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In space, you can't hide from temptation...Nick-named Captain Hardass by the new recruits, Captain Leigh Alphin is captain of the Fighter Force of the battleship Valiant Knox. He's honorable, straightforward, and hard as nails - except for the soft spot he has for a young woman he rescued off a transport that was under attack. Now that she's one of his new recruits, it's iIn space, you can't hide from temptation...Nick-named Captain Hardass by the new recruits, Captain Leigh Alphin is captain of the Fighter Force of the battleship Valiant Knox. He's honorable, straightforward, and hard as nails - except for the soft spot he has for a young woman he rescued off a transport that was under attack. Now that she's one of his new recruits, it's imperative he stop thinking about her in that way.Especially now that the Knox has been secretly infiltrated by the enemy.Mia Wolf's new commander is icy, no-BS, and completely gorgeous. His glances send heat searing through her. Neither of them can afford to make this mistake, yet desire takes hold, consuming them. For the first time, Leigh's iron sense of honor falters as his heart fights for love… and against an enemy trying to destroy everything they hold dear....

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Damage Control Reviews

  • Jennifer
    2018-11-21 15:33

    ARC received for reviewThis was so good that I lost sleep just to finish it. No insta-love just a great romance that developed into love with lots of action, intrigue and suspense along the way with some hot sex thrown in. Leigh aka Alpha was seriously sexy and didn't give anyone any slack in the program. Mia was smart and not afraid to show it and help Leigh. Together they had great chemistry. I didn't know who the bad guy was at all. No, I didn't read the first book but it didn't matter cause Ms. Anastasi explained this new world so well that I wasn't lost at all. I do want to go back and read the fist one cause Commander Yang's story sounds like it 5 star worthy too. There are so many great secondary characters that there are sure to be lots more books in this world. Can I put in my request for Ace or Bren to be next...or them get together?

  • Marta Cox
    2018-12-18 11:36

    This author seems to write sci fi with romance woven through it and I really enjoyed the previous book Escape Velocity as it had a huge emotional pull. This story also set aboard the battleship Valiant Knox had me really starting to understand the conflict going on as the two very different ideologies battle. Those aboard the Knox are doing their best to reduce the damage caused by the rebel forces of CSS, a faction that frown on technology and their bloodthirsty ways are really getting out of hand. From the offset it's clear that the danger levels are ramping up as new trainees arriving are targeted but once safely on board the Valiant Knox nefarious plans come to light and it's very clear that there is a traitor travelling in their midst!So into all this the author drops Mia, she's young, she's incredibly smart and she's also a huge fly in the ointment that constitutes Captain Leigh Alphins life. Known as a hard ass it's his job to push the new recruits to their limits but there's something about Mia that really appeals to Leigh but she's so off limits it's just not real! Leigh could lose his command if he pursued Mia but as events unfold it's clear working together might just be their only salvation. Forbidden love is always a winner in romance and I thought the author did a credible job of ramping up the tension. No instant love thankfully but a mystery to solve with plenty of intrigue and action along the way. Leigh may be used to being in charge but Mia really holds her own and frankly at times she steps up and saves the day. I loved that even though she can fight for herself she never felt like a hard person and her softer side really helped make her feel more of a rounded character. This is I guess space opera but the technical side is not in your face and full of gobbledygook it's just enough to make the situations believable. As for the relationship that grows it's a slow burn that seemed inevitable and I will say the couples ingenuity at times was nearly their downfall! Oh yes the gloves come off as Leigh succumbs to the forbidden desire he feels for Mia with plenty of hot scenes. Leigh was a revelation and an old fashioned type of hero who would sacrifice anything for the woman he loves.Whist admittedly I did prefer Yangs emotional journey in the previous story I really had fun reading this book. It expands the world and we are starting to learn a lot more about the war being fought. There are some interesting supporting characters who will surely step up soon but for now all I can say is this book was well written, with suspense and shocks galore. This author had clearly plotted this out and it paid off spectacularly well leaving this reader with a smile on her face.I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest reviewFour and a half from me

  • Amber .:★Wild Heart Reviews★:.
    2018-12-05 12:37

    It's not often that I get to read Sci-Fi romances these days, but truth be told, it is one of my favorite romance genres. I absolutely love it because of the sheer creativity that has to go into. Damage Control is by new-to-me author Jess Anastasi. It is the second book in the Valiant Knox series, and it can completely be read as a standalone novel. I haven't read the first book in the series myself. I think it would probably add to this story, but it definitely doesn't take anything away. It is told from third person POV between the main characters, and it does have an HEA.What I want to point out about this story first off, is that while it is a romance, it is extremely story rich. While there is forbidden love in it, and it is about the main hero and heroine, you're also getting a huge amount plot in the process. Not only that, the plot itself will keep you on the edge of your seat. The romance between the main characters has been seamlessly woven into the story line, so you don't feel like you're missing anything.For me, Damage Control kept me on the very edge of my seat. It starts off with a bang and does not let up. It is action packed, it is suspenseful, there is an air of mystery to it also. Another thing that I absolutely loved about about this book is that I didn't even figure out the full plot. I had a feeling about it, but at the very end there was a twist that even floored me. Typically I figure out plots before I hit 25% of a book, so for that to happen, you can bet I was drooling over this book. I can't even joke, I was reading a book, and felt like I was watching a movie!The main characters themselves are intense as well. The connection they feel, what they go through, the fact that everything between them is forbidden and yet they can't help feeling it. They fight it it too, while having to work in close proximity with each other.Leigh is absolutely an alpha male, he is used to making decisions and choices that impact everyone. He does this without even second guessing himself but he's also the guy that throws himself into the fray, regardless of what my happen to him, to save others.Then you have Mia, who is gorgeous and could care less about her looks. She's been put into a position on the Valiant Knox that she doesn't even want. She tends to be fearless, stubborn, and she is extremely intelligent. There were times I found her to be naive but overtly, it's more that she wants the best for everyone.Not only do you have great main characters but each and every co-star and supporting character is very well written. You get a feel for them and who they are as well. There are more than a few that I particularly liked that I do hope get their own books.For me, Damage Control was actually a five star book, but I'm rating is as a four star. This is entirely because of my own feelings on the book when I finished it and has nothing to do with the actual writing. That itself is phenomenal. I would most certainly recommend this book, especially if you have a love for something different romance wise, or if you love extremely plot rich, action packed books.(**Note: I let my nerd flag fly here! All images used are from an MMO space game called Eve Online. The main image has been edited somewhat but the Valiant Knox as shown above is actually an Eve Titan. Credit to the images and gif go to Eve Online.**)

