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Moll Pecksniff and her friends are living as outlaws in a secret cave by the sea, desperate to stay hidden from the Shadowmasks. But further along the coast lies the Amulet of Truth, the only thing powerful enough to force the Shadowmasks back and contain their dark magic. So, together with Gryff, the wildcat that’s always by her side, and her best friends Alfie and Sid, MMoll Pecksniff and her friends are living as outlaws in a secret cave by the sea, desperate to stay hidden from the Shadowmasks. But further along the coast lies the Amulet of Truth, the only thing powerful enough to force the Shadowmasks back and contain their dark magic. So, together with Gryff, the wildcat that’s always by her side, and her best friends Alfie and Sid, Moll must sneak past smugglers, outwit mer creatures and crack secret codes to save the Old Magic. With more at stake than ever before and the dark magic rising fast, can Moll and her friends stop the Shadowmasks before it’s too late? Perfect for fans of J.K Rowling, Piers Torday and Michelle Paver....

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The Shadow Keeper Reviews

  • Emma Carroll
    2019-02-12 11:40

    WOW!As the much anticipated second instalment in this trilogy, The Shadow Keeper exceeds expectation. Once again, the story is complex, the characters brave, endearing, frustrating. Right from the very first scene, the pace never slackens as we race across land and sea to find the amulet containing Moll's mother's soul. There's magic aplenty, with smugglers, kelpies and lighthouse keepers all thrown in for good measure. An absolute masterclass in BIG ACTION SEQUENCES. This is UKMG at its finest. Bring on the next instalment!

  • Kelly
    2019-01-24 11:06

    I can't even remember the last time I thought a sequel in a series was better than the first book, especially when it's the middle book of a trilogy! Utterly loved this, magic and fun all the way to the end :D

  • Rebecca Collins
    2019-01-26 09:44

    Well where do I start? Abi is a pure and utter genius! From start to finish, I was so engaged with the text and I am beyond excited for the final instalment. It was great to be reunited with Moll and Gruff, but it was also lovely to be introduced to Puddle, Scrap and Willow. I found myself intrigued as to what Moll and Siddy were going to get up to and what dark forces they were going to face - at times I wanted to be there with them! Now since last summer, there have not been many books that have really grabbed my attention, none that I have read so quickly, however this one I couldn't put down! I think this was because I empathised with the characters so much. After being on adventures with them before, I knew what they were like and what they could face, and this time I just felt like I was with them. I got pretty emotional throughout the book, especially when Willow was being so encouraging and thoughtful and when Olive was talking to her daughter, Moll, through a letter - such beautiful words. Also, (how can I forget) I got so anxious when Gryff was hurt, but I am so glad he is okay! Abi's characterisation is just mind blowing and I hope to discover more authors who are like this! Throughout the book I could imagine every page so clearly in my mind. From the Owls with wings like knives, to the beautiful golden eagle at the end, I could clearly picture everything which made it so much more exciting. I would love for children in my class to read this book and interpret what they read through drawing/art; it would be great to see if our ideas were similar! Furthermore, I would definitely love to see this book on the big screen!! This is such an excellent book and I feel so lucky to have read it! I am most definitely giving this book, and Abi's current series a place in my classroom. Every child should have the privilege of reading this magnificent story and experience the same as what I have with Moll and Gryff. A huge thumbs up and five stars from me!

  • Mathew
    2019-01-17 15:05

    Review to come.

  • A Severs
    2019-01-18 10:04

    A thrilling tale with such lovable (and loathable) characters. The magical elements of Over Sea, Under Stone, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings intertwine into a surprisingly still original adventure story.

  • Milly Potter
    2019-02-08 08:43

    Fab! really enjoyed this one, too!

  • Sophie
    2019-02-08 14:54

    Originally published at http://solittletimeforbooks.blogspot....The Dreamsnatcher was one of my very favourite reads last year and I fell even more head over heels with The Shadow Keeper.Abi Elphinstone’s writing is even more wonderfully vibrant than I remembered. It’s so physical and lively that I felt like I was with Moll, Gryff, Siddy and Alfie every step of the way. I was so caught up in the adventure that I barely managed to write any review notes (which I usually do unfailingly) – there was too much to experience for me to pull away for even a minute. This is the kind of writing and story that will made kids realise just how magical reading and stories can be.Moll is stubborn and brave and full of heart. She goes on quite a journey through The Shadow Keeper and I was constantly going between cheering her on and wanting to give her a big, squishy cuddle. Moll’s journey takes her from kelpies to spirits, smuggler gangs to a tempestuous lighthouse called Dorothy – there isn’t a still moment in this book and I read it in two big gulps.The Shadow Keeper is another gorgeous adventure story filled with magic, friendship, love and loyalty.

  • Donna
    2019-01-27 14:37

    I put off reading this sequel as I didn't want to be disappointed after the Dreamsnatcher as I loved it so much. I needn't have worried as The Shadowkeeper is brilliant, even better I feel than the first! Abi Elphinstone has shown her development as an author by strengthening her characters (especially Siddy) and tightening the storyline in a truly inspirational way. It is full of fast paced adventure and the well-informed description in the book brings the whole story to life. I could not put it down and am can't wait for the last book in the trilogy.

