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Time might not heal all wounds, but with two motivated and strong-willed men on a campaign to win him back, Charlie will get more than he ever thought possible.As a teenager, Charlie “Chase” Rhodes meets Scott Boone and falls head over heels in love with the popular, athletic boy next door. Charlie thinks he’s living the dream when Scott says he feels the same way. But hisTime might not heal all wounds, but with two motivated and strong-willed men on a campaign to win him back, Charlie will get more than he ever thought possible.As a teenager, Charlie “Chase” Rhodes meets Scott Boone and falls head over heels in love with the popular, athletic boy next door. Charlie thinks he’s living the dream when Scott says he feels the same way. But his dreams are dashed when Scott unexpectedly moves away.Years later, Charlie meets brash and confident Adan Navarro, who claims all he wants is a round between the sheets. After eight months together, Charlie is convinced Adan returns his love. But when the opportunity comes to be open about their relationship, Adan walks away.Time passes and life moves on, but when Charlie learns the only two men he’s ever loved are now in love with each other, his heart breaks all over again. Scott and Adan tell Charlie they want him back, but Charlie doesn’t know if he can trust two people who have hurt him so deeply. Time might not heal all wounds, but with two motivated and strong-willed men on a campaign to win him back, Charlie will get more than he ever thought possible....

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  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2019-02-06 10:56

    CC is my go-to author for sexy, low-key romance. I’ve read nearly all of Cardeno’s book but picked up this one on Kindle Unlimited just this week. I found the relationship between the three men, not to mention between Charlie and Scott, as well as Charlie and Adan, to be very superficial. When Adan and Scott see Charlie again (this meeting felt entirely contrived), their first thought is that they want to fuck him. Both Adan and Scott are tops and not entirely compatible in the bedroom, while Charlie’s a willing bottom. I wasn’t feeling the love; the lust, yes, but the romance didn’t work for me at all. I also didn’t like the many femme stereotypes. Charlie is happy cooking and cleaning, while the two tops bring home the bacon. The times lapses in the story left gaping holes in the narrative. Charlie loses his sister and becomes a guardian to his young niece and nephew. This is a major life change, but it’s summarized in a couple sentences. Had I read this book when it first came out, I probably would have enjoyed it more, but I’m a more critical reader now. CC’s more recent stories have been big wins for me; this one was not.

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-01-28 17:45

    Oh My! A m/m/m by Cardeno C. and I'm reading it! Hear me squeeeeee 4.5*I don't think I'm giving away any secrets when I say I was really and I mean really looking forward to reading this one. I loveménage stories ( really really love them) and I have a soft spot for Cardeno C's books, so to say I was excited for this one, might be a huge understatement. Anyway, back to the book, we have Charlie (“Chase”) Rhodes, he is unapologetically himself. He might be small in stature but he really does have a huge presence. He's flamboyant and cute, funny and sensitive. His 'voice' and narration is what really made this book for me, the other two were ok, but Charlie takes the cake ( after he bakes it, that is.)Scott Boone is Charlie's first love and friend from the age of 15 until he left him his second year of college. I mostly only have Charlie's opinion of him and he thought Scott was golden, perfect, sexy and wonderful. And he was, if a bit bland compared to sparkling Charlie.Adan Navarro, the toughest to love. He's grumpy, standoffish, socially inept and even inconsiderate. And what he thinks and says to and about Charlie...oh boy, that made me very grumpy.But I also heard his other thoughts and feelings and know he isn't quite as bad as he looks.Well Charlie hears and experiences one too many stupidass things coming out of Adan's mouth he (rightly) kicks him to the curb.Alas, Charlie is a dancer and choreographer and he continues on with his life, even if there is a piece of his heart missing, his trust shattered and he's given up on finding anyone like the two men he still loves.That is, until the unexpected happens.Now, this book is told backward, Charlie starts this book in the here and now and then goes back to the beginning. I actually really liked the twist in how the story is told, it worked well for me. The first half is from Charlie's POV and then we switch between the three in alternating chapters.This is how Charlie describes his way of sharing the story:“Oh, and don’t freak out about flashbacks, okay? Think of it more like you’re hearing a story from beginning to end, with a little bit of narration in the middle. It’ll be okay; I promise. Just follow along.” This book is all about Charlie, even when Scott or Adan are telling their version, it's still about him, the one that got away. And since I love Charlie I thought that was just how it should be. They need to make amends and regain his trust and you know, a little groveling never hurt either.Charlie isn't a whiner, he deals and moves on even when he hurts, he's upbeat and positive and he deserves his HEA more than everything.Despite there being some serious issues and difficulties, this is a happy story, a sweet story, unabashedly so, and it's a sexy story with a dash of Cinderfella. It's not complicated, it's not full of drama, I want to be happy when I finish a book, I want to be entertained and smile and sigh when I read. And this book gave me all that and more. It is a great addition not only to my 'm/m/m'shelf but also my 'favorites'shelf. I want to just bask in the sexy sweetness that is Charlie and his harem of two. My only complaint might be that the ménage relationship starts relatively late in the game but oh well, I can't have it all I guess, and I have to add I absolutely love the cover.

  • Adam
    2019-02-09 14:52

    I've read both the preceding book, Strong Enough, and the next book, The Half of Us, and gave both of them 4 stars. Those books were perfect pick-me-ups - low-angst, funny, and sexy. I was sure that 'More Than Everything' would be a winner too. But this book was just barely two stars for me.I had two main issues: Adan, and the last third.Put simply, Adan is a douchebag. If he were straight, he would be a homophobe. As it is, I'd say he's a bit of a misogynist. He reminds readers many times that Charlie's feminine actions disgust him. He also has no trouble thinking of Charlie as a hole to put his dick in. He's not a "straight" guy in the closet, he'll openly admit that he's gay, but Charlie's mannerisms just make him less of a man than Adan. And Charlie takes it, because somehow he was in love. I have no idea why. Adan apparently does change, but that happens off-page during the years before the big reunion. I just never warmed up to Adan, and I couldn't understand what Charlie saw in him.Which brings me to my second point: the reunion. I didn't buy it. The author tries to squash the idea that it was two tops looking for a convenient bottom, but that's exactly how I saw it. There was no emotional chemistry between the three, with the romantic connection hinging on brief relationships that ended years ago. I also felt like Adan and Scott lost their distinctiveness. They were carbon copies in the last third, barely distinguishable from one another. There's no emotional development to explain how Scott and Adan fit together, or even how Charlie fits as the third in the relationship.The two stars here are for the first section of the book, during Charlie and Scott's teenage years and first romance. The emotions felt real, and it's the only part of the book where I thought Charlie actually had a backbone. I also can't deny that the author was able to pull off the sexual chemistry between the three well. There's no side-lining or jealousy when the three get down and dirty.I don't read many MMM books, but I do tend to enjoy the ones I do read. 'More Than Everything' was missing the emotional connection I need to believe in a relationship, threesome or otherwise.

