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After local college football star, Jerry Mathews, stumbles into secretly watching Autumn Landry pleasure herself, he can't wait another day to tell the girl of his dreams how he really feels. Tonight's annual bonfire to celebrate his upcoming game will be the perfect setting to show Autumn how he's loved her since 8th grade. When the team's biggest rival crashes the partyAfter local college football star, Jerry Mathews, stumbles into secretly watching Autumn Landry pleasure herself, he can't wait another day to tell the girl of his dreams how he really feels. Tonight's annual bonfire to celebrate his upcoming game will be the perfect setting to show Autumn how he's loved her since 8th grade. When the team's biggest rival crashes the party with a plan to bench Jerry, Autumn is the only witness and she must bring him out of the friend zone to save him. But will she be able to steer him away from hidden danger and safely into her arms in time? BOYS OF FALL is the first novella of the Seasons Erotic Shorts available from K.D. Wood Books. Coming soon: GIRLS OF WINTER, BOYS OF SUMMER, and GIRLS OF SPRING....

Title : Boys of Fall
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Boys of Fall Reviews

  • Book-Bosomedblog
    2019-02-02 12:04

    Autumn Landry is the college president’s daughter, and co-ed Jerry Mathews has his eye on her. Literally, when she doesn’t realize it and he’s burning up because of it. But Autumn has her eye on Jerry too, the inspiration for her fantasies.“Hand pressed to the side of the house and sucking in big breath, I narrowly escaped embarrassing myself by jizzing my pants in Dr.Laundry’s backyard.”Told via Autumn and Jerry’s alternating first person POV, this is a steamy new adult novella about finally getting together with your crush. If you’re in the mood for a short, low angst but sexy read, this is one to check out. I look forward to seeing more in this series.*ARC received in exchange for an honest review

  • C.C. Ravanera
    2019-02-09 12:51

    I was fortunate enough to get an ARC of Boys of Fall by K.D. Wood.If you are looking for a full length book to sink into...this is not for you.If you are looking for stories that will take you to made up world of magic and fantasy, or even horror...this is not for you.If you shy away from erotica and the mention of certain body parts and those "taboo" words one doesn't speak out loud in public...I would say grab yourself a copy of Boys of Fall and be re-educated on how "erotica" should be written.K.D. Wood spun a simple tale about a young man and a young woman who had feelings for one another for years. The brief history thrown in was enough to get to know the characters and short as the novella is, managed exceedingly well to also develop the characters to real tangible people you can relate to.But that isn't the best part. Did I mention it's EROTICA?! Ice me down because it's HOT! Yes, that's how the genre works but I tend to shy away from it since most of the times it doesn't have any substance and quite crude to be honest. Boys of Fall isn't like that at all. It's classy, extremely sexy yet also sweet in its own special way.You have got to grab yourself a copy to see what I mean. Believe me, it will be worth it!Umm...did I mention it's HOT?

  • Home Is Where the Wine Is Book Blog
    2019-01-22 10:58

    My Rating: 5 out of 5 starsWhat the hell K.D.???? You have to warn a girl first. I started this book while waiting in line at the the post office!!!! The whole time I’m like looking over my shoulder and thinking “is it hot in here?”  I swear I thought I saw my phone start to smoke this story was that hot.Well done and by far the best short erotic story I have ever read. I was amazed on how I related to Autumn and Jerry in such a short time.Jerry showed vulnerability and determination.  Ok seeing Autumn through her bedroom window probably helped. After years of pent of sexual energy these two explode…literally lol. Total page turner.Wow I cannot wait to read more!Favorite Scene: The lawnmower scene Favorite Quotes:“Tonight, Autumn Landry, come hell or high water,” I said to the photograph before tucking it into my wallet.  “I’m going to finally tell you how much I’ve always wanted you.”

  • Talltree
    2019-01-22 13:01

    4.5 stars!

