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100% pure Christmas.It's hot sun and hotter men, warm sand and crystal-clear water, prawns on the barbecue and cricket on the beach. It's sweet, slow kisses and long, lazy days. It's Christmas Down Under.Warm your heart, and maybe a little bit more, too, with six sweet, sexy stories of Down Under lovin' from six bestselling authors who know how to do it right, from a littl100% pure Christmas.It's hot sun and hotter men, warm sand and crystal-clear water, prawns on the barbecue and cricket on the beach. It's sweet, slow kisses and long, lazy days. It's Christmas Down Under.Warm your heart, and maybe a little bit more, too, with six sweet, sexy stories of Down Under lovin' from six bestselling authors who know how to do it right, from a little bit steamy all the way up to OMG. Whether it's the beaches of Australia or New Zealand's subtropical Far North, it's nothing but feel-good love for Christmas this year. So if you're feeling a little chilly? Pour a cold glass of wine or a hot mug of cocoa, curl up on the couch, and enjoy!· Six standalone books (no cliffhangers!) spanning 1,000+ pages· Over 95% off retail for the individual books sold separately· Only available through December--get your copy today!Six perfect indulgences to get you in the Christmas spirit:ROSALIND JAMES - Just for Now (Escape to New Zealand)SERENITY WOODS - A Festive Treat (Treats to Tempt You)ANNIE SEATON - Christmas With the BossKRIS PEARSON - Christmas Holiday Hearts (Heartlands)JOANNE HILL - Promising PennyTRACEY ALVAREZ - Hide Your Heart (Far North)INDIVIDUAL BOOKS INCLUDE 5 Full-Length Novels & 1 Long Novella. No cliffhangers! Over 1,000 pgs!...

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Christmas Down Under: Six Sexy New Zealand & Australian Christmas Romances Reviews

  • Suzanne
    2018-11-26 10:59

    Love the Rosalind James book 'Just For Now" (read previously).

  • Jacky
    2018-11-17 08:56

    A Feastive Treat - Serenity WoodsBoth Skye and Owen had experienced the death of a sibling. Skye was running from what she was feeling, and Owen channeled his experience into developing and training Search and Rescue teams. Owen and Skye had a steamy, sexy, and fun relationship that also developed into something stronger. Owen could see and except Skye's true personality. I really liked Owen's calmness, strength, and support. This was the 5th book in the series. I also enjoyed the first 4.Christmas Holiday Hearts - Kris Pearson11years ago, Ellie had a holiday fling with Tony. Imagine her shock when she takes a summer position tutoring twins and finds herself face to face with Tony. He has never forgotten her and realizes they are still strongly attracted to each other. He can't understand why she is keeping her distance, and she is holding on to get secret for dear life. It took me a while to like Ellie's character. You wetter pulled into the storyline immediately. Tony and Ellie would be together, and you would remember her secret and think, "How can she do this to him?" It was a bit of a rollercoaster, but it was a fun ride.Just For Fun - Rosalind JamesRugby Romance - There is something about the way Rosalind James writes her NZ stories transports you to another place. The dialogue, terminology, storyline keep you so involved that you hate to see the book end. This one is the 3rd book in her NZ rugby series. Finn and Jenna's story. I love the way there is an attraction, but no insta love. The characters work their way from friendship, to attraction, to intimacy. All of the series is well worth reading.I have to finish the other books in this box set, but you can't beat the price. I am currently enjoying Hide Your Heart by Tracey Alvarez.*****I didn't realize when I wrote this review that I had already purchased Hide Your Heart and it was on my TBR list. This was a fairly quick read, and almost immediately you were endeared to Lauren's son, Drew. I'm a sucker for a story where the hero falls for the kid, or kids. Lauren is holding on to her secret, and Nate is determined to stay unattached. Add in the lovely location, the sexual tension, the secondary characters, and you have a winner.

  • Winnie Lim
    2018-11-17 13:00

    This is a great collection. I love books set in Australia and New Zealand, probably because I have been there and some places are really dear to my heart. If you are from the US and from a very cold state, I'm sure you'll welcome the heat and warmth from this set of romantic, funny and heartwarming Christmas stories.I enjoyed all the stories in the box set but there were a few favourites. 1) Hide Your Heart by Tracey AlvarezI had read book 2 of this series earlier and loved it. Somehow, I missed out reading this book so was happy to find it in the box set. I loved this story. Tracey tells us a story of how strong a woman can be when it comes to protecting her child. I really liked how an ex model could also be a great mum, a great baker, fix cars and even use a chainsaw. Drew really touched my heart. A little boy who has nightmares and has to sleep with a nightlight on because of his daddy. I loved his interactions with Nate and was really rooting for him and Lauren. Totally enjoyed this story and hope to see more books from this series.2) A Festive Treat by Serenity WoodsI am a sucker from books featuring dogs and Mozart really stole my heart in this story. There was a lot of chemistry between Skye and Owen but I think the addition of Mozart made this story even more endearing and heartwarming. I also love the inclusion of the importance of Search and Rescue in this story. Many times, it's through such books that we learn more about the issues around us. I haven't read the other books in this series and after reading this, I'm definitely going to pick the rest up. Great writing by Serenity Woods.3) Just for Now by Rosalind JamesThere are 2 books in this box set that has some similarities - both feature the heroine as a nanny to 2 children. My favourite though is Just for Now by Rosalind James. I love how Jenna interacted with Finn's children. The story was really heartwarming and it really touched my heart to read how Finn cared for his children. There was an element of surprise in the story regarding Jenna's former marriage. I thought it was an interesting element. I was gifted this box set by the author in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions are my own.

  • Erin Lewis
    2018-12-08 05:50

    This is the first book I have read from this collection so far:4.0 Star Review of Christmas Down Under - Just For Now (Escape to New Zealand #3) by Rosalind JamesSingle dad and senior rugby player for the All Blacks, Finn Douglas needs a temporary nanny in a hurry and after seeing the advertisement, Jenna McKnight applies.This is rugby romance New Zealand style.Initially the sparks fly, with both concluding that they cannot work together. But what they don’t count on is the hand of fate, in particular Sophie and Harry.I really enjoyed these two as individuals and eventually as a couple. The fact that Jenna, is a grade one teacher assist her in getting to know and relating to Finn’s children Sophie and Harry, who I fell in love with. In fact in my opinion, they almost stole the book.This is a story filled with numerous layers both for Finn and Jenna. Their history and its impact on their present was soul wrenching. I loved the story that Ms. James wove and as with the previous books I have read this one was well written and entertaining.Both Finn and Jenna had flaws, neither was perfect and it makes such a refreshing change to read a story that is not based on sex, sex and more sex throughout. Of course when these two finally got together I felt as though they were going to explode with the energy coming off the pages.I particularly loved the interaction of Finn and Jenna with the children and I didn’t feel that there was too much focus on them either as the whole dynamic was integral to the storyline.Whilst this book is a stand-alone, I enjoyed getting glimpses of Finn’s family and fellow rugby players.I look forward to reading other stories in this series by Rosalind James.

  • Judes
    2018-12-08 07:07

    What could an avid reader who loves a good romance novel with well rounded characters, a good story line and all in a beautiful location want for Christmas?Well I've got it ... Christmas Down Under BOXSET with a cast of authors who will deliver 100% and keep you wanting more. I fully enjoyed the first BOXSET they brought out and added these authors I just met to my favs list.My introduction to these ladies came from my ultimate fav Rosalind James who wooed me in with her Escape to New Zealand Series, Just For Now being her yummy bit in this BOXSET and I also fell for Tracey Alvarez's writing also and her yummy bit is Hide Your Heart. I have read basically everything from these two ladies and I have to state the other members of this Down Under Group are also really great. You cannot find a better buy for a better price and receive soooooo much in return. From the characters in the stories to the location and the descriptions of the place to the people and traditions of one of my bucket list 'must go to' places. So treat yourself and a few friends for Christmas and grab a few bundles I promise you it is sure worth much much more but what a steal of a deal!!!! (less)

  • Michelle
    2018-11-22 06:59

    This was a good collection and a great way to pass the time. I liked that the authors ensured all the couples who had sex were responsible and used protection. Also some of the stories had children as a part of the equation and that added to the realism of the reading experience. It was not all single young 20 year olds - there was a variety of ages, professions and persons with varied salary levels. I liked this book and would recommend it. It has one my favorite Rosalind James stories and introduced me to some good authors that I had not been exposed to before

