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A new novel in the popular and exciting science fiction Liaden Universe® series.  Over a half million Liaden Universe® books sold with an audience that keeps growing!Beset by the angry remnants of the Department of the Interior, challenged at every turn by opportunists on their new homeworld of Surebleak, and somewhat low on funds, Clan Korval desperately needs to reestablA new novel in the popular and exciting science fiction Liaden Universe® series.  Over a half million Liaden Universe® books sold with an audience that keeps growing!Beset by the angry remnants of the Department of the Interior, challenged at every turn by opportunists on their new homeworld of Surebleak, and somewhat low on funds, Clan Korval desperately needs to reestablish its position as one of the top trading clans in known space. To this end, Master Trader Shan yos'Galan, aboard Korval's premier trade ship, Dutiful Passage, is on a mission to establish new business associations and to build a strong primary route that links well with existing Loops and secondary routes. But reestablishing trade and preserving the lives of the few remaining members of the clan aren't all of Korval's problems. Matters come to a head as Dutiful Passage, accustomed to being welcomed and feted at those ports on its call-list, finds itself denied docking, and blacklisted, while agents of the DOI mount armed attacks on others of Korval's traders, under the very eyes of port security systems. Traveling with Dutiful Passage on this unsettling journey is Padi yos'Galan, the master trader's heir and his apprentice. Padi is eager to make up for time lost due to Korval's unpleasantness with the Department of the Interior. She is also keeping a secret so intense that her coming of age, and perhaps her very life, is threatened by it. About Alliance of Equals: " . . . continues to delight with genteel interactions between mild-spoken characters who are capable of great passions and swift actions, and its immense scope encompasses a well-realized and comfortable universe."—Publishers WeeklyAbout series prequel Dragon in Exile: “[S]prawling and satisfying. . . . Space opera mixes with social engineering, influenced by Regency-era manners and delicate notions of honor. . . . [I]t’s like spending time with old friends . . .”—Publishers WeeklyAbout Necessity's Child: “Compelling and wondrous, as sharp and graceful as Damascus steel, Necessity's Child is a terrific addition to Lee & Miller's addictive series.”—#1 New York Times best seller, Patricia Briggs About the Liaden Universe® series: “Every now and then you come across an author, or in this case, a pair, who write exactly what you want to read, the characters and personalities that make you enjoy meeting them. . . . I rarely rave on and on about stories, but I am devoted to Lee and Miller novels and stories.”—Anne McCaffrey “These authors consistently deliver stories with a rich, textured setting, intricate plotting, and vivid, interesting characters from fully-realized cultures, both human and alien, and each book gets better.”—Elizabeth Moon “[D]elightful stories of adventure and romance set in a far future. . .space opera milieu. It’s all a rather heady mix of Gordon R. Dickson, the Forsythe Saga, and Victoria Holt, with Lee and Miller’s own unique touches making it all sparkle and sizzle. Anyone whose taste runs toward SF in the true romantic tradition can’t help but like the Liaden Universe.”—Analog “[T]he many fans of the Liaden universe will welcome the latest…continuing young pilot Theo Waitley’s adventures.”—Booklist on Saltation “[A]ficionados of intelligent space opera will be thoroughly entertained. . .[T]he authors' craftsmanship is top-notch.”—Publishers Weekly on Lee and Miller’s popular Liaden Universe® thriller, I Dare...

Title : Alliance of Equals
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ISBN : 9781476781488
Format Type : Hardcover
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Alliance of Equals Reviews

  • Beth Bernobich
    2018-11-09 06:09

    This book is #19 in the very popular Liaden series. Since this is my first (and long overdue) encounter with the series, I will confess I was not sure how well I could catch up with all that went before. I also have this weird reaction where I either love or hate space opera.Reader, I goddamn love this book. You should read all the books that came before, but you don't need to. We have complex trade negotiations. We have the fallout from some rather extreme measures taken by Clan Torval. We have newborn AIs and a young woman on the cusp of claiming (or rejecting) her powers. We have a vivid world that includes all the complexity and nuance needed to make it believable. And we have characters to love and cheer for.So, hey, go and buy and enjoy.