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2018-12-19 11:38

    The cover isn’t the only thing that’s hot….Yes, I admit it. The cover was the first thing to grab my attention. Would you believe that shade of blue-green is my favorite color? I was thrilled to find the story matched the sexy cover completely!This is a romantic suspense story set in a futuristic world where the war of good vs. evil is still being waged, but this time in the dark reaches of space. Captain Leigh Alphin is a war veteran in charge of fighter jets and their pilots on the battleship Valiant Knox. He wrote the book on the ins-and-outs of air combat which is why he finds himself part of the team training the next batch of would-be pilots. He has seen a lot in his years of service but he has never defied (well, almost never) the rules. When he meets Mia Wolfe, however, there is a new battle to wage between his career and his love…“But personal feelings didn’t count when it came to duty, and duty always came first.”There is no denying there was something between Leigh and Mia from their first, unorthodox meeting. The forbidden aspect of their relationship was front and center throughout this story of war and espionage. The two were both evenly matched whether in the intrigue they unwittingly found themselves in or on the training mat in class. Watching this big, strong, feared man, levelled by a five foot nothing brainiac was entertaining as well as incredibly sexy. At times the romance felt secondary to the complex story and numerous characters, but each twist and turn always found its way back to Mia and Leigh and their search for truth and each other.This is a genre I’m really picky about as it’s easy to lose the emotion and humanness of a romance in the cold vastness of war and space. This story, along with Leigh and Mia, ticked all the boxes perfectly. Plus, I’m not sure how, but this author made the cockpit of a fighter jet as sexy as any bedroom scene I’ve read! A series firmly placed on my must-read shelf. ~ Diane, 4 stars~~~ One of the things I love about having a mile long list of books to read is that many times, once I go to read a book, I've forgotten its blurb, and sometimes why I wanted to read it in the first place. This gives me a chance to go in open minded, without preconceived notions of the plot. Damage Control was an absolute charm to read that way. It starts strong, with a deservedly confident ship Captain being a sexy-as-hell hero. By ship, I mean ship spaceship. That made for such a thrilling sci-fi style change from my recent reads. I was instantly caught up in such an exciting change of scenery. Captain Leigh Alphin was such a pleasure to read about. His strength and commanding personality were even sexier because they were in so many ways the mask he donned for his students and subordinates. In reality, he is a man who cares deeply and needs to feel—he's just not allowed to show it—and a man with hidden layers and depths. Ahhh, I'm a sucker for the strong, sensitive type! Mia was one of my favorite types of heroine. She was strong and confident, while still being vulnerable and sensitive. This means that she wasn't unnecessarily full of angst and doubt, nor was she simply a door mat. She was clever, and capable, but still willing to accept help and love from our sexy space captain. So take two strong, sexy characters, with electrifying chemistry, force them together under close circumstances and what do you get? That's right folks, explosive combustion, of course. Add in a thrilling sci-fi setting and you get steamy sex in a jet fighter, definitely ranking as one of my favorite scenes. Then, just in case you're not already on the edge of your seat, let's throw in some action, some traitors and espionage, and for good measure, a few life or death situations. Wait, did I mention it's a forbidden romance? Just in case everything else wasn't enough of course. It was marvelously compiled though, into a book I just did not want to put down, and I was disappointed to finish. Who could ask for more? ~ George, 4 stars

  • Mei
    2018-11-30 18:14

    Weel I was expecting something more besides the drama, but I was lef hanging... unfortunately...Here we have the drama of a love between recruit (Mia) and a CO (Leigh), but also the frama of a relationship between an older man and a very young woman.That's the fulcrum of this book. Their feelings about the problems that could result if they make their relationship public. Would he be demoted? Will she be discharged from the program? Also I found that he, and all the high ranking officers of the Valiant Knox too, are very much naive. It was a green recruit that has the idea that somebody has tampered with the computers to help Mia's attacker during his flight. They're all very quick to condemn the first suspect without investigating more in depth, even if they're aware that there's a conspiracy involved.The lack of tight security that should have been put in act after the attack to the transport shuttle is incredible!!! They're at war, but they act like they're a luxury cruise ship! Nothing is done to prevent further attacks! They just quietly investigate like if looking for a burgler instead of a terrorist; and they're don't do it very well either!I really don't know if I'll continue with the series if further books are like that. I'll give a try to the next one, but just to find out if things will change...

