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He was meant to let her go. She was meant to be free. Kain never knew he was capable of love - or that any woman would ever be able to give her heart to him. Yet when the mate he Claimed to ease his guilty conscience needs his protection once again, he can't stop his possessive urges from taking over. She is all he wants and everything he needs - and he will lay the world He was meant to let her go. She was meant to be free.Kain never knew he was capable of love - or that any woman would ever be able to give her heart to him. Yet when the mate he Claimed to ease his guilty conscience needs his protection once again, he can't stop his possessive urges from taking over. She is all he wants and everything he needs - and he will lay the world in ruins to keep her by his side. After a lifetime of being chased by demons, Selma is finally free. But freedom comes at a much higher price than she could have imagined: giving up everything she ever wanted. Perhaps the most important things in life can be found in the arms of the very creatures she always feared? Sixth and final book in the Demon's Mark series. Contains darkly erotic scenes and demons who like to play rough. Not for the faint-hearted....

Title : Cherished
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ISBN : 27384511
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Cherished Reviews

  • Sammy Loves Books
    2019-03-11 06:22

    4.5 "Demons are Freakin Hawt" StarsThis fast paced series comes to an end with a Bang. I however, hope this isn't the end of the wicked world Nora Ash has created. I love her Demons and their obsession with their Breeders.KainKain proved time and time again that he was worthy of the mad crush I have developed for him. In the last episode, he was powerful enough to defeat the Prince of Demons in battle, to win Selma as his mate. In this book he proves that he is worthy of her love, by offering to set her free from the demon world and help her find sanctuary among her own kind. Well the plot twists perfectly and Selma is not welcomed in Sanctuary. Slema and Kain finally face their feelings for each other head on but only after Selma has to deal with seeing Kain in his true Demon form. She really pissed me off, being afraid of him in his Demon form. Hello!!! Dumbass!!! This is the same man that risked his life to save yours on multiple occasions. Not to mention he's fucks like demon possessed and cuddles with you afterward. I lost respect for Selma when she cowered in fear of Kain, based on his exterior appearance. He had already proven where is heart was and I had hoped that Selma would have been stronger mentally and been more accepting of the man she 'Claimed' to love. But not heroines can be Alphas.This has been a Wickedly kinky, demon series. I love the characters and would love to see Kain's brother find love. I would especially love to read about his father finding redemption and a second chance at love with a strong minded, Alpha female. Nora Ash has a gift for writing demon erotica with a plot and I look forward to much more from this author!!**********Original review posted pre-release_Cover Reveal and Updates from Nora Ash's Blog!!!*****************************************************The official release date will be the 24th of April 2015, and it will be the last book of ‘Demon’s Mark’ as it brings Selma’s story to conclusion.The final book in the series is also the longest, with well over double the word count of ‘Branded’. What can I say, there had to be room for a lot of twists and action (and steamy sex, obviously) as Selma and Kain navigate their way through danger, deceit – and love.I won’t say too much more about ‘Cherished’ before it officially launches next Friday, but I did promise a juicy little teaser to make up for how incredibly long it’s taken to finish the series! You’ve been a (mostly) patient crowd, and I’m eternally grateful for your support!FROM ‘CHERISHED: DEMON’S MARK 6′:The pleasant scent of male musk slowly penetrated her conscience as sleep released its hold on her. She was warm and comfortable, and the feeling of hard, sculptured flesh by her side made her body hum appreciatively, desire stirring lazily down low.Still with her eyes closed Selma stretched contentedly and rolled over, hiking a leg over the sleeping male’s thigh before nuzzling into his arm and stroking a hand down between his strong legs. He smelled amazing, as always, and she inhaled deeply before nipping at his bare skin, hoping he would wake up and take the hint.The big body next to her stirred, and she felt rather than heard a deep growl vibrate through his wide chest. The thick pole of flesh underneath her hand grew solid.The next moment she was wrapped up in strong limbs, with one large hand trying to wedge itself into her pants.Wait, pants?Her memory of last night set in approximately a split second after the hand succeeded in its quest and thick fingers stroked underneath her panties, making her muscles tense in shock and her eyes pop open.“Do you prefer to me mated in a specific way?”Kesh’s dark head was bent, undoubtedly so he could watch what his fingers were doing, but her frozen silence made him look back up at her with a frown. “I’ll do it however you want.”Wait, what? ‘Kesh’??No, Selma hasn’t swapped Kain out for another yummy demon. So where is her mate?I can’t wait for this release, and I hope you’re as excited as I am to see ‘Demon’s Mark’ be completed!Until next week,- Nora*************************************************I Can't Wait!!!

  • Laci
    2019-03-07 04:20

    Overall I loved it.With every book I felt it get better and better.*definitely worth the time*

