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“There is no love in the gay world!” Daniel is told. “Be a servant in the world of cocks! That’s our religion! Cock is our God Almighty!”Daniel cannot accept this philosophy. He longs for more.Growing up in the absence of his emotionally unstable mother, Daniel suffers at the hands of his cold and rejecting father and his second wife. His childhood insecurities deepen with“There is no love in the gay world!” Daniel is told. “Be a servant in the world of cocks! That’s our religion! Cock is our God Almighty!”Daniel cannot accept this philosophy. He longs for more.Growing up in the absence of his emotionally unstable mother, Daniel suffers at the hands of his cold and rejecting father and his second wife. His childhood insecurities deepen with the early recognition that he is gay, and he soon realizes that, because he is different, answers will have to come from within. He conceals his inner truths but secretly goes to the porn cinema and soon finds himself alone in a world of erotic fantasies. Although he fervently yearns to find true love, his insecurities propel him to choose solitude and the pleasures of anonymous sex, which so reliably protect him from being hurt and disappointed by others.With the magic of an unexpected encounter, Daniel’s life begins to change. Although he has to face seemingly intractable prejudices—and even overt homophobia—the most difficult battle of his life is overcoming his own self-protective defenses as he tries to find love.This One Thing documents with great subtlety and nuance Daniel’s determined odyssey of self-discovery and growth in a world where being gay remains a challenge. It will contribute to the legacy of insightful and heartfelt novels depicting experiences shared by gay men the world over....

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This One Thing Reviews

  • Chikamso Efobi
    2018-11-16 05:53

    Have you ever felt so captivated by a protagonist's story that you wished your e-reader was water-proof so you would not have to lose any moment, because you were in the shower? That's exactly how I felt reading this book. This One Thing is a story about a boy, Daniel who realises at a very early age that he is gay and very different from most of the other boys in his school. His parents get divorced and he has to go and live with his terrible father who has no iota of love for him. The story then goes on to catalogue his life experiences from a young boy, to a full-grown adult and his quest for love, acceptance, self confidence and happiness. I found Daniel's story to be profound, as it touches on a number of issues which people in the LGBT community face. I also found his story to be written and paced in such a way that I was able to feel Daniel's pain, anguish, disappointment, betrayal and moments of happiness. There were also some scenes which left me hysterical with laughter. I can't recommend this book enough and hope that all the Daniels out there are able to find the one thing their hearts truly desire.

  • James Sillwood
    2018-11-16 22:50

    This book begins in Croatia as ten-year-old Daniel's world falls apart when his parents divorce. He's sent to stay with relatives in Switzerland, returns to Croatia after nine months, then travels to Poland with his father, and then back to Croatia. His father is a selfish man, his mother is emotionally unstable, desperately unhappy and unable to care for her son. Whilst in Poland, Daniel meets his father's girlfriend, Herta. When they go to fetch her, his father orders Daniel to hide in the back of his car as Herta's family must not know he already has a child. Herta wastes no time in humiliating Daniel who, as an obese child, already lacks confidence. Although his mother loves him, the one person capable of protecting Daniel is his Grandma Maria who comes to live with him and his father in Croatia. Matters worsen when Herta marries his father and moves in with them. Despite having to deal with this dysfunctional family, Daniel does well at school and gains a place at Zagreb University to study Psychology. He makes friends with a fellow student, Mara, and they travel around Europe, visiting Marseilles, Monte Carlo and Ibiza. Life for many adolescents is a struggle but, as a young gay man, Daniel faces additional hardships. Feeling distanced and isolated, he's careful about revealing his sexuality. He finds help at school from Mrs Jogan, a counsellor, but still has difficulties opening up to people. After University, Daniel spends his days working as a communication teacher in a private school and his evenings at a local rest area where he tries and fails to find comfort from anonymous sexual encounters. These casual encounters leave him feeling empty and wanting something more. He travels to Ibiza and Formentera alone and meets Tonio. He travels to Cyprus with Alan, but is still unable to find the fulfilment he seeks. Kind and thoughtful, Daniel has great strength of character, determination and remains positive even when facing homophobic abuse and prejudice. In spite of his father's rejection and a difficult childhood, he finally accepts his parents for who they are, and finds a sense of relief. When he meets Ron he believes he may be the one he's been looking for. They travel to Kenya, and it is here, when flying in a plane near to Mount Kilimanjaro, Ron tells him he loves him. This is what Daniel has been searching for. There is a message here which is universal and to which we can all relate to - that love is what matters in life - and, if we are lucky enough to have the love of another person, we should truly value this. This book is well written and totally engrossing. The various locations on Daniel's travels are interesting and imaginatively described, as is his home in Croatia. Although this book deals with rejection, loss, and the elusive search for happiness, it is ultimately an uplifting and inspiring story about one man's struggle to overcome hardships and setbacks in life. This story will stay with me for a long time, particularly the ending which sends out a message of hope and optimism and which, for me, couldn't be bettered.

