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Life as an ENFP is no walk in the park. Despite the happy-go-lucky attitude they exude, only those who share the specific preference for extroversion, intuition, feeling and perceiving on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can truly understand the unique form of chaos that governs this type’s restless mind. Embodying a profoundly strange stack of cognitive functions, ENFPs apLife as an ENFP is no walk in the park. Despite the happy-go-lucky attitude they exude, only those who share the specific preference for extroversion, intuition, feeling and perceiving on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can truly understand the unique form of chaos that governs this type’s restless mind. Embodying a profoundly strange stack of cognitive functions, ENFPs approach the world with both the enthusiasm of a child and the wisdom of an old soul. In this detailed, type-based survival guide, seasoned MBTI author and shameless ENFP Heidi Priebe explains how to manage the ups, downs and inside-outs of everyday life as one of the most passionate yet self-contradictory types....

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The Comprehensive ENFP Survival Guide Reviews

  • Harkeerat of the Apollo Cabin
    2018-12-13 10:48

    “Perhaps what every INFP longed to hear growing up is simply that it’s okay to feel things as deeply as they do. It’s okay to be overjoyed one moment and filled with despair the next. It’s okay to feel the pain of the whole world on your shoulders and to find its redemption inside tiny, fleeting moments. It’s okay to break down. It’s okay to let in happiness. It’s okay to be terrified about what comes next and to find beauty in the most unexpected places. It’s okay to ride every tidal wave that introverted feeling overwhelms you with, as long as you don’t let it drown you.”Being an INFP, the accuracy of all of this hit me pretty hard.I'm almost always misunderstood by others, and this book let me realize who I truly am and I swear I don't think I've ever felt more understood. This book has helped me realize my greatest strengths, weaknesses and how I can overcome them.I can finally fathom how my cognitive functions: reasoning, memory etc. work and how I can work on them to improve myself."To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you into something else is the greatest accomplishment."

  • Elena
    2018-12-05 15:42

    Heidi Priebe does an amazing job in opening out the ENFP miraculous world for everyone. This book is a must read for every ENFP and everyone who lives or deals on a daily basis with us - ENFP guys. It will help you better understand yourself and work further on your improvement, because for an ENFP we are our best project to develop in a lifetime. And, for those who live along us it will provide assistance and give answers to their numerous "why"-s as we go riding our roller coaster called "life". The book is divided into few different parts that concentrate on topics such as relationships, cognitive functions, career and workplace, unhealthy behaviors. One of the last chapters also provides a cross type reference exploring in details the matches and differences of each type and ENFP. I was happy to see some of the Heidi's works published on Thought Catalogue here, too, such as the famous "Don't Date an ENFP" article. As an ENFP who've spent the last year in self-exploration after coming out of a particularly difficult grip experience, I was able to find many useful references and techniques to improve my own self and grow my less developed functions (esp. Si) in a healthy way. I was also able to find clues to my previous behaviors and I had that deja vu experience while reading many of the situations, examples and techniques discussed in the book. Very useful self-analysis tool! I also resonated so much with the other ENFPs mentioned in he book. It is such a relief to know I am not a wierdo and there are actually a whole bunch of guys thinking just like me. As one of those ENFPs said:"Even on the bad days, life is a big, passionate adventure, filled with people to love and opportunities to explore!"And, I am so happy to be just me these days. Not have to pretend to be someone else. Not to try to please anyone but me. And, have a peace of mind, and, soul full of creative projects to explore, and new places to conquer in this beautiful world we live in. To be an ENFP.

  • Talitha
    2018-12-09 16:56

    Oh my gosh. This book. It's basically a narrative of my very soul. Words can't even begin to explain it, there is just a mountain of exclamation points I want to use right now.

  • Brent
    2018-12-04 12:58

    I've spent a lot of time over the last couple months researching MBTI (yes, I am an ENFP, yes I research) and have found the internet to be largely awash in conflicting and over-sensationalized accounts of personality theory. Priebe is one of the few online authors I have come across whose articles seemed to jibe with my own observations. I was impressed enough with her work on other types that I thought I would read what she had to say about me.Turns out, I'm pretty awesome. Seriously though, there is going to be a lot of variability even within a specific personality type so your mileage is going to vary. Your upbringing, traumatic incidents, life decisions (I mean what kind of ENFP joins the Marines?) will effect the person you turn out to be. The main thing that didn't ring true for me was the part about being goal driven. That has never been part of my experience. Of course in proper ENFP fashion, it is not that I don't have goals but rather that I have a different set each week of the year. So goal driven for me always looks suspiciously like a dog chasing his tail.Other than that, it is a pretty good exploration of this type.