  • Frankie
    2018-12-02 08:00

    Ok long review ahead. 6 books and they are all completely different. My 3 star rating is just an average of the 6 as one story I felt was only 2 1/2 whereas the last was easily 4 1/2. As a whole I enjoyed the books, but I'd pay the 99c for the set even just to read the last story. No spoilers.A Festive Treat – Serenity Woods 2 ½ starsThe story was nice and sweet and the gorgeous Kiwi backdrop was a lovely change, however I found it very predictable, unexciting and the writing style made it awkward to read. The H and h were both ‘nice’, although I have to admit the H was almost a little feminine at times for my liking, like as if it was very obvious that it was a female author writing his character.I’m not usually one to make notes within a story but I felt that there was a number of places in the story that felt awkward to me. Here are a few examples:• “He felt hot under the collar, his body stirring in a way it hadn’t for a while, like a tree whose leaves had previously fallen for the winter sprouting new shoots in spring.” – I had to read this a few times to try to make sense of what it meant firstly, and then ask myself why the author chose to use this unusual description. I’m still unsure.• “the tanned skin of his neck was only inches from her lips. She fought the urge to lean over and sink her teeth into it and tried to concentrate on the conversation” Now this was just awkward…and slightly vampirish…especially since it’s their first afternoon together.• “Vegetarianism was still regarded with suspicion amongst many of the meat-eating Kiwis” There was quite a few examples of this strange stereotyping of the Kiwis. I’m an Aussie myself, but I think I’d be offended to be referred to the way Kiwis are in this book.I could continue but I’ll leave it at that. I like to get lost in a story and completely divulge into a new world. Unfortunately I just didn’t feel this way with this story. It was very obvious and predictable. I won’t give it away, but it’s very obvious when an important plot point is introduced. There was no subtlety or intrigue, the story held no surprises at all which was disappointing.Now with the positive. I didn’t hate the story. The story was a sweet and light romance that would appeal to some. Especially dog lovers. I DID like that the h and H didn’t waste time on trivial arguments and misunderstandings like so many romance stories. They were honest with each other and communicated well together. I DID like the way the author writes a love scene. They are probably the best parts of the writing in the book to be truthful. There was one quote though that stood out that I loved, so I’ll leave my review with that: “It was like being on a diet – every minute she spent with him was like another calorie she knew she shouldn’t be consuming, and yet she couldn’t have said no to him for the world.”Christmas with the Boss – Annie Seaton 3 starsWhat a lovely start to the story! Beautiful scenery well depicted that gave me perfect imagery in my mind. The next thing I loved was that the story was Australian. Not only in theory but written with Australian lingo and not just quirky slang to add humour – real language that is so refreshing to read.The story is lovely. We get introduced to the h and H and begin to get to know their background and personal stories. Their similar family histories made me think that we’d get to hear more about that as the story progressed. The ‘visitor’ at the cottage was a quirky touch that added a little humour.Then it just falls flat. The story is going great right up until the h and H get together. The love scene is choppy and doesn’t show much chemistry at all. Then after that we progress to 3 days later, we hear rather than see that they’ve had a great few days together living together in the same cottage. We are told that they are falling for each other. We are told that the h now knows about the ‘visitor’ at the cottage and she is now at peace with it. We are told that they’ve had amazing love sessions. And then BAM it all just concludes and they live happily ever after.Hmm… It was sweet and it had great potential but I just want more out of my stories. I want to get lost and I want to relate to the characters not just hear after the fact that they’ve done all these great things…the end. Please Ms Seaton, give us some more? Christmas Holiday Hearts – Kris Pearson 3 starsThis story caught me from the get go. Well depicted and I loved that it got straight to the point and introduced us immediately to Jilly our h and Tony our H. There was a little bit of flash backs throughout the story which was necessary. Most of the time this was introduced very smoothly. The writing was fluid and descriptions gave great imagery especially of the gorgeous NZ backdrop.The story moved at a great pace and the steam started early. Although the anticipation and tension was great, I found the love scenes a little lack lustre. Now, I don’t expect explicit scenes by any means, but it was a big build up in a couples of scenes and the intimacy on any level was basically glossed over.I enjoyed the ‘hidden son’ aspect (no I haven’t given you a spoiler with that point), however I was a little confused with Jilly’s personal opinion on the matter for the majority of the story. To be honest, I have never been in a remotely similar situation so perhaps my opinion is skewed, but her immediate dismissal of their introductions and the reason behind it seemed uncalled for with no reason to back it up. The other questions I have with the story are that the relationship between the twins and Jilly wasn’t explored at all on any level and I think that was a shame. There was a real opportunity for a beautiful relationship to be shown there but I felt no real bond between them at all. Jilly was too occupied with her relationship to even concentrate on her job. The other disappointment I had was the conclusion to the story seemed rushed. There was a proposal of sorts, a dismissal, misunderstood feelings then an incident happens and all is resolved and Tony all of sudden begins sprouting flowery language that he’d never seemed the character to do so. I understand that some situations can change a person, but it just seemed a little too overdone for my liking. I think it could have been drawn out a little with the exploration of the relationship. But that’s just one person’s opinion.So overall, a sweet romantic journey with a little spice. Light and fluffy but enjoyable. Just for Now – Rosalind James 3 ½ starsI’m feeling so mixed up about this book. Initially I began reading and kept thinking to myself “this is the BEST story so far!” And it was. It is well written, it flows, it is well edited – I found no mistakes and the story kick starts really well and caught my attention. I LOVED the building relationship between our h Jenna and the two kids. I could so easily imagine their interactions, conversations and building love and trust and as a Mum I especially loved Jenna’s beautiful temperament with kids not her own.Then of course we must mention the H, Finn. He’s a strong personality with appealing fatherly love and protectiveness and an elite sportsman to boot. But strangely would you believe… I STILL have no idea what he looks like! I know he’s a big man with broad shoulders and lots of muscles. But I have no idea what colour his hair or eyes are. All I have to go on is his muscle build and that he’s actually not that handsome (Jenna says so when she first meets him!). That’s a shame (that I don’t know what he looks like). I really like to imagine my hero in a story.So onto the relationship between the two. Well, there really is NO relationship between them or even chemistry of any kind until at LEAST half way through the story! Not so much as a secret look, a crush, flirting or anything. I was starting to wonder if I was indeed reading a romance novel because as much as I enjoyed reading about the family life of Jenna and the two kids and learning all about NZ Rugby, I was honestly beginning to get bored and started skipping pages because there is only so much day to day lives of people you can handle reading about. When the romance started, it really bloomed from nowhere to be honest. As I said, there was no build up at all which I found restricted their chemistry from thereon out. The story flowed fairly well from there and it finally builds to a climax (or a few of them…) and the romance truly takes off, but sadly I still didn’t feel the chemistry as much as I would’ve liked. The story was nice, but if you don’t have kids I’m unsure as to how you’ll feel about reading so much about them and their lives. The romance was sweet but lacking in chemistry for my liking. But the story was well written and was the best so far in this collection.Promising Penny – Joanne Hill 3 starsA light and sweet, no-steam story that took me on a little adventure into the world of baking.Cute story with a very sweet and likeable h, Penny, and H, Michael. The friends-to-lovers is well done and shows their friendship and background without having to constantly refer to flashbacks.Penny is portrayed very innocent, however thankfully you begin to see her strength unfold throughout the book. Michael is portrayed as the big brother protector figure and of course this builds and causes tension in their growing bond. I enjoyed the way they conversed and we got to see both characters points of view but while still remaining in third person.There was a few editing errors but they were few and far between.I would have enjoyed a little more actual romance in my romance story though, as there is really only romantic tension throughout the whole book until the last chapter where it all comes together and concludes with the HEA. I also would have loved to have a little more Christmas seeing as though this is a Christmas set too. But… it was nicely written. A cute story. Hide Your Heart – Tracey Alvarez 4 ½ starsWow! Well they certainly saved the best for last! Definitely in my personal opinion, this was the BEST story in the set!I love our h and H. They are likeable, they have instant chemistry but not an insta-love or ‘zap’ when they touch in sight! Ms Alvarez has given me such wonderful imagery for both imagining the backdrop but also the characters. I can clearly ‘see’ and ‘hear’ them and immerse myself into the story.Both h and H are strong people in their own right and have their own battles to face. I like that these personal battles give us great tension, drama and climaxes throughout the whole book. They are also understandable and realistic problems which made them all the more real to me. Although there are no extraordinary twists in the plot, I am taken on a fabulous journey and I felt all the ups and downs of the characters without feeling bored of day to day monotony.I really love h’s son’s character, Drew. He gave the story a beautiful depth that I think would appeal to everyone. It deepened the relationship between the characters and was also a fun bit of comic relief too.Ms Alvarez has a talent for keeping the language believable but still page-turning for the reader. No over the top flowery boasts of love and yet you still feel the warmth of the relationship. There is steam within the pages, but it is tactfully and well written. No cheese here.The only criticism I can really give it is that although I understand the reasoning behind using Americanisms in the written form for the novel so that it appeals to a wider audience, I can’t help but feel that the American readers are pretty smart. I’m sure they can understand that Kilometres are different to Miles and Kilograms are different to Pounds and in such a beautiful NZ story it seems out of place to have them. But that is only one person’s opinion and didn’t detract from my love of the story. Beautiful story, well written, fantastic imagery and lovely steamy romance. Thank you!