  • Marlene
    2018-11-21 17:38

    Originally published at Reading RealityWelcome to the Valiant Knox, a floating city in space. More like a flying city. Think Battlestar Galactica, with the long-running war being not quite as devastating. At least not yet.The Valiant Knox is an Alliance space battleship, on the side of the good guys fighting the evil CSS. The CSS believes in bombing everyone back to a religious-based stone age, even as they use stolen Alliance space ships to get that job done.The CSS still strikes this reader as basic fundamentalist-type loonies, but they seem to be damn effective loonies. If space opera with a very strong romantic element is your thing, start with Escape Velocity to read this series from its start.While the setting of the Valiant Knox itself is very cool, the series as a whole still strikes me as gateway science fiction romance for readers who love military romance and just aren’t sure about the whole “space” thing.A lot of the story, and an equal amount of the tension in the romance, will feel very familiar to readers of military romance. New recruit Mia Wolfe is rescued by Captain Leigh Alphin of the Valiant Knox. Wolfe needs a rescue because the CSS has infiltrated the Alliance hierarchy, and someone knew just when the shuttle carrying new recruits to the Knox would be the most vulnerable to enemy action. Her shuttle squeaks into the Knox cargo bay, with the engines about to explode. Instead, Alphin disobeys orders and board the fire ship all by himself. He barely makes it to the bridge controls to cut off the doomed shuttle’s engine in time. In time before he succumbs to smoke inhalation, and in time before the cargo bay is vented to space to prevent the shuttle from taking the Knox with her in a ball of flame.Mia Wolfe is one of many in the ship of recruits, but her dogged determination to keep both her unconscious friend and herself alive with one gas mask during the fire snags at Alphin’s heart. A heart most people claimed he didn’t have.He assumes that the raw recruit will be assigned somewhere else in the war effort, probably to the planet below. Which gives him a bit of license to let the young woman know how much he admires her courage, and lets him just be human for a minute in her company, instead of always sealing himself inside his hard ass, Captain Air Fighter Forces (CAFF) persona.(His rank feels borrowed directly from BSG, as both Lee Adama and Starbuck served as CAG on that series at different times. Leigh is high in the chain of command, serving as the commander of all the fighter squadrons on the ship.)Of course, Murphy’s Law states that the one woman Leigh let his guard down in front of is assigned to the fighter squadron. Now she’s not just forbidden because she’s a recruit, but because she is his recruit and he will have the responsibility of judging her fitness for the squad or washing her out and kicking her planetside to the ground forces.They are as stupid for each other as romance readers could want. They both know that any relationship is a career-killingly bad idea for both of them, but they can’t seem to resist. To make the situation fraught with even more peril, the ship’s commander, Kai Yang from Escape Velocity, is fighting for his career as he tries to ferret out just how many CSS moles are aboard the Knox, and he asks for Leigh’s help.Leigh gets Mia Wolfe involved in his covert intelligence operation, which provides even more opportunities for them to be dangerously alone together. But as the attacks against them and the Knox escalate, their relationship also shows them just what they have to fight for.If they survive.Escape Rating B+: I like this series a lot. It reminds me of a cross between BSG and Stargate SG1, but in my book those are awfully good progenitors for a military SF series.The relationship between Mia and Leigh is a slow burn that heats up fast. And that any relationship will be extremely damaging to both their careers just adds that luscious flavor of forbidden fruit to the whole thing.It’s easy to see why their relationship is so dangerous. At the moment, he controls her future career. And by entering into a relationship with a recruit, he leaves himself wide open to charges of favoritism by any other recruit. And then there’s the power imbalance. This just shouldn’t happen.But they have something for each other. Leigh is tired of having nothing in his life except his job. A good job will not love you back, as the saying goes. Mia has the potential to be his equal, given time and experience. But with a deadly war escalating, time is one thing they do not have.There is a traitor in their midst. Leigh knows it, and so does Yang, but can’t figure out who among his trusted officers might be the moles. Mia has some mad computer skills, and is capable of ferreting out the truth, if Leigh can keep them both alive.The tension ratchets up in every direction. Not just the romantic and sexual tension, but the tension of the situation. They need to find the moles and plug the leak. They need to keep their relationship under wraps. Yang needs to fend off the bureaucrats who want to end his career, and possibly the effectiveness of the Knox along with it. And the moles are out to get them personally, as well as get the Knox and the Alliance in general. (I have a sneaking suspicion that the political movement against Yang may turn out to also be a product of CSS moles, but only future entries in the series (please let there be some!) will tell me if I’m right)The plot doesn’t let up for a minute.As much as I’m enjoying this story, I still want to know a lot more about the crazy CSS. Because we see everything from the side of the Knox, we aren’t able to get deeply into their motives and operation. They still seem like lunatic fringe fundamentalists. For this story to move from B+ into the A’s this reader needs to see more explanation for why these bad guys have turned so bad.But Damage Control (and Escape Velocity), the continuing adventures of the Valiant Knox, are still a marvelously fun ride.

  • Dísir
    2018-12-16 15:27

    Torn between duty and desire, Captain Leigh “Alpha” or “Hardass” Alphin of the Fighter Force is horrified to find himself drawn to a recruit that his team is supposed to train…and vice versa. A relationship is forbidden on so many levels; he has fifteen years on her and fraternising with a recruit could probably get them thrown into military prison. But Mia Wolfe isn’t like any other recruit that Leigh has known; it isn’t long before he asks for her help in unearthing the traitor in their midst. Their growing connection however, cannot continue without some form of sacrifice and with an unseen enemy closing in, a baptism by fire is their only route out of this - even if the villain orchestrating it is little too predictable. The struggle that Leigh and Mia face in maintaining a professional boundary finally cracks and I found a thoroughly guilty pleasure in reading about their deliciously and dangerously illicit relationship, a reason I can safely attribute to both the likeability of both characters and their undeniable chemistry together. And this is the bigger picture in this universe that I’ve particularly enjoyed: the breadth of the interstellar conflict that gradually unfurls and takes root in this book - there is no dizzying info dump that tends to make a classic space opera read like an incomprehensible plumbing manual - just as characters of the Valiant Knox start to find their own personal HEAs. If ‘Escape Velocity’ was a gentle introduction to the politics of the conflict between the United Earth Force and Christ’s Sunday Soldiers, 'Damage Control' is full-fledged novel and a wonderfully immersive experience that cements the series in the syfy-romance category, rather than a romance set far in the future in a galaxy far away. The cost I paid for this book? A few much-needed hours of sacrificed sleep and a book-drunkenness that will leave me thinking about Leigh and Mia for days to come.I can live with that. *ARC by netgalley(Too grateful for any more words)

