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Book III in the Valley of Surrender series. I didn’t know what was worse anymore — when he opened that door, or when he closed it. How many times had I wondered? How many minutes had I counted until they’d fallen away in the blackness, as unmoored, lost, and hopeless as I felt? But there wasn’t time for that. The only thing that mattered was figuring him out. What was heBook III in the Valley of Surrender series. I didn’t know what was worse anymore — when he opened that door, or when he closed it. How many times had I wondered? How many minutes had I counted until they’d fallen away in the blackness, as unmoored, lost, and hopeless as I felt? But there wasn’t time for that. The only thing that mattered was figuring him out. What was he really after? What did he truly want? For the thousandth time, I cursed my stupidity, my hubris, my idiotic conviction that I could pull this off. It was a cruel irony of fate that a single, impulsive, split second decision could profoundly influence the rest of a person’s life. However long that might be. I missed clothes — real clothes — not the all-access outfits he made me wear now. No, what I was allowed was little more than decoration, embellishment of the physical attributes of his new found toy. How much more of this could I take? How much more did he intend to put me through? What was the end game, when he finally got what he demanded? I already suspected, deep down, that there could only be one end to this, a single conclusion to what this had become. My strength was ebbing away. I couldn’t deny it any longer. What was the worse though was the temptation, the increasingly appealing prospect of simply...surrendering. And giving him what he wanted......

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Falon's Captivity Reviews

  • Willow Madison
    2018-10-28 05:56

    I love Ford Mathis – he’s “arrested” all my girly bits and a big spot in my heart. He’s all Alpha Sheriff and not going to accept anything less than Falon’s complete surrender *sigh* The whole book is a horrifyingly sweet journey of discovery after discovery. There’s plenty of hot sex scenes and BDSM to keep a girl flipping through her reader, but this story was about so much more. It’s practically a self-help guide that could be entitled “Stop fighting what’s inside you.” My favorite parts are the same as book 1 – the quieter moments that showcase a depth of understanding of the complexities of D/s relationships from all angles. The parallels drawn during the introspections of 4 of the main characters had me near tears throughout. I loved how Lacey, Hunter, Ford, and Falon each discovered their own path in this town that comes alive in such vivid detail. The hardest parts to read were The Walk – humiliation, exhibitionism, objectification – a scintillatingly depraved journey along the town’s paved streets. I’ve not read anything like it. I don’t think I would’ve made it one block frankly…but dayum would I want to try ;)  As for the mystery, what’s really going on and who’s pulling the strings – remains to be discovered. I’m imagining book 3 will be a big blowout of twists, and I can’t wait for it!

  • Kirsten
    2018-11-17 10:03

    This book picks up where The Spanked Wives Club leaves off, and more of the truths of White Valley are revealed. The applicants take their Walk--a truly unique and submissive experience. Journalist Falon Moore knew that if she was able to sneak back into White Valley instead of heading out, she would finally have what she needed to complete her story. Falon did not expect Sheriff Ford Mathis to ruin all her plans. What happened next was totally unexpected. This book is on the darker side and some may be offended by certain parts of it.

  • B.E.L.L.A.Mc
    2018-11-03 14:21

    Loved Ford and Fallon's story but did not enjoy the bits about Lacey and her 'walk of shame'; just found it a total unnecessary distraction. It wasn't mentioned in the blurb, which is just as well as I would not have bought this book; I wasn't crazy about the first book. Ford and Fallon were the only interesting characters IMO from book 1.I loved the way their relationship developed here, and particularly the wonderful Alp, that is the gorgeous sexy beast, Ford. He really met his mate in the entrancing, Falon. Definitely made for each other.The plot was not very clear at times. I did not fully understand what was supposed to be going on, or what the objective was to involve Falon; in what exactly? It needed a more thorough explanation. I also hated the way the narrative came to an abrupt end; there's no reason as to why, or what may come next?!? I knew at the end of the first book what was going to be happening with Ford and Falon in Bk. 2 but have NO idea where book 3 will be headed??Overall, this is a pretty irritating story in many ways; I feel unsatisfied as I don't even know how it's ended really, and what it means for F & F in future. I would have rated it less were it not for them. Weird...But not weird enough to stop me reading more by this author. ;-)

