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Exhausted, disillusioned and disgusted with her life in Los Angeles, Clarice “Rissa” Daniels leaves a successful acting career for the comforts of home in Olympia, Washington. Embracing a simpler life without the overabundance of testosterone that she’d dealt with in California, she works to recover and rebuild her life without the “Hollywood craziness”, away from the toxiExhausted, disillusioned and disgusted with her life in Los Angeles, Clarice “Rissa” Daniels leaves a successful acting career for the comforts of home in Olympia, Washington. Embracing a simpler life without the overabundance of testosterone that she’d dealt with in California, she works to recover and rebuild her life without the “Hollywood craziness”, away from the toxic presence of her ex-boyfriend, and far from the paparazzi. When a walk in the park drops her into the lap of Spencer St. George, she finds herself drawn to his quiet, unobtrusive demeanor, but Rissa quickly realizes that there is much more to the bespectacled middle-school art teacher.Spencer St. George prefers the quiet life far from the hassles created by his family. Known as “Saint” to his students, he creates his own sense of peace with a paint brush in his hand while standing behind an easel. When Rissa Daniels crashes headlong into his life, Spencer is sent reeling. Unsure of her intentions, but drawn to her gregarious personality, he finds himself stepping out from behind his easel and daring to hope for more than his quiet life.But as Spencer and Rissa grow closer, history threatens to destroy them. Met with righteous reticence from his family and stubborn pride from hers, the couple sets out to discover the events that turned their families against each other. As the past begins to surface, the present becomes dangerous, creating an uncertainty that could bind Spencer and Rissa together… or drive them apart forever....

Title : The Artist's Touch (Book 1 of The Artist's Touch Books)
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The Artist's Touch (Book 1 of The Artist's Touch Books) Reviews

  • Curly Carla Celebrity Readers
    2018-12-05 13:25

    This was a nice change of pace for me. I really liked both MC’s in this book. Rissa has an outgoing and slightly aggressive personality that I can identify with. She sees something and went after it. And when you throw a ‘no’ her way she want to know why. Her inquisitive personality appeals to me. She is a good match for Spence’s oft times passiveness. Spencer is a rigid opposite to her easy going manner. It reminded me of left brain and right brain. Controlling and order meets fly by the seat of her pants. Both halves work together seemlessly. Spence has this artsy yet over planned outlook that was quite attractive to me. I love me some control. And his control wasn’t just for the public, his appetite in the bedroom was… Gah, it was super sexy.But this story isn’t just sexy scenes and opposites attract. It had another dimension that I truly thought felt was necessary for it to give it more layers. There is a fantastic mystery from their pasts that threatens to come between their newfound romance. Old wounds are re-opened and family secrets don’t stay buried for long with Rissa’s detective skills. Spences steadfast support of her is what really made me fall for him. Their relationship evolves and develops steadily throughout. I gotta say I really enjoyed how natural SH Pratt made it feel while I read it. It had a maturity to it that I appreciated immensely. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance. It’s totally worth it.

  • Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)
    2018-12-04 18:36

    There is so much going on in this book, I honestly don't know where to start! Okay, deep breath, here we go.First of all, Rissa - she is feisty, sassy, honest, truthful and forthright. I love her. When she literally tumbles into the lap of Spencer, she knows that she wants to know him more so goes for it. I loved this bit about her and, to be fair, Spencer was a real grump at this point in the book so when she refused to take his **** and met him head-on, I was cheering for her.Spence - wow, there is so much more to this guy than you originally thing. The quiet, geeky, artist man is just a façade. Trust me, as you read through this book, you will be amazed at the 180 he pulls, and you will be swept away with it just like Rissa was/is.There are lots of supporting characters in here too that each deserve a mention, but this isn't the Oscars, so I won't. What I will say is that each do their job very well, allowing you to get to know the main characters in different situations, without being overpowering.Our two main characters are 'real'! They have their faults, their ups and downs. One of my favourite bits of the book is when Rissa is curled up due to her monthly onslaught. I could so relate to this, I'm sure most women could, but it's not something usually written about. Spencer has a temper but Rissa isn't afraid of it. She knows that Spencer wouldn't hurt her, so gives him the space he needs to regain his equilibrium.The levels of mystery and suspense layer on as you read through. I think I know who the mysterious voice is, but I'm not saying as I'm sure I'll be wrong! There are just too many twists, turns and possibilities right now.Exceedingly well-written, with an intricate, interesting plot, smoothly paced and HOT, this was one enjoyable read! I can't wait for book 2 to come out already. Please note that no dogs were actually forced to listen to a Justin Bieber CD in the making of this book!* I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review. *MerissaArchaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