  • Jacque
    2018-12-05 10:41

    In a sea of contemporary and paranormal romances, it's nice to indulge in a SyFy romance. Nothing to technical my brain would hurt but enough that I knew I wasn't in Kansas anymore, Damage Control was exactly what I needed.Leigh Alphin is captain of the Fighter Force of the battleship Valiant Knox. His job is to train new recruits and to fight the CSS rebel forces. When the rebels attack a transport, Leigh and his fighters swoop in. Leigh manages to save the day and rescues a young woman he feels a instant attraction to. Little does he know, she's one of his recruits!Don't you just love a good forbidden romance story! Leigh certainly had the hots for Mia, which were deliciously reciprocated. She's no shrieking violet and he's not a caveman so big plus for them being on a pretty decent equal footing. However, she is just a recruit and he's her captain not to mention he has a few years on her, not too many to make it feel he was a creeper, but enough that he felt it would be a issue. You just know they are going to crack and give it to their feelings. When and how made for a few sizzling, and sometime wickedly fun, situations. On top of that oh so no-no romance there are a few other plot lines worth mentioning. There a war going on with the CCS (Christ’s Sunday Soldiers) and the author does a great job of detailing it all out. Add to that, the CCS have managed to infiltrate the Valiant Knox so now there is a mystery to solve on who the bad guys are. I sort of guess from the beginning who could possibly be the spies but when everything was reveal I found I actually was only half right. However, it did make for a good suspenseful mystery with Mia helping Leigh out. There quite a few twist and turns as the story plays out. Damage Control made for a well thought out read I didn't expect to enough as much as I did. Despite not reading the first book, I never felt lost, and actually now I want to go back and read what I had missed out on.As my first book by Jess Anastasi, Damage Control was a great introduction. How I haven't discovered her works before I have no clue but I am eyeballing her other titles now planning what I am reading next. Pick up a copy of Damage Control and get ready to be swept away!I received this book from the JeepDiva for the express purposes of an honest review. The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensated.Stars - 4.5, Flames - 3

  • April Symes
    2018-12-02 15:16

    Captain Leigh Alphin is captain of the Fighter Force of the battleship Valiant Knox. He rescued Mia Wolf off a transport that was under attack and she is now the new commander for the Valiant Knox. Mia is someone who doesn’t take any guff off anyone and she is locked down tight, which makes it hard for Leigh to get a read on Mia.This is a sci-fi book that has a great flow to the story. The MC aren’t in love immediately. What they are is wary around each other. The hero is seriously so ALPHA he makes my heart go pitter patter and the heroine doesn’t know what to make of him but he does make HER heart go pitter patter as well. The story is that those on the ship are trying to fight the damage left by the rebel forces of CSS. The CSS are nasty and tend to do left behind bad things which cause a lot of conflict for the crew. They are trying to fight the CSS and make sure to make it back alive and in one piece. There is action, suspense, romance and sci-fi built into the story that I enjoyed reading about. The story is told in a 3rd person POV which is good because it gives insight into the story and it is the 2nd story in the Valiant Knox series and can be seen as a standalone story. Mia comes into the crew as a newbie and she is young, very pretty and oh so brilliant and that is what drives the Captain nuts when he is near her. You wouldn’t get that at first because he considered to be , by all, known as a “hard a$$” but deep down he finds Mia very attractive and he wants her. He has to push all the new recruits hard but something about her, he wants to push her the hardest and oh he does. But he also wants to be with her but he knows he can’t because she works for him. This sucks because she wants him too but knows because he is her boss and she can’t –that forbidden fruit taboo kind of thing. The twists and turns in this story works out great and the ending is fantastic! I cannot wait to read book 3 in this series.My rating: 4.0 stars *******A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review****

  • Julie
    2018-12-09 16:29

    3.5 stars I liked the romance between Leigh and Mia. Even though their chemistry was immediate, the effort they made to avoid giving in was comical. The relationship wasn't rushed either which was a nice change of pace. Leigh had obvious appreciation for Mia's brains and body and always treated her respectfully. He protected her-not to the point of coddling, thankfully, and treated her as a partner. For her part, Mia wasn't bowled over by an older guy, much less her commanding officer. She was feisty, loyal, and had smarts she didn't hesitate to use. Damage Control got off to a slow start but once things picked up speed this book turned out to be pretty good! I felt the SF parts weren't as strong as the romance but it still worked itself out. Forbidden romance, spies, sexy times in the cockpit, and suspenseful moments, this book has a little something for everyone and it all tidied up for pretty decent read.

  • Karen
    2018-11-23 15:28

    I didn't think I would like this book, don't get me wrong the world sounded fantastic but I've never been a fan of the older man/woman falling for the younger boy/girl. That being said this book was rather good. I thought the world was well built and comprehensive (and this is the second book in this series yet still well done) and I genuinely liked both Leigh and Mia, also the storyline made the book very hard to put down. Overall well done.

