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Zero Cliffhangers! A Howling Good Time is a collection of steamy, stand-alone, paranormal romance stories hot enough to melt your kindle. That's right, every single hot, paranormal story in this bundle is a stand-alone story. NO CLIFFHANGERS! Powerful, sexy, protective and romantic- this collection of stand-alones is full of sexy, paranormal Alpha male shifters, ghosts andZero Cliffhangers! A Howling Good Time is a collection of steamy, stand-alone, paranormal romance stories hot enough to melt your kindle. That's right, every single hot, paranormal story in this bundle is a stand-alone story. NO CLIFFHANGERS! Powerful, sexy, protective and romantic- this collection of stand-alones is full of sexy, paranormal Alpha male shifters, ghosts and other things that go hump in the night to scratch your itch and make you howl! Featuring: Cinder Wolf by Terra Wolf Bear Tycoon by Shelley Shifter Mr. Davenport Never Left by Cynthia Fox Shifters With Secrets by Roxie Noir Shifter Undercover by Wednesday Raven His Bear Necessity by Artemis Wolffe Fear Of Flying by K. de Long Bear With Me by Mercy May Delta Shift: Michael by Amanda Jones and Bearly Breathing by Kit Tunstall Sink your teeth into ten hot, paranormal tales, by authors you know and love, plus hot, new authors to discover....

Title : A Howling Good Time
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ISBN : 26559226
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 490 Pages
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A Howling Good Time Reviews

  • Barbara
    2019-03-26 13:57

    Given to me for an honestCinder Wolf by Terra Wolf---Jake and his friends go back to the campground to sleep. But there is practically nothing left after the fire. They wonder how it started. Since they couldn't get to the campground, they decide to go to a bar where Jake meets his mate. She's very upset and drunk. When Jake refuses to take advantage of her, she throws herself at a man who decides she is all his. Jake goes over to get her away from the guy. Will Jake save Harper from this man? Why is she so upset?Bear Tycoon by Shelley Shifter---Luke requires his personal assistants to be a top of the line female assistant. Since he is a bear shifter, he fires each assistant after two weeks. He wants no one to know he is a shifter. Hiring Jane was a mistake, but he only had 2 weeks of her cheerfulness, giving him a goldfish. Will he keep Jane longer than 2 weeks?Mr. Davenport Never Left by Cynthia Fox---Surprise! A ghost story for you. With a title like this a ghost is no surprise. Katie and Jessica move their realtor business into a 1940's building.Shifters with Secrets by Roxie Noir---Sofia is doing her dissertation on legends of werebears and miners. But it looks like she will have to go elsewhere and possibly change her focus because somebody broke into the library and took some books and damaged the microfiche reader. Thomas is the IT guy at the library and thinks he knows who took the books. He's not telling Sofia because no one knows about the group of werebears that live outside of town. Their leader believes in the old ways: no outside involvement, no being friends, no relationships with humans. Will Sofia get her books back or will have to move to another town for her search?Shifter Uncover by Wednesday Raven---Linc is the new CEO and he never expected to run the company after his father died. He meets with his board and suggests that he go undercover and see how the employees felt about the company, working conditions, etc. His first is the warehouse. Katie will be training Linc and she does mention the bad things about the company after one comment slipped out. He likes Katie and hopes he doesn't slip up as he tries to hide his identity.His Bear Necessity by Artemis Wolffe---Lance was being attacked by a man, but before the attacker could do anything major a bear attacked the attacker. Many years later Lance goes to a therapist and William realizes that he saved this man.Fear of Flying by K. de Long---A man hears a woman cry out and he sees a man following her. He knows he should just ignore them, but he can't. She is not happy because she needed her attacker's blood. What kind of being is she? He takes her to his apartment because neither one wants the cops around. Neither one is happy with the situation.Bear with Me by Mercy May---Chase is the CEO of a software company that has problems. It looks like that the company has no way to save itself. Chase is so upset that he takes a trip to his deceased parents's house to pack it up. He thinks that letting his bear go roaming over the mountains will let them both relax. Enjoying his hike, he sees this woman running from a real bear. Will he get to her in time? Will he be able to fix his company?Delta Shift: Michael by Amanda Jones---This story is Michael's. He sees a car stopped on the edge of the road. So Michael decides to stop and see if he can help. Diana is being careful and only gives a first name and that her father is on his way. What happens when Michael finds out who her father?Bearly Breathing by Kit Tunstall---Breanna is running away from home. She refuses to marry a man she doesn't love and she is tired of trying to make her parents happy. She decided she would visit a college friend in Canada. She is managing driving in the snow very well until she sees this large bear. Even then she was doing OK until she hit a sheet of ice that caused her car turn around several times and shoot off the road hitting 2 large trees. She wakes up enough to know that her cell phone doesn't work, her car door is stuck, and no houses anywhere. Will someone rescue her in time since it is so cold?