  • Apeiron
    2019-01-29 10:47

    Normally when I see a family story or an author who takes pride in always giving their characters a cozy HEA, or there's a "baby" anywhere in the building or they forgive each other all the--I just don't. It's an instinct and it's never betrayed me. Just like publishers rejecting every manuscript that starts with "Aiden Smitherson stood on top of a hill and pondered his existence," I have a few hard rules to protect my delicate literary taste buds from unpalatable stories.But occasionally (every second day) I question my own rules, because I don't want to deprive my soul of variety, and besides, my tastes could've changed, maybe this prejudice is just from my past as an angsty snobby teenager--No.But this book was about a menage a 3 (?) and the sample was so fabulous that I couldn't not to. Honestly, would you resist this?I did that fake cough thing that never sounds convincing because it’s all dry.“CPR,” I repeated. “I think maybe I need CPR.”“CPR is for people who aren’t conscious or breathing,” he patiently explained.I doubled up on the fake cough and added a dramatically hoarse voice to complete the picture. “Are you sure?” I asked as I rubbed my throat. “Shouldn’t we go ahead and do it just to, you know, be safe?”Scott shook his head. “I took a babysitting class from the Red Cross when I was thirteen,” [...] Damn Red Cross, cockblocking me. I couldn't resist. I was sure I could do this. Even the scrapbooking, schmoopy photos, kids, house on the horizon, I could--No.I mean yes, I didn't mind that. It was uncanny. Which is testament to just how fabulously this book is written, it even makes scrapbooking acceptable.But it was the rest that I couldn't. Even though I finished this book rather fast (for me) it was a lovely read. But. There's another problem.This is the story of Charlie, a magical fabulous prince who is cute, smart and snarky, has impeccable fashion sense and is not ashamed of anything that he is, even though obviously, he gets shit for it; after all this book starts when he's in high school.It's also the story of Scott, an actual real-life prince (not literally) and Charlie's first true love and a boy who was proud of every part of who Charlie was.Then Scott got away and broke Charlie's heart.And Charlie met Adan. Who was hot in a rough caveman way, rude, judgemental, impulsive and basically the opposite of Scott in every way.And that's when my bubble burst. Because Adan was selfish and ashamed of who Charlie was and while I understand that internalized homophobia is a thing, I couldn't accept their romance. I thought it was almost purely physical and needy and Charlie was definitely slumming it with this asshole. And hey, look. I love asshole jerkface characters with issues. But Adan was just... Worse than that, and his aggressive homophobia and aggressive selfishness were first glossed over and excused as a quirk and result of shitty parental relations, and then fixed completely off page.One moment we say au revoir to his femme-shaming judgemental ass, next moment he's a completely new Adan, Scott's loving partner.And then it got schmoopy soon after they all reunited. But I still hated Adan.And then Adan and Scott were the ones making decisions and surprise! Everything that Adan and Scott couldn't give each other, Charlie brought to the table. It was just all too easy. No bueno.But it was superbly written.And if you like sweet stories with an angsty filling, this one is like a three-layer chocolate cake.I loved a big chunk of it, but this was not a book for me.

  • .Lili.
    2019-02-14 11:45

    Sigh...Cardeno C has once again managed to take me to my fluffy happy place. I haven't read many menage books and I did wonder of Cardeno would be able to pull it off, but I shouldn't have worried because she nailed it. What I loved:*I love how she broke down the story into three different sections: Charlie & Scotty, Charlie & Adan, and Scotty, Adan & Charlie. She gave us a glimpse into the dynamics of each relationship and why they worked.*I love that their love story spanned almost twenty years. We were able to feel the joy of your first love and the heartbreak of losing it between Scotty and Charlie. Also, a more mature love between Charlie and Adan. Adan who was at a place where he was still allowing the pain of not having his family's approval blind him.*The humor. I loved their banter and Charlie's inner monologues.*Although, the story is written predominantly from Charlie's POV, we are also treated to Scotty's and Adan's POVs.*The steam. HOLY. COW. I'll leave it at that. *The story had great easy pace.*I love how their story made me feel their highs and lows.*The epilogue.My only quibble:*I just wish we could've gotten a little bit of Scotty and Adan together. I understood why we didn't- this was Charlie's story- but the greedy reader in me wished for a little bit more of their relationship. All in all an excellent story from Cardeno C. Love the characters and the way their love story was told. 4.5 Stars. Highly recommended. ***A copy of this book was kindly provided by the author for an honest review.****This review is cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.**

