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Jennifer Smythe escapes Earth’s invasion by the insidious Kasari race, hijacks an alien starship, and survives the deadly passage through a wormhole.But escape is short-lived…When Jennifer emerges on the new world of Scion, she is confronted by the same deadly enemy. Now the Kasari have sided with the planet’s angel-like elite against the warrior underclass, but with the iJennifer Smythe escapes Earth’s invasion by the insidious Kasari race, hijacks an alien starship, and survives the deadly passage through a wormhole.But escape is short-lived…When Jennifer emerges on the new world of Scion, she is confronted by the same deadly enemy. Now the Kasari have sided with the planet’s angel-like elite against the warrior underclass, but with the intent of ultimately ruling both. And when Jennifer is captured by the brutish Koranthians, her alien-enhanced abilities make her a crucial asset in battling the Kasari and their winged allies.Back on a divided Earth, Jennifer’s brother, Mark, and Jack “the Ripper” Gregory wage their own war against the Kasari. As the global government welcomes the extraterrestrials, Mark, Jack, and their rebel faction seek to use the powerful mind-altering skills gained from the Kasari’s sworn enemies to repel the would-be conquerors. But faced with the might of Earth’s ruling forces, has the cause already been lost?...

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The Kasari Nexus Reviews

  • Tyler
    2018-11-05 00:00

    I made a mistake here - since Goodreads listed it as "#1" in a series, I assumed this was the first, but it turns out that there are one or two trilogies prior to this one with the same characters and world. This one picks up as if it's just new chapters in the saga, liberally sprinkled with heavy-handed references to past events and characters, like a bad movie sequel.That said, this book is awful. It reads like it was written by a 9th grader. Cardboard characters, arbitrary dramatic tension, predictable resolutions. Plodding, mechanical plot movement. Simplistic geopolitics. Organizations represented solely by 1 or 2 characters, like a low-budget '80s TV show that couldn't afford enough supporting cast. So bad that it completely distracted me from any enjoyment, so I stopped after 6% completion, which I pretty much never do with fiction. Wow.

  • Debra
    2018-10-27 04:54

    It took me a little bit to get the gist of the story and the layout of the book, but by chapter 4, I had it. Then the story moved right along. This is one of those books where you keep saying, just one more chapter, just one more chapter, etc. Until you are done and wishing for more.

  • David Dalton
    2018-10-22 00:04

    This may be the first book in the Rho Agenda Assimilation series, but it is book #7 over-all in the 9 book series. Very sci-fi. And a loved it. Great action on earth and in space on the other side of the universe. Great to see the Ripper in action. Kids are all grown up now. Read this with my Sep KOLL, and I will come back to book #8 in a couple of months.

  • Sean Byrne
    2018-10-22 07:40

    The opening instalment of Richard Phillips’ upcoming Kasari Rho Agenda Assimilation series, The Kasari Nexus is a fast-paced political thriller on an intergalactic scale. Stranded on an alien spaceship, countless light-years from Earth, Jennifer Smythe and Raul Rodriguez have only their wits to keep them alive. With no hope of returning home, and a ship in desperate need of repair, their only solace is a small, inhabited planet their ship has targeted as its next destination. But as Scion draws ever nearer all hope of shelter is crushed when scans indicate that the malevolent Kasari Collective already has a foothold on the planet.Meanwhile, back on Earth, their opposition to proposed intergalactic dealings with the Kasari have made Mark and Heather Smythe enemies of the UFNS. Alongside their security team of Mark Gregory, Janet Price and their son Robby they flee North America intending to reach New Zealand via Lima, Peru. But a crack force of Special Forces, led by Daniil Alkaev is on their tail, and if they’re caught the future of the Earth itself hangs in the balance.Fast-paced and exciting, The Kasari Nexus is a gripping read. The author’s military background comes to the fore, packing the story with gripping battles that draw the reader in. Of course the nature of science-fiction ensures that not all these battles take place with ‘recognisable’ weapons, but Phillips expertly overcomes this ensuring that the battles on Scion seem just as plausible as those that occur on Earth.With so much detail going into these encounters, the novel could be forgiven for neglecting character development, but The Kasari Nexus doesn’t fall ito this trap. Each of the characters is well rounded, with their own unique personality that doesn’t falter. Each character reacts to their situation as their personality dictates and this helps engage the reader in the story. I’ve found in the past that some science-fiction neglects this aspect and distances the reader when someone acts out of character.If I was to have one issue with The Kasari Nexus, and it is a minor problem, it comes in the form of the book’s place in the overall Kasari story. Coming, as it does, after a previous trilogy there has already been a detailed history built up for the characters. So as not to alienate new readers, Phillips occasionally has to refer back to events that have already happened to explain characters’ actions. This unfortunately breaks up the flow of the story from time to time, providing a minor irritant; that aside, I would recommend giving The Kasari Nexus a read. An entertaining read, and a definite thumbs up from me.*review facilitated by the wonderful people over at*

