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"We are all brothers beneath the Undying Storm…"Or so Sidge has been taught. Born the sole bugman in an isolated human temple, his many lenses have left little unobserved. But things aren’t as they appear. Only when he embarks on his first pilgrimage does Sidge begin to understand the truth.His first trip outside the Sheath, Sidge wrestles with otherworldly encounters, a s"We are all brothers beneath the Undying Storm…"Or so Sidge has been taught. Born the sole bugman in an isolated human temple, his many lenses have left little unobserved. But things aren’t as they appear. Only when he embarks on his first pilgrimage does Sidge begin to understand the truth.His first trip outside the Sheath, Sidge wrestles with otherworldly encounters, a society unwilling to accept him, and growing feelings for a streetwise woman named Kaaliya. All of these seek to distract him from finally learning to channel the power of the Mighty Dragon, Vasheru so that he may one day ascend to the rank of Cloud Born.But a dire prophecy threatens to change the seat of power in the Stormblade Temple. Gohala, the most likely successor, believes Sidge’s presence to be an abomination and his mentor, Izhar, a heretic. Ultimately, the journey will not only test Sidge’s faith but his sense of identity as he and Izhar race to ensure their beloved temple does not fall into the wrong hands.Pilgrim of the Storm is the first book in the Stormblade Saga trilogy. Described as “Tolkien meets Kafka on the Ganges”, this fantasy trilogy follows the fate of a pious orphan as he navigates a hollow and uncaring world lost somewhere between what is and what will be. Can Sidge find his place among his adopted people and spur change? Or have the fates already spoken......

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Pilgrim of the Storm Reviews

  • Laura Maisano
    2018-12-12 12:37

    Pilgrim of the Storm follows the story of Sidge, a bugman monk, on his, well, pilgrimage. If that sounds totally unlike anything you've ever read before, that's because it is. Pilgrim is the beginning of an epic fantasy that doesn't bow to the usual tropes of medieval settings, knights/warriors, battles over thrones, etc. No, this book strives to give you something totally new, and I think it's succeeded.All Sidge wants is to be a Cloud Born (the next level of monk in his world), and to do that, he needs to finish this journey and channel the wisdom of his dragon god. He's an excellent acolyte, better at memorizing the verses than his brothers, more humble, more devoted, but he falls short because he's different. He's a bugman, an Ek'kiru, and the humans look down on him. I feel for Sidge's struggles to fit in and his earnest need to do the right thing. The poor guy, bug, always gets the short end of the stick and things are always harder for him. Pilgrim is just the beginning of Sidge's struggles, and what's more exciting is the promise of what's to come. At the end of the book, it's easy to see that things are just starting to unravel for Sidge and his company. This world is fully fleshed out and so intiguing, I can't wait to read more.

  • Christopher
    2018-12-09 17:46

    Disclosure: I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway contest.Good book. Bit slow at the beginning, but that seems typical of any novel introducing a reader to a new world. Certainly intrigued by the mystery of the other two races existing alongside humanity, and how they fit in with the accepted history and religious dogma.

  • Jackie Yinepuwaret
    2018-12-11 15:52

    This was a wonderful and refreshing read. I won through the SPFBO giveaway, but very much look forward to book two.

    2018-11-16 12:55

    I read this on a whim because I liked Russ Linton's Crimson Son and wanted to see if his other work was as entertaining. It is! Sidge, like many other acolytes, is on a pilgrimage to become Cloud Born. However, we soon learn that he is not like the other acolytes and must constantly adapt and work to fit in. The fun part of this journey is slowly learning more about the characters as they are painted, page by page, building a mental image of their appearances and their behaviors, inferred rather than described.It's an easy read but also one I didn't want to put down because uncovering the characters and their stories made me want to stay up late and get to the last page.

