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Trouble never felt so good…For centuries, Razor and his brothers have ruled in peace over Shadow Realm. Their luck runs out when a string of dead bodies begin to pop up all over their land. Deemed “the Judge” by the streets he polices, Razor begins investigating the mysterious deaths. But when the leader of the Reapers brings them more bad news, Razor has no choice but toTrouble never felt so good…For centuries, Razor and his brothers have ruled in peace over Shadow Realm. Their luck runs out when a string of dead bodies begin to pop up all over their land. Deemed “the Judge” by the streets he polices, Razor begins investigating the mysterious deaths. But when the leader of the Reapers brings them more bad news, Razor has no choice but to team up with the one person who knows the streets of Shadow Realm better than he does: Sasha, the feisty Reaper he’s wanted for years.All Sasha wants to do is to find the bastard who is stealing souls from right under her boss’ nose. Being forced to work with Razor was not part of the plan. With her one goal so close, admitting her attraction to the cocky Hellhound would be pointless. But the longer they work together, the harder it becomes to deny the sizzling chemistry between them.With no leads in a case that’s getting more dangerous and heated, resisting each other may no longer be an option…**This book contains explicit sexual content**...

Title : Seducing Chaos
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ISBN : 9781517120054
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Seducing Chaos Reviews

  • Ivie ✩Born to Magic-Forced to Muggle✩
    2019-02-03 17:26

    ARC received in exchange for an honest review.This is a PNR with an extreme emphasis on the R. Romanceeeeee!The plot carriers are Sasha a soul Reaper, and Razor – a Hellhound no less...When they get together there seems to be whole lot of this happening...This novel was sexually charged in a good way. Unlike the majority of Alpha males put there, you got an insight into his way of thinking and his attraction was very down to earth. There wasn't the abundance of the annoying chest thumping or stupid one liners that assert his dominance, like you find in the most PNR's. The good thing about this novel was the diversity in characters that opened the world in witch the plot was set. You had a multitude of different creatures with different interests connected to their species that ran parallel to the main story. The bad thing about this novel was the fact you didn't get to experience any of it, just skim on the surface as the majority of the story revolved around Razor and Sasha. And Razor and Sasha seemed to have only one thing on their minds- each other, preferably naked. I am the type of a person that doesn't tend to go for the novels in witch romance is the main focus. Don't get me wrong I don't mind romance at all, or lots of sex for that matter, just that I like it balanced equally with whatever the main characters want to achieve. The lust was so incredibly strong between Razor and Sasha that every time they were together it overshadowed everything around them until I just wanted to shout at them to get it over with already. I know as well that in this regard, I am the odd one out as it doesn't bother most people as much as me. The thing i wasn't too enthusiastic about was the names like Razor, Edge and Sin....until i remembered quite a few popular series that i liked with names similar to that. It may raise a few eyebrows at the start but it carries it's own charm at the end.The supporting cast seems promising and you can see something else that is not as featured in PNR's as much as it should be, really. Cultural and sexual diversity. The story touches on a few hot topics that I was glad to see, such as gender identification, gay characters and an open dialogue on intimacy as a whole. It flows in a way that it doesn't seem forced and the characters aren't going trough unnecessary awkwardness when it comes to unconventional couples. That is something I really, really like. But again there is much more to be discovered.This is a solid debut for romantic paranormal fiction and a first in series. I would love to say it was completely my cup of tea, but I can't because I am an awkward bastard and somehow manage to rain on people's love parade. Yah... that pretty much sums me right up....

  • Letty
    2019-02-03 09:09

    Gee I loved this story! You get Soul Reapers, Hellhounds, vampires, witches, demons, humans, and more... So OK, we get introduced to the 4 awesome kickass warriors hot brothers, Razor, Night, Edge and Sin. They each have a job at Shadow Realm which is the place where they all live, Razor is the judge of Shadow Realm, Night owns a night club and a lot of the story takes place in it. Edge is the brains and Sin is the tech, putting it mildly, but together they rule Shadow Realm. Sasha is a soul reaper and when someone dies she collects the soul and sends them to where they belong, Heaven or the Pit. She loves her job and is pationate about it, but she lives in pain because of her past. So we meet all of these creatures and their struggles but this story is about Razor and Sasha.... They have worked together for centuries and every time they get together there's this unbelivable sexual tension, like for real, you can feel it while you read, she treats Razor like dirt, she calls him a mutt and tells him not to get close because she doesn't want his fleas, Lol! Her struggle is real! She was so mean, but she is trying hard to keep her goal in mind and not fall for him. And Razor takes it all in stride, he will either get furious with her or get on her face and taunt her with all he has, which is all Damn good! So they are always in struggle, then something happens in Shadow Realm and they are told they have to work together, oh yeah you know that will be good don't ya!? And it is! There's something going that no one can explain, they need to fight together to keep their people safe and find whats happening.... And, I'm not saying anymore... You have to read this book! Their chemistry is always present and you will love each and every brother the same, their love, support and connection to each other is beautiful. Your heart breaks for one of them at the end and that's when you know you need the next book because you want all of the brothers stories! Aah I really really enjoyed this book! I need more. 5 stars for sure from me!