  • Shy
    2018-11-28 17:25

    I enjoyed reading this book so much I couldn't stop until I reached the end. I love how the author plotted the getting to know each other stage of the story. It may sound taboo to some cultures (mine included) and not the normal to even most love stories but I really think the author did a wonderful job in writing that part in a way that is not offensive or off. In fact, I've been waiting to read a story like this. There was one I read ages ago from a local author and I've been longing to read something that involved a female lead that thinks the one way Rissa did. And for that I thank SH Pratt for writing a story like this.The family secret was played well. And since the story is not finish yet, I only hope that with all the excitement and eagerness the author made me feel as I read along, I do hope that what lies beneath would not disappoint. I'm looking forward to how this book will come to an end that I wish the next book is out already.

  • Bookaholic And
    2018-11-25 14:38

    5 STAR REVIEWThe Artist's TouchThe Artist Touch Series #1S.H PrattMysterious yet dorky looking Spencer St. George will have you scratching you head one minute, smiling the next and biting your lip the following. He will become your next book boyfriend I can guarantee it.Clarice "Rissa" Daniels is a great actress in Hollywood but she had enough with not only the superficial people but her abusive jerk of a boyfriend so before he can humiliate her one last time she does it to him and leaves to go back to her hometown of Olympia Washington. Little did she knew that fate had a new change of path in her new life.Spencer St. George was quiet, yet had this mystery in his life. Women were forbidden in his world but everything will change once a certain beautiful creature lands in his lap. His game plan in life would have to change and reveal to Rissa his true identity before she figures it out.Wow, wow, wow..... Mystery, passion and so many other secrets are involved in this plot and the great part of it is the more you read it the less you want to put the book down. I hadn't had a book that will keep me so interested like this book has. I love Spencer with his dorky yet dominant side has put him in the same level as any good dominant yet passionate kind hearted men.You must read this book you will not be disappointed and you will fall in love with Spencer and Rissa. I for once can't wait to continue with their saga.

  • Cally
    2018-11-29 17:36

    Stefanie Pratt is officially in my top 5 authors to go to. Her work has never disappointed me and this book is no exception.This book will make you feel like your on a emotional roller coaster of emotions, you will go through so many twists not forgetting the bumos your feel. Also if your a book boyfriend ho you will end up with a new one.....We meet Clarice "Rissa" Daniels who is a very successful actress in Hollywood but decides to escape the trappings of Hollywood and her abusive boyfriend once and for all. She decides to head back to her home town of Olympia Washington. Little does she realise how ,uch these changes will changer her life forever.Spencer St George is a quiet man. In Spencer's world women are forbidden so when a stunning lady literally lands into his lap what will happen in Spencer St George's world.Spencer St George has plenty of secrets which make his and Rissa's lives completely different. Pasts will be brought to the present and through both their families where secrets and dangers that were meant to stay buried and never brought to the service.This book will keep you hooked from the beginning to the very last page as you will not be able to put this book down. I cant wait for book 2

  • Riley K.
    2018-11-26 12:14

    I was given an ARC of The Artist’s Touch by S.H. Pratt in exchange for an honest review. The story of Clarice ‘Rissa’ Daniels and Spencer St. George is absolutely amazing. From start to finish this story had me captivated. From their accidental meeting to the ending of the book, I fell head over heels in love with the Rissa and Saint. S.H. Pratt’s writing style is similar of Sandra Brown’s style. Full of details, depth, and emotions, that will make you feel as though you are right there in the midst of the drama. In this story, you will meet the people who do not want Spencer and Rissa together. Their families refuse to talk about the scandal. Will this ruin Spencer and Rissa’s love before it even begins?I thought the dialogue, action, and continuity of the story was spot on. S.H. Pratt has all of the elements that are needed in a story: love, suspense, drama, and some action. She has the ability to make you want these characters in your life. This was the first book that I have read by her and it will not be the last. I will recommend this book to others. I give The Artist’s Touch 5/5 Platypires.

  • S.M. Lowry
    2018-12-15 17:10

    *Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.The Artist’s Touch by S.H. Pratt is a sizzling romance with a side of family secrets. Be warned though, this book does end on a cliffhanger, which has left me impatiently awaiting the second one! I absolutely loved the characters, the romance was hot, and the mystery of the families’ secrets kept me glued to the page to find out what had happened. Spencer is nothing short of a dream man to me. Nerdy yet confident, he is wary of women but sweet and caring nonetheless. He is the perfect blend of introvert and alpha male. Rissa is a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it, which instantly endeared her to me. The banter between Spencer and Rissa had me laughing, and the love scenes had me fanning myself. The characters are fantastic, and the mystery added an element of suspense that made the book even more enjoyable. I definitely recommend reading The Artist’s Touch.