  • Judy Lewis
    2019-02-27 09:16

    DELICIOUSLY DARK AND DELIGHTFULLY WICKED !!!Great balls of fire! Cherished is the sixth and final installment of the heart pounding serial by Nora Ash. And it just gets better and better! Oh my! I was totally and completely spellbound from beginning to end. The story is exciting, original, dark, powerful, addictive, compelling, thrilling, riveting, arousing and sexy. The dialog is smart, well written and flows smoothly. The characters are imaginative, fascinating and intriguing. I absolutely love it. It is utterly irresistible! As a child, everyone thought Selma's strange behavior was just a result of a child's overactive imagination but as Selma grew older and the "hallucinations" continued, her parents worried that she may be mentally ill. She was bounced from one doctor and mental facility to another until she finally realized she must lie to everyone and pretend she didn't see the monsters that seemed to leer at her and follow her everywhere. And for years, she managed to hide it well until she was viciously attacked by them. Now at almost 30 years old, she felt alone, desolate, defeated and very afraid and as a last resort, admitted herself for treatment at Ravenswood House. Little did she know that the monsters she saw were very real and that her new doctor, Martin Hershey was actually a monster himself and had so much more in store for his lovely new patient than just psychiatric therapy. Now he wants her for himself and no matter the consequence, he's determined to have his little breeder. Selma was finally able to escape the clutches of the crazed demon, Martin Hershey also know as Marathin only to be attacked again by the female demons. She is rescued by Kain, Lord Protector of the city who promises to help the strange, beautiful breeder. Kain is distraught by the feelings she stirs in his cold heart. He realizes that he has betrayed the trust that the lovely Selma has placed in him and will do anything to free her but he must first claim her in order to give her the freedom she so desires. Kain never thought he was even capable of love - until her. For the first time in his miserable existence, he knows the joy and the pain of love but could Selma ever love him - a demon - the same creature as those who wish to enslave, possess and breed her? Now, she is his heart, his world, his everything and he wants nothing more than to possess her for himself. But does he love her enough to ever let her go? Selma has been branded, humiliated, chased, assaulted, betrayed and captured. She has lived in hell her entire life and suffered the never ending torment. Will the price of the freedom she has bravely sought for so long be too great? Will she ever be able to escape her "demons" or will one demon be her salvation? Oh my! I couldn't turn the pages fast enough! So deliciously dark and delightfully wicked! I loved it! This is NOT a stand alone book. It is a serial consisting of six installments and each installment should be read in order of its release date. Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read!

  • Helen
    2019-03-18 04:02

    Loved it. Great ending to the series. This has been a fantastic series which has kept my interest the whole way through- checking every few days to see if the next part was out! It's just what you want from a paranormal erotic book- wicked, dark, sexy and out of this world a real escape from the every day chores of life. Only thing I would have liked was a epilogue were Selma had her house with the white picket fence-it doesn't spoil the story-I will just write that bit in my mind :-)Hope Nora will write more books little this, though they are erotica they have a great story in them its not just endless pages of sex scenes. Certainly a 5 star read. Thanks for a great series

  • Tracey
    2019-02-23 08:11

    Fell in love with this series from the first book. Nora certainly doesn`t disappoint with the final book. To go through life thinking you have serious mental health issues because you see things that others don`t. Only to find out that you can see demons and they want you!

  • Campbell
    2019-03-09 03:07

    For the series: Found out I'm not a fan of the whole "extremely large male member" thing or fisting but the plot was good and the sex scenes were hot.

  • Sarah Nash
    2019-03-13 09:16

    I wasn't one for paranormal erotic romance...........till I read this series!!! 4.5 demon stars!

  • Wendy coling ( trowbridge)
    2019-03-12 03:53

    Great end too the series.

  • Angelica
    2019-03-05 08:09

    I felt this would have been a 5 if it wasn’t for the fact that it seems like the story should not have ended where it did, if you are trying to take over a hole area you don’t leave the story at the pre meeting to everyone that needs to support you. Don’t get me wrong the story was great but it is missing the next part of the series it leaves you wanting to know what happens next.

  • kimberly brannon
    2019-03-02 03:17

    I loved this series, OK maybe not the first book but!.The first book wasn't that good to me but it did have important information that was needed for the story. Once I started the next book things started rolling pretty well. The sex was kinda gross to me but the storyline and characters drew me in and made me want to continue reading to find out what was going to happen between Kain and Selma. The book and writing got better as the story progressed and by the last book the author had done a great job of painting a complete picture of the whole story and situation. So a great read and worth the time if you make it pass the first book. I'm sure glad I did! Enjoy!

  • Stacey
    2019-03-17 05:54

    Selma and Kain must fight to be together but what happens when the prince of all demons and Selmas procurer tries to take her from Kain . can she be safe and Who is Kesh . and why would Kain want her to go to him . and what does she find when she meets a demon named Kirigan . can she trust these two to save her and her baby and Kain . or will all be lost this was part of the RomanceARC and given in a box set to read and review in exchange for an honest review and boy i want more from these characters i believe there can be more said so i hope to read more from this series .

  • Maria York
    2019-02-24 02:09

    Nora has done it again! I love this series so much and I always want so much more!Selma is finding out that her connection to Kain runs deeper then she would ever think! Then she meets his family, finds something different out about herself and has to deal with everything else that's going on with her body! What a cluster of emotions, events and hot yummy sex! You don't want to miss out on this amazing book!

  • Annemarie
    2019-03-22 06:07

    Ok, so the last installment was down right romantic I would really like to read stories for the rest of the demon family and the story was left open to do so. I hope they just come out as books, with 6 short novellas at the price it was on amazon, i felt a bit ripped off.

  • Paulette Nelson
    2019-03-11 08:05

    PauletteLove has always been talked about lightly. What are the true depths of this feeling? Would you give up your life to have it? See how it's done, with all the right reasons in this beautiful tale.

  • Sarah Stein
    2019-03-21 02:19

    I couldn't stop reading this series. Each time I finished one book, I felt compelled to read the next.

  • Clarissa Price
    2019-03-21 05:54

    Loved it!!!!!!I love this series it's so very good hot and sexy. Romantic and creative, with action and drama I want more