  • Debi
    2019-02-04 14:01

    Boys Of Fall by K.D. Wood is definitely a book for mature readers and is my first book by this author, but will not be my last. This is a story about 2 college students Jerry Mathews, local college football star and Autumn Landry, who had to grow up too fast since her mother left, taking care of her father and her brother. She is a good girl who never stayed out too late and never did the crazy things college kids do. Jerry and Autumn had known each other for years and had a crush on each other since junior high when Autumn let Jerry know that he was taking her to the dance. Through the years as they both dated other people they ended up in the friend zone. When Mr. Landry suffered a minor stroke Jerry was hired on to care for their yard. On one hot steamy day as he was mowing he accidentally catches Autumn pleasuring herself, totally unaware that it was because of him, *insert blistering hot scene here* :) It was the night of the annual bonfire celebrating the big game the next day. Jerry had hoped that Autumn would be attending as he had finally made up his mind that he was going to tell her how he felt and hoped that she felt the same. At the bonfire Jerry had just about given up hope that Autumn was going to show up completely unaware that Autumn was watching him from the shadows. It was at this time Autumn witnesses someone messing with Jerry and knowing she had to do something because this could interfere with his ability to play in the big game tomorrow, Autumn rushes in to save him not realizing that her attempt will bring them out of the friend zone. But can she save him in time and will Jerry get his wish and find out that Autumn feels the same way about him, he wants to be her last, and wants her to be his last. Will his well planned evening turn out as he hopes?I loved this novella. The writing style of this author is great and flows nicely. I read it in one sitting as it's only 60 pages. She developed these characters into 2 people you find yourself pulling for throughout the whole story. Not to even mention that this is one HOT and STEAMY ride. I sincerely hope to read more about these two in the future. I will also be looking up any and all of this authors books. No doubt a 5 star read.

  • Kathleen
    2019-01-18 15:56

    If you are looking for a sweet but sexy friends to lovers story to read, look no further, Boys of Fall by author K.D. Wood is the book for you!College students Autumn Landry and Jerry Mathews are longtime friends, who have secretly had feelings for each other. After one steamy afternoon of voyeuristic fantasizing about each other, Jerry forms a plan to find Autumn at the college football bonfire event, and ask her to spend the evening with him at his special spot. Can Autumn and Jerry proclaim their feelings for each other, and take their friendship to the next level?Oh holy hotness, Boys of Fall is one hell of a steamy erotic romance novella! Author K.D. Wood weaves a sinfully delightful tale about two longtime friends who finally declare their romantic feelings, culminating in a steamy night of sexual pleasure and romance. Told in the first person alternating perspective of Autumn and Jerry, the reader follows how these two young adults take their longtime friendship to a lovers relationship in one steamy passionate night.The author provides the reader with a quick little sexy tale that can be read in one afternoon. I loved following Autumn and Jerry's story, the author provides a brief history of their friendship, and mixes it with a sweet romance and erotic sexiness that will make you blush, want to read more, and leave a satisfied smile on your face. Did I mention that this a smoking hot sexy erotic romance novella? Take my advice and read this sexually pleasurable little novella, you can thank me later! ;)Boys of Fall is the first book in the Seasons Erotic Novellas Series, but can be a standalone read.Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book release day blitz event hosted by The Book Garden.http://jerseygirlsizzlingbookreviews....

  • PaulaPhillips
    2019-02-01 10:11

    Boys of Fall for all those wanting a quick sexy read , then is the perfect book for you but if you are in the mood for something a bit longer, a bit more romancing and relationship building then Boys of Fall isn't your type of book as going into it , I didn't realise it was a quick read and was surprised when it was finished . In this book we meet two characters Jerry Matthews and Autumn Landry. Jerry is one of the school's football players and a bit of a hunk and Autumn is the school President's daughter and a bit of your plain jane type girl. She is the type that would rather be inside than outside and big parties etc aren't her thing. The thing though that most people don't know is that she has a dirty side of her where she loves masturbation and it's Jerry's parts that she dreams of. This book is basically a get together that is long overdue between Jerry and Autumn and they have their romantic build-up foreplay at a party and then Jerry takes her to a special spot and the pair have romantic sex and then the book is over and readers are left to assume the pair are now in a romantic relationship. Boys of Fall really is a read if you are wanting a quick dirty sex filled read to tie you over or if you are in the mood for a bit of erotica during a lunch break. So if Quick Reads , Erotica and New Adult rings your bells, then check out Boys of Fall today by KD Wood.