  • Kathleen
    2018-11-02 09:04

    4 stars for the eARC. To sample the book, publisher Baen has posted chapters 1-9. Free. This book drew me Back to the Past! In prequel Dragon in Exile, RenZel and Anthora rewind us to the relationship between Rool Tiazon and his Gray Lady soulmate (see Crystal Dragon). Add to that, we have the return of Spiral Dance and Small Tree (see Crystal Dragon and Dragon Ship). We also see friendly Yxtrangs (Nelirikk, etc) for the first time in a millennium and the arrival of other old-world escapees entering Teapot Space. We've got the original ship of the Migration (Quick Passage) sitting beneath Jelaza Kazone. And we have "the directors" piping away at their infernal whistles to command their aelantaza (like Cantra in the old world and Tolly here and now). So....with all that...Are the Shereikas coming back, too? Are things resetting for a final showdown? Will all those haughty Liadens from old-world Solcintra become servant-class citizens again? Hah! I perceive a gender-switch with Crystal Soldier. Tolly is like Cantra, an engineered human aelantaza. Hazenthull is a remake of Jela, both of them being engineered soldiers (Jela was M-Strain, not Yx-strain). Both Cantra and Jela had special training, as do Hazelnut and Tolly. A little love story growing? A battle duo shaping up?---On that topic, I'm still waiting for Nelirikk to eat a seed pod, commune with tree about Jela, and read the logbook Jela willed to Cantra.Maybe the huge ship Mira and ValCon saw in dream vision in "Dragon in Exile" is the long-awaited Bedel ship. Maybe that's the ancient one, an AI awakening. Ya think? Or a world killer ship, from the old Shereika-infested universe?Despite the rabid scene-hopping (which sometimes lasts only a paragraph) I liked this book. I liked it even more than the prequel, Dragon in Exile. If Collins narrates it, I hope he drops the pompous affectations for Clan Korval. It's true that we don't see Baby Tree strapped aboard Spiral Dance, but that will come. (Hopefully soon). Remember, at the end of Crystal Dragon, Cantra gave Spiral Dancer leave to do whatever is necessary to fulfill the coordinates she entered — presumably a course to the new bubble universe, but using calculations not updated with Professor Liad's final pi multiplier. Meanwhille, Tocohl attends to rumor of an Old One, old tech, an AI not seen since the migration. This would be (supposedly) the only known AI older than Jeeves. This could be very bad. (Or not, with Korval's luck.)Good scenes with artificial intelligences Tocohl and Admiral Bunter, and with Tolly the manufactured human, an expert in his field, who socializes and mentors newborn or malfunctioning AIs. Enjoyed the role Hazelnut played, too, as bodyguard to Tocohl and Tolly. Inki turned out to be quite a kettle of fish, too. Interesting dilemma facing Admiral Bunter towards the end. But FARN IT -- that plot thread is left hanging! "He, Tollance Berik-Jones, greatest of the age, or not—was a mentor, and he knew what was due to his student, and what was due to the universe, and to biologic life. He also knew, right down in the deep core of him, just exactly what a person was capable of doing, when they wanted their freedom above everything else."Meanwhile, while engaging in an exploratory trading loop, Shan, Priscilla, and Padi deal with DOI interference at various ports across the galaxy. They put up a good fight, but — alas — they rely too much on dramliz magic. Still, there's a huge win for Korval over the DOI, and poor Padi finally figured out who she is. I expect she will be a major player in the end game. Priscilla, despite her witch-goddess gifts, engaged in some good old-fashioned strategic battle tactics, including the use of evasion, communication, and political wisdom. Meanwhile, Uncle continues to rejuvenate Daav and Alliana (their snail-pace rejuvenation has gone on too long, since the end of Ghost Ship. But good resolution, and funny scene with Uncle annoyed at "Korval's damned tree!" )As one reviewer stated: "Yes, things are happening, but I felt like nothing was completed. I have more questions and no answer."The authors posted a partial Liaden Universe Dictionary:'s always the Liaden Wiki, full of goodies:

  • Dan
    2018-11-09 11:47

    The best book I've read this year. So enjoyable.