  • Laura Noakes
    2019-02-17 14:50

    Ah-mazing. Better than the first book, and that's saying something.

  • JackAndrew Harford
    2019-02-03 09:48

    Review to come

  • Kirsty
    2019-02-12 16:41

    finished reading this and then straight into the next in the trilogy.really good read. This book picks up where the last one stops with Moll looking for the second amulet of truth and her quest to find them. loved the twists and turns in the story and looking forward to how the book concludes. recommend :)

  • MagicalFi
    2019-01-19 09:39

    4.5* stars (or maybe 5?)I really, really enjoyed this one, and a lot more than the first one, which is saying something.The characters, the adventures and friendships made were just so much fun to read about.Here we meet new characters (Scrap, Willow and Puddle) who are just as lovable as the other one's (especially Gryff). Maybe I'll write a better Review some other day but for now this is it. I definitely recommend this series to more mature and older children who love dark middle-grade stories about magic, adventures and friendship.

  • Jean Kirby
    2019-02-10 08:46

    A great fantasy adventure with gypsies, smugglers, a Wildcat, wolves and lots of peril. This is book two in the Dreamsnatcher series and it is an exciting read. I raced through it and really enjoyed it. Now I'm reading the third in the series. Suitable for KS3 boys and girls.

  • Niamh
    2019-01-24 11:55

    This is an amazing book. I have read The Dream Snatcher as well. Abi Elphinstone is an amazing author. This book has lots of tension. Will Moll find the second amulet before the Shadowmasks?

  • Lauren
    2019-01-26 13:41

    Definitely lived up to the first book, a great read with excellent themes of bravery and friendship.

  • Whispering Words...
    2019-01-23 16:40

    The second instalment in Abi Elphinstones amazing dream snatcher series, this was a book I simply couldn't put down. Full of magic and friendship, the story puts some unique twists onto old tales and fully captured my imagination. I absolutely loved it!After defeating the first group of shadowmasks, Moll and her friends must now battle an even scarier and more powerful trio of witch doctors. Determined to destroy the old magic of the forest, the witchdoctors use their dark magic to hunt Moll down, intending to kill her before she can reach the second Amulet. But when a rough and tough group of smugglers join in the search — determined to take the amulets wealth for themselves — Moll and her friends must use every bit of cunning available to make sure they get there first. But can they arrive in time…My favourite thing about this book is its heroine, Moll. She is brave and spunky, hard-headed and without doubt, the toughest gyspy Tomboy around. In this book the challenges she faces really helps to develop her as a character and I liked that we got to see a more vulnerable side of her. The part that loves her friends and family and is a real softy behind her tough exterior.As always Moll’s wild-cat, Gryff accompanied her wherever she went - and I liked that he got a bigger role in this story. His connection to Moll as her protector and friend melts my heart - and he really endured a lot throughout this story.Otherwise I really enjoyed all the characters. Molls oldest friend Siddy also got more page time - he also developed a courageous side and his wise words really raised him in my esteem. He went from the timid best friend to the solid glue that keeps everyone together and moving forward. I also adored that his pet got upgraded from an earth worm (porridge the second) to a timid crab (hermit the first).Alfie of course completes the trio of friends. His story came as a real surprise, with lots of plot twists and… ok, no spoilers, but I’m now desperate to read book three to see whats in store for Alfie next.Of course the motley band of characters that make up Moll’s family of gypsies were in there too - humorous and loveable as ever. This book also saw the addition of some new characters - Scrap particularly deserves an honourable mention for she was amazing in her silent, miming way.The plot is dramatic and fast paced. Something huge seemed to happen at the end of every chapter, and there were some elements of the story I really enjoyed. Golden Soles - something I’m sure was inspired by the little mermaid tale. Creatures such as Kelpies and the souls of drowned sailors, talking lighthouses … every page was full of magic and folklore.The villains were also kicked up a notch. Nefarious smugglers and powerful witch doctors with their dark voodoo magic. One scene really sticks in my mind since it really creeped me out (I’m sure you’ll know what one when you read it), all I can say is that Abi Elphinstone really has a talent for creating atmosphere in her prose.All in all there was nothing about this book that I didn't enjoy - except maybe the end - but only because I don't have the next book in which to continue the story.I give the Shadow Keeper 5 stars!