  • Jennifer LaFon - Book Bitches Blog
    2019-01-25 13:56

    *Review copy received form the author for an honest review*4 Dirty Secret starsSexy football star…check! Quiet homebody….check! Hot Hot Hot sex scenes….check! Yep, that’s about it for this VERY short but VERY HOT read! If you are looking for a quick little read to get your motor running, this will do it. Jerry is sweet, sexy, and an athlete. And Autumn sounds like the smart and quiet type. That is until she sees Jerry out cutting the grass ;)“It wasn’t often I got the chance to talk to the star player for Calhoun County Junior College with no crowd of groupies around to distract him.”My only complaint with this story is the drastic changes in Jerry and Autumn’s relationship. They take their relationship from 0-60 in approximately 60 pages. And we are talking hot and heavy!! Sweet, shy Autumn has a very kinky side, and Jerry is just the guy to help her enjoy it.“Sheesh that boy is hot enough to be illegal.”This author is new to me, and I will be reading more of her work. I feel like this story could have had a little more to it, but I definitely feel like the author did a good job of giving us the hot stuff! Happy Reading!!!

  • Sara
    2019-02-15 17:48

    Boys of Fall by K.D. Wood a star-struck four-star read. This is the first novella in the seasons erotic shorts, and I hope the rest are as good as this one, the only negative I found was I could have read another hundred pages. I read this in record time, I loved how sweet it was, as well as sexy, there was a story that you could follow, you watch not just two people fall in love but four. Jerry is a boy known by many names Jeramiah is his given name, but he is commonly known as little Jerry and sweetie pie Jerry, by two girls one of whom he has been admiring for a little while. After watching her while mowing the lawn he decides now is the time he must tell her that she is the one for him.Autumn Landry is a god girl, she had to grow up quick, and when she sees something happening to her friend Jerry she must step in and do something. Will now be the time for them to realise things aren’t what they seem?This was a great story and shows us that there are several types of love in the world, including the love of self.

  • The Smutbrarians
    2019-02-11 10:08

    Storyline: 3Angst: 0Tissue: 0Value: 4Panty Scorching: 4.5Over All Rating: 3.5Kindle eARCReviewed by LindseyHoly smokes! For such a short quick read this book is hot as hell. When I read the blurb I thought oh hell yeah this looks pretty good. And it was! Autumn and Jerry are smoking hot together. I never thought such a short read would be so action packed and it definitely is. Jerry is a little hottie and a sweetheart to boot! He's always had a little thing for Autumn but when he catches her all alone by accident the little thing becomes a huge one. ;) Autumn is such good girl. Even her dad wants her to get out and have some wild fun. So she takes matters into her own hands and has some fun. She has always had a crush on Jerry but watching him do some manly duties just makes her melt. This is a super quick fun read. I was in a funk when I began reading it and sure enough it pulled me right out. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.

  • Lisa
    2019-02-12 11:50

    Boys of Fall by K.D Wood is the first novella of the Seasons Erotic Shorts. Awesome- I will totally read the rest of them as I liked this one so much! Jerry, a rugged hot jock, and Autumn, a reserved good girl with a dirty side, have gone to school together for years, even going to their junior high prom together. He started helping out her dad and brother just to be near her but they haven’t ever really done anything about it. But the night of the bonfire, they must have both reached a breaking point. He actually caught Autumn giving herself some love! Oh and he really likes it. This novella shows the start of a new relationship, a moment in time where two young people have a magical moment and sparks fly. That’s always the best part in my opinion, the beginning of it all. It’s sexy but also there are real feelings there. Oh and there’s even a little crazy drama thrown in! This is the first book I have read by this author and you know it’s not my last.

  • Sunday
    2019-02-03 16:51

    Boys of Fall by K.D. WoodFour StarsBoys of Fall is the first Seasons Erotic novella in a four book series by K.D. Wood. This is the first book I have read by K.D. If you are looking hot sexy erotic short story this book is for you.Autumn is watching Jerry mow her family's lawn, when he stops and asks her if she will be going to the bonfire that night. She told him she ought see him later. Autumn and Jerry have known each other since they were in high school. They've had feeling for each other since she asked him to junior prom, but being in other relationships and stuff seemed to always get in the way. Now they are both single and in college, Jerry wants to know if they can be more than just friends. This is a must read if you like super hot sexy love scenes. It's a quick easy read and sizzling!

  • Julie
    2019-01-27 09:46

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.This is the first book I’ve read from K.D. Wood. It is a 60 page novella that starts off with a bang, funny and very steamy…definitely not for anyone under 18. I was really into the first half of the story. The thing is, it ended up that there was really much of a story after that. It’s pretty much all sex. I know that there is a real limitation on what an author can do in 60 pages. I get that, but I just felt that the story would have really benefitted by less sex and more story.If you are looking for a very steamy read and aren’t really concerned with having a real story to go along with it, I think you would like this one. It is a very short read…an hour, tops. It is well-written and easy to read, and it does have some enjoyable moments.

