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Sparks fly when Chance meets tall, sexy Xav at a Wilmington bar and they have the hottest one-nighter of their lives. But Chance doesn’t do repeats, Xav seems detached, and they go their separate ways without a word. Later, when closeted Assistant District Attorney C. Evan “Chance” Fairchild meets Dare's Landing's newest deputy sheriff, Xavier “Xav” Constantine, Evan isn’tSparks fly when Chance meets tall, sexy Xav at a Wilmington bar and they have the hottest one-nighter of their lives. But Chance doesn’t do repeats, Xav seems detached, and they go their separate ways without a word. Later, when closeted Assistant District Attorney C. Evan “Chance” Fairchild meets Dare's Landing's newest deputy sheriff, Xavier “Xav” Constantine, Evan isn’t only wary. He’s irritated as hell. Xavier is a former FBI agent turned deputy sheriff who is hot on the trail of a South American child prostitution ring. Evan is fighting to put an end to rampant cocaine trafficking and chafing under the thumb of an election-hungry boss. When someone tries to kill the eleven-year-old witness who holds the key to both their investigations, they’re forced to work together as they put their lives on the line to protect him. As Chance and Xav collide in the heat of a sweltering North Carolina summer, dodging bullets and chasing bad guys isn’t the only action going on....

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A Solitary Man Reviews

  • Gigi
    2018-12-15 04:09

    4.5 starsThis review will be purposely vague so that readers can enjoy the mystery and suspense of the plot and the slow reveal of the character's many layers without being spoiled.Right off the bat I need to let you know that this story was more mystery/suspense than it was a romance. It did include a romance, and a great one at that, but the mystery to romance ratio was about 60/40. I also need to caution you that there are some pretty graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse (which take place off-page) that are particularly gut wrenching.With that out-of-the-way, I really enjoyed this book. Xavier Constantine is an ex-FBI agent looking for a change of pace and a lower stress job. He takes the deputy sheriff position in a small town in North Carolina.During his first night in town, Xav meets and sleeps with Evan "Chance" Fairchild. The sex is hot and both men feel a connection, but neither are looking for a relationship, so it ends there without any exchange of details about their lives or their phone numbers. Xav walks into his first day of work to find "Chance", his one-night-stand, is actually the closeted C. Evan Fairchild, Assistant District Attorney. They will be working together on a child kidnapping/prostitution ring. Evan is furious with himself, and Xav, for the sexual encounter and the mood is quite chilly between the two for several weeks. But it's a nice, slow burn and when these two finally get together, it is hot and romantic and emotional and there is a lot of hurt/healing/comfort.The action and suspense in A Solitary Man is fast and exciting. One of the main characters even plays the White Knight and rescues the other! Gotta love that. I read this book in one sitting and didn't figure out the mystery until the very end.I can highly recommend A Solitary Man to fans of M/M mystery and suspense who like a bit of romance and hurt/healing/comfort on the side. This is an exciting ride!This review is also posted at Gay Book ReviewsA galley copy for Solitary Man was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.

  • Ele
    2018-12-01 09:30

    Just the thought that the child abuse and child sex trafficking described in this book, are based on real events, feels like a punch in the gut. Lets just say that my level of respect for the people working on cases like these, is much higher after reading this story.Xavier Constantine, former FBI agent and current deputy sherrif, and Evan "Chance" Fairchild, assistant district attorney meet at a club, and after an explosive one night stand, they part ways. Little did they know that a few days later, they would end up working on the same case.The mystery.This is one of the most well-written suspense stories I've ever read. It was hard to read, because the authors didn't shy away from the ugliness of it. It isn't just numbers and statistics and people sitting behind desks trying to solve a mystery. The child abuse is off page but the horror of it is right there, in your face.Xav and Chance have to work together on a prostitution/ drug/ child trafficking case. There are surprises at every corner and although I take pride in figuring mysteries out from the get go, I really didn't expect how things played out in the end.The romance.I have to admit that I missed the romance. I feel that the mystery overtook the story at some points and there were large parts of the book that are just action and suspense. There is slow burn and there are romantic moments. There aren't many stemy scenes, but the existing ones are very intense, detailed and emotional. Chance is a solitary man and it's not easy to let Xav in. And Xav is way too deep in the case, it's now personal for him. BUT in the end we get our HEA and it is a hard earned one.Had there been more romance, this would be a solid 5 star read for me. But then again, I'm greedy and when I see explosive chemistry and connection like these two had, I want more.First time with these authors left a great impression. Recommended! *Also posted on Gay Book Reviews.*

  • Wendy
    2018-12-13 11:18

    I give up....I'm officially a quitter. I'm dnf'ing this one at 65 %. This book was just not for me. Too many got so confusing. There was no romance, I didn't feel any sexual tension and I felt absolutely no connection with the MC's. To me it read as a very complicated episode of Law and Order, spec. vic.Since I didn't finish it, I'm not gonna rate it. Don't let my negativity stop you from reading this could be a case of " it's me and not the book".I just like my mm books to have a bit more romance or at least a building romanceSorry ladies....but I still had fun reading this with you...thanks Elsbeth, Karlijn en Susan (whom I blame lol)

  • Susan
    2018-12-06 08:23

    BR with Els, Wendy and KarlijnDNF at 65%Can’t say I didn’t try with this one. I read 200 pages of this awful puppy before I decided to give up. Why I gave up:- The writing was way too wordy. I had a hard time understanding who was doing what. Not a good thing in a book.- There was no romance. These guys have a one night stand at the beginning of this book but after that they don’t do anything. It was boring as hell….- Besides the fact that there was no romance, there was also no UST. UST is such a beautiful thing…. And there was opportunity enough here, but nope… no UST.- The case was about 11 year old boys being kidnapped, raped and then sold. It was horrible. But instead of an exciting case, we got nothing. They didn’t seem to make any progress at all. - Evan was an ass. I have no idea what to like about him. He follows the orders of the DA, even though he doesn’t agree and they’re ridiculous. He was supposed to be traumatized by an event in his past, but he was too busy hiding in who he was in his adult life, it looked like he had no personality at all.Overall, this was not enjoyable at all.Thanks for the BR girls!

