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I don't do 'sit!'I don't do 'stay!'But I will love you anyway.Dog is very badly behaved - he destroys everything, chases cars and won't stop running away! But when he finds himself lost and alone there is one person he can count on....

Title : I Will Love You Anyway
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ISBN : 9781444924565
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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I Will Love You Anyway Reviews

  • Carmen
    2018-12-14 09:24

    An ugly, stupid little dog who someone made the unfortunate decision to dress in little ankle sweatbands is very badly behaved.I lick your face. I bite your leg.I nip your finger.Paw your head.I scratch the carpet,Bash the chairs, Dig the sofa,Mess the stairs.I steal your glove.I steal your shoe.I steal your socks. They smell of you.The dog escapes constantly, rolls in poo, and doesn't obey any command for any reason. At one point this results in him getting hit by a car.The parents say they can't stand it, they can't cope, and they are getting rid of the dog. But the little redhead boy loves the dog very much.There is a thunderstorm and the dog runs away for the hundredth time. He is scared and on the road, but has faith his master will find him. The boy does find him, and brings him home. He worriedly asks his parents if he can keep the dog and they say 'yes.' If I could speakWhat would I say?That I will never run away?There are NO words Inside my head.I wag my tail Instead.I don't do "Sit!"I don't do "Stay!"But I will love you anyway.I don't do WORDS.They make NO sense.I jump for JOY... ...and jump the fence.THE ENDOkay, let's talk about this.Everyone seems to think this is a cute and heartrending book, but I have a lot of problems with it.CONS:1.) There's NOTHING cute about an untrained dog. I know LOTS of people who have small dogs (they are always little dogs, for some reason) who can't even be bothered to housebreak their dogs. There is NOTHING cute about a dog who will shit in the house for the rest of his life because his owners are lazy and/or got a dog they knew was too much for them to handle.Yes, dogs are little idiots* and have no idea about the human world. This doesn't mean we should indulge their every whim. A dog doesn't need to be able to play fetch, but I expect dogs to a.) urinate and defecate outside. b.) Know basic simple commands such as sit, come, drop it, and lie down. c.) Know not to bite people. That's it. I'd like to add "heel," too, but I understand if that is too much work for some people. But those four commands are not only necessary, they could save your dog's life. The dog in this book gets hit by a car! He could have died a horrible, painful death! Isn't teaching your dog basic commands a low enough price to pay to avoid the animal meeting this fate?!!?!I don't believe people who allegedly love their dog but don't care enough about it to train it. I'm not talking about complicated stuff here, just VERY SIMPLE stuff. You own the dog, it doesn't own you. It needs to be able to obey simple commands and it needs to learn to go outside to do its bodily functions. This isn't CRUEL to the dog, in fact the opposite is cruel.2.) The parents. JEEZ LOUISE. How horrible that they just tell the kid, "Well, the dog is badly behaved. We're taking it back!" Kid loves the dog, dog worships the kid. Don't be cruel and lazy, just fucking TRAIN THE DOG. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE TIME OR PATIENCE TO TRAIN AN ANIMAL AND PROPERLY CARE FOR IT, DON'T FUCKING BUY IT. DOGS AREN'T TOYS, THEY ARE LIVING BEINGS WITH NEEDS AND THEY DESERVE A QUALITY LIFE.The poor kid is now constantly living in fear that his dog will be sent away and he'll never see it again "Because it's bad." This is not only a bad message about animal care, but it might make the boy doubt his own place in the family if he misbehaves. Be responsible pet owners. PLEASE.3.) The illustrations are extremely ugly.PROS: - Told in rhyme. - Kid loves dog, dog worships kid. Cute. The faith the dog has in his master is also cute.Tl;dr - This is played off as a cute and heartfelt book. However, I don't find irresponsible pet ownership to be "cute." Take care of your animals, FFS!*I'm saying this with affection.

  • Arielle ⭐ Cursebreaker ⭐
    2018-12-10 10:14

    This was decently cute but I didn't love it as much as I wanted to. I have always been a dog lover and am now a dog mom myself to the most mischievous and adorable 10 mo old chocolate lab pup so let me tell you, I know alllll about them getting into trouble. Sooo, even though I thought his antics were cute/sassy and the rhyming made me smile I was NOT expecting the part where the parents threaten to give him away/him running away/still being just as sassy upon his return. I feel like I took it more seriously than it had to be--I guarantee you kids will be giggling away at the rhymes about the puppy's antics, it just overall didn't entertain me the way I had been expecting!