  • Laure
    2019-03-21 13:34

    I received this box set free in exchange for an honest reviews.Cinder Wolf by Terra WolfHarper built her campground from other ground up, Jake and his friends carelessly burned it to the ground. When Jake sees Harper in the bar getting drunk, he realizes she is his mate, then saves her from a man who would take advantage of her. Hot, sexy and happily ever after, I loved this book!Bear Tycoon by Shelley StifferLuke is a very rich bear shifter and head of a major corporation. Jane is just one of many women hired to be his personal assistant. Luke asks Jane to book a secluded cabin for him to use over the weekend so he can he go over a file. When Jane realizes he left the file on his desk, she decides to take it to him. She finds out something about Luke she never expected, and Luke realizes that Jane is his mate. Sweet, funny romance.Mr. Davenport Never Left by Cynthia FoxJessica and her best friend have just started their own business and have an office in an old building. While working alone one night, Jessica meets Mr. Davenport, one of the family that has owned the building for many years. She will soon find out that there is something very unusual about the man with whom she has fallen in love. Great story, I enjoyed it very much.Shifters With Secrets by Roxy NoirSofia is working on her dissertation in the local library. Thomas is the IT guy for the library, and Gavin is a local bartender. Sofia would like to have them both. It's a happy day for Sofia when she gets to have them both. Great book, I enjoyed it very much.Shifter Undercover by Wednesday RavenLinc's father has died and left him the billion dollar corporation he owned. One of Linc's first actions as CEO is to do undercover with his employees. He meets Katie and realizes that she keeps his wolf calm. But how will she feel when she finds out who he really is? Fantastic book!His Bear Necessity by Artemis WolffeLance was attacked and nearly raped while out for a run in the park. Now he is seeing a psychotherapist, Dr William Stevens, because of his inability to have a relationship since the attack. Unfortunately, William isn't sure he can be Lance's therapist because they have met before...Great book!Fear Of Flying by K. de LongKiri is just doing her job and Tamiel not only interrupts, he ends up killing her mark. She explains to Tamiel that his actions will cause her death. In an effort to save her life, Tamiel takes Kiri to his home. Very enjoyable read.Bear With Me by Mercy MayChase's company is in trouble. He travels to his parents cabin to regroup and meets Andrea. After showing her his secret, he asks her to go to New York with him. Chase turns the tables on the man who is trying to destroy him. Fantastic book!Delta Shift: Michael by Amanda JonesMichael meets his mate beside her broken down car. His wolf is as crazy about her as he is, the only problem, Diana is the daughter of the commander of Delta Shift. He doesn't want her involved with a wolf shifter, but may have to change his tune when the shifters save Diana. This is a hot, sexy and exciting read.Bearly Breathing by Kit TunstallBreanna has run from her horrible parents and the fiance she never wanted, and is heading to Canada to stay with a college friend. She makes it to Idaho. A snow storm, a bear, a patch of ice and her car is wrecked in a ditch. She is rescued by Rafe, he takes her back to his cabin and nurses her back to health. They are attracked to each other, but Rafe won't act until she knows about his other self. This is a sexy and sweet happily ever after, and I loved it!