  • Coyora Dokusho
    2018-11-08 13:09

    I really need to stop reading super good books in the middle of the night, because I didn't remember Tolly Jones. AT ALL. And I know I didn't skip it because I don't skip stuff in Sharon Lee/Steve Miller books (Also Haz is one of my faves!!!) When I'm all sleep deprived and insane, I think I just can't remember stuff... Well, about THIS book - it was great!!! I need to read all the books again... I'm looking forward to the next book with unholy fervor~~~~~~3/29/2016: Went back to Dragon in Exile to re-read the bits with Tolly and Tocohl in them, yep, they were stored there in my subconscious underneath a layer of sleep-deprived insanity. Seriously gotta stop reading stuff under the lash of compulsion.

  • Beth
    2018-11-02 08:00

    Strong addition to the series. Deals mainly with the off planet situation, and plot threads of Daav and the Admiral.Very interesting how the Mentoring proceeded, and further development of what may be the current evolution of Cantra's original makers. Recommended.First read Mar 25/16

  • Bungluna
    2018-10-22 09:04

    I am fast losing patience with this series. I enjoy spending time with characters I've come to love, but I do expect two things: the overall arc will advance in each installment and the current episode will contain a fully realized, complete story. Neither of these happened in "Alliance of Equals". Padi is in her fathers merchant space ship, completing the apprenticeship that got interrupted by momentous events in previous books. She's also dealing with trauma from same and coming to terms with her nature.Daav and Aeliana are coming along under the care of Uncle and with the interference of the Tree.Tolly and co. are off to battle/confront a new player in the (I think) ongoing conflict with the big bad.Yes, things are happening, but I felt like nothing was completed. I have more questions and no answer. I know some readers enjoy this type of story telling and to them I recommend this series.Personally, I don't.

  • Awells
    2018-11-09 12:52

    Disappointed. The book is too fractured, several parallel story lines with very little progress in any of them. The only story with any sort of conclusion is Padi but the story itself is, except for the few pages in the end boring. Tolly and Hazenthul story is left hanging and very little happened during the course of the book. The Daav and Aeliana re-birth has been spread through three books now - and what happened? - nothing. I miss the fast pace of the books before Dragon in Exile or even Necessity's Child, where each book had a clear primary story with some sort of conclusion in it.

  • Paraphrodite
    2018-10-18 13:02

    4.5 stars.I re-read this in preparation for the next book and still think it's an excellent book. This is strange when so much happened in this book and yet nothing is resolved. (view spoiler)[There are three main storylines, the first on Dutiful Passagewhere Shan has taken his heir and daughter Padi on a trading mission to establish new trade routes and the difficulties they encountered due to their actions on Liad and Padi's emerging abilities.The second storyline deals with the newly awakened AIThe Admiraland the attempts by Tolly Jones to mentor him.The third storyline and to me, probably the most interesting is the actions ofThe Uncleand Korval's tree on the cloning of Daav and Aelliana.(hide spoiler)]I did miss the people on Surebleak and hopefully we get to see what's happening there in the next book.

  • Kerry
    2018-11-04 08:52

    I don't know why it took me so long to get to starting this one. And then, a chapter in, I stalled again.So finally, a year later, I picked it up and got reading. It's another marvellous book in a marvellous series and, of course, once I got going, I read it in a few days.I was very worried about Padi as the story continued. I could totally see why she had done what she did, but I could also see how badly it could all go. I really liked that instead of pushing things to an explosive conclusion, she responded in a far more appropriate way (and go Shan! too) and we got a sensible result. Perhaps it wasn't quite as dramatic, but it was much more satisfying.And we still got a different dramatic conclusion (go Padi! and go Shan!)While having delayed so long frustrates me, it's also nice to know I have an extra book to read before I'm back to waiting on publication again to continue the story.The overall story is moving along very nicely as well.