  • Andrew Greatbatch
    2018-12-01 03:06

    This dog is a little bugger, just like mine. I love him.

  • Bianca Orellana
    2018-12-06 07:21

    I LOVE the park.I find a poo.I roll in it.I look at you.You tell me, "Stop!"You tell me, "Stay!"I run to you......You run away!Favorite part of this adorable book.

  • Amber
    2018-11-21 06:19

    A cute story about the love between a child and a pet, told from the perspective of the dog. Kids will be amused at the dog's antics.

  • K Stile
    2018-11-25 07:22

    It's not often that a children's book leaves me misty-eyed...

  • Mary
    2018-12-06 06:04

    Silly little dog just does his troublesome doggie activities and his boy hugs him. Even when he runs away and runs away again.Humorous

  • Julie
    2018-11-20 09:32

    I read a good review of this picture book and requested it from my library because my neighbor and a close friend each have a pug. It was fun to see how the pug in this story wormed his way into his owner's heart and wouldn't let go. His mischievous and disobedient behavior was endearing, also reflective of the pugs I know, and his actions that let everyone know that he wasn't about to change his ways. Cute book for read-aloud, with funny illustrations and charming rhymes.

  • Barb
    2018-12-06 08:32

    I have always loved Mick Inkpen starting with Blue Balloon. I Will Love You Anyway is a great addition to his collection. Poor little dog is just so misbehaved. Yet, he loves his little boy master and relies on him to help him out. This dog is so much like my Min Pin Mercedes that it is scary. So, I loved the story. It is told from the dogs perspective, and his thoughts tend to be all over the place and not in complete sentences. This can be forgiven for a dog. I am going to try this one for my toddler storytime, but I gave it four stars instead of five because I am not sure it will work. It might just be a bit hard for the toddlers to follow and for me to read effectively. But, it is such a sweet story, I think it is worth a try.

  • Desiree
    2018-11-27 08:18

    Wonderful cute story about a dog who doesn't understand the words of his human. The illustrations are richly textured. Great story for young pet owners.

  • Jody
    2018-11-29 07:04

    This was cute, and I really liked the illustration style. My 6 year old wasn't overly fussed though.

  • Kristina Jean Lareau
    2018-11-15 04:16

    A great concept with rhymes that start out great, but they devolve into forced meter. The illustrations are okay--I like the bug-eyed pug--but not memoralble in any way.

  • Donna
    2018-12-12 07:03

    Adorable but naughty puppy. The rhymes are sweet, but there's just a bit of ambiguity at the end that I found a little sad and even scary.

  • Edward Sullivan
    2018-11-30 09:19

    Unconditional love for a badly behaved pooch.

  • Stefanie Kellum
    2018-12-04 07:02

    A must-read for any dog lover. :)*I read a digital ARC of this title from the publisher via Edelweiss.

  • Baby Bookworm
    2018-12-14 05:13

    This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, friends! Today, we read I Will Love You Anyway, written by Mick Inkpen and illustrated by Chloë Inkpen, a poignant and sweet story of the love between a dog and his boy.Told in first person by an adorably bug-ugly little pup, the story follows the dog’s struggles to be a good dog. He’s not very good at sitting… or staying… or not chewing up clothes or furniture. He tends to chase things, like cats and birds and cows (but never cars! Never again…). He likes to go to the park – and roll in poop. But still, his boy loves him, so when the boy’s frustrated parents say that the dog has to go, both are brokenhearted. The dog decides to run away instead, spending the night cold, alone, and frightened. He sees headlights coming and becomes scared, but the car stops and out jumps his boy! The boy’s parents see how much the two mean to each other and relent, promising that Dog can stay. Dog is happy, because while he may not be perfect, and he may mess up, he will always love his boy anyway.This one was so sweet, and had a earnestness to it that was utterly moving. First, Dog’s simple, laconic narrative gives him an innocent and slightly dopey charm that any dog-lover will fall hard for. This pays off well during the climax, making lines like “I am sad because you are sad” absolutely heart-rending. The art is funny, tender and fits the tone perfectly. The length is great, and JJ and I both loved this one. A darling book about unconditional love, perfect for dog lovers of all ages, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!Be sure to check out The Baby Bookworm for more reviews!