  • Jilrene ♥
    2018-11-25 11:19

    ETA: link to my review Gay.Guy.Reading and FriendsI'm writing a review for Gay.Guy.Reading and Friends. I'll add a link when it's available.3.5 coulda been 5 stars rounded up I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Lena♥Ribka
    2018-11-29 05:18

    Audible4,5 stars“This story is dedicated to honoring all of America’s law enforcement heroes – those who have died in the line of duty and those who continue to serve and protect.”I have never read anything by the author(or authors) before, but the blurb sounded just too enticing that I decided to give it a try. I started it with open mind, much unbiased, I haven’t even checked the reviews from my friends and an average rating BEFORE, what I really do seldom.To tell that I was positively surprised would be a huge understatement. This book exceeded all my expectations – a compelling story that combines a thrilling, complex plot and arouses an entire spectrum of feelings and emotions. The readers though should be warned ahead (if you missed the authors note at the beginning): the topic of the book is not for the faint of heart - drug trafficking, child abuse and child sex trafficking. If it is a taboo subject for you, then you should probably skip it. However, do not forget that this book is also about people who are involved in the fight against this evil, who risked their lives, and in spite of some tragic, heart-rending scenes and the earnestness of the subject this book offers a warm humor and feeling of happiness, it is optimistic, promising and full of hope. The last undercover operation of FBI agent Xav Constantine in South America went wrong: two kids, whom he was supposed to rescue from the hands of the child sex trafficking mafia, died in a gunfire. This tragic event becomes a turning point in Xav’s life. He quits his job as FBI agent in California, moves to a small sea town in North Carolina to become a new deputy sheriff to lead the Crimes Against Children Task Force.Chance Evan Fairchild, Assistant District Attorney, whose own mother died from overdose, devotes his life to the fight against illegal drugs and tries to do everything to get drugs off the streets of his home city. He himself struggles against his own demons of the past and hides behind the arrogant appearance not only a sensitive soul but also his sexuality. Chance is the closet case. In opposite to Xav, and he never DOES the same guy twice. He is a solitary man.Imagine his reaction and his confusion when he is introduced to a new deputy sheriff, in whom he immediately recognizes his one-night-stand. Xav is embarrassed too, but he also understands that he has to behave as if they have never met before. They both do everything to keep themselves out of each other's way, try to avoid each other and keep their job and private interests strictly separate while silently suffering in doing so. The situation is complicated. Even more when it becomes obvious that there is a connection between the expansion of the drug trafficking in this area of North Carolina and child disappearances which have increased significantly in the last months.And yet, fate took its pay, two of them HAVE to work together…I enjoyed this book enormously. As a passionate mystery and gay fiction reader, I have to assume, I almost give up on a MM Mystery Romance. Too many books in this category that have nothing to do with the mystery genre; the mystery itself often falls by the wayside.It is not the case here: an excellent plotted thrilling mystery beautifully interwoven with an inspired love story (HOW could someone assert it is not a romance?!), hot sex scenes inclusive. Two great main characters - real authentic, credible, endearing, and not forget - excellently developed secondary characters.Notes to the audio book: I had some difficulties with the audio book. Jim Pelletier did a great job, voicing different characters with different accents. Authentic and vibrant. Unfortunately, I, as a non-native-English-speaker, had problems with understanding when he spoke for some characters with a strong dialect, and I had to rewind, again and again, to understand what they(he) just said. It interrupted a fluent narrative for me. For THAT(I am reviewing here an audio-book) I have to take off 0.5 star. But be aware, it is ONLY my personal issue that has nothing to do with the audio book. I can’t recommend it highly enough. ***Audio book provided by the publisher to GBR in exchange for an honest review. ***

  • Deeze
    2018-11-20 06:31

    I have absolutely no idea how to put into words the way this story made me feel.On the outside the coming together of Chance and Xav was exactly my kind of read. I loved Xav and his confidence. Chance, despite his prickles, was obviously a good guy. Watching them come together had me both smirking and sighing in delight. But in all honesty this one would work without the falling in love part. If anything a second book on them falling in love leaving this one as just the meeting up point would of worked perfectly well for me. The political/police side to this had me gripped. My stomach knotted at how easily politics can screw up honest police work and vice versa. I can only imagine the frustration the real good guys suffer while trying to catch the bad guys. My frustration levels were sky high reading this.The deeper story with the boys completely destroyed me. I knew it was going to be tough but I had no idea it would be so real. The truth in the pages tore my heart to shreds. The details of what the boys suffered, while not on page, still left me in no doubt of the horrors they endured. From a fictional point I was left disappointed with the ending/epilogue. After reading such cruelty I need to get a sense of justice/revenge. I need the bad guys to suffer and I never got that with this one. Instead the ending was as real as the suffering. In other words pretty true to life and not totally satisfactory. Although I at least got a glimpse of a HEA for QuinnTo know that boys and girls live the fear and pain I just read about left me sick and feeling helpless. This story is one that will never leave me. This is not for the faint hearted, but in my opinion this is a tribute to all the children that leave this world too soon at the hands of monsters. They need their story told and this book tells it.