  • Ivana de Bona
    2018-11-10 22:53

    https://buriedinbookssite.wordpress.c...To start I would love to introduce you to the amazing reading experience I just had. When I started receiving books for review I always thought it would be just that, reading and writing a review. But with this book I experienced so much, so much more.When I received this book in the mail I didn't even take the time to look at it since have so many other books that waited for a review and some many books I needed to read for school. But then, one evening I was feeling especially down and in search of something to cheer me up I felt the pull towards the title "This One Thing" on my shelf. I picked it up and was amazed by the beautiful cover. When I opened the book a piece of paper fell out. I was confused, but simply thought the author was just one of those vain writers that wanted everyone to have their autographs, but as I picked up the piece of paper I realized it was a letter. I found out that the author lived near my home and through that short, but meaningful letter I learnt a lot.This One Thing is a semi-autobiographic story of a child whose parent get divorce and it follows his struggles with a unloving family. But more importantly we learn how he managed to accept his sexual orientation in his difficult situation and how he grew as a person.I myself loved the novel. It was very insightful and very mature. It showed the world and the things in it as they are, not as they would perhaps in a alternate and better universe be. I enjoyed learning about the main character Daniel and I was very eager to turn the page and learn more about his life.But, the one thing I must point out is the fact that I really did not enjoyed the sex scenes. I understand why the author, Damian Maher chose to put them in, but still most of the time I felt as if they were forsed on the plot and simply weren't neccessary.One thing is quite clear, Damian Maher really is a "maher"(a croatian word for an expert in some skill) in his writing.

  • Stacie Orion
    2018-11-13 04:30

    This One Thing is a moving story about a boy in search of himself in socialist Croatia. It touches on a variety of themes and topics: self discovery, friendship, a dysfunctional family, depression, loss, money, religion, and most importantly, the universal concept of love. We experience all of this through the eyes of Daniel, the protagonist, a precocious boy who, from a very young age, is extremely self-aware and accepting of his sexuality. However, he finds himself trapped in a not so progressive society and must hide the fact that he is gay, even to friends and family. The only way to escape this harsh reality is to be alone.There's a good amount of sex scenes in this book, but I found them all to be tasteful, well-written, and appropriate for this type of story. I did find the story a bit too romanticized, too idealistic and imaginative. But who doesn't love a feel-good story? Yes, there is a happy ending, and it is wonderfully uplifting and almost euphoric. If only life were so.This One Thing is a great contribution to gay literature and is relatable for all audiences, even if one is not gay. It shows that the biggest war is always fought from within, and when we begin to accept ourselves for who we are, the world around us changes for the better, and everything falls into place. A must read!

  • Lcdk
    2018-11-09 06:44

    This One Thing To be honest, I tend to usually avoid books such as these, as I find that many authors these days don't do the genre justice and simply rely too much on over-the-top sex scenes which in turn sacrifices the quality of any actual plot and story beyond all of that. Fortunately, I was glad to see early on in Damian Maher's "This One Thing" that the author has created a very unique and well-constructed story that flows excellently from chapter to chapter. I must also note that the steamy scenes are tasteful, realistic and do add a great deal of substance to the book in a way that personally helped me understand the protagonist more. Overall, I enjoyed the book and I hope to see more by Damian Maher in the future.

  • 251 Things To Do
    2018-11-05 04:37

    'This One Thing' everyone should read, straight male/female, and homosexual. Being a straight woman, it was entertaining and pleasant to learn the mindset of Damian from a child to an adult. His story is proof that being gay is something that you are born with and it is not developed throughout life. His stories highlight the perception of others of him being homosexual, which was very interesting to see and disheartening to learn. My heart felt for him, and what he had to go through. He showcases the difficulties in a society where he is a minority and extremely unique for being gay, where many still to this day do not accept. Not accepting his homosexuality is the same thing as not accepting him as a person in this world. You see his struggles and empathize through his eyes. You can feel how by not being accepting, and believing you are in the wrong for how you naturally feel, is internally tortuous to the soul. After reading this, I understand how many gay young teens commit suicide from this internal entrapment, internal pain. I now have gained even more of a deeper respect for homosexuals and every single person should read Damian’s story. Not only is it about homosexuality but it’s truly about the acceptance of everyone and respecting their differences. One beautiful story I have heard in the past from an elderly indigenous person, was that in many tribes, a man who preferred to not have a female partner, who preferred to do the traditional female roles of gathering compared to hunting, who showed homosexual tendencies, was labelled as 'two-spirited.' This person was seen as very special, and no council decision could be made without that person present. Excellent novel, that everyone must read!

