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When the spotlight shines, sometimes it brings you something you don’t expect. Trey Colby has spent his life falling in love only to lose his heart to people who don’t deserve it. Time after time he's been left broken when his boyfriends have thrown him aside for someone else.But no more….This time he is determined to harden his heart. If he doesn’t allow himself to trustWhen the spotlight shines, sometimes it brings you something you don’t expect. Trey Colby has spent his life falling in love only to lose his heart to people who don’t deserve it. Time after time he's been left broken when his boyfriends have thrown him aside for someone else.But no more….This time he is determined to harden his heart. If he doesn’t allow himself to trust then nobody can hurt him. This is the easiest way, the only way, to live. And it works…Until he meets the man who would test every limit he has.Dancing has always been one of Roman Knox’s biggest loves, although he never imagined it would be on a pole in front of a club full of men; men who see his body, but not him. He spends his days being overlooked, and that’s the way he likes it. He has no desire to be noticed… until one fateful night. Now he has the one man he's always fantasized about, the one man he shouldn’t want, watching him as he dances, and first the first time he craves to be seen. When two worlds collide can secrets be kept? When the truth comes out can you convince the one person who refuses to trust, that you are there for them? Roman just wants to show Trey that he belongs to him, that he can give him everything he needs…But when tragedy strikes can Trey depend on him for the support he needs? Can he give up the control he’s barely managing to hold on to? Can he keep the past from destroying his future? All Trey needs in his life is that one person to who he can finally say…Make Me Trust....

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Make Me Trust Reviews

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2018-12-05 08:51

    ~2.5~This story is crazy melodramatic with lots of internal angsting. The MCs do not always act like grown-ups, especially Trey. He may be a smart lawyer, but he mopes around like an emo teen. I enjoyed the dual POV, the HEA, and the chemistry between the men (although I would rate this one moderately steamy). My biggest issue was the piss-poor editing. There was a typo or error on nearly every page. I almost DNF because of this.

  • Denise H.
    2018-11-21 03:41

    *** "Make Me Trust" is book two in this amazing series. ***I liked this one, better than the first ! Roman/Romeo is a paralegal sweet, tall, fit man, who stutters, wears glasses and is shy, except when he's performing at Crave. That is where tall, successful, lonely Lawyer, Trey, sees him, and is struck by a bolt of electricity to his core. Each man is stunned by the other. The mysterious Romeo, and I say that because Trey never noticed the man at work, but likes what he sees dancing, anyway, Romeo can't let Trey know who he is.He doesn't want to lose his day job. So, the chase begins. Weeks later when Trey finds out it's Roman from work, he's shocked. Is he a hustler, a blackmailer, or what ? How can he trust him? Trust, it's what Trey wants more than anything, but now he has to figure out what to do. Roman is on pins and needles waiting to be fired, but both men agree to be professional at work. There are important cases in process, and an office creep, Quincy, who deserves our hate. On the side, Trey wants weekends with "Romeo", and the loving men try to make it work. These two are super sexy; Trey is not a "Dom", but likes control, and Roman is his "sub". It is NOT BDSM, just dominance and control, which Roman steps up to claim also. I loved the characters, the flow, the joint emotions and deep conversations these men engage in.I like that our epilogues are the first chapter of the next book in the series. We get an awesome glimpse of what will be coming. It can stand alone, but I like knowing the continuing people. Recommended for anyone who likes M/M. ENJOY !======================================

  • Denise H.
    2018-12-08 02:34

    *** Make Me Trust is book two in this amazing series. *** I liked this one, better than the first ! Roman/Romeo is a paralegal sweet, tall, fit man, who stutters, wears glasses and is shy, except when he's performing at Crave. That is where tall, successful, lonely Lawyer, Trey, sees him, and is struck by a bolt of electricity to his core. Each man is stunned by the other. The mysterious Romeo, and I say that because Trey never noticed the man at work, but likes what he sees dancing, anyway, Romeo can't let Trey know who he is. He doesn't want to lose his day job. So, the chase begins.Weeks later when Trey finds out it's Roman from work, he's shocked. Is he a hustler, a blackmailer, or what ? How can he trust him?Trust, it's what Trey wants more than anything, but now he has to figure out what to do. Roman is on pins and needles waiting to be fired, but both men agree to be professional at work. There are important cases in process, and an office creep, Quincy, who deserves our hate. On the side, Trey wants weekends with "Romeo", and the loving men try to make it work. These two are super sexy; Trey is not a "Dom", but likes control, and Roman is his "sub". It is NOT BDSM, just dominance and control, which Roman steps up to claim also. I loved the characters, the flow, the joint emotions and deep conversations these men engage in.I like that our epilogues are the first chapter of the next book in the series. We get an awesome glimpse of what will be coming.It can stand alone, but I like knowing the continuing people.Recommended for anyone who likes M/M. ENJOY !======================================