  • Danielle Marlowe
    2019-02-04 13:06

    Boys of the fall is written by K.D. Wood. This is my first read by this Author. K.D. Wood did a great job on this book. The story is well written. The two main characters in the book are Jerry Mathews and Autumn Landry. Jerry Mathews is a local football star. Jerry has the hots for Autumn. He has loved her for for years now, since the eighth grade. Autumn has had feelings for Jerry too. But they both have kept their feelings hidden. One day when Jerry is mowing Autumn's lawn, he sees her pleasing herself. Jerry just can't look away. Later that night, Autumn and Jerry are at a bonfire party, and everything changes between them. Jerry are Autumn are great together. Their chemistry is sizzling hot. This story is a short, sweet and sexy read. This is a great story. I really enjoyed it. 5 Stars. Thank you, K.D. Wood. Great work :)

  • Chantelle Smith
    2019-02-10 14:06

    Football star for the local college football team Jerry Mathews, cannot wait to finally tell the girl of his dreams how he really feels, especially after the events of the day when he accidentally stumbled upon Autumn Landry secretly pleasuring herself in her bedroom. With the tonight being the annual bonfire to celebrate the football team’s upcoming games Jerry thinks that this maybe the perfect setting under his favourite tree to finally tell her he has loved her and wanted her since the 8th grade. Autumn finally arrives at the bonfire, trying to seek out Jerry when she witnesses something that the only way to save him would be to taking him out of the friend zone. When they finally realise that one of the team’s biggest rivals has crashed the party with a plan to bench the main star of the team. Has Autumn got what it takes to steer Jerry away from danger into her arms in time, and do they feel the same about each other?Boys of Fall is the first novella in a series of short seasoned erotica stories by K.D Wood. These books are sweet, sexy, quick and quirky, but all in the best way. It was steamy, heart racing and naughty and had me hooked from the start. You get thrown in pretty quickly into this book with the sexiness but with the way in which K.D Woods has written the book it isn’t tacky or cringe worthy but something that made it extremely hot, and sexy that had yourself hot under the collar. This book was short, but I didn’t feel as though it was cut dramatically short, or shocked that it ended the way it did. Its didn’t feel rushed or too much crammed in, it was paced to perfection. I’m glad K.D Wood wrote this with dual POV’s as we really get to see what each of these characters think. I loved that these two characters had history and that finally both of them had the chance and the determination to confront each other on their feelings, but as soon as it was said boy oh boy did they explode. I love the way Jerry describes Autumn and how he really sees her and doesn’t care what other people think even when they say she is a little nerdy, it just shows how much he has and always will care and love her. I also love when he says he never expected to not only fall in love with her, but her family too. You can tell immediately that these two have a connection that will last forever, and forever be sizzling hot!I would love to have seen how hot this book would have been if it was a full-length novel but nevertheless, I’m glad I got to read these characters story, and wonder whether this will be the last we read of them.I cannot wait to read the other books for this series of Seasoned erotica short stories, and be eagerly awaiting Girls of Winter, Boys of Summer and Girls of Spring.

  • Bobbi Wagner
    2019-01-23 09:57

    Boys of Fall by K.D. Wood is a story about two people starting out as friends then growing into something more. This story is hot, sexy and really all I can say is WOW! You will love how this author has created characters that will make you laugh but at the same time needing ice water to cool down. You will love how she has created this story to pull you in from the first word. You will find yourself relating to these characters from the first page. Find out what happens with these two friends.Autumn Landry and Jerry Matthews are two people that have been friends forever. What they don't know about each other is that each one has a crush on the other. What will happen when Jerry accidentally sees Autumn pleasuring herself? The way it has affected him is like no other. He plans on telling her tonight at the bonfire, he can't wait any longer. Will he get his chance with her? What was not expected that night was the biggest team rival to show up and try to bench Jerry. Is he in danger? Will Autumn be able to save him in time? What will happen this one night could change everything for them. Will they find what they have been looking for along?These two characters are pretty strong characters throughout this story. Autumn is kind of funny and witty in a nerdish kind of way. Jerry is the star of the college football team. He knows what he wants and how he will get it. These two together are hot, sexy and will leave you wanting to see more of them. Will they finally get to tell each other how they really feel? They both connect to each other and grow with each other throughout this story. They really do keep you engaged in this story. You will find yourself routing for them to get together. Find out what will happen with these two. Will they take their relationship to another level?This is my first story by K.D. Wood and I know that it won't be the last. I can't wait to see what she will write next. I can't wait to read more of her books. K.D lives with her family and spoiled White Wang in northern Mississippi. When she is not writing, you can find her under a snugly blanket with a cup of donut shop planting her nose in a book. You will totally lose your self in this book. I was so engaged in this story that I read it in one sitting. She has created a fast paced story that will keep you turning page after page. You will need to see what happens on the next page. I highly suggest this story as I know you will totally love this story as much as I did.

