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Lily Proctor has come a long way from the weak, sickly girl she used to be. She has gained power as a witch and a leader, found her way home, chosen to face battle again, and (after losing her first love and being betrayed by her new love) she has learned more about loss and grief than she ever wanted to know.Thrust once again into a society different from anything they haLily Proctor has come a long way from the weak, sickly girl she used to be. She has gained power as a witch and a leader, found her way home, chosen to face battle again, and (after losing her first love and being betrayed by her new love) she has learned more about loss and grief than she ever wanted to know.Thrust once again into a society different from anything they have ever seen, Lily and her coven are determined to find answers―to find a new path to victory, a way to defeat the monstrous Woven without resorting to nuclear weapons or becoming a tyrannical mass murderer like her alternate self, Lillian. But sometimes winning requires sacrifices . . . and when the only clear path to victory lies at Lillian's side, what price will Lily be willing to pay?Internationally bestselling author Josephine Angelini takes us on another emotionally wrenching thrill ride in the stunning conclusion to her Worldwalker Trilogy....

Title : Witch's Pyre
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ISBN : 9781250050915
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 384 Pages
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Witch's Pyre Reviews

  • Lauren
    2019-02-27 07:43

    I mean... wow. This book was absolutely incredible and I'm so happy that I decided to pick up this series last month. I absolutely adored getting to see Lily grow up and evolve over the course of this trilogy, as well as the other characters. From beginning to end, this book kept me on my toes and there was so much that was explained and all my questions were answered in a way that actually left me satisfied. I am so sad that this series is over now, it's been such an amazing journey. UGHThe world building in this series is utterly fantastic and I cannot be more impressed.

  • Ashley Daviau
    2019-03-07 08:51

    I thought the last book in this series was excellent but this one has it beat by leaps and bounds! This series has quickly become one of my all time favourite series involving witches. It's such a unique take on witches, I've never read anything quite like it before! There is non stop action the whole way through and so many twists and turns that I wasn't expecting. Some actually had my jaw dropping I was so surprised. This book definitely kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish! I really loved seeing how much each of the characters evolved over the course of the series. Especially Lily, it was so thrilling to watch her become the Witch she was meant to be! And I have a special place in my heart for Breakfast, I just love him as a character. It's quite rare that a book leaves me feeling 100% satisfied. Normally there's at least one tiny thing that I'd change or a question unanswered. But this book ended the series on such a satisfying note. It left nothing unanswered and no loose ends were left to leave you wondering!

  • georgia
    2019-03-24 09:52

    4.5 Stars*sighs happily then realises we have to wait for josie to say she's releasing more books which cues the screaming* UPDATE 23/03/16THERES A UK COVER IT WAS JUST RELEASED WHAT IS HAPPENING IT IS BEAUTIFULAUGUST 2015

  • Colleen Houck
    2019-02-28 03:02

    The end of this series was as awesome as the beginning. I loved Toshi! He's so cool. The entire cast of characters are really great actually. The final battle was compelling and I loved the different creatures and how Lily managed to wrangle them all. If you love witches then this is the series for you.

