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Original Fiction, Short Story“What foolishness, to go and get my hair cut. . . . And on that very same morning.”...

Title : My Curls Have Blown All the Way to China
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ISBN : 26514892
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Number of Pages : 15 Pages
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My Curls Have Blown All the Way to China Reviews

  • Pooja
    2019-04-04 05:04

    I read this in the New Yorker: are in the middle of the female protagonist's mind as she ponders about her situation. It is a sensitive take on a woman's mind and the myriad thoughts that plague her when she is trying to piece together the puzzle. Her husbands reply 'What can i do, bracha? I just have no choice' sums up his character and her perplexity. The story is interspersed with grocery lists which adds an interesting angle. Is losing 3/4 of her hair symbolism for her loss of femininity / losing control over her life? This is my first reading of Amos Oz and I did enjoy it. Looking forward to more.

  • Milan/zzz
    2019-03-29 08:22

    What a great story this is (though maybe I like it because someone I know is passing through the same situation as Bracha). I think Oz described perfectly stream (or better diffusion) of thoughts when you suddenly lose ground beneath your feet (which is what Bracha experienced). How she desperately clings at a straw of normality only to realize in the very next moment that it's in vain. That buying toothpaste or taking jacket to dry cleaner will not somehow make other things disappear. And then analyzing and reanalyzing her marriage (she's a cheated wife and a wife that is about to be left) that by all means was a really bad one. Of course I'm saying this from the distance in the way that I (!) wouldn't consider such marriage as a happy one. She actually reminded me on one woman who was wondering how is it to have orgasm because she never felt it in her 20 years of marriage (I've actually read that in an interview with (I think) Bjork where she mentioned that woman). Well I'm not sure if that's the case with Bracha (although there are some inklings) but I wouldn't be too surprised. Of course you see her husband in the real light (it's not that complicated) and really feel sorry for her for spending (wasting really) her life on such man but then I was really annoyed with her because of her submissiveness, lack of being vocal and ultimately being boring. So then, who would spend life with such woman anyway? No, her husband is a bad guy no doubt. But not because he's leaving her but because the way he's dealing with his decision. And then there is that possible ending (that's not the ending by the way) that lingers that she would be all too eager to forgive him if only he decides to be her husband again. Maybe you should be married to understand that logic. But anyway, lovely story, masterfully crafted which is no surprising for Oz.

  • Nitya
    2019-04-17 04:15

    She cut her hair BEFORE she knew about the divorce! That was what I loved most about the story. And the gentle unspooling of the protagonist as she deals with the aftershock of being told "ta" by her husband so cavalierly. And knowing that she has the wherewithal (mostly) to survive and resuscitate that long-buried pluck that occasionally flashes through.