  • Andrea D
    2018-11-15 06:42

    I simply felt that it was wrong to judge and to deny people the chance to be what they are. But I as not especially interested in being gay. I was only interested in being honest and authentic. I knew that I was not born to be somebody else.Most of today I read this book. Half of today I cried and I am still crying now that I finished This One Thing.This story is a thing of beauty. It is not a love story, no thriller or comedy. It just is. And it is filled with so much wisdom.This One Thing lets you think about your self. Your life, your beliefs...but in no way judging.This One Thing is about Daniel, from being ten years old until in his forties. It is about hurt, sadness, about longing and understanding. But most of all it is about love in any possible form.And it touched something deep inside of me.This One ThingBefore I first saw you, I felt you holding me.I believed you would appear one day.And this unkind world could not dissuade me.My longing for you was the light I had,My only guide through doubts and shattered hope.The moment I saw you, everything changed.A glance dispelled the cloudy waters,One touch brought the clear sea-Passionate and dedicated,Each crashing wave subsiding into reconciliation.Now, years after you first held me,You are sleeping in my arms.The nature of my love is gratitude.As I look at you with wonderment,I hope this unkind world will understand one day.In your own unique way,Time and again, ever more reassuring,You have taught me this on thing,Powerful and pur, touching the devine-love.

  • Page Larue
    2018-10-29 00:29

    The story begins with ten-year-old Daniel and his rather harsh life. One day, he comes in from playing outdoors and finds himself caught in the whirlwind of his parents’ decision to divorce. He’s sent off to different relatives frequently. For starters, he’s sent from Croatia, to Switzerland, back to Croatia then to Poland, and back to Croatia again, all within just a few months. Due to the problems of the various adults involved, he’s not treated especially well by anyone, except for one grandmother.Aside from this turmoil, poor Daniel is obese as well and doesn’t fit in with his peers. In his teenage years, he discovered another reason why he felt different from the kids he goes to school with, his homosexuality. From there, we follow his struggles (and triumphs) well into adulthood.I kept forgetting I was reading a novel because it seemed like a memoir. I enjoyed feeling like I was getting to share a close, personal look at an individual’s life (even if it was really fictional). This One Thing was smoothly written, rang true, and didn’t bog down in melodramatic emotions (which is a common problem I’ve found with memoirs and memoirish-sounding novels). It was a touching, engaging read. In places I felt awful for Daniel and in others, I cracked up laughing. The writing skill displayed in this short debut novel was extraordinary.I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Om Chand
    2018-11-06 02:36

    This book deserves a reading by everyone who is interested in LGBT literature. Very intelligently written, this book gets down to a very careful and masterful depiction of multitude of emotions.Daniel, a rather reserved person, undergoes more hardships than an average human, before he discovers his sexual orientation. He initially tries to find solace in casual sexual encounters, his determination lands him with periods of relationships with a few before he meets Ron, destination of his journey, as he thought. Will it last?This One Thing is a strong tale of self discovery within oneself, reminding us of another person that very often lives inside of us--a person who always gets suppressed for the fear of his social judgement. All kinds of love is but one, as this book proves yet again!

  • Emma Jaye
    2018-10-24 23:50

    A memoir, rather than a novel, of a gay man coming to terms with his dysfunctional family and his sexuality. As it is clearly a true story, it meanders somewhat, cataloguing Daniel's relationships, including teenage urges, one time hook-ups and deeper more meaningful relationships. it is real, sometimes sad, sometimes uplifting as we experience his confusion, sadness, fears and occasional happiness as he comes to terms with what is happening in his life.It lost a star for me because of the slightly stilted dialogue, and one or two continuity errors, i.e. his friend Mara falls pregnant when they are at university together, then when he is thirty five, she invites him around to celebrate the child's first birthday, when the child would have been at least 10.The sex scenes are graphic, and quite numerous so if that bothers you, this might not be the ideal read.

  • Betty Johnson
    2018-10-27 22:29

    This One Thing is a well-written and beautiful story that very realistically deals with the life of a gay man (Daniel) from his childhood to adult life. It was especially interesting to read about how a young boy discovers and comes to terms with his sexuality (“alone in the porno world” – meaning that he has to overcome his promiscuous life style to be able to find real love, always firmly believing that love does exist). Daniel also has to cope with the injustice that gay people still encounter. This is a universal story about love, friendship, self-discovery, and about overcoming inner obstacles. It gives you so much. It inspires. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a captivating read with a substance.