  • bridget
    2019-03-05 04:45

    4 stars for this witchin' series (lol get it witchin')This series was just so much fun, it was easy to read and captured my attention right off the bat. And that ending was so EPIC AND PERFECT, I'm still thinking about it weeks later.Let's start off with the characters shall we?LilyLily was quite the complex character. She was fickle but headstrong, stubborn and loyal but at the same time she was so confused even though she hid it well. I felt like she was a well thought out character and Angelini did a great job fleshing her out completely. But that doesn't mean I like Lily the whole time. She made me pretty mad especially when it came to Rowan. She so completely misunderstood him the entire time in this book while thinking Tristan was basically a saint when we found out it was kind of the opposite. Although Rowan made his mistakes along the way and I can definitely understand Lily's wariness of him after he took her willstones from her and left her in a cage (das pretty fucked up man probs not something u should do to ur gf). But in the end Lily was a super strong female and got her shit together to save everyone, not just her or her people but literally everyone possible and I really admire that selflessness.RowanUgh he is just a wonderful book boyfriend tbh. But wow what the hell Rowan you almost lost me after the second book! I was so disgusted with what he did to Lily by believing her to be like Lillian and trapping her without her willstones, that was beyond fucked up and gave me some Tamlin vibes tbh. But then he managed to redeem himself in this book and I started to believe in him again as the right person for Lily. He was a very steady character and I really appreciate that, especially when everyone else was basically flailing about trying to get their shit together for the inevitable war. But wow can we just talk about how he took the fall for Tristan????? Like I couldn't believe it, never saw it coming when the other Tristan showed Lily the memory of the agreement Rowan and (Lily's) Tristan came to. That was some shit that Rowan was willing to let go of Lily and protect her from afar because she hated him while Tristan finally got her back (even though he clearly never deserved her). Tbh it made me really happy that Rowan was still the good guy in the end bc I didn't want him to turn out to be as bad as he seemed.ToshiHonestly I did not know what to think of Toshi at first. Was he good? Was he bad? Was he hot? I would say the answer was yes to all three. He definitely jumped back and forth between sides trying to figure out if Lily was the right one or if Grace was. But he figures his shit out and I'm glad he did because he was a pretty instrumental character to this finale. Also he was 64 years old????? Like what the actual fuck??? But also I hope I look like I'm in my early 20s when I'm actually 60 so that would be cool (get on it science). The CovenI don't mean to seem like I don't care about the coven as much bc I lumped them all together but honestly there's so many of them and I only care about a couple of them. Breakfast was hilarious as always and I still love him but his lady (as he calls her) I found a little unnecessary and forgetful. Then there was Lillian's Tristan which was an okay guy, I wish he had been the one to die and not the real Tristan... Then of course there's Caleb and I honestly hope he left Lily's coven after everything because he deserves to be free and not feel like he'll get controlled again. Overall I love the coven and the idea of them all working for and with Lily is great because her support system was so important to have. I just really love this series still. It was so interesting and had such a unique mix of fantasy and sci-fi. I really enjoyed everything from the characters to the plot to the writing style. The plot was different than most things I've read and it held its own. And omg that ending made my heart SO HAPPY. It was very satisfying but still made me curious and craving more which doesn't happen often with the finale of a series. I hope Angelini writes more because I will definitely read more of her stuff.

  • TheBookLionizer
    2019-03-11 08:46

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhghhhhhhh. THE COVER THERE IS TWO.. TWO... LILY AND LILLIANE!!!!!! Guuuh! UPDATESON OF WOVENS!!!! I CAN'T... describe every thing I felt when I read this MASTERPIECE.It was good, man. Absolute perfection. Although, I didn't had any hope for the two lilies. I thought they'd both die by the end.I am really satisfied by this last instalment. Absolute readgasm. That twist from the start. Every one wanted to know what the hell happened to Lily and her claims. And that WOAH!! ANOTHER CITY.. A WITCH. WHAAAT.THE SOLUTION WAS THERE. Every thing was explained and.... Rowan, I so hated him in the last book and now... that I know who indeed suggest the plan of destroying Lily's stone and put her in a cage, I am not so pissed at our... handsome Head of Mechanics. *Sigh* The turns and twists of events were perfect and the ending was a blast...literally. I think Toshi is cute. eheheheCAN'T WAIT! TO read the next chef-d'oeuvre of Josephine. Rowan and LilyRIP to Tristan #1 - kinda expected that he was still alive. But, I don't care... readers will know why. selfish ass...well dead ass. GOODBYE FIREWALKER!