  • Mandapanda
    2018-12-12 07:23

    Very enjoyable m/m mystery/romance. The plot is credible and engaging with lots of interesting police procedural stuff. Solid romance with two complex MC's whose emotional baggage doesn't feel gratuitous. One odd quirk of the story for me was all the song/artist references. It was fun at first and the songs, which I googled, provided some nice atmosphere to the tale. However after a while it started to feel a bit more like product placement. That's just a minor quibble though.

  • AnnaLund
    2018-11-20 05:29

    For my honest and true view of this book, please read …MORE Goodreads TOS-compliant review (I think, let me know when they tell us what the rules are):"The book I just read is about two (or three) lovely people, written in beautiful language, by a very good and prolific author. I liked it very, very much.It is for sale on Amazon.”DISCLAIMER: My reviews now all have this pretty face, so that all and everyone on Goodreads can stay happy and beatific. I’ll let you know if I change my mind. See the real review above for my thoughts on this book.

  • Gina
    2018-12-04 06:06

    OMG OMG OMG!This was a hit! This was also a very tough subject to read about, it broke my heart multiple times. I loved the two MC's, gimme more please!

  • Michael Thompson
    2018-11-20 09:30

    BRILLIANT STORYTELLING at it's finest!!!Assistant District Attorney “Chance” Fairchild has a no repeat, no fraternization rule he’s sworn by all his life. That is until the tall, sexy Xavier Constantine showed up and rocked his world.Former FBI special agent, turned deputy sheriff, “Xav” Constantine is haunted from a botched up, failed rescue extraction while deep undercover in South America.A failed rescue that left two kids dead.“You promised you’d keep us safe!” always haunts Xav’s nightmares….MISSION FAILEDFailure isn’t an option and Xav Constantine turns over every clue in the aftermath of the botched operation, leading him to Dare’s Landing, North Carolina. As Carver county’s newest deputy sheriff, Xav heads the Crimes Against Children Task Force. There he turns the small-town “Mayberry RFD” into a “NCIS North Carolina”. Quickly building a team of unlikely heroes.“Chance” Evan Fairchild comes from a dark past, but he’s made something of himself. As Carver County’s ADA, he’s determined to stop the cocaine drug trafficking that’s running rampant in the small town. But there’s something “fishy” about this whole thing? Can there be a connection between Xav’s child sex trafficking cases and Chance’s cocaine drug trafficking?There’s an eleven year old child that may hold the answers and somebody wants him dead!Chance and Xav must put there own personal feelings toward each other on hold and work together to protect the witness at all cost.First. Let me say that I am not a book reviewer. I prefer to leave that to others that do it best. I am an avid reader, however, and if I’ve learned anything from my readings it’s that if Aisling Mancy (a.k.a C. Kennedy) writes a book I’m going to read it!!! And I’ve recently become a fan of Shira Anthony. So when I heard these two were working on a book together I couldn’t wait to check it out.This book was everything I expected from these two awesome authors. A pure masterpiece of storytelling!A literary masterpiece of mystery, suspense, heartache and romance. And most importantly for me…..a happy ending!Great job Aisling and Shira on an epic page turner!!! Five gigantic stars from me.MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED

  • JR
    2018-12-12 09:34

    After an undercover operation goes bad for FBI agent Xav Constantine, a change of jobs is in the cards. He decides to travel from California to North Carolina, to become the new deputy sheriff in charge of child trafficking in Dare's Landing. Xav is openly gay, but his new coworkers seem to have no problem with this.Evan Fairchild is the assistant district attorney. He is trying to get drugs off the streets and classrooms in this area of North Carolina. The district attorney seems more interested in the political side of his job than actual protecting the citizens in this part of the world. Evan is deep in the closet, something that might come to light, thanks to the new deputy sheriff.The subject matter is not what would be considered light material. Human trafficking is an epidemic in the world today. I believe the writers did a great job in bringing it to the forefront of their story line. The characters are all well developed, the subject matter is handled intelligently, and the ending is a real nail biter. It is good to see that mm can tackle difficult subjects and still have time for some romance. This went way up to the top of my favorites list for 2015.

  • F.
    2018-11-19 09:18

    Wow. A powerful story that was more mystery/suspense than romance, but I devoured it. I read it in one sitting apart from coffee and loo breaks. The plot was a stomach churner and not for everyone(child abduction and abuse) but thankfully the violence was mostly fade-to-black and in short bursts. Both the MC's carried emotional scars from the past but this was not used as a plot padder thankfully , more to flesh out their characters and make them real. You can't do that kind of work and not be affected by what you see.5 stars.