  • Jenn
    2019-01-27 11:53

    A mini plot recap behind spoiler: (view spoiler)[Two teenage boys fall in love. One a flamboyant, budding dancer and the other the popular, athletic boy literally next door. They think it will last forever until Scott moves away leaving Charlie crushed.Fast-forward to college and Charlie meets the brooding, intense foul-mouthed Adan, who makes it perfectly clear this is just sex. Eight months later they are still together and both falling in love, until one night Charlie becomes aware of some secret, unpleasant feelings Adan has towards Charlie. And so this relationship ends.Both Scott and Adan were Charlie’s two great loves, and he never thinks he will see them again until years later he runs into both of them and they are now a couple. They want him to join their relationship, but Charlie doesn’t know if he can trust them again and give them his heart. (hide spoiler)]So let me preface this review stating I’m so usually not a ménage m/m romance girl, but this is Cardeno, so I figured this would be handled sweeter than and not as ulcer-inducing as perhaps another author. And I was absolutely right. This book was easy, natural, and even maybe made me tear-up a few times like a sap.I love Charlie so, so much. He’s smart and funny, and he felt like a real person that I would be friends with and want to know. At first when Adan was introduced I wasn’t sure how I’d like him, given I really adored Scott and Charlie together. But you know what? I loved Adan even more, in fact, I think I preferred Charlie (Chase) and Aden together and that part of the book more than any other. There was something about that section that had all the parts I need and seek for in a novel. Two totally different characters meeting randomly and they slowly became friends, then lovers. I loved that Charlie didn’t give in to Adan right away, that he called him out on his shit, that he was thoughtful towards Aden and gradually cracked Adan’s hard shell. And they were funny together and sexy. I could see these two men falling for each other, even though both really fought with their brains to keep that from happening, even if their hearts didn’t agree. And Adan’s reasons for what he did? I didn’t get angry at him. Coming out and being comfortable with yourself doesn’t come with age. It’s not like just because he wasn’t a “kid” anymore that being comfortable in your own skin comes easy. Add in unaccepting parents and not fitting in or associating with the more ‘out’ sides of being gay, and I can see totally how the whole situation unraveled.And Adan’s POV? I think that’s when my heart crumbled. Because it’s so easy to judge or feel righteous when you feel (justly) wronged, but then when I read everything Adan felt and how he KNEW he was screwing up, but it wasn’t something he could switch from off to on right away. And when he said losing Charlie made him a better boyfriend, a better partner, and a better man? That right there. That’s what made it all worth it to me.That isn’t to say I didn’t love Scott or his relationship with the two men. He just had the simpler story. He was young when he left, and Charlie and him just gradually drifted apart, not quite realizing at the time just what he had lost. But he was sweet and stable. I would have been equally happy reading Charlie’s story with either man in a full novel.Probably the best aspect of this book, though, was the way it was told. Charlie shares his and Scott and Adan’s journey through a scrapbook idea of putting in pictures and explaining the moment from each picture. Again here is where several times I teared-up like a goon. It was poignant and special. I really felt like I was reading and understanding these three men’s ups and downs. I’ll admit at times I wondered if Charlie was telling us the story through the scrapbook, how were we getting the POVs from the other two men? It didn’t feel as stream-lined as I wished, but in the end I was glad we got the other POVs and felt the book would have suffered without them.What prevented this from being 5 stars for me were two reasons.*One, I thought the author used several words or phrasing too often and it distracted me. Off guard and bussing my/his lips were used often, along with others.*The second one was that I felt once the three men got together, the book lost momentum. I LOVED that when the three reunited the ménage didn’t happen right away. In fact, I believe they waited 6 months. Adan and Scott proved to Charlie that what they felt went beyond sex and they didn’t just want a third. They wanted Charlie. But some things just felt strange. For instance, Adan and Scott had been together as a couple for six years and partners, yet they barely seemed to have any heat. The sex was described as ‘okay,’ ‘fine,’ and ‘good’, but they missed topping or wanting to top Charlie. They didn’t have any sexual encounters or flirting together without getting hot over seeing or discussing Charlie. Them being partners felt less authentic and more as a convenient plot device to get all three together in a ménage. I also didn’t like how all of a sudden now that Charlie was the third Adan and Scott could be their ‘true top’ selves and just have Charlie as the bottom. What happened to the six years together of them connecting together as a couple? It was just…strange.Overall, though, I think this was on the sugary-sweet side, but that’s typical Cardeno and sometimes I want that, and I had a big /awwww/ moment when I finished, so me likey.This review was for The Blog of Sid Love.

  • BWT (Belen)
    2019-01-26 13:38

    I liked it, a lot more than I thought I would, actually. Allow me to explain: it takes a really great storyteller to make me not only believe, but root for, a threesome. (Mostly because I spend a lot of time fantasizing thinking about the logistics.) Cardeno makes me believe this is absolutely not only possible, but that it makes total sense.More Than Everything is actually three love stories in one. Charlie and Scott, Chase and Adan, and then, finally, Charlie, Scott and Adan.Each third of the story is told from a different POV, but each chapter is introduced by Charlie with a picture of their lives as he adds it to a scrap-book and his explanation of each photo and memory. The first third of the story is told from Charlie's POV. He begins with the oh-so-sweet memory of the love story between himself and Scott in New York, and chronicles their six year relationship from friends to lovers. It's such a wonderful first love story, it just made my heart melt.The second third begins years after his breakup with Scott where Charlie, like a phoenix risen from the ashes, has reinvented himself as "Chase" and is focusing on his dancing career in New York. The story picks up the day he meets Adan: a brash, narcissistic, Columbia law student and switches to Adan's POV. This is where I had a bit of trouble with the story. Because I hated Adan. Seriously, straight up would-have-kicked-him-in-the-nuts-and-punched-him-in-the-throat-if-I'd-ever-met-him hated. Chase falls in love with Adan, and where Charlie and Scott's love story was sweet and tender and made me "aww" a lot, Adan and Chase's relationship made me rage because essentially Adan uses Chase for sex and doesn't want to be seen in public with Chase, because he is afraid people will associate the more flamboyant Chase with the more "manly" gay Adan is trying to be. Once Chase finally wises up to this it is heartbreaking. He severs all ties with Adan and goes about picking up the pieces once again. It's only in losing Chase that Adan finally grows up and becomes a worthwhile human being.In the final third of the story it's several years later and Charlie is raising his sister's two children. The three men are brought together in Nevada where Adan and Scott own a law practice together and have been in a committed relationship for over five years. Things between them are good and solid, but they've never gotten over their respective "one that got away". When they meet up with Charlie, Adan and Scott know it is meant to be that the three make their lives together. Hurt by both men in different ways and no longer the guileless innocent who was decimated by their betrayals and past hurts, Adan and Scott have a long way to go to proving to Charlie they can be trusted and a relationship between them could work.I'll admit, they had to make me believe it too, because at this point I was still really mad at Adan. Told from Scott's POV these chapters bring the men together to work on getting their HEA. It sucked me in completely and had me rooting and cheering for the boys to make it. I absolutely adored this story. I was completely and totally entranced from page one. I loved Charlie's perspective and his snarky asides. I'm a real sucker for that kind of character, and Cardeno writes them perfectly. Cardeno C. is my crack. Seriously.Recommended!P.S.: You ever wonder where Daniel went at the end of Something in the Way He Needs? You find out here!Note: All stories in the Family Collection may be read as stand-alones.Review Copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.********************1st ed.I liked it, a lot more than I thought I would, actually. I'd put off reading this for a long, long time because the blurb just didn't appeal...but, oh, how wrong I was to wait!Cardeno C. and Mary Calmes are my crack. Seriously.P.S.: You ever wonder where Daniel went at the end of Something in the Way He Needs? You find out here!Read: 02/2015, 10/2015