  • Casey
    2019-02-14 10:51

    Find this review and more at Ramblings From This ChickBoys of Fall is the first story in the Seasons Erotic Novellas series from K.D. Wood. It is a standalone and the first book I have read from K.D. Wood. While I expected this to be novella length, I didn't expect for it to be so short. At just 60 pages, there isn't a lot of story here. I really enjoyed what there was, but I wanted more. Autumn Landry and Jerry Mathews have both wanted each other for as long as they can remember. But due to Autumn having been in a relationship, they remained just friends. But when Jerry sees Autumn pleasuring herself and secretly watches, he knows that he needs to say something to her. Autumn and Jerry both plan to attend the annual bonfire to celebrate their school's upcoming game against their rival, and both of them decide that they can't wait any longer to let the other know how they feel and see where things go. I liked both Autumn and Jerry. They had great chemistry and a believable connection. I think it helped that these two knew each other previously, so it felt real and natural. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of them together, but there just weren't enough pages here. These two were smoking hot together though, and I absolutely loved how right they were for one another.If you are looking for something with a lot of depth or development, this definitely isn't the story for you. It is so short that there isn't a lot to each of these characters or to the story itself. But if you are looking for something super sexy that can be read quickly, this is one you really should check out. I think that had this one been a little bit longer it would have been even better. I was on the fence between 3 and 4 stars, but with the length it just wasn't able to quite get there for me. I will read more from K.D. Wood though, and I can't wait to see what she has in store for the next Season Erotic Novellas book.**ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR**

  • Ashleigh
    2019-01-29 14:03

    Boys of Fall is the first novella in K D Wood’s new series, Seasons. Written in first person, this quick read centres around Autumn and Jerry as they struggle with hiding their feelings for each other. This is a short, steamy and sexy read that is guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied; I can vouch for that!Local college football star, Jerry Matthews, has been hiding his feelings for Autumn Landry for a long time. But when he finds himself secretly watching her pleasure herself, he can’t hide them anymore. He’s determined that tonight, at the annual pre-game bonfire, is the night to show Autumn that he’s been in love with her since 8th grade. Autumn also has a plan for that evening and watching a rival crash the party and risk Jerry’s ability to play in the next day’s game is not part of it. Will she be able to steer Jerry away from the arms of the enemy before it’s too late?Quite simply, this is the perfect read if you’re looking for something to satisfy you quickly. At just sixty pages long, Boys of Fall will take you no time to get through, but will leave you feeling very pleased. The story takes no time to get into the action, and by action I mean the steamy kind. This book is hot. Autumn comes across as a shy, sensible kind of girl but once she’s alone in her bedroom… Wow. Just wow. And Jerry isn’t one to forget about either. I think what I like most about this book is that it’s the female character that takes a lot of the lead. So often with these kinds of books it’s always a strong domineering man showing the innocent girl what she should do. With this book, Autumn knows exactly what she wants and she’s more than ready to get it. I would definitely recommend Boys of Fall to those who are looking for quick fix to satisfying their needs. I am super excited about the rest of the serious and I am already anticipating just how great they will be. Thanks to the author for a great read; I am impatiently waiting for the next!

  • Heather R Callahan
    2019-01-29 15:46

    Title:Boys of FallAuthor: K.D. WoodsPublisher: K.D Woods booksRelease Date: January 12, 2016Genre(s): Romance, EroticaHeat Level: #4 flames out of 5Rating: # 4 stars out of 5Blurb:“Kissing her back, I let my teeth drag over her skin, and she suked in a breath as she gazed at me over her shoulder”Autumn is the college president’s daughter, great student, and all around perfect girl. She shad always done what she is told, and that is expected of her. But fun has never been her first priority. She had to take on a lot around the house after her mother passed away.Jerry is a super hot football player who has grown-up with Autumn. They even went to prom together. However, that is where it stayed, till now. After an afternoon of mowing the president’s yard, Jerry finds himself watching Autumn. And man does he get an eye full! They end up meeting up later that night at a bond fire, and let the moment take them. Nothing better than young love!This book will definitely give you the HEA you are looking for,Find this book on GoodreadsARC provided by Ink Slinger in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Heather from Alpha Book Club