  • Kelly (Diva Booknerd)
    2019-02-26 06:44

    The Worldwalker Trilogy was enthralling, a blend of fantasy with a science fiction flourish. Character driven, the series follows the storyline of Lily who was summoned to a world by her namesake, a witch who commands her world with cruelty and genocide. Although Lily has now gained a greater understanding of who Lillian is, it's apparent that the two share little more than namesakes. Both Lily and Lillian were wonderfully written, distinct and refined. In Trial by Fire, the romance between Lily and Rowan felt incredibly awkward, given his connection to Lillian being her former head Mechanic and lover. Firewalker and Witch's Pyre sees the dynamics of their relationship change. Lily continues to engage with Lillian telepathically with Rowan concerned that Lily is being manipulated, when seemingly he also aspires to use the young woman for his own agenda. Against Lillian.Lily is a relatable and reliable character, deserving of a love interest with charisma and charm. The romance between Lily and Rowan was dubious. Rowan lacks passion and personality, his character felt incredibly rigid and although I do enjoy a stoic love interest, Rowan didn't develop as a character and I couldn't find a sense of who he was apart from being contrived. I adored Lillian. Lillian was tenacious and ambitious. She posed her own series of ulterior motives, but through Rowan's lack of trust and feeling of deception, she was painted as the villain. I was elated as a reader to see Lily using her own intuition and not allowing herself to be affected by Rowan and his resentment. All too often, the inexperienced protagonist falls victim to the manipulations of her love interest and seeing Lily confront Rowan was a breath of fresh air. Go Lily!The friendship between Lily and Tristan is strained, but with the introduction of Tristan's best friend Breakfast and his new girlfriend Una, provided a lightness throughout the storyline. Breakfast and Una were enchanting. Breakfast is compassionate and gentle, while Una prepares herself for battle, Rowan shares Lily's true identity with her friends despite her wishes. While Lily's newly found status justifies why they each feel an attraction to protect Lily, I hadn't expected Lily's friends to be accepting or for Rowan to enlist their aide. If you've just been told your formerly frail friend is an influential witch, you would expect a little more disbelief.What I absolutely adored was the world building throughout the series, so wonderfully vivid. I enjoyed the contrast between Lily and Lillian's worlds, as varied as the two women themselves. Sadly Rowan's Native heritage isn't explored beyond the concept of Spiritwalking, as taught to Lily by a Native Shaman. The romance felt dubious and the relationship between Lily and Rowan was incredibly insincere but I enjoyed it nonetheless.Josephine Angelini is a wonderful author, blending fantasy and science fiction seamlessly into a captivating storyline. Vivid world building, fierce female characters and when all too often young adult authors tend to unnecessarily complicate themes of parallel worlds, The Worldwalker Trilogy is effortless and engaging. Highly recommended.

  • Siobhan Davis
    2019-03-18 02:53

    The third and final installment in the Worldwalker trilogy ends with an explosive bang, and I'm left feeling bereft and in dire need of another Lily and Rowan fix. What a truly amazing, imaginative series. If you are a fan of Josephine's Starcrossed series and you haven't picked this one up yet, you need to right now! In my opinion, this series is more original and better written than Starcrossed (and I loved that series, too. Lucas. Yum.)I've been blown away by the world building and creativity of this series. It has been carefully plotted and expertly executed, and although the plot is complex, it has been skillfully built and interwoven alongside the romance, so it never felt difficult to grasp. The alternate realms and the witches jumping between dimensions are well described and I was never confused over anything that happened.Characterization is strong and Lily, in particular, is a fantastic character. She has grown so much from the first book while remaining true to herself. She is a true role model, and someone young girls can look up to. And she does all this without being a badass ninja. She uses her intellect to strategize and compassion underlines every decision she makes.I was devastated at the turn of events at the end of the last book and was secretly hoping that all wasn't as it appeared to be. It wasn't, just not in the way I imagined. Lily is hurting, and when Rowan makes a reappearance she wants nothing to do with him, which was completely understandable. But I didn't understand how they never spoke about what happened. How she never questioned him over his apparent betrayal until the very end. Lily has never struck me as the type to bury her head in the sand, but she did here. To be fair, they were fighting to save the world, so I let it pass.It's obvious that Rowan still really loves her and he never stops protecting her so it was hard to stay mad at him. I've been crazy about Rowan since book one and that didn't waver here. He is definitely being added to my book boyfriend list.The reason this is a 4-star review and not a 5-star one is mainly because the romance was virtually non-existent, and anyone that has read my own books or reads my reviews will know that I need my injection of romance to really connect with a book. I understand and accept that it wouldn't have made sense for them to reconcile in the first part of the book because there were justifiable reasons why they were apart, but they only got back together at the 94% mark, and then we saw nothing of them together as a couple and that really teed me off. I hate when authors wait until the very end to resolve a love conflict and then finish the book without giving any real sense of relationship closure. That brings me nicely to the other reason I didn't rate this 5-star. The ending is explosive and it's been building up to this epic battle the entire book, and those scenes were amazing. Then it ends and we have the weirdest epilogue ever. Going back to Reba and Miller? What the heck? What happened to the thirteen cities, the Outlanders, the Woven, how did Lily and Rowan get their relationship back on track? What does the new world look like? I feel like it was missing a chapter or two at the end which is needed to bring proper closure. I'm left feeling like things are still hanging (even though the main conflict has been resolved.)But overall, this was a great finish to an incredible series. It's definitely going to be one of those series that I re-read, and one I will recommend to my own readers.This review will be posted on my blog in due course.