  • B.
    2018-12-17 08:59

    This is a great collection at a low price. You can’t beat the price for a collection of full-length novels taking place in New Zealand or Australia. Most of them take place in New Zealand and it’s a delight to read about romance taking place in a different setting. One thing that is completely different is that Christmas takes place in the summer there so expect to read about couples swimming or sweating in the sunshine instead of the typical snowy Christmas romance. It gives the genre a different sort of feel. Another difference from a lot of Christmas romances is that Christmas is not a major plot point for any of the novels. It just happens to be the time of the year that the story takes place. I don’t mind that, but if you’re reading Christmas romances because you want to get into the Christmas spirit, this is not the collection for you.Just for Now by Rosalind JamesRosalind James is one of my favorite romance authors. I absolutely loves her Escape to New Zealand series involving hot rugby players falling in love. I had actually read this book less than a year ago, but I happily reread it and enjoyed it just as much the second time. Just for Now is the third in the series, but you don’t need to read the first two in order to fully enjoy this book. The story involves teacher Jenna McKnight who is recovering from the collapse of a marriage that had brought her to New Zealand. She decides to travel around New Zealand and finally ends up answering an ad to be a temporary nanny while she waits to get a full-time teaching job. The job has to be for rugby superstar Finn Douglas. It turns out that she had already met his adorable two children at the dogpark and bonded with them. As she moves into his house to take care of his children and cook for them, sexual and romantic sparks start to fly. We all knew that that was going to happen; the story revolves around the two characters coming to love and understand each other. Meanwhile, the two children are as sweet as can be as they cope with having a father who travels a lot and whom they have to watch on tv when he can’t be there with them.I like that this romance grows from the characters. Sure, these are two attractive people who are interested in each other sexually. But they are also very nice people and you can believe that they would fall for each other. Finn really cares about his children and is doing the best he can to be a good father to them. Jenna has a gift for relating to children and she talks to them in a loving way to help them work through missing their father and their fears that something might happen to him. These are just two nice people learning to love one another; it’s a book built on characters and relationships, rather like real life. I’ve never been to NZ, but James’ books certainly interest me in traveling there. Her NZ characters talk in a bit of a different dialect and she provides a glossary in the back in case you can’t figure out that “uni” and “brekkie” stand for “university” and “breakfast.” I enjoy learning the new terms, but I did notice that none of the other books in the series that take place in NZ use anywhere near to the NZ-speak that James uses. I don’t know if that is because she lays it on extra thick or they reduce it for their American readers. I’d love to hear from someone from NZ as to how common the speech of her characters are.A Festive Treat by Serenity WoodsThis is another book set in a lovely NZ location in the northern part of the country. Skye has her own problems as she returns to her hometown after a long absence after the death of a beloved older brother. She meets Owen who is in charge of search and rescue for the area because, apparently, there is a real problem with tourists and others getting lost in the area as they enjoy the beautiful landscape.Owen falls immediately for Skye and must spend the rest of the book trying to overcome her insistence that she isn’t meant for any sort of real romance and must travel. She’s overcome with heartache after the death of her brother and, somewhat unbelievably, with the certainty that she can’t remain home with the loving and heartsick family - parents, sister, and brother - who remain and clearly miss her. Her sister and brother featured in earlier books by Woods as they found their own HEA and Skye has returned for her brother’s wedding. You don’t need to have read the earlier books, but if you have, you’ll enjoy catching up with the earlier couples.Owen is just the best guy and he has the most adorable dog, a chocolate lab named Mozart with whom you’ll fall in love. Owen is a good guy, kind, sensitive, and sexy. I wasn’t quite as fond of Skye as I didn’t find her behavior all that believable. She’s much more appealing when she gets over herself and allows herself to admit that Owen is the greatest guy any woman could hope to find.Christmas with the Boss by Annie SeatonThis is the shortest of the novels in the collections and the most forgettable. The heroine heads out a quiet Christmas break by herself at a cottage that she rented. It turns out that her sexy boss actually owns the cottage next door and her cottage is run down and haunted by the boss’s jokester cousin who is trying to help the hero realize that he needs to slow down and fall in love. They surf, hang out at the beach, and fall in love. That’s it. It’s quick mindless fluff.Christmas Holiday Hearts by Kris Pearson This second-chance romance was also not one of my favorites. Ellie answers an ad to be a tutor to a NZ armer’s twin five-year-old daughters. It turns out that it isn’t an ordinary farm, but a large estate and the father is Tony with whom she had an affair 11 years ago while on vacation in Sydney. She had a son and was unable to find the father to tell him about his son. So she’s been scraping by economically ever since. She’s taking the tutoring job over Christmas break to earn enough money to put a down payment on a house so she can move out of her mother’s apartment. She’s left the son back with the mother. So a major plot point of the book is should she tell Tony about his son. Should she tell her son who has been longing for a father that he actually has a very rich father who would love to meet him and two younger sisters and that they live at a dream location that would be any young boy’s dream. She doesn’t want to tell her son because she’s afraid he’ll resent that she never told him and she’s also worried that he’ll love the new father more than her. Talk about selfish motives. She’s supposed to be a loving mother who loves her son more than anything and she’s in doubt about whether he should know he has a father. Even when Tony finds out about his son, she still doesn’t want to tell him. I never like the hidden child whom the mother doesn’t let the father know about, especially when the child is already 10 years old. That’s just too long to not try to find the father, especially when she knows his relatively uncommon middle name and could just check out Google. She even mentions that she’d seen a picture of him and his wife. It’s not being a gold digger to let a man know that he has a son out there.It just felt that the children are just plot points in the book, but not real characters. She is rarely shown actually doing her job teaching the two little girls. mostly, she’s just sneaking around having sex with their father. And then, after this huge build-up about how afraid she is to tell her son about his father, the author totally skips that scene. Instead we skip to the HEA epilogue with the son all happy. He was not a real boy, just a plot device and we never got a scene with him. I am a teacher and I don’t know anything about NZ education, but I find it very hard to believe her explanation as to why she works as a substitute teacher instead of full-time because she can earn more as a sub. Believe me, no substitute teacher in the US would say that it pays better than being a regular teacher and I don’t believe it would work that way in any other country.So I found this book irritating on several levels and just wanted to give both Ellie and the author a good talking to.Promising Penny by Joanne HillThis book involves two common romance tropes that I’m not all that fond of - the younger sister who has a crush on her older brother's best friend and finally gets a chance with him as an adult and the short, frumpy, chubby heroine with frizzy hair who gets a mild makeover and turns into a sexy, captivating woman. That being said, this was still an enjoyable read that works with those two tired plot devices.Penny runs a cafe for parents who have abandoned her to travel around because they are so broken-hearted after the death of her older brother from cancer. Michael is the best friend of her brothers. Of course, he’s a knockout and nice guy who loves her as a younger sister while she has secretly loved him throughout her adolescence. Now they have to get to know each other again while they’re both grieving for her brother. She has dreams of opening her own cupcake shop and catering business. He hires her to cater his law office’s client dinner. While they’re planning for that dinner, they rediscover their friendship. He comes to realize that he always loved her and it doesn’t hurt when she has a makeover and gets some confidence in herself. The reader knows where this is all going, but it was a fun read getting there.Hide your Heart - by Tracey AlvarezNext to Just for Now, this was my favorite book of the collection. Lauren Taylor is a former model with an adorable son, Drew, who has fled back to NZ after an abusive marriage to a wealthy New Yorker has ended. She meets handsome photojournalist Nate who turns out to have bought the house next door that he’s going to fix up and resell. Of course, they’re attracted to each other and gradually they find love while working through their personal problems that both thought would keep them from ever finding a true loving partnership. I really enjoyed seeing Nate develop a lovely relationship with his “little mate,” Lauren’s son, Drew. This was a much better relationship with a child than the Kris Pearson novel in which the son was practically nonexistent. It’s clear from reading about their interactions that there are different ways that a man and woman relate to a child and that Drew needs both in his life. I thought that the book was going to go in a couple of different ways that just didn’t happen. Lauren is worried about paparazzi finding her in her new home and that didn’t happen. She learns that she doesn’t have to fear new friendships in her community and doesn’t have to live like a hermit. I also thought that the former husband was going to show up and the H would have to save her or her son from his abuse, but that didn’t happen. Instead the focus remained steadily on the growing love between these two very likeable characters and their love for the little boy.

  • Lucia
    2018-11-30 08:07

    Firstly, I have to say this bundle is incredible value for the stories inside. I’m usually apprehensive about bundle’s as half the time you only get part of a story or a prequel but I can assure you these are six, full length books of varying lengths and as stated, all standalone books with no cliffhangers. Although it’s Christmas themed, if you are a bit apprehensive about that, be assured Christmas isn’t the focus point of these stories, more just the general time of year setting. I’ve rated each story below out of the normal five stars on Amazon. Definitely recommend you buy this lovely festive bundle which is a real Christmas treat!A Festive Treat (Treats to Tempt You) - Serenity Woods - 5 starsThis was my first book by Serenity Woods but I will definitely be reading more of Serenity’s work. A Festive Treat is a sweet, well written, full length, HEA christmas story with just enough tension and drama to make it an addictive page turner that I just couldn’t stop reading. Although I haven’t read any other books in this series, I didn’t feel like I was confused by any of the supporting characters and this can truly be read as a standalone. Definitely give this story a try! One final word: Mozart!Christmas with the Boss - Annie Seaton - 3.5 starsAgain, this was my first book by Annie Seaton. Christmas with the Boss is a short story but it just wasn’t for me unfortunately. It does have a HEA but I struggled to get into this story with the slightly paranormal twist in there; I’m just not a huge paranormal story fan. However, I did finish reading this and like I say, it does have a sweet HEA and for a quick read of something different, it was ok.Overall, it is written well, far from the worst I’ve read, but a few small errors stop me giving this a higher rating than 3.5 stars.Christmas Holiday Hearts (Heartlands) - Kris Pearson - 5 starsKris Pearson does it again! Kris is one of my absolute favourite contemporary romance writers after getting me hooked whilst reading A Boat Builder’s Bed and I’ve read virtually every book she has published since. I find Kris’ stories always feel very real in all aspects and not your typical unbelievable ‘fairytale romance’ where everything’s suddenly perfect for the two main characters. Looks like another book for my favourites list!Christmas Holiday Hearts is Ellie and Tony’s story. The tension is prevalent, yet the simmering chemistry is so clear and addicting, that I couldn’t stop reading nor, at times, wanting to bang this couple’s heads together in a good way. I like how their history was mixed within the story but wasn’t drawn out, giving us just enough important information from their past and also we get a chance to read from both Ellie and Tony’s points of view. Christmas Holiday Hearts was not too christmassy, which I personally liked, just enough of an undercurrent and timeframe more so, and has a sweet HEA! I strongly suggest you give this story a read and other books by this author. Just for Now (Escape to New Zealand) - Rosalind James - 5 starsJust for Now was my first book by Rosalind James but definitely won’t be my last! This definitely makes my all time favourites list. I just didn’t want to stop reading, I was gripped from start to finish. Just for Now had such a heartfelt storyline that I just loved from start to finish. Everything was paced so well, it felt very real and the dual points of views helped strengthen this story further. I loved Jenna’s bond developing firstly with Harry and Sophie before Finn. The descriptions of location were very vivid and enhanced the story further whilst the HEA gave this story a well rounded finish, which tied up any remaining questions left.If you are a fan of Sports romances like I am, I definitely recommend you give this story a read!Promising Penny - Joanne Hill - 3.5 starsPromising Penny was my first book by this author. This short story I found to be a good read but I wouldn’t necessarily go back and re-read this like some of the others in this bundle. There were a few errors throughout which threw me at times but luckily didn’t interrupt the story too much, where it distracted me to the point that it ruined the book. It was a nice, easy, HEA read and what I would call a ‘clean’ romance, which I don’t mind reading, just didn’t expect it when all the others are not. Hide Your Heart (Far North) - Tracey Alvarez - 5 starsHide Your Heart is the second book by Tracey Alvarez I have read. As with the first story I read of Tracey’s, In Too Deep, Hide Your Heart did not let me down with it’s well written, heartfelt, romantic storyline and believable characters. Drew stole my heart at times throughout this story and I just wanted to give him cuddle! This is definitely one for my favourites list. Five stars for Tracey Alvarez! I adored the relationship Lauren has with Drew and how Nate is introduced into their lives; it wasn’t rushed with time required to allow him to be truly trusted by all given. Lauren’s backstory was heartbreaking and I felt her present emotions were captured so well throughout, both her fears and her new changing and developing emotions that she struggled to accept. It was also refreshing that while Lauren has had some very low points, she doesn’t see herself necessarily as a ‘victim’ and is able to still come across as a strong woman while also vulnerable. Not an easy balance but Tracey Alvarez captures this balance perfectly.The flow of the story had a realistic attitude of not instantly ‘falling in love’ with each other after first meeting, instead focusing on the warring emotions clearly demonstrated in both characters who had to come to terms with things over time. Again, like with the other previous stories, getting the dual points of views, I believe gives the reader greater involvement to the emotions of both main characters, rather than having to try and guess how the other character may be feeling. The only thing I would have liked to have seen in the epilogue would have been how Drew reacted but that’s just me being picky and I recognise it’s not necessarily needed to finish off this story and their HEA. Great story and definitely suggest you give this story a read too!Don’t miss out and read this bundle before it’s too late! I guarantee there is a story or two in here for everyone. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

