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Samhain Island is riddled with conspiracy theories, urban legends, and various monsters. This is the island Tremaine Boppel moved to with her family. She’s happy to start over in a new town, with new people and a new school. But what’s in that tower by her apartment? Why will the tenant never come out of it? Why does she keep getting notes out of thin air? She’s about to lSamhain Island is riddled with conspiracy theories, urban legends, and various monsters. This is the island Tremaine Boppel moved to with her family. She’s happy to start over in a new town, with new people and a new school. But what’s in that tower by her apartment? Why will the tenant never come out of it? Why does she keep getting notes out of thin air? She’s about to learn that there’s more to the island besides shadows and silly stories....

Title : Samhain Island (Samhain Island, #1)
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ISBN : 27397456
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Samhain Island (Samhain Island, #1) Reviews

  • Ashley Daviau
    2018-12-08 06:58

    I would like to start this review by saying that I received a free e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my review. I was quite excited to receive a copy of this to review as the description and the cover really intrigued me. And once I started reading I was sold! I just couldn't stop turning the pages on this one, it was quite unlike any other book I've read and I absolutely adored the concept. Hallowe'en has always been my favourite holiday so to read a book with this concept was absolutely amazing! The only thing that threw me a bit is that it doesn't actually take place around Hallowe'en. I found myself becoming quite fond of many of the characters, especially Sky. He was most definitely my favourite out of the bunch. I also found myself loving Tremaine's mother, Josey, as well. She was absolutely hilarious! All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My only complaint is that I wanted more and now I'm left itching to get my hands on the second book with the way this one ended!

  • Vampress Bathory
    2018-12-05 03:46

    I really enjoyed this book! So this is a middle school read and I wasn't expecting to get into it, but guess what? I did and I loved it. I am a 24 y old adult that reads middle school books and I am not ashamed. This is a very cool, very fast paced read and you just want to know what happens next. So when I saw the title I thought: Oh yeah, cool, I guess this happens around Halloween and it's perfect for that holiday. Even if this is a light, quick read, indeed perfect to read around Halloween, the timing in the book has nothing to do with Halloween. Cool, right?The heroine in the book is 13 y old and she is a badas*. Her name is Tremaine. I love her name. She loves boxing and she is a bit sarcastic. She moves with her parents to this creepy looking island and she tries to make the best of it. Little does she know that the legends about this island are true and her mysterious neighbor might be one. She might become friends with a legend hunter and she might get into some trouble. In rest her life is normal, she goes to school and does what a normal tween'll do. I loved the plot, the setting and the characters. One of my fav characters is definitely Sky, he is the best and you'll have to read and see who he is and why he is so awesome. Keep in mind that I'm not judging this book from my 24 y old perspective. I know this is a middle grade book and I treat it from that perspective!I recommend this for both middle graders and adults. You will enjoy it and it will put a smile on your faces! *** the author was so kind to give me a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review!

  • Maria
    2018-12-08 06:40

    I must admit I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this story... It all starts nice and easy, just another story about a teenage girl who moves to an island with her parents and does her best to fit in... But, then again, things aren't always what they seem and soon enough Tremaine will get more than she has bargained for. I'm not going to spoil anything, but I have to say this: mysterious creatures, monster hunters, immortality, urban legends - what more can you ask for? [My inner child is gloating now!]I truly enjoyed this - the story is fast paced, the whole setup is intriguing and is interesting to observe the character development; even though sometimes Tremaine really got on my nerves, it's all worth it in the end. [Thank you, Taylor! :)]