  • Karen Wellsbury
    2018-12-02 04:27

    Thoroughly enjoyed this, review to follow

  • Sarah
    2018-12-14 06:34

    I absolutely loved this! haven’t read a suspense story this well crafted in a very long time. The characters are complex and perfectly developed. The southern setting is beautifully painted - the authors’ North Carolina manages to be both perfectly charming and eerily claustrophobic. The attention to detail is rare and thoroughly convincing. This is a very powerful story. The subject matter is dark. Child trafficking isn’t an easy topic and the writers don’t treat it lightly. The details of the investigation are disturbing, but the authors refrain from sensationalism or unnecessarily gratuitous content. I am thoroughly impressed by the research undertaken to craft such a realistic, compelling and sensitive story.The characters in this book are complex and perfectly developed. Xav is a brilliant leading man. I love his complicated history, the surfer looks and the maths degree from MIT. By starting the story with Xav’s final FBI case, readers get to see his action man side, as well as the slightly broken Xav as a Sheriff's Deputy making a fresh start in North Carolina. Chance is the perfect partner for Xav. I love the way the investigation forces him to slowly reveal his personal experiences and become more than a suit. Together, Xav and Chance are a formidable crime fighting duo and I’d love to see this book developed into a series. My only issue with the book is the marketing of it. The blurb was for an m/m romance. I expected relationship angst, closets and troubled pasts. In reality, this reads like a collaboration from Karin Slaughter, Patricia Cornwall and Michael Connelly. Politics, federal agencies, human trafficking and murder. Yes, Xav and Chance are gay - but it is much more difficult to find brilliant suspense writing than to find a decent m/m romance. There are a few sex scenes and a few relationship moments in this story - but almost every suspense story includes a little romance. Hell, even Kurt Wallander and Harry Bosch have love interests - and I’d much rather imagine Xav and Chance together than geriatric alcoholics enjoying younger women. Anthony and Aisling are a brilliant writing pair and they have created a story that will appeal to a mainstream audience far beyond the traditional m/m romance market. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Inked Rainbow Reviews.

  • Karen
    2018-12-13 08:13

    3.5 stars rounded down to 3 because still no 1/2 stars here on GR and I just wasn't feeling the yes, love not so much.Well...lets just say it's complicated...Overall I liked the story. Mystery/thriller/suspense type stories are definitely a main staple of my reading diet and 'Solitary Man' had me hooked right from the start. This focus of the action in this story is 'drugs and child trafficking'...not an easy topic at the best of times. When an undercover case with the FBI goes seriously wrong Xavier 'Xav' Constantine decides it's time for a chance in his life and leaves the FBI to join the Dare's Landing Sheriff's Department. Stopping in Wilmington on his way to his new job he hooks up with Chance for some of the best sex he's ever bad Chance doesn't do repeats and he doesn't mix business with pleasure which leads to one very awkward moment when the next time Chance and Xav meet is at the Dare's Landing Sheriff's Department where Chance shows up in his capacity as the assistant District Attorney and Xav is settling in as the newest member of said sheriff's department.While I liked this part of the story at times I felt like things were a bit wordier than they needed to be and I have to admit my mind wandered a bit but it was only a couple of times and the story drew me back in and held my interest and there were some really well written in particular that had me in serious pass the tissues wasn't pretty.Unfortunately the relationship development between Xav and Chance fell a little short for me and I just wasn't feeling the love between these two. Even towards the end of the story when we did finally get more personal interaction between these two the connection just wasn't there for me and in the stories defense the ending really was more of a HFN with the strong promise of an HEA. 'Solitary Man' definitely felt like a mystery/thriller with a secondary theme of romance and usually I'm ok with that as long as the romance works too. Only it didn't it was more of a sorta', kinda', almost thing and just not the sure thing that I wanted.Jim Pelletier was the narrator for this book and this was also the first time that I've listened to an audio book narrated by him and while I have to admit not all of the voices worked for me, I was definitely impressed with the overall narration of this book. There were a lot of characters in this book which equals a lot of different voices. The fact that the narrator was able to keep them all straight was an accomplishment all on its own. That the voices were distinct and expressed the appropriate emotions while quite often helping to keep me engaged in the events of the story definitely helped as well. I'm definitely curious to listen to some more audio books narrated by this narrator. Just like with authors one can never have to many good narrators to choose from, right?While 'A Solitary Man' is a stand alone novel in truth I'd be happy with one more story one that maybe focuses on building a stronger relationship between Xav and Chance.********************An audio book of 'A Solitary Man' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Joanne Swinney
    2018-12-13 05:19

    Solitary a word with various definitions. Confinement being one of them, to be totally isolated from life. Maybe locked in a room or a cell as punishment. Lonely is another, someone who isolates themselves from others, existing through life unaccompanied.While reading this book I found that I understood both sides of this definition and found them both equally sad. I always endeavour to give an honest account in my review and I have to say that this story was overwhelmingly powerful. A Solitary Man literally gripped my heart and squeezed it tight but yet I couldn't stop reading. Xavier 'Xav' Constantine who's previously worked as an FBI agent now a deputy sheriff has possibly the worst job in the world but I guess someone has got to do it. He's working on a case dealing with child trafficking. These people are sadistic, pure evil. It's Xav's job to bring them to justice. Not an easy task considering the lengths these vicious, inhuman criminals will go to.Chance Evan Fairchild an Assistant District Attorney is having a hard time keeping drugs out of Dare's Landing. His boss doesn't help matters by covering up the truth just to stay on top and stay on people's good graces in order to be re-elected. Chance gets a bad feeling about things but is struggling with his own ghosts so things get pushed to the back of his mind. One night Xav and Chance meet in a bar. Both strangers and Chance was definitely looking for a night of hot sex with no strings attached. Both these men are extremely handsome and can cause quite a stir. Xav is completely open about being Gay but Chance is still very much in the closet.What happens next completely throws Chance, as he believed Xav to be a surfer. Well he has the body of a man that works out, who knew he was the new deputy, certainly not Chance. He has kept his personal life totally separate to business, never once dating anyone from the office, so seeing Xav in the sheriffs building it comes as shock to say the least.Xav and Chance end up working together, each with the goal to get the brutal, ruthless criminals who are involved in child trafficking and drugs brought to justice. Although I found the story line difficult because of the issues discussed, I couldn't help but love that these two men became friends, I'd even say companions. Xav has a way of bringing everyone together. The office is buzzing with activity, everyone pulling together to put a stop to these horrendous crimes.You will meet all these characters, some more than others but all very much lovable for different reasons.These two Authors really are exceptional writers. The story flowed, giving you just enough detail to imagine what the characters looked liked. How the scenes were set. There was plenty of mystery, a whole lot of suspense. One huge investigation that you will want to read to the end.Overall I have to say that this story was gripping. Written beautifully and tactful since it deals with very delicate issues. The two main characters Xav and Chance give this story the smiles and romance that is needed to carry on. "It'll make all the difference in the world to you if you can save even one life."Heartfelt and meaningful words spoken. This one line has kept me going while reading this book.I leave you with my lasts thoughts. To reach your goals in life never give up. The outcome may not be what you wanted but always keep trying.