  • Paraphrodite
    2018-10-28 08:59

    4.5 stars.This has been a fascinating, weirdly compelling read. The Liaden Universe is such a fascinating place that you want to visit again and again. The book was a compelling read that if I hadn't started so late in the evening, I'd have finished it in one sitting. The weird thing is that it felt so action-packed but when I finished I asked myself "What has actually happened???"The constant and at times, very short scene-jumping is a bit disorientating. I think this is going to be a challenge to the narrator of the audio edition, as I've found that rapid changes in scenes and times do make it much more confusing for a listener. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to listening to the audio version when it comes out.All in all though, I can't wait for the next installment to this series, and hopefully we'll learn a bit more of what's happening at Surebleak as well.

  • KateNZ
    2018-11-09 08:00

    The latest instalment in my favourite space opera series, and I'm already desperate for my next fix. The focus on Padi's coming of age was beautifully done, and the AI storyline is also compelling. I won't say anything else. Just read it. May 2017 with "The Gathering Edge" can't come soon enough.

  • Hilary
    2018-11-15 07:10

    Korval is now starting to see some consequences triggered by their somewhat violent departure from Liad, but although this follows on from Dragon Ship and the others after Plan B, this concentrates on the trading side, spending a little more time with Shan, Priscilla and Padi , now officially Shan's apprentice upon Dutiful Passage.As a side note, this is one of the rare series I feel compelled to buy. Can't believe I forgot to get this one, but at least I won't have to wait too long till Gathering of Equals!

  • Mary
    2018-11-05 12:52

    You know how you love an author's works, but are afraid of reading their next release, because what if it isn't as good? Well, don't worry about picking this book up, whether you're a veteran reader of Lee and Miller's Liaden/Korval universe series, or a neophyte. I deliberately did not refresh my memory by rereading any of the previous books so that I could come at it with a fresh look.Pick up any Lee/Miller book in this "universe" and you are dropped right into the middle of the characters' stories. The authors are excellent at getting into the characters heads; each speaks with their own "voice". The backgrounds are fleshed out just enough, but are so rich, you want to know more, which is why I love the short stories and novellas in this series. In the main storyline of this book, Padi, an Apprentice Trader, is dealing with suppressed trauma from recent difficult actions of her family and horrible choices that she had to make when her family was recently attacked by enemies. There's just enough explanation in here that you don't need to know all the details from other books; this story stands on its own, and it tore at my heartstrings. I think at least three times I said out loud"Oh Padi" and wanted to give her a hug. Because this is space opera, and space is big, there were two other side stories related to the series arc intermingled with this main story. They give more backstory -- or side story? -- to the book, but don't directly affect Padi's "coming of age" story.I love reading Sharon and Steve's books because there is so much in them, though not useless detail. They write compact, but deep, weaving into the story just the right amount of details you need to be able to understand what's going on, as well as making it relevant and interesting. Things tie together, sometimes within the same book, but sometimes details you learn help make another of the Korval books even richer. It's easy to get involved in the characters and watch them develop. It's even better to go back to a previous book and pick up motivations and connections and details you may not have noticed the first read through, because further information wasn't released until a later-released book. I guess I'm saying that there's something new with each reread. I know I'll be rereading some of my past favorites and picking up nuances I either missed the first time, and noticing events or actions that may have different significance than what I originally thought.I'm giving this 5 stars because I'm ready to reread "Alliance of Equals" immediately.

  • Steve
    2018-11-02 05:13

    Well dang. Now I'm all caught up and have to *wait* for the next installment. What a wonderful (and wonderfully addictive) series.

  • Julia
    2018-10-18 11:09

    This is one of my favorite series. As the series has expanded, not everyone's story can be in each book. This book doesn't land on Surebleak at all (except for some character's brief recollections or future plans). The main stories are:-Shan and Padi on Dutiful Passage: Padi is learning to be a Trader and coming to grips with her experiences from when she was with the other children sent away during Plan B. -Tocohl (Jeeves' daughter), Tolly Jones and Hazenthul who have gone to Jemiatha's Jumble to help the AI that Theo activated in Dragon Ship-Daav and Aelliana waking up on Uncle's shipTension continues and the stories don't end, but there were no real cliff-hangers making me ask when the next book will come out. (Which is a good thing since this was the eARC and the actual publication won't be until July.)