  • Christi Snow
    2018-12-15 09:50

    My Rating: AMy Review:This book was so, so good. This is the first time I've read a T.A. McKay story, but she has a new fan. I LOVED it so, so much. the setup for the story. Trey is a lawyer whose boyfriends keep cheating on him. He's the common denominator in all those relationships gone bad so there must be something inherently wrong with him. Roman is a shy paralegal at Trey's law firm. While he's always noticed Trey and has a huge crush on him, Roman is king of staying in the background and just doing his job well. He lets out his wild side on the weekends as Romeo, a pole dancer at a local gay club. Although he's painfully shy as Roman, Romeo is more confident and comfortable in his own skin. Trey needs an outlet besides feeling sorry for himself after his latest heart-crushing breakup, so he goes to Crave looking for a hook-up. There he sees Romeo, with no clue that Roman works at his law firm, and is enthralled. Roman sees this as his one chance to live out his fantasy. Trey obviously has no idea who he's dark in the club...and he can't say no. Honestly, he has no desire to say no. But then Trey can't forget Romeo...and things develop from there.I loved this book so much. From the moment I started it, the action and chemistry was hot and heavy. I honestly didn't want to do anything, but sit down and devour this book for the day. Roman is sweet and sexy, but so awkward in his shyness. Getting to know Trey as Romeo first allows him to break out of that persona for the first time ever. I loved how their work relationship developed, although they both know this can't happen between them at work. Trey is a partner. Roman is just a paralegal. This relationship can't happen... But... Their chemistry is so work AND in bed. The author did an amazing job balancing that with the seriously sexy, emotion filled chemistry between the two. The story is incredibly hot and romantic. I also really loved the translation of Trey's trust issues throughout the story and how that whole theme developed in the story line. And that epilogue...OMG, YES! I cannot wait for the next book in this series!! T.A. McKay has a new fan right here!I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

  • Mari Cardenas ~ Bayou Book Junkie
    2018-11-30 04:56

    *** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***Trey is in a bad place in his life. His boyfriend Bryce cheated on him, ending their relationship, making him doubt his instincts and his ability to place his trust in anyone again. Until he goes to a stripper club and sees Romeo dancing. He's drawn to the gorgeous dancer like never before.Roman/Romeo is a paralegal at a law firm during the week, and dances at the stripper club during the weekends. It's his way to step out of his comfort zone and from his general shyness and awkwardness. He's seen Trey before at the office, since the older man is partner at the law firm he works at, but Trey hasn't given Roman much attention, so when presented with the chance to spend a night with the man he has been unable to stop thinking about since the first day he saw him, he does it.Things get complicated when Trey realizes who Roman is, but is their attraction enough to get past all those things?I loved Roman/Romeo from the start. He is a fantastic character, a charming duality of shyness and confidence in his different personas. He truly came out of his shell as Romeo, but also once he felt comfortable with Trey, he became less awkward as Roman as well. He was supportive and he really fought for what he wanted... Trey. I liked Trey, for the most part. There were a few times when I just wanted to shake him up a bit and make him see what he might lose if he didn't step up for what he truly wanted, but other than that, I liked that he was a fair boss, not arrogant and such, despite his reputation. And of course, I loved them together, they had amazing chemistry and they worked great together, both at the office and as a couple.Really liked Nathan and Grey and I'm so happy to know their book is next in line in this series!All in all, this was a great read, with an engaging plotline, compelling characters and very well-written! Definitely a must-read!Rating: 4.5 Stars!!!

  • T.A. McKay
    2018-12-10 03:36

    Releasing April 20th.

  • Daphne
    2018-12-03 08:57

    3 stars mostly on the strength of Roman and the steamy scenes. Trey grew on me but he was frustrating a good bit of the time with his stubbornness and hot-headed snap decisions. His cockiness was supposed to be alpha but it missed that for me. The editing was a problem with this book as it was in the last one in this series. There were also a lot of things related to the legal world that were just not accurate.

  • Amanda
    2018-12-12 08:57

    I just couldn't connect with this one. It wasn't a bad story but I found myself easily distracted and not remembering what it is that I just read. All in all, just ok.