  • Lauren
    2018-12-10 10:44

    I know, I know. Another MBTI book, Lauren, really? Weren't you an ENFP? Literally, didn't you just read Priebe's ENFP book?Okay, okay. Yes. Yes, I did. However, after reading this, I'm 99% I mistyped myself, as INFPs are prone to do. Afterall, I've been testing as an INFP for YEARS. What, suddenly I like to surround myself with people and I'm an extrovert? Yeah, so I retook the test and answered all questions with an extrovert angle. Thus, ENFP. I'm dumb. Apparently we're also guilty of mistyping often."This type lives in a world of identity possibilities and they are constantly shifting their perspective and redefining exactly what it means to be themselves."Anyway, this book made me realize I'm just not operating on a healthy level as an INFP, which is really messing with me.One thing that I have a difficult time coming to terms with -- especially pursuing the career path that I am -- is that I am a very emotional person, in the sense that I feel deeply and am constantly processing everything around me on an emotional level. "emotional intensity of the INFP is this type’s greatest blessing as well as their greatest curse."But enough about me. The book was good -- though I did enjoy the ENFP guide better. This one was VERY heavy on the cognitive functions and I found myself flipping back and forth to make sure I was getting it all. I had to stop often to make sure I was absorbing the information; it was a lot of heavy stuff to take in, whereas the ENFP guide was a lot more fun-centric. This one was very deep and definitely hit the darker points of my type, which was needed. If you're looking for a funny read on what your type does at a party, though, THIS IS NOT IT. One of my favorite parts of the book was how INFPs work with other types -- though it was phrased in the context of relationships, it was pretty easy to ignore that language and relate it to how I interact with other types in a day-to-day sense. It was also helpful from a romantic angle, though, as my boyfriend is an ENTP and we often see the world very differently. All of our challenges were spot on and provided helpful tips on how to understand where the other type is coming from."The ENTP may feel smothered by the INFP’s need for reassurance and commitment, whereas the INFP may feel neglected by the ENTP’s need for independence and freedom."#needyAFOverall, the book was exactly what I needed to identify my funk and figure out a plan of action on how to get out of it. I've definitely been rolling in a tertiary loop and need to work on strengthening my functions. If you're an INFP, I recommend this. If you are close with an INFP, I recommend this. I rated it a 4/5 on Goodreads.

  • Lara (Bookishsolace)
    2018-11-27 18:08

    *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review* I have been fascinated by personality types since years, so I was particularly excited when offered this book. I am an INFP and often feel misunderstood by others, but also by myself. The book helped me understand myself so much more and while I thought to know a lot of INFPs, I learned so many interesting new things. It was also totally amusing when I recognized myself in the writing, which happened quite often. I personally think that this book is particularly helpful to those INFPs who are having a hard time, as it gives insightful advice and you learn so much more compared to what’s written on the internet. Highly recommended to every INFP or those who’d like to know more about this personality type.

  • India
    2018-11-28 10:46

    I have been following Heide's posts on Thought Catalogue for about a year now and I was very eager to read her book! As an ENFP I am naturally curious about learning a bit more about what makes me tick. Her comprehensive guide combines many of her previous articles with further research and clever new insights. It's always nice to know that you aren't alone. If you consider yourself an ENFP (or if you know and love one) then this book will not disappoint.

  • Malory Teegarden
    2018-11-25 14:55

    I felt understood for the first time. This was an eye-opening read with regards to the way the ENFP personality type develops and how it relates to other personality types. Insightful and thought provoking. -an ENFP :)