  • Wendy
    2019-02-15 17:47

    I didn't know what to expect going into this one, since threesomes make me a bit nervous, but this was better than I expected ;)This book is divided in three parts. The first part is about Charlie and his first love Scott. They start their relationship when they are still teenagers. But like most teenage lovers, they eventually drift apart, because Scott leaves to go live with his father and attend college in a different state. Leaving a heartbroken Charlie behind....This part was very sweet and I my heart broke right along with Charlie'sThe second part of the book centers around a 25 year old Charlie. He has never forgotten about Scott, but for the first time in years, Charlie has hope for his love-life. This is because he meets Adan. Charlie falls head over heels in love with Adan and he's happy to be in love again. But things aren't as lovely as they seem. Adan is quite an asshole and Charlie is crushed when he finds out that Adan is ashamed of Charlie's flamoyant personality....This part was less sweet, it was harsher and it pissed me right the fuck off. heart was right there with Charlies....I wanted to smack Adan in the face !!The third part of the book centers around the three of them. Life however is not done fucking Charlie over, because his sister dies.....leaving him to care for her three kids. This means Charlie has to move to Nevada. Charlie always knew that his sister still had contact with his ex boyfriend Scott, but they were closer than he expected. When Charlie wants to go out for a night and his usual babysitter cancels last minute, she tells him not to worry, because she arranged for anotther one of his sisters friends to watch the kids. So imagine Charlie's surprise when he answers the door to Scott.....and Adan. Apparantly Scott and Adan have been together for 5 years, they also work and live together. Poor Charlie is crushed all over again....Scott and Adan are pretty happy together, but both of them never got over Charlie and they both agree that Charlie belongs to them. They want him with them. Will they be able to convince Charlie that they both still love him and that they won't ever hurt him again....I really enjoyed this story eventhough I have to say, it was pretty farfetched. What are the odds that two of the men you loved most in your life end up together. And what are the odds that they also want you to join their relationship, because they both still love you so much. Also, I just couldn't really see Adan an Scott in a relationship together....the two of them together made no sence to me what so ever....but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and leave reality way way behind.....4 Stars from me, because for a threesome, which ususally makes me so nervous, it was very nicely done. I also loved Charlie's character, to me he was awesome and he made me laugh out loud more than once ;)Oh....and it was HOT....did I mention that ??

  • Mercedes
    2019-02-11 10:50

    3.5 Stars rounded upI found this book a gentle and romantic MMM story that was not all about the sex. So if you like your MMM less about three bodies working together and three people coming together in a relationship you may like this story.I liked this story just fine BUT I had a couple of issues with it that ultimately made me give it a lower rating than I would have. Just a quick recap of the story. The story is told from all three MCs POV at different points in time, although Charlie (Chase) serves as the narrator. The story starts with Charlie being 15-16 yo. and meeting Scott who moves in next door and becomes his first love. Charlie and Scott are together for what's probably about 4 years until Scott moves to Las Vegas and leaves Charlie behind. Then about 5 years pass until Charlie (then going by Chase) meets Adan. Adan's and Charlie's bit is told by both Adan and Charlie. These two date for what's almost a year. Then 10 years or so pass until all three meet again. The last third of the story is told by Charlie and Scott.OK. so what I didn't like about this story happened on that last second third or when the MMM begins: (view spoiler)[First, I found utter crap one of the reasons why Adan and Scott decide to go for Charlie and that is because they are both tops and they "need" a bottom. Sure, Adan and Scott love each other and have been together for five years but their "problem" is that they are not 100% compatible in the bedroom because they are both tops. So what does that mean? are they both settling? Call me crazy but dissatisfaction in the bedroom is a sure way to head to splitsville. Whatever, the guys have hung in there for five years and now Charlie can fill that void, neat huh? Well, not really in my book. There is honestly so much more about Charlie that just his hole, so the fact that needing a bottom features so predominantly as a reason for them to pursue Charlie rubs me the wrong way!Also, I was not brimming with joy about the way they come together again. It is by total chance! Yet Adan and Scott are both SO happy to see Charlie again and immediately want him back YET in ten years they never thought to seek him out? I am mostly more appalled that Scott never made a move to do this. After all he was friends with his sister for all those years so he had the connection to get in touch with him. At least when Adan and Charlie split Charlie disappeared from Adan's life not leaving Adan a way to find him. In the end Adan who treated him the worst is the one who seems more worthy of him. I get that for 5 of those years Scott had Adan but if he had loved Charlie for all of those years he should have been more proactive in seeking him out and at least knowing he was OK. Instead at the end of 15 years we have Scott and Adan leading a "happy" life whereas Charlie (who was always sweet and worthy of happiness) has become a bitter man. That's just not right.Finally, and I understand that this was to create a dramatic effect, if Scott and his sister were friends he would have been at the funeral which means he would have seen Scott before he actually does. (hide spoiler)]BUT, in the end this book may be a great way for those who normally hate MMM stories to read a romantic one that ends in a HEA.

  • Ele
    2019-02-17 15:39

    **4.75 stars**Review for the second edition.I'm so happy I got the chance to write a proper review for this, which is one of my all time favorite books and the one that got me hooked on this author.Every chapter begins with a photograph. Charlie is making a scrap-book and every photo holds a memory, which he narrates to the reader. I absolutely adore this storytelling device and it worked amazingly here.The story is basically told in three parts. Keep in mind that for the third part, you will have to suspend your disbelief and keep your heart shaped glasses on.Charlie & ScottyTold from Charlie's POV, this is the story of how he and Scotty became friends and then boyfriends in their teens. This part is so very sweet and romantic. It's about your first love, the boy who made your heart beat faster for the first time and the one that got away. After six years, Scotty has to leave not only NY, but Charlie as well.Charlie & AdanFast forward a few years. Charlie is building his career as a dancer and goes by the name "Chase". This is when he meets Adan, a law student. Adan is a douchebag. He wants Chase just for sex and is ashamed to be seen in public with a flamboyant man. It is obvious that he too has fallen for Chase, but he just can't get over himself. And this is why they eventually break up. But don't worry, Adan will redeem himself in the future.Charlie, Scotty and AdanRemember, do not put your shades off because...MOTHER OF ALL COINCIDENCIES. So, a few years later, tragic circumstances bring Charlie to Nevada and look who he happens to bump into again! Scotty. And Adan. That are a couple and co-owners of a law practice. They may love each other, but they never got over Charlie and they want him back. But Charlie is not the same man they left behind and thay both have to work hard to get him.This is where I would like to see an actual discussion between Scotty and Adan. They 've been together for 5 years, but as soon as they see Charlie again they are all over him. They didn't really talk about their decision to bring a third into their relationship.But I did like that things moved slowly until they finally came together and commited to a three way relationship.There is humour, , snark (more than usual), heartbreak , romance, steam and a sparkly HEA. In other words, this story has everything. Highly recommended!*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Review also on Gay Book Reviews.*