  • Monique
    2018-11-16 06:44

    I bought this book for Rosalind James' rugby romance Just for Now, but read all the books because I enjoy most of the authors who contributed to this box set. Just for Now - Rosalind James This is the third book in James' rugby romance series, Escape to New Zealand. Finn needs a temporary nanny. Jenna needs a temporary job until she can get one teaching. It should be perfect. Both Jenna and Finn are strong characters. Both have been through difficult emotional times and come into the relationship with baggage. It is handled well, realistically. There's no overreactions or melodrama, more like "this event is still in the back of my head so I might not always react perfectly". Sophie and Harry, are not plot moppets; they have distinct and different personalities and react very differently to both Finn and Jenna. This is a hallmark of the children in this series. I really enjoyed them and the appearances of other rugby players/Finn's teammates. A Festive Treat - Serenity WoodsIn keeping with the overall theme of someone's a bit broken, in A Festive Treat, Skye is still reeling after the death of her brother under very difficult circumstances. When she meets Noah and his rescue dog, Mozart, things heat up. But Skye isn't looking for a relationship and Noah doesn't want a one night stand. When a pair of incidents that eerily reflect the past occur, Skye and Noah must both deal with difficult emotions. It is true that Mozart steals the show. He's amazingly trained and he adores Skye. He'll do anything to find and rescue whoever is lost. The rest of the Treats to Tempt You gang is here. It's obvious it's part of a series but you definitely don't need to have read the other books to enjoy this one. Christmas with the Boss - Annie SeatonThis was my least favorite of the stories. The interaction between Jilly and Dominic felt stilted and more pervy than sexy. It was very hard to reconcile their coolness in the office versus the hot and sexy out of the office, almost like they had split personalities. This is a problem again later when they both decide almost instantaneously that the careers they have worked so hard to achieve are not what they really want. It feels sudden and totally out of left field. But the worst part was the totally inappropriate ghost, Derro (Dominic's cousin). According to Dom, Derro was a great practical joker but considering all the "practical jokes" except one were rather sexually charged and directed at Jilly, it was really creepy and not in a good way. Christmas Holiday Hearts - Kris PearsonI had already bought this from Amazon (It was a free book for a couple days.) but hadn't had the chance to read it yet. This is a second chances story between Ellie and Tony (Robbie). They were young and on vacation when a brief fling got Ellie pregnant. It isn't until Tony accidentally learns about their child and forces the issue that they really start to come together. While I felt that Ellie's fears were a bit over the top, they were not unusual or even unfounded. She was barely hanging on financially but Tony ran a large farm and had plenty of money. But it was Tony's mother-in-law who stole the show. As a character she was very influential but she was also a great character in her own right. It didn't wow me, but it was solid and enjoyable.Promising Penny - Joanne HillThis is a rather sad story. Neither Penny nor Michael are in good places in their lives when the story opens - partly because of the death of Penny's brother, Michael's best friend. But Penny is making plans for her future and working on her dream of opening her own bakery. She'd like to dream about Michael's love too, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen so she forges on ahead. Michael is struggling to deal with his own emotions over the loss of his best friend. As the Christmas season works its magic, love is in the air but not love between Penny and Michael. It takes the help of two families and some wonderful friends to help them get together. This is a sweet story with a lot of emotional depth to it and I enjoyed it. Hide Your Heart - Tracey AlvarezI had already bought this from Amazon (It was a free book for a couple days.) but hadn't had the chance to read it yet. Lauren has turned her back on the world, afraid to let anyone in (even friends) after she was abused by her husband. Hiding out with her son back home in New Zealand, protected by her brother and his family, she feels safe. Then Nate comes along and rips open her life, making her feel again, gaining the trust of her son and her dog and ultimately Lauren herself. It's sweet and gentle. But once he knows who she used to be, she fears his reactions. Nate is a rolling stone, forever on the go; he is a photojournalist. He doesn't see a family in his future. Lauren needs the stability of home. Can they have a family together or are they forever at cross purposes? This was a difficult book as it dealt with not one but two characters who suffered spousal abuse. Those stories were at the heart of Hide Your Heart and the descriptions and reactions can be difficult to read. It was especially endearing to see Nate win over Drew, Lauren's son, who has nightmares about his father hurting his mother two years out. It wasn't a wow, but it's more than just like.

  • Lea
    2018-12-02 06:51

    This was a fun collection with a little something for everyone. This is a great deal and even if you like only one of the stories I think you come out ahead. For me it was about 50/50, three stories were 4-5 star reads for me and the other 3 were 2-3 stars but like I said something for everyone, someone else might feel differently. Below are my reviews of the individual stories, but really you can’t go wrong…trust me buy the collection!A Festive Treat by Serenity WoodsThis was a very good read, a fun, mostly light story about two people who have struggled with loss finding each other and finding love. I absolutely LOVED Owen! Big, strong, loving, friendly, good with small children and animals what’s not to love. He’s lost so much but never really lost his faith that life goes on and things work out. Skye was kinda the opposite, her losses led her to run away. She’s back in New Zealand but she’s not planning on staying but then she meets Owen and his dog Mozart and things begin to change in her mind and her heart. This is a quick moving story and happens in a brief timeline but that does not take anything away from it. I did occasionally struggle with Skye as she struggled with what she wanted but at least she was self aware enough to realize the mixed signals she was sending, that saved her for me. Overall this was an enjoyable read set in beautiful New Zealand at Christmas time.Christmas With the Boss by Annie SeatonThis story has a good premiss but it just didn’t work for me. I enjoy a good work romance but this one seemed a little awkward and strangely enough lacking in conflict. I also didn’t love the ghostly/paranormal aspect to this story, it’s not my usual taste and it just doesn’t work for me. If you are not bothered by that than this has to potential to be a really great story. I did really like Jilly and Dom even if I didn’t understand all their issues. Plus you know hot surfer guy in the sun at Christmas….it wasn’t bad just not my cuppa. Christmas Holiday Hearts by Kris PearsonI didn’t love this one, sorry. Secret babies aren’t my thing and I found Ellie extremely selfish and irritating. I did really like Tony though, he was just trying to do his best by everyone and admittedly things would have gone smoother if he expressed how he felt sooner but Ellie wan’t exactly forthcoming about how she felt either. If you like a good secret baby romance with all the lies, cover-ups and angst that comes with it than you might enjoy this one but it didn’t work for me.Just for Now by Rosalind JamesI LOVE this story! I’ve read it several times before and I have owned it since it was first released. I really enjoyed re-reading it as part of this collection. I love Jenna and Finn. They are two adults who while attracted to each other they fight it for various reasons. I love that they really get to know each other and don’t just fall right into bed (though that can be fun too) I love that they are generally very good at communicating with one another. I love that Ms. James writes actual grown-ups and manages to avoid some of the stupid conflicts you see sometimes that could be solved by one honest conversation. I also really love Sophie and Harry! Ms. James has quite a talent for writing children and I think they really add to the story. And for those who say Sophie seems too old for her age please come meet my 7 year old….If this is your first exposure to Ms. James work it’s a good place to start.Promising Penny by Joanne HillUnfortunately this was another one I didn’t care for. Penny I liked but Michael I had serious issues with and I didn’t like either of their friends or her parents…then there were HIS parents seriously the only characters I liked in this book were Daisy and Joel (who apparently have their own story but I’m kinda scared to read it after this one.). I didn’t see any relationship development/growth from these two and there was NO sexual chemistry as far as I could see. This one just wasn’t for me which is sad because I usually LOVE stories with characters with long histories and the best friends sibling trope.Hide Your Heart by Tracey AlverezThis was another good story. I really enjoyed Lauren and Nate. They had great chemistry and I loved watching them come around to falling in love. And once again a kiddo stole the show, I adored little Drew, he was awesome! This was a wonderful character driven story with plenty of growth and maturing for the characters. While this characters have plenty of deep issues they manage them pretty well and while there are times they run away from each other it all led to the HEA.