  • Claire
    2018-12-13 03:14

    This book deals with some tough subjects so be warned. Child sexual exploitation, drug and human trafficking are foremost. Don't worry though, everything is dealt with sensitively, no salacious details here. Information is given in such a way as to soften but not diminish what is happening -very much a telling not a showing book. Then there is the burgeoning romance between Xav and Chance that adds some light relief and helps balance the more difficult plot line.As for the m/c's? Ahhh, Xav, well I loved him from the beginning he was just a lovely character. A man of courage, integrity and compassion (yes I had a bit of crush on him). Chance on the other hand was a harder character to get to know and I still felt distanced from him at the end of the book. Still to some extent the 'solitary man' of the title. However, he was a man moving towards his HEA in a believable way. As for the bad guys? No definitive answers there I'm afraid which left me feeling a little dissatisfied. I would have liked to see them get the punishment they deserved. In my opinion the epilogue was a bit of a let down which was a shame as it could have addressed some of these issues if it had been set further into the future. A Sequel maybe?On a final note I would just like to give a shout out to the supporting characters. No matter how much page time they had I enjoyed them, whether I was cheering them on, or wishing them a slow painful death. A thought provoking worthwhile read. Recommend.*4.75 * stars

  • Joyfully Jay
    2018-12-12 05:09

    A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsThe writing talents of Aisling Mancy and Shira Anthony have teamed up to bring us a taut and action packed thriller in their new novel, A Solitary Man. With incredible attention to the smallest detail, we are taken on a roller coaster ride through the jungles of Bolivia to a sleepy seaside town in North Carolina. The long and evil arm of drugs and sex trafficking have left their mark on Dare’s Landing and we are introduced to the two heroes who will ultimately work together to shut it all down.With an incredible cast of fully realized and finely developed side characters, this story comes alive with riveting action and intense drama. Chance, himself, has demons he fights daily and Xav pushes every one of his buttons, not to mention constantly ramming against the walls Chance has erected around his heart. This is a solitary man whose no fraternization policy leaves him alone and terribly lonely. When Xav crashes into Chance’s carefully constructed world, all that tightly wound self-control threatens to burst wide open and that means exposing not only his secrets, but his emotions as well.Read Sammy’s review in its entirety here.

  • BWT (Belen)
    2018-11-27 05:13

    2.5 StarsThis started off slow, moved at a glacial pace, then finally picked up steam in the last quarter.This is more mystery/thriller than romance and I wish I'd have known that going in. Though, frankly, I picked out the "bad guy" within the first four chapters and it turned out I was right, so I don't know how much "mystery"...His heart raced in his chest and he clenched his jaw. How had he not seen it? I don't know, Chance. I don't know.

  • Helena Stone
    2018-11-15 09:36

    WOW! 2016 is off to a very good start with A Solitary Man. As you can see from the blurb, this is a romantic thriller, or a thrilling romance (or maybe both? ). However you want to label it, A Solitary Man is an engrossing, very well written and fascinating story.Xav and Chance are intriguing main characters. Both men struggle with personal feelings and issues for very good reasons, yet neither of them allows those private problems to stop them from doing what needs to be done. Within two minutes of starting the book my heart had broken with and for Xav. It doesn’t happen very often that the prologue of a story leaves me so gutted I have to walk away from the story for a little while, but it happened with this book. Once I resumed reading I was as invested in the case as Xav was though, so the set-up definitely worked for me.I think I fell in love with Xav the moment he was first introduced. He isn’t perfect, he has his faults and makes mistakes but his heart is clearly in the right place, his motives are noble and the cause he fights for is more than worthy. “Doing the right thing by Quinn and the other boys wouldn’t banish the past, but it might change the future.”And that’s before I realised he is a ‘take-no-shit-from-anyone’ sorta man with a wicked sense of humour.It took me a little bit longer to fall for Chance. He has the walls around his heart build up so high even the reader can’t see around, over or through them at first. As Chance opens up a bit and his background becomes clearer he swiftly moves from easy to like to impossible not to love. And the two men together are funny, sweet and at times incredibly hot. A Solitary Man deals with difficult issues. The book would have been touching and at times heartbreaking if it had all been make-believe. However, it isn’t. The author’s note, at the start of the book, states: “The drug trafficking, child abuse, and child sex trafficking described in this work of fiction are based on real events.” These are important issues that don’t get enough attention; not in this story before Xav steps in, and not in the real world. I’m amazed at how well the authors managed to strike a balance between getting the message across and giving the reader a riveting and unputdownable thriller. The details we get about child and drug trafficking are hard to digest and yet, they never feel preachy; the information fits the context of the story perfectly. And thus the reader is given one of those rare but wonderful experiences; an engrossing read combined with an unforgettable and valuable learning experience. To sum it all up, A Solitary Man is what I would like to describe as a total reading experience. It is a heart-stopping thriller while dealing with difficult but important issues; it is a wonderful and at times very sexy love story and it is so well written it is at times deceptively easy to read, despite the hard-hitting issues it deals with. I am delighted that the very first book I read this year is one I’ll be adding to my ‘extra-special’ collection.