  • Caroline Brand
    2018-12-01 06:59

    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.75 StarsI LOVED this book so much!Once again stalking my friend’s shelves pays off as I found this gem by a new to me author. Make Me Trust is actually the second book in the Hard To Love series but reads fine as a standalone.The prologue opens with a flashback to how Trey was dumped by his last lover. Trey has been cheated on before and this fact is really doing a number on him. Outwardly and especially at work he is super confident, almost cocky, and always in charge. Underneath all that is a fragile heart, a man desperately searching for his HEA who has got to the stage where he’d rather cut everyone out of his life rather than get hurt again. For almost the entire story Trey is both worried and convinced he can never be enough for anybody so there is no chance of him being able to trust someone with his heart again.Roman is delightful in his own nerdy and stuttering way. He is painfully shy to the point where he can’t even speak – the complete opposite of Trey, one of his bosses, who he has admired from afar for almost a year. He is happy to just sit in the background, remaining invisible but always watching. Roman is a paralegal in a law firm where Trey is a partner, the man seems almost untouchable to Roman and seems doomed to just star in his fantasies rather than anything more substantial.At a dance club drowning his sorrows Trey is enchanted by Romeo, a dancer who leaves his clothes on and is all about fluidity and grace, and from the moment he sees him is determined to have him. This is where you have to suspend belief just a little – Romeo is Romans much more confidant alter ego yet Trey doesn’t realise that the two men are actually the same person. Whilst Roman yearns for Trey’s attentions Romeo spends his time trying to avoid the man – you can quickly see how this is going to get complicated!Romeo and Trey are hot together. The side order of kink was totally unexpected and absolutely delicious. They are completely uninhibited with each other but they are also not entirely honest which adds to Trey’s fear of trust and leaves Roman in a pickle with his job. It takes Trey a while to cotton on to who Romeo really is which surprised me given that he’s such a clever lawyer – maybe love truly is blind!I felt the story stalled a bit in the middle but the ending more than made up for it. Roman and Romeo merge their characters and finally make Trey trust and it was definitely worth the wait! I thought I had book 3 worked out but from the ending I’m pretty sure I was wrong. I think we will see more of Grey but perhaps not with our missing soldier – obviously I made that one up all by myself!

  • Mazmum
    2018-11-20 03:58

    Book Review - Make Me Trust by T A Mckay - 3 ½ StarsDuring Worth The Fight, we were introduced to Trey and then Tracey stomped all over his and our hearts and broke them. It’s only fair then, that she puts him and us back together in his own book.Trey is a lawyer who is unlucky in love. After his latest disaster with Bryce, Trey decides he’s done with finding Mr Right and heads to a club to find Mr Right Now. However, he gets more than he bargained for when he witnesses Romeo take to the pole.What starts as a bit of fun, soon turns into something else, and leave both men with questions about the seriousness and sustainability of their relationship. Secrets are revealed which threaten to throw a spanner in the works before they truly get started.I loved Trey in the first book in the series, therefore I was totally rooting for him to get his man this time around. He’s just crying out to be loved and Roman is just the man for the job. Roman is a sweet blend of shy and bashful, but determined and dominant. He’s happy for Trey to exert his authority but he’s not afraid to ask for what he wants.Whilst I liked and enjoyed Trey and Roman’s story, I couldn’t quite lose myself in it. I think part of it, is that a lot of the book is the character describing what is happening rather than a narrative of the two characters talking. It’s a lot harder to bond with a character this way, as it’s more difficult to put yourself into their place, especially when the book is dual point of view. Also in respect of the dual point of view, there were times where a scene was repeating from the other character’s perspective that I really questioned what we were getting from it. The other reason I might have got a little lost, is this book contains a hell of a lot of sex. Now I love a good sex scene, but I felt there was just a slight imbalance between sex and story in this.There are once again some great side characters in this story. I particularly loved Nathan. He’s a great sarcastic wit that I hope we see more of in the next book. I especially loved his Roman is Superman reference - a full on, belly wobbling, laugh out loud moment. And of course, there’s the office tool because we all have one of those right, and you can’t wait for him to get what is due.If you love a heavy on sex, heavy on the romance tale of M/M love, run out and get your copy now. Trey is waiting……