  • astaliegurec
    2018-11-10 03:07

    Richard Phillips' "The Kasari Nexus" is the first book in his "Rho Agenda Assimilation" trilogy. Unfortunately for me (since I didn't realize it when I started reading), it also happens to be the 7th book in his overarching "Rho Agenda" series. So, there are a whole lot of backward references (a WHOLE lot) that mean absolutely nothing to me. That aside, if I assume the book is for the Young Adult crowd (and if I'd actually read the earlier books), it would probably be tolerable. For me, though, it wasn't. The story, itself, has potential. But, its implementation is lacking. I found all the characters to be shallow and one-dimensional. The writing feels short, blunt, or staccato. The author invariably uses far too much detail in describing technologies instead of keeping the focus on actions. The constant miraculous use of these technologies gets old fast, yet there are also a lot of holes in them (for instance, one group has nanobots capable of building anything, yet they can't use them to produce food and water). And, finally, the escalation in a fight on Earth near the end escalates to ridiculous levels. So, if you're a Young Adult, give it a shot. But, if you're more "seasoned," I'd give it a pass. I'm rating it at a Not Very Good 2 stars out of 5.

  • Arshad
    2018-11-14 06:59

    “I received a free, advance copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review”I only read story books that are recommended by friends and family. In this case, I am not sure how I stumbled on this series, but the moment I started the first book of Rho's agenda, I wanted to finish the whole series. After finishing the Rho's agenda three books, I realized that the Rho's agenda assimilation series has not been published yet. I was glad to find out that a pre-released copy is available for my unbiased review. This book, like it's characters, has matured from the teen science fiction to adult thriller series. I do not want to spoil the fun by pointing out the details from the book and therefore would only say that if have have read the rho's agenda then you should continue to read till the story finishes, you will not be disappointed.

  • Bruno Neves Pires Silva
    2018-10-19 01:47

    Houveram exageros, mas o livro é sensacional demais para dar menos de 5 estrelas.

  • Cathy Ryan
    2018-11-06 04:46

    Although this is the first of the Rho Agenda Assimilation trilogy, the books do follow on from the Rho Agenda Inception and the Rho Agenda series, both of which give lots of insight into the development of the characters and, of course, fill in the previous storylines.During the battle to stop the Kasari Collective entering through the gateway built by Dr Stephenson, and invading Earth, Jennifer Smythe opts for what she sees as the only possible course of action. This results in the Rho ship, with only herself and Raul Rodriguez trapped aboard, being thrust into deep space and light years away from earth, sending them en route to an inhabited planet. Desperately needing supplies and repairs to the ship, Jennifer and Raul land on Scion only to confirm their fears the Kasari Collective are in the process of naturalizing the inhabitants.On Earth, Mark and Heather Smythe and Jack and Janet Gregory are dealing with problems of their own. A new alliance has been born replacing the UN. The UNFS, United Federation of Nation States, is about to open the Stephenson Centre for Interspecies Reconciliation in order to welcome the aliens. Mark, Heather, Jack and Janet are engaged in helping US Senator Freddy Hagerman to build a movement designed to put a stop to the Stephenson Centre. As A Safe Earth’s backers, Heather and Mark, and by association Jack and Janet, have been brought to the attention of Alexandr Prokorov, who won’t let anything come between him and his goals.The ending of Wormhole (book three in the original trilogy) left a lot of unanswered questions which I was hoping would be addressed in a continuation of the story. Some details were answered in the Inception series, and other political and character driven story arcs are now seamlessly extended with The Kasari Nexus.Two parallel action packed plot lines, bringing in new and old characters, combine in an exciting and fast moving opening instalment to the third trilogy in this amazing series. The focus shifts between each scenario leaving mini cliffhangers which add to the tenseness of the narrative. From the deluded and power-hungry factions to the wonderfully enhanced and sharpened capabilities of the Smythes, on and off planet, and the Gregory family, including young Robbie, it’s a thrilling ride.Admittedly the very detailed sections of scientific technology, although spectacular, were beyond my scope but generally the author writes in such a way as to make everything understandable and seem very plausible; Jennifer and Raul’s space journey, Jennifer’s experiences on Scion, the alien planet, its inhabitants and technology plus the intergalactic battles. What began basically as a series with young adult protagonists has evolved into a full-blown sci-fi thriller with exceptionally well developed, complex and unforgettable characters. A descriptive, compelling, well written narrative with some surprising twists.My favourite character throughout has been Jack Gregory and I can’t wait to find out where the portentous pact he makes takes him, and Khal Teth. Alexander Cendese’s narration, and the differentiation between characters is very good.