  • Sascha
    2018-12-03 11:30

    Directly preceding Cover Fire, a novel by Jess Anastasi I reviewed back in June (you can read the review here) is the novel Damage Control, which I am reviewing today. And, yes, I read them out of order, which you probably shouldn’t do. However, if you’re a fan of Laura Griffin or Suzanne Brockman and like the idea of a little sci-fi thrown in, I recommend that you give the Valiant Knox series a try—but, in order. 😉I enjoyed Damage Control almost as much as I enjoyed Cover Fire. There is a lot of action and a good mystery, although because I had read Cover Fire, I already knew who the spy was. Still it was interesting to watch it all more here:

  • Ash P Reads
    2018-11-18 16:31

    This is one crazy whirlwind of an adventurous romance. Poor Alpha doesn't know what hit him when he meets Mia. And as he puts it so well, he has no idea what happens to his control when she's around him. I felt a bit sorry for Mia though. She spent so much time fighting off attackers and getting patched up. But she's a scrappy, resilient little thing. On another note, I'm reading this series backwards so on to Book 1 'Escape Velocity' for me.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via #NetGalley for voluntary review consideration.

  • Helena
    2018-12-13 10:11

    the reason I gave it 3 stars although it was a sweet story was because it emphasized too much on the fact that she was younger than him and his subordinate. it made me feel like their relationship was wrong in some way. i had to keep reminding myself they were adults. this worry took the enjoyment of getting through the novel.

  • Book Gannet
    2018-12-18 15:33

    After really enjoying the first book in this series (Escape Velocity) I was looking forward to this one, however, sadly, it didn’t quite work for me. Mostly because of the characters and the romance.Leigh is a serious career soldier. He’s risen fast through the ranks over his fifteen years of service to lead the Fighter Force on the Valiant Knox. He’s driven, dedicated and seriously good at his job – yet he’s willing to throw all of that over because Mia swans into his life. Oh, he puts up some resistance, but really, it’s a blink and you’ll miss it attempt. For a man who’s worked so hard to get where he is and values the work he does so highly, I’d have expected something more.Then there’s Mia. I just didn’t get Mia. She’s far too convenient. Firstly, how did she end up in the Fighter program anyway? She’s smart and a good fighter, true, but the kind of skills she shows off throughout the book suggest she should have been assigned elsewhere. And she doesn’t even want to be a pilot anyway. Secondly, I found the way she moons over Leigh to be entirely tedious. She doesn’t put up any resistance to their attraction at all, despite all the torturous thoughts about what it’ll do to both of their careers. Then there’s her habit of always calling him Leigh. You’d think she’d be smart enough to know that was a bad habit to develop, but nope. Add in her super hacker skills that come along at just the right moment, and I just found her annoying. I didn’t connect with either her or Leigh, and frequently wondered why I should care about two foolish people with self-control issues.Sadly, I also had issues with the plot, particularly the appalling lack of security on the Knox. Mia looked up the schematics a few years ago and that means she can access everything on the ship. Really? There’s a war on. Do they all want to die? I wouldn’t really object to Mia and Leigh vanishing into the depths of space, but I do still like the other characters and would rather they stuck around. However, the spy plot was more intriguing and definitely held my attention throughout as I tried to work out who the mole might be.There is still so much potential in this series. The war is interesting, most of the characters are intriguing and there’s always something going on, it’s just unfortunate that I couldn’t actually like either of the main characters this time. It’s not badly written because I read it easily enough (between eye rolls) and I definitely want to read more from the series. Maybe I’m just grumpy right now, but my level of patience just couldn’t stretch to self-indulgent angsting and lack of self-control in the middle of a war, between two characters who had very little between them to actually build a relationship on. Oh well, I shall still keep an eye out for the next one and hope that my tolerance level improves.(I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)

  • Literati Literature Lovers
    2018-11-30 11:16

    3.5 StarsDamage Control by Jess Anastasi is the second book in the Valiant Knox series of science fiction romance books. The year is 2436, the story takes place in orbit over the planet Ilari in the Brannon system and the United Earth Forces have been fighting a twenty year war against Christ’s Sunday Soldiers, a religious movement that sees technology as evil and wants a return to the fire and brimstone God. The war encompasses three planets in the system and started over interfere by the United Earth Confederacy after a natural disaster had taken place, when aid worker were blown up along with much of a major city on Ilari. Anastasia fascinating twist on a future were UEF are fighting the CSS, and honestly I have no clue who the good guys are or who the bad guys are. I solved this war quickly, simply remove all technology from around the Ilaria and Brannon system, and let the CSS have it, evacuate all those who want to leave and stop the bloodshed. Their religious dogma will not be able to impact the rest of the galaxy, if they are isolated. The author has never established if the people of the UEF are allowed to have free will in their belief system, or if they even have a belief system. I need more depth of world building between the UEF and CSS. I want to be challenged by the dogma of her world building, to understand the politics of both parties. Is the UEF fighting to just contain the CSS, and does the CSS just want to be left alone or go forth and multiple?Now to the love story that is the main thrust of this book. The characters Leigh Alphin and Mia Wolfe are both very engaging. Alpha is in charge of the flight deck and Wolfe is a new recruit he is attracted to but should not be. He is her commanding officer, and being involved with ones commanding officer is completely wrong. The two characters have great interaction with each other, and the plot of CSS moles having infiltrated the Valiant Knox is a adventuresome tale. Leigh and Mia work together to uncover the espionage that is threatening the lives of the UEF soldiers on board the Valiant Knox. Combine this plot with the all over war one and this makes for a very interesting if not complete action adventure story.If you liked television shows like Battlestar Galactica, were deeper philosophical questions were asked. Where lines between the supposedly good and buy guys are muddled then this is a series for you. I would really like to see the author flesh out her world building and pushed herself to bring out more of the history of how the UEF and CSS got to the point in war.If I was just going to review the love story the book would be getting a solid four stars, but the confusion of the conflict and history of the CSS and UEF, does lower my rating.