  • Lynn Jones
    2019-01-21 17:12

    Boys of Fallby: K.D. Wood5 StarsJerry Matthews has loved Autumn Landry since the eighth grade when she walked up to him and told him he was taking her to the dance at school. Since then they drifted apart but remained friends. Autumn's dad is the Dean at the local college and had a stroke so Jerry mowe their yard to help out. He was outside mowing and tossing the football with Autumn's brother. Autumn was reading and working on a paper when she went to the window to watch. Jerry came up to her and asked if she was going to the bonfire. She told him yes and he was very happy cause he was planning on bringing them out of the friend zone Autumn out them in. He had decided to tell her he has loved her since the eighth grade. So he makes preparations to fix the back truck into a bed for them.While at the bonfire an old girlfriend walks up to Jerry wanting to try again. He informs her he has re feelings for someone and that she was a mistake. While this is going on Autumn is hidden in the tree line watching and. notices this girl drops pills in Kerry's drink. She immediately comes to his side telling him what the girl did. Jerry takes Autumn to his favorite spot under the red maple tree and tells Autumn what he witnessed while he was mowing. Autumn is embarrassed at first but Jerry assures her it completely turned him on. He tells her he has loved her since the eighth grade and wants to be taken out of the friend zone with him being the last man She is ever with.Wow what a great book. I have not read much from this author but that will change. The only thing I did it like was how short it was I wanted more.

  • Lucy Berson
    2019-01-17 14:59

    4.5 stars for Boys Of Fall by K.D. Wood. This is a new author to me. Autumn has been attracted to Jerry since high school. Not that he has any ideas. When they were juniors in high school, she all but told him that he was taking her to prom. And he did. Since then, he has wanted her. When she put him in the friend zone, he had to try and find a way out of it. When Autumn’s father has health problems, this is Jerry's opportunity to see more of Autumn. Now he is there now in their lawn and helping out. While mowing one hot summer day, after talking to Autumn, he knows things have to change, he wants her and wants her bad. When he is just about done, he looks up and gets an eyefull. He can see straight into her bedroom. Autumn tilted her mirror so she would be able to see Jerry while she “entertained “ herself. Not realizing that Jerry watched the entire time, and boy did he enjoy himself. Watching Autumn’s live show, he knows that she will be his!! When they find themselves at a bonfire that night, Jerry knows this is his chance. When Autumn sees someone slip something into Jerry's drink, she comes to his side and confronts the girl. This is Jerry opportunity to get Autumn alone and thank her properly. He takes her to his favorite place, under the red maple tree and proceeds to tell her how he has felt about her and also that he saw her little show back in her bedroom. Come to find out, they are a match made in heaven!!This was an extremely easy and fast read for me. Once I started I could not put it down. I can not wait to read more books by this author!

  • Steff
    2019-01-25 10:05

    After local college football star, Jerry Mathews, stumbles into secretly watching Autumn Landry pleasure herself, he can't wait another day to tell the girl of his dreams how he really feels. Tonight's annual bonfire to celebrate his upcoming game will be the perfect setting to show Autumn how he's loved her since 8th grade. When the team's biggest rival crashes the party with a plan to bench Jerry, Autumn is the only witness and she must bring him out of the friend zone to save him. But will she be able to steer him away from hidden danger and safely into her arms in time? BOYS OF FALL is the first novella of the Seasons Erotic Shorts available from K.D. Wood Books. Coming soon: GIRLS OF WINTER, BOYS OF SUMMER, and GIRLS OF SPRING.**Warning this book may contain scenes that may offend or upset some readers**I need a cold shower. This book is HOT!! The characters go from shy to full on very quickly and boy do things get heavy. I read this is one afternoon curled afternoon on the sofa. I could not put it down. The author used fantastic characterisation on the two main characters Jerry Mathews and Autumn Landry. I did identify in many ways to Autumn and loved how her character developed during the story. I do think it was too short and this could have been taken a lot further however the story was a good read. My favourite quote had to - “Sheesh that boy is hot enough to be illegal.”