  • Avid Reader
    2018-12-09 03:29

    A Solitary Man by Shira Anthony & Aisling Mancy5 starsM/M Mystery, light RomanceTriggers: Child sex trade, murder, abuseI was given this book for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.Wow! I absolutely LOVED this story. It was well done, crafted with the utmost care. The characters were both well developed, but not so developed that you couldn't use your own imagination as well. The secondary characters were just as developed and helped in the story so much, that I didn't really feel they were secondary characters at all.You have Xavier, who decides that he has had enough of the politics - he wants to solve the case that has been plaguing him. He moves to North Carolina and heads a task force set to find missing boys who have been abducted to be sold in to child sex trafficking rings. Then you have Chance Evan (Chance) who is struggling to figure out how he can change the world. Despite his ability to work in a lucrative area, he chooses to work for the DA. His own past has dictated his present life and when they collide, he has some difficulty figuring out how to endure. When you put these two together, not only are they explosive in their ability to work with each other, but they have a slow, simmering chemistry that is nurtured and cared for throughout the story. Anthony and Mancy did an amazing job at showing a real, unrushed courtship that, even without the most ideal circumstances, wins out. So, while this story was blurbed as a romance, I would say this is more of an action book, with a little romance thrown in.The mystery was carefully developed and despite my guessing the ending a little more than half way through, it in no way diminished my ability to enjoy the story. I love story's that allow me to think I know what happened, only to make me read through the whole thing, just to make sure. There is nothing I love more than to guess, keep reading and have that "fist in the air, Ah-Ha, I was right" moment.This was an amazing story and I would love to read other stories by these two amazing authors.

  • J
    2018-12-09 09:32

    4.5 stars (-.5 for a few unanswered questions) rounded up to 5 stars. Great M/M action adventure story dealing with child sex trafficking and drug smuggling (you know, there are some scumbags (child predators) on this earth who need to be eliminated as brutally and painfully as possible).Anyway...this is also a very nice romance between an in the closet Asst. D.A. who himself had a traumatized childhood and a former F.B.I. agent who quits the bureau after a botched raid where he tried and failed to save two boys from their captors. The agent takes up residence in a small North Carolina town, still dealing with his failure, but still intent on doing what he can to save other boys. The ADA and former agent meet each other by chance in a bar one night, not knowing who the other is. They share a hot, steamy night but part not knowing anything about each other. When they find that their jobs bring them together professionally, sparks fly but both are unsure how to handle it. I really enjoyed the two of them together both as lovers and cops.The politics and paperwork on display during this investigation is mind boggling. So many different layers and toes to be stepped on. No wonder our judicial system never seems to get anything done. This was a great story.

  • Juxian
    2018-11-20 04:20

    Dear me, that was one amazing book. A very solid plot that keeps you on the edge, and with a real emotional involvement. A ton of facts that look like the authors must have done a lot of research. Two most appealing main characters you really want to see together. And the kid, he was so lovable and heartbreaking. Truly, a great book.