  • Amber
    2018-11-21 08:46

    4 HeartsI am really loving this series!! I said it in my book 1 review and I’ll say it again…this author is so friggin good at building these characters and these addictive storylines. Just two books in and I am such a huge fan. Make Me Trust tells the story of Bryce’s “ex” Trey Colby from book 1 but can be read as a standalone. It touches briefly on Bryce and Zeke but not enough to really impact this story.Trey Colby has worked his life to become the most successful attorney possible. His professional life is perfect but it seems he always gives his heart and trust to the wrong men. Vying to stay away from heartache he wants nothing to do with love and its entanglements.Roman Knox has known from a young age that he wants to be an attorney. Working as hard as he can as a paralegal he knows he’s close to his goal. Unfortunately he’s painfully shy so his friend talks him into dancing at a club to boost his confidence. He’s unprepared, however, to see his boss in the crowd when he’s on stage. An undeniable and explosive connection transpires but there’s a big secret between them.This was a cute little twist to the common employer/employee trope which I really liked how it was spun. Trey and Roman are incredibly hot together. They’re patient, caring and unbelievably passionate. My only complaint would be at times I found Trey incredibly childish and unreasonable. Knowing that he’s had his heart broken wasn’t really a good enough excuse. Aside from this I did like him though.Overall, like book 1 Make Me Trust was incredibly enjoyable. Like I said before I’m really loving this series. I highly recommend this book as well as book 1….This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.

  • Laura Nelson (Tangents and Tissues)
    2018-11-30 06:45

    **Reviewed by Laura on behalf of Amo & Sarah’s Book Corner**Attention Peeps: Stop whatever you are doing right now and buy this book!! It has cemented its place in my Top Ten reads of 2016 so far. Ugh….I’m emotionally spent but want to experience Trey & Roman’s journey all over again. If that isn’t the sign of a great book, then I don’t know what is.I was desperate for Trey to have his HEA after reading the first in the series, Worth The Fight. Burned by love in the past and still reeling from the break-up of his relationship with Bryce (Book #1), Trey is done. He no longer has the capability to trust another man with his heart. What happens when the one thing you long for is staring you straight in the face?Enter Roman Knox. Sweet, shy, bespectacled with an innate sexiness to him that he doesn’t even realise. Oh, and did I mention he’s a part-time pole dancer? He just also happens to have the biggest crush ever on Trey Colby.These two are ELECTRIC together. I thought my kindle was going to go into meltdown, but it was more than the physical, their emotional connection was so heartfelt.I literally wanted to throttle Trey at times, stupid obstinate man!! (That’s just the clean version of things I called him whilst reading!) And Roman, I just wanted to wrap him a cuddle and tell him he was worthy of love and thank goodness he had his BFF/roommate, Grey.Events conspire to pull our two heroes apart and I felt as if I was on the edge of my seat wondering how it would all turn out.I hope I’ve said enough to whet your appetite as I don’t want to give too much away. You need to experience the rolls and punches are you read it like I did. The author sucks you in from the first and doesn’t let you go right till the end. Just remember to have emergency rations of chocolate and tissues to hand and prepare for your ovaries to go KABOOM!! Well, if you’re female that is!I am chomping at the bit for Book #3 now. I can’t wait for Nathan and Grey’s story to be revealed.Note: Copy kindly received from author in exchange for an honest review.

  • R.f. Greenwood
    2018-11-27 05:32

    So i was lucky enough to read this book as it was getting written, she i feel like i have a deep connection with these characters, i watched and read this beautiful story grow to what it is now.Trey, has been burned before. You first meet Trey in book 1 when he was in a relationship with Bryce and we all know how that pans out so to let off some steam he goes to a strip club and this is where is meets Romeo.Roman, i just love him. He's quiet and reserved, My Shy Guy <3Being a paralegal at Trey's firm he's known for the best out of all the other paralegal's, so when Trey needs help he seems abit hesitant.The whole story is beautifully written and you really come to love these characters, you just keep turning the pages and before you know it you've finished the whole book and you just want to go back and read and experience it all over again.T.A. Mckay, you've out done yourself of Trey's book! I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!! ❤

  • Viki Evans
    2018-12-11 06:38

    Make me trustFinally finished xGetting ready for tomorrowI didn't read the first in the series I just dived straight into this one and I enjoyed this very much so I am gonna go back and read book one now while eagerly waiting for book three x ☺

  • Nadège
    2018-11-15 03:36

    It was fine but...what about Dalton??? We can't be left at that!And so much mistakes :'( It was annoying and I'm not even a native english speaker so that speaks volumes...

  • Tammy
    2018-11-20 07:48

    This is the second book in this series and I just LOVED it!!! This author makes the characters really work for what they want and make the story totally believable and genuine.

  • Nicole Erard
    2018-12-01 08:43

    Great book!!Totally love Roman and Trey!! A great story of friendship and how the one you needed was under your nose the whole time. Love how they struggled to find their way but eventually did. Loved watching Trey learn to love and trust.