  • Sctechsorceress
    2018-11-01 08:12

    This was a darn hard book to put down. Lee and Miller do tell a great story! This particular book is set in part on a trading ship (space ship that is), and on a few assorted other space ships, some planets, and a space station. People do move around a bunch, but there are at least three separate stories going on . This is book 19 in the Liaden Universe, but don't worry. You don't have to read the series from the beginning to enjoy this book. To be honest, I am not sure the authors have written the 'beginning' yet. Just dive right in. There's enough backstory to keep things understandable. If not, the authors have included a handy "Cast of Characters and Glossary" in the back.

  • Teresa Carrigan
    2018-11-13 07:52

    Another excellent book in the Liaden Universe. There is no need to have read the other books before reading this one, as enough bits of the backstory are included.There are three main story lines in this volume, and the point of view switches between them rather often. The chief story is about Padi, who is about 16yo as the book starts and is apprentice trader to her father Shan. The second storyline involves Tolly and Haz, and the third is about Daav and Aelliana.Solid character driven space opera. Highly recommended. I can't wait for the next one!

  • Carolyn
    2018-10-26 05:04

    This one dives right in, and is best read immediately following the preceding books. As it has been some time since I have read any of the other novels in the series, even with the helpful lists of people, places, and things in the back of the book, it was quite confusing at first. I was referencing the back of the book too often, it disrupted the flow of my reading.Having said that, I'm forewarned now, and will be doing some re-reads before any future volumes.Enjoyable dip back into Liadan space, and I'm sure I will find it a 4star read upon rereading with the others.

  • John
    2018-11-01 06:57

    Two ongoing and only tangentially related plotlines get a little advanced here...but the one with the AIs was left totally up in the air at the end, so I guess you'd say this is about one novelette and a half's worth of story, forcibly intertwined. I really like the series in general, but like C.J. Cherryh's "Foreigner" series this one is plainly reaching its sell-by date. Might read the next one, depending on reviews, but not feeling that old anticipation any more.

  • eyes.2c
    2018-11-08 08:07

    Have I said before how much I love Liaden novels? The saga continues. Great! Now I have to wait patiently for the next in the series. Sigh!

  • Aaron Anderson
    2018-11-14 12:06

    This book rather dragged for me. Virtually no action until the very end. I do love this series, so I hope the next book will be more fun than this one.

  • Debrac2014
    2018-11-08 08:00

    Wonderful! I enjoyed it immensely!

  • Carol
    2018-10-24 10:12

    Entirely satisfactory! Love the Liaden/Surebleak stories.

  • Dlora
    2018-10-18 10:07

    Despite the fact that the book was kind of fractured, with several parallel story lines with only one being concluded, I still enjoyed this book a lot. I'm a fan of the Liaden world. There is the story of Padi yos'Galan coming of age both as a trader and a "witch/healer." Then we have Tolly and Hazenthul joining with Inki to help Admiral Bumper, a newborn ship AI, learn how to deal with humanity and how he fits in. Then there is Uncle working on helping the Daav and Aeliana re-birth --maybe. Of course there are several shady bad guys, and more than one group of them, working in the story lines. I think the fast pace of previous books where each book had a clear primary story with some sort of conclusion were better. Alliance of Equals, more like a serial magazine installment story, but though not my favorite in the series, it was still enjoyable and I'm glad it is out there. I especially like a comment by the sentient ship’s brain who said, “Fiction will illuminate behavior with an intensity and a veracity that research tests and facts alone cannot convey.” Yea for validating a reason to read fictional novels.