  • Gabry
    2019-03-11 08:56

    3.5 anche questo ultimo volume.Purtroppo sebbene il primo libro mi sia piaciuto molto, il secondo ed il terzo non mi hanno quasi per niente presa. Li ho trovati un po’ confusionari, con troppi personaggi e con alcune relazioni che non mi sono piaciute. Peccato.Resta comunque una bella trilogia in cui la magia e la stregoneria vengono trattate in modo originale!

  • Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)
    2019-03-15 08:44

    Good ending and a satisfying action-packed one. I liked it enough, but I felt something was missing. Maybe I just wanted to know if the Restricted became free and if all the Outlanders and different Woven kind could leave peacefully and in harmony. I kind of wanted to see Lily take to the dark side and Rowan and her friends bring her back but that was just for my imagination and entertainment.

  • Angela
    2019-02-27 08:40

    25 February 2016: THERE'S A COVER!!!!!

  • Rosie Pearson
    2019-03-01 05:50

    Gimme gimme gimme !!!!!

  • mith
    2019-02-24 09:06

    Oh, wow they changed the title from Traitor's Pyre to Witch's PyreIN ANY CASE, DO YOU GUYS SEE THAT COVER? IT'S BEAUTIFUL.Which means I MUST finish the second book ASAP.

  • Grüffeline
    2019-03-19 08:42

    Ich kann leider keine volle Punktzahl geben... Ich liebe Lily, Rowan und all die anderen Charaktere. Ich liebe die Welt(en) der Geschichte. Womit ich mich absolut nicht anfreunden konnte und das habe ich schon vermutet, als ich das Ende des zweiten Romans gelesen hatte, war der neue Handlungsstrang und -ort. Es passte für mich leider einfach nicht. *seufz*Das Ende war dann wieder total super, auch wenn teilweise ein wenig überstürzt, aber alles in allem sehr gut gelungen.