  • S.F. Benson
    2019-02-14 13:09

    Warning: Due to graphic details, this book is appropriate for mature readers only.I loved this story. I know I tend to love a lot of books I read. What can I say? I tend to choose good things to read.When it comes to certain authors I'm always guaranteed a good read. K.D. Wood is one of those authors. Everything I've read by her has been well-written with intriguing characters. "Boys of Fall" did not disappoint.Although this book is erotica, it was not just gratuitous sex. Wood delivered a simple love story between a jock and a smart girl. They'd known each other for years. During that time they developed an attraction but never acted upon it. The reader gets a little peek into the events that changed their interactions.The story is hot with the right amount of detail. You might even need a fan to read parts of it. Wood didn't just write heavy graphic scenes. Readers got to embrace the emotion in the scenes too. Well crafted sex scenes shouldn't come across as porn. Wood understands this and conveys it successfully.I loved Autumn. Her name was so appropriate for the story. This girl was brave and willing to take charge. And I admired Jerry. He was able to step away from the male bravado/facade and reveal himself to her. Isn't that something every girl wants from the guy she loves? I highly recommend "Boys of Fall" to anyone who doesn't mind a spicy read.

  • Liz
    2019-01-22 10:50

    A steamy short read, perfect for a little reminder of those easier young love days.Autumn Landry is the epitome of a perfect teenager. When her mother left, she had to grow up really fast and be there for her baby brother Kenny and her dad. “Autumn, you’ve been the most careful, focused, boring teenager I’ve ever met. And being the president of a junior college, I’ve seen my share of knuckleheaded screw ups… My dear it’s time you get out and had some fun.” Yes, it’s bad, even her father calls her boring and wants her to embrace her younger years. One thing about Autumn though is that she has a hidden sultry side that comes into play whenever her path crosses Jerry, the star player for Calhoun County Junior College. They have been friends since they were in high school and they went to junior prom together. Jerry has been around more often since Autumn’s father suffered a stroke. He helps with the lawn and the upkeep of the grounds that the college presidents house requires. Both secretly lust for more than being in the friend zone. Will they finally have the guts to tell each other exactly how they feel? Will they succumb to the brewing sexual fantasies that plague them both? I enjoyed the fast-little story. It was just enough on the detail scale to still be understood and satisfying. It was also wrapped up nicely in a perfect way, something I find is lacking with most novellas for myself personally. I look forward to reading the other seasons in this series.

  • Laura Furuta
    2019-02-15 17:46

    Boys of FallBy: K.D. Wood5 out of 5 starsThe book Boys of Fall by K.D. Wood is a sports/romance book. Local college football star Jerry Mathews is mowing the lawn when he finds himself secretly watching Autumn Landry pleasure herself. He has always had feelings for Autumn however now is going to make sure she knows how he feels. The bonfire that is set for that evening will be the perfect setting. Then a rival team crashes the party. Will Jerry still be able to profess his true feelings to Autumn?This book may be a little shorter than most, however, I loved every page I read. It is a beautiful story of how two people find out their true feelings for each other. It also has a bit of drama in the mix, then again that is life. Autumn is someone that normally doesn’t go out however she decides that the bonfire is something she is not going to miss after Jerry gets her to agree to go. How will Autumn react when Jerry confesses his love for her? Jerry, in the past, didn’t know how to deal with the emotions that he has for Autumn so he put her in the “friend zone.” He has decided this will end at the bonfire and sets an elaborate plan in motion. I was rooting for this couple through the whole book. Find out if Jerry and Autumn finally become a couple. This book does include adult situations which would make this a story for those 18 years of age or older.

  • Mainely Stories
    2019-01-23 15:08

    Boys of fall is a little steamier than the usual YA, NA novel. Erotic young adult story with a little mystery, some very sexy scenes and a satisifying HEA.Autumn has had a crush on Jerry since middle school but she doesn't seem to feel that she has much chance with the local college football athlete, even though he is friends with her family, mows the lawn and helps out since her rather's illness. As Jerry mows the lawn he witnesses something through Autumn's bedroom window that prompts him to decide that he isn't going to wait any longer. Jerry has been biding his time and tonight is going to be the night at the bonfire. Jerry waits and watches for Autumn to arrive when he sees the gate close without Autumn. He is rather despondent that she didn't make it to the party when an old girlfriend, hook-up really, from a competing school tries to get his attention but Jerry is absolutely not interested. What Autumn sees as she is walking towards Jerry frightens her and she is spurred to action. While I enjoyed the story, some things really were a little uncomfortable, i.e. when her father who is recovering from a stroke encourages her to stay out all night and in fact tells her not to come home. An unlikely occurrence in my experience and just doesn't ring true for me. This is a good story that could be even better.