  • Iona L.
    2018-11-22 03:58

    I admit that I’m one that still likes to read young adult books even though I am no longer what one would consider a young adult. I prefer light stories, but something that will keep me coming back. Samhain Island was that novel. I'm writing this review right after read it so bare with me.I appreciated how frank Tremaine was, but also how vulnerable she seemed. When most writers use the “character moves to a new place” trope, usually the character is against their new home. I was scared that maybe the book would do this, but was pleased that the drama was focused on the mysterious neighbor instead.SPOILER (kinda): Now, I have to go into a little fangirling about Sky. Aside from the Tremaine, Sky has to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the book. I was glad to find that the monster in the tower wasn’t just some shadow, and was a wisecracking Krampus instead. My favorite lines;“I gotta lot of names. Demon. Krampus. Goatman. I’m in many stories, and I got many different personalities” He formed both hands into gun shapes, and pointed them toward Tremaine “My personal title is Skyler Hornbostel, but I can be whatever you want me to be, babe.”“You wouldn’t answer the door” Tremaine tried to justifyHe scoffed “What? You broke into my house because I wouldn’t answer the door? The Jehovah’s Witnesses would just love you!”“You took forever to get home, so I thought I would just lay here until you came.”It was really good characterization and the writing really put a solid picture of him in my mind. The book ended on a cliff hanger, which I hate because I want to know what happens next. I’ll be buying the next book for Skyler though, mostly. The book is SHORT and I don’t mean this in a bad way. It’s roughly 30-40 thousand words, making it a really quick read. I can only hope that the reason behind this is to write more books in a period of time.I can’t wait for the second one !! Highly recommend!!

  • JustOneMoreChapter
    2018-12-08 04:51

    I was given this ebook by the author in exchange for an honest review...First and foremost... I really like the concept of this story, it's an original and fresh plot and has the potential to be a great series...Why only 3 stars?... well, it's hard to give constructive criticism without sounding mean, and I'm really not a mean girl, I'm actually a nice girl who doesn't like to sugarcoat stuff... the author was kind enough to let me read her story for free, but I need to be honest, so here goes...The writing didn't really flow well for me, I wasn't sure where the narrative was coming from... it would have read better from a 1st person povI didn't like how Trey's parents were described by their first names, it was confusing... also wasn't keen on the parents, her mother was a hardass and her dad seemed like a pushoverit was repetitive in places - but that could be resolved with a bit of editingI did like how the Island was Halloween themed, I love all of that paranormal stuffI liked Skylar and think he has promise of being a great character... like I said, great potential, but the writing needs some work

  • Seid Suleyman
    2018-12-13 06:35

    While I usually avoid young adult novel books, Samhain Island was a great surprise. The tone, narration, and story-lines all converged to make a great read for people of any age. The level of attention paid to world building, and the details therein, invoke vivid scenes in one's mind that last long after one finishes the book. I highly recommend it and can't wait for the next installment.

  • Dominic Rios
    2018-12-08 07:33

    Taylor Thomas is a fresh and welcomed new author. I really love Samhain Island. It's a fun read with a crisp pace and characters I cared for from the get go. Perfect for young adults of all ages. Can't wait for the next episode

  • Rich
    2018-11-15 09:53

    This book grabs you from the beginning and tells the tale of Tremaine a likeable independent teenager who finds herself quickly engaged into the mysteries of Samhain Island. Well wriiten and good character development. I recommednd especially for teenagers and young adults.