  • Sheziss
    2018-12-19 18:51

    This is the most complete book about the topic I have read so far. And a bonus: it's also kind of therapeutic.It's the basic about INFP but it's developed in a more 'profound' way, touching hidden and subtle parts of the matter that nurtured and satisfied my curiosity.The theoretical part in the beginning is hard to grasp at first. It's very intangible and easy to mix and get lost in the middle of all those terms: Fi, Ne, Si, Te: introverted Feeling, extroverted iNtuition, introverted Sensing, and extroverted Thinking. Each 'power' has a role, and the order is quite important. When I finally understood how this worked and why, it all made sense in my head, and I could see the pattern in which my mind works.When my mind is ok and when it's not.Quite revealing.The way an INFP grows up and the various steps in the road which confuse you and make you behave differently, not recognizing yourself in each step.In the end it makes sense. But I would have liked to know more about this part.The Enneagram is quite telling, too. It explains once and for all why the differences between INFPs. Apparently, the most common one is the type 4, the Individualist, the 'artsy' one. The second most common is the type 9, the Peacemakers. When I read the third most common I knew that was me, the type 6: the The Loyalist.Another innovative concept was how relationships work with the INFP. I particularly enjoyed how these relationships vary and are played with each specific type: the reasons why they attract each other, the challenges, and the solutions to such conflicts.It's a more theoretical book, but on the other hand, it's also more subjective. We get to see the personal vision and opinion of flesh and bone INFP people. Advices they would have wanted to hear when they were young, what they love about themselves... even non-INFP people telling what they like about INFPs. That's why the therapeutic hint of this book. In a way, it says it's not only ok, but awesome, to be how you are, who you are.

  • Charity
    2018-12-15 19:03

    Heidi has a clear writing style and concise manner of sharing information. Her understanding of cognition is great, and it opened up my eyes to both the good elements of my personality (yay, I have a well-developed Si that keeps me focused and on track!) and the negatives (I become reclusive at times, instead of reflective). It didn't quite resonate entirely with me (I'm not an Enneagram 7, and a lot of the focus seems to be on that combination), but I really appreciated that she spent time dedicated to talking about how the Ne/Te combination creates an "unstoppable force" in healthy ENFPs, which drives them to finish projects, and go after what they want most. A lot of stereotypes exist about ENFPs being unfocused, unable to finish things, unreliable, and whatnot. Her section on figuring out what your core ethical beliefs are stumped me for awhile -- but then I realized, I didn't have to follow the exampled thought process, I simply knew what I prioritize most (work ethic, respect for others, follow through, producing something, and loyalty). My only disappointment was her decision to focus on only the most popular Enneagram combinations in the ENFP + Enneagram section. Since I'm none of the mentioned combinations, I'll have to sort out my healthy and unhealthy behaviors on my own.

  • Michiel
    2018-12-14 11:45

    This was an extremely satisfying read as an ENFP. Heidi Priebe's book starts by briefly dissecting the MBTI type indicator, and explains how the order of your underlying cognitive functions shape how you perceive and judge the world around you. It focuses equally on the benefits and pitfalls of the type, and is richly illustrated with anecdotes from other ENFPs (and other types' perception of the ENFP). An interesting bonus at the end, the book compares the ENFP's compatibility with other types, and offers tips on how to understand them better. Overall, this is a great and comprehensive ENFP 101 guide.

  • Twidle
    2018-12-17 12:45

    a punch in the gut is what this is! and a punch every ENFP needs desperately. a well written book by an author who truly understands what it is to be ENFP; the positives are of course wonderful to read and feel good about, but this is not a book that makes you feel special, it makes you want to be special by fixing your crappy side. thank god the author is an ENFP, Maybe that's why the punch to the gut doesn't hurt as much.

  • Alex
    2018-12-09 15:08

    Amazing!! I felt like I was reading an autobiography. It was so incredible. The things about the shadow functions and the shadow personality were so interesting omg! LIKE I KNOW MBTI IS A PSEUDOSCIENCE AND PERSONALITY CAN'T BE MEASURED AND THAT IT IS A FORER EFFECT. BLAH BLAH BLAH BUT IT'S JUST SO FUN!!!!

  • مهاب السعيد
    2018-12-02 14:00

    For me, Reading this book was the kind of experience you know for sure you will never be the same person after having it.

  • Leanne
    2018-12-08 14:51

    Given as a gift from my favorite INFP, this survival guide would may only be riveting if you are an ENFP....which of course I am. Although Kimber gave this to me last Christmas, I didn't read it until she insisted that I not make another major life decision until I had read the book to better understand my own brain. It was definitely thought provoking. Best of all, it was more lovely fuel for my Meyers-Briggs hobby. I think the strength of this book lies in both Priebe's insight and into her excellent descriptions of the importance of the cognitive function stacks.