  • Susan Page
    2018-11-29 12:40

    This is a lovely book, good, well written stories. I enjoyed some more than others, but they are all well worth reading..I received a copy from one of the authors in return for an honest review, but I will buy another copy when it is published in a few days.A Festive Treat by Serenity WoodsLoved this one, it is extremely emotional, you can really relate to Skye, and her inner turmoil, torn between running away again or staying in New Zealand and embarking on a real relationship with Owen. I adored Mozart, the Search and Rescue dog, but his owner Owen is pretty special too!Christmas With The Boss by Annie SeatonJolly Henderson has a high powered job on the trading floor of a large bank. She has had a difficult year looking after her father, who has just died, and she feels the need to get away for the Christmas break and enjoy some peace and quiet to recharge her batteries. She finds a villa right beside the sea on a website, but when she gets there it is not as grand as she had been led to believe, and even worse - her uptight boss at the bank is in the villa next door, and he is insisting that she shouldn't be staying in the family-owned villa. There are many twists and turns, and it is an amusing tale, with an unusual house guest.Christmas Holiday Hearts by Kris PearsonA very sweet story. Ellie McKenna has taken a job as tutor to twin girls, in order to have somewhere to live while her new home is being built. The rented accommodation she had been living in burned down. When the new school year begins she plans to return to teaching. She has been employed by the girls' grandmother. On her first day she discovers that their father is Tony Robinson, a man she had met ten years previously when he had been travelling after university. They had one intense week together before he continued his travels, and a few weeks' later she discovered she was pregnant. He is now a rich farmer, whose wife recently died. She knows she should tell him about his son, Callum, but she is frightened he might try to take him from her. Their growing relationship is well told, and very believable. An emotional story, and very satisfying to read.Just For Now by Rosalind JamesJenna McKnight married her best friend, but the marriage ended rather dramatically for a reason you don't fully learn until quite late in the story. She runs away, and takes temporary jobs waitressing. She wants to get back to teaching, and finds a advertisement for a six month contract as a nanny/housekeeper, which would take her up to the new school year when she can go back to teaching. She applies, but is initially turned away as the famous All-Black rugby player thinks she is another girl trying to nab a famous husband, he has met a lot of those! He wanted an older woman for the job. When he discovers that his children have met her, and like her he changes his mind. A good story.Promising Penny by Joanne HillPenny Portman is devastated when her brother dies, but her mother goes to pieces, and her husband takes her away so that she can escape the memories. Penny takes over the management of their cafe and florists until they are ready to return home, shelving her own dreams of opening a cake shop. Then Michal McGuinn comes back into her life, her dead brothers' best friend, who she has loved since she was in her teens. It is a very sweet story, and well written.Hide Your Heart by Tracey AlvarezA really lovely story. Lauren Taylor is travelling home in appalling weather, and her old car slides into a ditch. She tries to get it out, and in the process twists her ankle. Nate Fraser stops to help her, but her little boy Drew, aged 4, sees him as a threat and stands between them, ready to fight him. I just loved Drew, a gorgeous little boy. Nate has purchased the property next door, and is planning to do it up, then sell it's a luxury resort for the wealthy, the money he makes will allow him to follow his ambitions. The growing romance between Lauren and Nate is tempered by the fact that he is definitely leaving quite soon. A very well written story, easy to relate to all the characters.As you would expect, all of these stories have a happy ever after, and it is very satisfying watching them get there.

  • Cindy
    2018-12-09 12:05

    This is a set of six full-length novels set in New Zealand or Australia. The stories are sweet, sexy and heartwarming, and all set in the Christmas season – down under. Just For Now by Rosalind JamesThis is the story of Finn and Jenna. The rich rugby player and the nanny – with a twist. Jenna wasn’t looking to be a nanny. She just needed a job to last long enough to get to the next school term, where she would start a new teaching job. As the story goes, Jenna ended up working for Finn, and more. I really enjoyed reading their story. Finn isn’t the most handsome man, and Jenna is not what he was looking for – in fact, he had a girlfriend. The kids are cute, the story is unique, and I have re-read the story several times, which is a great testament, since I don’t re-read unless it’s good!Rosalind James is a wonderful author. Her Escape to New Zealand series is great. Go get them all – you won’t regret it!Christmas Holiday Hearts by Kris PearsonIntense young love produced as son, but she couldn’t find the father because he was traveling the world. Over 10 years later, they meet again by chance when she is hired to teach his young twin daughters. The chemistry is still there, but three little words are missing. It takes anger, lust, and shaky ground, but finally a family is made. I enjoyed the rebuilding of an intense relationship. Tony and Ellie were believable and true. A good story!Christmas With the Boss by Annie SeatonDominic and Jilly end up at the same place for their five days off – the beach where Dominic grew up. Jilly is in a run-down rental, while Dom is at his family’s beach home. Jilly finds that her financier boss is much different at the beach – he’s a surfer. Trying to stay apart does no good – their chemistry is just too strong – almost like they are magically being drawn together. This is a nice story about discovering what is really important in life.A Festive Treat by Serenity WoodsOwen does Search and Rescue with his highly trained dog, Mozart. Skye is back in New Zealand for a few weeks, trying to fit in to a family she ran from when her brother died. After traveling around Europe for years, not making attachments, Skye meets Owen on the plane and there is a connection. Owen wants a relationship. Skye wants a short-term affair. Skye is skittish, ready to run back to Europe. Owen wants her to stay, but knows it has to be her choice. But life has a way of coming around, and decisions have to be made.Serenity Woods writes a sweet story with just enough sexy to light some fires. Owen and Skye deal with real problems and the story is told beautifully. Promising Penny by Joanne HillPenny is running her parents’ café while they are on an extended vacation trying to recover from the death of their son. Michael was Greg’s best friend. Penny has always had a crush on Michael, but after Greg’s death, Michael stayed away. Until one day he was back in her life. Will Michael ever get past Penny being Greg’s little sister? She’s all grown up now! Joanne Hill writes with great emotional depth in her characters. I felt like I was right there with them as they grew into the people they were meant to become. A nice story!Hide Your Heart by Tracey Alvarez Lauren returned to New Zealand from a successful career as a high-fashion model in New York. But she didn’t come alone. She brought her son. Nate just bought the place next door, sight unseen. Turns out the place needs a lot of work. While working on the new place, Nate and Lauren get to know each other, and Nate also gets to know her son. Attachments form and hearts get involved, but then Nate leaves to get back to his photojournalism career. He never intended to stay. Tracey Alvarez gives us a story about coming home. A story about choices. About being alone. Or not. About work and family. About life and love. A keeper!

  • Heidi A. Quinn
    2018-12-07 08:48

    Just For Now : Review Christmas Down Under Six-Book SetThis is a review for the first 4 of the 6 books in the Christmas Down under boxed Set.I bought this set primarily because I am a huge fan of Rosalind James, who subsequently got me very interested in books about New Zealand and its national rugby team, the All Blacks.. Rather than start with my favorite author, I decided to start at the beginning and I was NOT disappointed! Disclaimer: If sex isn’t something you care to read, stop now. Do Not Pass Go. Do not collect $200. These are not just romances, they are erotic romances. Read: SEX. As for the first 4 books, they have no uncomfortable, Shades of Gray stuff. Just good sex between consenting adults. But it is fairly explicit. So you’ve been warned. Please don’t buy this and then flay on the authors because you missed that note.A Festive Treat by Serenity Woods was a treat. Woods’ use of words made for a visual and pleasant read from start to finish. As is so common, the two main characters had met before, but this time it was just a meeting, not a hook-up. I really enjoyed the Search and Rescue dog as the main story line, well, next to the romance. I’ve really been into the Rugby Romances that Rosalind James writes, so this was a nice change and allowed me to “see” another part of NZ. Owen and Skye are well-written characters, likable and with good voice. Much more so than many sexy romances, these two speak the way normal people speak when they have sex. None of the clichéd, overused, sometimes laughable phrasing you’ll see elsewhere. I’m definitely ready to read more by Serenity Woods.Christmas With the Boss by Annie Seaton was a bit odd as a paranormal NZ romance. I liked the main characters enough, but found the character of Jilly to be a bit hard to believe. If a ghostly hand ran itself down my body in bed and you could feel the bed move as a ghost gets off of it in the night, you can be sure I’d be long gone. She was quite too brave as to be plausible. It wasn’t bad though, well written enough to keep me reading with still 4 books in the set to jump to.Christmas Holiday Hearts by Kris Pearson was one of the fairly typical unexpected child books in which the mother is reunited with the dad in a surprise turn of events. I liked this one well enough as well, but at times, I felt the women doth protest too much. It wasn’t about his huge home, his money, the acres of farmland, and all that he could give her and her son. If it wasn’t really for love, she was out, even if it meant she and her son would struggle on forever. To give credit, Ellie had tried to contact him, but pre-Google, with Tony a world traveler, it was simply impossible. The time between when his (almost estranged) wife had passed ‘til he is all over Ellie was a bit hard to believe, but then again, these are not novels. If they were written with real-life time frames and events, why on earth would we be reading them?? Another that I finished and enjoyed.Just For Now: Escape to New Zealand by Rosalind James was why I bought this set. Honestly, I love everything she writes, especially her rugby romances. The characters in her NZ series are comprised of strong, independent women and big, strong, rugby playing men. The story lines vary quite a bit, as do the ages of the characters and their situations. Jenna is hired on as a nanny/summer school teacher and soon discovers she has strong feelings for the children she is caring for. Of course she then falls for their dad. Well written children, with good “voice” for kids, and the necessary strong female lead make this another very enjoyable read by James. Another writer for whom good sex scenes seem to be an easy write. If you’re going to have sex in your books, it should read like this, believable and un-cliched.