  • Lupita
    2018-11-15 02:50

    This book is not perfect, but it made me happy.

  • Diane
    2018-12-14 03:48

    I Trust YouWith everything.My love.My future.My secrets.My desires.My home.My thoughts.You're everything I've always wanted but been unable to trust others to give me.Such a wonderful story of learning to accept what you need from another person. While giving them a future filled with love.

  • K
    2018-11-15 07:59

    Make Me Trust opens up with the Epilogue from Worth The Fight, Book One in the Hard To Love series, by T.A. McKay. I love that the author put that first because it was just enough to give my brain the boost it needed and it took me back immediately to how we were left seeing Trey get his heart broken.Trey Colby, to everyone looking on the outside, is a very confidant and self-assured lawyer who has it all. These misconceptions are far from the truth, but that is exactly how Trey wants it. Everyone that he has given himself to have, in one way or another, stabbed him in the heart leaving him to put himself back together. Well… No more. He’s built a wall that no one will get through. Then he saw him. The most beautiful and graceful man he’s ever seen.Roman Knox is invisible to other people and he’s okay hiding in the background. Away from his job, a couple nights a week, Roman let’s go of his inhibitions and expresses his one passion of dancing on a stage in front of men. As Romeo, he can be who he wants to be. He can be the confidant and outgoing person he longs to be. He shines on stage and as he reaches for the pole and allows the music to move him, he is beautiful and mesmerizing.This is where Trey first notices the beautiful man, but it’s not the first time he’s seen him. Turns out that they are more closely connected than he realizes, but Roman hides behind black rimmed glasses and his insecurities. Trey may not have noticed Roman, but Roman has had the hots for Trey since the first day he saw him.After their encounter at Crave, the nightclub where Roman dances, Trey cannot get the beautiful dancer off his mind. He doesn’t understand the pull he has or why he suddenly wants to change his plan of being alone. If he could have just one more time, if he could find out his name, he’s positive he could walk away and be fine.As Trey spends his time trying to find Romeo, Roman spends his time trying to stay out of Trey’s line of sight. It was working pretty well too, until Roman has no choice but to make himself known. All it takes is for Trey to hear Roman’s voice and his insides begin to quiver. He knows that voice. It’s the same voice that whispers in his ear in the dark. How is it possible that Romeo was in front of him all along?Trey doesn’t trust anyone and often allows his paranoia to run away with him. He’s positive Romeo/Roman is using him as well and he’s livid when he realizes he’s been under his foot this entire time.“I could kiss you all fucking day, but I don’t trust you. Now get the fuck out of my office, I don’t want to see your face again.”Omg, this was so devastating and heartbreaking to read. The author has the capability to twist your heart and squeeze. I felt so bad for Roman because Trey has painted him in the worst way, but I felt worse for Trey because he believes that another person has stabbed him in the back.Fortunately, Trey can’t stay away from Roman and he wants to continue what they started. He can’t believe he never noticed Roman before because he is smart, productive, and extremely sexy and he’s hitting every button Trey has.Giving control to Trey is something that Roman loves. He loves the feeling of being needed, appreciated, and wanted and with Trey’s dominating personality and need for control they are perfect for each other. They both have many layers and it was amazing watching them together as they strip each other of, not only clothes which was fabulous and HOT, but of their doubts and their own misconceptions of how they saw each other. They truly are absolutely, positively, perfect for each other.The author does a great job of pulling the reader in from the very first page. I connect easily to her writing style so for me it was an absolute fantastic read. Their chemistry and connection to each other is sizzling and watching Roman take such kind and gentle care with Trey, proving he was/is trustworthy, is awe-inspiring.The angst factor kind of jumped up and down on the scale which definitely kept you on edge. The secondary characters held their own and I love Nathan so much and can’t wait to read his story. Make Me Trust is one of those stories that sucks you in, makes your heart swell, causes you to break a sweat with the blistering sex, and overall just fall in love with the characters. A 5 star read for me.**Thank you to the author for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review**