  • Kristan Anderson
    2019-02-10 14:44

    Boys of Fall by K.D. Wood is a short and steeeeeamy novella. In this story, we meet Autumn and Jerry. This story is for mature audiences only due to content and I do not recommend reading at work, woah baby.Jerry is a college football jock who has wanted Autumn for years. They had gone to junior prom together, much to her demand actually. Though he would never say anything different. Autumn is basically a goody two-shoes and never does anything wrong or out of the ordinary. Not that there's anything wrong with that but her father, the president of the community college, encourages her to have a good time.While helping her dad around the house, Jerry accidentally sees something that makes blood rush south. Catching glimpses of her pleasuring herself is killing him. When she's finished she calls out the window and they agree to meet at the bonfire later.Will Jerry finally tell Autumn how he's felt about her for years? Will she let him know she's felt the same? This story was hot hot hot with a capitol H. Two sort of friends who have liked the other for years finally giving into their desires. Jerry knows the right things to say. And Autumn surprised me with how bold she was with him. Wood has a way with words. While most of the story was quite steamy, it was tastefully done and definitely well written. I would LOVE to hear more of their story.

  • Angelique
    2019-02-16 17:59

    Hot Hot Hot. There is no other way to describe young Alpha Male Jerry. Star quarterback and overall nice guy who has a love jones for his neighbor Autumn. Jerry will do anything to get close to Autumn and vice versa. The problem is neither of them knows how the other feels. Jerry friend zoned Autumn after prom and has been waiting for his chance with her ever since.He will do anything to spend time with her. When Autumn’s father has a stroke Jerry comes to the rescue and agrees to mow the lawn for the family. Autumn loves nothing more than sitting in her bedroom window watching Jerry’s hotness work out in her family’s yard.A bonfire the night before the big game seems like the perfect opportunity to take the relationship from friend zone to love zone. Jerry preps the flatbed of his truck for a night that will make Autumn his forever. He doesn’t have a clue that Autumn plans on acting on her own desires when she arrives at the bonfire. Seeing Jerry almost drugged by an ex, has her seeing red and declaring things that surprise her as much as anyone.You have got to read K.D. Woods short novel. Boys of Fall. See what happens when two people throw caution to the wind to take their relationship to the next level. I will forever be a fan of this amazing author. Loved it can’t wait to read more of her books.

  • Misty Ziegler
    2019-01-27 12:08

    ****4 STARS****Boys of Fall by K.D. WoodBoys of Fall is the first in a series of romantic erotic novellas for the different seasons by K.D. Wood. I give this novella a 4 star rating and found it to be a very hot and passionate short erotic story. Jerry Mathews, local college football star, had been in love with Autumn Landry since the 8th grade and thinks the night of the annual bonfire could be the perfect time to finally show her how he feels, especially after he witnessed her pleasuring herself in her bedroom when he was outside mowing their yard. The bonfire brings them together and allows for them to finally act on their desires.I only wished this was a longer story to allow for more character development and to make the story seem less rushed. It was a cute short story with some very sexy scenes. I just feel as I normally do with novellas, that if the author would have been able to do so, a full length novel would have allowed readers to get more drawn into what the was happening and the characters feelings and motivations. It was another nice novella, with some well described flirtatiousness and steaminess. However I felt there should have been more to it so that I could've been drawn into the story more.

  • Katie
    2019-02-10 12:11

    4 star reviewBoys of Fall is an erotic novella by K.D. Wood and is the first in a new series. Having not read anything by this author previously this was a great introduction to her writing style – and what an introduction it was! Blimey this was a steamy little read! It was written really well. Sometimes I find erotica can be poorly written and a little predictable but this author did a fantastic job with it! I really enjoyed it! The story is told from both Autumn and Jerry’s first person POV which is one of my favourite writing styles as you get to understand each character better. With it being such a short read it is hard to make a good connection with the characters but I still liked them - they were typical of your college aged characters. I think the author did well cramming so much story into so few pages, especially the background to their relationship! I would have happily have read a longer story on these two characters too! I have to say the lawnmower scene was probably one of my favourites out of this book! If you are looking for a short and steamy read with some tender romantic moments intertwined in it then I would definitely recommend you read Boys of Fall! I am really looking forward to the next books in the series and reading more from this author!