  • Esther
    2018-12-08 08:49

    What a wonderful Christmas rugby romance treat to curl up with on the couch with a snuggly blanket and a kitty. • This book is a compilation of love stories based in New Zealand or Australia. • What this book is about:We have six wonderful, romantic stories to curl up on the couch and read. Authors Serenity Woods, Annie Seaton, Kris Pearson, Rosalind James, Joanne Hill, and Tracey Alvarez all collaborated on their best Christmastime stories and you will not be disappointed. I have read several of these authors before and enjoyed them all very much. My favorite author is Rosalind James and I will talk about her book Just For Now in detail in this review, but that does not mean the others are less worthy of discussion. Rosalind's story is just one of the Escape to New Zealand rugby romance series of books, and among some of the finest writings I've had the pleasure of reading. • Setting / foreground/backgroundThe descriptions of the geography and the New Zealand, in general are meticulous and compelling. All the imagery of such a beautiful country, and the mannerisms and local cultural references of the locals were fascinating. • Summary of main characters...realistic? First impressionsI felt that the characters were strong and had complex emotions and back-stories that were interesting. Jenna is sweet yet almost too perfect, given that she was raised in a broken home with an emotionally abusive and absent mother. You would think she would still have more lingering baggage to deal with, but she is very well adjusted, despite her background. She's a bit naïve, yet she overcame many obstacles and a bad marriage to go out and reinvent herself and become a strong and independent woman.Finn is everything women love in a good hero: strong, sexy, emotionally sensitive but not afraid to take a strong stand for his convictions. He's not a classically handsome guy, but ruggedly good-looking and charming, yet not bad on the eyes. He's a leader and well-respected by his teammates and family. I would like to have learned more about Finn's background and where he came from. • The character development. ○ I fell in love with the characters and the setting of the book immediately. The characters were absolutely genuinely heartwarming and lovely to read about, very realistically drawn and compelling the reader to cheer them on. ○ I felt that the characters were strong and had complex emotions and back-stories that were interesting. ○ H+H together are adorable. I loved how they slowly learned to trust each other and put aside their baggage from past relationships. This was not an instant HEA. They had to work through some tough issues to get there. • Plot developmentWe start the book where the heroine, Jenna, has just recently left a marriage that crumbled and she picked up the pieces and moved on to reinvent herself. I admire that she drew up the strength to break from what would have been a very depressing situation and she used it catapult herself forward to heal and makes some positive changes for herself. Those are always admirable qualities in any heroine, I believe. Then we meet Finn, who is a single dad, who also happens to be a very busy professional sportsman on the All Blacks rugby team, and he has some definite ideas about what a nanny should and shouldn't look like. Luckily Jenna is quick to put him at ease that she neither is interested in his status and fame, nor is she even interested in him as a man. Not yet anyway. Finn's kids are just adorable • What I love best about Just for Now:I fell in love with the characters and the setting of the book immediately. The characters were absolutely genuinely heartwarming and lovely to read about, very realistically drawn and compelling the reader to cheer them on.

  • Cathy Geha
    2018-11-16 09:58

    Gifted a book by one of the authors of this wonderful anthology I spent a few days reading learning about what the Christmas Season “down under” might be like. I learned new terminology, met hunky men who steamed up my reading glasses, met women that were strong but open to the idea of love, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of reading each and every one of the stories in this collection. Treats to Tempt You by Serenity Woods Skye and Owen meet on a plane and feel a spark that was not acted upon until they meet again by chance at a street fair. Owen and his dog, Mozart, work in the Far North of New Zealand and are in charge of the rescue service in the area. Skye has baggage to get through before she and Owen can have their happily ever after. I have to say that Owen is one of the men in this anthology that was choice. He knew how to treat a woman and was so very real and wonderful that he put a smile on my face just as often as he put one on Skye’s. Great story! Christmas with the Boss by Annie Seaton Jilly is off to have a much needed holiday vacation at the beach only to find that her hunky boss, Dominic, is staying in the neighboring house. He is very surprised to find out she is staying where she is and she eventually finds out that the house might be more than she bargained for. Work place romances are frowned on by both of them but what about when one is on holiday? This is a fun story with an interesting paranormal twist.Christmas Holiday Hearts by Kris Pearson This second chance at love story brings together Tony and Ellie. They met several years before on a holiday in Sydney and never expected to see one another again but they never forgot one another. Ellie, unknowingly, is hired to tutor Tony’s daughter over the school holiday and thus begins a tumultuous, sizzling, conflicted relationship that has secrets that need to be shared, danger to deal with and trust to be found. Just for Now by Rosalind James Jenna, an American, came to New Zealand as the wife of Jeremy. One day her dreams are abruptly shattered and she finds herself taking a year or so off to determine what she will do next. She eventually finds herself nanny to Finn’s children and so the story begins. Finn plays rugby for the All Blacks and this story helped me to understand more about rugby than I knew before. Having read one other book in this series it was fun to see some of the characters again. Finn is a rugged, determined and wonderfu guy – Jenna is delightful, knowledgeable and great with kids. I really enjoyed this one, too!Promising Penny by Joanne Hill Michael has always been like another brother to Penny – or so it has seemed to Michael. In this story Michael and Penny begin to explore the idea that perhaps Michael can be more than a brother figure in Penny’s life. Penny has goals and dreams for her future and hopes to fulfill them. This was an interesting story about loss, love, friends, family, empowerment and so much more.Hide Your Heart by Tracey Alvarez I have read and loved every one of Tracey Alvarez’s books! This is a story of what is truly important in life - love. Lauren has had bad experiences but has a loving son, Rottweiler and family to support her. Nathan has been all over the world but never really felt he could have roots and a family. Drew’s project threatens Lauren’s security but she is drawn to him anyway. As their relationship progresses they have many obstacles to overcome and much sharing to do before they can have their happily ever after. Great stories, great writing, and a great anthology – I highly recommend it!

  • Rach Lawrence
    2018-11-16 05:42

    Review originally published on Rach Lawrence Books.*I was gifted a copy of Christmas Down Under by the authors in exchange for an honest review. Following is my review of Hide Your Heart, one of the full-length novels contained in Christmas Down Under.*Bounty Bay native Lauren Taylor is happy to live a quiet life with her four-year-old son Drew, and her brother and his family close by. An abusive ex-husband and a former life in the spotlight keep Lauren from opening up to anyone. But all that will change if Nate Fraser has his way. Nate has purchased the house and land adjacent to Lauren’s, with plans to renovate and sell to someone who wants to turn the place into a celebrity retreat, bringing the paparazzi right back to Lauren’s front door.Famed photojournalist and most eligible bachelor Nate Fraser never plans to stay in one place for very long. His life is one of travel and adventure. From his own childhood, Nate knows having a wife and child are out of the question with his lifestyle. His investment in the Bounty Bay property should provide a quick return, allowing him more freedom in the types of jobs he takes. He can’t let his attraction to his sexy neighbor and her loveable son put a kink in his plans.When their attraction can no longer be denied, Nate and Lauren give in to temptation. Each of them knows better than to give their heart over to this temporary situation. But denying their love will only get them so far. Lauren will need to come out of her protective shell, while Nate needs to decide what he loves more: the freedom of traveling, or Lauren and Drew.Tracey Alvarez has written another stellar contemporary romance in Hide Your Heart. The characters are deep and go through a lot of growth throughout the story. Even little Drew will squeeze your heart and hold on tightly. Although the situations aren’t necessarily relatable—wouldn’t we all like to be tall, gorgeous former fashion models?—their struggles are real. Lauren only wants to keep to herself and protect Drew, and Nate’s plan for his property threatens that. Even Nate himself, famous in his own right, is dangerous for Lauren to be around if she doesn’t want to be recognized.Lauren is a strong woman; her past has seen to that. But she continues to grow and strengthen as her relationship with Nate progresses. Her initial reaction to him—fear to near passing out—is contrasted nicely with her trust in him later in the story when he grabs her ankle playfully and holds her down.Nate knows what he wants out of life, and having a wife and kid don’t fit into that picture. His own relationship with his father is sprinkled throughout the story. We come to understand why Nate would never want to subject anyone else to that kind of life, but we also get to hear about the good times he remembers with his father. Comparing those times to Nate’s relationship with Drew will give you all the warm fuzzies.I also appreciate the author’s descriptions of New Zealand. Even though I’ve never been there, I’m still able to picture the scenes as I read without feeling like I’m getting a geography lesson. The climate is worked right into the plot with rain storms facilitating the meeting between the main characters and necessitating their close proximity during the rest of the story.Hide Your Heart is a must read for contemporary romance fans. Although it’s a standalone book, the secondary characters are nicely woven into the plot leaving you eager to read the next book. I’m looking forward to the next installment of the Far North series.