  • Love Bytes Reviews
    2018-12-02 03:14

    5 Heart Review by KatThis is not a typical read for me. I have devoted my life to educating and protecting children. Reading a book with children-in-peril is way out of my norm and I would have not read it if I had not agreed to do this review. However, I am so thankful that I was pushed onward to read and finish this amazing book. Was it comfortable to read…at times, No! Was the back plot of the story, child abduction, cocaine dealing and child sex slave trafficking very dark and hard to stomach, a resounding yes! Did I get so drawn into the story that I literally could not put the book down until I was ready to drop at 5:30 am, Yes!!!The authors wrote a story that, in the foreword stated: “Author’s note: The drug trafficking, child abuse, and child sex trafficking described in this work of fiction are based on real events.” This was not taken lightly by me and shouldn’t by you either. This book includes some pretty raw, graphic and gritty material. I also agree, it was necessary to make the book authentic and real. But, if I can make it through it, and be thankful that I did read it, I’m hoping that you will too. Will it make you hold on a little tighter to your loved vulnerable ones? I know it has for me. This book showcases some pretty darn amazing people, the law enforcement of our country. I know that the press loves to sensationalize when a police officer goes bad or does something wrong, but they forget to show off our every day heroes that risk their lives to protect the citizens of this country.The story of Xav and Chance was heartwarming and genuine. Being gay in the south is not an easy road to follow. Being “in the closet” tends to be the safest route, especially if you are in the public eye. Chance’s demons made this case even more real to him. His heart was there to protect the citizens of Dare’s Landing from the evils of the world. Xav moved there to get away from the bureaucracy of the FBI. Following a “hunch” has landed him smack in the center of the case he had worked so hard on. The one that was the final push to get him to leave the Feds. Fate put these two together and twists and turns along their journey held them together, whether either man wanted it or not. I struggle to say that this book has an HEA that is needed in a romance book. The children’s stories make it hard to do so. Yes, there is a HEA, but at what cost is the grit of the book.The fabulous writing of the team of Shira Anthony and Aisling Mancy did a superb job of entwining a tale of mystery, suspense and drama that will not leave you for any time to come. This is not your mama’s cute little, easy to read, romance book. It is a well written, thought-provoking look at the underworld at it’s most depraved and disgusting level. I have no problem recommending this amazing book. A huge 5 hearts for me!5 Heart Review by VickiWow. What a fantastic book. That is an odd thing to say considering the subject matter, but the writing is so good, and the story so intense, I loved it.Yes, as Kat says, this is a dark story. The plot that gets our two main characters together is the hunt for a bunch of missing boys and the tie in to an increase in drug use in the county. We start with Xav in South America as he is trying to rescue a couple of kidnapped boys. The mission goes bad and the boys don’t make it home. This almost, but not quite breaks Xav. He does decide it’s time for a change, and he happens to notice a job opening in Dare’s Landing North Carolina. One of the boys had a bus ticket from Dare’s Landing in his pocket… seems like this might be what he needs. Small town, a change of pace, and maybe it ties in to his old life in LA. Off he goes. Where he meets and has a hot night, with a man named Chance.Who turns out to be the Assistant District Attorney for the county he’s now working in. Chance, or Evan as he goes by at work, has some real issues. The title of the book works so well for both of these men. Chance lives a solitary life, surrounded by people. He’s had no one in his life that he can trust for a very long time. In his personal life, and currently in his professional life. The DA he works for is a douche bag. With a capital D. He is all about his own career, and really doesn’t give a shit about the citizens of is county.So Xav begins to settle in, meeting his co-workers and hunting for the missing boys. Chance gets pulled in to the same hunt, and the two begin to work together. Both are closed off, Chance more so, but Xav has his out set of baggage. They are able to sneak a bit of time together, and a relationship develops. As Kat mentions, it isn’t much of a “romance”. We don’t get hearts and flowers, or declarations of undying love. These are two busy men, they don’t have time for that crap. There is also a lot of trust that needs to build between them.This is the kind of book I like. Meaty and gritty, with lots of action and suspense. Yes, I like me some fluff too, but I always find myself getting pulled back in to stories like this. No, there is not a lot of romance, but that isn’t needed in this book. This is all about the story. The hunt for missing boys. It’s not petty at all. There is no on page abuse of the boys, we just see the after affects. I want to stress that. There is some violence, shooting and such, and a death or two, but it didn’t freak me out.I was totally in to the story. The details are amazing. The additional characters are perfect. The southern phrases, the location, the mugginess, it all worked so well. Damn. Just a fantastic book.I’ve read a bunch of books by Shira Anthony, and I’ve liked them just fine. I tend to like her contemporary books better than her fantasy or paranormal. But she has outdone herself with this one. I have not read any books by Aisling Mancy, if this is how he writes, than I certainly will be.So I wouldn’t recommend this book to everyone. Even though I’m giving it five hearts. It isn’t for everyone. It’s not fluffy, it’s not pretty, it’s not happy, it’s not romantic. If you can handle a gritty, realistic story of two men finding there way together, in a dangerous situation, then you SHOULD read this book. I did see the ending as a HEA. I chose to interpret it that way.This one will stay with me for a while.This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.

  • Jax
    2018-11-22 09:19

    Not working for me, don’t like either MC. Both seem arrogant and there’s too much alpha male posturing. I think it’s really hard to write highly competent men of action, like law enforcement types, and not have them come off as full-of-themselves lone wolves. I prefer the kind of fully rounded cops/agents that Josh Lanyon creates. Xav and Chance are by no means the extreme a-holes I've seen in other books, but I'm not digging them enough to finish this thing. I also really dislike when characters are in danger or, in this case, working on something life-and-death important but they stop to have sexy thoughts flit across their mind. I’m just not buying the split focus in those kinds of situations. And then it’s compounded when the thoughts make them hard. Or a particular pet peeve of mine are phrases like the one used here, “made his traitorous cock twitch its approval”. Nope.And there were a couple of things I found offensive. One, Xav’s view that “most” parents are not responsible and are only “breeders” who don’t care about their children. (Even though he deals with grieving parents.) Then later a character is referred to as a she-male. Ugh. DNF @25%