  • Michael
    2018-10-26 01:55

    An amazing book which shares the tragedy of a family break up, and finding one's true self!Daniel a child unfortunately torn between the life of his mother and his father and one could say the battle and all the upheaval leads to his wild child ways.After a divorce of his parents, Daniel is on a mission to find love and one could say being accepted is a concurring theme of this book.Daniel is gay and has many flings with guys, but is always searching for knight in shining armour, does he find him or doesn't he? give it a read then you'll find out for yourself!I would recommend This One Thing because it is beautifully written (in a biographical style), but also because it has some hot explicit scenes.

  • Tarah Yeager
    2018-10-31 04:39

    This book is extremely well-written. One quote that stuck with me was this: "When one is different, the answers have to come from within." I think anyone trying to find themselves can relate to this quote, which is a definite precursor the main themes of the novel. The main character, Daniel, suffers due to his parents messy divorce as a child. His life takes him from his native Croatia to Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Australia and Africa - and back, and THAT at each of those locations he meets people and learns lessons which ultimately bring him closer to himself and to love with a man of his life. This was even more difficult due to the fact that he's gay and much of the world isn't accepting. Maher has created a meaningful work and I definitely think it is a must read for anyone!

  • William Sillyman
    2018-11-07 00:51

    I absolutely loved this book. Since I came out of the closet, this book helped me in many ways with my own coming out. Fantastic book.

  • Natascha
    2018-11-07 04:44

    This was such a pleasant read. The writing was such that you were immersed in the emotions described and felt for the main character, celebrated his small and big victories with him. This book was wonderfully written, it was raw and it was brave and at the same time subtle in all the write places. Damien managed to write out sex scenes that didn't run the risk of feeling forced or bordering on porn, without losing sight of what the book was ultimately about: love.

  • Nikole Bloom
    2018-11-01 04:54

    This One Thing is the story of one man's journey through life looking for the very same things most people do – love, security, acceptance, and a sense of belonging. Daniel's story begins at the age of ten when his world is torn apart by his parent's divorce. His father is a cold somewhat heartless man and his mother is emotionally unstable. Daniel comes to rely on his grandmother for support and their bond intensifies as he grows older. Throughout his life, Daniel realizes he is different and longs to find the love of a partner. He constantly searches for the very thing his parents were unable to give him – unconditional love. Daniel being a gay man faces many trials and tribulations others would not. His entire life, at times, revolves around his choice whether to reveal his sexual orientation.He excels at many things and finds decent self-esteem only to be torn down by the next bump in his path. Eventually, Daniel begins to believe in himself through his search for acceptance, although his journey is anything but ordinary. There are many lessons to be learned from this book and the courage with which Daniel faced his life. There are explicit sex scenes that might be too much for some but overall this is a wonderful story.

  • Kristy Cooper
    2018-11-15 03:47

    This is a candid and gripping story about a young man's journey through an emotionally abusive household to trying to find love as a gay man.Reading about Daniel's childhood is particularly heartbreaking. His parents have a very tumultuous divorce that he is left feeling stuck in the middle of. His mother is constantly bitter about anything to do with his father and his father has met a new woman who is a truly terrible person. Daniel's only solace is when he gets to spend time with his grandmother who is really the only stable figure in his early life. He goes on to discover he is gay and because of his early experiences and the stigma of being a gay man in 1980's Croatia, Daniel struggles to find a serious relationship.FYI, there are graphic sex scenes, but that is definitely not the point of the story. I felt like the dialogue was a little forced and not very natural at times, although this still a page turner for me. Otherwise a very good story about a young man's journey of self-discovery.

  • T.S.
    2018-10-24 03:54

    I loved the book. I like how Damian takes readers through Daniel's whole life story. I felt more connected to the character because I could understand why he was feeling or thinking certain things. The book is definitely steamy snd there were plenty of moments I had to take a break and regroup.My mixed feeling come into play when I compare this book to all the other M/M novels I've read. I went into the story thinking that this book would follow the same premise. I was wrong. This book is so much deeper. It not only talks about the M/M aspect but also tries to teach readers to love and accept themselves.

  • Holland Kohl
    2018-11-07 05:38

    Although it took me awhile to get into the book - the beginning is quite a bleak study in poor parenting, I did thoroughly enjoy the reading experience. There are several casual sexual encounters that were well described and realistic, that kept me reading along with the hope that the main character would find love. Ultimately, I would recommend.

  • Steven
    2018-10-17 02:35

    I initially liked the story, but soon found it boring, a simple play-by-play of Daniel's life. He seems so accepting of injustice and mediocrity. The ending felt convenient and anticlimactic, and I don't relate anymore to characters needing to hide their sexuality or apologize for it. Damian's writing style is simply okay.