  • Rita C
    2018-10-28 11:49

    I like these stories, but I'm getting increasingly frustrated that each one feels like an installment instead of a complete book. So many plot threads continuing from previous books and still unresolved at the end of this one. I don't think this book resolved anything. It ended way too abruptly after the events with Padi and Shan. Another chapter detailing a bit how things have changed after these events would have been very welcome. Because of these issues, it would be impossible for a new reader to jump into the series with this book. There's too much that relies on previous knowledge. As my memory grows more sketchy it's starting to affect my ability to enjoy the story too. I don't have the time to re-read the entire series before I read each new book as it comes out. I mean, there are 19 now!I'm also not enjoying the constant feeling of jeopardy the protagonists are all under. I find there are no quiet relaxing moments because you keep waiting for the ax to fall, and sooner or later it always does, and things get worse. I would really like to have a book end with some things either resolved or much improved, to give a feeling of hope for an eventual happy ending.

  • JPT
    2018-10-22 10:44

    This was an enjoyable installment in the series. If I have a criticism, it's that there's so much going on in the Liaden universe, and so many characters, that the focus is sometimes a little more dispersed than I'd like. Some characters' storylines are pretty much dropped (at least temporarily) or receive short shrift while concentration is focused elsewhere. That also means that the overall forward momentum to the series can seem to stall a bit. Even tho I enjoy what I consider to be side routes and detours, I sometimes find myself getting impatient. But I am enjoying the ride, and have confidence that everything will tie together and my patience rewarded.This book primarily focuses on Padi, her ongoing training as a trader and the emergence of her abilities. This also includes the troubles Dutiful Passage and crew run across as they try to establish new trade routes and partners. Another side story deals with Tolly and Haz dealing with the fallout of Theo's creation/deployment of Admiral Bunter. Also, more from Daav and Aelliana's recovery from Daav's life-threatening injuries.The portions dealing with the AIs were particularly tense for me because it was fairly obvious what was going to happen (at least in general terms) and I kept saying things to myself like "oh, no!," "wise up!," "don't do that!," etc. It was like watching a movie where you want to tell the person to not investigate the noise in the basement. Very frustrating. On the other hand, these were the portions of the audio book that I most enjoyed because of Kevin T. Close's wonderful narration of those scenes. I have to confess that I'm not always pleased with his narration of the Liaden books, but he excelled here.Ebook completed, audio book completed.A-/B+

  • J
    2018-10-25 11:11

    As great as I had hoped!I started to listen to this book when it first came out. I am a long time reader of Sharon Lee's works, and while I love some then others, I will admit to enjoying them all. So I started to listen, and I got somewhat distracted by the intro (first 10% or so?) and. It aside to listen to at a time while I was not frustrated by being lost in Indiana, and traffic jams in Chicago. I regret that it took this long to come back to the book, as it was a glorious story. I enjoyed it very much. And I have to also admit, one other plus, besides the general greatness of Lee and Millers writing, it lacked being primarily from Theo's point of view. While I acknowledge that their writing with Theo in it is just as fine as all their writing, I do not enjoy Theo. She grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard. This is entirely in me, not a fault of the books or the writing. So I was very happy to have a book without her. I recommend this book!

  • Frances Law
    2018-10-24 06:57

    For dedicated fans onlyThe Liaden Universe is a fascinating place with humanity taking a different route to escape an intergalactic war. They lose much of the tech available in that other universe but, now, some of that old tech is emerging. You need to have read the previous books in the series to really enjoy this as it is definitely not stand alone. There a number of threads running through the story and they do not come to an end in this book. So we are left with unanswered questions. Which is why I have only now read this book which I purchased shortly after its release. I now have book 20 to hand so that I can continue with the story! LOLThis is definitely for fans of the series only. Earlier books are often stand alone so don't despair.

  • Kelly Wagner
    2018-11-15 07:09

    i just got the newest book (2018) and realized that due to the crazy couple of years I've had, I had not finished the previous two. so that's what I'm doing now, since this is a series with so much action and so many characters that you really can't miss one and then hope to have any idea of what's going on in the next.

  • Rebecca
    2018-11-04 08:00

    This book was definitely a disappointment. This is supposed to be the story of a young woman but very little of the book is devoted to her. It seems to be a collection of short stories kind of picking up on edges of story lines that haven't been finished from other books.