  • Helen Bell
    2018-11-26 10:13

    There's been a long gap since I last read a Mick Inkpen book, then in the space of two months I've reread a classic (Billy's Beetle) and discovered his collaborations with daughter Chloe. Thinking about how they differed was a help in analysing what those differences say about the newer work.The story is of a small dog who loves his owner unreservedly but, try as he might, he can't avoid being disgusting, destructive and disobedient! The illustrations have a wilder feeling than Mick's earlier work, perfect for portraying the little dog's energy and passion but also the distress that displeasing his owner causes him. The simpler words might at first glance seem like a way to reach a younger audience, but also convey the immediacy of the dog's thoughts and reactions.This story holds more tension than the carefree tone of the Kipper stories, but for me it captures the feel of a dog more accurately. A picture book for the 2010s and a beautiful work with its own style. If you love Mick Inkpen, be ready for the differences - and enjoy them.

  • Karen Miller
    2018-11-29 09:17

    Who doesn’t love unconditional love? If you’ve forgotten how to do it yourself, read I Will Love you Anyway, a probably true story told by “dog” himself and Mick Inkpen (il. By Chloe Inkpen). Dog confesses he steaks socks, shoes, and gloves for the best reason of you, they smell of you. He runs away because…he does. He doesn’t sit or stay, he just loves you anyway. I wish I had this book to remind me when my dog pooped in the wrong place or when my son shot out the garage light with a bb gun. For now, I think I will pull it out whenever I’m with a child. Everyone deserves to be reminded that, no matter what, I will love you anyway.

  • JennE
    2018-11-26 06:13

    Anyone owned by a 🐶 will relate to this story from the POV of a boy. This dog can't sit, can't stay and runs away from fetching but in the end, all that matters is he is loved. A cute book, possibly to use at the beginning of the school year as a metaphor if something goes wrong, or you aren't good at something like the other kids, your teacher still loves you.

  • Jenny
    2018-11-26 09:07

    Puppy and dog lovers will love and understand this cheeky, new Inkpen character. The wonderful rhyme and repeated key words carry the story of this furry, sweatband-wearing family member. Love exists even when you aren't perfect.The story is written by well known English author Mick Inkpen (Kipper, Zoe and Beans and Wiggly Pig) and his daughter Chloe Inkpen (Zoe and Beans).

  • Carol Jen
    2018-11-26 07:11

    The illustrations were pretty cute but the story made me kind of sad. The dog was very misbehaved so they want to get rid of him, he wants to run away, he gets hit by a car at one point etc. I just made my heart heavy at several points... my pup misbehaves too but I wouldn't ever imagine giving him up because of it.

  • Amber
    2018-12-13 07:25

    This pup lives by his own rules and he makes no apologies for it, but could that free spirited, unapologetic attitude get him kicked out of his house? Can he survive if he's not with his kid?"I love the park.I find the poo.I roll in it.I look at you."This dog is a hangful, but boy is he a cutie!

  • Pug Cake
    2018-12-06 09:31

    Awww, how sweet! That dog is obviously supposed to be a pug, and he certainly acts like one! I liked the cute/happy ending, but it got so sad in the middle when they wanted to get rid of him!!! :(

  • Boni
    2018-11-29 10:22

    So much about this I like, but why have a near rhyme in the very first stanza?? I had to re-read to find the rhythm, and then continue unsurely, and then to stumble on a rain/again near-rhyme later? It makes the reader feel inept. Disappointing in an otherwise cute and fun read-aloud.

  • Marcie
    2018-12-09 09:25

    I can see this working for a beginning reader because of the repetition and rhyme. Kids who love naughty dogs will love this one.

  • Beckie
    2018-12-12 05:08

    This story is about a rambunctious dog who gets in to a lot of trouble and continually runs away. The pictures were cute but the story was only so-so.

  • Jennifer B.
    2018-12-02 10:13

    Cute and sure to please dog lovers, but I have some reservations about the irresponsible attitude of the adults in this book, that basically if the dog is inconvenient, then he has to go.

  • Karen
    2018-12-05 03:04

    I love that the story is told through the naughty dog's perspective. Love and acceptance are virtues we all need right now, even if we are a little ruff around the edges.

  • Robyn
    2018-11-20 05:13

    "I don't do 'sit!'I don't do 'stay!'But I will love you anyway."My heart! I love dog books more than the kids do. This one was soooo cute and reminded me of my sweet Caddo-dog.

  • Max
    2018-11-29 08:10

    A story for kids (and some adults I reckon) on how wonderful it is to be loved by a pet even if it doesn’t do as it’s told...