  • JadeSarah.
    2018-11-27 07:45

    "I have no claim on you? I think you’re very much mistaken, Roman. I have every claim on you. You. Are. Mine! I thought we’d already discussed this?" Gah! I've been waiting for this one ever since meeting Trey in Worth the fight. I was gutted for him in book one and couldn't wait to see him get the happiness he deserves. Trey is a lawyer, a partner in a firm and after being cheated on and left heartbroken he ends up in a strip club where he finds himself fascinated with one of the dancers.Roman, a pole dancer on the weekend and a paralegal during the week. He loves both. He loves making a difference and helping people and he gets to fulfill that working with a law firm. But dancing and losing himself in the music is something else he needs to do too.Roman has noticed Trey since the day he start working for him but now it seems Trey will notice him when he walks into the strip club where he works.“You are such a cheat, Trey Colby. You know I can’t say no to you when you talk like that.” We both know it isn’t just my words that are making him decide to stay, but I’m willing to overlook it to save an argument. I lean in and take his earlobe in between my teeth, biting gently before talking. “Does that mean you’ll stay?” His hand comes up and takes hold of my wrist, pushing it harder against his throat. “You know it does.” I was seriously devastated for Trey in book one but in a way... What happened, his past, made his journey to happiness more special. Trey has been hurt so he has tried hard to adapt to his ways of not letting anyone close enough to hurt him, the only one who he is close with is his brilliant best friend Nathan, so when Roman begins to get under his skin he gets scared and he does what he can to keep the distance between them but he can't seem to stay away. When Trey gets all possessive? mmhmmm! He's also got a dominant side which is fucking hot, thank you very much. It was sad to see when he struggled with trust, especially when it comes to Roman but it was a journey he had to go on.“Please, Roman. Make me trust.”Roman was fucking adorable. So fucking cute. Gah!! I think with meeting Trey in the first book I was just expecting to be on Team Trey more than Team Roman but I'm not sure who I love more out of the two because seriously they're really hard not to love. Ok, back to Roman, so on the weekend he dances and he's confident when he does that because he's able to lose himself in it but when outside of that and when he's at the law firm and shy and stuttering from time to time and in his suit and glasses, he's fucking adorkable. I feel over time his confidence grows but he's still so adorable. *sigh* I love him! I loved that he was always there for Trey and even though he was a lot of the time, more sensitive and soft mannered than Try that he was able to get past his walls. I also loved his friendship with Grey.'His strength is something I crave, he is someone powerful enough to take care of me and to support me when I want to hide. I might be a quiet person, but I'm not weak. I don’t need someone to control me or tell me what to do, but I want someone who can make me feel better about myself, someone who will make me the best person I can be. I think that could be Trey.' I loved them together. There was struggle and conflict with them but there was always something more there. They went on a journey, they both have to learn to trust each other and over come their fears while dealing with falling in love. 'When his full weight is on me I feel something I haven’t felt in a very long time. I feel safe, I feel cared for, I feel that for the first time in my life I'm important to someone.'Oh, and Grey and Nathan? *SQUEEEEEEEEEEE* I'm seriously so excited for those two!!And that first I love you scene? LOVED.

  • Paige Rymer
    2018-11-22 01:57

    ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review. - 4.5 stars This is the first full length M/M book I've read and I loved it!! Although Make Me Trust is the second book in the series it can be read as a standalone. Trey is a lawyer that is on a mission to get over his ex and on top of someone new, what he didn't expect was Romeo the hot dancer in the strip club he's gone to to drown his sorrows. Trey has an obsession with Romeo he feels like he needs to know more but at the same time he starts working with a paralegal at work who also takes his interests and this is where things get really interesting. Roman is a paralegal by day and Romeo the dancer by night and he's shocked when he comes out on stage and sees his boss, the man of his fantasies sitting in the front row. He for sure thinks he's been caught, but it turns out that Trey hasn't made the connection and all he wants is one night with Romeo to forget his problems. How is Roman supposed to turn that down, he thinks one night and it will all be over its the opportunity of a lifetime. Only it ends up being a lot more than that and as their relationship at work begins to develop Roman has the difficult task of hiding his other self.Trey and Roman's relationship starts out complicated but throughout the book you can't help but fall in love with both characters. Their best friends Nathan and Grey are great entertainment too but more them later, hopefully much much more .. ** make it happen Tracy ;) ** Trey's trust issues make the development of his relationship with Roman more difficult than it needs to be but you can totally understand why. Roman is the most understanding person in the world and they both deserve the happiness they crave. I found myself wanting to beat the crap out of both men at times and tell them to get over themselves so they could just be happy but we all know that's not how it works. They have their issues and its up to them to work out if they can make it work. I loved this book and loathed having to put it down to do grown up things so for me this was a 4.5 stars and a huge well done to T.A. McKay for bringing me to the M/M genre she's created a fan for life!

