the book ended, the two people that deserved to be together, had fought to be together were. I couldn’t leave this review without commenting on the other players. Mainly Maria (the lady working the counter at the café Aubrey finds herself working at) and her best friend Tessa (who joins me in the Sam Winchester fan club haha). They were both very well put together additions and played off Aubrey nicely I think. Where she remained a whole bundle of serious throughout, both of these ladies at times brought the humor. Morgan was a deliciously evil bad guy (or in this case girl) and with everything she pulled in the name of her father and her people, how against her sister she was, she played her part perfectly. Every hero and heroine needs a villain and Morgan (and her father) were perfect for the job. If you’re a fan of paranormal style reads, or fantasy as this one has elements of both, this book is for you. If you’re a fan of the young adult, fan of romance and then even elements of suspense, I think you’ll enjoy this. The author did one hell of a job telling Aubrey’s story and my only real complaint is that it’s over now. My thanks to the author for allowing me the chance to read this. It was worth every moment spent. Now just go ahead and hand over Coy and we’re good lol