  • Natasha
    2018-12-06 11:53

    Another fabulous collection of Down Under romances! I was excited to read this Christmas-themed collection after thoroughly enjoying "Love Down Under: Eight New Zealand & Australian Feel-Good Beach Romances."Overall, I would recommend this romance collection for its variety and well-written stories. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Out of all the books in this collection, "Hide Your Heart" by Tracey Alvarez, was the only book I had previously read. Since I enjoyed it so much the first time, I was happy to give it a reread. The characters are well-developed, so I didn't have to spend time backtracking to figure out if there was more to a person I was just not getting. I empathized for Lauren and her need to stay below the radar and give her son a normal childhood. Nate's outlook on life and his future plans made a lot of sense given his childhood abroad, and I never considered him a selfish jerk for the future he thought wanted. Lauren and Nate's chemistry works so well! I never felt I was reaching for a setup to mesh better or like a scenario was too contrived. I love how well I get a sense of the remoteness of location, which just adds to the entire feel of the book. This feels like a complete story, not a little bite where I need more to feel good about the ending.I enjoyed my previous reading experience with Serenity Woods, and also enjoyed "A Festive Treat" in the Treats to Tempt You series. The right amount of spice, but some reasonable relationship hurdles to balance it out. One thing I never really understood, was Skye's default to leaving home. She didn't seem all that excited about traveling abroad again, but was somehow dead set on departing.Even with that small snag, I loved the characters. Owen is different than a lot of male leads I read about, in a good way. He may have a rugged, outdoorsy job, but his general compassion and real drive to help people was a nice change."Just for Now" by Rosalind James continued the Escape to New Zealand series featuring New Zealand rugby. As a non-sport person, I have still enjoyed what I've read of the series. It was almost funny how tailor-made Jenna was for a dad like Finn. Considering he wanted someone who actually like his kids and cooked the best meals, it was funny how he went for the stereotype of the type a woman a professional athlete should date. Joanne Hill's "Promising Penny" was a sweet rather than steamy read, but still fun. I liked how the story wasn't just focused on romance, romance, romance. There was more about Penny and her dreams and plans and her friendship with Michael and not just the lovely aspects. "Christmas With the Boss" by Anne Seaton, was an interesting mix of almost ghost story with romance. A bit more tame in the passion sense, with the focus on the spooky aspects and the "We really shouldn't" aspect of getting involved in an employee-boss relationship.Kris Peasron's "Christmas Holiday Hearts" was a touch on the sad side. A lost romance that circled back almost a decade later, but this time there are children and a deceased spouse. Tony was a bit bossy for me, but I guess he would have to be to run such a successful estate.

  • Misty
    2018-11-18 07:48

    Christmas Romances (Kindle Edition)A Festive Treat (Treats to Tempt You) Serenity WoodsSkye is going through the motions but not really living. Closed off from emotional attachment, even from her family. Owen is a surprise. Though he carries his own scars, he's remained open and giving. Sparks fly when they meet by chance. But Skye is scheduled to leave...An emotionally charged, beautiful story full of sizzle, growth, humor, and so much more. A charming setting with a group of fun, loving, and supportive friends. A touching story that had me totally absorbed from the beginning.Christmas with the Boss by Annie SeatonJilly is looking forward to a quiet vacation. Her plans go awry when she finds her boss in the cabin next door. And he's looking mighty fine outside of his suits.A whimsical story of strange happenings, connection, and finding happiness. A very enjoyable short read.Christmas Holiday Hearts by Kris PearsonA very touching story. Tony and Ellie had a holiday affair 11 years ago. They've both moved on but the memories linger. Now, they are face to face again when Ellie takes the summer position as tutor to his twin girls. Sparks are still flying.Kris Pearson always brings out so many emotions. She has a talent of dropping you into the head and heart of each character until you're so wrapped up the emotions are your own. The characters aren't perfect which makes them even more "real". I've read this one before and it grabbed me just the same this time.Just For Now: Escape to New Zealand by Rosalind JamesSuch a great story! Jenna is reinventing herself. Her disastrous marriage was a blow, now she's trying to find herself. Tired of the time on her hands she takes a temporary position as nanny to Finn's kids.The story builds slowly. I don't mean it dragged. Just that it wasn't "instalove". The characters get to know each other as we get to know them. Fully, fleshed and totally engrossing from page one. Loved this book!Promising Penny Joanne HillPenny has spent her life doing for others. And Michael is the man of her dreams. She's beginning to think none of her dreams will come true.A very sweet story. Captivating. I wish there was more from Michaels pov but overall a great story.Hide Your Heart Tracey AlvarezThe story of Lauren and Nate. She's hiding after a disastrous marriage. He's a confirmed bachelor. He brought he back to life, she taught him how to live.An amazing story. Grabbed my heart early and didn't let go. Great characterization. Realistic plot. I fell in love.

  • Laura
    2018-12-03 05:42

    Just for Now - Rosalind JamesThis is my favorite book in the New Zealand series! I love the story of Finn & Jenna. It begins with somewhat of a dislike for one another and builds into a friendship, which then builds into a romance. I love the kids in the book because they bring such joy & entertainment to the story. Finn is such a tough rugby player, but on the home front, he is anything but. He has a love for his family and never loses sight of what is most important. Jenna didn’t plan on finding a family that she wished was her own, but she realized that Finn’s family was what she had been longing for since she was little. She had a rough upbringing and then a failed marriage. She was looking to start fresh. I’m honestly not sure how to pinpoint what draws me to this book so much. But I’ve read it at least twice and just finished listening to the audio for the second time!!! It’s a loving, intense, funny and heartwarming story.Festive Treats - Serenity WoodsThe story of Skye and Owen meeting in an airport and then meeting again a while later, shows that there may be something to be said about fate. Owen was immediately drawn to Skye. Besides her looks, he knew that deep down, there was something about her that he wanted to discover and help her with. Skye had a rough few years since the loss of her brother Harry in an accident. She hid away from her home and family, traveling all over to be free. She returned back home for her brother’s wedding and that was when the connection ignited between her and Owen. This story had a lot of ups and downs. I was rooting for Skye and Owen, but it became intense with the serious events that began to take place towards the end of the story. Overall, I loved the characters and it was great fun to read more about the characters from the previous books.Hide your Heart - Tracey Alvarez:Lauren & Drew are on their own after coming back to NZ from NYC. They both are making a fresh start from the life they led with Lauren's ex-husband. She is enjoying the simple life as compared to her life as a model in NYC. However, she is still afraid that she will be recognized as who she was. Nate purchases the house next door to Lauren. He rescued her from her car being broken down. She was unaware that the property had been sold and that is when all of the fun begins. Bickering and bantering back and forth. And Drew, you just want to love & squeeze him. It is a heartwarming story of second chances.

  • Becky
    2018-11-22 06:48

    Will add reviews as I finish the stories!HIDE YOUR HEART by Tracey AlvarezSuch a sweet read! I loved the characters--Lauren and Nate, naturally, but also Lauren's brother Todd and sister-in-law Kathy and Drew, of course--he is absolutely adorable, with his monkey-roni and the Superman picture--too cute! :)Lauren's fighting some pretty big demons--she and her son escaped an abusive relationship and a life she'd never asked for in New York City, seeking refuge in rural New Zealand. Once a world-famous model, she's dyed her hair, changed her look, and keeps herself apart from everyone but her immediate family. She's afraid of being recognized, afraid of the paparazzi, and afraid to let anyone outside her family in. She originally befriends Nate somewhat reluctantly in order to get him to change his plans for the property next door, but the more she gets to know him, the more she wants him, even though she knows their relationship can't last...Having recently lost his mentor, Nate's taking a break from his photojournalism to rehab a house he's bought sight unseen. (Okay--he saw pictures, but they were misleadingly old and hugely inaccurate.) He's in way over his head, so he enlists the help of a neighbor--a neighbor who's less than thrilled to notice his new boss's interest in his sister. Nate's drawn to Lauren and charmed by his son, but has always believed that his would be a solitary existence--leaving a family to chase work around the globe just wouldn't be right, after all. That's what his mentor always told him...didn't he?I loved watching Lauren and Nate grow closer, and seeing Drew work his magic on the confirmed bachelor. Tracey's new series is starting out beautifully--this book doesn't quite have the same lighthearted feel to it that her Due South series does, but it's written with her same trademark humor. I loved every minute I spent reading this one, and look forward to book two--which will star Nate's equally famous (and in at least one aspect, equally infamous) cousin.Rating: 4 stars / A-I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review--but I bought a copy anyway, because--99 cents!

  • Melodie Langston
    2018-12-02 07:43

    Just For Now, included in Christmas Down Under: Six Sexy New Zealand and Australian Christmas Romances, is a heartwarming, character driven novel by Rosalind James. It is also the third in the Escape to New Zealand series. It is a wonderful read. The two main characters, Jenna McKnight and Finn Douglas, are realistically drawn; nice people each carrying the right amount of baggage to make them interesting but not too full of angst. Jenna, still recovering from the breakup of her marriage, relocates to Auckland and applies for work as a nanny to Finn's children. Initially she and Finn don't hit it off and she doesn't get the job. A turn of events changes that and Jenna soon settles into the Douglas household. Finn, a widower and professional rugby player, is required to travel quite a bit. I found this helped make the story more plausible. I really enjoyed the important role that Finn's children play in the story; Sophie and Harry are key characters and fully formed. As with Jenna and Finn, each has a unique personality with their own set of strengths I appreciate the emphasis on the importance of family found in this book. There are also underlying themes about honesty and facing problems. Rosalind James has a wonderful gift for writing heartwarming novels with engaging, likable characters. This book is one of my own personal favorites of her books. I highly recommend buying Christmas Down Under, if only to get this book for a great price with the additional benefit of receiving five other books by authors whose works I have also read and enjoyed, as I will read these and review accordingly.I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor did I receive any renumeration. The opinions expressed are solely my own.