  • Maria Rose
    2018-11-27 14:21

    Being Captain of the Fighter Force on the Valiant Knox starship is a position Leigh obtained through hard work and perseverance - and someone is trying to bring it down. The war with the CSS has taken an even deadlier turn, with moles on board the ship working to cause its destruction. When the new batch of recruits is set upon in transport, Leigh saves the life of the bright and beautiful young woman Mia. As a recruit under his command she's off limits - but there is no denying the scorching heat between them. When Mia is attacked on board, she uses her hacking skills to delve deeper into the mystery, and ends up joining Leigh in his pursuit of the spies within. Engaging in an illicit affair will endanger them in more ways than one - can they catch the ones bent on destroying the ship before they get caught themselves?I loved this story! The worldbuilding was excellently done, giving a full picture of the factions involved in the war between the United Earth Forces and the ultra radical CSS, a religious cult bent on taking earth and its colonies back to a pre-technology time. The huge starship Valiant Knox is well detailed and easy to picture. (It's entirely possible that I had mental pictures of the Starship Enterprise decks while reading the story). The romance is a forbidden one, the commander of the starship being attracted to the new recruit. Leigh and Mia work very hard at denying this attraction, knowing that being found in any kind of compromising position will endanger not only his well regarded military career but Mia's up and coming one as well. But of course in the end they can't keep their hands off each other, especially when working together to find out who is sabotaging things on the ship puts them in close and private quarters in the dead of night. The love scenes between them were pretty steamy, but I appreciated that they each felt equally tortured by their feelings and the knowledge that even though it felt right to be together, no-one else would see it that way. There is lots of action and intrigue right from the start, and along with the romance, it made for a real page turner. Knowing that there was a spy (or two or more) among their trusted friends makes the story taut with suspense, not to mention wondering when someone would find out about the relationship developing between Mia and Leigh (because we just know that someone will discover the truth!). As the story reached it's peak and conclusion, I liked the way everything fell together, the consequences that occurred for all involved and the satisfactory ending for Mia and Leigh. I'll definitely be looking for more from this author. 4.5 stars. Note: a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review.

  • Rachel Caplinger
    2018-12-07 15:39

    ***********I received this in exchange for an honest review******5 Stars!! Damage Control is the second book in the Knox series, by Jess Anastasi. A romantic fantasy, it comes off very "Divergant"-esk, with the future setting and the other-world local and technology. Set mainly on "The Valiant Knox" CAFF Leigh Alphin prepares to train the next set of FP recruits when he is thrown for a loop having Recruit Mia Wolfe is thrust into his life by an out of the blue attack by the CSS, a radical religious group who find all technology sinful and have vowed to rid the world of it. Known as a legend and an all around hard-ass, Leigh went into the training thinking it was going to be just like every other year. With the same group of "snot-nosed" kids that he and his team would have to whip into shape."The idolizing made him feel like a fraud. He was just a guy doing a job--far from hero material." The last thing Leigh expected was to fall for a recruit. "The last thing he needed in his life was a complication like Mia Wolfe""He didn't get what it was about her that sent his normally controlled senses into hperdrive."On top of all of the weirdness of the forbidden attraction for his subordinate he was also faced with the knowledge of there being multiple moles for the CSS on the ship, and not only that but also there being at least one traitor in his very own FP squad. After the mishap of having her new CO save her, Mia feared that she was ending up as the inevitable recruit that falls for her CO like every class before her did with Commander Alphin. "The one man she shouldn't want, and she couldn't stem the emotions blooming higher and brighter within her every hour."Time and time again being thrust into the saving arms of Leigh and having him catch her in a slightly unethical situation pushed her to team up with Leigh to find out who the mole(s) are in the squad. "...she could almost imagine he cared. More than a CO should for a recruit." Can their love concur all? Can they avoid being caught, and ruining both of their carrers? Can they work together to find the mole and come out on top at the end of it all? This book was the perfect mix of love, action, and intregue-- I coudln't put it down from the moment I started it! Having not read the first of this series I wasn't 100% what I was walking into, but the relationships the crew has and the blend of personalities involved are flawless. Jess has made a complete fan-girl out of me :)

  • Tanya
    2018-12-01 18:26

    This is a book 2 in a sci-fi-style romance set on a permanent airship (think Star-Trek size from the sounds of it). We have Leigh as the head of the fighter pilots on board the ship, with the entire ship in a decades war against a group on the nearby planet and in space. They are holding the line with infusions of new trainees periodically. They are anticipating a new batch when the transport is attacked on the way to the main ship. It makes it in but several trainees are injured, including Mia. Leigh saves her, not realizing she is a trainee destined for his pilots' training, thus completely off limits to him, not to mention more than a decade younger than him. They fight the attraction, but it proves impossible. This book, despite being 2 in the series, can be read alone. I missed book 1, involving the ship's captain and doctor, and was able to do just fine with this one. The history of the war, battles and twists and turns of the plots were complex enough that maybe book 1 would have made it a bit easier though, I will say that. I had to read carefully and pay attention to the political pieces. I didn't mind though as the author put a lot of thought and attention into the situation (it is in the future by the way, earthlings but a much advanced earth with its inhabitants out into the galaxy). There does seem to be a wider story arc among the series aside from the book-specific conflicts and couples. Why 5 stars for me? Complexity of the storyline gained a whole lot of points for me. I loved that aspect. It showed some real thought and talent to do that realistically given a futuristic plot. I liked the characters, and the twists involving the traitors. The romance was nice, but for those who want the real majority focused on the romance, this might not be the book for you. A big part of this one is the suspense and action plot, which is throughout. There is violence in this, both on a personal level and a wider level as the group in question in at war and training troops. I am definitely on the lookout for the next one and going back to look into book 1. It was a new author to me, and what a great find! My thanks to the publisher (this is an Entangled Select Otherworld title) and Netgalley for an advanced copy to read and provide an honest review.