  • Matthew Royal
    2018-10-24 23:39

    Supposedly the first book in the series, but it's constantly flashing back to the interesting things that happened before this story started -- there is way too much exposition in this book. It's distracting and the narrator feels like that friend who recaps the last season of the show you watch together 15 minutes before season 2. All the adjectives and descriptions are cliched. The men grunt and ooze masculinity; the women are sexy as hell.Every character is on an upward trend. There are no opponents that present real threats. There are no obstacles that the characters cannot overcome. The protagonists have the best technology and their enemies can't figure out what's happening. Every good guy is special in some way. Even minor throwaway good guys are cycling champions and natural geniuses. Throwaway bad guys wish they had followed through on their New Years' fitness resolutions. I call this genre Domination Fantasy -- it's written as if its target audience are slightly dense, white collar middle managers who fantasize about ruling the world with unopposed benevolently absolute power -- next to their compliant, hot wives -- and anyone who doesn't like them is a fat bad guy.

  • Fred Wagner
    2018-11-10 01:43

    Best Rho book yet! Already enjoying the Altreian Enigma. Only downside to this book in audio format was the change in narrator. No offense to this person but I found the female voices somehow "wrong". Also, the kids' dads sounded like rednecks and not remotely what I'd come to expect. Don't worry though. Your skills are evident. I am just familiar with the voices noted previously and the change is moreso what is unacceptable. In some ways you were an improvement as well, though minorly as MacLeod does a fantastic job already.

  • Haden Pike
    2018-11-03 01:46

    Another great read from Richard Phillips. On Earth, the nations are uniting to rebuild the wormhole gate. Of course. Mark and Heather are trying to prevent this. This book feels more like science fiction than the others, mostly because an Alien race has interaction with Humans. Of course, this wouldn't be a Rho Agenda book if there wasn't a fight between Jack Greggory and a hostile group.

  • Walt Mccluskey
    2018-10-21 07:49

    The Kalahari nexusContinuing enjoyment of a series that has been well written from the beginning and holds your interest from one section to the other. I don't think I've read a series more consistent in its movement from one crisis to the next with logical transitions based on the developed characters and some scientific facts.

  • Ray Davis
    2018-10-18 01:54

    Color me impressed!4 stars 4sure! Wow my fist dive, and I wanted to stay submerged. Apparently their r some previous books , lol, but my first. Characters r very developed and continue growing here. I'm hooked, let's kick some kasari butt on scion ,then get back to earth and teach them what warrior planet looks like!

  • Pierre
    2018-10-17 05:39

    What a great read! Back in 2012 I bought books 4-6 of the Rho Agenda Series....last July I discovered and read books 4-6 and now just finished the 7th book! Reading the stories in sequence has allowed my curiosity to increase and I cannot wait to start book 8 in a few minutes!!! Thank you for this great adventure!!!

  • Bill Oswald
    2018-10-18 23:45

    Bifurcated storyIt's almost two story genres in one. Although Big John is named in the story, I recall the Tennessee Erney song about Big John predicted this series with the lyrics, "If the right one don't get ya, the left one will."

  • Cami
    2018-11-07 04:06

    It took awhile for me to become invested in this book, and even when I did, I still felt that I had missed a lot that had come before. This book is listed as first in the series, but it is actually a continuation of prior books, so I was disappointed and felt deceived.

  • James A. Hooper,IV
    2018-11-07 05:44

    Terrific reading experienceGreat storytelling with wonderful imagination, drama, science and outstanding protagonists. Really fond of all the good guys and rooting for the improbably success of this hearty band.

  • Raymond Shanks
    2018-11-04 06:40

    Excellent ReadThis book was action packed from page one. Each book in the series exemplifies the next. I have enjoyed reading the series thus far. I definitely recommend the writer and this series. Enjoy!

  • Robert Mynatt
    2018-11-15 03:42

    Interesting readIt read pretty easily. The style was that of different third person perspectives, which was a bit fragmented at times, but the story was consistent and fairly believable despite it being sci-fi.