  • Audrey
    2018-12-04 16:27

    I was blessed with a copy of this book for an honest review..I thought this was an incredibly well written book. It tokes you on a fantastic journey regarding a women named Clarice who moves home after a bad break up. She is in search of a simpler life around what she knows, family and friends. Yet she meets Spencer teacher/artist with a lot of secrets. I love the chemistry between these two characters. I don't like to many spoilers, so I will say that this book has everything you could ever want in a book. Romance, dreams, humor, surprises, suspense, and twists and turns. This story has secrets and danger, past and present belonging to two families, which takes you through the these two families history. I could not put this book down, once I started it I had to finish it. I will be waiting on the edge of my seat for the second book. I want to thank S.H. Pratt for letting me take this journey.

  • Karen Shortridge
    2018-12-17 15:25

    I received this for my honest review. This story takes you on an unbelievable journey with so many twists and turns in between the humour, surprises and suspense. I won't do spoilers but Clarice moves back home after a break up and not enjoying L.A. she wants a simpler life in the comfort of her friends and family. Spencer is a teacher and artist with plenty of secrets, so when Clarice literally lands in his lap their lives become a much different one that what they both expected, their pasts are brought to the present through the history of their families where the secrets and danger were supposed to stay...........This is a brilliant story that will keep your attention right the way through.

  • Alexa Brolin
    2018-11-18 11:11

    I was given a copy of this ARC by SH Pratt in exchange for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was excellent to see such a sassy, determined lead female character. When she leaves Hollywood and her former life behind, she meets Spencer St. George, a man with secrets of his own. Once they meet, their lives become entangled, and a fantastically written emotional story begins that will leave you hooked from beginning to end.

  • Amanda Williams
    2018-12-16 12:14

    A beautiful romance that left me wanting to one click the rest of this author's work. A truly fabulous read

  • Kelli Loves 2 Blog
    2018-11-23 12:26

    First thing's first. I loved this book. My favorite character is a toss up between Rissa and her Great Clarice, whom she was named after. I can't tell you why about GC, however when you see her in the book for the first time, you will understand!​For Rissa, between what she does/says to Cal at the very beginning of the book, to her pursuit of Spencer, she shows us that she is a strong woman and will do what she needs to get what she wants.Clarice (Rissa) Daniels has returned to Olympia after Los Angeles left a bad taste in her mouth. She was an actress there, but has returned home to be near her family and friends and is starting to settle in.Spencer (Spence) St. George is an artist that teaches at the local middle school and had impromptu classes in the park every Saturday. He loves his life as it is now, and is not looking to complicate things with love or a relationship of any type.Rissa is literally dropped into Spence's lap and no matter how hard he tries, he can't get her, or her lilac scent, out of his mind.Rissa's friends don't understand what she sees in the glass-wearing, bike riding, artist. She can't get him off her mind and she decides she will do what ever it takes to out on a date with him to get to know him better.

  • Jenn Braddock
    2018-11-26 15:19

    The Artist's Touch is a great beginning to what I believe will be an epic tale! Spencer St. George is a quiet, introspective artist whose life is turned upside down when a beautiful woman, Rissa Daniels, is thrust into his life unexpectedly. What begins as an unlikely pairing soon develops into an intense and wonderful relationship in which they discover that both of their families have ties that span decades...and the history between the two families appears to be rocky. When Spencer and Rissa meet resistance from their families as to the history, they decide to embark on an investigation of their ownS. H. Pratt does an amazing job developing her characters and weaving her stories in a way that keeps the reader engaged and invested. She uses impeccable detail in her work without being overly wordy, and her romantic scenes are hot and steamy without raunchiness. The Artist's Touch is a fantastic beginning to what promises to be an amazing story of romance, intrigue and love.

  • Kristina Bonham
    2018-12-18 14:34

    I received a copy of this book for an honest review. This story will have you wanting to go out and find your own nerdy artist. Rissa and Spencer couldn't be more opposite but you know the old saying, opposites attract. Spencer is hesitant as first due to his past but once he gives Rissa a chance he sees that there is more to her than he thought. This book has a love story, mystery, suspense and good times.

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2018-12-08 16:18

    4.5/5.0S.H. Pratt has created a unique story that is one of a kind!Read full review in the 2016 September issue of InD'tale Magazine.

  • Belinda Missen
    2018-12-15 10:33

    Full review to follow...

  • S.H. Pratt
    2018-11-26 12:19