  • Trixiter Marczak
    2019-02-06 16:26

    I will be the first to admit that paranormal romance stories are not my first choice, but this book is so well written and the story draws you in to the Shadow Realm! This book has it all, strong characters, true love, romance, supernatural creatures, and the desire to want more story, more love, more of everything!!!If you are a fan of paranormal romance, or any book that is well written, then I would highly recommend this book - and waiting for the next in this series will seem like an eternity!

  • Dren
    2019-02-12 11:17

    Fantastic Romance and a fantastic debut!I picked up this book because of two things. The rocking cover and it was written by and featured women/woman of color. Best. Decision. Ever.There's action, a sizzling hot romance and just enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat and turning the page. The world of Sasha and Razor is unique and provided a satisfying view into a day in the life.Get this book and read it now. You won't regret it.

  • Denise
    2019-01-26 14:13

    This is an incredibly well written paranormal romance that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time needing to know what was going to happen next and I loved this! The world these characters live in was vividly described. Great story!

  • Romance Novels in Color
    2019-01-24 12:13

    Seducing Chaos is a Paranormal/Urban Fantasy romance written by a writing team going by the name of Luna Quinn. The story takes place in both a dystopian future and parallel universe. This is the first book intended in a full series, but this book can be read as a stand alone. The heroine, Sasha, is strong, independent, kick-ass and snarky. The hero, Razor,  is strong, independent, kick-ass and snarky. Already you must know that I enjoyed this book... THE PREMISE I was really impressed by the amount of world building done in this book. It takes a lot of skill to describe a paranormal world. A writer needs to establish, setting, style of dress, climate (physical and political), characteristics of the world's inhabitants, history, the list goes on. To achieve this without a massive amount of information dumping is a skill every author strives for. In this, I think Luna Quinn succeeded. The world they built, filled with Hellhounds, Soul Reapers, demons, vampires and all other sorts of paranormal awesomeness was well done and kept me wanting to know more.In a nutshell, the ruler of the Hell, genetically engineered perfect sons in the form of Hellhounds. Razor is of course one of these hounds. These hounds have both animal and "human" forms, and because they are not evil incarnate like their father, eventually rebel, leave hell and settle in a new realm. This realm is controlled by a not-so-nice race, that the brothers overthrow in blood battle (emphasis on the bloody). They become the new rulers of this world and its peacekeepers.In this realm, exists a group of Soul Reapers, whose sole job is to transfer souls from beings who have died to the proper "gates". A balance and process of soul reaping must be maintained. Sasha is a hard-nosed Soul Reaper who is great at what she does. That is just the world backstory...see what I mean by world building?The main plot outside of the romance, is that souls are beginning to go unaccounted for. A lot of them. Soul-less (and goopey) dead bodies are cropping up all over town and that is not good. This world and subplot kept me interested in the outcome throughout the book, but the real draw for me was the chemistry and dynamics between Sasha and Razor. THE CHEMISTRY The romance and chemistry between Sasha and Razor was my favorite thing about this book. Both characters are extremely strong-willed with a lot of emotional baggage (A LOT). However, their relationship is built slow. There is obvious attraction from the beginning, but the writers do a great job of not shoving it in your face. This makes their ultimate melding very satisfying. What I loved about this couple was their banter and complete willingness to be mean to each other while wanting to peer into each other's hearts and minds. Sasha and Razor are a great example of how to write angsty characters with actual grit and minimal whine. They were real in this very fantastical world.The sex scenes are scorching and the authors were brilliant here in using these scenes as a way to show how Sasha and Razor's relationship was evolving. There is a great mortor cycle sex scene that had me panting while at the same time smiling, because it revealed so much of how each character was evolving and resisting within the romance:This was the part where she would run. And she should. She really should. This moment…it was everything. Sex was one thing, but letting him in to this part of her sexuality? She’d never planned for it to happen again.But when was the last time anyone had awakened her desires so easily? So naturally? She also couldn’t recall the last time her arousal had drenched through her panties.She’d never been this turned on before in her life. And the Hellhound alpha shit should have pissed her off. Whether he was marking her intentionally or not, she should have told him to fuck off and disappeared.That wasn’t what she did, though. Instead of putting a stop to it, she very calmly lifted her hands and slowly placed them back on the seat of the bike. It was such a subtle show of submission, she wasn’t sure he would even understand it. The pleased rumble she heard from him confirmed that he had caught on. And liked it.He leaned down, speaking near her ear. “Pull down your jeans.” THE CONFLICT This is where the book loses a little bit of steam for me. There are several points of conflict in this book:Internal: Sasha needs to overcome several issues from her past and make the decision to want to stay in her current worldInternal: Finding a mate is far from Razor's radar, and he's got daddy issues that keep him from wanting to commitExternal: Someone is taking souls and mucking up the order of things in this realmExternal: Someone is out to overthrow Razor and his brothers, maybe...I expect a lot of action and additional subplots in urban fantasies. However, there were times when I got confused as to who or what was the villain in this book. In some instances there was a bit of info dumping to explain why something was happening on the evil/villain side of things. It wasn't often, but I did notice.The internal conflicts were well done. Particularly Sasha's. Her reasons for being unsure of herself emotionally and wanting to leave this world are heartbreaking and provided in little clues throughout the book. However, it felt like the authors were attempting to cram too much intrigue in certain parts of this book. For the most part I enjoyed the mystery of whodunnit, but would have loved if some of the details were saved for a following book. THE HEA The conclusion of Sasha and Razor's romance was satisfying. The internal conflicts for both characters are resolved while still leaving a some conflict open for the continuation of the series. The authors also drop hints throughout the book eluding to romances for the other brothers listed.This story was a gritty Urban Fantasy romp that kept me engaged from beginning to end. Although I did have some minor moments of info dumping mentioned above, the full extent of the amazing world building and character engagement overshadowed that for me. However, what shifted this story from 3/3.5 territory to 4.5 stars, was the HEA.The authors stayed true to the characters and relationship they created. Sasha and Razor have the HEA you would expect for two equally strong and controlling characters. Neither is a roses and chocolate type a person, so I really enjoyed how the authors went about giving these two characters their HEA. This review was originally posted on Romance Novels in Color