  • Mia
    2018-12-06 10:40

    This review is for the Rosalind James' book in this anthology. (I am still reading the other books in this wonderful anthology.) If you have never read any of Rosalind James' wonderful rugby romances, this book is a wonderful one to start with along with the rest of the lovely books included here.Jenna has moved up to Auckland to reinvent herself after a failed marriage. Jenna is an Yank who married a Kiwi and moved down to En Zed several years ago. She has reinvented herself with a new body and a new city. She is staying with a friend when she meets two wonderful children at a local park and their nanny. She has no clue who their father is when she applies to be a temporary live in nanny to his children. Finn is not only a single father but a member of New Zealand's top rugby team, the All Blacks. Needing to hire a temporary has meant the majority of those applying are more interested in him or his money. Not about caring for his children. So when Jenna shows up for the interview, both she and Finn are thrown off kilter. He is shocked she has no clue who he is since she doesn't follow rugby at all. His children are the ones who end up talking Finn into hiring Jenna as their nanny. But the attraction is there between the two. Watching it grow while learning more about rugby is a major part of this book that I really enjoyed. Finn's children are adorable and a part of the plot as it progresses. The beauty of En Zed is also a player in this book as it is in all of the rugby romance books. This book is part of the Escape to New Zealand series by Rosalind James but each book can be read as a stand alone and in any order. There are several characters from other books who wander into each book in this series offering a sense of continuity if you have read the other books.

  • Diana in SC
    2018-11-22 09:51

    I received a free copy of this boxed set from one of the authors in return for an honest review. I was not paid for my review, and all opinions are my own. I loved the "Love Down Under" boxed set a few months ago, so I was really excited that this same group of New Zealand and Australian authors were putting out a Christmas-themed boxed set! All of the books are set during Christmas-time on the beach Down Under, which is the summertime down there.So far, I have only read one book, but I will update my review when I read some more. I read "A Festive Treat" by Serenity Woods. 5 stars on this book! I really love it. It is the 5th book in the author's Treats to Tempt you series, but it can be read alone. It is set in the Bay of Islands in the subtropical north part of New Zealand. Serenity Woods' words transport you to this beautiful place with its flowering trees, kiwi birds singing, and laid-back atmosphere. I really want to visit the place! Well, Skye Graham has just come back home from years spent in Europe. She had run away to escape or deal with her grief after brother died in an accident. Skye meets Owen, a search and rescue guy with an adorable Labrador retriever. I fell in love with Owen; now he is one of my favorite male characters! He is hot, sweet, sensitive, determined to win Skye's heart, and loves his dog so much. Awww! This book also has some wonderfully steamy love scenes that are well balanced by the couple's sweetly developing relationship. I highly recommend this book! Next, I can't wait to read the books in this set by Rosalind James, Tracy Alvarez, and Annie Seaton because their books that I read in the Love Down Under boxed set were so excellent. I think that anyone who likes sweet yet sexy contemporary romance will love this Christmas Down Under boxed set.

  • Valerie Royal
    2018-11-22 05:02

    I'm not quite through all the books in this set but the ones I have read I've thoroughly enjoyed. Rosalind James if one of my favorite authors and I love her New Zealand Rugby romance books so this review is for Just for Now (Escape to New Zealand)I really enjoyed this story. This story is about Jenna, a teacher and an American, who relocated to New Zealand with her husband only to come home one day and find her husband in bed with another man. She walked out the door and began putting her life back together. Fast forward a few months and she is in need of a job after moving to a new town and applies for a nanny position for the children of Finn Douglas, a rugby player who happens to be an All Black. Unbeknownst to Jenna, she'd all ready met Finn's children at the dog park and they immediately wanted her for their nanny. After trying a few other candidates, Finn begs Jenna to take the job and she does. She immediately fills a big void in the household and slowly Finn finds himself becoming very attracted to Jenna. She can't help but notice how strong he is but is wary of getting involved with her boss and wants to wait until her nanny position is over and then she'll date him. Needless to say,, they start out with good intentions but before long they're very much involved. Next thing you know, Finn is on the road with the team, Jenna finds out she's pregnant and suffering terribly from morning sickness and wondering if things will work out. I'm going to leave the story here and you'll have to read for yourself and find out exactly what happens.As usual, Ms James does not disappoint in this story. All of her New Zealand stories are great and this one is right up there with all of them I know you will not be disappointed.

  • D'Lana Parker
    2018-12-16 11:47

    "I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review."Six different authors, six totally different stories. What do they have in common? Christmas time in the southern hemisphere and sizzling romance.I enjoyed all of the books in this anthology, but my favorite, and the focus of my review, is Just For Now by Rosalind James. Just For Now is the 3rd book in Rosalind James's Escape to New Zealand series and is the story of Finn and Jenna. This was actually my second time reading Just For Now and I loved it just as much this time as I did the first. Finn is a widower, the father of two young children and a member of the All Blacks, New Zealand's national rugby team. He meets Jenna when he hires her as a temporary nanny for his children, Sophie and Harry. Jenna is a actually a teacher but has taken time off from teaching to recover from a major disappointment in her life.This story is, at different times, touching, funny, sexy and sweet. It is about relationships and family. Watching Finn and Jenna progress from friendship to attraction and ultimately to love is almost magical and their respective relationships with the children are heart warming. Rosalind James writes characters that have depth and are so complete it is sometimes difficult to remember they are not real. This is a hallmark of Rosalind's writing. She makes the people, places and culture in her books come alive. She also writes some pretty steamy love scenes! I would recommend this anthology to anyone that enjoys romance, Christmas without cold and snow, and the color of other countries and cultures.

  • Midwest Reader
    2018-12-09 10:57

    This collection is a great bargain and perfect to read and "escape" the the everyday holiday season. If you are in a cold climate it might just bring a bit of sun and sand into your life during these cold and dark months.As this is a collection, I will update this written part of my review as I have more time :)Just for NowI have a personal theory when it comes to romance books that depending on where you are in life (married, single, divorced, parent, non-parent, etc) or your personality different books and characters will appeal to you in specific ways and to different degrees. Its one of the things that makes rereading to a book so much fun. The female protagonist Jenna is a very maternal and nurturing sort of woman, very likable and intelligent (which I love). Even though I would normally gravitate towards a different kind of female protagonist, I found this book to be as infectious as the previous books and hard to stop reading and I found Jenna to be a very enjoyable character to follow and to root for. I respect her and I think she is one of those characters the more I think about her is one you can learn from. Finn is likeable and believable, and not too perfect but everything you could hope for in a romantic lead. I love how Rosalind James focuses on relationships-romantic, friendships, family. I am also coming to realize how much James does not gravitate towards the recent literary trend of consumerism porn where the book is littered with expensive labels and just enjoy the financial security and opportunities in a relaxed way just as Finn does.

  • Paula
    2018-11-30 10:43

    Christmas Down Under really put you in the holiday mood Australian/ New Zealand style. Most of these authors I was familiar with having read some of their series. I enjoyed some of the stories more than others there really isn’t a bad one in the bunch. Then while some had supporting characters from the author’s other books, I felt quite comfortable with each story on its own. All of these are a bit different but very captivating. I love reading of the unique customs, talk, settings with a summer Christmas and the wonderful array of characters. Treats to Tempt You by Serenity Woods is one of my favorites of the group. Loved Mozart as well as Skye and Owen. This is lighthearted and uplifting.Christmas with the Boss by Annie Seaton is a flirty story with an added unexpected twist.Christmas Holiday Hearts by Kris Pearson is an unanticipated second chance romance after eleven years.Just for Now by Rosalind James is another favorite with the heroine getting back on her feet to discover life and love again. Promising Penny by Joanne Hill is a delightful friends to lovers story.Hide Your Heart by Tracey Alvarez is the most emotional of the collection dealing with abuse, recovery and love.There is something for everyone to enjoy.4.5 StarsOne of the authors provided a copy for an honest review.

  • Jackie Wright
    2018-11-24 04:57

    5 Star ReviewI was given this set for a honest review but I enjoyed it so much I have pre ordered this box set.I have only read two of the novellas so farA Festive Treat(Treats to Tempt you) by Serenity WoodsThis was a great start to the box set and I fell in love with Owen and his search and rescue dog Mozart. Skye and Owen meet on a plane and that's when things start heating up but Skye has baggage to deal with before she starts looking for a HEA. Owen was perfect not only does he have the ability to train dogs and there handlers but he knows how to treat a women right what else could you want.......Just For Now by Rosalind JamesOMG I'm back with one of my favourite series staring the All Blacks ......Jenna came to New Zealand as a wife but one day her dreams of forever are shattered she needs time to think her life out so takes a break from her teaching job and heads to Wellington. She soon realizes she needs a job and ends up working as a live in nanny for Finn a hot rugby playing All Black. Finn's children are adorable and Jenna finds herself falling in love with the family and so the story begins .....Both of these authors are favourites of mine and these two stories had me feeling good inside. I will be reading the other stories in this box set, it's not only amazing value its romance at its best..... Great Holiday Read

  • Leslie
    2018-11-22 07:03

    As of today, I've only gotten through two of the six and I'm having fun with them!Just for Now by Rosalind James was one I had read before as a standalone, but it was one of my favorites, so I reread it. It is such a down-to-earth, modern love story. I love a love story where children are a part of the story and Finn brings along two children of his own. It also addresses weight issues with the main character, Jenna, and the emotional aspect of weight gain/loss due to emotional distress. For many, a very relatable issue. Lest I forget--it was sexy fun too!I also read Christmas with the Boss by Annie Seaton. This was a first for me by this author and it was different from my normal, but not too different. It had a paranormal aspect that was intriguing. The characters, Jilly and Dominic were fun, young people. Nice short story.I'm taking my time reading these stories. They are Christmas stories after all and we just finished Halloween, so I can most assuredly go into "Christmas mode," full of reading while snuggled under a blanket. Although keep in mind, the seasons are opposite so while you're warming up your toes, these characters are feeling the heat, in more ways than one!