  • Sarah - Six Blue Marbles
    2018-11-29 09:01

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.When the author, Taylor Thomas, messaged me about this novel, I immediately became interested because of the title. You see, I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween that is much more hate than love. I love the magic that Halloween brings, the myths, the stories, and the magic. But I absolutely hate being scared, and that seems to be the main focus of the holiday. From reading the description, I didn’t get any scary vibes that I usually do when reading the back of horror movies, but instead the feel of a cute, spooky mystery that reminded me of Gravity Falls. I wasn’t wrong. When I first read the name Tremaine Boppel, I thought of Lady Tremaine from Cinderella.Luckily, Tremaine Boppel is nothing like Cinderella’s wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine. Instead, Tremaine is an incredibly spunky, smart, and tough thirteen-year-old who’s excited to be moving to Samhain Island with her parents. Tremaine was such an refreshing protagonist for the typical “kid moves to new area and discovers secrets” story. She is ready to find out the secrets of her new town and she isn’t afraid to fight for it if she has to.I enjoyed the brief introduction to the secrets and world of Samhain Island that readers get.Not too much information is given, but just enough for readers to know that the information on the secrets, monsters, and myths that surround the island will be answered in the upcoming novels. I look forward to learning about the other monsters that inhabit the island in the upcoming books/episodes.I don’t know how I feel with labeling this book as YA. While there are definitely elements of the YA genre in Samhain Island, it read more like a high middle grade, just before Young Adult novel. It was excellently written, aside from a few spelling, grammatical, and tense errors (as well as naming a character before they were actually introduced) the simplistic style moves the story forward and keeps reader’s interested in engaged. There were also some parts where Tremaine seemed to act much older than a thirteen-year-old, or eighth grader, would but maybe I’m just not used to reading a YA novel with such a young protagonist since most of the protagonists in YA novels range from 15-18.There was also a code at the back of the book that, when I get time, I hope to solve. It’s a nice little Easter egg to place in the book and allows readers to participate in the mystery of the story.Overall, Samhain Island is full of great mystery, mind games, and spunk. If you enjoy Halloween reads, monsters, myths, and mind games you’ll adore this book. It’s the perfect series to fill the hole that Gravity Falls left behind!

  • Erika Santoro
    2018-11-29 02:42

    I always stare at the "What do you think?" above the review, while the black bold line blinks at me over and over, yelling at me to type something.I did not stare at that blinking line for this review. I knew what I wanted to say since I closed this book.Taylor Thomas had messaged me a few weeks ago and told me about this new book she wrote and if I would be interested in reading it. Once I pulled it up on Goodreads, it was all over. Absolutely I wanted to read this! I was anticipating this books arrival for days (2 days feels an awful lot like an eternity when you want something)From start to finish, I wanted more. I still want more. I want more of the characters. I want more of the creatures. I want more of this storyline and where it's headed. It says something when an author makes you wishto enter the world they've created..and I wish to visit Samhain Island. I'm so intrigued and can not wait to learn more about this wonderful world where humans and creatures live amongst each other!Thank you Taylor for reaching out to me! I would have been missing out!! I urge you all to check Samhain Island out! You'll be glad you did.

  • Bronwen Hollinger
    2018-12-09 06:57

    As a lover of historical fiction I know all too well how challenging it is to actually become engaged with a book. The beginnings are seldom exciting, and by the time you have gotten through the beginning you might have decided to put the book down. However this is not the case for Samhain Island. The novel is absolutely intriguing from the very beginning and leaves you wanting more and more. The brilliance of this book is in the character development and diction. By the end of the novel you feel as if you know who the characters are. However, it is crafted in such a way that there is still mystery within the plot. The author tells all, through not divulging all details so to speak.Regardless of your personal choice of genre or writing style, Samhain Island is a must read. It will leave you wanting a sequel… that is a promise!

  • Kryssi Helka
    2018-11-16 02:43

    I loved this book! I stayed up way too late, reading it, because it just sucked me in! I'm looking forward to the next book! Very gripping!

  • Brittany Reed
    2018-12-11 04:31

    I found Samhain Island to be very thrilling and compelling. I really loved Sky’s character and the world building around the series. I recommend it to young teenagers especially.

  • Sophie ★
    2018-11-17 09:45

    When I first started this book it seems like it’s the basic story of a girl moving to a new town. It seemed like a realistic fiction book where everything was exactly how life was. But as I kept turning the pages the creepiness of this story began to settle in. I loved how this story is mixed in with a dark Halloween like theme but also has the light tones of a teenage girl. I also have to mention that I LOVE urban legends so this story was perfect for me. It was not hard at all to get into this story and I wanted to read it all at once. I will definitely be reading the next book soon.