  • Caitlin
    2019-01-26 17:20

    This book was trash, but at least it was trash with consent?I personally was not a fan of how often the pacing ground to a halt and the plot was set aside for a sex scene between the leads (which I pretty much just skimmed through anyway, so I can't really comment on quality.) Also the world building didn't make much sense and was dolled out unevenly.It was quite interesting to see a narrative with a strong alpha and the idea of a mate bond being thrown around, but for that to hinge on consent from both parties. Since so many shifter stories seem to take the animal instinct of the Alpha shifter as all the proof needed for the bond it was great for the central romantic conflict here to be "will she accept this bond or will I be heartbroken without her forever" kind of situation but yeah, I will not be continuing with this particular series.The writing was just not good and the plot was not there enough for me. I don't regret spending $3 on it though, which is more than I can say about some other self published romances I have read lately.

  • Heather Cole
    2019-02-12 09:31

    First, I loved that the heroine was a Person of Color. Second, the four brothers in this novel, the Hellhounds, fight hard, curse, and are all-around badasses. What's not to love? Luna Quinn created a detailed dystopian parallel universe with unique characters and personalities. I felt like I was walking through the dark alleys with the characters, and I would love to take a turn (or five) in the Night House. The author(s) described a fascinating world with vivid characters that you end up wishing you could... er, talk to. *cough* The thing I loved most about this book (besides totally hot hellhound brothers) was that the heroine in this story could hold her own. Sasha (our heroine) is a badass herself, and even better, Razor (our hero) trusts her to fight her own battles. He's dominant but not in a way that detracts from Sasha's strengths. There's humor, depth of character, action, and some fantastic sex scenes. Holy moly... *fans self* This book does not disappoint. In fact, I'm sad it had to end. I really really really want the next book please.

  • Rebekah Weatherspoon
    2019-01-24 13:26

    3.5 stars. Sexy paranormal romance with good world building. I think you'll like it. Yeah you.

  • Lynn
    2019-02-15 16:17

    Great story, loved the dynamic between Sasha and Razor.

  • Sara
    2019-02-03 17:36

    Would recommend for fans of Larissa Ione. The world building and tone are similar, yet unique and interesting in it's own right.