  • DebA
    2019-03-22 09:31

    A Howling Good Time A Ten Book Bundle Of Sexy, Stand-Alone, Paranormal RomancesCinder Wolf by Terra WolfHe thought his life was almost over. He went with other wolves on a trip to find someone special, a mate. Read the story to find out about why it was named Cinder Wolf. 4 stars!Bear Tycoon By Shelley ShifterEccentric bear tycoon who has a high turnover in secretaries. Read the story to find out why. 4 stars!Mr. Davenport Never Left by Cynthia FoxFinding a decent guy is tough for Jessica. Will she fall for Mr. Jack Davenport? Read the story find find out more. 4 stars! Shifters With Secrets By Roxie NoirF/M/M romance story. Placerville has secrets that don't want to be discovered. What will Sofia discover? 4 stars! Shifter Undercover By Wednesday Raven. Katie Graves thought all she had with Linc Bryan was a lie. She will have to reevaluate her decision. Linc has secrets. 4 stars!His Bear Necessity by Artemis WolffeM/M male romance story. Dr. William Stevens has a few secrets that he hasn't shared with Lance. What will Lance do when the lies untangle? 4 stars! Fear Of Flying By K. de LongKir (female succubus) was on a job, but Tamiel (demon, humanoid form, dragon form) thought she was in danger. The unlikely pair formed a connection. 4 stars! Bear With Me by Mercy May Andrea Sloane lifed changed for the better when Chase Hammer saved her life. The book was amazing and deserves 5 stars!Delta Shift: Michael by Amanda JonesMichael Stone (solider, werewolf) was a pleasant surprise after reading Trevor's story in Delta Shift Series. Diana Lockhart found someone to save her and to love. 5 stars!Bearly Breathing By Kit TunstallRafe Cabello (CEO, werebear) helps Breanna Dawson out of a car wreck. Little did she know that chance encounter would change her life forever. 4 stars! Overall, the pacing was good and I didn't lose my internet. These stories were a delight to read. They are definitely worth the time and effort to read. The settings were good and realistic. These brilliant authors will definitely be read in my spare time. I would love to read more about the world they created. They deserve 4 stars!I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.Thanks for reading my review!

  • Country Goose
    2019-03-28 15:40

    No... Just No."Cinder Wolf" by Terra Wolf = 1 star... very amateur, the plot stunk, the characters were idiots, the men gabbed like a bunch of women. It didn't work."Bear Tycoon" by Shelley Shifter = 3 stars. If Shelley is not Terra, then Shelley is a better, more experienced author. If they are the same, writing as Shelley is who I'll be looking for."Mr. Davenport Never Left" by Cynthia Fox = 3 stars. A short, sweet romance with love rather than focusing on sex. It was a bit too simple."Shifters With Secrets" by Rosie Noir = 1 star. Firstly, MMF with gay scenes don't work for me. It was awkward. Secondly, the whole shifter bit was unimportant. The end, Sofia still doesn't know."Shifter Undercover" by Wednesday Raven = 2 stars. It was okay, but simple. It was so simple, I read the sex scene and a few pages more, yet I didn't miss a thing."His Bear Necessity" by Artemis Wolffe = 1 star, MM romance. Since Wednesday Raven is a co-author, I assume Artemis I'd yet another alias of Terra Wolf."Bear With Me" by Mercy May = 2.5 stars. It's all about the relationship with a little bit of plot, and no real resolution. Lots of errors."Bearly Breathing" By Kit Tunstall = 3 stars. Entertaining and light, it was easy to read without getting too bored.Overall, it's not worth buying. Most of these writers just wanted something to justify their sex scenes and market them. The plots are usually lacking, there is no depth to any of them, and the holes are so big, a semi could drive through.

  • Kristy
    2019-03-30 13:37

    I'm thouroughly enjoying all the books within this boxset, every author is new to me, I love when I find AMAZING new authors to follow. "Cinder Wolf" by Terra Wolf..... This book gave a new meaning to mates, when your mate isn't in the general vacinity, why you go on a road trip. I loved this, it wasn't your normal wolf meets girl, girl becomes head over heels in love & it's happily ever after.... there are loads of obsticals in the way that give it substance when your reading."Bear Tycoon" by Shelley Shifter..... When everything in your life is filled with order, this includes the people who work for you, you get a new personal assistant every fortnight. So what happens when the wrong person becomes your new PA?? She's quirky & brings sunshine to the office?? Read to find out. This was a fun read, that doesn't end how you would think."Mr. Davenport never Left" by Cynthia Fox..... WOW,just WOW, this left me wondering all the way through (& even at the end) just what was happening, but enjoyed it all the same."Shifters with Secrets" by Roxie Noir..... When the local library gets broken into, when the only thing missing is books about shifter folklore, whats a girl to do?? I really enjoyed this book, although there are still secrets between the main characters at the end."Shifter Undercover" by Wednesday Raven.....

  • Denise
    2019-03-26 14:52

    I really enjoyed reading this box set. There are quite a few authors here I have not read before. The books by Shelly Shifter "Bear Tycoon", Kit Tunstall "Bearly Breathing", and "Bear With Me" by Mercy May were especially interesting reads. I highly recommend this anthology. I will definitely be following up on other books by these authors. Thank you for the review copy J.M. Klaire, it was wonderful.