  • Denise H.
    2019-02-03 13:53

    *** This magnificent tale is about Charlie Chase Rhodes, ballet dancer...We see his history unfold as he tells his life story while compiling his photo album, sort of. The storytelling is brilliant, the sex is smokin' and the life is absolutely engaging. * While a youngster, Charlie met new neighbor, tall, athletic, gorgeous Scott, and he wanted a picture. He ends up in a pile of boxes at his feet. With his golden blonde hair, and hazel eyes, Scott...he was a dream come true for small, thin, brown haired, blue eyed Charlie. Through their school years they talked nearly every day, or night through their windows. But fate steps in and Scott moves away. Shattered and broken hearted, Charlie picked up the pieces and went on to become the ballet dancer he had trained to be. * Five years later he meets black haired, brown eyed , golden skinned Adan. He's closeted, a Lawyer and from a staunch homophobic upbringing, even after he came out to family. Now 25, Charlie goes by the name Chase for his career.Finally realizing that he never meets family or friends, the conversation goes very wrong. Adan says hurtful things and Chase finds himself self alone, devastated, and decides to tour with a ballet company and saturate himself in work and travel. * About ten years later he began choreography, as a normal transition for aging dancers. One day, notice comes that his sister died, leaving him two children, so off to Nevada he goes. Got a Vegas show job, and began his life as a dad. Strange things happen in life, and Charlie was looking at Scott and Adan, now partners, standing at his door. Scott knew the kids through his sister, and the shock was unbelievable. * Charlie's photo album was very full, and he captured every big life happiness and sadness. This is a story of finding a ménage relationship, so I'll not tell you any more. This story is hilarious, tender, tragic, and heartwarming. Mistakes are made, hearts broken, but one truth remained, and that was their love never died. It may seem like I've told you too much, but you don't realize there are funny and moving anecdotes to each and every event. This is a full bodied story you'll love, and I've only hinted at the shell. I highly recommend this brilliantly written tale of a full, at times, lonely life, finally reaching the goal of true love. ENJOY !===========

  • BWT (Belen)
    2019-01-28 17:51

    4.5 StarsThere are some narrators who are bad, some who are okay, some who are good, and a few who are great. For me, Ezekiel Robison is great. I have consistently been impressed with his narrative skills. It's just that he uses such great characters voices to draw me into the story. Then his narrative flow is so spot on and pitched so well that I am immediately immersed in the story. Listening to him is a real experience; one to be enjoyed and savored. Robison is also particularly good at taking the extra steamy scenes that Cardeno C. does oh so well, and ratchets up the heat making the sexy times super sultry and delightful to listen to.I could wax on for a while...but I'll refrain. Instead I'll tell you to go buy this audio. Seriously. Go.My full review of More Than Everything.I absolutely adored this story. I was completely and totally entranced from page one. I loved Charlie's perspective and his snarky asides. I'm a real sucker for that kind of character, and Cardeno writes them perfectly. Recommended!Audio copy of More Than Everything provided by Author in exchange of an honest review.This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.

  • Catherine
    2019-02-04 11:39

    In her review, my girl Mish laid out her emotional response to this book. It went a little something like this:First: HopefulThen: HappyThen: HeartbrokenThen: AngryThen: ResignedThen: WTF?Then: HEASomewhere before the "angry/resigned" period, I also came upon a level of acceptance and cautious hope, but other than that... my reactions were nearly identical.This book was heavily in the 4.5 star territory until the clunkiest transition known to man took us all to Menage Town. I fully appreciate an author trying to take a less predictable route to get there, but the coincidences needed in order to make it happen stretched the bounds of belief far too far. Which dropped that section of the story immediately to a 2 star rating. But, once I had a shot or two of vodka and accepted the relationship as the new normal, it was back to the sweet, funny, relatively angst-free book I had enjoyed so much in the beginning. Side note: The anniversary scene was pure, hilarious slapstick. I can easily see how this book wouldn't be a favourite of some, but I really loved the fact that the story was told through flashbacks and that each flashback was prompted by a different picture our narrator, Charlie, was putting in a scrapbook of his life. Thankfully, the books in this series can be read as standalones, so if you aren't a fan of menage, or would-never-happen-in-real-life plot twists, then you can feel free to skip this one and move on to your next dose of CC's particular brand of fluff.Happy reading!

  • Debra
    2019-01-22 12:50

    I absolutely adored this book. As with any Cardeno C I've read, it was just the ultimately sweet read I wanted, a good mix of humor, heartbreak and romance.Charlie/Chase really is the star of this book. Although there are other POV's, his voice really sets the tone. He is unapologetically who he is, a bit flamboyant, snarky and honest. The two great loves in his life ultimately both let him down, but eventually fate brings them all back together again. Scott, is his first love and although they are both young when their relationship breaks apart, it set the tone for Charlie's lack of a serious relationship for years afterward. When he meets Adan, who appears to be the complete opposite of Scotty and a bit of an ass, he is drawn to him. Adan ultimately uses and treats Charlie like crap and once again Charlie is devastated that he so underestimated someone he loved and trusted. I enjoyed the device of the story being told through flashbacks to photographs, with an introduction in each chapter setting up the scene. My only real issue was that the majority of the book is spent on Charlie's two separate relationships and I wanted some more time with all three men together.

  • Chelsea
    2019-01-17 17:29

    4 Hearts!! I love my polyamorous books and ‘More Than Everything’ delivered on a lot of the aspects I love about them, but before I get into the story I really want to talk about the narration.Ezekiel Robison is AMAZING. I was so lost in the story because he was reading it to me. I haven’t been able to say this about an audiobook yet, but I don’t think I would have enjoyed that book nearly as much if it wasn’t in audio.Ezekiel somehow manages to do voices for an effeminate man, a husky growly alpha, a low tenor and a host of side characters (including females), and I could always tell who was speaking! Everyone had individual voices, which is SUCH talent to be able to pull off!! Also he didn’t make me feel awkward during the sex scenes. All the moaning and dirty talk….it was HOT! I will definitely be buying any audio's he does!Ok, so the story is about Charlie. We meet Charlie when he’s 16 and has a massive crush on his new neighbour Scott. He and Scott fall in love and date for 2 years but when Scott has to move across the country, the long-distance relationship fails, Charlie has to move on. Enter Adan, who Charlie meets when he’s 25. They date for 8 months and then that ends very badly (Adan is a bit of a prick, but I'll get to that later). Then when Charlie is 35, unexpected circumstances find him face to face with Scott and Adan happily living together, well you can probably guess what happens then.I really enjoyed the way this was written. How Charlie talked to us, the reader, at the beginning of each chapter about the important moments in his life with Scott and Adan. Having Ezekiel read to me as Charlie in the first person made me connect with Charlie all that much more. Charlie was a very likeable character, as was Scott, and I guess that makes it ok that Adan was a little bit of a prick in the beginning. It would have been pretty boring if everyone was sweet and considerate. Pretty much Adan was ashamed of being gay when we first meet him, he wants to be as ‘straight’ as possible while liking men. He also resents being lobbed into the same ‘group’ as effeminate men for the same reason. So you could see how he sort of hates Charlie for who he is at the beginning. Doesn’t stop him wanting to bone him though. I felt like Adan does make up for it when they meet again years later. He is a very changed man when he comes back into Charlie's life and is very very remorseful, which was good to see.The build-up of Charlie and his relationships with both Scott and Adan was great, but it made it feel more empty when we see Scott and Adan together. I couldn’t really get their connection and why they worked together. The main factor in this being a 4 heart book and nothing higher was that it wasn't really a threesome book. These three didn't get together until the end of the book, and I personally like to see my polyamorous couples get together much sooner. I mean what is better than two hot guys making out? Three hot guys making out!There were a lot of funny moments where I found myself giggling out loud and looking like an idiot, like when Scott and Adan went shopping for dinner, and Adan’s drunken,“sriusly”.. .ahhh…*wipes away tear*, you really had to be there.If I could rate this on the narration alone it would be 5 hearts, easily!!! But although I do recommend this because I had a lot of fun with it, I have read better threesome books that I’d recommend first.

