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A book for men & women.Under the direct orders of the Fuhrer, Karl Strom is tasked to design and plant secret devices in Britain.He trains his team of misfits in Alderney, the Channel Island nearest England. Karl’s worst fear is confirmed during a lustful encounter under the stars. Deeply in love with Helga, the Oberst’s lover, he says goodbye to her as he sets off witA book for men & women.Under the direct orders of the Fuhrer, Karl Strom is tasked to design and plant secret devices in Britain.He trains his team of misfits in Alderney, the Channel Island nearest England. Karl’s worst fear is confirmed during a lustful encounter under the stars. Deeply in love with Helga, the Oberst’s lover, he says goodbye to her as he sets off with his team on the suicide mission, only to discover her heart-wrenching secret.The members of his team, each have their own personal agenda and the bonds they develop between them are tested as they experience love and face death as their roles unfold.Betrayed at every turn, Karl plans to find those who betrayed him and wreak terrible revenge on them.The obsessive and ruthless Strom completes his official mission and now he must commit the perfect murder to right a terrible wrong and in so doing, reveal his true self.Finally, he must return to Helga and end the Raven, whoever it turns out to be.Will the final piece of his plan fall into place, or fall apart as a shattered dream?...

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The Glass Beacon Reviews

  • Lorna
    2018-11-28 09:43

    I received a free copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks.I broke away from my usual genre with this novel, spy thrillers not normally being my thing. I've read a couple of James Bond novels but that is the extent of my experience. I open The Glass Beacon and within a few pages, BOOM! An attempted assassination via hand grenade quickly followed by a spy's suicide.Action-packed huh? That side of things, brilliant. High octane, always something happening. It was also interesting to see a novel that was told from a largely German point of view. Being British you're always inclined to take the Allies' side without seeing it from Germany's perspective. At the end of the day not all Germans were bad people. They had families and lives of their own as well as we did. This novel was a reminder that there is no good and bad in war. It comes down to differences in politics, the people on the front line are just ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances who all want the same thing. To end the war one way or another.The only thing I had a slight issue with was the romance side of things. I found the love scenes a little cringey maybe because of the language used. This might be something to do with me being a woman but they came across as rather crude with the actual romance almost tagged on as an afterthought, the characters realising it was more than just sex after they commited the act.I understand that people would have been less inhibited during war time, any day could have easily been your last, but the language used made it sound dirty, without taking into account the circumstances. Even the most successful writers can struggle with love scenes so it's completely understandable. In my honest opinion if there had been less emphasis on the sexual side of things and more on the feelings involved and the reasons behind their actions I would have given it a higher rating. But again, this may be where the gender divide comes in!All in all, a very well researched novel, John Day knows what he's talking about. Very detailed, it also has potential as a factual book, as the postscript says it's based on documentary evidence which could have changed the outcome of WW2. Maybe that's an avenue that could be explored with this novel as a tie-in? I'd read that!3 stars.

  • Kelly Furniss
    2018-11-23 03:55

    Set in the back drop of WWII this story follows the extreme training of three German spies as they are sent to Britain on a mission to import beacon devices.As in most missions, however well prepared things do not always go to plan.The detailed research in this book is astonishing and everybody who reads this even with some factual knowledge I would expect would still gain to get something from it.I enjoyed following the spies stories separately as they split up to carry out their own personal missions trying to blend in amongst the public in work places and every day life but yet always suspicious about the people around them, wary of how close they get to others and the fear of been uncovered. And the tension built greatly as we learn how intelligence operates and the suspense of wondering if it will catch up with them.The only thing I struggled with in this book was the language used in the cringe worthy erotic/ romantic scenes it spoilt the story a tad for me as sometimes such scenarios are best left to the imagination plus I think I possibly spotted an editing mistake in a certain part of the story.However those gripes really can not take too much away from this action packed absolutely fascinating story. I would wholeheartedly certainly recommend it to others interested in this genre.My thanks go to the author in providing me with a copy of this book in return for a honest review.

  • Ellie Midwood
    2018-11-16 07:37

    As a huge fan of spy thrillers and the WWII theme in particular, I found this very well researched historical novel especially enjoyable. “The Glass Beacon” follows the story of Karl Strom, aka Pieter Klein, a German spy training a team of two men and a woman for a special mission, which could easily decide the fate of the Reich itself. It was nice to see the transformation of Pieter’s subordinates from frightened and unsure of their future destiny into a bound and highly trained group, ready to help each other out in case MI5 threatens one of them, like it happened to Andreas. The character development is wonderful, and I especially enjoyed following each agent’s story as they had to separate in Britain and try to survive on their own. The suspense is masterfully created and kept well-paced throughout the whole story, which made me devour it only in a couple of days. The historical facts, settings and descriptions are very well researched, and provide additional credibility. Reading the story I could clearly see the clothing, cars, streets and smells as if I were in there myself. I will be definitely looking for a sequel or another WWII themed work by this author, great job!