  • Jennifer Brown
    2018-12-06 15:09

    Loved this book! Highly recommend!If you want to understand yourself more clearly, then this book will help. Having been stuck in a loop I feel inspired to break out of it and re-set. Yay!!! I love being an ENFP ❤

  • William
    2018-12-02 16:44

    The difference between taking a myers briggs test online and reading this book is like the difference between using an outhouse at a trailhead in the winter with the cold breeze coming up the john vs sitting in a hot tub with a beer in hand after a long day of skiing. Seriously, this book is so far beyond any Myers Briggs website that blabbers about being an Extravert or Introvert, that it boggles my mind. I can't believe I have been so dumb and in the dark on the topic of cognitive functions and how they work all these years. The concept of how these personalities actually work is truly game changing and this book does the best job of explaining them that I have ever found. Unfortunately, Heidi has not written one of these for all the types. She is brilliant, and she is an ENFP and so we are the lucky ones that get to have this kind of insight into how we work and change over the year.

  • Linda Maria ~
    2018-12-08 12:45

    an awesome book that complements your book collection. it had things you could easily find on the internet that's why it didn't get the full five stars. however it did taught me new things or different approaches. I wpuld recommend this book for every INFPer who wants to read the differences, the comparisons about INFP, about the balanced INFP and unbalanced one, about careers, career mapping and more.

  • Lauren
    2018-12-14 18:46

    Once upon a time, I thought I was an INFP. I was wrong.First off, I love Heidi Priebe. After all, I just finished How You'll Do Everything Based On Your Personality Type. If you haven't checked her out on Thought Catalog, I highly recommend it. If you don't know your MBTI, go here. As an ENFP, I feel crazy about 98% of the time. "Having a thousand great ideas that you never follow through on", "wanting to be alone....but like, with other people nearby" and "being a walking contradiction in almost every way" are my three favorite descriptions of myself that I read in this book. Along with a multitude of others, because that's the point of MBTI, right? To read a description, snap your fingers and go, "Yes! Someone gets me!"The book is split into sections -- Introducing the ENFP, Growing Up ENFP, ENFPs in the Workplace, Unhealthy ENFP Behaviors, ENFP Relationships, etc. The breakdown made sense and flowed well. The ENFP in me fought to skip past the boring cognitive function section, but it proved useful and actually quite interesting. My favorite part of the book was the section on Unhealthy ENFP Behaviors. Yes, it's all fun and games to read funny stuff about your type. But the nitty-gritty-shitty stuff is where it's at. Of course, as Priebe states in the book, it's a spectrum. Characteristics range from healthy to unhealthy and all the bits in between. For example, a healthy ENFP is reflective, meaning they need alone time to recharge and reflect on their emotions. However, on the flip side, an unhealthy ENFP may become reclusive, where they avoid social interaction in favor of obsessing over their feelings. There is a difference between being principled and self-righteous, etc. It was enlightening to read about these behaviors and spot the ones where I may lean toward the unhealthy side -- IE the difference between being agreeable and a pushover.It was a long, delightful read that I looked forward to opening each night.In the end of the book, a group of ENFPs describe why they love their type. This one summed it up perfectly, and I couldn't have said it better myself."I like that I can lead a group, sit in solitude for days, think far ahead, improvise, be a huge ball of energy, calm down others when they're stressed, be a mushball, be tough and decisive, create new opportunities for myself, adapt to the world around me...I defy so many stereotypes, and I like it that way!"If you're an ENFP, pick this up. If not, pick up her other book that features all of the types. Or hit Thought Catalog. Whatever. I rated this a 4/5.

  • Nada
    2018-12-13 11:47

    Amazing book that helped me to discover myself more! It was a thoughtful gift from my ENFP friend!

  • Elizabeth Sharp
    2018-12-05 18:03

    Got this for a fellow ENFP because he was/is way too TOXIC, he loves the book (ALL ABOUT HIMSELF) That says alot...Narcissitic, eh? ENFP's are great but "creepy" when they are toxic. I'm not sure he recognizes himself as being "too needy" to the point of abusing other peoples boundaries. As a fellow ENFP, this is just a "personality guide" book. It's more of an affirmation, self-full filling prophecy. i.e. that everything the ENFP does is okay. It's not. Add a self-help chapter please. ENFP's can be narcissitic under the guise of people pleasers. Or people pleasers who are so obsessed with being looked at as "wonderful gifts from god" that they will continue to give cake to diabetic as long as it gives them a smile. Please! Please! Stop the insanity. - Fellow ENFP

  • Erin Odom
    2018-12-08 17:58

    This book is a must-read for ENFPs and those who live with them, love them, and work with them! I learned a lot about my strengths and how to overcome my weaknesses that come with being an ENFP. I wanted to give this book 5 stars, but it has quite a few typos, so I gave it 4 stars.