  • Isabella
    2019-03-12 05:08

    Meine MeinungAus jetziger Sicht ist es kaum zu glauben, aber diese Serie und ich hatten ganz und gar keinen guten Start. Nachdem mir der erste Band so gar nicht gefallen hatte, habe ich schon mit dem Gedanken gespielt, die Reihe abzubrechen, mich dann aber aus Neugier doch dagegen entschieden. Zum Glück, denn die Fortsetzung hat mir ungleich besser gefallen. Ich habe sehr gehofft, dass der Abschlussband dieses Niveau halten würde, und wurde alles in allem nicht enttäuscht.Der Wiedereinstieg ist mir ein bisschen schwer gefallen, weil der zweite Band doch schon ein bisschen her war und ich mich nicht mehr an alles und jeden erinnern konnte. Allerdings baut die Autorin in den ersten Kapiteln auf elegante Weise kleine Rückschauen ein, sodass sich diese Probleme schnell gelegt haben. Wir sind von Anfang an mitten im Geschehen und auch im weiteren Verlauf kommt keine Sekunde Langeweile auf. Ich fand den Roman wunderbar fesselnd und unterhaltsam, einfach perfekt für ein verregnetes Wochenende. Zwischen den ganzen spannenden und actionreichen Szenen hätte ich mir fast noch ein paar mehr ruhige, emotionale Momente gewünscht, aber das ist wirklich nur ein kleiner Kritikpunkt.Das furiose und dramatische Finale hat meine Erwartungen ebenfalls erfüllt, obwohl ich mit dem Schicksal einer Figur nicht ganz glücklich war. Die Liebesgeschichte zwischen Lily und Rowan spielt in diesem Band eine wesentlich kleinere Rolle als in den beiden Vorgängern, was mich aber gar nicht so sehr gestört hat.Der Schreibstil der Autorin hat mir ebenfalls gut gefallen, der Roman liest sich schön leicht und flüssig und ich konnte mir alles gut vorstellen. Außerdem ist mir positiv aufgefallen, dass die ansonsten eher ernste Stimmung immer wieder durch witzige Momente und Dialoge aufgelockert wird.Mit Lily als Protagonistin hatte ich am Anfang so meine Schwierigkeiten, inzwischen ist sie mir jedoch sehr ans Herz gewachsen. Sie hat im Laufe der Reihe eine enorme Entwicklung durchgemacht und ist zu einer starken Anführerin geworden. Die Autorin stellt sehr eindrücklich dar, wie sie mit Schuldgefühlen und Trauer zu kämpfen hat, aber trotzdem nicht aufgibt. Obwohl sie oft in Versuchung kommt, ihre Macht zu missbrauchen, schafft sie es, sich Mitgefühl und Herzensgüte zu bewahren. Ich finde es wirklich schade, mich schon von ihr verabschieden zu müssen.FazitEine spannende und kurzweilige, alles in allem sehr gelungene Fortsetzung! Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Projekt von Josephine Angelini.

  • Trisha
    2019-03-18 06:56

    "Only Lily stood alone. Waiting to burn."What a wonderful conclusion to a well done series. All the twists and turns this one takes, it isn't until the last 90% of the novel that everything begins to come to an end. But that isn't to say that the first part is all boring as they work and build up and get all the players in their spots. It was wonderful to be back with Rowan and Tristan, Juliet and Una, Breakfast and Lily. Even Lillian and Carrick were wonderful distractions to the story as it all came down to the wire.And the things we finally find out! The conclusion is surprising and not one I saw coming at all. I loved it!

  • Nancy The book junkie
    2019-03-04 06:06

    Review coming soon!

  • Judith
    2019-03-26 10:01

    A captivating read, the whole trilogy whisks you along on a rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows and keeps you yearning for more. I loved it all.

  • Darkfang Darknes
    2019-03-16 01:50

    *sight* I guess i'm the only one,but I have to say,I won't like this book why????1.TRISTIAN/I know rowan will apoligize but if lily accepts it,they will be like,"Hey,remember that guy who was you best friend for like,YOUR WHOLE LIFE before You met me and then I indirectly killed him by not coming with you?" "nope" "okay :)"2.Lilian will probably die (just saying)3. Lily and Rowan will either go back to Lily's world and leave Rowan's for god knows who to rule,OR they will stay & Juliet & Lily's mother will go to them.