  • Cécile Smits
    2018-10-26 09:59

    I was so happy when Trent gave me a copy of Falon's Captivity,and i have to say i really loved it! The sheriff of White Valley,Ford Mathis, takes his job very seriously and Falon Moore is about to find out....Spying on the people of his town is something she shouldn't have done and he's making her regret she did. Teaching her a lesson she'll never forget,bending her to his will....she tries to defy him,but it starts to feel so right...everything she ever believed in,gets turned upside down...Will she ever be able to walk away after all that he does,or can he convince her to stay? Find out the magic that Trent, yet again, weaves in the White Valley and make sure to check out the other titles in this series.

  • Jan Baldocchi
    2018-10-18 10:54

    Blown AwayTrent Evans top writer fabulous story teller continues this mesmerizing storyline. I did think a sequel could be as good as the first book in this series, was I wrong. This is a spellbinding book that speaks to the.most basic element of any relationship- how far would you go? How much would you compromise your values to be with someone? The answers may shock you this is not a vanilla book- nonetheless it's an extraordinary book can't wait for the third part.

  • Jo
    2018-10-27 10:59

    Hmm not 100% sure what was going on here.. Although this is book two & I did read the first book it seems as though there is a book missing..? I'm sure to the author there is a point to which we are heading but to this confused reader she was just not getting it?When it was just Ford & Falon I enjoyed the book very much, the whole Alpha thing Ford has got going on was hot hot hot & poor little Falon just had to take it.I hope the next book is a bit clearer.

  •  Joyce
    2018-11-11 06:54

    I just could not get into this book. The whole parade just seemed so out of place. Not an enjoyable read for me.

  • Saskia
    2018-10-24 14:21

    This book starts right when Lacey’s Surrender ended.Lacey’s participates in a White Valley tradition The Walk. It is slowly revealed what it entails and it is something I have never read before. It makes for a very intense and a wtf readAt the same time a reporter makes her way into town looking for a story. Sheriff Ford takes on the job to make sure no story is printed. Falon is taken on a journey and discovers things about herself she didn’t know or just fantasized about. I really enjoyed their relationship.When you think something is to good to be true, then it usually isn’t. Forces are at work in White Valley. How or why remain a mystery.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book.

  • Debra
    2018-11-11 08:02

    I liked the story between Falon and Ford, you see her struggle to not become what he wants her to be, but she realizes she can not deny her feelings and wants from Ford...I would liked to know what the meaning behind "The Walk of Shame" was(or did I miss it) Also I would like to know what happens when the wives come back home from their week away..(at the end of the walk they are auctioned off to the highest bidder and will go home with them for a week) I dont get that...where is the love? I did not feel the husbands had much love for their wives....anything could have happened during their week did see the love between Trent,Lacey and Hunter. So I didnt hate it,but I didnt love it either:)

  • Jonmontanavega
    2018-10-27 14:00

    Well written sequel that should be read after the first book in the series, IMHO. About an isolated valley community in the Northwest where the families are all into DD and BDSM, both private and public. It features an ongoing mystery involving an interloper (female) in the community. The first book: The Spanked Wives Club (Don't be fooled by the title; more than spanking goes on in this community.)

  • Vasi
    2018-10-25 07:13

    Loving this story. This is the continuation of the Spanked Wives Club. In Falon's Captivity the main focus is shifted to Falon and Sheriff Ford. Falon though is not a captive in the traditional sense and I would have like to see it take a little longer for her to flip the switch so to speak. Unlike the first installment which set the story and gave the background on White Valley, this second book in the series delves deeper into the secretes and mysteries of White Valley. I can't wait to see where this goes!

  • Stacie Marquart
    2018-10-30 06:04

    Great book. Loved it.

  • ramona kelsoe
    2018-10-25 07:22

    Glad I read itThis was so much better than the first book. I almost passed it up. Glad I didn't! Great sex and a provocative mystery. Very enjoyable

  • Timeforme
    2018-11-02 09:19

    I don't know why I tried to read another one of this author's books. Based on each one I've tried in the past and this book, there is nothing but contempt and disdain for women in anything he writes. He really, really must hate women or he is just a major bully who loves to humiliate and abuse others regardless of their wants.