  • Olivia
    2018-11-24 11:26

    I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis from NetGalley.comI'm usually a little more skeptical when it comes to romance books, but Damage Control blew me away. It was the kind of page-turner that you didn't want to read before bed, otherwise you'd still be reading when the sun rose. I loved watching the blossoming love of the two main characters, which wasn't an instantaneous thing, and that's what made the book so great in my eyes. The romance woven through the book tangoed perfectly with the sci-fi plot, ebbed and flowed with the challenges the characters faced and the mental and physical difficulties endured. My only criticism would be the difficulty in keeping track of how many days passed between chapters. Since it focuses heavily on the training program having a date would be a good reference of how far along into training they are by a simple notion of the date at the start of each new chapter. Eventually you'll get a feel for how many days or hours passed since the previous chapter, but at times it could be a couple of pages before that information is subtly mentioned. All things considered its a minor suggestion to an otherwise great page-turner.Leigh Alphin, captain of the Fighter Force on the battleship Valiant Knox, lives and breathes loyalty to his fellow pilots. To the new recruits, he's nothing more than unwavering brute force who's goal is to break them, well all of them expect one who slowly etches at the strings of his heart. The recruit in question, Mia Wolfe, feels the confusing emotions searing like blisters under her skin. But the true question isn't if they can keep themselves from faltering at their desires, but if they can fight against an enemy trying to destroy them from inside out.If you're interested in science fiction that revolves in space intertwined with a romance so smokey and ecstasy-filled that it could set off fire alarms, then I implore you: read Damage Control!

  • Alex (HEABookNerd)
    2018-12-14 18:27

    Series: Valiant Knox #2Damage Control answers several questions I had about the war and how it started. I liked all the subterfuge the CSS is now using to fight. I obviously don’t want the CSS to win but I like that their advancing warfare is creating new elements to the fighting and ramping up the tension of the story. I can’t wait to see what comes in the next book.I really liked Leigh in this one, even when he was being a stuffy military Captain. Though he wanted to resist Mia once he realized he couldn’t, he went all in on his feelings. They were a little bit of insta-love but this has never bothered me so I didn’t mind it here. I loved how much Leigh cared for Mia and how he wanted to protect and defend her whenever possible. Plus, let’s be honest, isn’t it always a fantasy that the man who loves you will give up anything and everything to be with you? Leigh does this with little reservation even knowing how drastic the consequences could be. This isn’t a criticism per se, just personal opinion. I’m just not a fan of all the military rules and regulations that control every aspect of a person’s life. This book is military sci-fi romance so there’s nothing I can do there, I did know what I was getting into.Some things seemed a little too easy for Mia to access and it makes me wonder how safe the Valiant Knox really is. Maybe she’s just that amazing of a hacker but I would expect some top level security on a battle ship at the front lines. Also I would have assumed there would be cameras everywhere but maybe this is just a misconception I have about spaceships. Though it’s mentioned a few times that Mia or Leigh have turned cameras off or hacked into systems I just figured a military space ship would be one place where it’s really hard to keep something secret. I wasn’t overly bothered by this but the thoughts did cross my mind a few times.Content Note: attempted rape sceneFind this and more on my blog:Happily Ever After Book Nerd

  • Eva Millien
    2018-11-28 16:30

    Captain Leigh Alphin is honorable, straightforward and nicknamed Hardass and it is imperative that he stops thinking about one of his new recruits in that way in this thrilling sci-fi romance.Mia Wolf’s new commander is completely gorgeous and his glances send heat searing through her but neither of them can afford to make this mistake and the reader can’t help but get caught up in all the excitement as Leigh and Mia discover that there is no hiding from temptation in space. The chemistry burns up the pages with the relationship being so combustible that it could go super nova at any moment which causes quite a bit of emotional turmoil that readers can relate to as they try to fight their sizzling desires. Strong, captivating characters grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning while the fast paced, smooth flowing plot thrills readers with lots of suspense, excitement and romance.Adrenaline pumping excitement builds throughout the story as Mia and Leigh try to discover the identity of the traitors on the Valiant Knox before time runs out while fighting to stay alive and the romance part of the story keeps readers on the edge of their seat with anticipation as well considering just what getting caught will cost them. The well written scenes and details brings it all to life making it easy for the reader to get completely caught up in the story while the intriguing events and unexpected twists guarantee that there is never a dull moment.Visiting the Valiant Knox and its crew is an exhilarating adventure and Mia and Leigh’s story is one that I couldn’t put down until I had read every last word and since it seems that this is one war that will have to be fought internally as well as with the enemy that is bent on universal domination, the mayhem and excitement will continue to be a fascination that I won’t be able to resist.

  • Lynn Brooks
    2018-12-08 17:32

    I'm not generally much into sci-fi, but the description hooked me, so I gave it a try. I must admit, I really enjoyed it! I didn't wind up putting it down until 4AM when I turned the final page. Lots of intrigue & action with some hot sex thrown in to boot!Leigh Alphin is the Captain of the Fighter Force of the battleship Valient Knox. He's worked hard to achieve all that he has and is considered a legend to new recruits. When the enemy opens fire on an unarmed transport bringing in the new recruits, he rushes to help and risks himself to get the people on board rescued. In the smoke filled transport, he stumbles across Recruit Mia Wolfe who is trying to get help for her unconscious friend Penny. Leigh helps them get out and to the medical team.After the chaos is all handled and calmness has restored, Leigh finds himself heading to the med level to check on how the recruits are doing ... especially Mia. They share a moment when he goes to her exam area, and he lets his guard down as he comforts her. The next day, he discovers Mia has been assigned to his unit and he's not happy about the close moment they had shared the day before, or about the attraction he feels pulling him to her every time he sees her. Mia and her hacking ability ends up helping Leigh a great deal to try to track down who in his unit and on board the battleship is working for the enemy. Their time together brings them closer and closer and they eventually give in to the passion that they can't get off their minds when they are around each other. Will their secret get out and cost him his job? Will she be thrown out of the program? And when danger strikes, will they be able to track down the enemy fast enough to keep everyone safe?