  • Nicole Chase
    2019-02-12 13:07

    If this sounds like your thing, you will not be disappointed.This took me awhile to get into, but it ended up being pretty fun. This one will be extremely hit or miss. The mood of this book is exactly what you'd expect with a Hellhound shapeshifter named Razor as our hero. (His brothers are named Edge, Night, and Sin, naturally.) Our heroine is Sasha, the not-so-grim Reaper, who is just trying to do her job without being distracted by one (apparently) very sexy Hellhound. She's been burned by love before and doesn't want to go down that road again. Her, I like; he's... a lot. We hear more than I cared to hear about the reactions of Razor's junk to various things. His sense of humor includes truly groan-worthy double entendres. Razor doesn't do it for me, but he very clearly gets Sasha going. They flirt and argue and fight demons and eventually realize they can't ignore their attraction. Fighting badassery is a big turn-on for both of them, and luckily they have a lot of demons to fight. Also there's a diabolical plot to uncover that makes a comeback in the third act.Things I liked!- Sasha is fierce and capable, and that is never diminished by the plot or by Razor's actions.- All the good guys are preposterous, but do seem to really care about doing a good job running the Shadow World.- Has a very Hardcore! Edgy! Sexy! Violent! setting but where everyone is cool and openminded and into affirmative consent. A lot of times this "vibe" in media comes with a big side of misogyny that is refreshingly absent here.- On-page inclusion of characters with diverse race, gender, and sexuality. - Sasha and Razor have a pretty open and honest relationship once they get down to it.- Lots of interesting creatures; heroine is part of this world, not a gawping human.Things that made me go "huh???"- Razor.- Razor's random special smokes that have no plot relevance but raise many questions- How much Razor thinks about his junk- The list of acceptable drugs at Night's club- A lot of details about how this world works that wouldn't impact the plot anyway, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯CN - some character backstory is pretty dark, including (view spoiler)[the death of a child/miscarriage, domestic violence, torture (hide spoiler)]

  • Beth P
    2019-02-09 14:08

    Overall this was an entertaining read. I enjoyed the Shadow Realm world. It reminded me of Larissa Ione’s Demonica world in tone, feel, and scope. Unfortunately, there ended up being a bit too much worldbuilding. The authors put 10 lbs of potatoes in a 5 lb sack by including too many detailed characters. It’s clear that they know the backstories of every character populating their world, which is great, but as a I reader I don’t need quite that much information in the first book of a series (that will likely spotlight many of these characters in future books). My biggest issue was that the first third of the story was disjointed/choppy with somewhat slow progression of both plot and characterization. I felt like the details of Sasha and Razor’s interactions over the past centuries kept changing (playful teasing vs. flat out antagonism). This caused their initial push-pull to feel really hot-cold and whiplash-inducing. Once more backstory and motivation was revealed the story flowed a lot better for me and I found myself much more comfortable with their relationship dynamic. The sex was hot. The supporting cast (particularly the Hellhound brothers) was intriguing. I hope the series continues as I am ready for book two now.

  • (Eirene) Sleepless Romantics
    2019-01-31 09:20

    3.5/5Will have to reread when I'm not sick and I can actually enjoy it more. Review to be written then.

  • Cinn
    2019-01-28 10:19

    Generally speaking, I think this is a wonderful start to a series of adventures. You can tell Luna Quinn are great fans of the genre and have a knack for the art of storytelling. I look forward to watching the evolution of their writing and I hope they continue to put their effort into exploring unique concepts with the diverse cast of dynamic characters they have introduced to us in this book.This alternate world they've built is dark, gritty and debauched. They did a great job with the history. But I hope we get to see a a wide variety of cultures and classes so we are not always in a club, alley or bar. The book started a wee bit slow but then I've been reading many novella's recently so perhaps that was me getting back in the groove of a fully flushed out story line. But once it builds up steam, suddenly you'll find yourself on a *very* exciting roller coaster. The female lead is feisty and rough around the edges, so she takes some getting used to, but if we had her background I am sure many of us would act the same way. Luckily there comes a point where you genuinely believe in Sasha's transformation and acceptance as it does not come overnight. Further in the book I was able to "forgive her" for her earlier annoying moments. One of the things I loved most about her is that she was a fighter. I like my heroines to have a solid backbone, a sharp tongue and the wherewithal to kick ass at any moment. As for the male lead, being that Razor is half "hellhound", there were canine elements to his personality that worked perfectly. He is playful, lovable, emotional, and focused on Sasha's all the time just like puppy. You would have to be heartless not to fall in love with him at least a little. He is not perfect and he knows it, but that sort of makes him perfect. When it came to the intimate moments. It was well worth the wait but they felt a little rushed the majority of the time. If you are detailed oriented like I am, it will be up to you to fill in those finer intimate details, but Luna Quinn gives you a good foundation to build on. Actually, I found the details on the emotional connection/bonding to be far more developed than the physical. I am not complaining about this necessarily, just thought it was worth noting. I found it refreshing. I was reading the final chapters last night in bed and I completed Seducing Chaos with a smile and sweet dreams. I will definitely keep an eye out for what happens next in Shadow Realm.

  • Book Freak
    2019-02-15 09:36

    This book checked everything on my list of what a good read is supposed to have to keep me reading. The story line was different and although there was a lot going on the writing is so good it pulled it all together beautifully. I enjoyed that both Razor and Sasha were strong characters but vunerable because of their past. Their chemistry was intense and I was finally happy that they each gave into their feelings and got together. I am so looking forward to the next installment of this series and learning more about these Hellhound brothers. Great writing and editing that I would highly recommend this read.