  • Lissi *Tove's Reading Nook*
    2019-03-06 01:58

    You know when I finish a book and you're super excited for the next one, or the series ended and you feel complete.... Did not feel that with this one. I was confused at the pacing and even some of the directional choices. I'll get a full review later on the blog. But yeah, didn't entirely like this.Fire walker & Witches Pyre ReviewI'm lumping these two books together because I read them both very quickly, one right after the other, and I feel that they should have been one book not two. I am only giving 2 stars for both books. And here is why. Obviously, I didn't like it. Lily, in book one was morally straight and knew what was right and wrong and did not do what she thought was wrong. Book two there was so much grey area in her thinking her character was getting muddled. Book three, it got a bit better and she did grow a bit into a somewhat decent person, but she still really annoyed me in her decisions. Rowan...UGH Rowan, your name promised that you would be a hard A, but sweet man who is tender and loving and devoted. Oh how you proved me wrong. Again, in book one, he was pretty good. I was rooting for him and Lily to make everything okay. But he kind of turned into a douche bag half way through and very condescending to Lily, which I did not appreciate. Their "romance" felt forced and I didn't see the connection between the two. yes there was attraction but the emotion from the two wasn't there. And that could be from the way it was written. Which comes to reason number 2 why I didn't like the last two books.IT was way to fast. It caused the interactions between the characters and their decisions too forced and not organic. They had to choose this so they can move the story along. That's no way to move a story along. It was hard to care for any of the supporting characters, and I think it was due to the size of the book verses how many people we were introduced to. By no means does an author need to limit how many people the introduce in their books. All I'm saying is that if you want to keep our focus on a few people, as in less than 5, then keep the focus on those few. IF you want to introduce more characters and want us to care about them, give the reader some time to get to know, fully, who they are and how they feel and so on, make the book longer so we spend more time with them. So if one of them dies, we actually care! The wording and phrasing was also strange. I feel a thesaurus was used in some chapters, but not all, and the author didn't know when to throw in more complex words and when to not. I felt it was stuck between a lower YA novel and a higher one. For example, in the same book, we have a phrase "You go from happy to sad very fast" and "...Like a visual palimpsest". Okay, I don't know how many of you know what a "palimpsest" is, but I didn't know what it was till the end of last year, due to an adult fiction I book. But the average YA, who is the target audience for this series, probably won't know what it is. And yet, we have that, and then "happy to sad". That could have been phrased a whole lot better. Now with all that said, I did enjoy the full story. The premise of it makes sense and I loved that it was based around alternate universes and the choices we make. Very cool and awesome, and very Doctor Who-y which is always good. But the meat of the books were sometimes hard to get through. 2 stars for each book and hopefully Angelini's other books are better.

  • Jesslivraddict
    2019-03-23 04:38

    UNE FIN DE SAGA JUSTE GENIALE !J'avais bcp de questions en commençant ce 3ème tome : la relation entre Lily et Rowan allait-elle (bien) évolué ? Que sont finalement les Wovens ? Lily allait-elle sauver le monde de Rowen ? Qu'allait devenir Lilian ?Toutes mes questions ont trouvé réponse !On ne s'ennuie pas une seconde dans ce tome, j'ai aimé le fait qu'il y ait tjs de l'action, j'ai aimé la manière de penser de Lily (qui voit dans les Wovens autre chose que des bêtes sanguinaires prêtes à tuer tout ce qui bouge sur leur passage). Je comprends aussi pk Lilian a agi comme elle l'a fait, même si comme Lily, je pense qu'il y avait une autre façon de voir les choses et d'appréhender les problèmes. Néanmoins, je ne peux me résoudre à voir Lilian comme la méchante de cette histoire. C'est juste une personne qui a essayé de protéger ceux qu'elle aime mais en ne prenant pas les bonnes décisions.Même si ce n'est pas le sujet, je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de penser au véganisme en lisant ce roman, pas uniquement parce que Lily, l'héroïne, est végane mais aussi par les questions qui se posent quant à l'exploitation des Wovens par Grace depuis des siècles.Bref, de l'action, des personnages charismatiques qui réfléchissent à un monde meilleur en essayant de faire les meilleurs choix possibles, des relations entre personnages que je ne risque pas d'oublier, un final grandiose ! Une saga qui sera sans aucun doute mon coup de coeur 2017 !!!Petit bémol quand même : l'épilogue. Bien trop court à mon goût. Si le roman répond à mes questions que j'avais lorsque je l'ai ouvert, il ne répond pas à celles que je me pose en le refermant. Et après ? Il manque certains détails notamment dans la manière dont les différentes peuplades qui composent le monde de Lilian vont co-exister avec les Wovens.Je pense aussi qu'il y aurait eu moyen d'impliquer les sorcières des 12 autres villes si Lily et Lilian avaient eu connaissance bien plus tôt des projets de Grace (je n'en dis pas plus pour ne pas spoiler).

