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Craig marah sekali pada Delia, karena gadis itu telah mencelakakan Jenny, anjing penuntunnya. Tapi Alison, putrinya, sangat menyukai Delia. Bahkan Alison meminta Delia untuk menjaga ayahnya yang buta itu selama dia berkemah. Craig tak bisa menolak, sebab Alison mengancam tak akan pergi bila ayahnya tak menyetujui usul itu. Sebetulnya Craig takut berdekatan dengan Delia. TaCraig marah sekali pada Delia, karena gadis itu telah mencelakakan Jenny, anjing penuntunnya. Tapi Alison, putrinya, sangat menyukai Delia. Bahkan Alison meminta Delia untuk menjaga ayahnya yang buta itu selama dia berkemah. Craig tak bisa menolak, sebab Alison mengancam tak akan pergi bila ayahnya tak menyetujui usul itu. Sebetulnya Craig takut berdekatan dengan Delia. Takut akan terpuruk semakin jauh ke dalam pesona kliennya itu. Walaupun Craig tak bisa melihat Delia, tapi dia tahu bahwa Delia sangat jelita, berhati lembut, dan penuh kasih. Dan dia telah jatuh cinta padanya.Namun beranikah Craig mengutarakan cintanya? Menurut persepsinya, dia bukan lagi lelaki seperti sebelum kecelakaan itu menimpanya. Delia tak pantas mengorbankan dirinya untuk orang cacat seperti Craig. Kalaupun Delia menerimanya betulkah itu cinta sejati atau hanya belas kasihan?...

Title : Beauty and the Boss - Si Cantik Dan Sang Bos
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ISBN : 9789796555369
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
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Beauty and the Boss - Si Cantik Dan Sang Bos Reviews

  • Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)
    2018-11-18 18:51

    I have been on a minor Lucy Gordon binge lately. I enjoy her writing as well as her characters. And this book is no different. It has my favorite trope-blindness. It is loosely based on the idiom- ‘beauty is as beauty does’ or maybe ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder or not!’The h is a beautiful woman working in a cosmetics company as a PR person and is good looking enough to be considered a model herself-as the photog in the opening scene tells us. She is supposedly vain and uses her looks/smile to get her way often. But really I found her a practical and enterprising working woman rather than a conceited femme fatale. The same day she rams her car in the blind H and his guide dog leaving the dog hospitalized and her, horrified and repentant. The H lashes out at her saying he can tell from her voice that she is one of those outwardly beautiful but shallow women who can only take etc. (that is one helluva ESP he has!) and refuses all her offers of help.Anyways the H is the part of this very exclusive marketing firm the h’s company has hired and so their paths cross again. He has a very protective 10 yrs. old daughter who brings him to the office now as Jenny the dog is physically and also psychologically traumatised, and is unable to guide. As things work out, the daughter has to go on a camp but feels too responsible for her dad to leave him all alone. The h offers to help and ends up living with him at his home for few weeks. And so the story and their relationship unfolds.It is actually a ‘finding oneself’ kind of tale with the h realizing that outer beauty is not all there is to a person. But as I said I dint think she was too shallow to begin with. The H, on the other hand needed to change and mellow more than anyone else. Since the accident that left him blind and wife-less (as she played the devoted wife for a while before running off), he became very angry and directionless. Maybe his anger helped him in the beginning as he worked hard to overcome the obstacle and become successful and even indispensable at his work but it has still left him very dissatisfied and embittered. So it is ironical that the woman he considered too shallow is responsible for bringing love and laughter back into his life.

  • Kay
    2018-12-10 23:53

    4 Stars! ~ Delia Summers has used her physical beauty to her advantage all her life. She’s Deputy Director of PR for Orchid Cosmetics and she wants the top job of Director. Distracted by thoughts of her backstabbing co-workers, she losses control of her car that jumps the curb and strikes Craig Locksley’s seeing-guide dog, Jenny. Delia’s filled with guilt and fails miserably to console Craig who uses his bitter tongue to cut her down. Jenny’s injuries are severe, but she’ll mend; it’s her sudden fear of traffic that sends her back for retraining. Alison, Craig’s ten-year-old daughter assumes the mother-hen role and refuses to leave her Dad to go to summer camp, as she’s afraid her father will go into one of his dark moods. This makes Delia feel even more guilty, so she offers to fill in herself by moving in for a few weeks. Craig isn’t thrilled with this but it’s the only way his daughter will leave him. Craig has had to fight hard for his success in the business world, and he still has a tremendous chip on his shoulder, hating to accept help from anyone, esp. Delia. Each bitter retort from him only reinforces to Delia that she is a shell of a person with nothing else to offer except her beauty. And to a sightless Craig Locksley her beauty is useless.Another emotional story from Ms. Gordon. Though we aren’t given Craig’s point of view, Ms. Gordon through other characters lets us see the tortured man inside. Watching him conduct business, Delia discovers that Craig used his blindness to his advantage much as she uses her looks in her work. This allows her to look into herself and slowly she becomes aware that she is much more than her beauty. This is a wonderful story that I read in one sitting.