  • Nicola
    2018-12-05 08:42

    I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I went into this book knowing nothing about it as i didn't read the description. So i wasn't sure what to expect. i haven't read a book like this before and i really enjoyed this book it was fresh, fun and original. It was such an easy book to get sucked into. when i got started i couldn't put it down.It was fast- paced and the world building and character development was very enjoyable to read.I can't wait to read the next book

  • Adrienne
    2018-11-28 08:42

    I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.I didn’t know what to expect getting into this book and the very start of the book was a bit slower for me. As I got farther in I really started to enjoy it! I like the character Sky a lot and also just the concept of all these monsters on an island. There were a couple of spots where the shift in POV was a little weird but over all I really enjoyed this book! I will have to read the next one at some point to see what happens next!

  • Taylor Thomas
    2018-11-27 03:50

    (This is a review from the book blog Instagram: "bookishshenanigans_" This is a review posted with their permission, because they do not have a Goodreads account)Today, I have another review for you guys. The lovely Taylor Thomas (@taylorofsamhain) sent us a digital copy of her book "Samhain Island: Episode One" for reviewing.The basic plot of this soy revolves around the main character, Tremaine Boppel, who has to move to Samhain Island after her father opens his movie store there. The island is supposedly full of myths and conspiracies - which Tremaine naturally scoffs at. However, soon she finds out that the myths are more than just stories as she herself is dragged into one.I personally really liked this book. I haven't read any Halloween themed YA book so this was a pleasant change for me. For me, the character names hold great fascination. I love it when if the name of a character is unique, which was the case with the name "Tremaine." The book was really fast paced which made it enjoyable to read. One part that I found lacking, though, was that the main character had no major description because of which I wasn't able to build her image in my mind. But overall, this book is definitely a fun and easy read and I recommend it to all of you guys.-F

  • Jessica
    2018-11-17 07:36

    I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in any way. Tremaine and her parents, Danny and Josey, move to Samhain Island. Samhain is a creepy island, filled with theories and urban legends. When Tremaine arrives at her new home, she wants to know about the weird things happening near her apartment. Tremaine goes on a rollercoaster in the story "Samhain Island Ep.1" written by Taylor Thomas.This book shocked me. I am not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it definitely went beyond my expectations. I will admit, the beginning of the book was slow and kind of confusing. However, as I got farther into the book, I found that it became easier understand, and the story worked itself out.I gave this book four stars, because I was told by the author that it was a middle-school book. But, when I read it, there were multiple uses of the H and D word. All in all, I found Samhain Island Ep. 1 to be exceptionally interesting. If you are into sci-fi and mystery genres, you will definitely love this book!

  • Nicole Strand
    2018-11-20 06:53

    So the premise of this book actually really intreagued me and I just knew I had to read and review it. It's a fairly short story with 121 pages according to my kindle. On the authors website it states that episode two has also come out, so I recommend checking that out!It starts off with the main character, Tremaine Boppel( an eighth grade girl), and her parents, Josey and Danny, packing up and moving to Samhain Island so Danny can open up a movie store. Tremaine joins an urban legend club at her new school. I don't want to give too much away, but this is definitely a book you don't want to miss.The storyline is definitely unique and it's pretty cool that it's based around Halloween, I've never seen a story like that. The only issue I had was at points I didn't really like the main character, but I absolutely adored Sky

  • Piper
    2018-12-08 08:45

    This was really fun! It was fast-paced and I loved the character development in Sky. There were a few typos here and there, but nothing major. Very well done for someone Taylor's age. I can't wait for episode two!P.S. SKY IS SO ADORABLE

  • Rea
    2018-11-26 09:39

    Welcome to Samhain Island, a place filled with traditions, legends and rumors.An intrepid, curious 13-y.o., newcomer Tremaine is determined to get answers from the locals, starting with this elusive neighbour who lives in a tower.I did not know what to expect when I begun to read a novel aimed at a younger audience than me, but it was a pleasant surprise.While I thought Tremaine's parents were not fully credible characters, I like the fact Tremaine is not your typical "good girl". She can be inquisitive and blunt, but she also shows remorse and takes responsibility for her actions.I also appreciate the author's clear, straight-forward writing style in this fast-paced story.Overall this novel is a short, enjoyable read perfectly fit for fantasy-lovers teenagers. The sequel looks promising.