  • Lielan
    2019-03-18 09:51

    Josephine Angelinis "Verräterliebe" ist der dritte Band ihrer hexentastischen "Everflame" Reihe. Die Autorin dürfte nach ihrer Göttlich-Trilogie bereits einigen Lesern von fantastischer Jugendliteratur ein Begriff sein. In ihrer neuen Jugendbuch-Fantasy "Everflame" Reihe stellt sie ihren Lesern eine vollkommen andere Welt vor, die Welt der Hexen. Da ich ein riesengroßer Hexen- und Magie-Fan bin, konnte ich an dieser Reihe gar nicht vorbei kommen. Josephine Angelini fesselt mit einer großen Lovestory, die über mehrere Paralleluniversen hinausgeht. Diese verzaubert, ergreift und weckt die großen Gefühle. Zuerst muss ich noch ein paar Wörtchen zur Covergestaltung los werden. Leider bin ich trotz des gelungenen, irgendwie doch faszinierenden Posteroutfits der drei Bücher nebeneinander, enttäuscht. Ich mochte die ursprünglichen Cover einfach lieber. Die Flammen in der wunderschönen, unterschiedlichen Farbgebung hatten es mir einfach angetan und passten meiner Meinung nach perfekt zum Inhalt. Dennoch ändert dies ja nichts am gelungenen, überzeugenden Inhalt der Reihe und macht die Bücher auch nicht weniger ansehnlich. Das ist eben einfach eine Geschmackssache.Der Abschlussband hat mich einen Ticken mehr überzeugen können als der zweite Band der Trilogie. Denn nach dem grandiosen, fesselnden Einstieg in die Reihe, habe ich den Mittelteil als etwas enttäuschend empfunden. Der Handlungsstrang ist nur schleppend voran getrieben worden, worunter die Spannung ab und zu gelitten hat, dennoch konnte dies weder die liebenswerten Charaktere schmälern, noch die faszinierende Kreativität der Autorin, die aus jeder Seite sprühte. Und eben diese bleibt dem Leser auch im Abschlussband erhalten, nur dass dieser zusätzlich auch noch mit einem grandiosen Spannungsfeuerwerk startet, endet und auch mittendrin punkten kann. In Sachen Spannung, Kreativität und fesselnder Handlung ist "Verräterliebe" absolut und unwiderruflich perfekt. Dennoch gibt es für mich einen kleinen, feinen Haken. Die Brutalität. Irgendwie hat mich diese teilweise doch ziemlich übermannt und entsetzt. Obwohl ich ja einige düsterere und brutalere und auch blutigere Bücher lese und gelesen habe, aber bei Josephine Angelinis Hexen Trilogie habe ich nicht wirklich damit gerechnet. An einigen Stellen schießt die Autorin meiner Meinung nach über das Spannungsziel hinaus und lässt mein Leserherzchen bluten. Dennoch im Gesamtbild macht Josephine dies durch die herzerweichenden Charaktere wieder weg. Die wundervolle Protagonistin Lily und ihre Anhänger, die emotionale Liebesgeschichte, die wundervollen Freundschaften, all das muss man einfach erlebt haben. Und natürlich die wundervoll-kreative magische Welt sollte sich kein Fantasy-Leser entgehen lassen!

  • Shelley
    2019-02-23 03:06

    *Source* Library*Genre* Young Adult, Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*My Thoughts*Witch's Pyre is the third and final installment in author Josephine Angelini's Worldwalker trilogy. Witch's Pyre picks up right where Firewalker ended. Lily Procter, her alt-world sister Juliet, her alt-world mechanics Tristan & Caleb, friends Breakfast and Una have been dumped off at a place called Bower City by the Hive. They are the only survivors of a cross-country journey that saw fierce battles, painful losses, and an even more painful betrayal that shook Lily's courage and determination to the core.*Full Review @ Gizmos Reviews**Published* September 20th 2016

  • Hollis
    2019-03-14 08:39

    2.5 but rounding to a three as my distraction and inability to pick this up throughout the week may have affected my overall enjoyment. I mean, maybe not. But I'm willing to give Angelini the benefit of the doubt. WITCH'S PYRE had some pretty good moments but overall I don't think this series ever came close to reaching the awesome that was book one.

  • Diana
    2019-03-13 04:49

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