  • Crouck
    2019-01-18 15:29

    **General Spoiler Warning**I told myself this story could go one of two ways: Either Charlie's exes actively search him out as the needed third to their relationship, OR they to run into him unplanned, and due to that happenstance, they decide to go for him. I also told myself that if the second route happened, I would probably dislike this book intensely. But, it did happen, and I didn't hate the book, so there you go. Overall, there were just a few things that started to wear thin:~Redundancy. I actually highlighted how many paragraphs were devoted to Adan talking about what a fem man Charlie was. You know in those interview questionnaires at Target, etc, where they ask the same question repeatedly, but they're all worded differently--"Are people trustworthy?" "Are you quick to trust someone?" It felt like that. ~Pacing. Too much wordcount devoted to how Charlie fell in love with Scott, and how Charlie fell in love with Adan. Not enough left for how all three fell in love with each other as a whole. IMO, the author should have flipped how they plotted the story: summarize how the two initial relationships went (with a few key scenes to provide the emotional attachment for the readers), and save more of the scene writing for the poly half of the story. ~The kids. They were props basically, so...idk, not my cup of tea. I didn't let myself think too much about it, because this isa romance. My dissatisfaction with them relates back to the pacing. The story would have felt more romantic (to me) if the poly relationship was explored during the second 2/3rd's of the book--Charlie hasn't seen these men for 15 and 10ish years, his sister just died, he has these kids, his career is on the down slope. I wanted more shock at finding out his two great loves were together, more processing. I wanted more wooing, not just one/two paragraphs summarizing them hanging out, and then a handful of scenes. The kids could...not have been props, really (total honesty: author could have ditched them altogether. They weren't needed to have Charlie be a cute "housewife"). Relationships forming out of necessity cools my level of enjoyment. Maybe Adan and Scott being rich greased the wheels of Charlie's decision making--he had kids to think about, after all. I know, I know... that's not how it was, because that's not how the author wrote it. They all loved each other and it was very romantic, but I think the story could have been better, hotter if everything hadn't been tied up in such a neat little bow. (This is just suspicion, but I think the author overshot with the first 2/3rd's, and kinda lost steam when the story hit poly.)Ok, so what did I like??I liked two big guys with a cute little guy. I liked Charlie being the stay-at-home, domestic partner. I think the author did excel at everyone lusting after everyone and no one was left out in the cold. I liked the story! I didn't hate it, and I finished it.

  • Gina
    2019-01-29 16:38

    This was an awesome book! Like TOOOOTALLY AWESOME! Another sure fire indicator that I am into a book is when I find myself yelling at my Kindle. Characters make me mad and/or hurt another character in the book I love, i take these actions as a personal insult and must be avenged!! And if yelling at my Kindle doesn’t help, I will contact a fellow reading obsessor (thanks again Macky Darling) and rant and huff at them. This is a menage, and I love these stories. What was different about this one was the way the three men came together. Maybe it would never ever happen in real life, but the writing was such that I totally believed it and EVENTUALLY, loved it I did have some issues (hence, the ranting and huffing i mentioned earlier).While this story is a menage a great deal is heard from Charles (Chase) Rhodes POV. Charlie is absolutely lovable, he makes to apologies for being who he is. He is not a large macho dude, but small flamboyant, snarky, emotional man. Charlie also is tough, independent and loyal. The other interesting and enjoyable part of this story was the way it’s told. Charlie is scrapbooking at his kitchen table and as he pastes in the pictures he is talking to you about the story behind them. I have only read on other book where the character talks to you in this fashion and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it in this book as well. Maybe this is the reason i got so involved and emotional over the whole thing. It honestly felt like I was sitting with Charlie as he puts his book together. The other two characters in this story are Scott Boone, Charlie’s first crush and love. The next door neighbor who befriends Charlie and protects him from the bullies at school. They form a wonderful, touching friendship and later become lovers. Scott is the popular guy at school, sweet, attractive and a varsity football player. Eventually Scott breaks Charlie’s heart, and our tough little friend is left to pick up the pieces of his young life. Adan Navarro, is the opposite of Scott, quiet, brooding and he makes it clear he is really looking for sex from Charlie. And while you learn from listening to Adan that he really does love Charlie, he hurts him badly and walks away. Like I said at the beginning, this story got to me in a way not a lot of stories do. And while i was outraged at the hurt inflicted on Charlie, the end absolutely healed my broken romantic heart 5 wonderful stars!

  • Jaime
    2019-02-12 10:55

    5+ Stars for this story & Audiobook!! The story is hot, full of Feelz and lots of heat!!! Ezekial Robison does a PERFECT narration!! love this book and audio is fucking brilliant

  • Truuss
    2019-02-05 16:39

    Had this on my kindle already...saw a recommend somewhere and goshhh read it three times in a row....What can I say about the story.....I think the blurb says it allWhat can I say about how i felt and what I thought while reading....I read the last 40% five times....and the whole story three times.Amazing read...excellent build up...wonderful written....funny, emotional and honest.The pov's very well done!A must read when you love m/m/m . It worked beautifully. I just loved it.One tiny tiny thing. I would have loved it when there was some more hurt/comfort before Charlie surrendered...."the day I stopped trusting ...... ...., and, what’s worse, the day I stopped trusting myself"