  • Lena Grey
    2018-11-19 11:13

    “He longs for something he can't touch, what will make him whole...He knows [he's] out there somewhere, for he hears [his] song within; ...Turning, walking quietly, leaving footprints in the sand; he walks in dreams into the night, a solitary man.” ~ Allison Chambers Coxsey (Solitary Man)After his last failed mission as an undercover FBI agent, Xavier (Xav) Constantine, of 'A Solitary Man' by Shira Anthony and Aisling Mancy, has had it with the agency. Xav quits and takes a job as a deputy sheriff in Dare's Landing, NC. The night before Xav starts there, he has a steamy encounter with Chance, a man he meets in a bar. Although their time together is extraordinary, neither expects to see the other again; but fate has a different idea. When Xav meets the town's assistant district attorney, C. Evan Fairchild, a.k.a. Chance, he turns out to be the man with whom Xav has just had the best sex in his life. It's awkward, but both know they need to put their feelings aside quickly in order to effectively work together to solve the horrific crimes involving drug and child trafficking that, almost unbelievably, are being perpetrated in their normally peaceful town.Xav is surprised to see Chance, but it doesn't rattle him. In fact, Xav is mildly amused about the situation and actually pleased to see Chance again. With all his years in the FBI, he is used to having to think on his feet. Chance, on the other hand, almost loses it. He is angry and fearful, worrying that Xav will out him and ruin everything he's tried so hard to build. Xavier tries to reassure Chance's secret is safe, but Chance isn't so sure. Xav is a wonderful guy, handsome and highly intelligent; he has an undergraduate degree in mathematics from MIT and a master's degree in criminology from U Penn but with Xav's long braid and motorcycle, he is definitely not what anyone would expect. Xav knows how to get things done, even if it means taking some questionable shortcuts on the way. Xav has a commanding presence and doesn't back down as long as it involves saving kids, even if it means putting himself in harm's way. Soon Xav has gained the respect and support of his fellow deputies and his boss.Chance is not so lucky; he works for an obnoxious, politically-motivated, completely unapproachable man who totally disregards and contradicts him at every turn. Convincing Chance is taking Xav a little longer, but Xav is determined to find the good heart he's convinced is under all of Chance's bluster and sarcasm. When Xav witnesses one of Chance's nightmares, he's convinced Chance is hiding something he needs not to be. Xav's strength and patience enable Chance to trust him and Chance finally opens up and tells Xav about his past. Chance can be charming too and knows how to “convince” people to help him when he needs to. Since Chance belongs there, people are more apt to tell him things they might not reveal to Xav if he were working by himself. As the men learn about each other, they get closer to the monstrous truth—someone in their town has set up not only a drug trafficking ring but the 'missing' children of the town are also being abducted and forced into child slavery.Shira and Aisling have created a story which, in my opinion, rivals, if not surpasses, any action movie I've ever seen. It's got it all: suspense, mystery, adventure, romance, and awesome characters. Even though it doesn't take center stage, there's a great balance between crime solving, which takes priority, and the growing affection between Xav and Chance. Xav has it all—a great sense of humor, looks, smarts, charm, compassion, and he can be a badass when he has to be. Chance, even with his abrasiveness and dour disposition, is also an amazing man. Through sheer determination and the help of a fantastic psychiatrist, Chance has never let his turbulent past stop him from doing what he wanted to do most— make a difference in the justice system.I commend Shira and Aisling for tackling the atrocious subject of child trafficking. Especially as a mother, I don't even want to think about it, as I am sure many others don't either, but we can't ignore it. We need to be aware of the danger. Even though the battle to stop this abuse seems monumental, it's still important to keep trying. If you enjoy books about the war against drug trafficking, action, adventure, political intrigue, and strong, handsome men in love, you may like this story. Thanks, Shira and Aisling, for one of the best books I've read in a long time.NOTE: This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Kara
    2018-11-17 11:25

    OMG This book was so good! I will admit at first I was not sure how I would feel about it but these authors blew me out of the water with this book! This is where I will give a warning that there is abuse described in this book that may be hard for some to read. I know it was hard for me to read but I felt the way the author handled it was very good. In this book you get Xavier who has been working to find and help children that have been kidnapped and trafficked. Something happens on a mission he is on and which makes him decide to go somewhere different and help them there were a lot of children have gone missing. Chance or "Evan" depending on his mood is a DA who is working on the sudden influx of drug trafficking and fighting demons from his past. After so resistance he decides to help Xavier and just wow! There was so much action in this book and some angst too! There was also steam between these two MC's too. I felt these authors did a awesome job with this story and bringing to light what happens with children trafficking that we may not hear a lot about but which really needs to be stopped! I also loved the way these authors wrote these characters between Xavier's need to help this children who are victims of something terrible to his caring nature. Then there was Chance with so much pain in his past which keeps him from opening up to his need to help and his opening up to caring for these children who have been hurt to caring for Xavier and wanting him in his life. You also meet a lot of different characters in this book. I have to say the way these authors grabbed me with this story and I could not put this book down until the end! This book honestly blew me out of the water and any doubts I had were gone as soon as I started reading this! All together I 100% loved this book! I would recommend this book! I received this book free in exchange for an honest review from Inked Rainbow Reads.

  • Mercedes Hightower
    2018-12-03 11:17

    Soooooo Is it to early to start talking sequel?This book is the best one I've read in what seems like a really long time. It is a hard read, I'm not someone who reads about sexual exploitation of any kind on a regular basis because typically I just can't handle it so I say this to anyone who is like me, that this book does have frequent references to child sexual abuse and it is absolutely heartbreaking. At no point is this abuse depicted in real time or I would have never been able to read it but just be aware it is there. Despite the subject matter being very hard the book itself is just very well written with awesome character development. I liked everyone you would expect to like and hated all the "villains". Zav has got to be one of my favorite characters ever he is so well developed and well rounded it's hard not to imagine him as this real person I know...And don't even get me started on Quinn and Zav it made me all warm and fuzzy. On top of great characters it has a really exciting and enthralling plot that kept my attention the whole way through. Overall, I REALLY enjoyed this book and hope I'll get to see these characters again.I am someone who LOVES thrillers/suspense/mystery books and really don't mind if the romance is secondary to that so I want to be clear this book is very much focused on the thriller/mystery part and the romance of the characters is not on every page but that's one of the reasons I really liked it. I hate when a book is listed as a mystery/thriller but when I read it's really a romance book with a little half thought out mystery. But I think this book has an AMAZING balance of thriller and romance. I love the relationship between Zav and Chance because it's a slow burn and they just can't get away form each other but they also know what's important which is helping the kids who are missing. I could go on and on about this book but it's absolutely worth the money and time.

  • W.S. Long
    2018-12-07 05:26

    Riveting story...Two strong characters: both seeking the same thing yet battling their own issues and each other until they both realize the answer to the big picture is right there. At times legal thriller, at times a statement of where social justice should be focused, this book moves quickly through its plot, weaving a palpable love story through threads of crisp dialogue. My favorite lines are lyrical and appear towards the end when the happily ever after crashes in like an ocean wave wiping the beach sand clean and showcasing a picture of two men in love.