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The French Retreat - a mystery novella, with a touch of romance, of 40,000 words.Losing her job and her home, wasn’t on Marcie Grainger’s wish list for the new year. In a bid to reassess her life, she heads off to the only place she has ever felt content - her brother’s farmhouse retreat in rural France.Marcie isn’t the only one looking to escape. Ex-soldier Will hopes theThe French Retreat - a mystery novella, with a touch of romance, of 40,000 words.Losing her job and her home, wasn’t on Marcie Grainger’s wish list for the new year. In a bid to reassess her life, she heads off to the only place she has ever felt content - her brother’s farmhouse retreat in rural France.Marcie isn’t the only one looking to escape. Ex-soldier Will hopes the gentle pace of French life will help to banish the ghosts of his past and offer him the fresh start he desires.However, all is not what it seems at The Retreat. Fuelled by a string of strange happenings and local rumours, Will and Marcie are pushed together as they try to discover who or what is behind it all. In so doing, they are faced with a moral dilemma and question if doing wrong is doing right?The French Retreat is a story of human compassion, hope and love....

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The French Retreat Reviews

  • Rachel Gilbey
    2019-02-04 14:23

    4.5 StarsI was entirely sure what to expect from this book, the mention of Christmas in the blurb had me thinking it could be a Christmas book, and the strange happenings in the book to start with trying to be passed off as possible ghosts. However once you dig a bit deeper and start reading this properly, you realise there is a fantastic story in there, on a topic that is current and relevant. I will clarify that this isn't a Christmas book, and can easily be read at any time of year, although the human compassion and hope for the kindness of strangers, is a message to be taken all year around. The story between Marcie and Will is lovely, Will is ex-army and has come to the retreat to help him banish the ghosts of what happened during his time there. Marcie has made a couple of errors of judgement recently and is running away to her brother retreat in France, to recuperateAt first they seem to be opposites but after spending some time together, they find a deeper bond. And then there is the mystery to solve and the situation to deal with. This may only be a short novella, but it had me hooked from quite early into the book, and gave a great insight into these characters, and also to life in rural France. This is the first book in the Falling for France series, so I will certainly be interested to see how the series proceeds. Really enjoyable story, that I found incredibly fascinating. The French Retreat has a slightly different feel to it, to the other Sue Fortin books that I have loved this year, but regardless its a great book.

  • Laura
    2019-02-15 11:35

    I loved this novella. I read it within one afternoon as I was desperate to get to the end to see what happened. Sue Fortin's descriptions, the pace of the adventure and the moral dilemma the story poses, had me gripped.This is a very topical, exciting and compassionate storyline, told with great sensitivity and understanding.I'd like to go to the French Retreat. Sounds just up my street. #justsaying :-) Excellent read, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I cannot wait for the second in the Falling For France series.Highly recommended read.

  • Ellen LE
    2019-01-24 17:51

    Book was a very easy read and just what I was looking for in that respect. I enjoyed the theme of girl making life change as well as the story line of the refugees and the compassion shown by the main characters.My two main issues for the book were1) as mentioned by previous reviewers - this was billed as a mystery which it was not.2) lack of research / the geography was very confused which frustrated me. The cottage is located 20 mins drive from Ploermel however the round trip to the ferry in St Malo goes via Avranches and takes 6 hours. This trip would take 3 hours and have no need to go as far east as Avranches! However an enjoyable easy read and escapism!

  • Jane Hunt
    2019-01-28 16:40

    Follow my reviews. :Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+Connect on...:TwitterMarcie and the establishment have come to blows when she seeks solace in France, at her brother’s aptly name home, ‘The Retreat’. The mystery starts when she meets Will, an ex soldier who is staying at the retreat. Will’s attraction to Marcie is undeniable but can it overcome the demons he is battling?The vividly described setting is lovely and makes the perfect backdrop for the mystery that unfolds. Although the plot isn’t complex, there are enough twists to make you think one thing, when in fact the truth is something else entirely. The fast paced story keeps you interested and the moral dilemma it poses, makes you wonder what you would do faced with the same set of circumstances. The unsurprising, romantic ending, is satisfying and sets the scene perfectly for book 2.Sue Fortin

  • Larmie Fahrendorff
    2019-02-10 17:25

    An easy happy readA simple before bed, night read. There was not the suspense of other offerings by this author, but rather a light adventure with a romantic vein.

  • Suze Lavender
    2019-02-16 17:30

    Marcie has lost her job, her home and her boyfriend because of one single incident. To escape her problems she travels to France to stay with her brother for a while. Her brother has a countryside retreat in Brittany and Marcie feels very much at home there. She isn't the only guest, Will, an ex-soldier, is trying to get back on his feet as well. When her brother needs to go back to England Marcie and Will have to manage his home. They're looking forward to some peace and quiet, but they aren't the only people in the area who could use a little help. Will Marcie and Will be able to leave the past behind them and find a new future for themselves?The French Retreat is a beautiful romantic story. I'm a big fan of books set in France, so I immediately loved the setting of this novel. I could easily picture the surroundings and Sue Fortin's descriptions are vivid, colorful and accurate. I loved the countryside home with the cozy fireplace. Sue Fortin shows her readers that France is as interesting in the winter as it is in the summer. Plus there's a lot going on for such a small place and I was intrigued from the start.Marcie is a sweet woman with a huge heart, she's sparkling and enthusiastic. Will is a bit grumpy and at first he seems difficult to approach, but he's actually a kind and caring man. They have great chemistry and are perfect together. I kept hoping Marcie and Will would find a way to be with each other and really enjoyed the surprisingly lovely ending.Sue Fortin has an enchanting writing style. Every time I read one of her stories I'm hooked. I love books I want to read in one sitting and her romances combined with mystery aspects keep me glued to my seat for hours. The books are heartwarming and I'm always gripped by the dilemmas her main characters are facing. The French Retreat has a scene that made my heart skip several beats. If you love France and gripping romantic stories you should definitely read this book. It's such a wonderful story filled with love, compassion and suspense.

  • Miriam Wakerly
    2019-01-24 16:32

    This was a perfect book to read on holiday and I enjoyed it. Light romantic style, likable, interesting characters but with thought-provoking themes of immigration and the effects of war - highly topical of course. I look forward to reading more books by Sue Fortin.

  • Elle Turner
    2019-02-17 11:44

    Lovely characters and I very much enjoyed the story. This novella will certainly have you Falling for France. Looking forward to the next.

  • Laura
    2019-02-13 14:37

    My full review here: https://cutloosebookloose.wordpress.c...