  • Deja Dei
    2019-02-06 15:30

    The writing is good enough that I enjoyed some of the story, and even enough I could forgive the very unlikely, if not impossible coincidence that reunites the characters. Its a story after all and I can get past a convenient if unrealistic plot device. But... I really disliked Adan. When Charlie first meets him, he's a bossy judgmental A-hole who treats him like crap and uses him. Even in the start of the relationship, I couldn't understand what Charlie saw in him except he was young and stupid and heart-broken over Scott. I was so glad when Charlie got rid of him. And then, years later, Adan is back. Ok. Maybe he has seen the error of his ways and grown into a better person. I tried. I really tried to see some shred of decency in the guy. Nope. Bossy judgmental A-hole who belittles Charlie and his ambitions and says insulting things. Still a selfish prick of a character who only sees people for what he can get out of them. And by this point poor charlie, a character I actually liked even if I thought he made some bad decisions, is reduced to pretty much a whore-slash-housewife. Like he sold out on his dreams for a fancy house and to be supported. I wondered, was this even the same guy who was so determined to succeed in a competitive field? What happened to the Charlie/Chase who was so spirited and strong? I don't know. But I don't buy it that his circumstances left him with no choice. That's not how he was portrayed until he literally bends over for Adan and to an extent Scott.I am immensely disappointed that a character I watched struggle and fight and be strong so easily caved. Charlie deserved a better ending then being a real housewife. Adan is such a jerk, he really was the one who ruined the book for me. Its like the villain won. Adan never redeems himself, and some of the things he says to Charlie and even Scott when they reunite, someone should smack him. He's a douche bag who doesn't deserve a happy ending. I wish this had just been Charlie/Chase and Scott. They were sweet together. I wanted them to be happy. They deserved it and they really loved it other. Throw in douche bag Adan and it's like somebody took a crap in my milkshake.The writing is good, and a lot of people enjoy the book, so if it sounds like you'd like it, for sure give it a chance. For me I just had a very strong reaction to the character of Adan. I thought he was mean and selfish and just a controlling jerk. Adan ruined a book I probably would have loved if it had just been Charlie and Scott.

  • Macky
    2019-01-21 17:55

    Well Cardeno you've done it again, made me fall in love with a truckload of cuteness, cut through with just enough snarky humour and mild angsty conflict to give it a slightly sharper edge and therefore less chance of tooth cavities! To be fair though even though this has a CC stamp all over it I don't think it was quite as overly sweet as usual and the sex whilst still being hot and sexy didn't seem quite as frequent as in his past stories... Well I didn't think so anyway! Didn't stop me from having a blast reading this though. Its no secret I love a good ménage story so as soon as I read that this was going to be a Cardeno threesome, I was pre ordering and happy dancing whilst I was doing it. I just knew I was going to love this and I wasn't wrong. Most ( not all ) of Cardenos books have been 4 or 5 stars for me, not because I think they're perfect... They're not... but because I just get tons of pleasure out of them however honey coated, eye rolling or somehow improbable they might seem and as I've said before that's sometimes just what I feel like losing myself in. I don't always want to be reminded of Real Life in my books, sometimes a bit of over the top make believe marks the spot and fills a need. Charlie/Chase is a delight, I adored him and his on off relationship over the book with both Aden and Scott who I also quickly grew to love despite their ' abandonings ' of him, was not only laced with funny, sexy and sometimes sad little moments but was also made all the more interesting by the way it was split into cute flashbacks, different POV's and photograph style memories which will become clearer to you if or when you pick the book up. There might be a few warning bells there for some readers but honestly it was done in such a way that it never felt confusing or annoying and I just loved the whole package. The ménage itself comes much later than usual in these types of story but it never drags, so it was well worth waiting for and working up to it was a great read. I do love Cardenos " Home " series but this " Family " one is fast become my overall favourite. Hat trick 5 stars up to now and snuggled nicely alongside the rest of my CC collection. What more can I say..

  • Susan
    2019-01-26 10:30

    2.5 starsIf you’ve read the blurb you know when you start this book there will be 2 break ups. I don’t do break ups well. They weren’t overly angsty, but my heart still broke each time.Most of this book is told by Charlie. I loved Charlie. He was sweet, he was so full of life and he loved with his whole being.The first 40% consists of Charlie and Scott falling in love at 16. They are together until Scott moves away when they’re about 20.I loved the relationship between Charlie and Scott. They were so in love. I loved them together.I did have a major problem with the fact that these two never had penetrative sex because ‘they were so young’. No I don’t buy that. You have been together for 4 years, you’re young and you’re horny. So no, that was really unrealistic.And I really didn’t get that Scott would simply move away to leave Charlie behind. It was very out of character for Scott.When Charlie meets Adan I was still mourning for Scott. And yes, Adan was an asshole, but that wasn’t my main problem with him. I just felt Charlie and Scott should have been together.When Adan and Charlie broke up I was relieved. But when the three of them meet again years later I REALLY didn’t buy the fact that Scott and Adan were in a loving relationship for the past 5 years. They just didn’t fit. I never saw the love they had for each other.I did like the fact that they both wanted Charlie so bad. But I secretly still wanted Scott and Charlie to make a run for it together…A book with good parts and bad parts, but overall it left me feeling empty and a bit sad, despite the HEA.

  • Lelyana
    2019-02-07 10:38

    Phew ! That's really something else. But works for me somehow.Between a heartwarming and pain, between love and hurts. This is Charlie's story about his first love, his second love and both were disappointed him , hurt him, pained him, because love hurts.I didn't mind about how he and Scott broke up, they're very young at the time, but I was kinda pissed at Adan. He's homophobic, arrogant and denials. Aggh ! He made me wanna hit him on the face with chair for what he did to Charlie, and I was glad Charlie came to his senses to kicked him.But Charlie, the sweetest person on earth, the soft heart Charlie, in his own way he loves Scott and Adan still.And seeing them 'together, together' was a shock for him..go figure.But from the first introduction we're already have a clue about the three of them, so, I wasn't surprise. It's a flashback, so this story won't hurt so much.Still, I cried over what happened with Charlie in the past.Forever in happiness is what he deserves. And Scott and Adan owed it to Charlie.I'm glad this end well. And finally, makes me smile. This is CC's fluffy story with a twist. Rare. But beautiful. Loved it !

  • Vanessa North
    2019-02-13 15:44

    Well, now, this was a nice middle-of-the-night read! I loved Charlie--apparently more than I love sleep because I read this between one and four in the morning in one sitting. Charlie was the centerpiece of this book, and as a narrator he was delightful. I really enjoyed the way his relationships with both Scott and Adan unfolded and the way they were related.For me, the moment when (view spoiler)[Adan and Scott walked into Charlie's house (hide spoiler)] felt a little slapstick meets deus ex machina, BUT it made for some pretty hot menage scenes, so I suspended my disbelief and enjoyed the ride. Overall a fun 4* read. :)