  • Gramedia Pustaka Utama
    2018-11-23 23:04

    Delia yang cantik dan menarik saat ini bekerja di Orchid Cosmetics. Ia juga menikmati perhatian dan lirikan yang dia terima dari pria-pria.Suatu ketika, secara tidak sengaja mobil Delia menabrak seekor anjing sehingga membuat sang anjing luka parah. Merasa bersalah, Delia membantu sang majikan untuk membawanya ke dokter hewan terdekat. Ternyata majikan anjing itu adalah Craig Locksley, seorang pria tampan berumur 30-an, tetapi buta.Tak disangka pula, ternyata perusahaan Craig ternyata adalah perusahaan yang disewa oleh Orchid untuk bidang marketing dan promosi. Saat meeting, Craig ditemani oleh putrinya -Alison-. Rasa bersalah Delia semakin besar. Apalagi ternyata karena kasus kecelakaan tersebut Alison harus menemani Craig dan batal berkemah.Untuk menebus rasa bersalahnya, maka Delia mengajukan diri untuk menemani Craig selama Alison berkemah. Tinggallah Delia di rumah Craig. Rasa tertarik segera muncul di antara mereka berdua. Hanya saja, Craig sangat menutup diri dari Delia karena trauma masa lalunya. Dulu, saat Craig menjadi buta, istrinya -ibu Alison- segera meninggalkannya. Ini sangat melukai emosi dan psikis Craig, sehingga Craig berpikir Delia pun pasti akan meninggalkannya karena kebutaannya. Saat Alison pulang, Delia masih mencoba untuk melanjutkan hubungan dengan Craig, tapi Craig menolak. Maka berpisahlah mereka. Tetapi Craig segera menyadari kebodohannya dan akhirnya bersedia untuk menjalani operasi mata, meskipun tingkat keberhasilan operasi hanya 30%. Saat waktunya perban mata dibuka, Alison meminta Delia untuk hadir. Delia sangat siap, bahwa apapun hasil operasi tersebut, Delia akan tetap bersama Craig.Ternyata, operasi berhasil. Delia dan Craig pun bahagia bersama.

  • Tatiana Stefan
    2018-11-19 01:05

    about 3.25 to 3.50 stars. No idea why Goodreads has the plot in a different language but here it is: From the back cover: Love at first sight? To begin with, Craig Locksley was sure that Delia was shallow and selfish, and he couldn't be charmed by her pretty looks because he was blind. But, parted temporarily from those he relied on - his young daughter, Alison, and his beloved dog - Craig had to accept Delia's offer to act as his guide. But he still insisted he was the boss! Delia found herself living with an impossibly grumpy but incredibly attractive man: she wanted to love him - if only he'd let her. And Craig was going to need love in abundance if he chose to have an operation which had only a small chance of restoring his sight... My thoughts: This was a Harlequin Romance. I liked the story and the characters. I liked the h's backstory of why she was the way she was and how she became self aware and attempted to change herself. I loved the H's backstory as well and he was your typical brooding, angry and proud H - but he wasn't a mean H - I think that's mostly in Harlequin Present lol. There were a couple of instances in the book where the readers get to hear the H's thoughts which I really liked. Anyhow this is a sweet story a nice read at the end of the day or a rainy day - thats how I felt. Of course we get the stereotypical ending the HEA and what happens to the H's operation :) I still liked the book - happy for H/h and his daughter.

  • Carmela
    2018-11-27 23:13

    wowww bellissimoooo:):)

  • Tiff
    2018-11-21 21:06

    Mostly typical romance with a good story line and kept me wanting to read more.