  • Jamie
    2018-12-15 05:54

    I received a free e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review!Let me just start off by saying: I love the concept of this book. A girl and her family moving to this secluded island where mysterious monsters run rampant is RIGHT up my alley. I especially love that everyone on the island KNOWS there's monsters there, like it's no big deal. And there's monster hunters!! What could be better?The execution was great as well. Some parts were a little shaky; I couldn't ignore that there were some grammatical errors and the POV shifts from third to first a couple times. The dialogue also felt stilted and overly-formal sometimes. But that's small stuff, and it didn't take away from the great story. However, I was a little confused near the end, as our protagonist (Tremaine Boppel, which is a pretty terrible name but it grew on me and now I kind of love it) has this goal that came out of nowhere and was suddenly extremely important to her, even though she never really mentioned it before. And speaking of our protagonist, I just want to mention how COOL it is that she's a boxer - I don't think I've read any book with a boxer main character and it was really interesting. Like her name, Tremaine Boppel had to grow on me. At first I didn't think I'd like her, since she was pretty rude to everyone and kind of had this God-complex, but she did get more endearing as the story progressed. Also, a quick word about Sky, and that word is: adorable. He's such a great character and I just want to protect him. I love his and Tremaine's relationship, whatever it is. (frenemies, maybe?) Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There were little holes here and there, but nothing that distracted too much from the main storyline, which, as I've said, was amazing.

  • Merve Demirci
    2018-12-05 06:34

    Hello everyone!Lovely Taylor Thomas sent me a copy of her book "Samhain Island: Episode One" today earlier. I was supposed to study on weekend so i planned to read it later this week. Can you guess how she ruined my good intentioned plans? Just to see if the document was working fine on my tablet i opened the book... Read the first few pages... Read first chapter... Ooops : i finished the whole book in one sitting!I'll keep this review short, mainly because I don't want to give out spoilers!The book tells the story of a girl named Tremaine Boppel who moved the Samhain Island with her parents.(Isn't that a cool name?) It is a new town, new school, new home. So while she adjust to her new life we are sucked into the this new world. It is quite interesting and story is mysterious so you keep wondering how it will progress. It is a quick and easy read. Also not too long. Its writing was solid though felt a little rushed in some parts. But it does not bother you and you keep reading. Overall i enjoyed it a lot and will be keeping my eye on her for future published works.(view spoiler)[Here comes my spoilish thoughts and rants: Read on your own risk!The heroine is a bit young, she is only 13. So at times i found some of her reasonings a bit selfish but it is understandable for her age. Her friend Hannah, find her annoying at the start, totally hate at the end.Sky...I really felt for Sky’s struggles and the position he was in. I think he is my favourite character in this book. And do i possibly smell romance maybe on the next books in the series for them? (hide spoiler)]Hope you enjoy it as well!

  • Salla
    2018-12-03 09:34

    Miss Taylor Thomas sent me a copy of this on New Year's Eve. The idea to this book was great. All things including mythology and abnormal things are.Switching between point of view's was sometimes too confusing.***********************Read full review here:

  • Erika Marroquín
    2018-11-19 03:47

    I'd like to start off by saying I was sent a free e-copy in exchange for my honest review. But this does not change my opinion in any way.I absolutely enjoyed Samhain Island. The plot and characters were both very interesting. I couldn't put the book down once I started reading, there was not a point in the book where I felt uninterested or bored. There were many surprising and unexpected turns in the book which had me at the edge of my seat at all times. I found myself trying to read the book under my desk at school due to my anticipation to continue reading the book. I overall enjoyed the the book and can't wait to get my hands on the next book due to the ending.

  • Mica Parente
    2018-11-19 08:40

    DNF at page 51.The author asked me to take a look at the work for an honest review.It's sad to say but I just couldn't finish this book. It started off ok but it easily lost my attention. Maybe one day in the future I'll come back to it but it wont be any time soon. The character is just not relatable and the situation they are in is just uninteresting. I haven't read too many Halloween inspired books but this one just didn't hold my attention at all.