  • Nichole (DirrtyH)
    2019-01-17 16:32

    2.5 starsThis was a book told in three parts, each part worse than the one before.The first part is the story of Charlie and Scott. This was the best part of the book. It was your classic high school flamboyant gay boy meets super hot jock with a heart of gold story, and it was sweet and low angst and pretty much perfect. I loved it, and that's what got me past the kindle sample and had me clicking to buy. I had never read Cardeno C before and was pleasantly surprised by her voice in that section. I was excited to read on.The second part takes place a few years after Charlie and Scott have broken up. It's the story of Charlie (now going by the name Chase) and Adan. I didn't like this part as much. While the first portion is told entirely from Charlie's POV, the majority of this section is told from Adan's POV. So we get to see Adan falling for "Chase", but... well, Adan's kind of a dick, and we're never really given much insight into why Charlie actually likes him. Plus we're told over and over that Adan is so smart and driven 'cause he's in law school, but we never see any of that. Mostly Adan is just about the dumbest character I've ever come across. Like, seriously, he's a moron. So Charlie and Adan's romance never quite gelled for me.The third part is the story of Charlie magically running into Adan and Scott several years in the future, and it's just sort of like, "Wow, he's your ex too? Let's seduce him!" And it's awful. The main problem is that this should have been a story told in FOUR parts. Before we got to this part, there should have been another section which would have been the story of Scott and Adan. How did they meet? How did they fall in love? Who the F is Scott, anyway? As the jock in the jock+nerd high school story, he's written fine, but as an adult... suddenly you realize he has no personality of his own and the only reason we recognize him as Scott is because we're told that's who he is. I needed a good 2-3 chapters just about Scott and Adan to build a foundation for that relationship to be at all believable.The other problem with the third part of the story is that it's all sex. There's no real conversation. We're to believe that Scott and Adan have been together for five years but have never discussed ex-boyfriends, and now all of a sudden they discover that they share an ex and there is NO DISCUSSION about it. They don't even talk about their decision to woo him and get him back to be a third in their relationship. It's like, all decided via two seconds of eye contact and that's it. After that it's just sex for the rest of the book. And a sickeningly gross overuse of the endearment "baby". That's actually one that doesn't usually bother me, but in this book it was just way way way too much.It started out really good but quickly went downhill. I just think maybe this author isn't suited to polyamory.

  • Nic
    2019-02-01 15:40

    "Do you get how amazing that is? I mean, what are the odds? So it's unusual and a little complicated."More Than Everything was such a refreshing take on the menage theme, both due to the structure of the book but also because of the interesting situation our main characters found themselves in.It was a unique way of weaving the story with the chapter introductions and the telling had quite a personal feel with the author talking directly to the reader "So, WHAT do you think of Adan so far? Yeah, at that point in our relationship, I wasn't so sure either...."What I liked about the book was the contrast between the characters. I like that Charlie/Chase could fall in love with two very different man - Scott who is so sweet and then the gruffer Adan. There was a lovely contrast between first love and the love that comes with experience. Oh, and more Charlie, getting his heart broken twice!It was also interesting to see the alternating POVs and gain insight into Scott and Adan motivations, how they viewed Charlie/Chase and how they ultimately felt about each other. There was a definite sense that Charlie was the missing piece to make them complete.Lots of humour, even in the happy ending......."You're both tops?" Charlie said.We both nodded hesitantly."Luckiest. Guy. Ever."I publish all my m/m reviews on my blog so if you want to see all my m/m reviews in one place come visit at Because Two Men Are Better Than One!

  • Line
    2019-02-07 10:43

    MAN OH MAN... I really really wanted to like this story, Charlie/Chase was freaking epic, and this book was so much fun! I laughed a lot and really thought Charlie/Chase was an awesome character.But (view spoiler)[the way Scott and Adan just came back and everything was honky-dory ruined it for me... These 2 idiots, see Charlie/Chase again and they're like: "We want you, we're sorry for being complete dickbacks" (not so much Scott, but still) and half an hour later, 'everything' is forgiven!?!? ARGH, I thought Charlie/Chase was so awesome, but that easy forgiveness ruined it for me. I like to see the douchebags grovel (as raved about in other reviews) REALLY grovel, and I love to see the MC being strong and not just rolling over, forgiving everything because the 'other' MC is hot or demanding or whatever (hide spoiler)]So yeah great book, but some pet peeves of mine ruined it for me, but would recommend for really funny read!

  • Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈
    2019-02-14 14:39

    ***audio review only***I will admit, as a Cardeno C fan, this story is not my favorite (Adan could take a flying leap off a short pier). Ezekiel Robinson was able to make me forget that. He did such a wonderful job with the narration that I was engaged the entire time. I still hated Adan, but I was able to push beyond that. I have enjoyed all of narrations for this series. I can't wait to hear more collaborations of Cardeno and Ezekiel.

  • Sandi ♥'s way too many M/M books
    2019-01-25 14:31

    OK I absolutely adored this book! I was a little up and down got a little teary < yea i'm a freaking sap I know this> Couldn't decide who I wanted to hurt more. But in the end it was right it was beautiful and I loved them all.

  • Christina
    2019-02-17 09:37

    2.5 Stars, rounding up because I loved Charlie. If I went by the mess of the last third of the book, it would be a 2.This was a nice read, especially before the three men got together. That’s where the book lost me. Let's start with the good. I loved the format. We got to see Charlie's life through his scrapbooking memories. It showed me a piece of Charlie's heart every time a new picture was added. Charlie is sweet as can be and proud of who he is. He makes no apologies for the way he dresses or for the things he likes. Charlie and Scott made a cute couple. Scott was the perfect boy next door. He is smart, cute, and played football. He was Charlie's first love. Then many years later he meets Adan. He's rude, insensitive, and cocky. A total opposite to Charlie, but Charlie sees something in him and gives him a chance. It was hard at first to accept Adan after the loving relationship Charlie had with Scott, but I quickly warmed up to Adan. Yes, he was a complete ass to Charlie, even up until the very end, but I understood where it was coming from. Adan was fighting preconceptions from his upbringing. I didn't like it and I hated that he hurt Charlie, but nevertheless I understood it. Charlie stood up for himself every time and never let Adan get away with anything. He gets hurt, but he doesn't compromise himself in the process. Here's where it all goes downhill. So much was dedicated to the individual relationships in the first 70% of the book, that when all three met up again there was not enough time to work out any of the issues or they were simply ignored. It felt like the author was rushing through everything in order to get to the big sex scenes. We get a pure chance meeting between them and no explanation as to how Adan and Scott got together. We get nothing of their relationship together except their problems in the bedroom. They know right away that they want Charlie in their relationship. No discussions, no compromises, nothing. How does that work? It felt wrong on so many levels. There's a couple of scenes where they reacquainted themselves, but it's mostly about how much Adan and Scott want Charlie in bed. They make it clear that it's more than that, but that's not the focus. We get nothing of Charlie trying to work out how both his ex's are together after all these years and how he is dealing with it all. That was the most important part! We are told that 6 months go by before Charlie gives in, but really that meant nothing to me because what we saw was Adan and Scott showing up, apologizing to Charlie, and then making up. Very disappointing.