  • MorganSkye
    2018-11-27 02:55

    3.5 starsRoman (by day) is a nerdy paralegal trying to get a leg up in the office he works but he’s also in lust with his boss Trey Colby. Romeo (by night) uses dance to release the “true self” he can’t show the world due to his shyness and past experiences.Trey is a tough lawyer who likes to be in charge. He meets Romeo at his dance club and has to have him. The problem is when he wants to come back for more Romeo/Roman knows it’s only a matter of time before he figures out just who he is and he tries to keep Trey from coming back only to have that blow up in his face.Once the cat is out of the bag and they know who each other is – the problem is Roman working for Trey. The other issue – as the title suggests – is control in the form of trust. Will Trey be able to give it up enough to keep Roman?**I was very intrigued when I first started the story – it takes off like a fire-cracker and reels the reader right in. There’s sex, intrigue, dancing and a nerd! I loved it! I was a bit skeptical once the couple had met both as Roman and Romeo that Trey – super observant lawyer – didn’t put it together – it’s a bit like Clark Kent fooling everyone that he’s not Superman – but- you know – that can be poetic license… What took this book from a 4 or a 5 for me was the length and the unnecessary drama. There was a lot of sex and though some of it played a role in making the characters open up, a lot of it was gratuitous. I also felt like the boss/employee thing would have been a deal breaker being as Trey is a lawyer and that’s a big no-no. But that wouldn’t mean the couple had to end – Roman’s a paralegal – surely he could’ve gotten a job somewhere else with a lovely recommendation?Anyhow. I did love the two MCs, thought the smexy times were really hot and found the writing to be pretty good. (There were some awkward lack of contractions and some telling versus showing. It’s frequently difficult to read a book in the first person present tense especially when the POV changes back and forth so often.) But I enjoyed it enough to read the next book in the series about Roman’s roommate and Trey’s friend.3.5 of 5 stars

  • Ariana
    2018-11-15 07:38

    4,5 starsWow. This was right up my street. Angsty, gripping, sweet and totally hot.I haven't read book 1 in the series so I didn't know Trey when I started - but that didn't matter to my understanding of the plot at all. (I will have to go for book 1 now because I need to find out what happened between Trey and Bryce)There is a lot of heart-ache in this book - and it's brilliantly done. Roman's secret at the beginning, Trey's incapability to commit, both their vulnerability, their insecurities about themselves - it all fuses together to some potent story! I just absolutely adored it. And the sizzle between these two guy charred a corner or two of my kindle. Yes! They are stunning and scorchingly hot together. I was surprised though when Trey's 'first time' happened off page. I know we get a full recompense for this at the end, but I felt that this was a moment I would have liked to witness. It was a big step for him to let Roman take charge.Roman is absolutely amazing and cute and you just want to hug him. I liked his two different sides - one submissive, the other one ready to take charge - and that he wasn't just a push-over, giving Trey as good as he got. T.A. McKay does an excellent job delving into the minds of the two MCs and making me understand why they act as they do. One thing though - I don't think I was keen on Trey getting physical with his lawyer partner or Roman punching Quince - it feels highly unprofessional to me and wasn't necessary - things could have been resolved differently (although I did want to hit Quince later on myself for what he did, so maybe I'm slightly hypocritical here.) :)In short - Loved the characters, adored their story and will definitely look forward to read book 1 and book 3 when it comes out.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • Beverly Southern Babes Book Blog
    2018-11-14 09:42

    How in the hell have I never heard about this author? Because she has just hit my top 5 list of favorites. I loved Trey and Roman's story. Who doesn't love a hard ass lawyer and a shy paralegal/almost-stripper? T.a has such a way with words that you're hooked from the first page. I'm gonna have to buy all her other books. I've just fallen hard for this author and her characters.Trey- the badass lawyer that has had a semi good life. Except for his love life. It seems that his lovers like to cheat. He doesn't know if it's him or them. So he doesn't trust anyone. Only his best friend Nate. Which is understandable considering what has happened in his life. One night Trey get a wild hair and try to forget his ex and goes to a club. When the lights get low and one hot as sin dancer takes the stage, Trey can not look away. He is amazed by this man and how he moves his body. But what Trey doesn't know is that this man knows him.Roman- shy paralegal/almost stripper is living life as he wants. Being who he is, and not answering to anyone. He's a paralegal during the week and he loves his job. He wants to be a lawyer one day. There's only one problem, he's infatuated with his boss Trey. Even though Trey doesn't know hes alive. Then one night at his club he sees Trey and hopes like hell he doesn't know who he is. On stage Roman is confident, so sure of himself. Romeo is his other side that he's doesn't like to show people. That night changes everything for Roman and Trey.Such an amazing journey these two men go through. It was a beautiful site. An I can't wait for Nate's story!