  • Melanie
    2018-11-27 10:22

    I have to admit that I am usually not a fan of SyFy, but let me just tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It was just enough to allow me to get lost in the book and I was surprised with every twist and turn in the plot! Very well thought out and written I thought. The characters were ver well developed and likable. Captain Leigh Alphin is know for being a stickler for the rules and has earned his nickname honestly. When he rescues Mia and she joins his ship, Leigh knows that he is going to have to keep himself under control. He is 15 years older than Mia and if he falls for her, he risks being thrown in to military jail and that would just not be ok. Captain Leigh Alphin and his crew are on a mission to decrease the amount of damaged that is being caused by the CSS forces. This is a group that frowns upon technology and will do whatever they can to stop it. They are out for the kill seems like. While all this is taking place, they find out that there is a traitor among those on the ship. Mia is recruited to help find out who it is. When she and Leigh begin to work together, their relationship begins to take a turn and you get some romance worked into the plot. The ingenuity of Mia and Leigh tend to get them into bigger trouble sometimes than they were originally, but eventually it all works out in the end. I was able to loos myself in this story and get into their world with no problem. Such a great read.I am looking forward to what Jess Anastasi has in store for us next and I am going to go back and read the other books by her as well.

  • Caro
    2018-12-19 10:35

    3.5-4 stars.This was a fun read. I don’t read much Scifi, but usually when I do, they turn out real page turners.We have Mia and Leigh here. Mia is a new recruit working under Leigh, which presents to be a problem when they start developing feelings for each other.In the middle of them getting to know each other, we also get a bit of a mystery when they team up to find a traitor among them. In that regard, I had my suspicions, but in other things I had no clue what would happen, lol. The romance/mystery mix was pretty cool and had me wanting to know more.This was an entertaining read, with some twists, secrets and revelations. It also had a fair share of action packed scenes, although for some reason I kinda wanted more of those. :-)The only thing that bothered me a bit was that this was a bit of an insta-love kinda thing. I mean, they fell for each other in a very short time, considering the book happens in like less than a month. Still, I liked the sacrifices they made for each other and even though it wasn’t the perfect ending for Leigh (career wise), it was perfect for them both.All in all, a fun read and waiting for more in the series.*Thank you to Entangled Publishing for providing an ARC in exchange of my honest opinion*

  • Linda
    2018-11-19 13:30

    *I received an ARC from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review*Damage Control is an action/suspense/sci-fi romance. The book blurb does a good job of describing the basics of the story and the author did a great job of creating a believable world in which the story is set. Captain Leigh Alphin, captain of the fighter force on the battleship Valiant Knox, is exactly what you want a hero to be. He's a handsome, strong, commanding figure who is not afraid to lay it on the line for the woman he is falling for. Mia Wolf, a new recruit slated to become a fighter pilot, is a beautiful, intelligent, capable woman who would sacrifice her own happiness in the best interests of the man who has stolen her heart. The chemistry between these two characters is intense, even as they search for the traitor on the ship and battle the enemy. The romantic scenes are more sensual than explicit but still pretty hot. This is a well-written story that is more than just a romance and I enjoyed it tremendously.

  • Petula
    2018-12-08 17:35

    Mia Wolfe is one of the latest crop of recruits for fighter pilot training. They nearly didn't make it to the battleship.Leigh Alphin is the CAFF ( Captain of the Fighter Force). He is known to his friends as Alpha. He and his squadron had to protect the damaged troop carrier home. Mia, with her incredible bravery and intelligence, attracts Leigh's attention from day one. He is fifteen years older than her, and her C.O. it will ruin both their careers if he can't get her out of his head. Mia is having just as much trouble keeping her mind on her training. Especially when Leigh asks for help to uncover the traitors trying to sabotage the battleship. A Sci-fi romance set in orbit around a war torn world. The characters and the location are very believable . A good strong, multi talented heroine and a sexy hero who will risk all to claim his woman. They face many dangers and cope with more than just their own intrigue. This trip to the future made a lovely change for me.

  • books4me
    2018-12-05 13:30

    I'm not a fan of sci/fi or spaceship reads...just never been my thing. This was my second read of an Entangled Otherworld and it will not be my last!! LOVE these books and Damage Control was an awesome read. I would call it a romantic suspense. Mia is a new recruit on the ship, Valiant Knox. The captain, Leigh, is a hard-ass but has a soft spot for Mia after he saves her from the recruit ship as she's trying to save a friend. When he learns there's a spy on board, Mia suddenly steps up to help and an unforbidden romance begins. Excellent read!*I received this ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Patricia
    2018-12-06 11:36

    A great fun sci-fi book that has intensity and a hot alpha.From beginning to end Leigh could nit fight the attraction to his new recruit Wolfe. Even though he is her superior officer. Between trying to find the traitor in the mist and Mia, the extremely smart recruit Leigh is fightijng a losing battle.Mia's first encounter with Leigh intensifies her admoration for him. In order to save everyone he uses Mia's talent to discover the traitors and this he finds himself through Mia's eyes.Great characters, a smooth movimg story that kept me reading way pass my bedtime.

  • Petrina
    2018-12-12 10:26

    Slightly disappointedGood book and decent read, but the ending was a bit of a disappointment. I won't give away any spoilers, but I felt as if a little more discretion and self control could have saved them. Additionally, how much cooler would it have been if they found all the spies and saved the lives of the recruits instead of being so focused on each other they missed obvious signs and people were killed. It didn't feel like a true romance nor an action novel. This book fell short somewhere in between.