  • John Fulton
    2019-02-03 15:49

    The Shadow Keeper, by Abi Elphinstone, is the sequel to The Dreamsnatcher, which was one of my top 3 books of last year. So let’s get that out of the way – is it as good as The Dreamsnatcher?No.It’s even better. Everything I loved about The Dreamsnatcher is present in The Shadow Keeper, but more so. More fun. More excitement. More monsters, more magic, more wildness and catapults. So if you liked The Dreamsnatcher, you’ll love The Shadow Keeper.As the books begins, Moll and friends are in hiding in a secret sea cave from the evil Shadowmasks. Where The Dreamsnatcher was set in wild forests, this story is set mostly by the sea – and if you know anything about me, you’ll know that this is exactly what I’d have asked for from Moll’s further adventures.But these aren’t just Moll’s adventures. Where The Dreamsnatcher was mostly about Moll and Gryff the wildcat, with support from Sid and Alfie, this time both of the boys are full members of the team – they call themselves The Tribe. The cover (by the brilliant Thomas Flintham) shows Moll racing off into danger, leading Gryff, Sid and Alfie, and this is the perfect encapsulation of the friendship – Moll is the leader, but the others are close behind.That isn’t to say the friendship goes perfectly smoothly, because Alfie has secrets of this own – dark secrets – that put a strain on their friendship, but in the end the bonds are unshakeable.Their quest for the second Amulet of Truth, the only thing that can drive back the dark magic of the Shadowmasks, takes them to the smuggling town of Inchgrundle, lair of the monstrous smuggler Barbarous Grudge.Let’s stop here to take a moment and enjoy just how wonderful that name is, shall we? In fact, the names are brilliant throughout – Barbarous Grudge, Smog Sprockett, Puddle, Scrap – all utterly fantastic and evocatively Dickensian.Their quest takes them further, to the Nibbled Head Lighthouse (Abi, you’re just pandering to me now) and to the deadly Devil’s Drop, where ghosts and sea monsters await.There’s many a shocking moment along the way, with real emotional engagement for the plucky Tribe, and an ending that makes me extremely cross that I’ve got to wait a year for the final installment in the trilogy.This is the middle book, so we’ve got to have our Empire Strikes Back ending, with this part of the story concluding, but questions remaining unanswered; a dark conclusion with a glimmer of hope, and a sense of determination.Roll on 2017.

  • Sian
    2019-02-11 12:01

    I was sent 'The Shadow Keeper ' for review and read it straight after the first book in the series and loved it. After the events of 'The Dreamsnatcher', Moll and the gang are back doing everything they can to find the next amulet and stop the Shadowmasks. In their latest adventure, Moll, Gryff, Alfie and Siddy face off against the evil Darkbite and Ashtongue as the land around them becomes corrupted by dark magic. We get to see more of the gypsy magic as Moll tries to cast the Oracle Bones to help them find the second amulet of truth.Elphinstone has written a wonderful, jam-packed adventure that is sure to capture the imagination of spirited young readers. The story is set along the coast with secret caves, dangerous villages and temperamental lighthouses, which adds to more to Moll's world than just Tanglefern Forest that we saw in the first book. We also get a host of new characters - some friendly, some not. However, where Elphinstone's writing really shines is in the relationships she has created between Moll and her friends and family. There are strong themes of friendship, trust and believing in each other. The plot even depends on Moll, Siddy and Alfie believing in and being there for each other. There is also a continuation from the first book od the idea that family doesn't depend on blood, but can be those who really love and care for you.The one issue I had with Elphinstone's writing was that at times it felt a little too fast paced. There was always something happening, which left very little time to rest between the action. It would have been nice to have had a chapter or so at the beginning to really experience the gypsy life with Moll and the gang before the action kicked in.Overall, this book is a great sequel (and better than the first too) and the series itself is one that I would highly recommend to any young readers who enjoy adventures full of magic, friendship and clue finding - oh and of course wildcats.

  • Claire Fayers
    2019-02-10 17:00

    What a brilliant continuation of the Dreamsnatcher story. Moll and her friends are back, but with some new characters and lots of new peril to face. The pace never lets up and the tension builds from chapter to chapter. Then, underying all the excitement and danger, is the friendship that binds the main characters. The strength of their connection forms a solid heart to the book. The author has a real talent for drawing the reader in until we care equally for all her characters. If that's not enough, there are killer owls and the cutest pet hermit crab ever. If you enjoyed Dreamsnatcher, you will love this book.

  • Beth Kemp
    2019-02-13 10:46

    Fantastic continuation from The Dreamsnatcher. Abi Elphinstone certainly knows how to keep her young heroine on her toes. Poor Moll is really put through the wringer in this and it's impossible not to root for her and her gang, the Tribe. This is a brilliant book about friendship, bravery and doing the right thing, as well as the wonders of the outdoors. Can't wait for book 3 (but naturally, I have to - these things take time when you travel the globe for research in order to include authentic adventure...). A fuller review will appear on the blog in due course.

  • Emma Ferrier
    2019-01-22 11:56

    *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*A brilliant sequel that lives up to it's predecessor. My only "complaint" was that because it was book 2, I already knew the rough shape the plot would take since it pretty much follows the latter half of book 1, just in more detail, which took some of the mystery out of it. However it was still utterly fabulous and I highly, highly recommend you pick it up! (But read book 1 first because... it's book 1 and you need to!)

  • V.S. Nelson
    2019-02-17 14:51

    I bought this book not realising it was a sequel but found that it stood up well when read in isolation.

  • Amy
    2019-01-28 15:37

    Great rollercoaster ride of an adventure book for ages 9+. Fabulous fierce heroine, richly imagined world of magic and secrets and bad guys with names like Barabarous Grudge. What's not to like?