  • Mark Zodda
    2018-11-04 05:41

    Another enjoyable entry in this series with the start of a smaller sub-series. Nothing is ever resolved in the first book of these three book sub-series, but the writing and story are good enough that I'm looking forward to the next book.

  • M.F. Lamphere
    2018-10-20 08:09

    I LOVED The Rho Agenda trilogy, but book one of the Assimilation series was not to my liking. Had this been my introduction to Richard Phillips, I would have stopped here.I will give other books of his a try, because, man, I REALLY enjoyed The Rho Agenda.

  • Dave T
    2018-11-11 06:53

    A white-knuckle ride. What an amazing ride; so many battles waged on so many fronts that I just can't put it down wanting to know what happens next but not wanting to reach the end.

  • Ian
    2018-10-31 05:50

    The constant references to the past along with the miraculous alien technology that solves any challenge made this , for me, a boring read.

  • Patrick Morris
    2018-11-14 06:03

    good readwell written and enough action to hold your attention. seems to have a fairly fast moving plot but pays just enough attention to detail. looking forward to book 2

  • Saugat Roy
    2018-11-06 06:39

    A great followup to the first trilogyIf you have read the first trilogy, then this is a worthy sequel. I can't wait to start the next book.

  • Michael Hartigan
    2018-10-24 05:39

    Fun science fiction readEnjoyed this series and the others that track the same characters. Quite entertaining, would recommend to anyone who enjoys sci fi

  • Shaft
    2018-10-28 07:43

    I didn't know about this until now, I like it so far but it is missing something

  • Anna
    2018-10-29 01:57

    AmazingI love reading Richard Phillips books. Highly intellectual with a fantastic story to boot! I enjoy how he is able to explain in detail the theories represented in his books and flow with the plot as if they were always meant to be there. You're never lost understanding what is going on during the book. Very well written!

  • June Finnigan
    2018-10-21 23:53

    Brilliant, but to write the best possible review, I need to take my time. I have now finished the whole series having been so impressed with this first book. There is so much going on in this series, a group of young people find a hidden alien spaceship, they try on headsets that enhance them physically and mentally. Two friends are sucked through a wormhole into an alien world. Earth is in the throes of welcoming an alien race, but there is a strong anti-movement. Evil combats evil and the young enhanced friends take on the world hierarchy attempting to save the planet from assimilation. I strongly recommend this three part series to you, Richard paints the picture brilliantly and his knowledge of technology and cyberspace is second to none. Five stars are not enough. June Finnigan - Writer

  • Evan
    2018-10-22 04:50

    I was able to snag a free early release review copy in exchange for an honest review. I don't know the author personally, but have enjoyed 4 of his previous works.Richard Phillips continues to weave a wonderfully written science fiction story from multiple vantage points. Though I'm no scientist, the hard sci-fi bits seem particularly well done when dealing with gravitational drives and subspace travel. The characters are well written and story arc generally come together (though characters you may remember from the first trilogy, Raul and Jennifer, are off on their own space adventure).I imagine the author had a tough time weaving together so many multiple story lines and vantage points, but it all comes together seamlessly. There's moments written from the vantage point of non main characters such as AI, from alien military commanders, and Russian assassins. All of these moments add to the immersion and ingenuity of this story. One thing that irks me is when villains are portrayed as 2 dimensional evildoers when in reality they have their own reasons and justifications for doing things. To flesh out the thoughts and motivations of many of these characters makes it a much more rich and compelling read.All in all, I'm both glad to have read the early review copy and a little disappointed. Its the first time I've been honored to read a pre-release review, and it was a great read. Absolutely loved it. But now I have to wait until December for installment 2? Harsh. Overall, a very enjoyable story and a 4 star goodreads, 5 star amazon review (they are both 5 star systems but with different requirements, IMO). My one and only complaint of the book is sometimes, only infrequently, the author uses childish diction. "...but this scared the crap out of her" and "she spoke the phrase that scared the crap out of her" Are these characters so scared that they are defecating? I'd like to think not. But I really am not a fan of this phrasing, though it may be a colloquialism from somewhere that I'm not from. There's a few other instances of phrasing like this, but for the most part the diction, direction, pacing is really professional and on-point. It just seems out of place to have more childish language almost randomly sprinkled in every once in awhile.All in all, I really can't wait for the next in the edition of this trilogy, the characters are rich and interesting, and it really hits all of my appetite for science fiction. If you're new to Richard Phillips work, check out the first of his books "The Second Ship." If you like it, it'll keep you hooked you'll eventually land here at the Kasari Nexus.