  • Michele Mckenzie
    2018-11-23 04:36

    We meet Trey in second half of Worth the Fight (if you haven't read that yet, you need to!) I wanted to slap Bryce for doing what he did to Trey in that book but when you read Make Me Trust you will realise it was what Trey needed at the time.Trey was heartbroken and still not really over the deceit of his ex when he decides to go to Crave for a drink. There he sees the gorgeous "Romeo" dance. The attraction is instant and Trey can't keep his eyes off him as he dances, as he watches him the rest of the room just disappears until he feels like it's just those two."Romeo" is the outgoing confident alter ego of Roman who loves to dance at Crave but never ever strips (or does he!) He spots the handsome stranger at the end of the bar and sees something he recognises in his eyes but can't believe that it is the one person who Roman has quietly fantasised about for the past year. Romeo gives in and does something he normally wouldn't do, either as Romeo or his normal shy persona Roman, something he thinks will only happen the once. It's not an easy path for either Trey or Romeo/Roman but it's one that needs to be followed before Trey can fully heal from his ex's. Will Roman get the man he has been fantasising about in the end? Read it and see, you will fall in love with both of them

  • Tj
    2018-12-01 05:38

    000000I wanted to like this one. Unfortunately, this book just didn't deliver for me. I found Trey to be whiny, overly possessive, and jealous. He told Roman repeatedly that they couldn't be together. The strange part was he told Roman this while rubbing against him, feeling him up or after having sex with him. He all but shouted MINE every time anyone looked at Roman.Of all the DRAMA in this one. Quincy bothered me the most. I know his mishandling of a case was the setup for Roman and Trey to spend time together in the office, but it didn't make sense. Trey was supposedly the best and brightest at his firm and in the city. Quincy incompetent at his job and didn't meet deadlines, but Trey kept using him on his cases. Why? He entrusted him with the case for Nathan's friend. Witness statements weren't notarized and subpoenas weren't sent. The firm had more paralegals. Why would he repeatedly trust Quincy? A good lawyer would not have allowed Quincy near any of his/her cases.

  • Pam
    2018-11-16 02:49

    This book was a terrific read for me. Trey is a very successful attorney however he is not successful at relationships. Trey has been hurt and cheated on so much that he vows he will never be able to trust again. While out at a strip club he watches a very sexy man dance (without taking his clothes off). Romeo is his stage name and he and Trey end up having a very memorable one night stand. Or is it? During the next few days they discover that they work together and that Romeo is really Roman a paralegal at Trey's firm. These two now have to work together on a very important case and while working together they cannot blur the lines. Can Roman help Trey to trust???Ok, that is all the story I am going to give away! This book is very well written. We get inside all of the characters heads and I love that. Trey and Roman both have best friends that offer an amazing support structure and I loved Nathan and Grey ;). I loved this book and cannot wait to read more by T.A. McKay!

  • Rikki
    2018-12-08 04:41

    If everybody who once was cheated on, left behind or treated unfairly would close off to others like a lot of the guys I have read about lately, there would be no more happy people around. I got a little bit impatient and exasperated with those two guys. They were hot as hell and there was NOTHING wrong with them, so why, oh why, did they continuously drone on about how so not enough and/or so unloveable and undeserving they are. You both get a grip!The usual misunderstanding had to be thrown in, of course, and that pissed me off even more. That Trey would have a thing going with Quincy was such an absurd idea, how Roman could believ that I don't know. The same with Trey freaking out at the sight of Grey in a towel. Talk about impulsive overreacting. Oh, well!That being said, I liked the story nonetheless. Trey and Roman were great together and good for each other and it showed on every page. The book needs editing though, there were plenty of missing or wrong words which took away the enjoyment quite a bit.

  • K. Kira
    2018-12-13 09:42

    I kept finding myself wanting more from this book. I think the problem stems from the fact that I was reading kink m/m prior to reading this and it made this book feel like a big 'ol kink tease. I was also very salty over the spank scene being glazed over! Kinkyness kept being hinted at and mention of Roman being a true submissive but this book rested in that horrible gray zone of not kinky enough for kinksters and possibly too kinky for vanilla Harlequin seekers. Okay, enough ranting! I loved Trey and Roman and they were super cute together, interoffice romances involving the boss are my fav! After reading about Roman's stripping I found it very hard to not immediately run to google and look up videos of male pole dancers >.< Their story was cute and deep and where the heck is Trey's brother? Just saying >.> I am really just super excited to read the next one cuz Nathan and Grey are gonna be totally nomnomnom together, you should add Dalton into the mix, can you say ménage