  • Sandi Ramirez
    2019-03-28 10:35

    Fantastic set of books and novellas...some were new to me only 1 I had read before. What is really good is there are NO CLIFFHANGERS! Each is a story to itself and you don't feel the need to go get another book to know what is happening. I highly recommend this set to those who love shifters and those who are dipping their toes into the para waters so to speak. I enjoyed every novella and most had some level of heat to them. Great set grab it

  • Jodi - Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blogger
    2019-03-31 10:52

    I absolutely loved All the books in this bundle! Yes I had my favorites but really did enjoy them all.Shifters sexy alphas you can never go wrong with! This will definitely give you a howling good time and maybe more depending on which ones you read ! Definitely worth reading! And definitely worth the money! there was no story I read here that I didn't like. Good entertainment! These are stand alone books so you'll get your h.e.a

  • Zeinab Dh
    2019-03-27 10:36

    I got this in exchange of an honest review, I am a lover of shifters a lot and this one had a huge lovely captivating interesting bundle of hot sexy attractive shifters and their equally hotter mates I am a huge fan of this genre and the authors each book was a joy to read kept awake at night refused to sleep till done and I recommend this to everyone full of love passion desire pain sparks I adore sparks between the main characters cant wait for another one

  • April
    2019-03-26 09:48

    Lackluster...Ok, as a teacher, I am a bit of a grammar snob so I had a lot of difficulty getting past the desperate need to edit these short stories. One was so bad it kept changing tense and couldn't keep pronouns straight so it was increasingly harder to follow. Many of the stories left much left unresolved. If you want to read it strictly for smut, skip to the last two or three chapters of each story and save yourself the headache of wading through the terrible prose.

  • jacqueline vincent
    2019-03-22 08:00

    ExcellentThe stories deliver many scenarios of forsaken love and relationship development, it gives the reader a chance to relate life experiences with the stories. If I had a scale of 1 to 5 and 5 being awesome I would give the books a 4 I give the books a 4 because some of the stories could have ended better instead of leaving you with questions.

  • Crystal's Quirky Reviews
    2019-04-01 11:30

    ARC-Will edit and update as I progress.Cinder Wolf by Terra Wolf-New to me author, was about average may be a little less for a shifter story. I don't like weak lead characters. Bear Tycoon by Shelly Shifter. New to me author. Right at average bear shifter story. Mr. Davenport Never Left by Cynthia Fox-

  • Christine Croke
    2019-04-02 12:34

    10 wonderful stories with no cliffhangers. Romantic as well as sexy, hot and steamy scenes that make you melt. A great combination. The characters are very well written and easy to relate to. I didn't want the stories to end. I was given this e-book by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. My conclusions are my own. I was not compensated in any way.

  • Catherine Montgomery
    2019-03-22 08:38

    Truly and Positively EnjoyableI enjoyed being able to read new and exciting authors, each one having their own style and very enjoyable way of telling their stories. I loved each and every character, and recommend this bundle to anyone who loves a great read!

  • Sherry Vitaniemi
    2019-04-04 14:37

    Picks Wow I have favorites. The first is the story "Mr. Davenport never left. Shifters with secrets made me smile. It was good as well. The last story is short but sweet. Bearly breathing is a great ending book. Good reading.

  • Eva Wade
    2019-04-08 15:54

    Loved this anthologyGreat read. Each shifter romance was really good and thank god there was no cliffs to hang from. There's even a few gay romances not bad at all

  • Natalie
    2019-04-04 15:44

    A Howling Good TimeI loved most of the books in this collection. Some of them left me a bit confused, but overall I really enjoyed.

  • Angel Graham
    2019-04-14 15:55

    The first story was good. The second , meh. The third had horrible formatting problems. The fifth story was bad, and they got worse as the set went on! Cannot recommend at all.

  • Charlene Woodard
    2019-04-10 14:52

    Loved it.This book is so good it sucks you in and it keeps you going through all the twists and turns.

  • Jessica Mitchell
    2019-04-01 14:43

    If you like a shifters or hot alphas in general who happen to have a little extra on the side, then here you go. I couldn't really pick out a story to blurb here. Because they are all awesome. :)

  • Daniela
    2019-04-16 14:41

    The only decent one was bear with me by mercy may but it's not only where else so I don't know what othe s in series are.

  • Al Collier
    2019-04-12 12:39

    Good book.mThe interaction between characters could have been stronger but overall it was a pretty good book. I will read more.2

  • estelle
    2019-04-07 14:33

    ExcellentI enjoy all the stories and the way each one was different to the next . I Loved how the stories went into details

  • Scrap
    2019-03-20 12:59

    Great boxsetWow what a great collection of authors and their stories, I know I have added new favorites to my TBR list