  • Leona
    2018-11-24 15:28

    Pilgrim Of The Storm is a story of otherness, lost identity and a journey to find answers. It starts slow, but gets interesting as the world unfolds and character relationships develop. Pilgrim Of The Storm is a rather short book compared to the massive fantasy tomes I have been reading lately, it is just 200 pages but a nice read. Sidge is the lone bugman, an insectoid humans look down on, adopted and raised by his human master at the Stormblade Temple. The whole story has a melancholy undertone stemming from this theme. Poor Sidge is treated terribly by most people, his race is considered inferior and bestial, he knows nothing of his heritage and bloodline, and he goes on the arduous pilgrimage journey with his semi absent-minded master Izhar. A good part of the book takes place on the road, where Sidge and his master join the pilgrimage caravan headed to the Stronghold. Sidge discovers mysteries and finds more questions as he finds some answers along the way.The story is overall decent, but has a few rough edges, especially in the beginning chapters. The pilgrimage journey is slow-paced for the most part, nothing much happens except for a few scary moments, the encounter with a troll and Sidge's spiritual vision. The most interesting character of the whole story is introduced in the earlier part of the journey: Mistress Kaaliya, a street-wise woman who has a big mouth and a colorful personality. Read my full review at:

  • Dave Wallace
    2018-11-22 16:54

    3 stars, barely, for me. Interesting characters & world building and the writing was good. I liked the vocabulary. It was only the second time I have seen that greatest of words "Transmogrified" used in print from any other than the lips of the great scamp himself or Hobbes. All the dream and vision sequences were just too long, too strange and not my cup of grog.

  • Amy Shannon
    2018-12-06 10:39

    A real page-turnerA great premise of a story that makes way for an fun and entertaining read. Heroes amidst this fantasy, and it's a great follower of mythic and dragons. The author takes the reader on a grand and thrilling adventure, filled with unexpected turns around every page. It's fun, and the characters are enjoyable, filled with depth. I look forward to reading more of Linton's work.

  • Stephen
    2018-11-21 14:31

    I really didn't like this book. I found it long winded in places and frankly boring. The characters I just couldn't get into them and did I say they were boring. Read at your own risk.

  • Danny Mckenzie
    2018-12-05 14:55

    An excellent opener for a new Fantasy series. Russ Linton introduces a new rich world full of history and a diverse cast of beings that are both unique and interesting. It seems as if the main character learns about himself at the same time we do, which makes identifying with him so much better. Rich and diverse are two words that spring to mind for this book and considering its free to everyone (I think?), people should definitely read it and be pleasantly surprised. A truly rewarding experience.Thank you Russ Linton.

  • Micah Till
    2018-12-09 11:39

    Pilgrim of the Storm is a fast, fun read. Linton's world is soaked in mythos and practically bursting with anticipation for our hero. Unfortunately, our hero is somewhat reluctant to assume any such mantle. Sidge, a "bugman," is an acolyte in the monolithic magic/religious order that brought about the current human culture and leadership structure. He and his master, Izher, set out on a pilgrimage to rise up in the ranks of their order.There are complications, of course. To begin with, Izher is as best scatterbrained and at worst heretical. This is displayed prominently in his choosing Sidge as an apprentice. Sidge is the first non-human to ever inducted to the Stormblade Temple. Beyond the racism he must face, he can't seem to channel the order's magic--a requirement to move beyond acolyte status.Throw in a stereotypically vile rival priest, a stereotypically charming prostitute, and a stereotypically enigmatic cast of storied supporting characters, and you have a plot that will practically grab you by the collar to drag you along on the ride.Why only three starts then? First, because books I enjoy usually rate three stars on Goodreads. On Amazon it will be five. Second, because Pilgrim of the Storm is a fun, but feel more like a commercial for the next two books in the trilogy than a proper story in its own right. - Genre cliches are rampant; perhaps they will be turned on their heads. Perhaps not.- Even at the end, there are very few answers beyond speculation that could easily be shown wrong in a single chapter later on. - The world feels small. Surely people have some knowledge of the non-human races. Surely there are other countries and competing religions that our pilgrims should have encountered.All in all, I enjoy Pilgrim of the Storm and look forward to what happens next in the Stormblade Saga.