  • Laura
    2018-11-14 02:32

    Karl Strom is a brilliant engineer whose family is hedging their bets by having a foot in each door in order to survive the war with their wealth. Which is why he is working on the German side creating a beacon that is undetectable except by the bombs they are intended to direct to targets.Karl’s mission is to go home to England with a team of four trained operatives to test the beacon and then train others to set them. But the minute Karl and his team set foot on English soil anything that can go wrong does with betrayal from within and without. He starts to wonder if he will survive long enough to take care of his personal mission as well.First I need to say I know this book wasn’t on my TBR list but when John asked me to read for him I felt that I owed him because back July I was in the middle of promoting two of his other books only to have it pre-empted to my families very great tragedy and lose. So I hope you all will understand my need to read and review this book and I have every intention of writing reviews for those two books that I never got to write. SO thank you John for your wife and your friendship and understanding it has meant a great deal to me and my family.I have been sitting here thinking about what I like most about The Glass Beacon and was beginning to think I would be able to pin point a favorite part because the whole book was an amazing read, but as I was thinking I realized that it was the way Karl/Peter interacted with his sister. I think if there is anyone that the master spy loved more than that two timing hoochi Helga, who doesn’t deserve him, it would be his sister. But then given how he banged Anna I don’t see him and Helga lasting for life. I saw some marked improvement in how John wrote his bedroom scenes as well as they were tastefully done and definitely not clinical and one or two had me wanting to read them to my husband because I am positive he would love how they were written as well. The ending was epic and if I could elaborate more I would but unfortunately I would be giving away the ending but know this John Day I will be sending you and email about that ;) As for rating I would love to give The Glass Beacon a 5-star rating but the edits I find though minimal were still enough to dock a star from the rating which sucks given how great this book was. http://lauralusbookreviews.blogspot.c...

  • R.P.
    2018-12-09 01:34

    I recently received a request from a fellow author, John Day, for a review of his work, Glass Beacon. I will be completely upfront, the only compensation I received was the novel itself and the only thing I guaranteed was an honest review of the work. So here goes.I read a lot and I do mean a lot. One would expect from the books that I publish, that I am only interested in one genre. Well, like the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. I like a good spy thriller from time to time. In fact, I have read every single James Bond novel ever published, starting from a young age and I love the Jason Bourne character and have enjoyed Vince Flynn’s novels a lot.It generally takes me the first third of reading a novel by an author I don’t know, to get into the work and the authors writing style. This one was no different. But once I got into it, it was a very good read.The reader is taken into the middle World War Two years in Britain and we not only experience the drama unfolding, but are given a real glimpse at what life was like back in those days. The living conditions and life on the edge.We learn that all Nazi’s are not bad guys and not all British are good guys. In fact, the lines are often blurred at who is the bad guy and the good guy. There are plots within plots and schemes within schemes and the reader is left wondering what is coming next and how is this character going to get out of this jam now?It took me to a time and place, not of massive armies and world conquest, but of the individual just trying to survive everything that was going on around them. Honestly, I couldn’t put the thing down for the last half and I really have other things to do.Do I recommend Glass Beacon by John Day?You bet! It is a good read and well worth the time spent to read it. Grab it while it is still affordable.

  • Books n AllJill Burkinshaw
    2018-11-18 03:56

    I have read and loved all the books John Day has written except this one. This I avoided because in the synopsis it sounds as though it is based in the War years and I prefer present day books.So given the above why have I started reading it? Well I regard myself as someone who can think 'outside the box' but mainly I have been in this situation in the past and have really enjoyed a book I otherwise might not have read. I think 4 books which have all earned 5 star reviews is enough to encourage myself to step outside my comfort zone and read something different (and John's books are certainly different).I have now finished this book and was surprised how much I enjoyed it, although it hasn't persuaded me to 'love' spy/war books.As I expect with books written by John Day there are many twists and turns to the story and they don't all have happy endings. A phenomenal amount of research must have gone into writing the book and it put a whole new perspective on the war for me with aristocratic families unsure which side they are one and spies with personal vendettas there is so much going on it takes a lot of concentration to keep up.I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would mainly because it isnt quite a War book or a spy book it has several genres intertwined (including some romance and erotica) so I can see why people may be reluctant to take the plunge and read it as you are not sure what you are going to get but it is a challenge well worth taking.Definitely worth the 5 stars and I am looking forward to more books by this author.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a well researched, well written book.I would also recommend that anyone reading it also reads the 'Breaking News' at the end as it really makes you think about what you have read.

  • Bonnye Reed
    2018-11-29 07:56

    XXX I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review from John Day. Thank you, Mr. Day, for sharing your work with me. This is an excellent historical novel by John Day. Covering German spies in the islands offshore of Britain and in London, as well as British spies. It is an interesting look at some of the intrigues and divided loyalties we are not usually privy to. It was refreshing to see a bit of history in the making, as most novels are written with 100% hindsight. There was a bit more bedroom than I am comfortable with, but Mr. Day has begun adding !!! to the chapter headings of those tales. Thank you!I will look for more novels by John Day.

  • Theresa (TBC) (TT&B)
    2018-11-22 03:41

    At the moment I can't get right into this, it's full of history, the war, spies etc not my typical genre, a bit heavy history wise for me,But! It's well written & my stars is nothing against the book, I will go back to it when my heads in a different place & I can tackle the history side!

  • Caroline
    2018-12-02 04:47

    Not really a book for me, This is a spy thriller set in Guernsey during world war 2. A well planned and written book, the author obviously knows his subject well. If you like spy thrillers you will probably enjoy this book

  • Jennifer Foden
    2018-12-07 06:58

    Really enjoyed this novel, I don't want to give too much away but can promise readers that they will not be disappointed with this novel, it has a interesting plot and is beautifully written :-)