  • Robert
    2018-12-14 10:59

    She even knew I would skip around before starting at page one.

  • Fanny Lundgren
    2018-12-10 15:44

    I found it extremely interesting and just spot on. After I finished reading it I felt content and proud to be an INFP.

  • Claudia Bercaru
    2018-11-22 12:59

    I'm also an ENFP, actually an ENFP-T one, so a turbulent one. :D

  • Julija Šestakova
    2018-11-24 17:01

    It's amazing how much a book can tell about you and your inner order. I was reading it during a hard time in my life and this book made me smile a lot and love myself more for being who I am.

  • Alysha
    2018-11-24 13:41

    So, I've been spending many years trying to be an extrovert and not even realizing it. My heart is full of love for people and wanting the world to have more joy, peace, wonder, etc. I'm often spontaneous, enjoy trying new experiences, can't say "No" when I feel like I should help someone and talk to people fairly easily, this all lead me to Priebe's ENFP survival guide, but while reading it I felt like something was off. It wasn't quite me, although many things did ring true. After studying cognitive functions more, I decided I could be an INFP after all. This book confirmed everything for me and I feel so understood. I clearly saw the traits in myself that I've been trying to cover up or avoid, as well as the many traits I've always loved most about myself. I'm definitely an introverted feeler, constantly thinking (subconsciously), "How do I feel about this," or, "How would I feel if that were me?" I pray for the homeless people I see as I drive around town, often crying when my husband or children cry because I take on their pain as my own. I'm a full time stay at home mom of 3 young children and I almost always feel drained from it, now I know why and how to better care for myself - even though it's hard for me to prioritize myself sometimes. Understanding my functional stack better has opened a window into my being, I now clearly see my inner life and how I process, as well as respond, to the world. I'm a whimsical, empathetic, heart-driven individual and it's such a relief to know and love myself for it all.

  • Günther
    2018-11-20 19:09

    Heidi Priebe's INFP survival guide is a good start for any INFP trying to understand him or herself. She explains the basics of the type and how well they tackle certain situations like their workspace, parenting, etc. She provides the pros and the cons while trying to help us handle some of those cons.The most interesting chapter in my eyes was the one about the unhealthy INFP behaviors. Most INFP's know we are prone to mental problems like anxiety, depression and many others. Knowing this is one thing. Understanding it quite another. That's why i find it important to know what could be possible reasons for succumbing into such dark depths and how to combat it. It is in this chapter that Heidi Priebe gives us important insights into our "dark side" (and no, this has nothing to do with the dark side of the Force :D ). While i already knew quite a bit about being an INFP, it is in this chapter that i learned the most.The only drawback about my reading experience? I encountered quite a bit of spelling mistakes. Maybe it depends a lot on my specific edition and there is a more error-free version on the market. It just sticks out while reading. (This while English is not my native language).PS: I suppose everyone is going to try and find as many spelling mistakes in my review as they can. :D

  • Luis E. Mercado
    2018-12-15 17:52

    Great book!So many aha moments! Thanks for this book, I feel like I’m normal now! I thought there was something freakishly wrong with me for being so enthusiastic in the beginning of a project and then failing to complete it. I learn that ENFP’s need a career that it’s flexible, creative and most importantly has a humane purpose. I can see where my optimistic, imaginative personality comes from! Im on a journey of self-discovery and this was the first books I’ve read on my personality. The more you know about your strengths, traits and skills the more successful and fulfill you will live! Thanks again!!!

  • Katie Suratt
    2018-11-30 15:48

    Even though I've read MANY Mbti articles, and even though many of those articles were written by Heidi Priebe herself, there was more new material in this book than I expected (at least, new to me). The chapters on growth, the unhealthy "loops," and the one on relationship challenges were particularly helpful, and I even found myself tearing up a little at some of the encouraging words this book has to offer for INFPs. Five stars minus one for a) the amount of typos--there is a typo every few pages, and I find this distracting and b) my personal wish for more previously unpublished material and more revelatory information that I couldn't have gotten elsewhere. MOAR!! Haha.